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by Demonchilde
PDF by Telgar

Expanded from Books


Delling (Aesir (Vanir))

AKA: Dellingr
(Information on Delling can be found in Scion: Ragnarok, pg. 109
- 110)

Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic

Intelligence, Epic Manipulation, Epic Perception,
Epic Stamina, Epic Wits, Fertility, Health,
Jotunblut, Magic, Mystery, Sun, War
Common Abilities: Academics, Command,
Investigation, Melee, Occult, Politics
Rivals: Odin, Loki; Atum-Re, Geb, Isis, Hermes,
Dionysus, Huitzilopochtli, Amaterasu, Damballa

Benzaiten (Amatsukami)
AKA: Biancaitian, Bensaiten

Like Marishiten, Benzaiten was not born into the

Amatsukami. Originally a Scion of Sarasvati of
the Devas, Benzaiten left her parent pantheon so
that she might make her own mark on the World
without being stuck in the shadow of her mother.
Eventually, she would come to the Amatsukami
and offer her knowledge and luck to Amaterasu.
Though hesitant to accept her, Amaterasu finally
relented and welcomed her to the Amatsukami.
Since then, however, she has considered the
young transplanted god to be a threat to her
position of leadership of the Japanese people as
Benzaiten claimed to be the protector of both
Japan and the Japanese people, something
Amaterasu considers her personal duty.
In the World, Benzaiten favors roles that allow her
to exhibit her skill with art and science, as well

as her unbridled energy and thirst for life. Shes

taken on roles such a beautiful Noh actress, an
adorable and energetic manga writer or even an
old scientist with a twinkle in her eye that few can
resist. She has also taken on roles such as political
activist and school teacher, allowing her to speak
out for the underpriveledged and shepherd her
people into something greater.
Scions of Benzaiten are generally blessed with
unnatural luck. They always seem to survive, even
under the worst of odds. Intelligent, energetic
people, her children often go the extra mile and
work harder than anyone else simply because
they enjoy the work or feel it needs to be done.
And all they achieve is usually accompanied with
an artistic flair that few can match.
Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic
Intelligence, Guardian, Magic, Sound, Tsuki-yomi,
Common Abilities: Academics, Art, Empathy,
Occult, Presence, Science
Rivals: Amaterasu, Raiden; Isis, Hermes, Loki,
Quetzalcoatl, Tlazolteotl, Erzulie, Legba

La Sirene (Loa)

AKA: Yemojah, Mawa-Lisu, Mahu

At first sight, the wife of Agwe might be mistaken

for Mami Wata, the head Titan Avatar of the
Drowned Road. But looks of course are where the
similiarities end. La Sirene is a mostly benevolent
goddess, though she is also a diety of passion and
can be a fickle and mischevious deity when the
mood strikes her.
Shes far older than she lets on and though she is
one of Agwes wives now, she has also been lover
to Damballah and many other gods in the past.
She is one of the most ancient of the pantheon
and often equates herself Damballahs equal, if
not in stature, then at least in power.
When in her natural form, she appears as a
mermaid, with the tail of a fish or sea snake
(depending on her mood) and the upper body
of a young African woman. Often shes seen to
be nude from the waist up as well. Still, shes
perfectly capable of appearing perfectly human

and has nothing against wearing clothing, albeit

of an often revealing nature.
As Agwes wife and goddess of the seas mysteries,
La Sirene has been found in many roles in the
mortal world. Shes been a deep sea diver, a
medic in a small coastal village, a marine biologist
and many other roles. She has also served as
a prostitute, a porn star and a fashion model,
as her beauty is easily the rival of Erzulies. Not
to mention she has more charm and seductive
Finally, at times La Sirene has been known to
take a more active hand in the running of her
followers, serving as an actual priestess at times.
Though since the Titans release, more and more
of her worshippers have been lured over to the
service of Mami Wata, mistakenly thinking that
they are worshipping La Sirene. She hopes that
her active hand will prevent that.
Her Scions have a habit of following in their
mothers roles, being both seductive and
mysterious, always alluring but impossible to
fully catch and pin down. They serve in similar
professions and their charm and good looks
typically serve them well as they deal with other
people as well as other Scions.
Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Epic
Charisma, Epic Manipulation, Animal (Fish, Sea
Snake), Cheval, Health, Magic, Moon, Water
Common Abilities: Animal Ken, Athletics, Larceny,
Medicine, Presence, Survival
Rivals: Damballa, Kalfu; Isis, Sobek, Artemis,
Poseidon, Tlaloc, Susano-o

Pancika (Celestial Bureaucracy)

Though not originally a member of the pantheon,

the spread of Buddhism of China brought
this young god into conflict with the Celestial
Bureaucracy. Like many who found themselves
in a similar situation, Pancika was pulled into
the pantheon and given a place in the hierarchy.
Many are surprised to learn that despite his
Buddhist beliefs, he still maintains his role as a
general. He is a skilled warrior and a leader of
men and demon alike when it is necessary to
put his skills to use. Additionally, the handsome

young god is a patron of fertility and is said to

have fathered over five hundred children in his
time. He is a consort of the Guanyin at times,
though he does not always share her fascination
with peace and mercy.
In the modern times, Pancika is often found
serving as a military leader on the battlefield. His
young features and strong body serve to inspire
his troops, while his sharp mind leads him to
many victories against his enemies. Wherever
he goes, however, he always leaves children in
his wake. He is eager to take shore leave, always
manages to find a young woman to spend time
with, and inevitably leaves her with a child to take
care of.
With the abundance of Pancikas children in
the World, one would be surprised that he has
so few Scions. The truth of the matter is that
while Pancika is eager to father the children and
procreate, hes not exactly an ideal father. Hes
distant at best, neglectful and ignorant of his
childs existance at worst. What few Scions of his
are Visited often grow to resent their father for
his absences, often latching onto other gods who
serve as guides and fill the void. Often, however,
this neglectful attitude leads his children to be
adopted by other gods of Celestial Bureaucracy or
even of other pantheons.
Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic
Intelligence, Health, Taiyi, War
Common Abilities: Athletics, Brawl, Command,
Empathy, Marksmanship, Presence
Rivals: Guanyin, Nezha, Sun Wukong; Horus,
Isis, Aphrodite, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Freyr,
Quetzalcoatl, Hachiman, Izanagi, Erzulie, Ogoun


