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NO.1 The following static route is configured correctly

A. ip route-static 16 serial 0
B. ip route-static 16
C. ip route-static 16
D. ip route-static
Answer: A,C,D
NO.2 When you create a VLAN, the following statements is correct ().
A. Members of the VLAN port becomes active state immediately
B. When you create VLAN routing interfaces (Vlanif interface), you must first create the
corresponding VLAN interfaces to create the appropriate Vlanif
C. The network administrator can view the global to create a VLAN or VLAN view
D. must be a member of the VLAN port assignments to other VLAN, the original VLAN can be created
Answer: B,C
NO.3 80 late, unshielded twisted pair UTP appeared, and quickly get a wide range of applications.
UTP advantages:
A. cheap
B. producing simple
C. encrypted using a different cable
D. physical topology and logical topology is still a bus
Answer: A,B,C
NO.4 Frame Relay and X.25 in common is that
A. are based on the virtual circuit
B. packet switching technology is
C. is only the second layer protocol
D. support congestion detection, confirmation retransmission, flow control mechanisms
Answer: A,B
NO.5 ADSL data transmission for the uplink in the band is
A. 26 KHZ ~ 138 KHZ
B. 26 KHZ ~ 69 KHZ
C. 26 KHZ ~ 1104 KHZ
D. 26 KHZ ~ 256 KHZ
Answer: A
NO.6 TFTP protocol is a simple file transfer protocol, which uses () for file transfer
Answer: B

IT Certification Guaranteed, The Easy Way!

NO.7 For this a few segments:,,, best with the

following () for routing segment summary
Answer: B
NO.8 The following on in the network have the shortcomings of using static routing
A. In a large complex network configuration
B. Network topology changes, you must re-configure a static route
C. Static routes cannot be known to the external router, resulting in poor network connectivity
D. In the VRP, the static routing cannot achieve load sharing
Answer: A,B
NO.9 Brings the advantage of port aggregation ()
A. Increased link bandwidth
B. for traffic load sharing
C. increase network reliability
D. easy to copy the data for analysis
Answer: A,B,C
NO.10 The problem can cause routing loops
A. slow convergence
B. packet forwarding in the router to cycle
C. router restart
D. routing inconsistencies
Answer: A,B,D
NO.11 Switch access port belongs to VLAN ().
A. The only VLAN defined
B. Maximum number of VLAN.
C. all VLAN
D. The lowest numbered VLAN.
Answer: A
NO.12 C class subnet mask is, subnet contains the number, the number of hosts per
subnet is ().
A. 4, 62
B. 8, 62
C. 16, 14
D. 32, 14
Answer: A

IT Certification Guaranteed, The Easy Way!

NO.13 In the PPP protocol, you need three-way handshake authentication protocol, it is only
transmitted on the network without sending the user name is password authentication protocol
C. MD 5
Answer: B
NO.14 STP protocol convergence, and the root port directly connected to the terminal port is
A. Designated ports
B. Backup port
C. Alternate port
D. Edge port
Answer: A
NO.15 in the RIP protocol, the calculated cost value of the parameter is
B. Delay
C. Bandwidth
D. hops
Answer: D
NO.16 From the communications division of both the way information exchange, can have the
following communication ().
A. simplex
B. Half-duplex
C. duplex
D. auto-negotiation
Answer: A,B,C
NO.17 PING and TRACERT on to say, the right is ().
A. Both can be used to test network connectivity
B. Ping can send packets of the specified source IP, etc.
C. Ping is used to obtain more data packet forwarding path
D. Tracert to determine the initial point of failure
Answer: A,B,D
NO.18 In the router, if multiple routes to same destination, then the factors that determine the best
A. routing priority
B. Routing publisher
C. The cost value of route
D. route lifetime

IT Certification Guaranteed, The Easy Way!

Answer: A,C
NO.19 U.S.National Bureau of Standards (American National Standards Institute) ANSI is a corporate,
government and other organizations, members of voluntary organizations that define the () is
A. 802.3
Answer: C
NO.20 Changes in network topology, the () will not automatically change, must have a network
administrator intervention.
A. ISIS routing
B. OSPF routing
C. BGP routing
D. Static routes
Answer: D