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Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

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Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

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Congratulations and thank you for buying the HM series Processor, the well-designed equipment. This
is an advanced, yet easy to use, product with a wide range of features, designed to make processing
of medical, print and photo paper much easier.
This series processor features Microprocessor Control and Automatic Process, Efficient and Quick
Drying, yet it is easy for maintenance: all racks can be released and easily cleaned by water. This
product also features Energy Saving with less chemicals and water consumed. It fits for the medical
organizations that process more than 10 pieces of films for each day.
You can achieve best performance with good equipment and correct operation. This Operation Manual
detailed describes installation, calibrations, user operation and maintenance for this HM series
Processor. The processor may efficiently avoid malfunctions if you are familiar with operation
procedures and machines functions.

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

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Product Features and Technical Data

Product Features 5
IEC 60601-1 Classification...5
Technical Data6

Overview of Structures and Parts

HM-X-AFP/1 Structure and




Before Installing.......16

Machine Placement.. 16

How to Install. 17

Operation Settings


Touch Panel and Keys for Operation...19

Machine Adjustment....22
Processing Tests..23



Safety warning..25
Caution items....25





Limited Warranty


What Hill-Med will do 33

Terms and Definitions

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)


Page 4

HM Film Series Processor

Operation Manual
Fifth edition (August 2006)
This manual is published by Hill -Med Corporation without any warranty.
Improvem ents and changes to this manual necessitated by typographical errors, inaccuracies of
current information, or improvements to programs and/or equipment, may be made by Hill-Med
Corporation at any time and without notice. Such changes will, however, be incorporated into new
editions of this manual.
All rights reserved.
Hill-Med Corporation

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

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Product Features and Technical Data

Product Features
HM-X-AFP/1 (in this document below it is defined as Product or machine) is new model of film
processor. Developed by our experience of more than 20 years in the imaging industry, it is designed
to process X-ray, CT, MRI or other medical film with high performance.
To guarantee the best performance and reliability, the machine is made by ABS Internal parts of the
machine are all made by anti-corrosion materials. This Product utilizes micro chip for reliable control
and operation. Four processing procedures of Develop, Fix, Wash, Dry can be realized in one
operation cycle. Furthermore, this Product features some automatic functions:
Using machines touch panel, you can set parameters for a specific function or multiple functions when
you use different chemicals and films. To simplify operation, one heating system which controls
developer and fixers temperature, is used in HM- X-AFP/1.Two ways for replenishing chemicals,
machine automatically replenish or you manually replenish. During normal operation, processor will
replenish all chemicals automatically after processing every 3pcs of film. When chemical solution level
is low or chemical concentration is less than normal, you can start replenishment manually.
Thanks to frequency modulation control technology, the main motor runs silently and performs
accurate operation. In some abnormal cases, i.e. chemical level low, high solution level in washing
tank, HM-X-AFP/1 will alarm to remind you to check the errors.
Once a film is fed into the entrance of machine, the system of transport, wash and dry will start to
operate. HM-X-AFP/1 has an energy saving system, which enables itself (i.e. transport system,
washing system, drying system) automatically stop operating when no film fed in.
The transport system will not start automatically unless chemical temperature reaches pre -set value,
even when you feed a fi lm. In this case, you can start transport when you press button on the touch
panel. However, unless the film comes out of the processor, you can not stop processor s transport
system by pressing button again.

IEC 60601-1 Classification

Type of protection against electric shock: Class I equipment
Degree of protection against electric shock: No applied parts
Possible interference with other equipment:
IEC 60601-1-2 Group 1 Class A
Mode of operation: Continuous mode

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 6

Technical Data
HM-X-AFP/1 Technical Data


Max. film width

365mm (14 inch)

Mini. film width

76mm (3 inch)

Mini. film length

152mm (6 inch)

Dev. Time

Continuous adjusting: 25 second~ 45 second


556 mm/min (when


Dev. Time=25S)


20? ~ 40?