Original Write-Ups


New Egyptian Gods (Pesedjet)


AKA: Hwt Hr, Bat

Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of feminine love,

motherhood and joy. She is often times depicted
as a beautiful woman, one of the few among the
Pesedjet actually known for her beauty. While
other goddesses may associate themselves with
the lust or the passion of romance, Hathor is more
attuned to the beauty of love itself, as well as the
beauty and joy of being a mother and having a
In the world, Hathor often appears as a young
mother, still in her prime of beauty. When not
the mother herself, however, she often takes on
roles that aids mothers and families. She is the
nurse in the maternity ward, the family counselor
who helps couples through the hard times, the
entertainer who just wishes to make people
With her Scions, she is a devoted mother. She
goes out of her way to aid her children. Some
might even say she goes too far and does not
allow her Scions to live their own lives. Many of
Hathors children have grown resentful of her
intrusions into their lives over the centuries. And
more than a few have actually gained her ire as
they grow frustrated and lash out against her. A
devoted mother, she may be, but she also does
not easily forgive her children for forsaking her.
Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Epic
Charisma, Epic, Manipulation, Animal (Cow),
Heku, Health
Common Abilities: Art, Craft, Empathy, Fortitude,
Integrity, Presence
Rivals: Bastet, Isis; Aphrodite, Hera, Freya, Frigg,
Sif, Tlazolteotl, Amaterasu, Izanagi, Izanami,

AKA: Nit, Net, Neit

Goddess of hunting and battle, Neith was viewed

as the patron of the warrior and of the warriors
weapons. She was said to craft the weapons that
were used in war and to guard the bodies of the
slain so that their remains would not be defiled
and could have proper funeral rites performed
for them. She is skilled with the bow and carries a
shield to guard those under her protection. She is
also associated with weaving and the loom and is
said to weave the death shrouds for the fallen.
In modern times, Neith appears as a stern woman.
Not elderly, though its clear the years have not
been kind to her. Often she serves in roles that
allow her to guard the dead. She serves as the city
crime scene investigator who protects the corpse
of a crime scene or as the technition at the city
morgue who tends to the remains until they can
be picked up by family. She is the mortician who
prepares the corpse for funerals. She is always
armed and always ready to protect those the
corpse from desecration.
Ironically, however, she has also spent her fair
share of time serving as an arms dealer and a
gun runner and many of the bodies she watches
over have also been killed by the weapons she
Her children rarely recieve the same attention
that the corpses of he dead do. While she Visits
them and bestows presents and blessings upon
them, she is often busy tending to the dead to
truly offer much else. Should her children die,
however, she will always be the first to appear
and defend their bodies above all else.
Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic
Intelligence, Heku, War, Water
Common Abilities: Art, Command, Craft,
Marksmanship, Melee, Occult
Rivals: Bastet, Horus, Set; Apollo, Artemis,
Athena, Hephaestus, Thor, Vidar, Huitzilopochtli,
Quetzalcoatl, Susanno-o, Ogoun, Shango



Sister to Isis, the two might actually be mistaken

for twins if it werent for he fact that Nephthys
often appears garbed in the funeral wrappings
of a mummy. With her head wrapped in sacred
bandages and her body robed in the shroud,
Nephthys is not easily mistaken for her more
regal sister. The fact that Nephthys, oddly, has the
better personality of the two also helps in that

Despite the fact that she is the lioness to Bastets

housecat, Sekhmet is often confused for the other
goddess. Even to the point that the myths of the
two goddesses are often intertwined thanks to
mortal reverence.

AKA: Nebet-het

Nephthys is also sister and wife to Set, though

theirs is not a happy marriage. Though loyal to
each other and willing to aid the other, Nephthys
sided against Set when he killed his brother,
Osiris, and helped her sister to gather the pieces
of the slain monarch so he could be resurrected.
When Horus was born, she aided in raising
the child and then tried to prevent the battle
between he and Set when the son came seeking
In the world, Nephthys appears much the same
as Isis, though she typically wears clothes that
are much more functional and typically of darker
colors than her sister. Shes served in positions
such as nurse for the terminally ill, hired assassin
or hospice counselor. It is her job to ease others
into death and such roles can take many forms.
Scions of Nephthys are typically adopted,
however. It is her sisters role to give birth and
usher life into the world. It is Nephthys role to
take life and usher it out. While she is capable
of having sexual relations with most anyone,
Nephthys is unfortunately sterile. Unlike her sister,
who uses her children to suit her goals, Nephthys
cherishes every child she is allowed to adopt and
will go out of her way to see to their needs.
Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Wits,
Death, Guardian, Health, Heku, Magic, Mystery
Common Abilities: Academics, Awareness,
Empathy, Integrity, Occult, Presence
Rivals: Isis, Set; Hera, Frigg, Hel, Quetzalcoatl,
Tlazolteotl, Xipe Totec, Izanami, Baron Samedi,

AKA: Sahket, Sacmis

Sekhmet, however, is a different god from Bastet.

