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Grace Theresa A. Ablaña

AB European Studies

Grace likes it better if you call her Gra-ke, but her buddies
also named her after a place in Toledo, Spain and started
calling her El Gra-ke. She’s a great cook who’s generous
enough to share her delicious creations and invite her
friends over for dinner. She’s also the ordering principle
of Block G’s classes. She may be strict, but it’s just part
of her honest character; no one’s going to be present
when they’re actually absent! This trait and her charming
personality have impressed people; giving her their trust to
be an officer in different organizations and more especially
as their friend. A reliable beadle and president of her org,
she exemplifies the maturity, dedication and responsibility
expected of a leader. Gra-ke is also a practical person who
can deal with work even though they come in tons. She
may be shy and snob-looking but don’t be fooled, this lady
can be so much fun and can drink to the good times if the
situation calls for it. Indeed, with Gra-ke’s dynamism, she’s
bound to reach higher ground.

Emerson W. Ang
AB European Studies

There will absolutely never be a dull moment when you’re

with Emer. This cute and charming little boy never fails
to make anyone laugh with his hilarious jokes and funny
antics. His wholesome personality and bubbly outlook in life
will turn any occasion into a good time. However, even if he
can become extremely comical and mischievous at times
you will be surprised at how serious he is as a student. In
fact, Emer is one of the most responsible people you’ll ever
meet. He is one of those who can balance work with play
because he knows how to keep his priorities straight. Not
only is Emer a responsible student, he is a great friend as
well. He’s always ready and willing to help in any way he
can. Everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing him is
blessed because he’s such a great person.

Kimberly Erisse Y. Ang

AB European Studies

People who don’t know Kim might think of her as the

silent, typical girl-next-door. Well, get to know her better
and you’ll soon find out how wrong you once were! She
can be the loudest and most ecstatic person you’ll ever
meet (hyena laugh and all). She’s also one of those people
who can blend in with almost any crowd. When she’s with
the girls, she’s as girly as they can be. With the boys, she
can amazingly put up with every outrageous thing they
say and do that the Jesuit priests might hunt her down if I
even try to mention them. But what makes her so special
is that in spite of all her gifts, she never frowns upon her
friends’ mistakes and accepts them for who they are. She
is, simply put, friendship personified. That’s not all. When
I think of Kim, I can’t help but think of a bamboo plant.
Notice that after a storm, when other tall and strong trees
have succumbed to the strong winds, the simple bamboo
remains firmly rooted in its place. That’s Kim: A person of
remarkable strength and unparalleled resiliency.

Stephanie Anne H. Angeles

AB European Studies

Ordinary is the least of the words that can describe the girl
that is Steph. From the first moment you meet her, you will
understand why. She has a very welcoming smile and lets
everyone feel at ease. An example of someone with both
beauty and brains, anyone would be lucky to have her in
their lives. She brightens up any room with her infectious
smile and warm personality. Her quick wit, childlike
excitement and bubbling giggles make every moment with
her enjoyable and full of laughter. She has quirky remarks
about anything and everything she sees. A reliable friend,
a good daughter and a responsible student, she certainly
knows how to balance her life. Steph is certainly full of
surprises and never ceases to amaze the people around

Monique G. Avila
AB European Studies

Three years ago, she was a timid freshman who would

only scream at the sight of a roach. Over time, facets of her
personality were unveiled. Turns out, Monique is a wacky
person—a child at heart and full of antics. She gets along
well with kids because she finds joy in small things. She
sees the beauty in people whether they’re friends or the
special children she’s reached out to. She is the embodiment
of what it is to be pure of heart. A happy pill, her positive
aura in undertaking any situation immediately dispels any
negativity. She’s a go-with-the-flow, fun-loving girl who
isn’t afraid to try new things, (or can’t resist anyone who
sways her). A sporty and outdoor type of girl, she has tried
several sports from cheer dancing to dragon boat rowing to
flag football. Like the sun, she is bright, warm, and cheery.
No doubt Monique has become special to many. She’s quite
the fashionista, eternally on a diet, a hot chick, now a lot
less shy yet still tied up between her love for nature and
the insects that comes with it.

Karla Patricia V. Balagtas

AB European Studies

High-spirited and outgoing with a passion for oversized

dangling earrings and has an unrivaled energy for making
friends, Patti is an extraordinary fusion of warmth, finesse
and intelligence. From her weird eating patterns that
friends have termed “hibernation” to her habit of bursting
into song at any given time, she has the capacity to win
people over with her charming, affectionate and at times,
bizarre ways. She embodies the attributes of a great
friend. She is understanding and supportive, with a heart
that is always prepared to love, to listen or to laugh at the
right moment. Her appreciation for people and experiences
exudes a genuine sense of goodness. Not one to remember
the bad things in life, she possesses the ability to find
beauty in anything or in anyone. Patti personifies balance.
Smart, friendly, sweet and effortlessly poised, she can mix
responsibility with decent dosages of fun. Ultimately, she
is set apart—a beautiful person worthy of note, a true friend
and an upstanding Atenean.

