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1who wrote Path to pakistan Ch khalique zaman

2When Fatima Jinnah Joined AIML1940

3Who prepared Pirpur report Raja Syed Mehdi
4When Qaid e Azam Met M.K Gandhi 1st time-1916 Lucknow(CHK)
5When Non party elections held1985
6When National Anthem Approved inAugust 1954
7Who is seceratry of state for india in cabinet missionlord pathetic lawerance
8When water accord between provinces-1991
9Where Rawal dam constructed on river-kurrang
10Where is Green peace head quarteramsterdam
11Doab between river ravi and Chenab called -rachna
12Bala hisar fort built bybabar
13who adminsitrated th oath of prime minister to liaqat ali khanMuhamad ali
14Where copper deposits inchagi
15Who supported pakistan resolution from sindh province by-abdullah haroon
16Where is banbhore site-thatta
17Where is chandka medical college-larkana
18Where are artificial forest are bieng maintained inchanga manga,
19Which is pakistans 2nd largest foreign exchange earner croprice
20When ch rehmat ali coined word pakistan in NOW OR NEVER pamphlet in
21C R formula prepared byRajagopalachari

22malaria parasite ronald ross

23longest(largest) organliver
24kidney disease due to overdose of-vitamin c
25largest muslim country in Africa by population is-Nigeria
26noble peace prize decided by-oslo
27highest literacy rate among SAARCsrilanka
28highest per capita income among SAARCindia
29largest producer of oil in OPEC countriessaudi arabia
30bakhtar news agency of afghanistan
31Ariana is Airline ofAfghanistan
32cathy pacificis airline
33ITAR-TASS news agency ofrussia
34PPIpakistan press international
35share of punjab in pakistan25.8%
36Head Quarter of asian development bank is inmanila
37security council members are15
38 ibne batuta came in india from-morroco
39SCOUT established by Robert Powall
40who presided wavell planlord wavell
41ch rehmat ali coin word pakistan in-1933
428 april 1950liaqar-nehru pact

44fasting became farz -2 hijri

45gazwa tabook9 hijri
46who wrote hudaibiyaHazart Ali (R.A)
47Khufiya Tableeg3 yrs
48hijri calender kis khalifa ne start kiyaHazrat Umar e farooq (R.A)
49allah tala ne sab se ziada apni naimato (blessings) ka izhar kis surah me farmaya hai
surah rehman
50Allah Tala ke sab se ziada ehkamaat kis surah me farmaya51nawab aye humare bhaag aye ka kiya matlab hai-khush kismati
51zulfien bikhraye jo woh but (idol) sar e bazar chala shor utha maar chala mauz chala what is
mauz i dont know but option
were i marna ii saanp (snake) iii bhihoo iv zado kob mene zado kob lihka hai.
52israr e khudi ka english translation kis ne kiyaprof Nicholson
53phoot laina ka kiya matlab hai
54monh rakhna ka kiya matlab hai-lahhaz rakhna
55utha kar phaink do gali mein nai tehzeeb ke yeh andy hai gandyi wrote magrabi
56greeb ki bhi hoti hai ajab subha o shaam mein greeb se kiya murad haii wrote
57the train went tunnel
58she jumped the bus
59write the meaning of sternnousstrong
60write the meaning of zest
61 collision

62 accumulatecollect
63 Detrimentleharmful
64 rancourenmity
65sab se ziada ahadees kis sahabi se marvi hainhazrat abu huraira
66sabse pelay konsi surah ki ayaat nazil huenalaq 5 ayaay
67pehla gazwa konsa thaabwa
68largest islandgreenland
69largest peninsulaarabia
70ibne insha ki wajah e shahoratmazha nagari
71mast tawakli was poet ofbalochi
72After USA arms exporter-Russia
73Oldest AnthemJapan
74Kahuta Labortries1976
75Arbitrator In Indus basin treatyworlf bank
76pakistan joined ILO1949
77Rapid meansquick
78pinpoint 1st democracybrittain
79thpmas cupbadminton
80nuclear power plant in pakistan with help of canada
81capital of somaliamogadishu
821st punjabi poetbaba farid
83legnth of great wall of china-2400km

84Durand line damacrated in 1893

85oldest monarchy-japan
86first missile-hatf
87 Ringitt is the currency of Malaysia88Digital computer invented byJohn atanasoff
89decimal system introduced in pakistan on 1st january-1961
90mat karo ghor o fikr zara dekho.allama iqbal ka yeh shair konsi si kitab se hai91separate
eletorate 1st time
demanded bysir sayyed ahmad khan
92largest natural gas producer muslim country-iran
93Google is a - search engine94.When Pakistan become member of CENTO?
95.What is a pentagon?Defence head office of USA
96. meaning of Rapid? fast
97.celebrity mean? famous man.
98.tea pure cup? into
99.shahsh (mirror) may itarana means?
Who founded Attock Fort.
Wheere is Chandka Medical college is in
Nawab Shaha.
which is airline of Srilanka.
air lanka
what for IPP stand for

Independent Power Producers.

who is First Punjabi Poet
Baba Farid
6.who translate Israre Khudi
Prof. Arnold nay kia.