Adjustable dryer

40? ~ 65?


temp. range
20ml~ 200ml/film,or continuous replenish during

range of repl.

processing film.
Automatic, manual, or continuous replenish during processing.


For automatic mode:

replenish mode

HM- X-AFP/1 replenish one time when each X-ray film is processed

Tank volume (L)

Dev.: 5.5L, Fix: 5.5L


865mm 585mm

(L W H)


Net Weight

57Kg1Kg (added basic frame )

Rated Voltage: a.c.
220- 240V, 50/60Hz ;


Rated Current: 12A ;






Ambient temperature: - 40? ~ + 70?

Relative humidity: 10% ~ 100%
Ambient air pressure: 500hPa~ 1060hPa

? All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 7

Overview of Structure and Parts

HM-X-AFP/1 Structure and Parts
The figures below are for machines general view. The main spare parts indicated by numbers are
listed as critical parts that may be necessary for replacement after a long period of usage.

Overview for front-right side of HM-X-AFP/1

Figure 01: HM-X-AFP/1 Front Overview

This picture corresponds to the table listed as follows:


Part Number

Rack Dev.
Rack Fix
Interior cover
Repl. elbow/Dev.
Rack dryer
Repl. elbow/fix
Holder/ shaft
Latch for rack

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 8



Cir. Pump/dev
Cir. Pump/fix
Main motor
Machine body

Overview for rear-left side of HM-X-AFP/1

Figure 02: HM-X-AFP/1 Rear Overview

This picture corresponds to the table listed as follows:

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 9


Part Number




Solenoid/cooling water



Drainage valve/water



Drainage valve/Fix
Drainage valve/Dev



Main cover



Repl. Pump






F. plate/stand



Heat exchanger



Standing foot



R. plate/stand
Jack bolt




Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 10

Be sure that all the following equipment and accessories have been included with your machine. If
anything is missing, contact your dealer.
? Main HM-X-AFP/1 body.

3 rack assemblies.

2 waste containers.


1 water inlet hose.

1 water outlet hose.

1 bag of spare parts.


Machine stand with fixings

Documents (Operation Manual and Warranty Card).

Before Installing
This Product is a fully automatic processing equipment that integrates mechanism and electric. To
enjoy its optimum performance, the machine should be installed with electrical technician and service
engi neer being onsite. Also, ambient conditions should meet followings:
? Power supply voltage should only range from AC 220V to AC 240V. Maximum output of current
should be no less than 15A. Knife switch for power supply, safe switch of socket , receptacle and
safe grounding, which are specially used for this machine, should be supplied.

The working room must be clean and well-ventilated, with ambient temperature between 15~
25? and relative humidity less than 85% (25? ).

At least one water tap should be specially supplied as washing water, also including relevant
water pressure regulator, water pressure meter and filter. Water pressure should be kept between
1kg~ 2kg.

A good draining system is required for draining the waters overflow from the washing tank. Water
in washing tank runs in a cycle with water supply and water overflow happening simultaneously.
Water overflows much more than the water that is supplied


The floor for machines placement should be flat and reliable in case of machine shake, chemicals
contamination, and thus affecting processing quality.
A sink of at least 450mm x 700mm acreage should be availabl e in the working room or near the
machine, used as washing or soaking rack assemblies periodically.

Note: Disposal of the waste chemicals must comply with your local regulations.
Machine Placement
The machine can be placed in two modes.

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 11

Mode 1: Film collecting in a light room, see figure 07. This placing mode divides film collecting
side from film processing side. You can take any processed film away before the processing of
other films is finished. Meanwhile, this mode enables hot air coming from dryer to exhaust through

light rooms window, and keeps air in working room fresh.

Mode 2: The whole machine is installed in a dark room. Locating the machine in this mode is
more convenient but you can not operate film processing and film collecting respectively. Hot air
of machine can not exhaust in time. To prevent this and to keep air inside the room fresh, exhaust
fan should be installed in the working room

Figure 07: Light room placement mode

How to Install

After unpacking the machines crate, remove machine body and accessories. Assemble the stand
of machine according to Overview of Structure and Parts on page 7. Place the stand to the site

where the whole machine will be placed. Level the stand so that it is stable.
Remove the top cover of machine, carefully check:

Any crack of machine chemical tanks due to transportation of machine.

