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Integrated Systems Assurance

Reduced Costs, Streamlined

Projects, High-Quality Rigs
Because integrated software class notations for mobile
offshore drilling units (MODUs) are so new to the
industry, it can be difficult and expensive to ensure that
MODUs are constructed according to the guidelines set
forth in DNV-OS-D203 Integrated Software Dependent
Systems (ISDS) from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) or the
ABS Guide for the Class Notation of Integrated Software
Quality Management (ISQM) from the American
Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

How We Help
ISDS and ISQM are both based on a collection
of long-standing, broadly-accepted software
engineering standards.1 These are the same standards that form the
basis of the Proven PracticesSM Methodology that Athens Group
created ten years ago, and has applied during more than 100 technology
assurance projects. Were the experts in this field. Thats why ABS hired us to help
write the ISQM class notation, and thats why weve been engaged by the first
shipyard that decided to pursue an integrated software class notation.
Whether you want to obtain a class notation or just ensure that your MODU complies with the
guidance set forth in ISDS or ISQM, we can help. Our Assurance services for integrated MODU
systems will enable you to:

Streamline your project and reduce costs. Because were experts in the standards that
comprise ISDS and ISQM, we can interpret the notations and provide optimized, simplified
procedures and templates. These will ensure that system validation and verification activities are
tailored to meet your specific goals as well any applicable notation guidelines. Additionally, our
consultants make sure that the process of becoming notation-ready will not consume your existing
processes and personnel, so you can control costs and maintain focus on your current activities.

Become self-sufficient. Our goal is to enable your team to independently handle the process of
obtaining an integrated software class notation and/or constructing a MODU according to the
guidance set forth in ISDS or ISQM.

These include standards from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International
Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).
Houston: +1 281.921.8989
London: +44 1224.232725

Assurance Services for

Drilling and Production Systems
9 5 0 T H R E A D N E E D L E , S U IT E 27 5 , H O U S T O N , T E XA S 7 7 0 7 9

6 0 Q U E E N S G A T E , L O N D O N , SW P 5J P

Why Athens
Here are just some of the reasons why Athens
Groups technology assurance services are the
most effective services available for ensuring the
quality of your MODU.
Athens Group is fully independent from classing
societies and equipment vendors, ensuring that
your best interests will be fully represented in the
interactions that we have with DNV/ABS on your
Our experience is fully recognized by DNV, ABS
and the vendor community. Because were
regarded as qualified in the area of system
integration, we can work with DNV/ABS and
vendors to obtain interpretations and decisions
that will provide you with benefits such as reduced
Our ability to represent your interests when
working with DNV/ABS and vendors is also
supported by our deep familiarity with the
standards that form the basis of ISDS and ISQM.
As a result, were able to make stronger arguments
by referencing established precedents.
Were actively involved in industry-leading
technology initiatives such as Hardware-in-theLoop (HIL) testing, and we have experience with
lower-cost HIL approaches.


Our consultants are trained to fit seamlessly into
the construction team, and because we have
deep experience in all aspects of equipment and
software design, implementation, validation, and
verification, we understand the equipment and
software engineering process, and we speak the
equipment vendors language.
Since we have experience with more than 70
MODUs in all phases of their construction,
acceptance and operation, we understand how
equipment vendors, shipyards and owners
operate. As a result, when necessary, you can
confidently delegate tasks completely to us.

What Our Customers

Are Saying

We engaged Athens Group to provide

validation and verification services for
rig control systems during the
construction and startup of our
drillships, the Pacific Bora, Pacific
Scirocco, Pacific Mistral and Pacific
Santa Ana. With Athens Groups
support, no significant control systems
related downtime has occurred on
these four vessels to-date, enabling us
to achieve our goal of providing Pacific
Drilling customers with state-of-the art
high-specification units.


About Us
Athens Group's technology assurance services help the oil and gas industry
design, construct and operate safe, reliable rigs and platforms. From
topsides to subsea, our consultants ensure effective engineering and testing,
and validate compliance with the highest standards for performance,
reliability and safety. Our customers include Anadarko, BHP Billiton, BP,
Chevron, Eni, ExxonMobil, Marathon, Shell, Statoil and Total.
9 5 0 T H R E A D N E E D L E , S U IT E 27 5 , H O U S T O N , T E XA S 7 7 0 7 9 6 0 Q U E E N S G A T E , L O N D O N , SW P 5 J P

Assurance Services for

Drilling and Production
Houston: +1 281.921.8989
London: +44 1224.232725