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Cummins is an American Company with a global presence.

This plant is for assembly and testing of small & medium power D.G. Sets. The
plant is steel construction with insulated metal roof. There are two 10 ton
gantries and provision for 19 roof mounted monorails and under slung gantries of
1 & 2 ton capacities. Process include assembly, testing and painting.
Constructed Area: 9,800.00 SQM
1,05,500.00 SQFT

About Cummins India Limited

The largest entity, Cummins India Limited (CIL) is a 51 percent subsidiary of Cummins Inc.
USA, the world's largest independent designer and manufacturer of diesel engines above 200
HP. Cummins Inc., the majority shareholder, is the leading worldwide designer and
manufacturer of diesel engines from 16 HP to 3,500 HP.
CIL was set up in Pune in 1962. Today, CIL is India's leading manufacturer of diesel engines
with a range from 15 kVA to 2000 kVA and value packages serving the Power Generation,
Industrial and Automotive Markets. CIL's products include diesel and natural gas engines in
the range of 18 HP to 3,500 HP. It manufactures over 35,000 engines and gensets per annum
and is among India's largest exporters of engineering products. CIL offers the complete range

of Cummins Worldwide products. Where indigenous production is not available, Cummins

imports products from Cummins Inc.

Basic Information




Ownership & Capital

Year of Establishment
Ownership Type

Sole Proprietorship (Individual)

Trade & Market


Indian Subcontinent


US$ 1-10 Million (or Rs. 4-40 Crore Approx.)

Number of

101 to 500 People

Cummins in India
Cummins in India, a power leader, is a group of complementary business units that design,
manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems,
air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Its
technology and pioneering initiatives are bringing innovative solutions and dependable
services at the best possible value to users across the country. Its high performance outlook is
based on customer focus, integrity and capability of its people. Part of the US $17.3 billion
Cummins Inc., Cummins in India is a Group of eight legal entities across 200 locations in the
country with a combined turnover of Rs. 9,834 crores in 2013 and employing more than

Contact Information
Registered Office:
Cummins India Limited,
Kothrud, Pune 411038
Maharashtra (INDIA).
Phones: 91-20-25385435 / 25380240
Corporate Office:
Cummins India Limited
Cummins India Office Campus, Tower A, 5th Floor
Survey No. 21, Balewadi,
Pune 411045,Maharashtra (INDIA).

Registrar & Transfer Agents

Link Intime India Private Limited.
Unit: Cummins India Limited
C-13, Pannalal Silk Mills Compound
L.B.S. Marg,Bhandup (West),
Mumbai 400078, Maharashtra (INDIA)
Phone No. : (022) 2594 6970
Fax No. : (022) 2594 6969
Contact Person : Mrs. Maheshwari Patil

Growth of Cummins
Cummins Headquarters, located in Columbus, Indiana
Today, Cummins is a multinational Fortune 500 company that operates and
serves customers around the globe. At the same time, Cummins retains strong
ties to its Indiana home, where the Company's headquarters remain. Publicity
alone could not carry the Company; Cummins needed reliable products and a
sound business organization. In 1933, the company released the Model H, a
powerful engine for transportation that launched the company's most successful
engine By the 1950s, America had embarked on a massive interstate highway
construction program, with Cummins engines powering much of the equipment
that built the roads and thousands of the trucks that began to roll down them.
Truckers demanded economy, power, reliability, and durability, and Cummins
responded. By combining lab-based research and fieldbased trials, including
dramatic performances at the Indy 500 races, As Cummins continued to grow its
business in the United States; the Company also began looking beyond its
traditional borders. Cummins opened its first foreign manufacturing facility in
Shots, Scotland, in 1956 and by the end of the 1960s, Cummins had expanded
its sales and service network to 2,500 dealers in 98 countries. Today, Cummins
has more than 5,000 facilities in 197 countries and territories. Cummins is no
longer just an engine business, but a global power leader with more than $14
billion in sales in 2008. We are a family of inter-related, yet diversified
businesses that create or 6 enhance value as a result of doing business with each
other or having those relationships.

