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Bathroom Bathrooms can be constructed in the south-east or south-west portion of the house and never

in the north-east. So, the bathroom should be constructed in the back side of the house and not in the
front, in case of a NE plot.
Door The main door to the house can be in the north-east or mid-east portion of the house. However, the
main door should never be in the south-east of the house. No doors should open in the south of the
house, however, doors in the west direction can be provided for a lawn etc.
Balcony/Verandah Balconies should be in the north-east of the house and never in the south-west, as
the sun rays of the morning are beneficial. If any verandahs are constructed in the south-west portion of
the house, comparatively bigger verandahs must be provided in the north-east direction.
The master bedroom should be constructed in the south-west of the house, i.e. in the rear side of the
house. One should never sleep with head towards the north as this might result in sleeplessness. And the
beds should never be placed in the center of the room, and a gap of a few inches must be provided while
placing the bed. Children's bedroom should be in the west portion of the house. And a guest room can be
constructed in the north-west of the house.
Pooja Room
Pooja room should be in the north-east of the house. One's face should be towards the east while
praying. A window in the north-east wall is beneficial. And the ceiling of the pooja room should be lower
than other rooms.
The stairs should be constructed in the south, west, or south-west portion of the house, and should
always be clockwise if turning.
The kitchen should be in the south-east of the house. The lady of the house should face while cooking.
The sink for cleaning utensils should be in the north-west. Fridge should be in the north-west of the
More construction should be done in the back potion the house in comparison to the front portion, leaving
more space in the north-east. A terrace in the north-east portion is beneficial.

The master bed room should be in the South West corner for
the east facing home or flat. Master bed room should have
more size than the other bed rooms.
he best place for a stair case in the east facing home is the
south east corner. Second option is at the north west corner
of the house.

Bath and Toilets of an East Facing House

Vastu for House
Bath rooms and toilets are major causes of financial troubles and unhealthy conditions if not properly
located as per vastu Shastra. If you wish to ensure good health conditions for the family proper care must
be taken by reading the following simple Vastu rules for desining the posiotions of bath rooms and toilets.

In an east facing house, the east and west portion of the house is best for constructing a bathroom as per
Vastu principles. The morning and evening rays of the Sun are believed to be extremely beneficial for
Health as Vastu is mainly based with the Sun Rays, hence proper windows should be provided in the
The sun light also disinfects the bath room. The slope of the bathroom floor should be towards north and
east so water drains to the north-east side of the bathroom.
A geyser can be installed in south-east of the bathroom.
Taps and shower can be in north so the water drains to the north-east. Bath tub can be on the west side
with head-side in south. Avoid a door on the south-west of bathroom. A washing machine can be placed in
the north-west or south-east portion of the bathroom.
Vastu for Toilets suggests, toilets should to be in the northwest and south east corner of the house or
building or bedrooms. Avoid constructing a toilet in the center of the building, south-west and in the
northeast of the building.
When it has to be an attached toilet, let it be to the northwest side of the particular room. The second
alternative is the southeast of the building or room.
Toilets should never be constructed adjacent to kitchen and pooja room as per Vastu Shastra, as the bad
energy will spoil the purity and devinity.
As per Vastu Shastra northeast corner (Eeshanya) is the junction of Kubera and Indra, it is said that toilet in
the north-east may gradually weaken the Finances and the general prosperity of the master of the house.
The children and elders may get diseases and often visit hospitals.
As per Vastu Shastra Toilets built in the south-west corner of the house makes the owner of the house
financially weak, indecisive and his health may suffer. South west corner of a room or house must be totally
avoided for constructing toilets.
Important point of attatched toilets in any bed room is while we are in the bed the door of the toilet should
not be just in the opposite side either in the head or leg positions.
The position of the toilet seat should face either south or north side only.
Facing the Sun while sitting in the toilet seat is a major caudse of sickness as per Vastu Shastra. Always
ensure the seat is not positioned towards east or west direction for good health.

Points To Remember:Have the bigger window on the east and north and a smaller one in the south and west directions of the
Position the Toilet seats facing south or north and never facing west or east.
Mirrors in the toilet may be on the south and west walls.
Doors can be on the east or north direction.

