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60030 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

204 / Tuesday, October 23, 2007 / Notices

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: station. Because this station was not KTFK–TV, Stockton, CA
Tanya M. Sandros, General Counsel, listed in the earlier published list, the KTFQ–TV, Albuquerque, NM
Copyright GC/I&R, P.O. Box 70400, station has been identified with an WAMI–TV, Hollywood, FL
Washington, DC 20024. Telephone: asterisk (*) in the final list. Any WFTT–TV, Tampa, FL
(202) 707–8380. Telefax: (202) 252– interested party may file an objection to WFTY–TV, Smithtown, NY
3423. a newly listed station or to any other WFUT–TV, Newark, NJ
late–filed affidavit, and the objection WOTF–TV, Melbourne, FL
cable statutory license, section 111 of shall be filed together with the
corresponding affidavit. All affidavits WXFT–TV, Aurora, IL
title 17, United States Code, a cable WLII(TV), Caguas, Puerto Rico
operator may carry the signal of a and related comments or objections
shall be kept on file in the Licensing WSUR–TV Ponce, Puerto Rico
television station classified as a KBTF–CA, Bakersfield, CA
specialty station at the base rate rather Division of the Copyright Office.
The final list of specialty stations, KFTO–CA, San Antonio, TX
than at the higher 3.75% rate that is KNIC–CA, San Antonio, TX
incurred for the carriage of a non– published herein, shall be effective
January 1, 2008, for the accounting KTFB–CA, Bakersfield, CA
permitted signal. 37 CFR 256.2(c). WFPA–CA, Philadelphia, PA
Specialty station status is determined by period 2008/1 and thereafter. Copyright
K21GC, Safford, AZ
reference to the former regulations of Office licensing examiners shall refer to
K45DX, Floresville, TX
the Federal Communications the final annotated list in examining a
KZOL–LP, Safford, AZ
Commission (FCC) which defined a statement of account where a cable
K16FB, Globe, AZ
specialty station as ‘‘a commercial system operator claims specialty station
KDOS–LP, Globe, AZ
television broadcast station that status for a particular station. If a cable KTSF, San Francisco, California*
generally carries foreign–language, system operator claims specialty station
status for a station not on the published Dated: October 16, 2007.
religious, and/or automated
final list, the examiner determines Marybeth Peters,
programming in one–third of the hours
of an average broadcast week and one– whether the owner of the station has Register of Copyrights.
third of the weekly prime–time hours.’’ filed an affidavit since publication of [FR Doc. E7–20829 Filed 10–22–07; 8:45 am]
47 CFR 76.5(kk) (1981). The FCC no the list. BILLING CODE 1410–30–S