Naib Tehsildar Paper

1-Who is the present president of Cuba?Rahul Castro

2-Noralmarki is the president of ?Iraq
3-Clash of civilization is written by ?Samuel Huntington
4-War and Peace is written by? Leo Tolstoy
5-Pride and prejudice is written by?jane Austin
6-India Wins Freedom Is written by?Abu ul Kalam azad
7-Who was the chief editor of Zamindar?Maulana Zafar Ali Khan
8-Simon Commission Held in?1927
9-Who was the Viceroy in !927?Lord Irwin
10-First viceroy of the subcontinent was?Lord Canning
11-Last viceroy of subcontinent? Lord Mountbatten
12-In which state Obama belongs To ?illionso state
13-When WTO formed?1995
14-Stainless Steel is the alloy of ?copper and zinc

15-How many colors are there is spectrum?7

16-Which player has Highest score in TEst cricket?Sachin Tendulker
17-NATO stands for?North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
18-Where is the greatest and longest wall of earth?China
19-Where is Leaning Tower of Pissa? Italy
20-Who presented Theory of relativity?Einstein
21-When DR. Abdul salam Received noble prize?1979
22-Pancilin was discovered by ?fleming
23-What is the actual time of rotation of earh?23hours 56min 4sec
24-Olympics 2000 took place in which city?Sydney
25-Who was the first president of Muslim League?sir Agha Khan
26- Who is the president of India?Parthiba patel
27BAn ki Mon Belongs TO which country?South Korea
28-Brief Histroy of Time is written by?
29-What is Black Hole?Hypothetical region in spaceFear of open places/ public places
30-Which are the two gases that we exale more than we inhale?oxgen and corbon
31-Agoraphobia?Fear of open places/ public places
32-Prime Minster of UK is ?Gordon Brown
33- How many members are there is EU?27
34-OIC came into Existence?1969
35-HOw many states are there in USA?50
36-SAARC headquarters?Kathmandu

37-Friends Not Masters is Written by ./Gen.Ayub

38-Total members of Commonwealth? 53
39-In 1946 Who Presented poor mans budget?Liaqat Ali Khan
40-Allam Iqbal delivered Khutba Allahab on ?Oct-1930
41-UNO established on?24th oct-1945
42-Where is the headquarters of International Court of Justice?Hague
43-HIjrat Madina Was took place in ?622 AD
44-Toatal numbers of Ghazwat?27
45-Surah Without Bismillah?Surah Tauba
46-Anarkali Is wriiten by?Imtiaz Ali Taj
47-RAja Ghidh Is written by?Bano Qudsiya
48-How many lines are there in MA-sud-dus?6
49-Shikwa IQbals Famous poem Is in whcih book? Baang-e-Dira
50-HAj performed by holy prophet on ?10hij
51-Shanama ISlam is written by ?Hafeez Jalandhari
52-Origin Of Specie Is written by?Charles Darwin
53- Partition of Bengal Took place in ? 1905
54-Suez Canal Connects ? Medi and red sea
55- which poet was famous for Masnavi?Mir Hassan
56. Muhammad Iqbal 1st book in persian?Israr e Khudi

ASI Paper

1). The word Muhammad (SAW) as a name has been mentioned in Quran only:
(b) Four times
2). Khateeb ul-Anbia as a title of:
(d) Hazrat Shoaib (AS)
3). A Verse of the Holy Quran indicates the name of:
(d) Hazrat Zaid (RA)
4). Masjid Zu Qiblatain is situated in
: (a) Madina
5). Which Surah of Quran has Bismillah twice:
(b) Al Namal
6). Sadaq-e-Eid-ul-fitr has been proclaimed in the year:
(a) 2 Hijri
7). Imam-e-Dar-ul-Hijrat was a title of:
(b) Imam Malik
8). Ameen ul-Umat is the title of Hazrat:
(c) Abu-ubaida bin Al jaraah (RA)
9). Arafat gathering is held on:
(b) 9 Zil hajj
10. How much Surah the Quran contains:
c. 114
11- The Nisab of Zakat in gold is

: c. 7 Tolas
12. The original name of Imam Bukhari is:
d. Muhammad bin Ismail
13. Makka was conquered in:
d. 8 A.H
14. Jami-i-Quran is taken for: c.
Hazrat Usman (R.A)
15. Pious-Caliphate lasted for about:
c. Thirty Years
16. Abyssinia is the old name of:
(a) Egypt (b) Iran(c) Iraq (d) Jordan
17. Deficiency of Vitamin C causes:
(a) Scurvy (b) Beri Beri (c) Color Blindness (d) .
18. NATO consists of member countries.
(a) 28(b) 27(c) 26(d) 30
19. Baku is the seaport on;
(a) Black Sea (b) Caspian Sea (c) Mediterranean Sea (d) Red Sea
20. Which of the following is largest country of South America?
(a) Argentina (b) Brazil (c) Colombia (d) Chile
21. when East Pakistan separated from West Pakistan?
(d) 16th December 1971
22. when the Simla Accord was signed?

(a) January 1972

(b) March 1972
(c) July 1972
(d) October 1972
23. Mr. Bhutto represented Pakistan in Simla Agreement, who participated from India?
(a) Mr. Rajiv Gandhi
(b) Ms. Indra Gandhi
(c) Mr. Narsimha Rao
(d) Lal Krishan Advani
24.What is the total area of Pakistan?
( (b) 796096 sq km
25. In which continent of world Pakistan is situated?
(a) Asia
26. What is length of Pakistan-India border?
(c) 1610 km
27. What is the name of Pakistan-India border?
(d) Line of Control (LOC)
28. Which country is located in north of Pakistan?
(c) China
29. What is height of K-2?
(b) 8611 Meters
30. What is the original name of K-2?