Loosing or missing contact of pumps hose connector.

After solving the problems that may occur, place machine body on the stand. Level the machine
by adjusting the four leveling feet that are located at the bottom side of the stand.
Fit the plumbing (water inlet hose, drain hose, chemicals waste container, replenish hoses and
chemicals replenish container) properly according to the instruction labels that are marked on
Note: It is recommended that a water pressure regulator is installed on the hose of water inlet.
Water pressure should be controlled within the range of 1kg~ 2kg. Pay attention that do NOT put

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 12

the wrong hose to the replenishing container. Check that all t he drainage valves are closed. Close
them if not, and put the solution overflow hoses in the corresponding waste solution containers.
Connect the solenoid valve for washing to the city water tap by the hose and adaptor supplied. (if
for some reason you will not use the hose and adaptor we supplied, please make sure youre
using reliable material and safety way.

Check again all the drain valves are closed. Fill all 3 tanks with clean water until water overflow
from the overflow outlet. Check the leveling of the processor again by the water level. If any water
splash to the section contains electrical components, dry it with a hair dryer.

Connect the power supply, turn on the power switch, then the circulation pumps will work, and the
water will be circulated. If everything is normal, you may access to the test now.

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 13

Touch Panel and Keys for Operation
Your HM-X-AFP/1 has an operator panel which enables you easily control or know the status of
Chemical/Dryer Temperature, Replenish Rate, and Error Messages when machine has a problem.

Touch Panel of HM-X-AFP/1 Overview

Figure 08: HM- X-AFP/1 Touch Panel

Character Meanings for HM-X-AFP/1

CD-stands for develop temperature
DY-stands for dryer temperature
SP-stands for duration of dev. process
N1-stands for replenish rate of chemicals
GOOD-means that data has been finished in settings and that you may switch on the machine
Self-diagnosis Information:

EE-1 means that saving for the set data malfunctions

EB- means that chemical temperature sensor fails or the sensor is not well connected.
EY- means that dryer temperature sensor fails or the sensor is not well connected.
E 7-1 stands for the alarm of chemical overheated
E 8-1.2 stands for solution level LOW of Develop or Fix tank.
E 8-3 stands for water level HIGH of Wash tank.
1) N is an ordinal number.
2) Overheat means the temperature is higher than the preset point by 2? .

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 14

Keys and their functions


Dual Function key: in standby condition, press the key to turn on / off the drive motor; in
setting condition, press the key to move the digital.


Dual Function key: in the standby condition, press the key to replenish manually; in
setting condition, press the key to modify value.


SET Dual Function key: in operational condition, press the key to display the temperature one by
one; press both this key and YES key to change running status.
YES Dual Function key: in operational condition, press the key to change brightness; press both the
key and SET key to change running status; in setting condition, press the key to confirm.
Keys Operation
A. Enter working parameter setting status


Turn on the processor


Change operational status to Good Press both SET and YES



Key Operation


one time

Enter setting status and then the preset Press SET one time
datta is displayed


To modify the figure to 3 in decade




To m odify the figure to 2 in unit digit


db30. 0


db32. 0


To modify the figure to 5 in decimal



db32. 0


db32. 5

five times

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 15


Save the modified develop

Press SET repeat 4-7 steps


Press SET one time


temperature value , then set the

dryer temperature

By repeating step 4 to step7, you can

set dryer temperature,



Complete setting and then enter in Press YES one time

operation mode

B. Cancel self-diagnosis display
Once the error display of sel f-diagnosis is appeared, press both >>
the error display is disappeared, but the trouble is not obviated.

key and YES key, then

If the temperature doesnt reach the setting point, the drive system will not start automatically. If you
want to feed film at this condition, you must press DRIVE