Juan M. Banal
AB European Studies

Who would have thought that this charismatic, young man

with an innocent face but with distinctly bright, alert eyes
and mischievous smile, who teases, makes fun of you and
even bugs you in class with his funny antics and crazy jokes
will end up in the yearbook as someone who is remarkably
incredible! Most know Juan as someone who is fooling
around almost all the time. Nevertheless, Juan is simply
the best! Popoy is a people person and is intensely loyal to
his friends. He is always at hand if you need help even in
the most unimaginable circumstances. Juan is a reserved
kind of person, he has his own principles to abide by and
he puts God as the most important influence in his life. On
top of everything else, Juan is a sweetheart- committed,
compassionate and kindhearted-anything you want and
need a guy to be. If you didn’t get a chance to know Juan,
at least take a feel of how he’s like. Have you ever seen
a breathtaking sunrise? The sunset will be just as awe-
inspiring. That’s Juan. Pure sunshine.

Earl Jeno D. Bautista

AB European Studies

February 6, 1986. The world was silently dreamin’, never

expecting something special to happen. But then it occurred
as dawn began to break, a cute baby boy was born. And
20 years later, that cute baby boy has turned into a noble,
young man. Tonzy, as this lad is better known to his friends,
may initially come off as the archetypal arrogant Atenean.
But after all the drinking (and laglagan!) sessions, endless
hours of hanging out at SS Foyer and countless 8PM-til-
pandesal hang-outs, friends would agree that Tonzy is a
dependable blockmate, offering not only generous help
during French hell weeks, but coming up with witty one-
liners and crazy antics from time to time as well. Studies
aside, he also has interesting indulgences. The theater is
his abode, French his language, bowling his sport, singing
his passion and dancing his frustration. With all these in
mind, he’s simply no doubt the next big thing.

Nancy Anne C. Boon

AB European Studies

Look up the word Boon in the dictionary and you will

understand why everyone is quick to call Nancy their
friend. It is hard to come by someone as genuinely nice
and refreshingly candid as she is. With her, what you see is
what you get. She can be a real sweetheart and a toughie
the next. The girl next door and even one of the boys. It
doesn’t take a lot to make her smile. Invite her to Mang
Jimmy’s or to an afternoon scouring the racks in Anonas
and she’s sure to grin from ear to ear. With her baby face
and petite frame, she might look like a kid but she’s one of
the very few people you can rely on for anything—a drive
to McDonald’s for fries, a crazy adventure to nowhere, and
late night talks with friends. Nancy is that and so much
more. People often say count your blessings and Nancy
is definitely one of them. <mom, dad, atsi, Marco, Kirk,
Kinns, Erica, Melissa, Cheska, Nicole, Marmi, Jenina, Jake,
Ponks, Gigi, Tammy, Kim, Miki, Tara, Joemar, Chay, Gino,
Cat, Trina, Katja, and Kat>

Jeulian Val A. Campos

AB European Studies

Being a friend of Val can be such a bizarre experience. He

is the master, or so the guys call him, in so many aspects of
life. He has an air of confidence about him that we find hard
to surpass. He has a rich personality for infinite reasons…
plus 20,000 more. Well-rounded, Val surely is. He is a
sports buff, playing futsal, soccer and basketball (just ask
his IAC teammates. He’s a clutch shooter), while following
Formula One, tennis and wrestling at the same time. He is
undeniably smart, yet he chose to take a different route
from us, believing that personal interactions are more
important than worldly technicalities. All his commitments,
however, won’t ever take away his liking for weekly movie
trips, or lunch outings. He is so like the rest of us, whom
he left in Faura for a math-free life in SocSci, yet, not very
much so. He is the anti-thesis of what we Physics majors
have been accustomed to. A mixture of a sleep-filled
existence void of numbers, and of chaos and the bizarre.
But sometimes, bizarre ain’t all that bad.

Jan Carlo Luis C. Cayabyab

AB European Studies

“… proves that chivalry is still alive. This gentleman offers

help without expecting anything in return.”
—Liezl Ibanez, “Classmate in 8 classes”
“… participates actively in class. Even our English teacher
became insecure about him in his dreams. He is a
dependable LSAT encoder.” —Prince del Rosario, English
classmate, LSAT-SOSE Team
“… an intelligent man indeed! He shares his knowledge to
those who are “mentally challenged”.”
—Joseph Sarte, EU Barkada
“…writes thought-provoking reflections. He remains
humble but driven to fulfill his goals with a smile.”
—Chino San Luis, EU Barkada
“… is cheerful, cool-headed and secretly admires…K.O.”
—Adrian Rodriguez, Ateneo HS L2002 classmate
“… is the friendliest person I know… pass by him, and get an
automatic “Hi!” plus a compliment!”
—Tracy Atienza, ROTC Band-mate
“…I bet this guy will never lose hope. I cherish your
—Suk Hyun Byun, Political Science 53 and Pos 130 Classmate