(c) Godwin Austin

31. after how many years did Pakistan get her first constitution?
(c) 9 years
32. what document was firstly drafted to give pace to constitution making process?
(d) Objective Resolution
33. when the Constituent Assembly passed the Objective Resolution?
(b) 12th March 1949
34. when Mohammad Ali Bogra presented Bogra Formula in the assembly?
(a) January 1953
(b) April 1953
(c) September 1953
(d) October 1953
35. who was Mohammad Ali Bogra?
(a) Prime Minister
36. what is the other name of Mohammad Ali Bogra Formula?
(a) New Law of Pakistan
(b) Pakistan Report
(c) Third Report
(d) Constitutional Formula
37. when first constitution of Pakistan was enforced?
(b) 23rd March 1956
38. according to 1973 constitution who elects Prime Minister?

(b) National Assembly

39. in which constitution Bicameral Legislature was provided for the first time?
(d) 1973
Q No: 40. When did Pakistan become member of United Nations?
(d) 30th Sep 1947
Q No: 41. Which country opposed Pakistans membership in United Nations?
(c) Afghanistan
. 42-The scientist who first discovered that the earth revolves round the sun was
c. Copernicus
43. Alexander Fleming discovered
a. Penicillin
44.Which instrument is used to measure pressure?
c. Manometer
45. What does Angstrom measure?
d. Speed of ships
46. Light year is related to
c. Distance
47- old name of iraq?
48-blood is red due to ?
49-marian trence situated near?

31- headquarter of ghandhara civilization is?
50- head quarter of saarc is situated at?
51- maximum wool produceing country is?
52- official religion of japan is ?
53- which element use for producing nuclear fuel?
54- who many rakkhu in 30 paraa of quran
55-which is less conducter
1- iron, 2-copper 3- silver 4- wood
56-nigara fall lies b/w
u.s.a and canida
57- which is smallest country of world among area
san marino
58-holy prophet pbuh appoited governer of yeman for collection zakat?
hazrat muaz bin jabal
59. Which international environmental pressure group was founded in 1971?

60. What is the capital of Morocco?
61. How many balls are on the table at the start of a game of pool?
62. In which country is the volcano Mount Aso?
63. What name is given to inflammation of one or more joints, causing pain, swelling and restriction
64. Which mineral is the main source of mercury?
65- Diamond is an allotropic form of.?
Ans. Carbon
66. The element common to all acids is?
Ans. Hydrogen
67. Gobar gas contains mainly .?
Ans. Methane
68 The most malleable metal is..?
Ans. Gold
69 Which element is used in Beauty Parlors for hair setting?

Ans. Sulphur
70. From which mineral is radium obtained?
Ans. Uranium
71 What is laughing gas ?
Ans. Nitrous Oxide
72) Which is the longest river of America?
b) Mississippi
73) Don is river of ?
b) Russia
74) What is the length of khyber pass?
c) 56 km
75) Longest glacier of the world is Lambert situated in Antarctica, what is its length?
a) 320 Miles
76) Which of the following lake is most polluted lake in the world?
d) Lake eire
77) Tugela water fall is present in?
b) South Africa
78) Gota canal is the ship canal situated in ?
c) Sweden
Give synonyms of the following
79. Assiduous
(a) Idle (b) Diligent (c) Defective (d) Deficient

80. Fuss
(a) Effort (b) Unnecessary Excitement (c) Grief (d) Joy
81. Placid
(a) Repulsive (b) Horrid(c) Obnoxious (d) Calm
82. Nave
(a) Simple (b) Artful (c) Adroit (d) Disingenuous
83. Immaculate
(a) Juvenile (b) Infinite (c) Flawless (d) Contaminated
84. Collusion
(a) Consistent (b) Conflict (c) Confrontation (d) Connivance
Give antonyms of the following:
85. Prosperity
(a) Rich (b) . (c) .. (d) Adversity
86. Conscientious
(a) . (b) Care free (c) .. (d) Careful
87. Scant
(a) . (b) Slender (c) .. (d)
88. Tender
(a) . (b) Kind (c) .. (d)
89. Author of Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained was:
(a) Maxim Gorki (b) William Wordsworth (c) John Milton (d) Shelley
90. Asgheri aur Akbari kis novel k do mashhoor kirdar hain?

(a) Tota Kahani (b) Aag ka dirya (c) Mira-Tul-Aroos (d) Raja Gidh
91. Shikwa aur Jawab-e-Shikwa Iqbal k konsay kalam main hain?
(a) Bal-e-Jibreel (b) Armaghan-e-Hijaz (c) Zarb-e-Kaleem (d) Bang-e-Dara
92. Altaf Hussain Hali kis k shaagird thay?
(a) Iqbal (b) Sir Sayyed (c) Zouq (d) Ghalib
93. Waqa-e-Karbala kis hijri main howa?
(a) 58 hijri (b) 54 hijri (c) 61 hijri (d) 50 hijri
94. Drama kis zaban ka lafaz hai?
(a) Lateeni (b) Farsi (c) Arabic (d) Greek
95. Khateeb-ul-Amnbia kis paighmber ka laqab tha?
(a) Hazrat Ibraheem (A.S) (b) Hazrat Noah (A.S) (c) Hazrat Moosa (A.S) (d) Hazrat Shoaib (A.S)
96. Hazrat Sulaiman (A.S) ki hum asar Malkah Saba ka asal naam kia tha?
(a) Maryam (b) Ammana (c).(d) Balqees
97. (4-4)20+5 is equal to:
(a) 25 (b) 20 (c) .. (d)
98. 2(13+10)-3(14-5) is equal to:
(a) 19(b) 20 (c) (d)
99. There is 1kg and 792g of barrel oil in 2 containers, what will be the quantity if we divide it in 4
(a) 360g (b) 448g (c) 580g (d)
100. If 15 men complete a work in 25 days, then 20 men will complete that work in how much days:
(a) 12 days (b) 15 days (c) (d)

