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Universitas Indonesia
The first and the biggest
nation wide Model United
Nations in Indonesia

24-28 October 2010 Open Recruitment

Indonesia Model United Nations

FISIP UI will host IndonesiaMUN (IMUN),

the first and the biggest nation wide MUN

Positions Available conference in Indonesia. YOU can be part of
for Applications
history by organizing IMUN!
Administration - 1
The 1st IndonesiaMUN
Finance - 2
will bring together
Programmes - 3 students from
Delegate Relations - 4 Indonesia’s foremost

Logistics - 5 universities to
discuss and compete
ICT - 6
to formulate
Marketing - 7 resolutions for global
quick facts about
1. there will be more than
165 delegates coming
from all over Indonesia
2. there will be 3 councils
held in IMUN
• General Assemby
• ASEAN Regional
• Historical Security
3. there will be more than
100 countries being
represented in IMUN

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is IndonesiaMUN all about?
IndonesiaMUN or IMUN is the first nation wide varsity level Model United Nations (MUN)
competition. MUN in general is a United Nations (UN) conference simulation for students with
the objectives to enrich students with the first hand experience of diplomacy. Students are going
to act out as the official representatives of a member state in UN and dwell in a high quality
level of negotiation and debating in order to pass a resolution as the output of the conference.
The IMUN will adopt the procedure conducted in MUN to ensure the utmost experience for the

2. When is the IndonesiaMUN and how long will it be?

The IndonesiaMUN will be a five-day conference conducted on 24th – 28th October 2010. This
will include ceremonies, workshops, social events, and the MUN conference sessions itself.
There will be also pre-workshop events conducted in July 2010.

3. Who are we and why are we holding IndonesiaMUN?

The IndonesiaMUN will be hosted by The Faculty of Social ad Political Science of University of
Indonesia (FISIP UI). FISIP UI believes that IMUN will be the best diplomatic media for all
students and future Indonesian leaders, not only students will be enriched in the procedural
and technical skill but also in the global issue comprehension. It has been FISIP and the board
of committees’ vision to have a high-quality diplomacy forum for everyone as to ensure the
exceptional Indonesia’s future in the international level. Most importantly, we believe that the
IMUN will be a great avenue for FISIP UI students to learn and enjoy the MUN experience. So
what are you waiting for? YOU should join to be part of the historical moment.
What are the positions


Under-SG Under-SG Under-SG

Substance Organization Workshop



*The available positions are highlighted in green

Position Description
Administration From editing all official documents,
(ADM) preparing meetings, to facilitating
communication between the committee.
Finance (FA) Business and fund raising, sourcing
How to apply? sponsorship from external sources and
organizing delegate payments.
Send e-mail or SMS of your: Programmes Be part of the planning process for
(PRG) workshops and conference sessions!
1. Name
Delegate Other than setting up conference
2. Major / Year Relations (DR) registration, have the opportunity to
3. Contact Number liaise as primary contact person to
4. Position Wanted Logistics (LOG) Planning for non-conference events such
to: as ceremonies and social events, also
preparing accommodation and awards for guests and delegates will be fun!
or Information and ICT will be responsible for conference
Communication website and IT issues in the event.
0815 85 85 2229 Technology (ICT)
Closing date: 9th March Marketing (MKT) Not only do we prepare the marketing
collateral for the conference, but also
You don’t have enough deal with the media and documentation.
knowledge on MUN? don’t worry!
Who should apply?
Feel free to contact: • Registered FISIP UI students, year 2009, 2008, 2007
Amri (0815 85 85 2229) • Previous experience in Event Organizing and/or Conferences
Hani (0857 1060 9136) • Speak well English, dynamic and committed.
for any inquiry about the Open • Available to work hard on D-days and before for
Recruitment or MUN itself! :D preparations
• People who would like the opportunity to interact with
national crowd
• Dedicated and passionate people – YOU!