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Heather and her daughter,

Lilly both were baptized after
having trusted in the Lord
Jesus Christ as Saviour. God
is so good! Please pray for
them to continue to grow in
the Lord. Ms. Heather asked
me if she could make a special treat for all the bus kids
on our new Delta Sunday
School bus route.

Hardecker Headlines

Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionaries to the Philippines

Sent by: Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Brogue, PA

Divine Opportunities - After a number of laps walking a high-school track, Pastor Chris
and I came upon a young man who was working out alone. His name was Quincy. He
was working at maintaining and even exceeding the record that he had already set
from the previous year in sprinting. Quincy was certainly a track athlete and an excellent one at that. We had the chance to introduce ourselves and take a bit of interest
in this young mans experiences and stories. Afterwards, I presented to him the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I started talking to him about the end of the race of life.
After realizing and acknowledging that he was a sinner, and learning about the awful
consequences of sin and that Jesus is our sin-bearer, Quincy prayed and received the
Lord Jesus into his heart. To God be the glory! Another opportunity presented itself
when I was at a Christian bookstore in York,. A newly married couple was shopping
and as I was perusing a book (really minding my own business), Dave came over to me
and asked me out of the blue if I was a pastor. I guess I have the belly factor of a
preacher. Ha! I told him I wasnt, but that I am a missionary. He said, Oh, so youre
going to a foreign country to win some souls to the Lord!? I told him that Jesus is the
one who does the saving; I am just a messenger. I asked Dave if he knew with certainty that if God took his life that He would have a home in Heaven. Perplexed, Dave
said, Im not sure. Furthermore to test him, I asked him what God is looking for in
people so that they can please Him. Dave again didnt know the answer. So, I went
over to the Bible shelf and pulled out a King James Bible and began to show Him from
the Bible that without faith it is impossible to please God. We talked for a good while
and I carefully shared with Him the precious news of our Lord and Saviour Jesus
Christ. Daves wife came over and she was listening also. When I asked Dave if he
wanted to pray to receive the Lord as Saviour, he wept and prayed out loud confessing Jesus Christ to be His personal Saviour. Dave was amazed that he had never heard
the good news before. He gave me three or four hugs of gratitude (I am not a huggy
type of a guy - so I know that the Lord was humbling me, too). Dave was dumbfounded that no one ever told him until then about sin and the Saviour. Both of them left
with gratitude and seemingly a fresh outlook on life! God is good! When God gives us
opportunities with people, we should take it and simply share the good news of the
Lord Jesus Christ. Also, we should be praying for God to open up opportunities for us.

By Him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God

continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his
name. (Heb. 13:15)
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Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Central Missionary Clearinghouse

The Hardeckers

Bill (01/10) & Marcia (09/30)

48 Muddy Creek Forks Road

P.O. Box 219228

111 S. Pine St.

Anniversary (06/15/04)

Brogue, PA 17309

Houston, TX 77218

Red Lion, PA 17356

W.T. (09/14/10)

(717) 927-9227

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Joe (12/28/12)


On Purpose - Heather Wilt is a bus mom that got

saved on the night of our VBS closing program. She
gladly obeyed the Lord in believers baptism. Her
daughter attended our church service and came forward to receive the Lord as Saviour. My wife and I
were called upon to help do altar work and Lillian
trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ. She too got baptized
along with her mother. They have been faithfully riding our bus since last month and have been growing in
the Lord. Her other daughter, Tori also got saved a
couple of Sundays ago in our Jr. Church ministry and
has a desire to get baptized sometime next month.
Please pray for the Wilt family that they would remain
faithful and grow in Christ.
In my last newsletter, I asked you to pray for the salvation of a young man named Wes. Well, the Lord answered and Wes and his best-friend, Robbie both
prayed and asked Jesus to be their Saviour. This took
place in our regular Saturday bus visitation. Wes used
to be hostile toward us and even expressed atheism,
but God softened his heart and after another thorough presentation of the Gospel, Wes humbly prayed
and acknowledged Jesus to be His Risen Saviour!
Two other men also prayed while Bro. Joe and I were
out on our usual door to door evangelism. Cory and
Ryan also called upon the name of the Lord.

Praise God for enabling us to see souls saved!


Praise God for your faithful prayers, love, and

financial support. We appreciate your fellowship
in the Gospel. Thank you and praise Him!


Praise God for allowing us to be used in many

ways while we are in transition.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for wisdom concerning

our house. We just need wisdom on the way forward.
Also, please pray for power and for spiritual strength.