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Drumil Patel
The Great Gatsby

1) Thesis Statement: - The character of George Wilson shows how

the proletarian class is marginalized in the text.
2) Question: - Which social groups are marginalized, excluded, or
silenced within the text?
3) I will use quotes to back up information on marginalization in
the text.
4) This Written Task will show every example in the novel where
George Wilson has been abused.
Written Task 2
The Great Gatsby, a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald is well
known and remembered for its descriptions of the difference
between various classes of society.
It is also remembered for its larger than life parties and the
descriptions of luxury. In this essay I will be speaking about the
counterparts of the aristocratic class namely the working class.

George Wilson embodies or personifies the proletarian or working

class in The Great Gatsby. He is the character who we can refer to as
good or kind. He is a hard worker and a loving husband. George
Wilson lives in the Valley of Ashes, and the dark, sad setting which
reflects the darkness and sadness of his life. He is married to a
woman named Myrtle who doesn't really care for or love him and
sometimes treats him as if he doesn't exist. He surely does not
deserve that kind of behavior from someone who he loved a lot.
In the novel Tom Buchanan first abuses George Wilson by saying
No he doesnt, said Tom coldly. And if you feel that way about it
maybe Id better sell it somewhere else after all. This happens in
the scene where they first meet Wilson at the Valley of Ashes.
Wilson is asking Tom when he is going to sell him the car that he
promised. Here Tom warns him that if he keeps insisting he will not
sell the car to him. This shows that Tom doesn't really care about
Wilson and also he doesn't even try to understand Wilsons
situation. On top of this Tom has been taking Wilsons wife Myrtle
to have fun without Wilson knowing about it.
In this novel we learn that no one cares about George Wilson.
walking through her husband as if he were a ghost and shook
hands with Tom This is the scene where Tom asks Myrtle to
meet him in New York. Here Myrtle proves that she doesn't care
about her husband and she doesn't even respect him. Wilson? He
thinks she is going to see her sister in New York. Hes so dumb he
doesn't know hes alive. This is where Tom tells Nick about how
unaware is Wilson about the whole situation. This shows how the
working-class people are always stepped upon.

I am sick, said Wilson without moving. Ive been sick all day.
Whats the matter, said Tom. Im all run down. Well, shall I help
myself? Tom demanded. You sounded well enough on the phone.
This is another paragraph where Tom abuses Wilson. After that
Wilson again asks Tom about the car and Tom asks him why he
wants the car so much. Ive been here too long. I want to get away.
My wife and I want to go west. Here Tom gets angry because he
discovers that Myrtle has a life apart for him. This clearly proves
that Tom doesn't care for the happiness of Wilson and doesnt value
Myrtles life because of his love for her.
Go to bed, but Wilson refused, saying that hed miss a lot of
business. This proves that Wilson belongs to the working class and
he cannot afford to take a day off because all he needs to fulfill his
needs in his life which requires money. Right after this, is the scene
where Myrtle runs to the middle of the street and gets ran over by
Daisy. A moment later she rushed out into the dust, waving her
hands and shouting, before he could move from his door the
business was over. Wilson has then discovered that Myrtle was
cheating on him. So when she dies he suspects that the one who ran
the car over her was the one she was cheating him on. Later then
Tom tells that the car that hit Myrtle belonged to a man named Jay
Gatsby. So now even here Tom abuses over Wilsons innocence.
Wilson then sets his mind with the purpose to kill Gatsby. This is
the first time where we see George Wilson take a decision for
himself and still after which he ends up doing it wrong. This shows
how the proletarian class in The Great Gatsby is unable to
accomplish any of their desired goals. He kills Jay Gatsby and then

kills himself. He decides to kill himself because he doesn't have the

strength to forget what he had done and he thought that his guilt
would in kill him from inside. He also couldn't bare the
consequences of the life he was living. So in the end he decided to
end his miserable life.
The character of George Wilson shows how the proletarian class is
marginalized in The Great Gatsby. He shows how the working-class
is always being abused. He also is a living example of how
members of the proletarian class are unable to accomplish any of
their desired goals because they lack the necessary money required
as a means of success.