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Reposted from a conversation

Then look at the East Gate Prophecy. God
ain until Jesus walks through it. It has
an destroy the bible with one simple act
ould destroy God's credibility, and then
a liar!

said that gate would NEVER be opened ag

been shut for thousands of years. You c
- open the East Gate of Jerusalem; it w
people like you could say Ahah - God is

Why hasn't that happened. All those who sputter the bible is a lie, all those wh
o sputter fairy tale religion, could shut up 3 billion people and destroy every
church in the world - with one simple act of opening a gate. Open that Gate firs
t - and then I will believe you Anne Giles and I will agree with you - that ever
ything I believe in is false, because God cannot be God and be a liar.
Call your Congressmen, world leaders and tell them to open that gate. Tell them
t o divide the world into 9 areas of demarcation instead of 10; tell them to mak
e peace in Jerusalem, which the bible says will NEVER happen. Show me the eviden
ce of your power and open that Gate, destroy that Gate, even blow it up and I wi
ll no longer be a Christian - but until then, I will dismiss your post and words
as blinding ignorance and self-destructive deception, because you cannot envisi
on the eternities that you were created for!
---------------------------------------------------------------------Ezekiel 44:1-3 Then he brought me back the way of the gate of the outward sanctu
ary which looketh toward the east; and it was shut. Then said the Lord unto me;
This gate shall be shut, it shall not be opened, and no man shall enter in by it
; because the Lord, the God of Israel, hath entered in by it, therefore it shall
be shut. It is for the prince; the prince!
Ironically the gates of Heaven are never shut. The shutting of the Eastern Gate
of Jerusalem is symbolic of the fact that Israel shut the gate to God by the fol
ly of their pursuit of other gods. Therefore they knew not the Messiah upon the
occasion of his visitation unto them 2000 years ago. Thus their rejection of the
Messiah stands as a historic monument symbolized in concrete by the shut gate t
o Old Jerusalem. Jesus prophesied to Israel about the desolation of their Temple
, and that desolation continues to this very day. The shut gate also symbolizes
the reality of the supernatural battle that is even now waging over the Temple M
ount. But the Lord shall return and open the gate, and rebuild the Temple, and I
srael shall know the Lord.
Also that gate is symbolic of the East gate of the garden which was also shut af
ter Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden. And when Jesus walks through ]x.
t Gate at his second coming, he and he alone will open it - and open all the Tri
nity of Gates that are shut for the determination of his children and all that l
ove and hate him. - For when those three gates are symbolically opened the mille
nnium will start and hell (Hades) will empty, and the greatest saving of souls w
ill begin. And those who failed in the flesh can rise again in the second resurr
ection from death and failure to eternal life.
It is a shame that most cannot see a miracle of prodigious proportions that s slap
ping them in the face. This is what pride and blindness will do. Not to be arrog
ant, but truth almighty is truth almighty, and for 2000 years this one gate has
been shut, never opened, unable to be opened by anything called flesh. The Lord
or whatever you understand or don t understand
commonsense should leave you in abs
olute awe at the supernatural workings in this world in this miracle of that Gat

e. Christianity could be destroyed with less than a stick of dynamite

and yet he
re we are. Why because the Lord is in charge you don t have to believe but in your
heart, in the deepest part of you, you don t believe because you refuse stiff nec
k rebellious because this is one of the biggest continuing miracles on the whole
earth, though it teems with rabid evil.
The world has spent billions trying to keep God out of the schools and public sp
here. They have done everything possible to try to shut up Christians and destro
y our value system, worldview, and beliefs. They could destroy Christianity by d
estroying that gate, by opening up that gate, by letting even a dog walk through
it. It is amazing the power of God - for flesh is constitutionally unable to op
en that Gate - Why? Because the Lord is Lord of his Creation - and even the Devi
l trembles and is infant subservient to the Lord!
So as you look at all the evil running rampant, growing exponentially around us,
I say to you, be of good cheer, for when you think of the awesomeness of God think of that lowly gate that mankind with all its self imposed glory is unable
to open. In closing I take an excerpt from my first novel and say the words of D
avid - Selah (think and ponder)
The Son of God stood up from his throne and began to speak. The violins in the b
ackground continued unabated.
"Do you feel powerful now? What do you think of your puny powers you've used to
build yourself up in your own eyes? Do you still feel wise in your values clarif
ication? Can you create your own morality apart from us or know The One by looki
ng in the mirror? Can any being that has to eat truly be a God? Can pluralism, t
olerance, and freedom from morality find limitless life?
Where are your unlimited potentials and your enlightenments, your all-encompassin
g diversity, your powers, higher consciousness, and the evolutionary spiritual a
scensions that you glorified instead of we who constructed you? Will your self-a
ctualization, self-realization, multiculturalism s, and collective consciousness m
antras ever lead you to the divine? Where are your pantheisms, positive aspirati
ons, enlightened masters, self-evolutions, your divine nature, and your so-calle
d spiritual evolution? Do you really think your intelligence and beliefs are ult
imately the last words? Who here can keep alive his own soul, make their own foo
d, or land to simply stand on?
Are we intolerant because we have
to us? You must learn truth is not
on, your God, The One. Can the sum
s liars, or can you will your eyes
more breath than we ve willed you

the monopoly on truth? Can there be many paths

just an airy concept; it is a pronoun, a pers
total of your voluminous verbiage ever make u
to see through this brightness or breathe one
to inhale?

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