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About the project:

The main objective of the project is to allot rooms for regular class
allocation for Theivanai Ammal College for women.
The project is to designed such that it provides a user friendly
environment. This project is an automation system for regular class
room allocation for the student in online.
The project ensures that the students allocated do not exceed the room
capacity and thus, saves the confusion and time.
Problem description
Currently, the room allotment system is done by employing the
manual labour.this manual work results in repetition of work for every
odd and even semester regular class,where the manual labour and the
time are consumed more. This project ensures that the students
allotted do not exceed the room capacity and thus ,saves the
confusion. This project involves selection of room and the class, the
report displays the report displays the students,department and class
allotted in the room.

Module description:

Login Module
Registration Module
Class Room Allotment Module
NME Allotment Module
Combine Class Room Allotment
Data Module

The class room allotment system consist of seven modules. Each
module having some sub module. The first module is login
this module is splited into two types they are user login and
administrator login.
The administrator login is based on the system administrator.
Administrator login protects the details and provides privacy in
maintaining the database.
User login is based on the students .students will see our class room
allocation through online.
Registration module
This registration modules combines the both user and administrator
registration.these registration module describes the admin and users
personal details.these details are stored in a database,which is used for
user and admin login system in class room allotment system
This is the main module where the user select their year .department
and the rooms for the students for the particular class room is
allotted. The field used are department name, course, year, section,
class room, student details, subject list per hour and also faculty
details. The main purpose of this module is to schedule each class into
the each room and considering room capacity to be fixed. Reports are
generated for each room.
Allotment is done according to the strength . the main purpose of the
module is to allot rooms according to the course titles and strength,
year,department,section and number of rooms needed.


The NME and vocational classes are taken for combined for more
department. These course selection is based on the student interest. In
this allocation module is also based on the student strength. The fields
of this modules are course name, department name, class, student
name, class room.
Administrator manages the database. The fields in this form are
department name,ug, course , year, section, no of student ,class room
number. Here administrator can add, modify or remove the data. Here,
course names are added dynamically in dropdown list box. The details
are maintained only for major and allied subject. The administrator
also manages the non major elective details. This fields are course
name,year,section, subject name, total members.
The reports are generated in the form of a table,displaying the seats in
the room, department, course, class, hours and class room number.