Where Bastet serves as the eyes of Atum-Re,
serves as his agent of dispensing justice and
speaks prophecies, Sekhmet does none of that.
Sekhmet is the lioness. She is in the thick of
battle. It is said she protects the pharaoh in the
thick of war and battle, serving to fight his battles
for him and ensure victory. Her skill with a bow
has earned her much fear from her enemies,
especially as she rains down fiery death upon
In the mortal world, Sekhmet takes the form of
a skilled bodyguard, a mercenary or a highly
trained soldier in the field of battle. Though she
often prefers to fight from a distance, shes also
not above jumping into the fray and mixing it up
when necessary.
Her children often inherit their mothers fiery
temper, serving well as front-line troops in
various conflicts. Often, they come in conflict with
the more scholarly members of their mothers
pantheon. With the Titan War waging, however,
the Pesedjet are often thankful to see the children
of the lioness taking the field of battle.
Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Strength,
Animal (Lion), Fire, Heku, War
Common Abilities: Animal Ken, Brawl, Fortitude,
Integrity, Marksmanship, Melee
Rivals: Bastet, Horus, Set, Thoth; Ares, Artemis,
Loki, Tyr, Vidar, Huitzilopochtli, Tlazolteotl,
Hachiman, Ogoun, Shango


AKA: Selchis, Selket, Serket-hetyt

Goddess of the scorpion, Serket represents not

only the patron deity responsible for healing the
stings and bites of insects and snakes, but she

also serves to administer such inflictions upon

those who are deserving of them as punishment.
Often she is depicted either as a scorpion, or as a
woman with a scorpion coiled upon her head. A
dangerous god to anger, her scorpions were the
most deadly in Northern Africa.
In the modern world, Serket serves often as
a doctor, specializing in finding and creating
anivenin from the venoms of scorpions, spiders
and snakes. However, she has also served as an
assassin for a just cause, using poisons and toxins
as her signature to deliver lethal doses to her
targets. Usually, those killed by her are not missed
and people cheer upon their death.
Having a scorpion for a mother is not easy. To
call Serket cold and alien might very well be an
understatement. And yet, her children do not
expect otherwise. They are often raised to accept
the animal cunning of a predator as a common
state of the world. They are neither surprised,
nor insulted by their mothers indifference. They
simply go on to do whatever role Fate has in store
for them, just as their mother does her job.
Associated Powers: Epic Stamina, Animal
(Scorpion), Health, Heku, Justice
Common Abilities: Brawl, Fortitude, Integrity,
Medicine, Politics, Survival
Rivals: Anubis, Bastet; Apollo, Artemis, Freya,
Heimdall, Tyr, Izanagi, Izanami, Baron Samedi


AKA: Taurt, Tuat, Taueret

Originally an Avatar of Terra, during the Titan War,

Taweret served the cosmic balance by keeping
her fellow Titan Apep in line. She was wife and
consort of the monstrous beast and used that
connection to charm Apep into submission, thus
saving the World from his attention. When the
Titan War began, however, Taweret was forced to
take a more active hand. Siding with the gods,
Taweret aided the Pesedjet in permanently
binding and restraining her husband, Apep, and
then turned her back on Terra.
Fatebinding herself to the Pesedjet and the
people of Egypt, Taweret was transformed into

a goddess instead of a Titan Avatar. Now, she is

the goddess of childbirth and fertility. She is the
protector of pregnant mothers and the defender
of children and families. When Set fell to Apeps
poison, she became his consort for a time, using
the same manipulations she used on Apep to
stem the worst of his evils until Sobek could
purify Apep. She often appears as a pregnant
woman, with pendulous breasts and a rounded
stomach. Her head is that of a hippopotamus
with long human hair hanging down over her
shoulders and a crocodile-skin cloak hanging
down her back.
In the World, Taweret continues to take on roles
that allow her to protect mothers and children.
Shes been a social worker, an obstetrician and
a pediatrician. She is always a devoted mother,
not only to her own children but to any child
who may need her protection. If a child under
her care is threatened, she will fight to the death
if necessary to see that the young one is kept
safe. Her own Scions often find themselves the
targets of Tawerets most overprotective urges. No
children are more sacred to her than her own and
she will give them more attention than any. Her
Scions tend to be thankful when she focuses on a
cause and gives them some time to themselves.
Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Stamina,
Animal (Hippopotamus), Guardian, Health, Heku,
Common Abilities: Fortitude, Integrity, Larceny,
Medicine, Occult, Survival
Rivals: Set, Sobek; Artemis, Hermes, Hel,
Huitzilopoctli, Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca, Izanami,
Raiden, Baron Samedi, Legba


AKA: Uadjet, Ua Zit, Nekhbet

Sister to Bastet and fellow protector of the pharaoh

like Sekhmet, Wadjet served to protect Atum-Re as
his personal bodyguard. Bastet may have dispensed
justice in his name and watched as his eyes for signs
of trouble. Sekhmet may have kept him safe on the
field of battle and slaughtered his enemies in times
of war. But it was cobra-headed Wadjet who served
as his bodyguard at all times and defended him
during times of peace.

A prophet of incredible repute as well as a healer,

she is also well known for striking down the
enemies of those that might harm her charge
before they even know theyve been slain. As
the protector of the pharaoh, she also serves to
protect all of Egypt, rarely leaving her homeland
for less than a life-or-death situation.

world with all of the various ways that humans

can watch and spy on their enemies without ever
leaving their homes. From the most mundane
binoculars and long-distance scopes to satellite
surveillance and laser-guided missile systems, the
flow of military information in the modern world
has drawn the full attention of Wepwawet.

In the World she always manifests in Northern

Africa. She serves as the hired bodyguard of
the rich and powerful, a cop in a dangerous
neighborhood or as a security guard at a museum
full of priceless artifacts. Her dedication is always
an inspiration to others and when her skills are
needed she always deals with the threat fast and

His Scions are often the best at getting

information about the Titans and their servants
across enemy lines and back to those who can use
it. They may not all serve as soldiers, though many
of their families come from military backgrounds.
They specialize in getting into hard to breach
places, getting what they were after and getting
out without raising an alarm. Knowledge gained
by the Scions of Wepwawet has already won more
than a few battles in the Titan War.

