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Dear Sir/Madam,

As a recent motivated graduate who is eager to start in the mergers and

acquisitions sector, I was immediately determined to apply for the possibility
to do a summer internship for one of the leading investment banks of the
During the recent years I became fascinated by the M&A sector and the
complexity and thrive it comes with. The possibility to determine financial
strategies at an executive level, finding solutions for financing questions, the
art of valuation and the excitement of the negotiation process truly
passionate me. I welcome taking down these challenges with a motivated
and ambitious team in a highly pressured environment and deliver high
quality results to the clients at the same time. Furthermore, I appreciate the
goal-orientated nature of this sector, as well as the wide range of skills set
required for the different phases in the M&A process.
The long track record and specific industry knowledge have led Morgan
Stanley to the top position in the investment banking league tables. Not only
has Morgan Stanley been setting the standard for the industry since its
founding in 1935, the global network and presence in various industries also
reflects an ambitious vision and ability to adapt to the constantly changing
environment. Exactly these values attract me to Morgan Stanley.
After completing my Bachelor I gained my first experience in financial
advisory during an internship. I had the opportunity to have insight at the
whole M&A process and gained a deeper understanding of the valuation
theory. This work experience not only taught me how to deal with deadlines
and clients, but also pushed me to deliver a high level of quality in
everything I do. During my time at the Nike EMEA headquarters I had the
opportunity to witness an acquisition from close by and discover all the
complexities that come along with it. I gained first hand experience with the
synergies that can arise, as well as the organisational problems.
Furthermore, the MSc in Corporate Finance at the Cass Business School was
able to offer me a unique combination of theory that was taught by welldistinguished professors and practise from professionals. Besides my
academic career, I am convinced that my active membership of a student

society and my experience in a broad range of sports created awareness for

strong team values and a natural appetite for victory.
Please find enclosed my resume. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet
with you in person.I thank you for your time considering my application.

Dear Ms. ____________:
You are listed as the primary contact for Morgan Stanley on the Ross School
of Businesss job site. Please consider me for your Finance Summer Analyst
Program in New York, NY. As further detailed below and in my resume, my
exceptional analytical skills and outstanding leadership abilities make me a
good candidate for a position with your prestigious organization.
As president of my fraternity, I worked alongside my executive board to
actively identify and solve problems facing the organization. With this active
problem-solving approach, my executive board implemented the first judicial
system in our fraternitys 90-year history to counteract accountability
problems within the membership.
I have enclosed my resume for your review and would appreciate the
opportunity to interview for the Finance Summer Analyst Program. Thank you
for your time and consideration.