Cummins in India
The Company was incorporated on 17th February, at Pune. The Company
manufacture internal combustion engines in particular diesel engines of all sizes
and capacities, reciprocating piston engines, gas turbine engines, gasoline
engines, etc. The promoters of the Company were Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.
38,250 shares allotted to Kirloskar Oil Engines, 75,000 shares to Cummins
Engine Co. Inc.,
USA and 36,750 shares to the public during May 1962.
Cummins Diesel Sales and Services (India) Ltd., became a wholly Owned
subsidiary of the Company.
During the period, manufacturing facilities for luxury and airbus were







components/assemblies commenced.
Effective September 10, the name of the Company was changed from Kirloskar
Cummins Ltd. to `Cummins India Ltd.'
The Cummins Engine Company Inc, USA, is the world's largest independent
manufacturer of diesel engines above 200 HP and is recognized for its expertise
in emissions, fuel efficiency and electronics.
Cummins India Ltd., a joint venture since 1962, is the only company in the
country to offer a range of engines in diesel, gas and dual fuel models, it has
produced more than 140,000 engines so far. Cummins India Ltd., a 51 per cent

subsidiary of Cummins Engine Company of US is currently clocking heavy

volumes at the Mumbai Stock Exchange.
Our Vision
Making people's lives better by unleashing the Power of Cummins.
That simple, yet ambitious, statement serves as the guiding vision for Cummins
and its 38,000 employees.
The Company takes pride in manufacturing engines, generators, filters and
related products that serve the varied needs of its customers worldwide. To do
that, Cummins unleashes the power of its employees: Their energy and
commitment make it possible for the Company to maintain a leadership position
in the markets it serves.
Cummins also recognizes that with its role as a corporate leader comes a
responsibility to help improve the communities in which employees work and
live. It is a responsibility the Company brings to life through its actions and the
activities of its employees.
Our Mission
Motivating people to act like owners working together. Exceeding customer
expectations by always being first to market with the best products. Partnering
with our customers to make sure that they succeed. Demanding that everything
we do leads to a cleaner, healthier, safer environment. Creating wealth for all
Our Values
Integrity. Strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do.
Innovation. Apply the creative ingenuity necessary to make us better, faster,
first. Delivering Superior Results. Exceed expectations, consistently.

Corporate Responsibility. Serve and improve the communities in which we

Diversity. Embrace the diverse perspectives of all people and honor with both
Objective of the study:
Why Cummins India ltd has adopted for Industrial Visit?
So by the history and detail of the company it is clear what it produce and to
whom it serves. It is a US based company as we know recessionary period is
going on in Us as well as in other countries.
Cummins India Limited was one of the leading diesel power generation sets
(gensets) manufacturers in India catering mainly to corporate customers. In the
late 1990s, the company's revenues and profits came down due to economic
recession in the country.
Cummins realized that relying solely on the quality and performance of its
gensets and catering to corporate was no longer enough in the tough economic
conditions. Hence, instead of providing regular gensets models to all the
customers, it modified the engine features slightly to suit the special needs of
each customer like farmers, hospitals and small retailers, to name a few.
As well as the renewing its products it has adopted various customer oriented
approaches to satisfy their customers need which is commonly said as the
marketing strategies of Cummins to get a stable position in terms of market
share in recessionary environment.
Cummins SVAM Sales and Service Limited
In 2012, Cummins SVAM Sales & Service Limited, a 50-50 Joint Venture
between Cummins India Limited and Svam Power Plants Private Limited was
established. Cummins SVAM is an authorized dealer of Cummins India Limited in
the districts of Bulandshehar, Gautam Buddh Nagar & Ghaziabad in the state of

Uttar Pradesh and Union Territory of Delhi for selling Cummins engines, parts and
accessories, and providing service support to the engines.

Cummins ESB India gas solution

Pin Cummins Qsv91 1900 Kva on Pin

Original Cummins Diesel Generator

Production Process
Powering the world, meeting customer needs, building relationships this is Cummins
Power Generation.
Cummins Power Generation India is the leading manufacturer and market leader of diesel
fuel power systems. It is a single window provider of complete power solutions offering topof-the-line products (diesel and gas) and services. Cummins Power Generation India
provides total power solutions, right from design to execution and operations to service
Cummins Power Generation has the expertise to successfully meet the power requirements
of a wide range of individual and institutional customers. Important sectors for power
generation solutions are Telecom, Construction, IT/ITES, Realty, Hospitality, Textiles, Auto
& Auto Ancillaries, Food Processing, Data Center, Infrastructure, Pharma and Manufacturing
Fully integrated- reliable- efficient
Cummins Power Generation specializes in the design and manufacture of pre-integrated