Vastu Tips for East facing Houses:* The main door must be on the north-east corner or east (Positive).
* The kitchen must be in south-east corner or as second choice in north-west corner.
* The stair case can be built in north-west corner and never in north-east corner.The northeast corner of the house should not extend beyond south -east corner.
* Any type of construction like security room, E.B room, garage Etc... Shall not be built on
the north east corner of the plot.
* Big trees or heavy flower pots not to be kept in the north-east corner of the plot.While
digging well, sump due care to be taken not to affect the north-east corner.
* Portico, Car Park should not be built extending the north-east corner of the house.
* The north-east corner of the house should not extend beyond south east corner.
* The Master bed room must be built in the South west corner and children' room in the
north west corner.
* The Hall can well be placed in the East side towards north or in the north east corner.
* If more windows are provided in the east side the flow sun light in the morning will bring
good luck and health.
* East side elevation must not be higher that of west side.
* If waste water, rain water and drainage are passed out from the north-east direction, the
children will prosper in studies and profession.
* More open area is to be left on east and north sides.

Study Room of an East Facing House

Vastu for House
Children are the fruits of our life. We must create an excellent ambience for them to study and grow well.
A good vastu vibration is a guaranteed assurance of the children's future. If proper care is taken to design
a study room the children will excel in their studies and prosper in life without fail.

A study room is a must for healthy progress in study without any disturbance. If the children study they
must understand, remember and reproduce in their exams. This will happen only if the study room is
desined as per Vastu principles.Every parent must ensure the proper Vastu vibration and natural flow of
Vastu energy in the children's study room.
As per Vastu Shastra Study room can be located in the north-east, east, north-west portions of the house,
but never be in the south-west and south-east corners. Hindu Gods Budha (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter),
Chandra (Moon), Shukra (Venus) are the important Gods effecting the children for their study. Mercury
increases brain power, Jupiter increases ambition and curiosity. Moon helps in the generation of new
thoughts and ideas. Venus helps in the growth of talent.
Vastu rules for location of a study room are related with the preferential positions of these Lords. They
have been formulated after research and experience through millions of years by Indian saints and
sages.The North east corner is the best for a good energetic study room which is the place of Lord Budha.

Proper ventilation is a must o be considered for best results. If natural Sun light spreads through the
study room it brings in healthy and energetic energy and make the children fresh and brisk while
The doors and windows of the study room shall be positioned so as the sun light is not obstructed to flow
inside the study room. And windows should be larger on the eastern side and smaller on the western side
of the room.
Study table should be placed in such a direction that the face of the student while studying is towards the
north-east, east or north.
Book rack and cabinets should be placed in the south-west and northwest of the room and never in the
east, north, south-east and north-east directions. No cabinets or tables should be placed in the center of
the room. It is best to leave the center portion of the study room empty.


Master Bedroom of an east facing House

Vastu for House
For east facing houses it is very comfortable for setting up the master bed room as per Vastu Shastra.
The master bed toom is so called because the master the most elder person of the house or the most
prominent and earning member of the home sleeps here.
The master bed room should be in the South West corner for the east facing house.

Master bed room should have more size than the other bed rooms. The main earning member or the
Eldest of all should stay in the master bedroom of the house. This room can be used by father or the
eldest son, or who controls the family expenses.
As the main financial contributor stays and keeps his valuables it is important that this room is built
atmost careas per Vastu rules. Normally most of the people use the Master bedroom for safe keeping the
valuable and important things they own. That is why Vastu prescribes strict instructions for the position of
master bedroom.
The south west corner of the house is called Kubera Moolai in Vastu Shastra and its good Vastu vibrations
are very important for financial steadiness of the owner. The Hindu Mythology says that this corner is
ruled by the Demon God called "Niruthy" who is one of the Guard of Directions called "Ashtathik
Balakars". Interestingly this Demon god is the Guard of wealth.
For getting good financial wealth by Vastu principles a good heavy locker has to be positioned and kept in
the south-west corner of this bed room. All important documents of properties, bank pass books, cheque
books, account books, cash, jewellary, silver vessels and ornaments have to be safely kept in this safety
Whatever things are stored in this place will grow and prosper the owner of the house. The person
staying in this room will lead others in the family and control them in all aspects. Vastu suggests that this
portion should never be rented out or provided for guests or children. If children stay in this room, their
studies will be spoiled and character might become worsen. Southwest corner of the bedroom should
never be left empty.
The weight balancing principle of Vastu suggests that of all the parts of a house the south west corner
has to be having more weight to keep the money flowing and increase the financial position of the house.
Proper planning is a must to avoid financial troubles to keep the Vastu Vibratrions flow freely by building

the master bedroom in the south west corner of the east facing house.