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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

110 / Friday, June 8, 2007 / Notices 31897

April 11, 2000 (65 FR 19477), and is on adjustments based on changes made requirements, including completing
the Web at since the last OMB approvals. PHMSA paperwork, gathering information, and
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: is now requesting that OMB grant a conducting telephone calls. Comments
Roger Little at (202) 366–4569, or by three-year term of approval for each may include (1) whether the
e-mail at requirement. information will have practical utility;
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This Pursuant to 44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A) of (2) the accuracy of DOT’s estimate of the
notice identifies two existing the PRA, PHMSA invites comments on burden of the proposed information
information collection requirements whether the renewal and extension of collections; (3) ways to enhance the
PHMSA is submitting to OMB for the existing information collection quality, utility, and clarity of the
renewal and extension. These collection requirements are necessary for the information collection; and (4) ways to
requirements are in 49 CFR parts 192, proper performance of the functions of minimize the burden of the information
193, 195 and 199 of the pipeline safety DOT. Information collection includes all collection requirements on respondents,
regulations. PHMSA has revised the work related to preparing and including the use of automated
burden estimates, where appropriate, to disseminating information related to collection techniques or other forms of
reflect current reporting levels or this information collection information technology.

Estimated total
Number of re-
OMB control No. Regulation title annual burden
spondents (hours)

2137–0578 ........ Reporting of Safety-Related Conditions on Gas, Hazardous Liquid and Carbon Dioxide 127 762
Pipelines and Liquefied Natural Gas Facilities.
2137–0579 ........ Drug and Alcohol Testing of Pipeline Operators ...................................................................... 2419 2,963

Title 49 of the United States Code and to operate a portion of the KCSR than June 15, 2007 (at least 7 days
§ 60102 requires operators of gas, Fulton Branch between milepost 3.0 before the exemption becomes
hazardous liquid, and carbon dioxide near Mexico, MO, and milepost 24.99 at effective).
pipelines, or liquefied natural gas Fulton, MO; 1 (2) lease from KCSR and An original and 10 copies of all
facilities to submit a written report on to operate the portion of the Fulton pleadings, referring to STB Finance
any safety-related conditions that cause Branch between milepost 0.0 and Docket No. 34989 must be filed with the
a significant operational change or milepost 3.0; and (3) acquire from KCSR Surface Transportation Board, 395 E
restriction that presents a hazard to life, and to operate over incidental and Street, SW., Washington, DC 20423–
property, or the environment. PHMSA overhead trackage rights to interchange 0001. In addition, one copy of each
uses this information to identify safety- over the portion of the KCSR Roodhouse pleading must be served on Charles H.
related trends and take action to reduce Subdivision from milepost 321.0 near Montange, 426 NW 162nd St., Seattle,
pipeline accidents and incidents. Part Arthur, MO, to milepost 329.0 near WA 98177.
199 require pipeline operators to Mexico, including the connection with Board decisions and notices are
conduct drug and alcohol testing of the Fulton Branch at milepost 326.3 at available on our Web site at http://
employees who perform operation, Mexico, and designated yard tracks at
maintenance, or emergency-response Mexico. The lines total of approximately Decided: June 1, 2007.
functions. PHMSA uses this information 24.99 miles of acquired or leased line
to reduce pipeline accidents and and approximately 8 miles of overhead By the Board, David M. Konschnik,
incidents by deterring and detecting or incidental trackage rights and are Director, Office of Proceedings.
illegal drug use and alcohol misuse in located in Audrain and Callaway Vernon A. Williams,
the pipeline industry. Counties, MO. Secretary.
Issued in Washington, DC on June 4, 2007. KCSR certifies that its projected [FR Doc. E7–11101 Filed 6–7–07; 8:45 am]
revenues as a result of this transaction BILLING CODE 4915–01–P
Florence L. Hamn,
will not exceed those that would qualify
Director of Regulations, Office of Pipeline
it as a Class III rail carrier, and further
certifies that its projected annual
[FR Doc. E7–11077 Filed 6–7–07; 8:45 am] DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY
revenues will not exceed $5 million.
BILLING CODE 4910–60–P The earliest this transaction may be Submission for OMB Review;
consummated is June 24, 2007, the Comment Request
effective date of the exemption (30 days
DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION after the exemption was filed). June 4, 2007.
Surface Transportation Board If the verified notice contains false or The Department of the Treasury has
misleading information, the exemption submitted the following public
[STB Finance Docket No. 34989] is void ab initio. Petitions to revoke the information collection requirement(s) to
exemption under 49 U.S.C. 10502(d) OMB for review and clearance under the
Ozark Valley Railroad—Acquisition may be filed at any time. The filing of Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995,
and Operation Exemption—The a petition to revoke will not Public Law 104–13. Copies of the
Kansas City Southern Railway automatically stay the transaction. submission(s) may be obtained by
Company Petitions to stay must be filed no later calling the Treasury Bureau Clearance
pwalker on PROD1PC71 with NOTICES