Machine Adjustment
Turn on the processor
Turn on the processor, select correct parameters for the using chemistry, like developing time,
temperature and etc.
Check according to LED indicator
Pay at tention to the LED on the Circulation indicator and chemical heating indicator, if the LEDs
are on, check inside of the tank to see if the water is really being circulated and if the
temperature of the water is getting up.
Note: Circulation is very import ant to the heating of chemicals, if the chemical is not well circulated,
then the temperature can not be raised rapidly and evenly, and this may effect the result of the film
processing as well as damage the chemical heater. If the circulation system is not good, first check if
the LED and the circulation indicator is on, then check if the voltage to the circulation

pump is

normal(220V). If the pump is working properly, then there might be some air in the pump which block
the water flow. In this case pleas e switch off the processor and drain some water from the tank. Fill up
the tank and switch on the processor again. Do this two or three times if necessary until circulation is
in good condition.

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 16

Feeding the film

If circulation is good, close the machine cover, waiting for the chemicals temperature reaching
their setting point. A beeper will remind you this and you may feed with a film now. Choose
several pieces of used film, and feed them into the processor one by one. When you feeding the
film, after the leading edge of the film was caught by the rollers at the entrance of the developing
rack, you may leave it and the film will entering the tank slowing. At the time, the dryer and the
drying fan will start working. You may open the machine cover to check the film driving condition,
the washing water condition as well as the replenishing.
Balance the water
If the water tap for washing water is opened, you can find the city water goes into the washer
tank then overflow from the overflow outlet. Please adjust the water tap or water pressure
regulator, until they reach dynamic balance. If the incoming water flow is too large, then water
can not drain from the overflow outlet on time, and may overflow to the fixer tank or even
developer tank. If the incoming water flow is too small, then the film can not be cleaned enough,
and may result to a bad processing result. Make a mark on the tap when you find the ideal water
Checking the speed
Checking the developing time with a stopwatch. You should start when the leading edge of the
film enters the developer chemical and stop when it enters the fixer chemical. Check all the
three speeds and too see if theyre accurate.
Checking the temperature
If the chemical temperature reaches the setting point, measure it with a thermometer and check
if it is in corresponding to the figure selected.
Clean the processor
If all above steps are completed without any problem, you may clean the processor and fill with
chemicals. Drain all water in the tanks, take out the rack assemblies from each tank, clean the
tank and the rack with a dry and clean towel. If the tank or rack assemblies are not clean
enough, rinsing with clean water again.
Ready for processing
Close the draining valves re-load the rack assemblies and lock them. Youre ready for fill the
processor with chemicals and start formal processing now.

Processing Test
Please follow below steps when you do processing test:
1) prepare all chemicals(both working and replenishing solutions) according to the instruction of
the manufacturer. Then fill the fixer tank first. Do not spill over any fixer chemicals to other tank
or other parts of the processor. Wipe them off immediately if any.

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 17

2) then fill up the developer tank until to the overflow outlet.

3) fill the washing tank with clean water, then open the water tape for washing water. (us the
mark you made on the tap as a reference.)
4) Checking all the setting on the control panel to make sure if they meet the requirement of the
using chemistry. Then switch on the processor.
5) Check the circulation of the chemical. If it is in order, close the machine cover, wait until the
chemical temperature reaches the setting point.
6) When the chemical temperature reaches the setting point, a buzzer will raise and you may
feed film into the processor now. It was recommended to have a glove when you handling the
7) After the film come out from the dryer, check the density, contrast, and the drying condition of
the film immediately, adjust the parameters like the temperature and time of developer,
temperature of the dryer as well as the amount of replenishment until the result satisfy you.

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 18

Safety warning

The machine must be earthed properly because of high humidity in the darkroom.
Service on the electrical/electronic components of the processor must be done by a qualified


After machines daily operation, be sure to switch off the power supply for your machine.


After machines daily operation, be sure to close the water supply in case of high water pressure


which will damage machines plastic hose and cause water to flow on the ground.
Avoid chemical solutions to spatter your eyes or skins. Using fresh water to wash your eyes or
skins if spattering happens.

