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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

157 / Wednesday, August 15, 2007 / Notices 45759

circular knit, three-end fleece fabrics, as their client, Garan Manufacturing, for For optimum fabric integrity and
specified below, are not available in certain circular knit, three-end fleece stitch definition, this fabric must be knit
commercial quantities in a timely fabrics of the specifications detailed on machines whose number of yarn
manner in the CAFTA-DR region. The below. On July 10, 2007, CITA notified feeds is a multiple of 3.
product will be added to the list in interested parties of, and posted on its
R. Matthew Priest,
Annex 3.25 of the CAFTA-DR website, the accepted request and
Agreement in unrestricted quantities. requested that any interested entity Chairman, Committee for the Implementation
of Textile Agreements.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: provide, by July 20, 2007, a response
advising of its objection to the request [FR Doc. E7–16061 Filed 8–14–07; 8:45 am]
Maria Dybczak, Office of Textiles and
Apparel, U.S. Department of Commerce, or its ability to supply the subject BILLING CODE 3510–DS–S

(202) 482 3651. product, and rebuttals to responses by

LINE: No interested entity filed a response COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING
CaftaReqTrack.nsf. Reference number: advising of its objection to the request COMMISSION
29.2007.07.06.Fabric.ST&RforGaranMfg or its ability to supply the subject
product. Agency Information Collection
In accordance with Section Activities: Proposed Collection;
Authority: Section 203(o)(4) of the 203(o)(4)(C)(iii)(II) of the CAFTA-DR Comment Request: Proposed
Dominican Republic-Central America-United Act, and its procedures, as no interested Collection; Comment Request: Rules
States Free Trade Agreement Implementation entity submitted a response objecting to Pertaining to Contract Markets and
Act (CAFTA-DR Act); the Statement of
Administrative Action (SAA), accompanying the request or expressing an ability to Their Members
the CAFTA-DR Act; Presidential supply the subject product, CITA has
determined to add the specified fabrics AGENCY: Commodity Futures Trading
Proclamations 7987 (February 28, 2006) and
7996 (March 31, 2006). to the list in Annex 3.25 of the CAFTA- Commission.
DR Agreement. ACTION: Notice.
BACKGROUND: The subject fabrics are added to the
The CAFTA-DR Agreement provides a list in Annex 3.25 of the CAFTA-DR SUMMARY: In compliance with the
list in Annex 3.25 for fabrics, yarns, and Agreement in unrestricted quantities. A Paperwork Reduction Act (44 U.S.C.
fibers that the Parties to the CAFTA-DR revised list has been published on-line. 3501 et seq.), this notice announces that
Agreement have determined are not the CFTC is planning to submit the
available in commercial quantities in a Specifications: following proposed Information
timely manner in the territory of any Collection Request (ICR) to the Office of
Party. Articles that otherwise meet the Management and Budget (OMB): Rules
rule of origin to qualify for preferential HTS Subheading: 6001.21 Pertaining to Contract Markets and
treatment are not disqualified because Fiber Content: 70% cotton / 30% poly- Their Members; [OMB Control Number
ester 3038–0022]. Before submitting the ICR
they contain one of the products on the Average Yarn Number:
Annex 3.25 list. Face yarn - 100% to OMB for review and approval, the
The CAFTA-DR Agreement provides combed cotton; 47/1 CFTC is soliciting comments on specific
that this list may be modified pursuant to 57/1 metric (28/1 aspects of the proposed information
to 34/1)
to Article 3.25(4)-(5), when the Tie yarn -100% fila
collection as described below.
President of the United States ment polyester, 120 DATES: Comments must be submitted on
determines that a fabric, yarn, or fiber is metric / 48 filaments; or before October 15, 2007.
not available in commercial quantities (75 denier / 36 fila-
ments) ADDRESSES: Comments may be mailed to
in a timely manner in the territory of Fleece yarn - 60% Riva Spear Adriance, Commodity
any Party. The CAFTA-DR Act states combed cotton/40% Futures Trading Commission, Division
that the President will make a polyester; 17/1 to 24/
of Market Oversight, 202–418–5494, fax
1 metric (10/1 to 14/
determination on whether additional 1) 202–418–5527, e-mail
fabrics, yarns, and fibers are available in Gauge: 20 Refer to OMB
commercial quantities in a timely Weight: 271 to 300 grams per Control No. 3038–0022.
manner in the territory of any Party. square meter (8.0 to
The CAFTA-DR Act requires the
square yard) Spear Adriance, 202–418–5494, fax
President to establish procedures Width: 152 to 183 centimeters 202–418–5527, e-mail
governing the submission of a request (60 to 72 inches)
and providing opportunity for interested Finish: (Piece) dyed; printed
entities to submit comments and In addition, technical back must be SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Affected
supporting evidence before a heavily napped to produce a fabric entities: Entities potentially affected by
commercial availability determination is thickness of not less than 4.5 this action are registered entities
made. In Presidential Proclamations millimeters, including the napped pile. (designated contract markets, registered
7987 and 7996, the President delegated Additionally, a portion of the fabric is derivatives transaction execution
to CITA the authority under section brushed on the technical face to facilities and registered derivatives
203(o)(4) of the CAFTA-DR Act for produce a sueded hand and appearance clearing organizations) planning to
modifying the Annex 3.25 list. On and a portion is treated with a stain implement new rules and rule
March 21, 2007, CITA published final release finish. Finally, the following amendments by either seeking prior
ebenthall on PROD1PC69 with NOTICES