generator sets, transfer switches, paralleling equipment and controls for use in standby, prime
and continuous rated systems. All major components - the engine, alternator and control
systems - are manufactured by Cummins entities. This integral approach means each element
of the generator set is designed to work in harmony right from the start.
The Power of One
Cummins Power Generation brings you the Power of One, which guarantees simple
installation and minimal problems during commissioning and maintenance. This means
pre-integrated design rather than having the engine, alternator, controls and transfer switches,
all from different manufacturers. The Power of One ensures that you get the added benefit
of components created to work together- designed, built, pre- integrated and serviced by
Cummins Power Generation for Reliability, Optimum system performance and Minimum
system cost.
Pre-integrated design offers advantages for Consulting specifying engineers, Building
owners, Facility managers, Electrical contractors and Electrical consultants.
Integrated products and services

Diesel generator sets, from 7.5 to 3000 kVA

Natural gas generator sets, from 40 kW to 2000 kWe

Producer Gas, Bio Gas and Coal Bed Methane Generator from 25kW to 2000 kWe

PowerCommand digital control electronics for system paralleling, remote operation

and monitoring

Automatic Transfer Switches form 40 A to 4000 A and Power Quality products

Power Factor Correction (RTPFC) products from 125 kVAR to 2250 kVAR

75 dBa environment-friendly acoustic enclosures manufactured as per CPCB norms

and other critical accessories

Design consulting and project management

Turnkey power plant design

Installation and commissioning

O&M Contracts

Diesel Generator sets

Cummins powered diesel generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 7.5 to 3000 kVA.
Whether your application is for prime or continuous power, or if reliable standby power is
critical to your business, we provide standard features. Heavy- duty Cummins engines are
known for fuel efficiency, responsive transient performance and rugged reliability. Each
generator set includes a cooling system that is designed to provide guaranteed performance
in high ambient temperatures, so you get all the power you pay for. High performance
Cummins manufactured alternators offer optimum performance in demanding applications,
such as data centers and industrial plants.
User-friendly operation and maintenance features include:

Heavy-duty engines and high performance alternators

Mechanical and electronic governing systems and electronic voltage regulation

Optional control systems for automatic, local or remote-start synchronizing


Weather-protective and sound attenuated enclosures, coolant heaters and other

features to enhance performance and reliability in extreme ambient environments

Complete set of accessory devices designed for use with the generator set to simplify

installation and enhance reliability

X series (7.5 to 25 kVA)
The Cummins X series ready-to-use generator sets with 2 cylinder (7.5 - 15 kVA) and 3
cylinder (20 - 25 kVA) inline configuration diesel engines are the most compact, smaller
foot print, light weight and easy to service. Built-in vibration mounts, a completely wired
control system including engine protection, instrumentation, residential silencer, heavy-duty
air cleaner fuel tank constitute its special features. These generator sets have CPCB certified
emission compliance, thus offering environment-friendly power.
Engines in this series are naturally aspirated, fuel efficient and have low lube oil

'S' series (30 to 62.5 kVA)

The 'S' series are 4 cylinder naturally aspirated, turbocharged and after cooled models.
Engines in this series are simple, compact, reliable, fuel efficient exhibiting minimal
noise and vibration levels.
'B' series (75 to 160 kVA)
The 'B' series 6 cylinder inline configuration engines are light weight, easy to service with
fewer parts leading to lower maintenance cost.
'C' series (180 to 250 kVA)
The 'C' series 6 cylinder inline configuration engines with 'unitized' block design have been
developed to exhibit high levels of durability and reliability. This combined with high
power to weight ratio and small footprints make the 'C' series engine powered generator
sets the obvious choice for mission critical power needs.
'N' series (320 and 380 kVA)
The 'N' series 6 cylinder, inline engines are simple in design and are available in both
turbocharged and turbocharged - after cooled versions.
Engines in this series are the real workhorses which have clocked millions of hours,
operating in some of the worlds most demanding applications and climatic conditions.
These engines are available with advancements like; pulse tuned manifold, low temperature
after cooling and large capacity gear pump for pressure lubrication.
Large volume coolant passages provide an even flow of coolant. All these contribute to
higher thermal efficiency and durability.
'K 19' series (500 kVA)

The 'K 19' series, 6 cylinder, inline engine design features have made Cummins diesel the
standard for comparison of operating economy, reliability and long life. When all cost
factors like initial capital investment, fuel, maintenance and overhaul are considered, the
bottom line shows that this compact Cummins engine delivers the lowest life cycle cost.
V 28' series (600 and 625 kVA)
The 'V 28' series 12 cylinder engines are proven for their reliability and durability.
Upgraded with new technologies for greater performance and economy, these are exported
to various Cummins entities across the world.

