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Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

This chapter summarizes the study by highlighting the research conducted on the
topic. The conclusions given were drawn from the outcomes of the research and
observations on the proposed International Hot spring and Wellness Center Resort
Complex with great attention paid to the existing site conditions and other major factors.
Moreover, recommendations were base from the findings and conclusion of the study.

The overriding purpose of this study was to perform a gate-phase evaluation of
the proposed International Hot spring and Wellness Center Resort Complex to its
relevance and contribution to the Philippine tourism industry particularly in the
municipality of Los Baos, Laguna. The studys purpose was also to serve as a guide
for the development of the said International Hot spring and Wellness Center Resort by
identifying the limits and opportunities. To be able to accomplish such goals, it became
necessary to gather data and information relative to the study through extensive
research and observations. Related literatures and studies were also considered as part
of the study. With the use of appropriate methods and tools of research such as the use
of books, magazines, technology, internet, gadgets and other forms of data gathering,
the said study was made feasible.
Dealing and interpreting all the necessary data such as the existing site
conditions, location, demographics, architectural factors and other significant elements
assumed a high degree of importance during the design process. Related to that effort,
it became necessary to reach an understanding about the nature of the development.
To provide for the possibility that the development would be successful, it is also
measured as a viable to component to consider findings, recommendations and
conclusions which will also be discussed in this chapter.
The proposed International Hot Spring and Wellness Center Resort Complex site
was found to be a remote area due to its distance from the residential and commercial
areas of the town. It has only one accessible road which is six meters wide. The said
road is still not fully developed and is only made of dirt and gravel. The site was also
found out to be agricultural in nature and is rezoned to serve as a tourist attraction. The
surrounding areas and properties are unoccupied and has only one establishment
adjacent to the site which is located across the existing dirt and gravel road. The

number of tourist visiting the area of Los Baos is high because of its hot spring resorts
developed around the municipality and has a continuous growth rate of 33.16%.
In relation to the physical state of the site, it has been found out that the property
has a gently rolling slope and there are some portion on the site that has a bit hilly steep
slope especially at the lower mid area. The whole site is covered with rainforest trees
which could be a good possible source to serve as materials and landscape for the
development of the resort complex. The site is moderate susceptible to landslide with its
loam and clay soil type.
Based on the data gathered and the findings made by the researchers, the
development of the international hot spring and wellness center resort needs to develop
a suitable road that would give a proper access to the site and to hold the road traffic in
the future.
Since the site is near the Mount Makiling forest reserve, there should be a further
study for the flora and fauna that can be found within the site to provide knowledge on
how to treat the development on the area to prevent harm to the ecosystem.
And since the site is not along the main road and is also far from the residential
and commercial places, there should be a remake of paths or plans for the jeepneys or
other local mode of transportation to pass by the site.
The following recommendations are derived from the findings and conclusions made by
the researchers for the pursuance of the development of International Hot Spring and
Wellness Center Resort Complex:

A comprehensive survey of the property must be done and it should be

registered in the bureau of lands. There must be a proper titling of the property
so as to avoid conflict on the ownership of the property.
A study for existing flora and fauna must be done to determine the range of
alternation of the site to protect the balance of the ecosystem within the area.
It should have accessible and safe modes of transportation that will cater the
visitors of the resort complex in which it will provide ease and comfort for the
The existing road going to the International Hot Spring and Wellness Center
Resort Complex must be asphalt or cemented and widened by the Local
Government of Los Baos. The road must incorporate the drainage system so
that the drainage of International Hot Spring and Wellness Center Resort
Complex will have an outlet to the drainage system of the barangay.
The Municipality of Los Baos must promote the International Hot Spring and
Wellness Center Resort Complex as one of its tourism potentials.
Further studies shall be conducted to help the resort complex to be fully

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