Maria Katrina Nicole C. Contacto

AB European Studies

“I’m not your average girl from the video, and I’m not
built like a super model. But I have learned to love myself
unconditionally because I am a queen, and my worth ‘ain’t
measured by the price of my clothes.”
—“Video” by India Arie

I’m not your average girl because I appreciate the little

quirks and idiosyncrasies of my life. Even if I tend to be
one of the boys, I still insist on being treated like a lady. I
am a princess whose fairy tale is still in the works because
God’s still figuring out whom I deserve and deserves me. I
can be immature at times, but I can turn into a tough cookie
when used as a “shock absorber” by my friends and my
dad. I am more than willing to sacrifice whatever I can for
the sake of the things I am most passionate about. And
though I do not know who or what He has in store for
me, the blessings God has continued to shower upon me
are more than enough reasons why I should love myself
unconditionally and treat myself like a queen.

Patricia Abigail R. Cruz

AB European Studies

She doesn’t have to say anything; her silence would tell

you everything she wants to say. She doesn’t have to hold
your hand; her eyes would perfectly tell you she cares.
She doesn’t have to offer her shoulders; her hugs would
make you feel everything will be all right. She doesn’t
have to laugh; her smiles are more than enough to make
you genuinely happy. She doesn’t have to show her heart;
everything about her would tell you she loves you. That is
Abie: a lady with few words, but with a degree of sensitivity
very few people have and an understanding of love that
may take others a lifetime to achieve.

Words would never be able to describe her. You just have

to experience who she is.

Abbie Philline E. Dayao

AB European Studies

Abbie is a diesel engine. It takes a long time for her to

warm up to other people. Do not be deceived by the fact
that she’s most often bubbly and smiling. Even though she
might seem to be a very outgoing person, shyness still
gets the best of her. An irony however is that this comes
from her best dimension: being down to earth. Like a diesel
engine’s low-humming revolution, she approaches each
person with the kind of respect that a child accords newly-
met friends.

The diesel engine’s best trait is that it works best going

uphill. For those who know Abbie, she is the kind of friend
who would support you through your uphill climb. Her
dependable force gets its power from her greatest friend
and inspiration, but most of all her family. This just ties in
with the unassuming, headstrong character that she has
been built with. She would surely be able to power herself
though every mile of challenge along life’s long, winding

Chiara Maria Francesca M. de Castro

AB European Studies

Wonders are many, and none is more wonderful than the

power that crosses the white sea, driven by the stormy
wind, making a path under surges that threaten to engulf
him... – Sophocles

Donna Olivia M. de Jesus

AB European Studies

When they say big things come in small packages, Donna is

living proof of it. For one thing, this petite girl with a sweet
smile could actually make you laugh out so loud to the point
that you have to cry. She can literally eat enough food for 3
regular people—and that’s just for one meal. She can eat so
much chocolate, that Lindt chocolates can be in business
for years. And who would have thought that a single
bodied person can be an officer and work for ASEC, World
Youth Alliance, Kythe, Pathways, Manila Surf Association,
play IAC volleyball, and take Flamenco classes all in the
same year? She conquers the world one country at a time,
one Philippine spot at a time, one nationality at a time, and
a daydream at a time. Great, unexpected, memorable, and
totally crazy things come out from her. She’s the kind of
girl who can give the whole world everything that it could
possibly need and ask for nothing in return. So when they
say big things come in small packages, with Donna, it’s an

Manuel R. Enverga III

AB European Studies

I’m not used to having other people do write-ups for me.

Instead, I’d like to use this opportunity to thank people for
enriching my experience in AdMU. First of all, I’d like to
thank my family for everything they’ve done to support me.
I can’t thank you guys enough. Then, of course, there are
all the friends who’ve put up with me. To my teammates in
the AFL, past and present, thanks for the great memories.
I’ll never forget UAAP 2003 and Inter-U 2005. Friends from
block G, it’s been great! Patti, thanks for being patient with
me, don’t stop eating ok? Des, thanks for letting me leech
off you. Hehehe. Marvi, the small skinny gangsta. Joey,
ALTP was fun. Sheen, Rok on! Jihan, no more games for
you. Tristan, my PoS 130 and 131 seatmate. Emer, remember
Kama Sutra? Reg, Mme. Soriano’s favorite person. And
Steph, thanks for laughing at all my jokes. Thanks also to
the others I’ve missed. Forgive me, I only have 15 lines. But
know that you guys are part of my memories. See you
guys around!

Maria Christina P. Fernando

AB European Studies

See through her radiant smiles, comprehend her thoughts

and feel her emotions, then you’ll know that Christina is
really a gentle soul. She is a charming person who always
wears a smile that exudes her warmth and humbleness.
More popularly known as “Tinafer” to her friends, she has
the rare trait of being able to connect with people, and
takes their interests to heart. It is in her midst that you’ll
feel welcome and wholeheartedly accepted. She has been
blessed with a multitude of friends simply because of her
amicable nature, pleasant disposition and of course, her
“Tinafer-rrific” beaming smile. She is not only graced with
beauty but is also a bright individual as is manifested in
her own creative and ingenious ideas. Driven with passion
and goals, she fully puts her heart and soul in every task
she takes.