procedures it would follow in performance criteria must be satisfied: approval or (for most rules) certifying to
considering requests to modify the Vertical and horizontal shrinkage must the Commission that such rules or rule
Annex 3.25 list (72 FR 13256). be less than 5% amendments do not violate the Act or
On July 6, 2007, the Chairman of Torque may not exceed 4% Commission regulations. Rules 40.2,
CITA received a request from Sandler, All fabrics must have a Class 1 40.3, 40.4, 40.5 and 40.6 implement
Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., on behalf of flammability rating these statutory provisions.

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45760 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 157 / Wednesday, August 15, 2007 / Notices

Title: Proposed Collection; Comment respond, including through the use of collection of information; and transmit
Request: Rules Pertaining to Contract appropriate automated electronic, or otherwise disclose the information.
Markets and Their Members. mechanical, or other technological Dated: August 9, 2007.
Abstract: Section 5c(c) of the collection techniques or other forms of David A. Stawick,
Commodity Exchange Act, 7 U.S.C. 7a– information technology; e.g., permitting
2(c), establishes procedures for Secretary of the Commission.
electronic submission of responses.
registered entities (designated contract Burden of Statement: The respondent [FR Doc. 07–3979 Filed 8–14–07; 8:45 am]
markets, registered derivatives burden for this collection is estimated to BILLING CODE 6351–01–M
transaction execution facilities and average .83 hours per response. These
registered derivatives clearing estimates include the time needed to
organizations) to implement new rules review instructions; develop, acquire,
and rule amendments by either seeking install, and utilize technology and DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
prior approval or (for most rules) systems for the purposes of collecting,
certifying to the Commission that such validating, and verifying information, Office of the Secretary
rules or rule amendments do not violate processing and maintaining information
the Act or Commission regulations. and disclosing and providing (Transmittal Nos. 07–32)
Rules 40.4, 40.5 and 40.6 implement information; adjust the existing ways to
these statutory provisions. comply with any previously applicable 36(b)(1) Arms Sales Notification
An agency may not conduct or instructions and requirements; train AGENCY: Department of Defense, Defense
sponsor, and a person is not required to personnel to be able to respond to a Security Cooperation Agency.
respond to, a collection of information collection of information; and transmit
unless it displays a currently valid OMB or otherwise disclose the information. ACTION: Notice.
control number. The OMB control Respondents/Affected Entities:
numbers for the CFTC’s regulations 11,006. SUMMARY: The Department of Defense is
were published on December 30, 1981. Estimated number of responses: publishing the unclassified text of a
See 46 FR 63035 (Dec. 30, 1981). 13,118. section 36(b)(1) arms sales notification.
The Commission would like to solicit Estimated total Annual Burden on This is published to fulfill the
comments to: Respondents: 57 hours. requirements of section 155 of Public
• Evaluate whether the proposed Frequency of Collection: On occasion. Law 104–164 dated 21 July 1996.
collection of information is necessary Burden means the total time, effort, or FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms.
for the proper performance of the financial resources expended by persons B. English, DSCA/DBO/CFM, (703) 601–
functions of the Commission, including to generate, maintain, retain, disclose or 3740
whether the information will have a provide information to or for a federal The following is a copy of a letter to
practical use; agency. This includes the time needed the Speaker of the House of
• Evaluate the accuracy of the to review instructions; develop, acquire, Representatives, Transmittals 07–32
Commission’s estimate of the burden of install, and utilize technology and with attached transmittal, policy
the proposed collection of information, systems for the purpose of collecting, justification, and Sensitivity of
including the validity of the validating, and verifying information,
methodology and assumptions used; processing and maintaining information
• Enhance the quality, usefulness, and disclosing and providing Dated: August 8, 2007.
and clarity of the information to be information; adjust the existing ways to C.R. Choate,
collected; and comply with any previously applicable Alternate OSD Federal Register Liaison
• Minimize the burden of collection instructions and requirements; train Officer, Department of Defense.
of information on those who are to personnel to be able to respond to a BILLING CODE 5001–06–M
ebenthall on PROD1PC69 with NOTICES

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