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What is Karinaal in Hindu Astrology? Especially In Tamil and Malay...

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What is Karinaal in Hindu Astrology? Especially In

Tamil and Malayalam Calendars
Karinaal are inauspicious Nakshatras among the 27 Nakshatrams.
Another school of thought states that Karinal is based on days in a Tamil
and Malayalam month. It is believed that death taking place on Karinaal
is highly inauspicious. These days are avoided for certain auspicious
functions. Karinaal is only followed in South India, especially in Tamil
Nadu and Kerala by certain communities.

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If a person dies on Sravishta (Avittam), Sadhayam (Chathayam),
Purvashada (Pururuttathi), Uttarashada (Uthrittathi) and Revathi then it
is believed that within three years a major tragedy will happen in the
persons family. The Shradh, tarpan and other rituals should be strictly
followed if a person dies in any of these Nakshatras. All rituals after
death should be strictly followed. The above said Nakhshatras are also
known as Vasu Panchaka Nakshatras.
Certain other schools of astrology claim that Karinaal is also present if a
person dies on Triketta (Kettai), Pooram, Pooradam, Bharani, Ayiliyam,
Thiruvathira (Arudhara) and Chothi (Swathi). Here also all rituals after
death should be strictly followed.


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Another set of calculation is based on dates in Tamil and Malayalam

months. These dates are counted as Karinaal.
6, 15 in Tamil Chithirai Masam Malayalam Medam Month
7, 16, 17 in Aani Masam Edavam Month
2, 10, 20 in Aadi Masam Karkidaka Month
2, 9, 28 in Aavani Masam Chingam Month
16, 19 in Puratassi Masam Kanni month
6, 20 in Aippasi Masam Thula Month
1, 10, 17 in Karthigai Masam Vrischika Month
6, 9, 11 in Margazhi Masam Dhanu Month
1, 2, 3, 11, 17 in Thai Masam Makaram Month
15,1 6, 17 in Masi Masam Kumbham Month
6, 15, 19 in Painguni Masam Meenam month




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Purnima or Full Moon Day - November 28

How Karinaal is followed varies from region to region and in some cases
from community to community. The best option is to approach a local
There are also a large section of Hindu communities in South India that
do not follow Karinaal.

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What is Karinaal in Hindu Astrology? Especially In Tamil and Malay...

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What is Karinaal in Hindu Astrology? Especially In Tamil and Malay...

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