Her Scions, when she gets time away from her

duties to have them, are often tasked by Wadjet
herself to fight against the Titans. The world is in
need of protecting and the children of the cobra
are going to be the first line of defense if their
mother has anything to say about it.
Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic
Perception, Epic Stamina, Epic Wits, Animal
(Cobra, Vulture), Guardian, Health, Heku,
Prophecy, Sun
Common Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Brawl,
Fortitude, Integrity, Survival
Rivals: Isis, Set; Ares, Athena, Zeus, Baldur, Hel, Tyr,
Tezcatlipoca, Amaterasu, Damballa, Kalfu


AKA: Upuaut, Ophois

Wepwawet began life as a Scion. A soldier and

military scout of great skill. And that legacy lives
on with him even today. Wepwawet is a god of
war, specializing in military intelligence. He is the
patron of scouts and spies, specializing in getting
behind enemy lines, learning their locations
and positions and then returning with that
information. He also serves to protect war-time
messengers who may carry valuable knowledge
useful for the field.
Wolf-headed Wepwawet manifests in the world
as a swarthy, sharp eyed soldier almost always.
He has taken a great fascination in the modern

Associated Powers: Epic Perception, Epic Wits,

Animal (Wolf ), Heku, Psychopomp, War
Common Abilities: Awareness, Command, Melee,
Marksmanship, Stealth, Survival
Rivals: Anubis, Horus, Set; Ares, Hermes, Heimdall,
Odin, Vidar, Huitzilopochtli, Quetzalcoatl,
Hachiman, Legba, Shango

New Greek Gods (Olympians)


AKA: Cybele, Magna Mater, Idaea

Like many of the gods, Rhea began as a Titan.

She is the daughter of Gaia and Ouranos and the
wife of Cronus. More than that, however, she is
the mother of the Dodekatheon. From her were
born Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and,
most importantly, Zeus. It is her act of deception
and bravery in order to spare Zeus from Cronus
paranoia that bound her to the World in the form
of a goddess rather than a Titan, making her one
of the oldest goddesses of the Dodekatheon.
Rhea represents the divine mother. She is the
patron if motherhood, the protector of children
and the goddess which all mothers turn to for
help when parenting becomes too much of a
chore. Rarely does Rhea appear on Olympus,
preferring her sanctuaries in the World and
continuing to live among humanity (though
always in disguise of course). She is also at home
residing within the caves and deep places of the
earth, harkening back to her roots as a being of
the ground and soil.
Whether its in the World or on her rare visits to
Olympus, Rhea always looks like the epitome of
motherhood. Often matronly, though never old,
there is still enough beauty within her to draw
the eye of the men who see her. She is always the
perfect example of a child-bearing potential. If a
man is looking for someone with whom to raise
a family, Rhea always appears in such a way as to
make herself the perfect choice.
Though Rhea has many children, and thus
many potential Scions, its rare that she grant a
Visitation to them. Like any doting mother, she
wishes to protect them from the harsh realities
of the World and keep them safe from the harm
which might befall in them in the Titan War. Not
to mention the troubles that may be caused by
introducing a new member of the Dodekatheon
who can call such luminaries as Zeus, Poseidon
and Hades brother. Still, in these desparate
times, all avenues are being explored for winning
the war. And even the children of the divine

mother have been known to be granted power so

that they may enter the fray.
Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic
Intelligence, Epic Manipulation, Animal (Lion),
Arete, Earth, Guardian, Health, Magic
Common Abilities: Command, Craft, Empathy,
Occult, Presence, Survival
Rivals: Apollo, Hera; Geb, Isis, Frigg, Tlazolteotl,
Izanagi, Izanami, Baron Samedi

New Irish Gods

(Tuatha de Danann)

AKA: Llyr, Ler, Lear

Like his son, Manannan, Lir comes from a

pantheon that is far more ancient than the Tuatha
de Dannan. This ancient Celtic pantheon fell long
ago, with only Lir and his son surviving. However,
they were both welcomed among the Tuatha,
especially when Manannan showed up as the
foster father of Lugh, their great champion. Since
that time, father and son both have served as
loyal members of the Irish pantheon.
Lir is, quite obviously, a God of the Sea. However,
unlike his son who represents the capricious and
illusory powers of the sea, Lir is the seas lord. A
great king among his ancient people, Lir fathered
many children. But almost all of them met tragic
ends. He has since sired more children, fathering
members of the Welsh Mabinogi and other
children among the ancient Brittish people. His
Welsh children were met with tragedy from war
and suicide. And his Brittish children were turned
into swans.
Lir often appears as an aged king, regal still in
his appearance, but clearly tired and with little
patience left for a world thats moved on without
him. Like Poseidon, he sees what humanity has
done to the oceans and wishes to put a stop to
it. However, he does not have much drive to do
so himself. In the World he has appeared as an
aging head of the oceanography department at
a university, the mayor of a seaside town and the
president of a conservationist organization.
While his age is beginning to catch up with him
and slow him down, he is still virile and energetic
enough to father a few children among the
mortals when he makes his trips into the World.
However, he does not watch them with much
hope for the future. So far, only one of his children
has made good. The rest are all remembered in
the great tragedies. Its hard for him to hold out
much hope at this point, but perhaps the next
generation of his children (with a little help from

Fate) can prove him wrong.

Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic
Manipulation, Enech, Justice, Magic, Water
Common Abilities: Academics, Command,
Empathy, Integrity, Politics, Presence
Rivals: Danu, Nuada; Sobek, Hera, Poseidon, Frigg,
Susano-o, Damballa

Minor Gods
For whatever reason, these gods still possess a
Legend of less than 12. Some of these, such as Inari,
were even born gods and as such possess Legend
scores of less than 9 and yet are still gods. While its
possible to play Scions of these gods, do so at your
own risk. As you will see, many of them provide the
appropriate Pantheon-Specific Purview, maybe some
Epic Attributes, and thats ALL. Many of the children
of these gods are often adopted by other gods,
but that doesnt stop these gods from sometimes
Visiting their own Scions. Additionally, many of these
are too weak to possess true rivals. Most major gods
simply dont care. As such, Im not going to list rivals
for these gods.


Former Avatar of the Titan Logos, Maat became

a goddess when her mingling with the Pesedjet
caused her to become Fatebound to the fates
of the dead. After centuries of actively judging
their lives, she found herself separated from
Logos, living as a god in Duat and making regular
visits to Iteru. However, her transformation did
not bestow upon her the full potential available,
leaving her only a minor goddess.
Associated Powers: Epic Manipulation, Epic
Perception, Heku
Common Abilities: Academics, Awareness, Empathy,
Integrity, Presence, Politics

Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Arete

Common Abilities: Art, Athletics, Empathy,
Medicine, Politics, Presence


Messenger of the gods long before Hermes came

along, she never quite attained the necessary
Legend to take her place as a chief goddess of the
pantheon before Hermes eclipsed her and put a
halt to her rising power. She has remained just
shy of reaching her Avatars for thousands of years
now, often resenting Hermes for taking her place.
Still, she is a devoted and skilled messenger, and
unlike most minor gods, possesses a number
of Epic Attributes that allow her to do her job
Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Epic
Dexterity, Epic Wits, Arete
Common Abilities: Athletics, Awareness,
Fortitude, Investigation, Presence, Stealth


(Information on Hod can be found in Scion: Ragnarok, pg. 176.)

