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EasyToon 1.9.

8 EN
By Flat2D
EasyToon 1.9.8
-Added importation and opening format Gif. Now you can melt ezt and gif files to
gether in your animation.
-Added black and white cross cursor instead of red cross cursor.
-Added compatibility with ezt files from the version EasyToon Bra Bra.Now you ca
n open it without any bug.
EasyToon 1.9.7 ( contain all previous updates of the version 1.96b not released
-Added the fill tones on tools Line, parallel line, Polyline, Rectangle and Elli
-List of all Shortcuts keys in the dialog box "About Easytoon" .
-Added new shortcuts keys,( see the list ).
-Added more onion skin for see preview and next frames.
-Moved toolbar fill tone and toolbar mirror, symetric image in top menu.
-New icons.
-Added more informations about the frames (duration ,size ) in the lower bar.
-Added the word Frame near of the number of frames in lower-right.
-Added 2 new fill tones ( Total : 17 tones ),tones in percentage of filling.
-The duration time by default for the frames is 10/100s instead of 20/100s in ol
der version.
EasyToon 1.9.6b ( not released )

-Changed the color rectangle selection in green.

-Start in windowed mode.
-Added Red cross for replace the arrow cursor.
-Added 100 undos.
-Added more informations on buttons.
-Compatibility Windows Vista
EasyToon 1.9.5b
-New shortcuts keys.
EasyToon 1.9.5
-Bug on the pen when he use fill tones, only under Windows98. status bug: not fi
xed :(
-New icon for the program.
-The key 3 on the keypad is for the mask.
-The bug on text for display the font in bolt is fixed.
-Progressive bar during the preview of the animation.
-Compatibility windows98 (but limited no more 800 frames) Win 2000 and XP.
EasyToon 1.9.4 (release in english)
-installation setup , history of easytoon and the program easytoon 1.9.4 are in
english language.

-Fixed bug on certain tone.

-When you use a tone you can now erase with the right click on mouse.
-Added the fill tone on the tools filled rectangle and filled ellipse.

-New icons.
-Added preview font in tool text.(bug a few)
-Added 7 new fill tones.
-The pen can use the fill tone as normal.
-The undo can be do with the middle button mouse.
-New position of toolbar.
EasyToon 1.9.3

"first real release in download on internet"

-Move of the working zone in center, it's better for pen tablet.
-New shortcut key:
- the key "shift" pressed , can make perfect rectangles and ellipses.
-Added text tool for use font.
EasyToon 1.9.2 final
- Translated in french.
- The application starts in full screen.
- Desactivation of the dimensions window when the application starts.
- Control of the zoom with the wheel mouse.
- Added menus that were missing to enable or disable some tool bars.
- Modified some shortcut keys:
-the right arrow create new frame and move in frames.
-the left arrow move back in frames.

-the key "Del" delete the actual frame.

-the key "End" clear the actual frame.
-the key "inser" add new frame.
- Added tool for horizontal and vertical symetrie with or without selection.
- Added tool for negative effect with or without selection.
- Added tool to trace parallel lines.
- The eraser add 10 in width instead of 16 in older version.
EasyToon 1.9.2 alpha
Beginning of the programming of Easytoon 1.9.2a from the source code of the vers
ion "setagaya branch" on , "setagaya branch" version ma
de from original source code by Keijiro Takahashi on http://www.radiumsoftware.c
-This version alpha add language selector "japanese,french,english" translate au
tomatically the interface ,but discontinued for the final version because some d
isplay bugs come from the font, "DAMN".

History of EasyToon version.

Original programming by Keijiro Takahashi
n version 1.0



2nd programming

n setagaya branch 1.9.1



3rd programming

yToon 1.9.8



-EasyToon 1.9.7
-EasyToon 1.9.6b
-EasyToon 1.9.5b
-EasyToon 1.9.5
-EasyToon 1.9.4
-EasyToon 1.9.3
-EasyToon 1.9.2
-EasyToon 1.9.2a
4th programming
n Bra Bra 2.53

:2006-2007 -EasyToo


History translated and writed by Kato-yuen ( sorry for my bad english :) ), pro
gramming in C++ by Mugen
All new grafics in easytoon by Kato-yuen , For the installation setup i have use
d the freeware program
"install creator" on Thanks a lot.