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AE413 - Airplane Stability and Control

Semester: Summer B 2015

Instructor: Prof. Glenn P. Greiner


Office Hours: M-TH 04:30 - 05:30 PM

Office Location/Phone: LB 246 / 226-7267

Class: M-TH 01:15 - 02:45 PM / LB 369

Final: Sat, August 8 @ 10:30 - 12:30 AM

Additional text Books:

D. E. Hoak, USAF Stability and Control DATCOM, 1978 (PDF file)
Perkins and Hage, Airplane Performance and Stability and Control, Wiley, 1949 (PDF)
D. E. Hoak, The USAF Stability and Control Digital Datcom, Users Manual, April 1979 (PDF and Soft Cover)
Course Organization and Procedures
Grading System:
Test #1
Test #2
Final Exam

10 pts
25 pts
25 pts
10 pts
30 pts
100 pts

Nominal grading scale: A (100-90), B (89.9 80), etc. Excess tardiness/absence from class will affect your grade.
Attendance: Class attendance and participation is required. Do not be late; quizzes may be given based on the
previous material to prepare you for the exams. Do not get up and leave during class, this will disrupt to other
students. To participate, the material in the book needs to be read prior to class. Class notes may be provided on the
University share drive and it is your responsibility to print these out. The seat that you choose to seat in will be your
assigned seat for the semester. If the seat is empty at the beginning of class, you are absent.
Homework: Assignments are to be completed on an individual basic. Discussion with team members is
encouraged but duplicating someone elses work constitutes plagiarism. The homework needs to be completed to
help achieve a good grade. Homework submittal will usually be due one week after it is assigned. Some
assignments will require group participation and a plot of the collective results. Homework is to be neatly
completed on Engineering paper. Your Name, Homework assignment number, Course, Section, and date needs to be
printed on the front of the assignment. If an assignment sheet is provided, this will be the cover sheet to the
assignment and your Name, Course and Section will be placed in the provided space. Several Matlab scripts will be
created. Each script and function must have your name commented in to copy write your work. Matlab
scripts/function may not be shared.
Exams and quizzes: Exams must be taken with the registered section. There are no early exams or make-up
exams. The final exam will be given at the University assigned time so do not schedule your departure prior to that
Project: Teams of six(6) members need to be formed. Each team will investigate the Longitudinal, Directional and
Lateral stability and controllability of an aircraft. The Teams will use the USAF Datcom methodology to determine the
stability coefficients. Individual Matlab code will be used to validate hand calculations. These stability coefficients will
then be used to modify an XML input file look-up tables for the simulation program called FlightGear (ver 3.4). Each
team member will then fly their simulated aircraft and perform various manoeuvres while recording the flight. The
complexity of the XML modification will increase with each HW assignment.