It is said that when one meets a person so good, so true,

so beautiful, she must never be let go. This is exactly what
Christina means for the people close to her—a treasure that
is worth all the riches imaginable.

Sheen P. Fukushima
AB European Studies

Sheen (shēn) n.—a subdued luster, little peaceful one

This young lady sits quietly in class, absorbing the wisdom
and knowledge of her mentors. The color of happiness,
wisdom, and imagination—yellow, is reflected in her life. In
her search for novelty and self-fulfillment, by being mentally
adventurous, she tries to reach for the stars without having
to intrude over other people’s space. With a strong sense
of humor, she infects you with laughter (genuine, shallow,
shameless, and even “corny”). However, at times she tends
to shun responsibility, preferring freedom of thought and

On rare occasions, like the weather, dark clouds cover her

sunny face with cold eyes, unable to move the numbness
of her heart. The cold escapes her through the warmth of a
pen and paper in hand as she creates a world on an empty
sheet. Like a storm, when the rain and wind have passed,
all things come back to life once more.

That’s Sheen.

Desiree Deane A. Go
AB European Studies

Intelligent, sensible and independent, Des is an exceptional

balance of looks and brains. She may seem as one with
a tough and serious attitude, but behind that is a lady
who knows how to laugh and have fun wholeheartedly.
Some even think that she’s a snob who doesn’t have the
time to spend with her peers; but it’s just because she has
something in mind that she’s determined to fulfill. She’s a
consistent dean’s lister who has a knack for handling her
academics and social activities well. She has also traveled
the world and immersed herself with other cultures. Don’t
be fooled by her nonchalant countenance, because just
when you think she doesn’t care, she actually does! This
classy lady has a special way of letting you know that she
is always there for you no matter what.  A good friend and
adviser, she doesn’t let people down and tries her best to
help them the best way she can. Her personality and good
heart has enticed people to love her. Both a mystery and a
pleasant surprise, this girl’s definitely going places!

Regina Noelle D. Gonzales

AB European Studies

HAHAHA (*clap*clap*)! A unique, infectious cackle? Reg

must be near by. A total sweetheart, she never fails to
enliven conversations and bring a smile to your face with
her clever stories and jokes, complete with full emotions
and actions. Just don’t catch her when she’s studying for a
test as she blocks everything out and her face becomes as
pink as can be. She takes her studies way more seriously
than anyone can imagine. It’s amazing how Reg can be so
different from the first impression. One might find it hard to
believe that someone as chic, beautiful and popular as she
is could be extremely responsible, talented, and intelligent.
Never one to let down a friend, she is always willing to
lend a hand. This girl is quite the social butterfly and is
never short of quotable quotes (“My face has a heartbeat”
or “I got darker, right?”). Regina is the epitome of a model
student, a great daughter and an exceptional friend. With
all these, and a whole lot more, it’s no wonder how easy it
is to love this extremely amazing girl.

Catrina Lizette L. Gothong

AB European Studies

Cat’s favorite things: Rum cakes on sunsets, coffee at

sunrise, sudden text messages, wind on the SPG, sun
on the ocean, smell of the green grass, my favorite hand
lotion, meat shop at night time while Charles strums his
strings, talking with friends, dreaming of flings. Am, Bea,
Cy, Anne, I love you.
Feisty, fiery, hot—like her hair: these are Cat’s trademark.
This woman laughs out loud, thinks deep and has a quiet ,
comforting strength. An artist in her own right, her moods
consantly fluctuate. As an unconditional friend, she is in
a league of her own. Undeniably conspicuous, deserving
of recognition, one of Cebu’s finest, a fashionista fiend, a
photographer du jour, a talented diva, a beautiful mind,
the real thing. True style is having beauty inside and out.
Everything is effortless. If there ever was a college life that
epitomized change, experience, diversity in lessons learnt,
cat would be the proof of it. The best moments captured,
meaningful lyrics sincerely sung, four years have been
gracefully, openly and simply lived.

Maria Cristina C. Guerrero

AB European Studies

She’s simple but oooh, she’s absolutely stunning! She

struts with sheer confidence; the dudes, even the other
girls can’t help but stare. Never with any resignation
to cynicism—Game! Go! Kaya yan!—are trademark Juju
vocabulary. She’s ambitious, self-assured, and unrelenting;
she’ll have no trouble landing a career in the business she
loves the most—food. This girl can bake and cook. And she’s
darn good at it. She can also play the piano beautifully and
belt harmonious melodies with her favorite companions—
Magic Mic and her very own “Enrique Iglesias.” Aside from
being a gifted child (without any help from Promil), Juju
is a self-confessed sentimental girly-girl who occasionally
drowns herself in emo, some cigarettes and to the endless
realm of philosophy. She thinks way too much; she can’t
stop analyzing absolutely everything in every imaginable
perspective. But no matter how fogged up her thoughts
may be, she is a supportive, sincere and incredibly sweet
person who’ll send you smiling away.