longer determines whether a station List of Specialty Stations: Call Letter

qualifies as a specialty station; however, and Cities of License
the Copyright Office updates the list KBLN, Grants Pass, OR NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION
periodically, because the list remains KAKW, Kileen, TX
KTFO–CA, Austin, TX Notice of Permit Applications Received
relevant to the cable statutory license
KDTV(TV), San Francisco, CA Under the Antarctic Conservation Act
KDTV–CA, Santa Rosa, CA of 1978 (Pub. L. 95–541)
The Copyright Office published its
KFTV(TV), Hanford, CA
first specialty station list in 1990 under AGENCY: National Science Foundation.
KMEX–TV, Los Angeles, CA
a procedure which allowed the owner of
KNIC–TV, Blanco, TX ACTION: Notice of permit applications
the station to file an affidavit with the
KTVW–TV, Phoenix, AZ received under the Antarctic
Office attesting to the fact that the KTVW–CA, Flagstaff, AZ Conservation Act of 1978, Public Law
station’s programming comports with KUTH(TV), Provo, UT 95–541.
the 1981 FCC definition, and hence, KUVE–TV, Green Valley, AZ
qualifies it as a specialty station. 55 FR KUVE–CA, Tuscon, AZ SUMMARY: The National Science
40021 (October 1, 1990). The Office KUVN–TV, Garland, TX Foundation (NSF) is required to publish
agreed at that time to periodically KUVN–CA, Fort Worth, TX notice of permit applications received to
update the list. KUVS–TV, Modesto, CA conduct activities regulated under the
Accordingly, on February 8, 2007, the KWEX–TV, San Antonio, TX Antarctic Conservation Act of 1978.
Copyright Office published a notice KXLN–TV, Rosenberg, TX NSF has published regulations under
asking the owner, or a valid agent of the WGBO–TV, Joliet, IL the Antarctic Conservation Act at Title
owner, to file a sworn affidavit with the WFDC–TV, Arlington, VA 45 Part 670 of the Code of Federal
Copyright Office stating that the WLTV(TV), Miami, FL Regulations. This is the required notice
station’s programming satisfies the WHQS–TV, Cleveland, OH of permit applications received.
FCC’s former requirements for specialty WUVG–TV, Athens, GA DATES: Interested parties are invited to
station status. 72 FR 6008 (February 8, WTNC–LP, Durham, NC submit written data, comments, or
2007). WUVC–TV, Fayetteville, NC views with respect to this permit
On June 15, 2007, the Office WUVP–TV, Vineland, NJ application by November 23, 2007. This
published a notice listing the sixty–one WXTV(TV), Paterson, NJ application may be inspected by
broadcast stations for which the owner K48GX, Tuscon, AZ interested parties at the Permit Office,
or licensee of the station had filed the KABE–LP, Bakersfield, CA address below.
requested affidavit. 72 FR 33251 (June KFPH–TV, Flagstaff, AZ
ADDRESSES: Comments should be
15, 2007). In the notice, the Office also KFPH–CA, Phoenix, AZ
requested that any party objecting to any addressed to Permit Office, Room 755,
KFSF–TV, Vallejo, CA
claim to specialty station status submit Office of Polar Programs, National
KFTH–TV, Alvin, TX
comments to the Office stating his or her KFTR–TV, Ontatio, CA Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson
Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 22230.
rfrederick on PROD1PC67 with NOTICES

objections. No comments or objections KFTU–TV, Douglas, AZ

were filed with the Office. KFTU–CA, Tuscon, AZ FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
Since the publication of the initial KSTR–TV, Irving, TX Nadene G. Kennedy at the above
list, the Office has received one KTFD–TV, Boulder, CO address or (703) 292–7405.
additional affidavit, attesting to the KTFF–TV, Portersville, CA SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The
specialty station status of the identified KTFF–LP, Fresno, CA National Science Foundation, as

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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 204 / Tuesday, October 23, 2007 / Notices 60031