Associated Powers: Jotunblut

Common Abilities: Art, Awareness, Integrity,
Melee, Stealth, Thrown


(Information on Nanna can be found in Scion: Ragnarok, pg. 195

to 197)


Associated Powers: Jotunblut

Common Abilities: Academics, Awareness,
Empathy, Integrity, Presence, Stealth

Associated Powers: Epic Intelligence, Heku

Common Abilities: Academics, Art, Craft, Empathy,
Investigation, Occult


(Information on Seshat can be found in Scion: Demigod, pg. 134)


Hebe, daughter of Hera, was the cupbearer for the

gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus. She is
considered the goddess of youth and beauty and is
the wife of Heracles. Rarely does she interact with
the World and as a minor goddess she has little to
offer to the new Titan War. Nevertheless, theres
always the possibility she may have a Scion or two of
her own.

AKA: Ame-no-Uzume-no-mikoto

Like Iris, Ama no Uzume, goddess of mirth,

dancing and morning light, is close to achieving
her peak. However, in the case of Ama no Uzume,
her limitations were chosen when she chose to
step down from heaven and marry the God of
Crossroads, Sarutahiko Okami. Still, that doesnt
stop her from siring a Scion or two, even if they
may be lacking in power.
Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Epic

Charisma, Tsukumo-Gami
Common Abilities: Art, Athletics, Command,
Empathy, Integrity, Presence


(Information on Inari can be found in Scion:

Demigod, pg. 239 to 240)
Associated Powers: Tsukumo-Gami
Common Abilities: Athletics, Integrity, Larceny,
Melee, Occult, Stealth

Sarutahiko Okami

(Information on Sarutahiko Okami can be found

in Scion: Demigod, pg. 244 to 245)
Associated Powers: Tsukumo-Gami
Common Abilities: Awareness, Command,
Fortitude, Integrity, Melee, Presence

Ti-Jean Petro

A loa of snakes and the husband of Marinette,

Ti-Jean Petro has many reasons not to interact
with the World. And since his unfortunate
marriage with Marinette, his legend has often
been eclipsed by her own. This leaves the loa of
snakes very bitter and angry, and willing to take
out his anger upon others that he might run
across. Unfortunately, he has very little power to
do so. Still, he might have some children running
Associated Powers: Cheval
Common Abilities: Animal Ken, Brawl, Fortitude,
Larceny, Medicine, Politics


(Information on Istaran can be found in Scion:

God, pg. 203 to 204)
Associated Powers: Melam
Common Abilities: Academics, Athletics,
Command, Integrity, Politics, Survival

Antagonistic Gods
Note, that playing a Scion of an Antagonistic God
may end up with you fighting your own parent.
Also, you may not necessarily be in on their
schemes and plots. Keep in mind group cohesion
when choosing to play a Scion of these characters
as well, because its never fun when one of your
party just plain turns against the rest of the


(Information on Hecate can be found in the

French Supplement for Antagonists, pg. 3 of the
second portion.)
Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Animal
(Dog), Death, Fertility, Health, Moon, Psychopomp
Common Abilities: Animal Ken, Awareness,
Fortitude, Occult, Presence, Survival
Rivals: Artemis, Hades; Anubis, Bastet, Hel,
Mictlantecuhtli, Izanami, Baron Samedi
Virtues: Intellect 3, Malice 3, Rapacity 2,
Vengeance 2
Strength 9, Dexterity 11, Stamina 11
Charisma 11, Manipulation 11, Appearance 11
Perception 7, Intelligence 7, Wits 7
Academics 2, Animal Ken 5, Art (Sculpture) 2,
Athletics 3, Awareness 5, Brawl 4, Command
3, Control (Horse) 3, Empathy 3, Fortitude
5, Integrity 4, Investigation 4, Larceny 4,
Marksmanship 4, Medicine 3, Melee 4, Occult 5,
Politics 3, Presence 5, Stealth 4, Survival 5, Thrown
Avatar 5, Relic 5 (Robes of Night - Moon), Relic
2 (Key - Death, Health), Relic 2 (Torch - Fertility,
Psychopomp), Sanctum (Lunar Estate) 2
Supernatural Powers:
Avatars - The Beast, The Green, The Mirror, The
Reaper, The Savior/The Scourge, The Way
Boons - Accelerate Growth, Animal Aspect, Animal
Command, Animal Communication, Animal
Feature, Animal Form, Antidote, Assess Health,

