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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

135 / Monday, July 16, 2007 / Notices 38825

DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE regular meetings per year, and one submitted by mail and postmarked no
annual retreat. later than the closing date of the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric comment period.
Authority: 16 U.S.C. 1431, et seq.
(Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog Comments may also be submitted by
Availability of Seats for the Cordell Number 11.429 Marine Sanctuary Program) e-mail. The mailbox address for
Bank National Marine Sanctuary Dated: July 9, 2007. providing e-mail comments is
Advisory Council Daniel J. Basta, Include
in the subject line of the e-mail
AGENCY: National Marine Sanctuary Director, National Marine Sanctuary Program,
National Ocean Services, National Oceanic comment the following document
Program (NMSP), National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration. identifier: File No. 10014.
Service (NOS), National Oceanic and
[FR Doc. 07–3456 Filed 7–13–07; 8:45 am] FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
Atmospheric Administration,
Department of Commerce (DOC). BILLING CODE 3510–NK–M Patrick Opay or Carrie Hubard,
ACTION: Notice and request for
subject permit is requested under the
SUMMARY: The Cordell Bank National National Oceanic and Atmospheric authority of the Marine Mammal
Marine Sanctuary (CBNMS or Administration Protection Act of 1972, as amended
Sanctuary) is seeking applicants for the (MMPA; 16 U.S.C. 1361 et seq.), the
following vacant seats on its Sanctuary RIN 0648–XB40
regulations governing the taking and
Advisory Council (Council): Community importing of marine mammals (50 CFR
Endangered Species and Marine
At Large Marin County Primary seat, part 216) and the Endangered Species
Mammals; File No. 10014
Community at Large Sonoma County Act of 1973, as amended (ESA; 16
Alternate seat. Applicants are chosen AGENCY: National Marine Fisheries U.S.C. 1531 et seq.) and the regulations
based upon their particular expertise Service (NMFS), National Oceanic and
governing the taking, importing, and
and experience in relation to the seat for Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),
exporting of endangered and threatened
which they are applying; community Commerce.
species (50 CFR 222–226).
and professional affiliations; philosophy ACTION: Notice; receipt of application.
regarding the protection and The NJDEP seeks permission to
management of marine resources; and SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given that conduct research to elucidate the
possibly the length of residence in the the New Jersey Department of distribution and abundance of baleen
area affected by the Sanctuary. Environmental Protection (NJDEP), whales, odontocete whales, pinnipeds,
Applicants who are chosen as members Division of Science, Research and and sea turtles. Research would include
should expect to serve a 3 year term, Technology, P.O. Box 409, Trenton, NJ take by survey approach during
pursuant to the Council’s Charter. 08625–0409, has applied in due form for shipboard and aircraft transect surveys
a permit to take marine mammals and of up to 200 common dolphins, 410
DATES: Applications are due by August
sea turtles for purposes of scientific bottlenose dolphins, 100 Atlantic
17th, 2007.
research. spotted dolphins, 100 striped dolphins,
ADDRESSES: Application kits may be
obtained from Cordell Bank National DATES: Written, telefaxed, or e-mail 100 pantropical spotted dolphins, 100
Marine Sanctuary, Rowena Forest, P.O. comments must be received on or before spinner dolphins, 100 clymene
Box 159, Olema, CA 94950. And at August 15, 2007. dolphins, 10 Northern bottlenosed ADDRESSES: The application and related whales, 10 melon-headed whales, 25
welcome.html. Completed applications documents are available for review white-sided dolphins, 10 white-beaked
should be sent to the above post office upon written request or by appointment dolphins, 10 Risso’s dolphins, 200 pilot
address. in the following office(s): whales, 100 harbor porpoises, 10 killer
Permits, Conservation and Education whales, 10 sperm whales, 10 Cuvier’s
Division, Office of Protected Resources, beaked whales, 10 Mesoplodon whales,
Rowena Forest/CBNMS, P.O. Box 159
NMFS, 1315 East-West Highway, Room 20 pygmy/dwarf sperm whales, 10
Olema, CA 94950, (415) 663–0314 x105,
13705, Silver Spring, MD 20910; phone pygmy killer whales, 10 blue whales, 10
(301)713–2289; fax (301)427–2521; and sei whales, 25 minke whales, 100 fin
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Northeast Region, NMFS, One whales, 100 humpback whales, 300
Advisory Council for Cordell Bank was Blackburn Drive, Gloucester, MA Northern right whales, 1400 harbor
established in 2002 to support the joint 01930–2298; phone (978)281–9300; fax seals, 400 gray seals, 25 harp seals, 25
management plan review process (978)281–9394. hooded seals, 10 hawksbill sea turtles,
currently underway for the CBNMS and Written comments or requests for a 100 leatherback sea turtles, 600
its neighboring sanctuaries, Gulf of the public hearing on this application loggerhead sea turtles, 100 Kemp’s
Farallones and Monterey Bay National should be mailed to the Chief, Permits, ridley sea turtles, and 50 green sea
Marine Sanctuaries. The Council has Conservation and Education Division, turtles. The study area would include
members representing education, F/PR1, Office of Protected Resources,
U.S. waters offshore of southern New
research, conservation, maritime NMFS, 1315 East-West Highway, Room
activity, and community-at-large. The Jersey out to a distance of 20 nautical
13705, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Those
government seats are held by miles. A five-year permit is requested.
individuals requesting a hearing should
hsrobinson on PROD1PC76 with NOTICES

representatives from the National set forth the specific reasons why a Concurrent with the publication of
Marine Fisheries Service, the United hearing on this particular request would this notice in the Federal Register,
States Coast Guard, and the Managers of be appropriate. NMFS is forwarding copies of this
the Gulf of the Farallones, Monterey Bay Comments may also be submitted by application to the Marine Mammal
and Channel Islands National Marine facsimile at (301)427–2521, provided Commission and its Committee of
Sanctuaries. The Council holds four the facsimile is confirmed by hard copy Scientific Advisors.