Caution: We do not bear the responsibility of accident due to machine operator s absence and
machines running with power and water is being supplied.

Caution items

After switching on your machine every day, open the cover and check the solution circulation. Do
not proceed unless the circulation pumps are working normally.


Please pay usually attention to the water flow of washing water. To the areas that water pressure
are not stable, a flow meter is recommended. Please do not use still water when processing and
drain out the water in the washing tank after your daily operation. (some microbe in still water may


cause alga which will cause problem for proper film transportation).
Do not leave the processor un-attended for long time while it is running. If there is any abnormal
noise or smell, stop the machine and have a check.
Do not leave the processor along with solutions in for a long period. If you would not use the
processor for more than 7 days, drain out the solutions and wash the solution tanks as well as the
rack assemblies.


After switching off the processor when you finish your daily work, please slide the machine cover


a little bit to release the damp inside the processor.

It is a better way to switch off your machine during its standby mode, that is dryer, transport roller
and blowers all stop working. This may help the machine to extend its life.


To assure high performance of the processor, please maintenance the processor as per following


Disposal of the waste chemicals and other disposal of waste material must comply with your local
regulations. The waste of equipment must not be disposed as unsorted municipal waste and must
be collected separately.


There are one 10A fuse and one 15A fuse inside the machines main circuit.






Note: When you replace the fuse, you may lift the dark box 21 up according to Overview of
Structure and Parts, remove the stainless steel entrance plate, open the shelter cover for main

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 19

board and take the socket for fuse out for fuse placement.


Electric shock: This mark is sticked on the Electric Box, and it indicates dangerous voltage that is
harmful to human body. Only qualified electric technician may access this area.

Neutral wire

Line wire

Protective grounding: The part with this mark is grounded.

This mark is sticked on the board cover of transport shaft, and indicates the part has transport function.
To avoid personal injure, you should keep fingers or your body away from the part.

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 20

This mark is sticked on the outer cover of dryer section, and indicates that:

There is 220 Vac voltage inside. Only qualified technician may disassemble the part.
There is hot part inside. To avoid heat, do NOT touch it while machine is running.

This mark is sticked on the dark box, and indicates that you should open the cover of dark box when
your machine does not operate.

This mark is sticked on the side surface of rack, and it indicates that you should keep your hands away
from the gears while mac hine is running.

This mark is sticked on the film entrance of dark box to warn the cutting injure.

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 21

Caution! Please refer to your operation manual, and safely operate the machine according to the
operation manual.

EMC test report based on IEC 60601-1-2 2001 (TUV report NO: 15013333 001) Group 1, Class A. Pay
attention to interference between this equipment and other device.

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 22

Since HM -X-AFP/1 film processor integrates mechanic and electric, and its operating environment is
not machine -friendly, the machine should be well maintained and be cared by special person.

Maintenance Schedule and Maintenance Method

Maintenance Schedule Items
1. Switch off the machine, open 1.
machines top cover, use wash

Use wash bottle with full level water

to spray water to the roller gears

bottle to rinse rollers of Dev. and Fix

beside the chemical solution, so

rack with water, rinse the gears

that the chemicals left on the gears

beside chemical solutions to avoid

generating crystals on the roller

can be wiped away in case of

gen erating crystals.




Drain the water in the Wash tank

after machines daily operation.


Use damp towel to wipe machines

outer covers.
Check that the container for



Take out Dev., Fix, and Wash rack

Open the drain valve for the Wash

tank to drain the water out in case
of generating animalcule in the


replenishing chemicals is empty or

Every 7

Maintenance Method

Wash tank.
Clean the film entrance plate in the
dark box, machine outer covers
including the top cover one time.


If no replenish chemicals in the


tank, add chemicals to full level.

Release the racks of Dev. Fix and

assemblies, rinsing and clean them

Wash from the respective tank.

in the sink.
Check that the gears, gear clips and

Use fresh water to rinse them and

use brush to wipe off the crystals

screws on the rack assembly are

on the roller gears. After cleaning,


Clean the stand, replenish container

use a dry towel to wipe them.