'K 38' series (750 to 1010 kVA) and 'K 50' series (1250 and 1500 kVA)
12 and 16 cylinder 'K' series 'V' configuration engines perform with maximum durability and
economy. Individual cylinder head, gear driven water pump, self tensioning fan drive and
easy serviceability are some of the features. To help you increase your profits is higher fuel
efficiency and superior performance over a wide range of operating loads.
'QSK 23' series (750 kVA)
The 'QSK 23 series direct injection, water cooled, 6 cylinder, 4 stroke diesel engine has

state-of-the-art, full authority electronics, HPI-PT fuel system, purpose designed power
cylinder components and a host of safety and protection features that make it the most
versatile engine in its class. They are the most compact in-line engines with unmatched
power to weight ratio, electronics and are ready for next level emission norms. They boast
optimised charge air cooling, heavy duty camshafts and optimised turbo charging with
exceptional fuel efficiency across the operating range.
'QST 30', 'QSK 60' & 'QSK 78' series (1000 to 3000 kVA)
The QST 30, QSK 60 and QSK 78 models with higher capacities come armed with electronic
controls and PC based service tool software for better genes protection, prognosis and
diagnosis that translates into lower downtime and higher productive

To leverage the enormous potential of natural gas, producer gas. bio gas & coal bed methane,
Cummins has been developing gas engine technology for longer than four decades. The
Company has more than 10000 of its gas engine generator sets operating all over the world and
over 1500 in India alone.
Gas power solutions from Cummins can be used for co-generation, continuous power supply,
grid parallel and island mode operation. Usage of gaseous fuels like natural gas, producer gas,
bio gas, coal bed methane etc., offer visible advantages like:

Cleaner Emissions




The spark ignition engines from Cummins offer better fuel economy, cleaner emissions,
higher durability and extended oil filter change period.
Cummins' gas-powered generators are powered by proven four-stroke, high speed, spark
ignited engines designed for increased performance and reduced emissions. Using a lean
mixture of air and fuel reduces the combustion temperatures significantly, resulting in high
power output with maximum thermal efficiency and minimum emissions. There are already
over 3100 MW of installed generator set operating around the world in tropical as well as cold
climatic conditions varying from 50 deg C to -40 deg C ambient temperature..
The overall efficiency of the gas engine based power plant along with CHP can be raised to
over 85 %. It can significantly reduce your energy consumption and costs, increase power
reliability, and minimize your greenhouse gas footprint.

Hot Water


Thermic Fluid

Hot Air / Spray Drying


Natural Gas Generating sets can be used along with waste-heat recovery in the following


Coal mining and oil fields


Manufacturing Facilities

Industrial/ Chemical Plants

Commercial Facilities

Hospitals and nursing homes


Food Processing Plants

Landfill sites

Coal bed Methane

Well Head Gas

"Think outside The Grid"

Special Gas Generating Sets

To support global environment needs and rural development program, Cummins India is
manufacturing and supplying engines which run on Producer Gas and Bio Gas. The major
differences in these as compared to Natural Gas engines are related to the fuel and ignition
systems. These engines have been designed to run on producer gas successfully and achieve
desired performance, reliability and durability without compromise on safety.
Producer Gas Engine Generating Sets
Producer gas is generated in a device known as 'Gasifier', wherein thermo-chemical
conversion of biomass occurs in a limited supply of air.
Biomass fuel can be dry wastes like wood, agro-residues/waste, coconut shells, loose biomass
like rice husk or willow dust in briquette form, coffee and other plantation wastes.
Bio Gas engine Generating Sets
Biogas typically refers to a gas produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the
absence of oxygen. Biogas is produced by the anaerobic digestion or fermentation of

biodegradable materials such as dead plant and animal material, animal dung, kitchen waste,
manure, sewage, municipal waste and green waste. Biogas comprises primarily of methane
(CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) and may have some amounts of hydrogen sulphide
(H2S), moisture and siloxanes.