DZO Paper

1- What is the least conductor among the followings:

A)Copper B) Iron C) Aluminum D) Wood
Zakat can be spent on:
A) Travelers B) Slaves C) Masakin D)All of these
20- Zakat is exempted on:
A)Sheep grazing fed free in pastures B) Fruits C) Vegetables D) All of
21- The disease that breaks out on mass scale at the same time among
humans is known as?
22- The music of Pakistan National Anthem was composed by?
23- What is a cash crop?
24- Brazil is in the continent of?
A)North America B)Europe C) Africa D) South America
25- What ancestry Razia Sultana belongs to?
26- What is the official religion of Japan?
27- The length of Khyber pass is?
28- Who was known as the Man of Destiny?
29- Velocity of Sound in air is?
30- Statue of Liberty was gifted to America by?

31- Adams Peak is in?

32- The country near to Mariana Trench(the deepest point) in Pacific Ocean
33- The most populous FATA agency is?
34- The father of French revolution is?
35- Sunlight is composed of:
A)15 colors B) 12 C) 10 D) 7
36- Jaundice is the disease of:
A) Lungs B) Pancreas C) Liver
37- Light year is the distance traveled by light in:
A) 1 Year B) 5 C) 10 D) 20
38- How many Ruku are there in 30th Parah?
39- How many times Zakat is mentioned in Quran?
40- When did zakat become obligatory?
41- Whom did Hazrat Muhammed (S.A.W.) appoint the Governor of Yemen
the collection of Zakat?
42- According to the Zakat Ordinance Zakat arrears are collected by?
43- Zakat Ordinance 1980 was promulgated on?
44- Quad e Azam resigned from Congress because of:
A)Moplah revolt B) Nehru report C) Non Cooperation movement etc.
45- Blood clotting occurs because of the vitamin:

A) D B) C C) B D) K
46- The vitamin that cannot be stored in body is:
A) D B) A C) B D) C
47- The red color of blood is due to the pigment named?
48- Red Cross/Crescent HQ is in?
49- The Boy Scouts was founded by?
50- What was the rate of Zakat on the discovered treasure in the past?
51- According to Zakat Ordinance the rate of zakat on the produce of land
irrigated by artificial water is?
52- According to the ordinance the Chief Administrator is appointed by the
Governor with the consultation of?
53- The sunlight reaches to earth in?
54- The bordering countries of Caspian sea are?
55- Porcelain tower among the seven wonders was in the country?
56- Taklimakan desert is in?
57- Manchhar lake is in the district of?
58- Gobi desert is in?
59- MacMohan line is between?
60- Cryptography is the study of?
61- Who is Gen. David Petraus?
62- According to Ordinance the nisab of gold is?
63- .s ilver is?

64- .s heep is?

65- According to the ordinance Ushr is not levied if the crop is less than:
A) 2000 Kg B) 1550 Kg C) 998 Kg D) 948 Kg
66- How many masarif are there for zakat?
67- Which Surah mentions these masarif?
68- Wall Street is famous for?
69- Which Islamic organization was founded in 1962?
70- Which court decides about the exemption matters relating to zakat?
71- The organ effected by the virus of Hepatitis is?
A) Kidneys B) Lungs C) Pancreas D) Liver
72- Baghalchur area of D.G Khan has the mineral reserves of:
A)Stone phosphate B) Lime C) Uranium D) Chromite
2- Which country has the longest coastal line?
3- Which country produces wool on the largest scale in the world?
4- Which city has the SAARC H.Q?
5- Who forwarded the Lahore(Pakistan) Resolution?
6- The deficiency of Vitamin C causes the disease of:
A) Bones B) Skin C) Teeth
7- What number Pakistan stands on according to population?
8- Whats the share of Punjab in the area of Pakistan?
9- The magnitude of earthquake is measured with?
A) Hygrometer B) Richter Scale C) Barometer

10- After Pashtuns the largest faction in Afghanistan are:

A)Uzbek B) Tajik C) Hazaras D)Krgyz
11- Plants exhale at night:
A)Oxygen B) Nitrogen C) Hydrogen D) Carbon Dioxide
12- Which Mughal Emperor built the Attock fort?
13- East India Company came to India in the reign of:
A)Shah Jahan B) Jahangir C) Aurangzeb D) Babar
14- Historical name of Iraq was?
15- The 2nd Panipat Battle was fought between?
16- The largest Muslim country according to area is?
17- The longest river in the world is?
18- Which one among the followings is a Peninsula:
A) Iran B) Egypt C) Saudi Arabia

DZO Paper held on 03-07-2011 By PPSC

1- Minsk is the capital of?

2-baht is the currency of?
3-currency note 1st time used by?

4-earth revolves around the sun from?