Karla Crisaida L. Joaquin

AB European Studies

I believe in fairytales, in happy endings, in happily ever

after and in love. But I also believe in sad stories, in death, in
regret and in loneliness. Which made me love what I have,
fear the things I don’t know and accept the inevitable.

I love having dinners with my family, my dad’s jokes, my

mom’s adobo, my sisters’ humor and sarcasm, my friends’
laughter and tears, my long walks alone, my high school
life, my memories of love lost and what I have become
because of these.

I fear not cooking for my dad, not having coffee with

my mom, not talking all night with my sister, not seeing
the sunset, not going to the beach, not laughing with my
friends and not being significant.
Regret is a word I’m thankful I don’t understand. Love,
Friendship, Faith, Responsibility, Ambition, Inspiration,
Passion, Respect, Creativity and Patience are not anymore
mere words to me but memories of my past, present and
hopefully my future.

Gretchen Gail T. King

AB European Studies

Small but irresistible, Gretch isn’t jus your ordinary girl.

She’s a loving sister that everyone can’t get enough of.
Spending time with Gretch is always full of laughter and
unorthodox funny conversations. Being around her gives
you that warm and fuzzy feeling that is so rare. But if there
is anything that is most memorable about Gretch, it is the
friendly and bright smile that she gives to anyone and
everyone. It is truly admirable how she isn’t afraid to smile
upon living despite its many pains. Gretch is perceived in a
manner that speaks of “giving”. She is there to give a tender
hand to those who want to be understood and loved. Ruled
by her heart and passion, she is also an admired leader
among her friends, teammates and orgmates and an open
fairy tale book instilled with love for her work and her life
of giving. In the time I have been in her company, I feel like
I have truly known her, for the purity and vulnerability of
person she possesses is clear both in theory and action.

Sergio Francis P. Mabunay

AB European Studies

The 10 Commandments on IOCISism:

1. Thou shall not have other gods except Iocis.
2. Thou shall consider thyself as God’s greatest gift to
3. Thou shall make mean, but really funny comments.
4. Thou shall neither get high, smoke nor get drunk.
5. Thou shall go out with thy friends the night before thy test.
6. Thou shall cut classes and declare Iocis holidays.
7. Thou shall speak French, Spanish and a little bit of
8. Thou shall always see the bright side, even in the darkest
of situations.
9. Thou shall live life to the fullest, carpe noctem.
10. Thou shall follow all but one of these 10 commandments.
Once thou hast discovered which one not to follow, thou shall
reach an all time HIGH—IOCISness.

Marlow Anjelo G. Maliksi

AB European Studies

Mar is the closest guy to being perfect. Unlike most boys,

Mar is very well-mannered—from always going over to the
‘dangerous’ side of the road to making sure no one is being
left out. Aside from this, Mar is incredibly intelligent and
pretty much excels in whatever he puts his mind to; he’s
fluent in German and can beat most people in PS2! Mar
is also a natural born entertainer—he’ll make your stomach
hurt from laughter with his impersonations and intelligent
humor! But before you think he’s too nice to stand, think
again! Just like the NY Mafia (his ultimate addiction), this
Jujitsu student can be quite daunting when he wants to!
More than all these, Mar is set apart by the strength of his
character and friendship. Unlike most people, Mar gets the
job done without the need for distinction as he doesn’t
really care what others think! And while he’s very much
against mushiness, Mar’s friendship is deeper and much
more genuine—you know he’s always quietly behind you
without having to turn around.

Hazel Nikki V. Mangaoang

AB European Studies

When you’re feeling down and your day seems very slow,
a dash of Nix is all you need and you’re set to go. Behind
her petite frame is a a person with a bubbly and cheerful
energy that infects the people around her. Easily the
friendliest person one can ever meet, she exudes not only
an aura of genuine friendship but also of an inexhaustible
determination. She is a person who can’t be fazed once
she has set her mind on something. You won’t believe how
dedicated she is with school where she carries on to the
best of her abilities, devoting all her energy into it. When it
comes to her grades, she will fight for every point that she
deserves. Never will she settle for anything less. Excellent
in the academics department, and balancing this with
her sporty side, she has a healthy dose of brilliance and
exuberance of youth. A girl with a myriad of talents and a
beautiful heart, Nix is a person whom you just have to know
for yourself because she’s not meant to be described, but
to be experienced.