Bless or Blight, Blessing of Health/Curse of Frailty,

Bolster, Cleanse, Co-Location, Come Along,
Control Aging, Cradlesong, Create Animal, Death
of the Soul, Death Senses, Delay Rot, Eclipse
Halo, Endless Season, Epic Enhancement, Eternal
Bloom, Euthanasia, Exorcism, Faunaphagia, Finger
Moon, Ghost Control, Green Thumb, Greenskin,
Haunting Mists, Heal/Infect, Heart of the Maze,
Holy Font/Epidemic, Human Clay, Human Hybrid,
Hybrid Chimera, Impossible Hybrid, Lunacy, Lunar
Estate, Marathon Sprinter, Mirror of Lunacy, Moon
Chariot, Mothers Touch, Natural Camoflage, Open
Underworld Portal, Otherworldly Portal, Paper
Tiger, Phase Body, Phase Cloak, Plague/Cure,
Protean Understanding, Rainbow Bridge, Restore/
Wither, Ride Along, Ride Animal, Silver Blessing,
Smoking Mirror, Spirit Lamp, Strike Dead/Deny
Death, Summon Ghost, Terra Incognita, Tidal
Interference, Toxic Thorn, Tranquility, Twist Plants,
Unbarred Entry, Unerring Orientation, Unquiet
Corpse, Verdant Creation, Virility/Muliebrity,
Where Are You?
Epic Attributes - Epic Strength 2 (Crushing
Grip, Knockback Attack), Epic Dexterity 7 (AntiGravity Climber, Cats Grace, Divine Balance,
Escape Artist, Monkey Climber, Roll With It,
Spider Climber, Untouchable Opponent), Epic
Stamina 3 (Damage Conversion, Divine Damage
Conversion, Solipsistic Well-Being), Epic Charisma
7 (all Knacks), Epic Manipulation 7 (all Knacks),
Epic Appearance 10 (all Knacks), Epic Perception
2 (Parallel Attention, Sense Fatebond), Epic
Intelligence 5 (Fight With Your Head, Language
Mastery, Perfect Memory, Blockade of Reason,
Multitasking), Epic Wits 3 (Opening Salvo,
Scathing Retort, Psychic Profiler)
Ultimate Attributes - Ultimate Appearance
Join Battle: 12
Clinch - Accuracy 15, Damage 10L, Parry DV ,
Speed 6, P
Unarmed, Heavy - Accuracy 14, Damage 13B,
Parry DV 29, Speed 5
Unarmed, Light - Accuracy 16, Damage 10B, Parry
DV 30, Speed 4
Soak: 5A/13L/20B (Cloak of Night, +2A/3L/5B)
Health Levels: -0x6/Incap

Dodge DV: 35
Willpower: 6
Legend: 12, Legend Points: 144
Other Notes: Hecates torch will never go out and
grants access to the Fertility and Psychopomp
Purviews. The key she carries grants access to
the Death and Health Purviews as it carries the
powers of life and death within it. Her Robes of
Night grant access to the Moon Purview and
function as armor.


(Information on Quirinus can be found in Scion:

Companion, pg. 216)
After World War II, Qurinus was banished from
Olympus. But all he had wanted to do was the
refound the Roman Empire. True, hed gotten
caught up in Caligulas plots and schemes. But
even so, Quirinus still believes that his cause
was just and his intentions noble. He sees his
banishment as a grave injustice.
Whats more, he believes that when the rest of the
Dei sub-pantheon refused to stand up for him,
that they betrayed him. Leaving him to die in a
cold, harsh world. But Quirinus had dealt with
cold, cruel and harsh before. And he wouldnt let
something like that slow him down. Quirinus is
still out there, plotting the downfall of Olympus
and the recreation of the Roman Empire. The
Titans are viewed as a threat to his plan, not as
allies, however, he may be known to make a deal
or two should it benefit him.

Charisma 5, Manipulation 7, Appearance 6

Perception 8, Intelligence 5, Wits 6
Virtues: Expression 2, Intellect 4, Valor 3,
Vengeance 5
Academics 3, Animal Ken 5, Athletics 5, Awareness
4, Brawl 4, Command 5, Control (Horse) 4,
Empathy 4, Fortitude 5, Integrity 3, Investigation
4, Larceny 2, Marksmanship 4, Medicine 2, Melee
5, Occult 2, Politics 4, Presence 5, Stealth 4,
Survival 5, Thrown 4
Followers 5 (15 Spartoi), Followers 5 (10
Myrmidons), Relic 5 (Spatha - War, +2 Accuracy,
+2 Damage), Relic 3 (Wolf Pelt Armor - Animal
[Wolf ], +2L/B Soak on top of lamellar)
Supernatural Powers:
Avatars - The Beast, The General
Boons - Animal Aspect, Animal Command, Animal
Communication, Animal Feature, Animal Form,
Arete (Animal Ken) 10, Arete (Athletics) 5, Arete
(Command) 10, Arete (Melee) 5, Arete (Presence)
10, Arete (Survival) 10, Army of One, Battle Cry,
Battle Map, Blessing of Ammunition, Blessing
of Bravery, Colossus Armor, Create Animal, Epic
Enhancement, Faunaphagia, Follower Army, Fury
of War, Hybrid Chimera, Morale Failure, Mortal
Stroke, Protean Understanding, Ride Animal,
Seige Juggernaut, Surreal Draft, Warrior Ideal
(Roman Soldier)

Associated Powers: Epic Strength, Animal (Wolf ),

Arete, War
Common Abilities: Animal Ken, Athletics,
Command, Melee, Presence, Survival
Rivals: Ares, Athena, Ceres, Hera, Zeus; Horus, Set,
Freyr, Huitzilipochtli, Hachiman, Ogoun

Epic Attributes - Epic Strength 10 (All Knacks),

Epic Dexterity 7 (All Knacks), Epic Stamina 7
(All Knacks), Epic Charisma 5 (Inspirational
Figure, Divine Figurehead, Benefit of the Doubt,
Charmer, Crowd Control), Epic Manipulation
3 (Advantageous Circumstances, Overt Order,
Hard Sell), Epic Appearance 1 (Game Face),
Epic Perception 7 (All Knacks), Epic Intelligence
4 (Fight With Your Head, Blockade of Reason,
Axiom, Perfect Memory), Epic Wits 4 (Monkey in
the Middle, Opening Gambit, Adaptive Fighting,
Between the Ticks, Rabbit Reflexes, Cobra

Strength 11, Dexterity 10, Stamina 10

Ultimate Attributes: Ultimate Strength

He continues making Scions, though such

children of his would be useful pawns in his plans,
little more. Though such usefulness may involve
infiltrating working bands of other Scions.