Stoichiometric Generator Sets

A mixture of fuel and air enters the engine through a carburettor. The ignition system
comprises of ignition distributor, ignition transformer and a spark plug. The air-fuel mixture is
ignited at set point to start combustion.
Cummins Gas uses specially designed components to make the engine much more robust
structurally than any other conventional spark ignited engine. The combustion chamber
components are designed to withstand high cylinder temperatures and peak pressures. This
lowers the stress levels resulting in longer service life, higher reliability and lower maintenance
The simple & robust design, user friendly controls, 'easy to handle technology' ideally make
these products suitable for all applications especially on well head gas, remote sites for 24x7
reliable and dependable operations as well as stand-by applications.
Power Electronics
Power Quality Solutions
Automatic Transfer Switches
The Automatic Transfer Switches from the Cummins Power Generation play a critical role in
on-site emergency standby power systems by transferring electrical loads from utility service
to an alternative power source, such as standby generator, in the event of failure of the primary
power source. The product returns the load to primary power, once the utility is back and
voltage stabilizes.
Design and features
1.Single point lifting for easy handling at customer site (up to 380 kVA)
2.Wide access doors for easy maintenance
3.Instrument panel viewing window

Compact design

5. Long

lasting acoustic insulation behind perforated steel for attenuation

6.Integrated enclosure design with built-in fuel tank


Every enclosure is certified to meet the noise control norms

8. Recessed,
9. Cable

easily accessible emergency stop button

entry provision for easy installation at site

1. Pune, February 2, 2015: Cummins India Limited Results for Q3 2014-15
2. Mumbai, November 6, 2014: Cummins India Limited Results for Q2 2014-15
3. Pune, August 1, 2014: Cummins India Limited Results for First Quarter 2014-15
4. Mumbai, May 22, 2014: Cummins India Limited Results for Q4 2013-14
5. Phaltan, February 25, 2014 : Tata Cummins Limited opens its third manufacturing
facility in Phaltan
6. Pune, February 4, 2014: Cummins India Limited Results for the Third Quarter 201314
7. Phaltan, March 26, 2013 :Cummins opens Phaltan Midrange Upfit Center
8. Mumbai, January 31, 2013 :Cummins India Limited Results for Q3 2012-13
9. Jamshedpur, December 20,2012 :Tata Cummins Limited Wins Greentech
Environment Award 2012
10. Pune, December 3, 2012 :Commemorating fifty years in India, Cummins initiates a
nation-wide educational campaign
11. Pune, November 29, 2012 :Cummins India Limited announces price increase on
generator set engines
12. Pune, November 28, 2012 :Valvoline Lube Station Opens at Cummins Tech Center in
13. Mumbai, November 8, 2012 :Cummins India Limited Results for Q2 2012-13
Pune, October 18,2012 :Cummins Group in India recognized as the Best Employer for
Women by the WILL Forum India

(1) Efficiency in manufacturing process was observed.

(2) Proper plant layout was supporting each and every process.
(3) Skilled workforce was present to handle respective jobs.
(4) They have a good location.
(5) Have plants at five different places

Does not have very superior image or reputation.
Excellent R & D facilities.
Weaker distribution network.

(1)New technology can be imported to increase the production capacity

Many new companies are coming in packaging industry.
Behemoth competitors.


1. Lack of cleanliness & hygiene.

2. Good plant layout facilitating production.
3. Presence of skilled work force.
4. Poor facilities for workers working there.
5. No provision for safety & security of workers.
6. Use of appropriate machines and equipment.
7. Lack of proper managerial authority
8. Efficiency in manufacturing process was observed.

New technology must be imported to boost production.
Must provide different offers to customers in order to tackle behemoth competition.

The visit to Cummins India Pvt Ltd was a nice experience. The guidance given by the
prominent authorities was really helpful .The company is not like a babe in the woods. It is
having diversified production. They have skilled work force, and highly equipment
manufacturing process of great Gen sets. It does not need any requirement in the business for
boosting production it is well settled.