Check that the gears, gear clips


and waste tank one time.

Clean the main driving shaft one




and screws are missing or not, and

check that they are intact.

Use damp cloth to wipe dust off

from the stand, replenish container
and waste tank.


Use cloth to clean the main driving

shaft to avoid generating crystals
and rust..

Every 15


Rinse each chemical tank one time

Oil the bearing and chains on the


two ends of drive shaft.

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Open the respective valve to drain

the chemicals and water from the
solution tanks. Fill fresh water to
every tank and use brush to clean
them. After cleaning, close each

Page 23


Add 2 or 3 drops of oil to the
bearing chains that is on the two

Every 30



Check the connection of chains,


ends of main transport shaft.

Remove the right and left side

circulation pump, replenish pump

cover of machine to clean the

and solenoid valve.

Clean the circulation pump and

chains one time and you may oil

the chains. Check that circulation

one-way valve one time.

solenoid valve are well connected
and check that theres no leaking
among the parts.







one -way valves from the replenish

pump. Rinse them in the fresh
water and make sure that the
rubber material of them are not
everything is ok, return them back
the place. Take care that do NOT
assemble with a wrong direction.

Every 90


Check the one-way valve or replace

it if necessary.


Take out the one-way valve from

the replenish pump. After rinsing it
and if you find it aged, replace it
with a new one.

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

Page 24

This chapter consists of a troubleshooting list of a selection of suggestions for solving possible
problems with your machine. Please note that this troubleshooting list is for reference of qualified
service engineer. The Hill-Med or dealer authorized by Hill-Med does not bear the responsibility for the
following accidents, including but not limited to machine malfunctions, personal injuries, fires, etc., if
unauthorized person repair your machine.

Troubleshooting List for HM-X-AFP/1


can not be

e not stable



1. No LED indication on the main PCB

1-1 the temperature displayed is higher

1-1 check the data setup for temperature

than setting point

1-2 the temperature probe defective

1-2 repair or replace the temperature


1-3 the circuit for temperature control

1-3 check and repair the circuit

2. There is heating indication on the main

2-1 check and replace the fuse

2-1 the fuse for heating blown out

2-2 replace the heater

2-2 the heater damaged

2-3 the relay for heating defective

2-3 replace the relay

1. Solution circulation is not in order

1. Check the circulation and solution filter

2. Temperature probe poor connection

3. The circuit for temperature control

2. Check probe and its wiring

3. Repair the circuit

1. The motor for circulation pump is
does not

1-1 the impeller of the pump blocked

1-2 the solution filter blocked

1-1 remove the foreign matter in the pump

1-2 clean or replace the filter
2-1 replace the fuse
2-2 replace the pump

2. The circulation pump is not running

2-1 the fuse for the pump fails
2-2 the pump damaged
1. Theres LED indication for replenishing
on control panel while the pump works
1-1 the one-way valve in the repl. pump

1-1 clean the valve

Solution can
not be

1-2 the pump do not seal

1-2 fasten any connection

1-3 replace the bellow


1-3 the bellow leaks

2. Theres LED indication for replenishing
on control panel while the pump does not

Document No.: X-ray series UserGuide (A 3)

2-1 replace the relay

Page 25

2-1 the relay for the repl. pump damaged

2-2 the fuse for pump blown out

2-2 replace the fuse

2-3 switch on or replace the motor

2-3 the switch on pump blown out

2-4 repair or replace the motor

2-4 the motor for pump block or damaged

3. No LED indication on control panel

3-1 replace the relay

3-1 the relay for pump defective

1. The key lamp for driving is ON
1-1 the fuse for driving motor blown out
motor does
not work

1-1 replace the fuse

1-2 replace the motor or gear box

1-2 the motor or gear box damaged

1-3 the circuit for motor control is NOT on
2. The key lamp for driving is NOT on