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38826 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 135 / Monday, July 16, 2007 / Notices

Dated: July 10, 2007. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: To system, what their perceptions were/are
P. Michael Payne, request more information on this about Military Health Care in general
Chief, Permits, Conservation and Education proposed information collection or to and what can be done, if anything, to
Division, Office of Protected Resources, obtain a copy of the proposal and help regain the public’s trust in this
National Marine Fisheries Service. associated collection instruments, important resource since this current
[FR Doc. E7–13736 Filed 7–13–07; 8:45 am] please write to Office of the Assistant breech occurred. We would also like to
BILLING CODE 3510–22–S Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs compare and contrast the public’s
(OASD), TRICARE—Health Program perceptions of Military Health Care with
Analysis and Evaluation, ATTN: LtCol those of Health Care in the public arena
Lorraine Babeu, 5111 Leesburg Pike, as a way to gain more insight into the
DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Suite 810A, Falls Church, VA 22041– issue. Moreover, health care for military
3206, or call (703) 681–0039. personnel and their family members has
Office of the Secretary Title and OMB Number: Public often been cited as one of the key
[No. DoD–2007–HA–0073]
Perceptions of Military Health Care; recruitment and retention tools for the
OMB Control Number 0720–TBD. Department. Data from this survey will
Proposed Collection; Comment Needs and Uses: The goal of this help establish a baseline for
Request survey effort is to determine the public’s understanding the public’s attitude
perceptions of Military Health Care and about Military Health Care and help
AGENCY: Office of the Assistant compare and contrast that with their determine if changes in the system
Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, perceptions of U.S. Health Care. based on recommended interventions
DoD. Affected Public: Individuals or such as increased staffing, computerized
ACTION: Notice. Households. medical records, streamlined processes
Annual Burden Hours: 133. and procedures, etc., will improve the
In compliance with Section 3506 Number of Respondents: 1,000.
Responses Per Respondent: 1. public’s perceptions or attitudes. For the
(c)(2)(A) of the Paperwork Reduction purposes of this survey, Military Health
Act of 1995, the Office of the Assistant Average Burden Per Response: .133 (8
minutes). Care is defined as medical and dental
Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs care for individuals entitled to health
announces a new information Frequency: Annually.
care under 10 USC, Chapter 55.
collection. Comments are invited on: (a)
Whether the proposed collection of Dated: July 9, 2007.
Summary of Information Collection
information is necessary for the proper Patricia L. Toppings,
performance of the functions of the The goal of this survey effort is to Alternate OSD Federal Register Liaison
agency, including whether the understand and compare the public’s Officer, Department of Defense.
information shall have practical utility; perceptions of Military health care to [FR Doc. 07–3451 Filed 7–13–07; 8:45 am]
(b) the accuracy of the agency’s estimate that of Health Care in general in the BILLING CODE 5001–06–M
of the burden of the proposed United States. The Military Health Care
information collection; (c) ways to System’s vision statement is—‘‘A world
enhance the quality, utility, and clarity class health system that supports the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
of the information to be collected; and military mission by fostering,
protecting, sustaining and restoring [USN–2007–0040]
(d) ways to minimize the burden of the
information collection on respondents, health’’. Recent developments have
tarnished that vision. The media have United States Marine Corps; Privacy
including through the use of automated Act of 1974; System of Records
collection techniques or other forms of focused attention on the plight of
information technology. wounded military personnel in the AGENCY: United States Marine Corps,
direct care environment, Walter Reed DoD.
DATES: Consideration will be given to all
specifically. They have published
comments received by September 14, ACTION: Notice to add a records system.
various articles and stories on the
2007. shortfalls of Military Health Care to SUMMARY: The U.S. Marine Corps is
ADDRESSES: You may submit comments, include support services (Medical adding a system of records notice from
identified by docket number and title, Evaluation Boards, Physical Evaluation its inventory of records systems subject
by any of the following methods: Boards, Housing, Pay, etc.) as provided to the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended
• Federal eRulemaking Portal: http:// in accounts from beneficiary and other (5 U.S.C. 552a). Follow the sources. There are numerous and DATES: The addition will be effective on
instructions for submitting comments. ongoing anecdotal accounts of red tape, August 15, 2007 unless comments are
• Mail: Federal Docket Management bureaucracy, physician shortages received that would result in a contrary
System Office, 1160 Defense Pentagon, (particularly mental health care determination.
Washington, DC 20301–1160. workers), substandard care, neglect,
ADDRESSES: Send comments to
Instructions: All submissions received problems with consults and
must include the agency name, docket appointments, and overall perceived Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, FOIA/
number and title for this Federal deep and systemic failures of the PA Section (CMC–ARSE), 2 Navy
Register document. The general policy Military Health Care System. HA/TMA Annex, Room 1005, Washington, DC
for comments and other submissions is very concerned about the 20380–1775.
from members of the public is to make implications of these negative accounts FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms.
hsrobinson on PROD1PC76 with NOTICES

these submissions available for public of Military Health Care on the Tracy D. Ross at (703) 614–4008.
viewing on the Internet at http:// perceptions of the public regarding the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The U.S. as they are provision of health care, ancillary and Marine Corps’ records system notices
received without change, including any support services. HA/TMA would like for records systems subject to the
personal identifiers or contact to understand the extent to which the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 552a), as
information. public holds negative perceptions of the amended, have been published in the

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