Jose Gabriel H. Naguiat

AB European Studies

Beneath his exceptionally good looks is a loving guy who

amazes the people around him. Perceived as someone
ultimately carefree, unbeknownst to people how keen
and observant he really is. Born an artist, his talent shines
through his craft. Gabe will do the most random things for
you. He’d open up an already “For Sale” house so you and
your friends can spend the night in, willingly feed you the
most delicious food in his house and be there for you when
you least expect it. He’s a good listener; he’ll listen to your
stories and your problems even if you barely know each
other. Soft spoken and reserved; he’s the introvert you
can’t help but wish to know.
Cerissa Camelle C. Obillos
AB European Studies

Many people don’t know the real Kookoo Obillos. Most

people would describe her as quiet and reserved, but to
those who truly know her, she’s anything but. She can be
really shy around new people and it takes a while for her to
warm up to them. But once she does, you’ll realize that she’s
every bit as cuckoo as her name suggests. She has a great
outlook and treats life with a sense of humor. Whatever
problem comes her way, she just lets them roll off her
back. She doesn’t take depressing situations too seriously
and would even poke fun at them. However, that is not to
say that she is carefree. She knows when to have fun and
when to be serious. She’s very responsible, hard working
and she can handle anything that you throw at her. She’s
simple and easy-going. She’s also a self-confessed couch
potato and she enjoys spending her days watching her
favorite TV shows such as Late Night with Conan O’Brien
and Saturday Night Live.

Cairyn P. Orido
AB European Studies

At a glance, she may seem reserved and timid but once

you get to know her outgoing and very cheerful side, you’ll
hit it off easily. Just bear with all of her vanity issues. Ask
her about any controversial issues on health, beauty and
fashion and she could give you the best tips and advice you
never heard of.

The world may treat this lady unfairly but she stands
still and composed. She knows how to manage all of her
priorities sans the harassed look at the end of the day—one
would wonder how she could handle her academics with
all of her dilly-dallying, and extracurricular activities. She
may have all the reasons to be proud but she keeps her
feet on the ground and remains her simple and humble

As a friend, you could be assured of her undivided attention,

equal respect, and unconditional love and loyalty. Cai is
simply one of the most wonderful persons you could ever
met—a responsible student, a good daughter, a faithful lover
and a great friend.

Tristan Miguel S. Osteria

AB European Studies

Four years of is hardly enough for a person who enjoyed

college life. But fate dictates that we look forward. There
are new doors which await us, futures to look forward to.
As we endeavor to explore the great unknown, we should
never forget this chapter of our formative years. Fear not!
This is not the last stage of life. In fact, we are simply
beginning to look into the horizon. This saying inspired
me: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single
footstep”. We should never forget that. Life is too valuable
to be wasted on past regrets and “What if?” scenarios.
Although it is full of challenges, our individual foundation
will eventually prevail. Comments: Tristan’s one of those
guys who make a boring class go by quicker; an interesting
mix of comic shyness, intelligence and unshakeable
serenity that could rival the Dalai Lama, Tristan is a
character worth knowing; shell out lots of ideas & stories;
quiet but definitely fun-loving and humble. Tristan is indeed
someone you can count on whenever, wherever.

Sheryl M. Quesada
AB European Studies

If a girl in a mini polo shirt, flip flops and hair that smells
of seaspray and pineapples happens to pass by, well then
that’s Sheryl—the pretty lass who loves the sea and the sun
so much she brings it with her wherever she goes. With
perfectly arched eyebrows, big dark eyes, and straight jet-
black hair, she’s always mistaken as a snob. But in fact, she’s
one of the nicest persons one could get to know. A carefree
spirit with a dangerous sense of humor, you’ll never stop
laughing at her spur-of-the-moment jokes. Her liveliness
and sparkle keeps everyone in high spirits. The strong
enchanting presence she exudes draws everyone towards
her. Her occasional silence, however, may make you think
you’ve lost her but you haven’t. It’s this mysterious aura
that makes one wonder where her thoughts could be, on
her secret dreams or perhaps, on her true love. Like the
sun, she’ll always be there. And if you’re lucky enough,
she’ll bring you with her to that never ending fete by the

Jihan Jo C. Saab
AB European Studies

Stylish, sassy and fun, Jihan has the capacity to exude both
a youthful sense of beauty and maturity that draws people
to her instantly. She is meant to take over the world. Move
over, Europe! She dreams big but never fails to enjoy the
small things she has and the tiny thoughts in her head.
On a humid day, she is known to think aloud “I want to
go somewhere beautiful. I want to go to Europe and eat
gelato, lots of it.” An optimist, she is. She dreams big but
Jihan (or Jihennn to super friends) never fails to stop and
help someone. A friendly creature, indeed! Oprah-like, she
can give pieces of advice on beauty, health and good food,
as well as tips on sporting the super cute fashion. Really,
she is loyal, hardworking and sincere, with the warmest
heart that paints her for who she truly is: a beautiful person,
a great friend, and an exceptional person from the hill.