Join Battle: 10
Clinch - Accuracy 15, Damage 12L, Parry DV ,
Speed 6, P
Unarmed, Heavy - Accuracy 13, Damage 15L,
Parry DV 28, Speed 5
Unarmed, Light - Accuracy 15, Damage 12L, Parry
DV 30, Speed 4
Spatha - Accuracy 18, Damage 18L, Parry DV 31,
Speed 4
Soak: 11A/31L/38B (+4L/6B from Wolf Pelt Armor)
Health Levels: -0x28/Incap
Dodge DV: 36
Willpower: 9
Legend: 12, Legend Points: 144


(Information on Elli can be found in Scion:

Ragnarok, pg. 110 to 111)
Though its true that Ellis child-bearing years are
behind her, she still has a great deal of Magic and
may perform the Adoption Rite. She does not
undertake this task lightly and should she do so,
her children would serve mainly as her pawns and
tools in whatever schemes she concocts to see
the Jotuns come out of Ragnarok on top.
Associated Powers: Epic Intelligence, Epic
Perception, Epic Stamina, Epic Wits, Frost, Health,
Magic, Mystery
Common Abilities: Academics, Awareness, Craft,
Integrity, Medicine, Occult
Rivals: All of the Aesir; Horus, Isis, Set, Hera,
Hermes, Zeus, Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcoatl,
Amaterasu, Izanagi, Izanami, Damballah, Baron
Samedi, Legba, Kalfu, many many others

Keepers of the World

Any player seeking to play a Scion of the Keepers
of the World, had better present a VERY sufficient
reason for doing so. While all of them are Legend
12, all of them have Avatars and sufficient power
to sire fully-powered Scions, the Keepers are
presented in the books as antagonists. Theyre the
bad guys, even if they dont believe themselves to
be. You do NOT know of their plan. You may NOT
act upon it until you learn about it IN CHARACTER.
And if you cant deal with the fact that you might
end up fighting against your divine parent, then
do not bother making a Scion of these characters.


(Information on Imhotep can be found in Scion:

God, pg. 258 - 260)
Associated Powers: Epic Intelligence, Epic Wits,
Death, Health, Heku, Magic, Stars
Common Abiliites: Art, Craft, Integrity, Medicine,
Occult, Science
Rivals: Ptah; Hephaestus, Wayland, Ogoun


(Information on Heracles can be found in Scion:

God, pg. 260 - 262)
Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Dexterity,
Epic Stamina, Epic Strength, Arete, Guardian
Common Abilities: Athletics, Brawl, Fortitude,
Marksmanship, Melee, Survival
Rivals: Hera, Ares; Horus, Thor, Beowulf,
Tezcatlipoca, Hachiman, Shango

Wayland Smith

(Information on Wayland can be found in Scion:

God, pg. 262 - 264)
Associated Powers: Epic Intelligence, Earth, Fire,
Common Abilities: Art, Control, Craft,
Marksmanship, Melee, Science
Rivals: Odin, Loki; Ptah, Imhotep, Hephaestus,
Hachiman, Ogoun

Hernan Cortez

(Information on Hernan Cortez can be found in

Scion: God, pg. 264 - 266)

Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Dexterity,
Earth, Itzli, Sky
Common Abilities: Animal Ken, Brawl, Command,
Marksmanship, Melee, Presence
Rivals: Quetzalcoatli, Tezcatlipoca; Horus, Hera,
Zeus, Loki, Odin, Amaterasu, Damballa


(Information on Himiko can be found in Scion:

God, pg. 266 - 268)
Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Epic
Charisma, Epic Strength, Mystery, Sun, TsukumoGami
Common Abilities: Command, Craft, Integrity,
Marksmanship, Politics, Presence
Rivals: Amaterasu, Hachiman; Atum-Re, Horus,
Apollo, Baldur, Huitzilopochtli, Shango


(Information on Marinette can be found in Scion:

God, pg. 268 - 270)
Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Epic
Strength, Animal (Owl, Wolf ), Cheval, Justice
Common Abilities: Command, Fortitude, Integrity,
Medicine, Occult, Politics
Rivals: Baron Samedi, Damballa, Erzulie, Legba,
Ogoun; Atum-Re, Set, Apollo, Artemis, Athena,
Heimdall, Loki, Tyr, Quetzalcoatl, Amaterasu,

Titan Corrupted Scions at

While these three are technically gods and could
technically bear Scions, they are each firmly
devoted to the Titans and their cause. While its
possible that one of their children could betray
their heritage and go to the side of the gods,
it is unlikely. These three are mainly included
simply for completeness sake. However, with the
Storytellers permission and a GOOD backstory,
Scions of these three MIGHT make playable
characters. Note that their Rivals are not listed.
That is because all gods are considered to be their


(Information on Ama-no-Zaku can be found in

Scion: God, pg. 339 to 340.)
Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Epic
Stamina, Epic Strength, Epic Wits, Darkness,
Common Abilities: Brawl, Command, Fortitude,
Marksmanship, Melee, Stealth

Simbi Makaya

(Information on Simbi Makaya can be found in

Scion: God, pg. 311 to 312.)
Associated Powers: Animal (Snake)
Common Abilities: Brawl, Command, Fortitude,
Melee, Occult, Presence

Aeshma Daeva

(Information on Aeshma Daeva can be found in

Scion: Yazata, pg. 33 to 34)
Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic
Manipulation, Epic Strength, Chaos, Justice, War
Common Abilities: Athletics, Brawl, Fortitude,
Integrity, Melee, Presence

Minor Antagonistic Gods

The following is a minor god, allied fully with the
Titans and against the powers of the gods. Like
the Titan-corrupted gods above, a VERY good
reason must be given for a Scion of Pan to be
played. Though, the possibility is not completely
off the table. Note, he has no Rivals, just as the
three above. He is the enemy of all gods.


