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We can invoke an angel for ourselves or we can send an angel to another person with a
specific mission.
Any person is able to invoke and receive an angel … but only for good purposes.
We cannot invoke angels more than once for the same objective but we can invoke
countless quantities of angels to help different objectives. It must be defined beforehand
for whom and for what reason we will convoke the angel.


1 – REPEAT forty times with semi audible voice the name of the master of convocation for this
ceremonial exercise:

2 - THINK of infinity, feeling that we go forward, crossing the infinite.

We know that it is infinitely populated, but we can only distinguish it as infinite quantities of white
molecules in suspension ( take one minute for this step).

3 - WE HEAR a sound that begins, similar to a siren, like an “U” sustained in the air. We realise
that there are four lines of angels that are observing our steps and they announce it to all the
other living creatures.

The four lines are located:

a – on top to the right (fifty angels)

b – on top to the left ““
c – at the bottom on the right “ “
d – at the bottom on the left ““

We are surrounded by two hundred angels located in four lines that form a tube of squared
section where we go.
Each of them has a different mission and each of them is, in fact, the guard of an army of angels
who leads the others in the different variations of category of mission to which they are
assigned. We realise that we can pass all our life on Earth under these conditions, but very few
people are conscious and take advantage of this.

4 – WE PRONOUNCE fifty times in audible voice a word corresponding to each group of four
angels that we reach and we leave behind:


Every time that we pronounce this word, when crossing the threshold of angels corresponding to
each group of four, we receive a revelation, a spiritual knowledge. Our soul and our spirit record
each teaching deeply, although our mind does not accede to understand it neither to record it. We
know that at the end of the tunnel we will have received fifty revelations that will modify our life.

© The Akashic Records Home, of Susana M. Franz. All rights reserved.


5 - WHEN REACHING the end of the tunnel we will be alone again, in front of the infinite light.
There we lift the right arm and we show the palm of the hand to the light: our intentions are
inscribed in this palm.
We say in audible voice:

I "request to the heavens, to the God that governs the universe that for the
power of LIROLUVILUI grants to............(say the beneficiary's name) an angel to help him/her
to ...........................(say the objective). "
(The evocation of angels is blessed to the fulfilment of the spiritual mission).

6 - Immediately we repeat the words below fifty times singing with a semi audible voice:


We realise that the four lines of angels also sing and we have the sensation that we have been
accepted as another angel in their choir.

7 – We turn round and we start our way back. We go silent, listening to this song pronounced
by each group of four angels when we go by the place that corresponds to them in the tunnel.
This way, when we return, they will have sung us that song fifty times, in shifts of choirs of four

8 – When leaving the tunnel we will realise that in our return way they have assigned us an
angel that accompanies us behind our back. We will never see it, but it will always be there.
If we have invoked an angel for another person, in the exit point the angel will fly to take its place
behind the beneficiary’s back. As a gift it will leave us a deep sensation of peace.
Without looking backwards, we follow our road thanking God three times.

© The Akashic Records Home, of Susana M. Franz. All rights reserved.