Paolo Raynor E. Salvosa

AB European Studies

I’m your average guy, tall, dark, handsome, and vain. I like
sports. I like the adrenaline rush. My favorites are basketball,
boxing, taekwondo, American football, table tennis, and
golf. I like checking out girls, as long as it’s all in good
taste. Ugliness, like beauty, goes beyond mere physical
appearance. I can be insensitive and lazy, as my loved ones,
in particular, have told me. These stem from my greatest
problem and challenge: indifference. The same is true with
the rest of humanity, from which the social injustices of
crime, terrorism, and poverty stem from. But in spite of all
this I believe that people are essentially good, derived from
the emotions a child feels when he understands he has
done ‘wrong’. And because of this, I believe in God, and that
He (She?) is responsible for the good in us. Lastly, I believe
in pursuing all good causes on the sole ground of hope. “It’s
not achieving them that matters, but how your life unfolds
in the process”. Like I said, I’m just your average guy.

Francis Antonio M. San Luis

AB European Studies

“‘Chinese ka ba?’ Isang malaking ‘Hindi!’ ang sasalubong

sayo kapag tinanong mo yan kay Chino. Tahimik lang, pero
huwag ka! Nagpaplano na yan kung paano siya magiging
walang pera sa usapan, malinaw tayo diyan ha? Hahaha!
Pero kahit na kuripot siya, hindi naman sya nagkukulang
sa puso. Isa siya sa mga pinakamapagkakatiwalaan kong
mga kaibigan, laging nariyan, laging may nakahanda nang
plano para mapasaya ka. Gusto niya mapaganda ang
mundo sa pamamagitan ng tamang ehersisyo, kaunting
Zombie, pilosopiya ni Louis de Pointe du Lac, hustisya,
pagkakaibigan, at pag-ibig na walang hanggan. At totoo
nga, mas nagkakaroon ng saysay ang lahat at mas
lumiliwanag ang mundo kapag nandiyan siya.”
—Angel Trinidad

“A great guy with an even greater heart. He knows how to

make you feel better even in the most subtle ways, which
oftentimes could be so disarming, making you want to hug
—Johana Sunga

Tieza Mica H. Santos

AB European Studies

Each step you climb brings you a step closer to the stars.
When Tiez learned about this wisdom, she gazed towards
the heavens and started her journey with the purpose
that she will never dare stop until all her dreams turns
into reality. She’d enter the room with a certain swagger,
moving around with sheer elegance and poise, and can be
utterly captivating effortlessly. Should it be the moment
she bore the brunt of the world on her shoulders, grace
and confidence remains her virtue. Always insightful and
outspoken, ever inspired and inspiring, she waltzes about
her day with flair, charm and wit no one else can match.
As a lovely and spirited person filled with passion and drive
enough to run a country, she still finds time for people
who mean most to her despite having numerous orgs, a
bachelor’s degree and a post-graduate degree to manage.
She’s nothing short of amazing. Simply put, God’s best. Her
star is a great distance, but that’s where she truly belongs,
where a hero’s welcome awaits her.

Joseph Ian L. Sarte

AB European Studies

There are few people who have that admirable courage

and strength to pick themselves up right after a devastating
fall. And there are even fewer people who would consider
this mishap as an avenue towards becoming an even better
person. Joseph is one of those commendable few- a person
whom neither faltered nor got disheartened by problems.
In truth, he has turned discouraging moments of his life into
comical situations from which he draws his strength from.

He considers every friend and every opportunity a blessing

and appreciates life even at its worst for he sees the world
with great intellect. He is the person to turn to when your
confused, whether it be about school or life in general,
for he is not one to be judgmental of other people’s

Joseph, bottom line, is a great friend but an even greater

person. Someone who inspires those who fail to see the
good in everything.

Alexandra Isabel E. Suarez

AB European Studies

Nerd! Takes the best notes in the universe. The lone

advocate of baseball on ESPN. “Whaaaaaaaat???” Has a
complete first aid kit in her bag. But no kikay-related items.
Drives and eats like a man, but doesn’t get fat. Perpetually
hungry. “That’s not very efficient.” Efficiency-obsessed
yet never stressed. Always happy. “Being depressed isn’t
efficient.” A neat-freak. An “efficient” crammer. Super
friendly. Says hi to people she doesn’t know. “Are you
serious?!?” Claims she will someday invent a teleportation
device. Which is good so she won’t get left behind by the
carpool anymore. Cuatro kid. Athletic but clumsy. Has
been playing softball since birth. Claims that she is not
sentimental. Femininity and machismo rolled into one. A
great leader. A major achiever…Dreams big… Magis!

“We live in a small world. Let’s build a space ship and

explore the galaxy. Alex can be the ambassador of the
human race. I’ll be the mechanic of the space ship.”

Johana T. Sunga
AB European Studies

A beautiful, celebrity-looking girl who sees the world

through a child’s eyes, she is always doing silly things and
yet still sees the beauty in everything. Johana remains
gracefully undaunted by problems. She’s one of those
fortunate few who manages to smile even at the face of a
challenge. She speaks her mind, stands her ground, works
with great passion and inspires with extraordinary intellect.
Someone who knows what she wants and gets what she
wants, captivating those around her with her unique ways
of dealing with things.