(Information on Pan can be found in Scion:

Demigod, pg. 242 to 244)
Associated Powers: (None - His connection to the
Titans negates passing on an association to Arete.
His Scions may still learn Arete at an increased
Common Abilities: Animal Ken, Art, Brawl,
Empathy, Occult, Presence

Scions of Fate
Scion: Hero, pg. 291, states that its possible for
the various incarnations of The Three (Moirae,
Norns, Sudice, etc) may potentially sire Scions of
their own. This is further demonstrated by the
Celtic Matrons Scions who oppose the Scions of
Nemetondevos. But the Matrons have forsaken
their neutrality and mingled with both god and
titan. However, things work a little differently for
the other aspects of the Three. The Matrons form
the exception, not the rule. The rule would be as
When making a Scion of the Three, the player
must first decide which face of the Three he is
playing a Scion of. Other than the Matrons, there
are three other varieties of the Three. The Greeks
have the Moirae. The Norse have the Norns. And
the Slavic people have the Sudice. The Three are
a mainly Indo-European concept and finding
them among other pantheons is exceedingly rare.
Once the particular face of the Three is chosen,
then the Scion may begin creating the character.
It is not necessary to account for the individual
mother. While its true one may call himself a
Scion of Clotho, Lachesis or Atropos, the system
remains the same and the character is considered
simply to be a Scion of the Moirae. The Norns and
the Sudice follow the same system and do not
differentiate between the children of individual
Scions of the Three have their choice of Epic
Attributes. Each may choose two Epic Attributes
to serve as Associated Powers. These two do not
change once chosen. Additionally, all Scions of
the Three are considered to be associated with
the Special Purviews of Magic, Mystery and
Prophecy. Finally, the Scions of the Three are
associated with the Pantheon-Specific Purview of
the pantheon which that particular aspect is tied
to. Scions of the Moirae are associated with Arete,
Scions of the Norns are associated with Jotunblut
and Scions of the Sudice are associated with
The children of the Three possess the Virtues
appropriate to the pantheon they are tied to and
smell the same if sensed using the Perception

Knack, Scent the Divine (Scion Companion, pg.

56). Finally, the Abilities of Academics, Awareness,
Integrity, Investigation, Occult and Politics are
considered to be common to the Scions of the
Note that these rules only apply to Scions of the
Moirae, the Norns and the Sudice. The Scions
of the Matrons are created using a completely
different system presented in the Matrons French
supplement. The Matrons have allied themselves
against the Nemetondevos. While this does not
make them allies of the Titans, it does violate
their neutrality. Their actions since to sire children
and strike against the Gaulish gods have tangled
them in their own strands of Fate. Each sister of
the Matrons is considered to be a seperate god
with unique Associated Powers and Common
Abilities. Additionally, the Matrons espouse their
own set of Virtues which includes Dark Virtues
for their Scions. These Dark Virtues do not stem
from the taint of the Titans, but rather from the
actions they have taken in order to oppose the
Nemetondevos. The only tie the Matrons still hold
to their pantheon is the fact that the use of Scent
the Divine still causes the Matrons to smell like
their parent pantheon. The sound is different,
however, as the Matrons sound like ringing
chimes rather than whinnying horses.

Pantheon Specific Purviews

and Virtues
Some of the gods listed above do not have the
same Virtues as their parent pantheon. These are
treated using the same system as mentioned in
Scion: Hero, pg. 118. This sidebar is clarified to
simply mean the following: Scions who possess
Virtues different from their parent pantheon
must purchase their Pantheon-Specific Purview
as if purchasing a Special Purview that is NOT
associated with their parent. That is, 4xp to
start and rating x 5xp to increase the Purview.
This allows these Scions to still purchase their
Pantheon-Specific Purview but at a disadvantage
for having different values than their parents.
This becomes especially appropriate for playing
the Scions of certain gods. First of all, there are
the two gods Elli and Hecate. In the case of Elli,
she posseses the Virtues of Ambition, Courage,
Endurance and Zealotry. Scions of Elli possess
this Virtue set as well, rather than the Virtues of
the Aesir. Similarly, the goddess Hecete possesses
the Virtues of Intellect, Malice, Rapacity and
Vengeance. These Virtues are the source of
Hecates schizophrenic tendencies as her Intellect
conflicts with her Malice and her Rapacity and
Vengeance blend into a thirst for her enemies
blood. They are also the Virtues which she passes
on to her children.
Because of these different Virtues, their children
do not gain an automatic assocation with the
Pantheon-Specific Purview of their appropriate
pantheons and theses Purviews are left off their
Associated Powers lists on purpose. However, as
per the sidebar on pg. 118 of Scion: Hero, their
children may take different Virtues. If they take
the Virtues of their parents forsaken pantheon,
they may learn the Pantheon-Specific Purview
normally, but doing so costs them the favor of
their divine parents. This is only appropriate if
Scions of Elli or Hecate take the Virtues of the
Aesir or Dodekatheon respectively.
The Matrons form another exception. Like Elli and
Hecate, their Virtues are mixed with Dark Virtues
due to their opposition to the Nemetondevos.

And like Elli and Hecate, this means that they

do not naturally pass on an Association to a
particular Pantheon-Specific Purview. However,
their Scions do not gain an option. Their Scions
may technically still learn the Purview of
Deuogdonio which the Nemetondevos created,
but doing so must come at a higher experience
cost unless they have the appropriate Virtues
as per the sidebar on pg. 118 of Scion: Hero.
However, doing so would require a full overhaul
of their Scions Virtues and would certainly
ensure they earn the ire of their parents. Not to
mention, whether they have Alternate Virtues
or not, learning the Purview which was created
to oppose the Matrons is a sure-fire way to earn
their eternal hatred.
Finally, there is a special exception for the gods
who have given themselves fully to the Titans.
Aeshma Daeva, Ama-No-Zaku, Bamapana, Simbi
Makaya and the minor god Pan all possess the
full set of Dark Virtues. Their connections with
their parent pantheons are tenuous at best.
Their children possess these Dark Virtues as
well, however, they may possess others as per
the Alternate Virtues sidebar in Scion: Hero, pg.
118. However, because of the Titan-taint running
through the veins of their parents, Scions of
these gods ALWAYS pay the higher cost for their
Pantheon-Specific Purview, even if they take
all of the appropriate Virtues for the pantheon
in question. All these Scions gain for taking
Alternate Virtues is the animosity of their Titanworshiping parents and the possible acceptance
of other gods. Again, the absence of PantheonSpecific Purviews for these gods Associated
Powers lists is intentional.
Note that no amount of Virtue differences will
allow a character to learn the Pantheon-Specific
Purview of another Scions. Scions of Elli may only
learn Jotunblut. Scions of Ama-No-Zaku may only
learn Tsukumo-gami. Scions of Hecate will never
learn Cheval, Itzli or any other Pantheon-Specific
Purview other than Arete.