West to east
5- The name of world highest waterfall is?
6- Johor strait situated between?
Malaysia and Singapore
7- Malacca strait situated between?
Malysia & Indonesia
8- Karakum desert located in?
9- Fleet street is famous for?
10-Sikandry Azam belong to which country?
11-philately is the science of?
stamp collection
12-smallest country of the world?
13-how many kgs in one metric ton?
14-one square foot is equal to?
144 sq inches

15- hydrometer is used for?

specific gravity of liquid
16- which vitamin easily prepared in body?
vitamin D
17- scurvy is due to lack of?
(vitamin c)
18-which gas is commonly used in balloons?
19-the most abundant element in earth curst is?
Oxygen (O)46.6%
2021- world oldest parliament is?
Althing of Iceland
22-seattle is the seaport of?
23-land of midnight sun is?
24- land of free people is?
25- the lowest rainfall area in Pakistan is?
26- Interfax is the news agency of?

27- Heathrow is the seaport of?
28- agro based industry is?
poultry, fishery, livestock
29- Stonehenge is in?
30- largest producer of uranium is?
31- Nikke is the stock exchange of?
32- which country is situated below the sea level?
33-sharmusheikh is the seaport situated on?
red sea
34-wheel is the symbol of?
35- who was the painter of Mona Lisa?
Leonardo Davinci
36- one horse power is equal to?
746 watt
37-which of the following gas used in fire extinguished?

carbon dioxide
38-gulam Muhammad barrage is on?
Indus river
39- head marala is on?
40- Neza e Sultan is an extinct volcano located in Chagai District,
Baluchistan, have deep resources of?
41- old citizen day celebrated on?
1st October
42- in which sea Cyprus present?
43- yellow sea is situated between?
44- the largest nuclear plant is located at?
45- which colour phosphorus used in matches?
46- which gas is used in electric bulb?
47- oldest known element?

48- which shape of carbon used in lead pencils?

49- basic component of all acid is?
50- artificial silk is called?
51- basic component of wood is?
52- where Darwin port?
53- bar is the unit of?
54- light year is the unit of?
55- famous library ??????????????????????
56-lion is the emblem of?
Sri Lanka
57-temple tree house is the official residence of?
pm of Sri Lanka
5859-ping pong is the name of which game?
table tennis

60- normal heart beat of adult is?

61-which gas is lightest?
62-the important impact of inflation?
decrease the value of currency
63-smallest ocean is?
64- longest land boundary between two countries?
u.s.a and Canada
65-cortes is the parliament of?
66- who many time the world zakat come in Quran?
67- who many time the word zakat come in Quran with namaz?
68- 7th month of Islamic calendar?
69- when the complete orders among zakat announced?
9 hijra
70-sharia announced who many kind of people who are able to get zakat?

71-in which sura the orders of zakat described?

sura tuba
72-four classes of zakat payer?
metals, trading goods, animals, agriculture products
73-who is the writer of kitabul khiraj?
imam Abu Yusuf
74-zakat derived from tazkiya meaning?
to purify
75-the time period of tehsil committee member is?
3 years
76- which section of constitution of Pakistan gives protection of zakat
77- district zakat committee created under which section ?
78- who mange the account of federal zakat council?
administrative general
79-auditor general gives his report to?
80-total members of local committee?
81-when zakat ordinance promulgated?

20 June 1980
82-zakat is applicable on who many goats?
83- the usher of artificial land is?
84- the usher of natural land is?
85-the criteria of chairman of central council
ex or in service judge of supreme court
86- who many women members in federal council?
87-administrator general is also?
sectary of religious affairs
88- which people cannot get zakat?
parents, children, etc
89- who appointed district chairman?
provincial council
90-the people who collect zakat are called?
91-mualafatil quloob are?
new and needy Muslim
92- what meant of d-day?

day upon which some significant event will occur or has occurred

Labour Inspector Jan. 02, 2011

Give synonyms of the following:

1. Assiduous
(a) Idle (b) Diligent (c) Defective (d) Deficient
2. Fuss
(a) Effort (b) Unnecessary Excitement (c) Grief (d) Joy
3. Placid
4. Nave
(a) Simple
5. Immaculate
(a) Juvenile (b) Infinite (c) Flawless (d) Contaminated
6. Collusion
(a) Consistent (b) Conflict (c) Confrontation (d) Connivance
Give antonyms of the following:
7. Prosperity
8. Conscientious
Care free

9. Scant
(a) . (b) Slender (c) .. (d)
10. Tender
(a) . (b) Kind (c) .. (d)
11. Commence
End (c) .. (d)

Choose the correct answer:

12. (a) He is senior to me. (

13. (a) He was charged with murder.
14. (b) She said that she was running fast.
15. (a) He did went to the hospital. (b) He did gone to the hospital. (c) He has gone to the hospital..
(d) He
did go to the hospital.
16 Faster you walk, better it will be..
17. Fleming died in 1920. (
18. (4-4)20+5 is equal to:
(a) 25 (b) 20 (c) .. (d)
19. 2(13+10)-3(14-5) is equal to:
(a) 19(b) 20 (c) (d)
20. There is 1kg and 792g of barrel oil in 2 containers, what will be the quantity if we divide it in 4

(a) 360g (b) 448g (c) 580g (d)

21. If 15 men complete a work in 25 days, then 20 men will complete that work in how much days:
(a) 12 days (
22. A man travels a distance by foot in 1hour and 35 minutes, but he use a bicycle, he travels same
distance in 28 minutes. How much time he saves:
1 hour &7minutes (
23. If a man pays Rs. 2500 as income tax, that is 50% of his total income, then what will be his total
24. After Nile which is second largest river of the world:
(a) Amazon
25. Sound travels fastest in which of the following:
(a) Glass
26. Polygonat an angle:
( 180 degrees
(Note: Sorry, I could not properly remember question 26.)
27. The gravitational force on the body is called as:
(a) Weight
28. Cathy Pacific is the air line of:
Hong Kong
29. Who discovered continent Australia?
Captain Cook

