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Advances in Digital Multimedia (ADMM)


Vol. 1, No. 2, 2012, ISSN 2166-2916

Copyright World Science Publisher, United States

Red Tacton: An Innovative Human Area Networking

J. Arun Prakash
Department of Information Technology
S N S College of Technology, Coimbatore, India
ABSTRACT: Everybody wants to make the life simpler and thus scientists of NTT Labs are trying to develop a new
trend HAN [Human Area Network] in addition to the LAN, WAN & MAN that makes the transmission of signal, much
simpler through the human body. This new type of Network is popularly known to be Red Tacton. Its commonly known
fact that human body generates negative charges but a new research proved that communication is possible by just
handing a Red Tacton touch device in our pockets. All physical movements like touching, gripping, sitting, walking,
stepping and so on are used as triggers for various processes of this equipment. In Red Tacton device, the extent to
which the optical properties of the body are changed is detected by laser light which is then converted to an electrical
signal by a detector circuit that makes the communication possible. It has broad application in the daily life of human
and expected speed is 10 MBPS. A study said that it will not affect human body and even the multiple communications
will not affect the speed. It can be used efficiently by astronauts and physically disabled people to have an easy
communication. In this paper, I have discussed the principle, working and suggested the working environments where
the Red Tacton Technology has huge role to play.
Keyword: Red Tacton; HAN; NTT

Communication plays an important role in our life. Our
life will be simple if safe, secure and easy
communication is possible. An efficient intra body
communication system is developed to provide a very
secure, fast communication by NTT Lab known to be
RED TACTON. Red- Warmth, T- Touch, and ActonAction stands for RED TACTON .If we could use the
human body itself as a transmission medium, then this
would be an ideal way of implementing human area
networks because it would solve at a stroke all the
problems including low security, throughput reduction,
and high network setup costs.


Lot of technologies is emerging everyday and they are
getting implemented in various fields to make our life
more convenient. We are familiar with the networks like
LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area
Network); MAN (Metro Politian Network) but here is the

new type of Human Area Network which is popularly

known to be Red Tacton.NTT Lab located at Japan is
currently designing this technology. Red Tacton relies
upon the principle that the optical properties of an
electro-optic crystal can vary according to the changes of
a weak electric field. They can be efficiently used in
security, medical field, and the device communication

RedTacton induces the weak electric field on our body.
Similar to other transmission technologies, RedTacton
also has a Transmitter and receiver. Data is received
using a photonic electric field sensor that combines an
electro-optic crystal and a laser light to detect
fluctuations in the weak electric field on the surface of
the body caused by the transmitter. It is possible to have
duplex communication at the rate of 10 Mbps through
this Red Tacton Device.

J. Arun Prakash, ADMM, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 118-123, 2012


Fig 1 Working
Briefly, it uses human body as the path for the electrical
signals that leads to the better communication.
Transmitter should be with the user and the receiver can
be with any device that needs data transfer .The laser
technology is employed in converting the electric field
into signals.

Fig 3: Red Tacton Transceiver

Transmitter receives the signals from the interface.
Transmitter Circuit is activated once they receive the
signals from data Sense circuit .The electro optic sensor
studies the changes in the electric field of our body.

Fig 2 : Red Tacton Receivers


Fig 4 : Intra body Communication


J. Arun Prakash, ADMM, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 118-123, 2012


Fig 5 : Features of Red Tacton

A. Touch
It establishes the communication with just a touch which
is the major feature of Red Tacton Device
B. Broadband &interactive

Fig 6: Medicine analysis


As the transmission path is our body surface,

transmission speed does not vary in congested areas
where many people are communicating at the same time
Taking advantage of this speed, device drivers can be
downloaded instantly and execute programs can be sent.
C. Any Media
Its possible for the Red Tacton device to work with any
type of device.


Fig 7: Automation in Locking Fig 8:Automatic Cabin


Red Tacton device has wide range of applications. Some

of the existing and newly innovated applications are
discussed below.

A. One to One Service
B. Intuitive operations
C. Personalization
D. New Behavior Pattern

A. one to One Service

Fig 9: Automatic ID Verification
1. Medicine Analysis
It is possible to make automatic alarm tone once you
touched the wrong medicine. So it can be implemented in
medical shops to make easy access.

