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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

125 / Friday, June 29, 2007 / Notices 35731

(Notification of Commencement of Arlington, VA 22209–3939. Commenters • Evaluate the accuracy of the

Operations and Closing of Mines). are encouraged to send their comments agency’s estimate of the burden of the
Type of Review: Extension. on computer disk, or via e-mail to proposed collection of information,
Agency: Mine Safety and Health Ferraro.Debbie@DOL.GOV. Ms. Ferraro including the validity of the
Administration. can be reached at (202) 693–9821 methodology and assumptions used;
Title: Representative of Miners, (voice), or (202) 693–9801 (facsimile). • Enhance the quality, utility, and
Notification of Legal Identity, and FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Contact the clarity of the information to be
Notification of Commencement of employee listed in the ADDRESSES collected; and
Operations and Closing of Mines.
OMB Number: 1219–0042.
section of this notice. • Minimize the burden of the
Affected Public: Business or other for- SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: collection of information on those who
profit. are to respond, including through the
I. Background
Frequency: On Occasion. use of appropriate automated,
Number of Respondents: 4,945. Title 30 Sections 71.400 through electronic, mechanical, or other
Number of Responses: 11,109. 71.402 and 75.1712–1 through 75.1712– technological collection techniques or
Number of Burden Hours: 2,347. 3 require coal mine operators to provide other forms of information technology,
Total Burden Cost (operating/ bathing facilities, clothing change e.g., permitting electronic submissions
maintaining): $3,550. rooms, and sanitary flush toilet facilities of responses.
Comments submitted in response to in a location that is convenient for use A copy of the proposed information
this notice will be summarized and/or of the miners. If the operator is unable collection request may be viewed on the
included in the request for Office of to meet any or all of the requirements, internet by accessing the MSHA home
Management and Budget approval of the he/she may apply for a waiver. Title 30 page ( and
information collection request; they will CFR Sections 71.403, 71.404, 75.1712–4 choosing ‘‘Rules and Regs’’, then
also become a matter of public record. and 75.1712–5 provide procedures by choosing ‘‘Fed Reg Docs.’’
which an operator may apply for and be
Dated at Arlington, Virginia, this 25th day III. Current Action
of June, 2007.
granted a waiver. Applications are filed
with the District Manager for the district Currently, the Mine Safety and Health
David L. Meyer,
in which the mine is located and Administration (MSHA) is soliciting
Director, Office of Administration and contain the name and address of the
Management. comments concerning the proposed
mine operator, name and location of the extension of the information collection
[FR Doc. E7–12525 Filed 6–28–07; 8:45 am] mine, and a detailed statement of the
related to the Application for Waiver of
grounds upon which the waiver is Surface Facilities Requirement.
requested and the period of time for
This information is necessary in order
which it is requested. Waivers for
DEPARTMENT OF LABOR to assure the mine operator is not
surface coal mines may be granted for a
required to provide the surface facilities
Mine Safety and Health Administration period not to exceed one year; requests
as required by the standard. This
for an annual extension may be sought
information provides written
Proposed Information Collection by the operator. Waivers for
documentation that MSHA has waived
Request Submitted for Public underground coal mines may be granted
the requirements for the applicable
Comment and Recommendations; for extended periods of time based on
part(s) of the standard as outlined in the
Application for Waiver of Surface the information provided by the mine
Facilities Requirements operator in the request for a waiver.
The purpose for the waiver is to Type of Review: Extension.
ACTION: Notice. assure the conditions at the mine make Agency: Mine Safety and Health
it impractical for the mine operator to Administration.
SUMMARY: The Department of Labor, as
provide the required facilities, and to Title: Application for Waiver of
part of its continuing effort to reduce document the circumstances for Surface Facilities Requirements.
paperwork and respondent burden granting of the waiver. This gives the
conducts a preclearance consultation OMB Number: 1219–0024.
mine operator written documentation
program to provide the general public Affected Public: Business or other for-
that the requirement(s) of the standard
and Federal agencies with an profit.
have been waived by MSHA and MSHA
opportunity to comment on proposed inspection personnel will not require Number of Respondents: 843.
and/or continuing collections of the mine operator to comply with the Number of Responses: 843.
information in accordance with the part(s) of the standard included in the Total Burden Hours: 322.
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 waiver. Without this written
(PRA95) [44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)]. This Total Burden Cost: $0.
documentation, MSHA inspection Comments submitted in response to
program helps to ensure that requested personnel cannot be assured that a mine
data can be provided in the desired this notice will be summarized and/or
operator is not required to provide the included in the request for Office of
format, reporting burden (time and required sanitary facilities.
financial resources) is minimized, Management and Budget approval of the
collection instruments are clearly II. Desired Focus of Comments information collection request; they will
understood, and the impact of collection also become a matter of public record.
MSHA is particularly interested in
requirements on respondents can be comments which: Dated at Arlington, Virginia, this 25th day
mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

properly assessed. • Evaluate whether the proposed of June, 2007.

DATES: Submit comments on or before collection of information is necessary David L. Meyer,
August 28, 2007. for the proper performance of the Director, Office of Administration and
ADDRESSES: Send comments to, Debbie functions of the agency, including Management.
Ferraro, Management Services Division, whether the information will have [FR Doc. E7–12526 Filed 6–28–07; 8:45 am]
1100 Wilson Boulevard, Room 2171, practical utility; BILLING CODE 4510–43–P

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