30. Brazil is the largest exporter of:

Coffee (
31. Art and Architect reached its climax during the reign of:
Aurangzeb (
32. Largest ocean of the world is:
(a) Pacific
33. Where is the Head Quarter of Arab league?
( Cairo
34. Abyssinia is the old name of: its Ethipoia
(a) Egypt (b) Iran(c) Iraq (d) Jordan
35. Deficiency of Vitamin C causes:
(a) Scurvy (b) Beri Beri (c) Color Blindness (d) .
36. NATO consists of member countries.
(a) 28
37. Lisbon is the capital of;
38. Iron metabolism in the human body is helpful for:
(a) Hemoglobin
39. Which of the following is a tax free country?
(a) Kuwait
40. How many languages are spoken in the world?
(a) 5,000 (b) 6,000 (c) 7,000(d) 8,000

41. How many species of living things are discovered up to date?

(a) 5 billions (b) 6 billions (c) 7 billions (d) 8 billions
42. In how many groups the living organisms that have back bone, are divided?
(a) 5 groups (b) 6 groups (c) 7 groups (d) 8 groups
43. Greenwich is located in:
(a) U.K
44. Where is the Head Quarter of ILO?
(a) Geneva (
45. Pakistan became ILO member in:
(a) 14 Oct. 1947 (b) 14 Sep. 1947 (c) 14 Nov. 1947 (d) 14 Dec. 1947
46. ILO came into existence under the treaty of Versailles after World War 1 in:
() 1919
47. Labour Appellate Tribunal is set up at:
(a) Tehsil (b) District (c) Provincial(d) National
48. 1st May is observed all over the world as labour day in honor of working people of:
(a) Moscow (b) Beijing (c) Chicago (d) Cairo
49. Mother tongue of Quaid-e-Azam was:
50. The professional qualification of Quaid-e-Azam was:
B.A, L.L.B
51. Allama Iqbal qualified as PhD scholar from:
Munich University, Germany

52. Jinnah of Pakistan was written by:stanely wolpert

53. Islamabad was made capital in the year:
(a) 1956
54. Allama Iqbal delivered his famous address at Allahabad in:
1930 (
55. Rachna Doab is located between two rivers of:
Ravi & Chenab
56. Radcliffe was . by profession:
A Lawyer
57. Day of deliverance was observed on:
22 Dec. 1939
58. Sir Sikindar Hayat was Chief Minister of Punjab:
(a) 1937 (b) 1929 (c) 1938 (d) 1935
59. Which of the following is a land locked country?
None of these
60. Baku is the seaport on;
Caspian Sea
61. Which of the following is largest country of South America?
62. Which of the following is the country with highest birth rate?
63. World population is expected to reach by the year 2025:

(a) 10 billions (b) 8 billions (c) 9 billions (d) 11 billions

64. Which of the following is the greatest wool producer country in the world?
65. Mirage is an example of:
(a) Reflection of Light (b) Refraction of Light (c) Deviation of Light (d) Polarization of Light
66. Saint Sheikh Bahauddin Zakariya established a Khankaha in city of:
(a) Delhi (b) Multan (c) Lahore (d) Ajmer
67. British parliament is:
68. Planet closet to Earth:
69. Article 11(3) of Pakistans constitution expresses to prohibits the employment of children in any
factory, mine or other hazardous places below the age of:
(a) 15 years (b) 14 years (c) 13 years (d) 12 years
70. According to the old age benefit Act 1976, minimum old age benefit per month is:
(a) 3,000 (b) 2,000 (c) 4,000 (d) 5,000
71. Provincial employees social security ordinance was promulgated in year:
(a) 1969 (b) 1967 (c) 1966 (d) 196572. According to workman compensation act, the amount of
death and
permanent disablement grant is:
(a) 1 Lac (b) 2 Lac (c) 3 Lac (d) 4 Lac
73. Author of Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained was:

( John Milton
74. Asgheri aur Akbari kis novel k do mashhoor kirdar hain?
75. Shikwa aur Jawab-e-Shikwa Iqbal k konsay kalam main hain?
76. Altaf Hussain Hali kis k shaagird thay?
77. Waqa-e-Karbala kis hijri main howa?
61 hijr
78. Drama kis zaban ka lafaz hai?
79. Khateeb-ul-Amnbia kis paighmber ka laqab tha?
Hazrat Shoaib A.S)
80. Hazrat Sulaiman (A.S) ki hum asar Malkah Saba ka asal naam kia tha?
(a) Maryam (b) Ammana (c).(d) Balqees
81. Hazrat Khizar (A.S) kis badshah k hum asar samjhay jatay hain?
82. Quran Pak ki total suratain kitni hain?
83. Quran Pak ki sub say lambi surat konsi hai?
Surat Baqrah
84. Allama Iqbal ki sub say pehli nasri kitaab konsi hai?

