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Transaction Revenue fee’s brought in by all 4 Chicago


Dear Senator Hendon, Rep. Lang and Rep. Hamos

As you are well aware of that our state budget is significantly under funded and the
citizens of Illinois are already over burden with rising cost at the pump as well at the
grocery store’s as well as staggering increase of property and sales taxes. We cannot
continue to tax our way out of trouble any longer on the backs of the middle class it time
that corporations such as the CME Group, Chicago Stock Exchange and the Chicago
Board of Options take reasonability.

I would like to propose a new Idea and a new way to generate revenues by enacting a
fee of .10 Cents per transaction on all trades executed on the Chicago’s major
Commodity, Stock and Option exchanges as well as their computerized trading plat form

This fee would only be per-transaction and not per share so if you did one share or a
billion shares the fee would still only be ten cents. This fee will not hurt the small
investors nor the lager investment banking and or trading firms.

I would also like point out since 9/11 that our exchanges here are constantly being looked
at as a target for terrorism and this has added high cost to our city and state budgets for
security monitoring as well as an up grade to infrastructure to help ward off such attacks
with no source to help offset and pay for these ongoing additional cost.

With Illinois constantly being in the top 10 of state paying to the federal government
coffers and being ranked at number 48 and at other time 49 out of the 50 states to get
back money from the federal government, we need to make sure that our state share of
this multi billion dollar bailout of our banking system and other financial institutions
comes back to us. With such large financial firms like AIG and Merrill Lynch I believe
that our “corporate community mined partners” of these exchanges can show here hearts
by giving up a dime for our Kids and to help in: paying off our state debt and to start
paying into our unfunded pensions funds which at this time stands at 48 billion and by
2014 will reach 56 billion. We need to act not Wait. to help us help ourself's

Education, so they may have a chance to achieve a their dream of attending a state
college and obtaining an associate degree at no extra cost or burden,
Healthcare for all, with only a small co-pay that all can afford. “If Starbuck can do it for
20 buck a month. Way not us?”

Property Tax relief for Seniors and Disabled Veteran Prescription

Drug relief for Seniors and Disabled Veterans
Funding revenues eared marked for repairs and improvements to our states ageing
infrastructure of states roads, bridges schools.
This in turn will help create jobs.

These Exchanges once along time ago where set up as non-profit but as you know they
have over the past few years have now become a profit enterprises and the jobs that once
where there offered people are not available. Such as Runners, Phone Clerks and floor
clerk’s which once paid well and offered health benefits, these positions would become
the path and the building blocks of knowledge for people whom where entrusted in the
field of finance and trading.

The exchange floors have now gone to a computerized systems for trading execution’s
no longer do these firms need the large staff of people that they once employed and
which in return has now decrees our revenues though the payroll taxes to our state.

Nevertheless, in doing so has help these firms to keep there profits margins high and their
CEO and other top executive bank account’s fat with bonus and profits.

These four exchanges combined conduct over 2.5 to 3 billion transaction a month thus

Giving our state an opportunity to recoup around 50 to 100 million dollars per-month
giving us any where from 2.5 million to over 3 billion dollars of new revenue to our
state’s coffers which could go to schools, pensions funding, health care and infrastructure
projects which will help bring jobs to the people of Illinois.

Illinois would be the first State to enact this type of revenue stream but once we do it, the
other states that have exchanges would then copy and follow are lead.


Matt Harrington President

Chicago Consortium Group LLC