directed by the Antarctic Conservation Crozier (ASPA #124), Tramway Ridge, planats (Deschampsia sp. and
Act of 1978 (Pub. L. 95–541), as Mount Erebus (ASPA #130), Canada Collobanthus sp.) to meet the goals of an
amended by the Antarctic Science, Glacier, Lake Fryxell, Taylor Valley NSF funded International Polar Year
Tourism and Conservation Act of 1996, (ASPA #131), Cape Evans (ASPA #155), (IPY) education grant. The applicant
has developed regulations for the Dry Valley ASMA 2 and South Pole will provide a unique Antarctic field
establishment of a permit system for Station. based education experience to minority
various activities in Antarctica and Dates: November 12, 2007 to April 20, majority undergraduate and graduate
designation of certain animals and 2008. students and teachers. Students will be
certain geographic areas a requiring 3. Permit Application No.: 2008–025. instructed in detail how to make
special protection. The regulations Applicant: Rennie S. Holt, Director, collections in a manner that does not
establish such a permit system to U.S. AMLR Program, Southwest affect the aesthetics of the site, does not
designate Antarctic Specially Protected Fisheries Science Center, National impact the experience of other tourists
Areas. Marine Fisheries Service, 8604 La Jolla visiting Antarctica, and is performed in
The applications received are as Shores Drive, La Jolla, CA 92038. such a way to minimize the ecological
follows: footprint of the collection process.
Activity for Which Permit Is Requested
1. Permit Application No.: 2008–023.
Applicant: Gary Hochman, NET Take, enter an Antarctic Specially Location
Television (PBS), 1800 N. 33rd Street, Protected Area, and import into the Various locations in the Antarctic
Lincoln, NE 68503. U.S.A. The applicant plans to capture Peninsula as selected by the Expedition
up to 35 adult female Southern Elephant Leader onboard the cruise ship.
Activity for Which Permit Is Requested seals annually in order to tag, dye mark, Dates: November 1, 2007 to December
Enter Antarctic Specially Protected take blood samples, weigh, take 31, 2007.
Areas. The applicant plans to enter whisker, muscle and blubber samples, 6. Permit Application No.: 2008–029.
Arrival Heights (ASPA #122), Discovery and instrument the animals with SRDL Applicant: David L. Barbeau, Jr.,
Hut, Hut Point (ASPA #158), Cape and VHF recorders and transmitters. Department of Geological Sciences,
Royds (ASPA 157), Cape Evans (ASPA The information and samples collected University of South Carolina, 701
#155) and Cape Crozier (ASPA 124) for will be used to study the foraging Sumter St., EWS 617, Columbia, SC
the purpose of videotaping a variety of behavior and habitat utilization of the 29208.
International Polar Year (IPY) scientific Southern Elephant seals.
research, landscapes, aerials, and Activity for Which Permit Is Requested
scenery for a broadcast on the PBS Location
Enter and Antarctic Specially
science series, NOVA. Cape Shirreff and San Telmo Island, Protected Area. The applicant plans to
Livingston Island (ASPA #149). enter the Mount Flora region (ASPA
Location Dates: November 15, 2007 to April 30, #148) to collect bedrock (sandstone and
Arrival Heights (ASPA #122), 2011. mud rock) to constrain the age of
Discovery Hut, Hut Point (ASPA #158), 4. Permit Application No.: 2008–027. opening of the Drake Passage in order to
Cape Royds (ASPA 157), Cape Evans Applicant: David Caron, Department assess the influence of plate kinematics
(ASPA #155) and Cape Crozier (ASPA of Biological Sciences, University of and ocean gateway development on
124). Southern California, 3616 Trousdale Antarctic glaciations.
Dates: November 10, 2007 to January Parkway, Los Angeles, CA 90089–0371.
20, 2008. Location
2. Permit Application No.: 2008–024. Activity for Which Permit Is Requested
Mount Flora (ASPA #148), Antarctic
Applicant: Geoff Haines-Stiles Take and export from the U.S.A. The Peninsula.
Productions, Inc., POLAR-PALOOZA, applicant wishes to bring Gemingera sp. Dates: November 1, 2007 to December
27 Washington Valley Road, (a cryptophpyta micro alga), originally 31, 2007.
Morristown, NJ 07960. collected in Antarctica, back to
Antarctica for use in experiments to Nadene G. Kennedy,
Activity for Which Permit Is Requested Permit Officer, Office of Polar Programs.
quantify grazing on this cryptophyte.
Enter Antarctic Specially Protected The applicant plans to use this alga in [FR Doc. E7–20802 Filed 10–22–07; 8:45 am]
Areas. The applicant plans to enter New case the naturally occurring alga is not BILLING CODE 7555–01–P
College Valley, Cape Bird (ASPA #116), in high abundance in the Ross Sea.
Cape Royds (ASPA #121), Backdoor Experiments will be conducted onboard
Bay, Cape Royds (ASPA #157), Hut the Nathaniel B. Palmer during the Ross NUCLEAR REGULATORY
Point (ASPA #158), Cape Crozier (ASPA Sea cruise. COMMISSION
#124), Tramway Ridge, Mount Erebus
(ASPA #130), Canada Glacier, Lake Location Sunshine Federal Register Notice
Fryxell, Taylor Valley (ASPA #131), Ross Sea.
and, Cape Evans (ASPA #155) to Dates: December 15, 2007 to March DATE:Weeks of October 22, 29;
videotape scientific research conducted 15, 2008. November 5, 12, 19, 26, 2007.
at these sites. The footage will be used 5. Permit Application No.: 2008–028. PLACE: Commissioners’ Conference
in a series of pod casts and web video Applicant: Craig Tweedie, University Room, 11555 Rockville Pike, Rockville,
materials on the International Polar Year of Texas at El Paso, 500 West University Maryland.
(IPY). Avenue, 226 Biology Bldg., El Paso, TX STATUS: Public and Closed.
rfrederick on PROD1PC67 with NOTICES

New College Valley, Cape Bird (ASPA Activity for Which Permit Is Requested
Week of October 22, 2007
#116), Cape Royds (ASPA #121), Take and import into the U.S.A. The
Backdoor Bay, Cape Royds (ASPA applicant plans to collect small samples Wednesday, October 24, 2007
#157), Hut Point (ASPA #158), Cape of lichens, moss, algae and vascular 9:25 a.m.

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