85. Nazaum Waldah Merhooma ki yaad main Iqbal ki konsi kitab main hai?
(a) Bal-e-Jibreel (b) Armaghan-e-Hijaz (c) Zarb-e-Kaleem (d) Bang-e-Dara
86. Quran Pak ki konsi surat ko zinat-ul-Quran kehtay hain?
(a) Surat Rehman (ha
87. Quran Pak ki konsi surat Bismillah k baghair shurau hoti hai?
(a) Surat Tauba
88. Quran Pak main kul kitnay paighumberoo on ka zikar hai?
(a) 21 (b) 27 (c) 26 (d) 25
89. Taq-e-Nasiyan hona ka kiya mutblab hai?
Bhool Jana
90. Tipu Sultan ka aasli naam kiya tha?
Fateh Ali
91. Latest Labour policy was introduced by the ministry of Labour in:
(a) 2002 (b) 2003 (c) 2005 (d) 2010


1-Right of Assciation is a Fundamental right

2-Name ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN was given in which constitution1973
3-Objective resolution made part of in 1985
4-P.M tenders his resignation to-president

5-Parliamnet consists ofNA, Senate, President

6-how many amendments have been made in the constitution -19
7- who appoints the governors? president
8-senate is presided Chairman Senate
9-lower house of the parliamentNational Assembly
10- Cheif election commissioner office term-3years
11-fundamental rights are enforcable by- both Supreme court & high courts
12-in 1973 constituent committee consists of partiesAll parties
13-chlid labor is prohibited underconstitution u/art 11
14-what age of child not allowed for labour14 years
15-National reconciliation order enacted in the year2007
16-Census is made afteronce in a decade
17-Most speaking language in pakistanpunjabi
18-pak afghan relation severed after every 10 years
19-faiz Ahmen FAiz isa poet
20-what is sahiwala Division & district of punjab
21-largest coastal line of province-balochistan
22-in which area sui gas was discoverd first timesibbi,sui, 1952
23-kashmir is important because24- another name of hatf III missilegazdnavi
25-IAEA hearquarter-VIENNA
26-ILO headquarterGeneva, switzerland

27-Egypt in which continentAfrica

28-Al-Azhar university in which country-egypt
29-third world countries arebackward countires
30-Solar system was discovered by
31- who was the discoverer of radioactivity along with Marie Curie and Pierre Curie, for which all
won the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics?
Antoine Henri Becquerel from france
32-who is current Secretary General of UN-Ban ki moon
33-Alumni meanzold student
34-NPT stands forNon Proliferation Treaty
35 RAM stands forRandom access memory
36- Computers main part-CPU
37-Drone is detectd by?
38-richest source of Vit Dcod liver oil
39-Hepatitis C disease of-Liver
40-climbing on up hilly in bent condition makes the persontired, stable, fast his speed
41-Artificial forest of pakistan-Changa manga
42-impact of wuller barrage on pakistan?
shortage of water+shortage of energy etc
43-Umul Quran is name of Surah Fateha
44- who was called the brain of arab?

hazrat amr bin-al-ass(r.a)

45-Most hafiz e quran were martyrd in ghazwayamamah
46-subject of Quranhuman
47-Ayat in Surah kouser3
48-last khutba was dilivered by Prophet (PBUH) on mountian -Safa
49-Zaboor was revealed on Hazrat Daud AS
50-Ist constitution in the world-Misaq e Madina
51-Hijrat Habsha was social boycott
52-Mutafq Alai ishadith in Bukhari & Muslim
53-number of prisoner in jang e badar70
54-which one of following is kind of taxushr n zakat
55-zakat on diamond2.5%
56- zakat on constrution of mosque is-not
57- Emphasis of Madni surahs was on which topic?
58-Ghzwa furqan is another name of-ghzwa badar
59-correct word-formidable
60-chair synonymseat
61-No sooner is followed bythan
62-She resembles -to her mother or with his sister
63-noun of the word exciteexcitement
64-person unable to pay his debtinsolvent
65-he brushed ____on my arguments

66-i am sick of .
67-CBA is elected throughsecret balloting
68-labour court jurisdiction
69-NIRC power
70-congniznce by labour court in dayz-what is google?
a search engine
71-what will be the next number? 3,6,5,20,7,42,9,?
72-what will be the next number? 4,5,7,11.?
73-1sq cm is equal to how many square mm?
74- 1 miligram gold is equal to how many milligram?
75-if the 10% length of a road is 50m what will be its total length?
76-the price of an article increase by 25% , who many % price decrease to remain the same old
of article?
77-The writer of awaz dost is ?
mukhtar masood

78-13-blue and white nile met at?

79-freedom of trade is a?
fundamental right
80-We are saved from ultraviolet rays of sun through?
81-What odor is mixed in natural gas?
82-Surah Ikhlas is called ..of Quran?
83-D.M.S (digital management system) consist of ?

Social Security Officer Written Test Paper

1. Battle of plasssey fought in?1757

2. Quaid-e- Azam resigned from Congress in?
3. Quaid-e-Azam joined Muslim League in?1913
4. Why Quaid-e-Azam asked for direct action day?
5. Founding Objective of Muslim League was?
6. Arya Samaaj was founded in?
7.Pakistan became UNO member in? 30 sep 1947
8. Who is foreign Minister of Pakistan?Hina Rabbani Khar
9. Shortest period of Governor General in Pakistan was of?
10. Name of Governor General after Nazim-ud-Din?ghulam muhammad
11. Boundary line b/w Pakistan and Afghanistan called?Durand Line