Although one might get intimidated by her strong presence,

it’s quite impossible not to like her. Her adorable charm
appeals immensely to those who meet her, which explains
the many eyes that follow her and even more, the attention
focused on what she has to say.

This young lady, well-loved by so many has everything: the

world to take over, a great mind that inspires, the grace of
a muse, and the life like that of a dream.

Angela Anne S. Trinidad

AB European Studies

She’s someone you’d never forget, for Angel (w/ pink

Chucks & purple backpack) is always present; dancing,
moving, swirling in our thoughts, around & through our
souls. An honest person, she is not afraid to tell how she
feels and whom she has feelings for. She boldly declares
her love for Coke, Sbarro, Ken Zhu and the boy who looks
like an elf. Angel’s a star; she could outshine anyone. Her
dynamic aura and enchanting personality has won her
an endless list of friends. She fills the hallways with her
contagious laughter and a vivacity that never fails to lift up
anyone. Yet, she could still disarm you with the depth in
her words. She perceives the beauty in the most mundane
things and can spot different colors of sunshine. She
constantly changes but remains the same. A girl with true
courage, a dreamer, a wanderlust, she believes in magic, in
elves and in love. She is the epitome of an ethereal creature
stuck in this lonely but hopeful world. Angel has an empire
to build, and the greatest love story to write.

Anna Theresa H. Tupas

AB European Studies

Her gorgeous smile radiates warmth, enthusiasm and

happiness. Her zest for life truly inspires. Her beauty
and lovable nature have endeared most to her, and her
charming ways have unceasingly captured the hearts of
many. Is she perfect? There is no such thing as perfect
because perfection is unattainable. But no one has ever
claimed that one can’t ever be close.

Sasa is one of the best friends that you could ever have.
Her concern, love and care bridge time and distance. But
she could turn a bad day even worse when you hear her
corny jokes and when she starts singing her heart out.
Yet despite that, she is a truly great friend, daughter and
student because her responsible demeanor has allowed
her to strive for excellence in everything she does. Many
have probably mistaken her for being fragile due to her
petite frame. But you’ll be surprised; she is more than
equipped to withstand any obstacle. Unbelievable? You’ve
yet to meet her.

Victoria Marie B. Valdez

AB European Studies

Napoleon Bonaparte. Queen Victoria of Great Britain. Jose

Rizal. Marvi Valdez? Like the first three, Marvi is petite, and
she’ll conquer the world someday too, just like they did. It’s
not hard for this college senior (who’s always mistaken for a
high school junior) to do just that. She gets what she wants
by charming, bullying, begging God, or simply working her
way to achieve it. Talented, smart, pretty and determined,
Marvi is one of those rare people who are undeniably born
to shine. She brings to life the cliché, “beautiful inside and
out.” A fighter who won’t let discouragement, bad hair days
and hell weeks get her down. The one-man pep squad
who’ll make you feel like you’re the queen of the universe
when you’re in a rut and who’ll never let you give up on
your dreams. A great friend and confidante who doesn’t
compromise her principles for anything and stays firmly
rooted to the ground no matter how high up her dreams
may be. It certainly won’t be a shock to find out one day
that she’s already a star.

Venancio D. Villanueva Jr.

AB European Studies

No camera shot can capture his natural marvel

His every masterpiece is like a joyful interplay
Of the world & its elements, experienced and understood

Stimulates the mind & allows the journey in distances
Explore freely & but still guided fondly
How I wish he knows how I love…

Joseph Paul Q. Villarosa

AB European Studies

Jopaw is gifted with an exceptional shoulder to cry on, the

ability to give good professional advice, a great capability
to lead a clear (but somehow slightly confusing) train of
thought, making him one of the first people his friends
turn to for anything from helping in an event to directing a
project to simply being there when they need somebody
to hang out with.

His little eccentricities such as the perpetual “torpe” status,

the dependency on Extra Joss, and the slightly unnerving
penchant for mixing it with different liquids (Extra Joss
and milk?!), simply add up to his charm and uniqueness.
His unique combination of an easygoing disposition and
a strong unwavering commitment to the things he is
passionate about makes him irreplaceable in his friends’
eyes. Champion ka, Jops!!

Patricia Ann D. Yuzon

AB European Studies

You go through life not knowing when the best thing

you can ever dream of will come. Well that’s only true if
you haven’t met Patty. One look at her and you will see
beauty and passion rolled into one. Yet despite the aura of
exquisiteness emanating from her, deep down, she is an
unassuming girl so oblivious of the fact that she is God’s
gift to many. Yet Patty is more than a pretty face. The
beauty outside pales in comparison to what lies within. It
takes some effort to get to know her, partly because her
modesty gives her a reason to be timid. Yet it is worth the
effort; for underneath, there lies a selfless, considerate
and sweet friend, who will never hesitate to keep you
company during the days when the world is cruel. Patty is
always more than just a friend. After all, she is the epitome
of friendship—caring, understanding, and loving. Fleeting
moments with her will leave one satisfied. Patty is more
than a dream come true, she is that which the very essence
of dreams are made of.