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Ethics and Administration of Justice

The ethical system that I would be using is called Ethical Formalism, because it is
considered an absolutist system which means wrong is wrong, and anything right would be
right. My ethical codes would consist of 10 codes due to the way I would want to live my life
and the thing that I would up hold on my job. These are code that everyone in some point
of life has to abide by. My first code would be:
1. Honesty: I would always be honest with customers and co-workers, on and off the
2. Respect: I will always show respect to my co-workers, customers, and those who is
in authority, and to my elders.
3. Attitude: I will show a positive attitude toward co-workers, and customers at all
4. Work: I will learn to get along and work well with co-workers, and customers make
sure that they would be pleased with the outcome of the situation.
5. Treat: I will treat everyone fair, and show no respect a person.
6. Privacy: I will keep all information from customer and co-workers private, and will
not use it for my own personal use on or off the job.
7. Original: I would make sure the work I do is my own, if any help make sure I give
credit where credit is due.
8. Time: Make sure that I would always be on time; if not make sure I would call and
let the boss know why I am late, or would be late for work.
9. Sick days and Vacation days: Make sure that I would use these days honesty and to
make sure that I would let the boss know ahead of time when I will be taking these
days off.
10. Performance: make sure that I will do my best on and off the job in everything that
I do.
These would all be the codes that I will stand by and up hold. The job that I am
going into is computer programming, and a lot of the codes that I have written out is
include in the job I am going into. Like for one would be original work, anything

that I do will have to be my own work, another one would be for me to make sure
that the customer gets all of the help he or she would need to keep their computer up
and going. The computer programming is close to my codes about the job, you just
have make sure that the customer can understand, be able to work the programs
that you are installing on their computers. The ethical codes are something that we
really should all have when it comes to making and working with people, we should
always have the right attitude, make sure we give the best help that we can give
them, or find someone that can help them. The ethical codes are just real natural
morals that we all should have growing up, and have been thought by our parents.
The thing that I have always heard was treat a person the way that you would want
to be treated, not the way you feel just because youre having a bad day or because
youre sick and want to go home, or because someone made you mad and you take it
out on your customer. I have had this type of experience, and it made me not go
back to that store due to a bad attitude by a person who worked at that store. I use
to work with kids that have disabilities, and yes I may not have felt good, or was
having a bad day, or the boss made me mad, but I learned that I could not take it
out on these kids because they did not do anything to make me feel that way for the
day. I learned to enjoy the kids and my job no matter how I am feeling, and by me
doing so I made the kids feel comfortable being around me able to talk to me, trust
me with important information, and they also would make my day just to see them
happy, and a smile on their face coming to school. Some of the parents would
request for me to be their child aide. So this shows that the parents even trusted me
to work with their kids, and that I would do a very good job of doing it.

This all goes back to what I was saying about the trust of the customers, and making
sure that they are satisfied with the work that you give them. Another thing is
staying educated on the upgrades in any job that you do, because things are always
changing for the good or for the bad so thats why you have to continue your
education. The codes that I have made up for myself is not that much different for
any professional code for any job, due to the customers paying their money for the
products or services. So this is one code that stands for any type of job makes sure
the customer is happy. Another code that I have that is like a professionals is always
having respect for the customer, and for your co-worker. You have to work together
as a team to make business good, and getting along with your co-workers make your
day and their day go smooth. This makes everyone happy even the boss.
The only different between my codes is that I would make sure I have the right
attitude toward the job that I am doing and the people that I am working with. The
ethical codes that I have would help me resolve an ethical dilemma of a customer not
being happy with type of business they are receiving from the company. So if the
customer is happy they will help keep the business growing by telling people they
know about how they were treated, the type of experience they had with the
company, and how we helped them with service, and made sure that they were
satisfied with the way they received the help they were looking for. The ethical
standard that I would hold myself to would be doing the best that I can for the
customer and my employer, I would make sure that I work well with my co-workers
to make sure that we are working as a team, and that everyone that has done the
work receive credit for what they have done on the job. The things that comes with
the unwritten codes are the things I say that we should do naturally, or something

that we were taught to do by our parents, and this is where I got of most of my codes
from is just knowing how I would want someone to treat me or a member of my
family. The things that I have seen people do make me think if there is such a thing
of ethical codes for this world to stand by on the job or off the job. Question are we
still teaching our kids codes which I would say moral today? Do you here kids
today say thank you without a parent telling them to say thank you? Are we
teaching them to be basis when it comes down to the color of our skin? I remember
when we were little how we use to play cops and robbers and we would argue over
who was going to be the cops. But now with all of these video games and killing, and
so much sex on the TVs, or in the games this is where our kids morals are going.
We say take it from them or just dont buy it for them, but they can go to a friends
house, relatives house or somewhere and get it, or even play it so no matter how we
teach our kids they have to learn for themselves whats right and wrong I would say
when it comes down to teenage years but we can control our younger kids life as
long as we are there to raise them, and teach them while they can be taught right
and wrong. Doing this would also have to show and do it with respect. All of the
ethical codes of moral starts at home first, and what they learn at home the carry
with them out in the world of what we as parents taught them. So yes basis situation
comes up but we as adult have to learn to put our feelings behind, our thoughts
before we can judge someone for a mistake, because none of us are perfect we all
make mistake and more, but sometime we act as if we never made them and judge
someone else for their short coming. I dont think that I would ever stop being basis
when it comes to someone hurting a child in any type of form or way, because to me

a child is intenseness, unless they are being them one that is doing the harm to
another person, but then I would blame the parents for not getting that child the
help they needed. This code of ethical system is hard because there is so much in life
that you do not know every single one to abide by just the ones you know that would
get you into big trouble, and the small ones you can try and go back and fix if you
could. So you just have to make sure you are always on your Ps and Qs at all times
even when it comes to you being in your home, because what your kids see you or
your spouse do they will do in the public, and they dont know that it wrong until
you correct them. Ethical codes are easy to be made, but can you always up hold
them even the ones we make for ourselves? So my main code that I stand by is
always treat people the way you would want them to treat you, no matter if its a
good day or bad day and this is something that may be hard but we have to work on
doing it. Just think if our parent didnt have an unconditional love for us as their
kids where would a lot of use be would we even be alive, our parent would always go
to the limit just to see us happy and when we become parents we would do the same
for our kids, so we all would need to have ethical codes to make sure that life is not
that hard for us to live bye. I really liked this class because I have learned a lot from
this class and really liked what I have learn this will help me keep my codes and to
teach my kids more as they grow.

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