12. Which country is in East of Pakistan?India

13. Founder of Muhammadan educational conference in 1881? Syed Ahmed Khan
14. Who was viceroy at time of partition of Bengal? Lord Curzon
15. First Constitution of Pakistan was made in?23 March 1956
16. Highest civil award of Pakistan? Nishan-e-Pakistan or tamgha e jurat
17. Anjuman-i-Hamayat-i-islam was established in ? 1884
18. Liquat Nehru Pact? 8th April 1950
19. Mohenjodaro located in? Sindh
20 (a) Punjab (b) Sindh(c) Baluchistan (d)NWFP
21. fourteen Points was presented by Jinnah?1929 dont remember exact date
22. Who was chairman of the Indo-Pakistan Boundary Commission? Sir Cyril Radcliffe
23. National Flower of Pakistan? Jasmine
24. National Animal of Pakistan? markhor
25. Gorbachev was the president of which country?USSR
26. UNO formed in? 24 oct 1945
27. Longest river of world? Nile
28. Largest Desert of world?Sahara
29. Largest island of world?Greenland
30. Largest ocean of world?Pacific Ocean
31. Capital of Argentina?Buneos Airus
32. Capital of Australia?Canberra

33. Nairobi is Capital of ?Kenya

34. Currency of Indonesia? Sen
35. Riyal is currency of? Saudi Arabia
36. CPU is abbreviation of? Central Processing Unit
37. UK stands for?United Kingdom
40. Who wrote Hayat Javeed? biography of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan by Altaf Hussain Hal
41. Who wrote Hamlet? shakes pear
42. Who wrote Paradise Lost? John Milton
43. Who is writer of Old man and the Sea? earnest Hemingway
44. Shakespeare was a Writer of which Century? 16th Century
45. Who led Pakistani Cricket Team in World Cup 2011?Shahid Afridi
46. Old name of Myanmar? Burma
47. Spain literally mean?
48. (a) Rabbit (b) lion (c) lord (d) land of rabbits
49. Lionel Messy is a famous player of? (football)
50. Pakistan lies of the tropic zone of?North
(a) South (b) West (c) East (d) North west
51. When Barack H. Obama was awarded with Noble Prize for peace? 2009
52. Cusec is unit for ? water level
53. Light Year is unit of? Distance

54. Who presented Law of Falling Bodies? Einstein

55. One Horse Power is equal to ___ watts? 746
56. Cathay Pacific is an airline of? Honkong
57. Which city lies in two continents?istanbul
58. which city is called city of canals? Venice
59. Only country within country? Vatican city
60. Boxing day is observed on in Australia? 26th Dec
61. How many Bons are in a human body? 206
62. Entice Repel
63. Mettle
64. Microcosm Macrocosm
65. Absurd
66. Modicum small amount
67. imperious
68. Luxuriant
69. Memorable worth remembering
70. Impose enforce

72. Conscious of
73. Comply with
74. Conferred with
75. Deaf to
76. Daily exercise is beneficial _for________ health.
(Correct the spellings)
77. (a) Schedule (b)
78. schizophrenia
79. We __were_____ waiting for two hours.
(a) have been (b) was (c) had (d)
80. We ___visited_______ them yesterday.
(a) will meat
81. see that __he will______ come in meeting.
82. In beliver of mother, who is called Umm-ul-Miskeen?[Hazrat Zainab
83. In believer of mother, who is called Tahirah?Hazrat Khadija (R.A)
84. Who was called Sword of Allah? Hazrat khalid bin waleed
85. Who built the kaaba for the first time? {Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S)}
86. How old was Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) when his mother died? (6 Years)
87. What is the name of the first mosque of Islam? (Masjid-e-Quba)
88. Which is the first Surah of Quran? (Surah Fatiha)
89. Total number of Chapters and verses in Quran? (30 chapters 6666)

90. How many Makki Surahs are there in Quran? (86)

91. How many sons Hazrat Yaqoob (A.S) had other than Hazrat yousaf (A.S)?11
92. Which important event mentioned in the quran occured one year before hijrah in makkah? (Miraj)
93. How many prophets are mention in Holy Quran? (25)
94. Name of the sixth kalimah? (Raddi Kufar)
95. Who was the commander of the infidels in Battle of Uhd? (Abu Sufyan)
96. The famous book of Fiqh Kitab-ul-Kharaj was written by?
97. When the truce of Hudaibiya took place?
98. How many Asma-Al-Husna in last two verse of sura Al-Hashe? (10)
99. ayat of Quran confirm the Islam Religion is a complete religion? (Surah Nahal)
100. Important event occur in 2 hjiri in Ramadan?ghazwa badar


1.where is kalabagh dam?on the Indus River at Kalabagh in Mianwali District

2.profession of fatimah jinha?dentist
3.when did joind quaid e azam m l.?1913
4.presidnt of india?pertiba patil
5.i m f mean?international monetary fund
6.g d p mean gross domestic product
6.where is head quratr of world bnk? Washington, DC
7.mhd ali johr buried in? born in england and burried in Jerusalem (Bait-ul-Maqdus

8.whch countr in the north of pakistanchina

9.pak major export? cotton
10.location of pakistan in asia regin? south
11.hijri saal ka duration? cuurent 1433 AH
12.safar taif mn hazur pak k sath kon sy shabi thy? zaid bin haras
13.quran pak mn kis sahabi ka zikar h? zaid bin haras
14.najashi k samnay kis sahabi ny taqreer ki? jafar tayyar
15.where is wambildon tanis ground? england many seats in senate of pak? 104
17.sad berg k writer ka name? sad barg, khusbo, parween shakar
18.qurtaba ka qazi k writer ka name? Imtiaz Ali taj
19.bait ul muqadas kis k dor mn fateh howa? hazrat umar
20.gawadar kis provance mn h? balochistan