1-3 check and repair the circuit

2-1 DRIVE key was not pressed

2-1 press the DRIVE key

2-2 no response when DRIVE key was

2-2 re-start the machi ne

2-3 check the circuit

1. Theres LED indication on main PCB

can not
reach the
setting point

can not be
Blower for
dryer does
not work
Print jams in
Print lost in

1-1 the fuse for dryer blown out

1-2 the heating element aged or damaged
1-3 the SSR (relay) for dryer damaged

1-1 replace fuse

1-2 replace the heating element
1-3 replace the relay
1-4 replace the blower

1-4 the blower for dryer damag ed

2. Theres not LED indication on main

2-1 feed with paper, start

2-1 the processor is at stand-by status

2-2 the setup temperature for drying too

2-2 check and re-setup the data

1. The temperature probe short -circuited

1. replace the probe

2. check the circuit

2. The circuit for drying temperature

1. the fuse for blower blown out
2. the blower damaged

1. replace the fuse

2. replace the blower

1. some retaining rings for gear come

off, so the relative rollers do not turn
2. film curves too much

1. check and put on the retaining rings

2. flat the film

1. the film too small

2. microbe gets in washing tank and the
rollers getting too smooth

1. use size of film required

2. clean the rack assembly, use fresh

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Limited Warranty
Hill-Med Corporation provides this Limited Warranty for your machine (HM-X-AFP/1) and original
accessory delivered with your machine (hereinafter referred to as Product). Should your Product
need warranty service, please ask your dealer from whom it was purchased, to repair it or to replace it
if necessary, or visit to obtain further information.

What Hill-Med will do

If, during the warranty period, this Product fails to operate under normal use and service, due to
defects in design, materials or workmanship, Hill-Med authorized distributors or service partners, in the
country or the region where you purchased the Product, will, at their option, either repair or replace the
Product in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated herein.
Hill-Med and its service partners reserve the right to charge a handling fee if a returned Product is
found not to be under warranty according to the conditions below.

The warranty is valid only if the original proof of purchase issued to the original purchaser by a
dealer authorized by Hill-Med for this Product, specifying the date of purchase and machines
serial number, is presented with the Product to be repaired or replaced. The Hill-Med reserves the
right to refuse warranty service if this information has been removed or changed after the original
purchase of the Product from the dealer.


This warranty does not cover any failure of the Product due to normal wear and tear, or due to
misuse, including but not limited to use in other than the normal and customary manner, in
accordance with the Hill-Med instructions for use and maintenance of the Product. Nor does this
warranty cover any failure of the Product due to accident, software or hardware modification or
adjustment, acts of God or damage resulting from liquid.


This warranty does not cover Product failures caused by installations, modifications, or repair or
opening of the Product performed by a non-Hill-Med authorized dealer or person.


This warranty does not cover Product failures which have been caused by use of accessories or
other peripheral devices which are not Hill-Med branded original accessories intended for use with
the Product.


Tampering with any of the seals on the Product will void the warranty.
There are no express warranties, whether written or oral, other than this printed limited warranty.
All implied warranties, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability or
fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the duration of this limited warranty. In no event shall
Hill-Med or its authorized dealer be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any nature to
the full extent those damage can be disclaimed by law.

Some countries or regions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential
damages or limitation of the duration of implied warranties, so the preceding limitations or exclusions
may not apply to you.
The warranty provided does not affect the consumers statutory rights under applicable legislation in
force, not the consumers rights against the dealer arising from their sales/purchase contract.

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Terms and Definitions

Develop/Dev. refers to develop process or develop tank which uses developer to process X-ray film.
Fix/Fixer refers to fix process or fix tank which uses fixer to process X-ray film.
Wash/Washing refers to wash process or wash tank which uses water to clean medicals left on X-ray
Dry/Dryer refers to dry process or dryer section which blows hot air for drying X-ray film.
Replenish/Repl. refers to a process for chemicals (developer or fixer) and waters replenishment.
Temperature/Temp. refers to the temperature of Dev., Fix or Dryer, or ambient temperature for
machines operating/transport/storage.
Circulation Pump refers to pumps which allow chemicals or water in the processing tank to circulate
and so that temperature in solutions is even and water keeps fresh.

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