A communications path can be created with a simple

touch, automatically initiating the flow of data between a
body-centric electronic device and a computer that is
embedded in the environment.
If a person handles the Red Tacton device, then its
possible to have automatic ID authentication and Door
lock facilities .High secure locking system can be
If the system is commonly implemented, then people can
just touch the devices to know the details about the
product. So automation in marketing will save a lot of
time and its a very simple task for people too.

J. Arun Prakash, ADMM, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 118-123, 2012


We can use this device to transfer visiting cards by

simply touching or hand shaking. Thus its easy for
people to transfer their details through red Tacton .
C. Personalization
1.Personalization of Automobiles and Cell Phones

Fig 9: Marketing
2. Printers

Fig 12: Red Tacton in Driving

By using the PINs that are accesing through Red Tacton
Technology, its possible to stay away from hackers as
your body acts as the medium.
The seat position and steering wheel height adjust to
match the driver just by sitting in the car. The drivers
home is set as the destination in the car navigation
3. Head Sets
Fig 10: In Printing
Printouts can be taken just by touching the printer with
one hand and a PC or digital camera or any other device
with the other hand to make the communication link.
Documents are printed after ID Confirmation. We can
transfer songs anywhere any time with high speed
2. Direct Data Exchange

Fig 13: In Head Sets

Red Tacton can be helpful in transferring the music or
video between headsets, mobile phones, etc. Users can
listen to music from a Red Tacton player simply by
putting on a headset or holding a viewer

Fig 11: Data Exchange

J. Arun Prakash, ADMM, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 118-123, 2012


The technology is very expensive to implement. It takes

more time to get popular among the people in market as
it is a new kind of network.

Red Tacton employs a proprietary electric field/photonics
Method, which overtakes the other methods in terms of
interactivity. It is highly secure and impossible to get
hacked. It is a high speed network and well suited for
short distance communication. In future , where man is
destined to reach new heights of technology ,a trend like
RedTacton is likely to direct him in the right direction
giving him hope and motivation than any other
technology man is able to perceives on the human
centered interaction [7-9].
Fig 14 : Conference System
An embedded environment containing electrically
conductive sheet is enabled on the table. So a network
can be created simply placing the laptop on the table .

The author wishes to thank the reviewers for their
valuable comments and suggestions that makes the work


It helps in easy identification of abnormal growth of
tumors and other unwanted tissue growths in our body.It
is highly secure. If the RedTacton technology is adopted
for an insulin pump for diabetes, it will gain acceptance
with those patients and medical professionals and new
uses will become apparent for this technology
Gun Security can be provided efficiently using this Red
Tacton Technology.If red Tacton technology is used,
then its not possible for the enemies to use our weapon
and to reprogram it. Even this technology could be
employed to prevent children from using owners gun.
The price of the RedTacton technology would need to be
competitive for this to be viable

NTT has made three prototypes. They are
A.PC Card Transceiver
B. Embedded Receiver(Hub Type)
C.USB Transceiver(Box Type)

Some of the suggested areas to implement the technology
in future are listed in Tab.1.


NTT RedTacton: An innovative Human Area
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J. Arun Prakash, ADMM, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 118-123, 2012


Tab.1 Suggested areas to implement the technology in future

RedTacton 1.Add the technology 1.Use
technology so that it can be used common
at technology in other military
by military forces in the rigors of military like M16.
equipment such as computers
a war in a physically hostile
and communication devices
that require

2. Adopt red Tacton Technology

to make automation in insulin
monitoring so that patient can get
treatment in right time

1.Add the technology to
most common guns at
local stations and guns
at market.

2. Use the technology to spot

the tumors and abnormal
tissue growth.
2.The 24*7 contact
between the patient and
the doctor could be
established to get the
instant reports.

2.Use the technology to

update insulin content
information to the data
base automatically.

3. Use Red Tacton Technology in

transferring visiting cards.

3.The bank database can be

updated by the users and new
account creations will be
made easy.
3.Use the technology in
uploading videos,song..

4.Use the technology in auto

locking of vehicle,mobiles.etc

4.Use the technology to

lock home appliances
and bank lockers

Mr.J.Arun Prakash is doing his second year bachelor
degree in Information Technology at SNS College of

4.The red Tacton device can

be used in transport systems
hallenged people can use
the transport efficiently

3.The technology can

be used in paying
current bill,ration shops

Can help
e easily in
Space and

Technology, India. He is also acting as the technical

coordinator of WSP and RTP member of Intellectbase
International Consortium. He has also published papers
in various other conferences and journals