Ozark Valley Railroad (OVRR), a Officer listed. Comments regarding this

1 The transaction will also include acquisition
noncarrier, has filed a verified notice of information collection should be
and operation of the Arthur Industrial Spur
exemption under 49 CFR 1150.31 to: (1) (approximately 2.565 miles in length connecting to
addressed to the OMB reviewer listed
Acquire by purchase from The Kansas the KCSR Roodhouse Subdivision at the siding and to the Treasury Department
City Southern Railway Company (KCSR) located at milepost 322.9 at Arthur, MO). Clearance Officer, Department of the

VerDate Aug<31>2005 18:14 Jun 07, 2007 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00103 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\08JNN1.SGM 08JNN1
31898 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 110 / Friday, June 8, 2007 / Notices

Treasury, Room 11000, 1750 Respondents: Businesses and other estimate the taxpayers’ oil and gas
Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., for-profit institutions. properties’ probable or prospective
Washington, DC 20220. Estimated Total Burden Hours: 1,500 reserves for purposes of computing cost
Dates: Written comments should be hours. depletion under Sec. 611 of the Internal
received on or before July 9, 2007. OMB Number: 1545–1576. Revenue Code.
Type of Review: Extension. Respondents: Businesses or other for-
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Title: Student Loan Interest profit institutions.
OMB Number: 1545–1255. Statement. Estimated Total Burden Hours: 50
Type of Review: Extension. Form: 1098–E. hours.
Title: INTL–870–89 (NPRM) Earnings Description: Section 6050S(b)(2) of OMB Number: 1545–1433.
Stripping (Section 163(j)). the Internal Revenue Code requires Type of Review: Extension.
Description: The data obtained by the persons (financial institutions, Title: CO–11–91 (Final) Consolidated
IRS from the various elections and governmental units, etc.) to report $600 Groups and Controlled Groups—Inter-
identifications is used to verify that or more of interest paid on student loans Company Transactions and Related
taxpayers have, in fact, elected special to the IRS and the students. Rules; CO–24–95 (Final) Consolidated
treatment under section 163(j). Respondents: Individuals or Groups-Inter-Company Transactions
Respondents: Businesses and other and Related Rules.
for-profit institutions. Estimated Total Burden Hours: Description: The regulations require
Estimated Total Burden Hours: 1,196 common parents that make elections
1,051,357 hours.
hours. under Section 1.1502–13 to provide
OMB Number: 1545–2055.
OMB Number: 1545–1165. certain information. The information
Type of Review: Extension. Type of Review: Extension.
Title: Energy Efficient Appliance will be used to identify and assure that
Title: Tax Information Authorization. the amount, location, timing and
Form: 8821. Credit.
Form: 8909. attributes of inter-company transactions
Description: Form 8821 is used to and corresponding items are properly
appoint someone to receive or inspect Description: Form 8909, Energy
Efficient Appliance Credit, was maintained.
certain tax information. Data are used to Respondents: Businesses or other for-
identify appointees and to ensure that developed to carry out the provisions of
new Code section 45M. This new profit institutions.
confidential information is not divulged Estimated Total Burden Hours: 1,050
to unauthorized persons. section was added by section 1334 of
the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Pub. L. hours.
Respondents: Individuals or OMB Number: 1545–1308.
households. 109–58). The new form provides a
Type of Review: Extension.
Estimated Total Burden Hours: means for the eligible manufacturer/
Title: PS–260–82 (Final) Election,
140,300 hours. taxpayer to compute the amount of, and
Revocation, Termination, and Tax Effect
OMB Number: 1545–1132. claim, the credit.
of Subchapter S Status—TD 8449.
Type of Review: Extension. Respondents: Businesses and other Description: Section 1–1362 through
Title: INTL–5367–89 (Final) for-profit institutions. 1.1362–7 of the Income Tax Regulations
Registration Requirements with Respect Estimated Total Burden Hours: 80
provide the specific procedures and
to Certain Debt Obligations; Application hours.
requirements necessary to implement
of Repeal of 30 Percent Withholding by OMB Number: 1545–1879. section 1362, including the filing of
the Tax Reform Act of 1984. Type of Review: Extension. various elections and statements with
Description: The Internal Revenue Title: Exempt Organization the Internal Revenue Service.
Service needs the information in order Declaration and Signature for Electronic Respondents: Individuals or
to ensure that purchasers of bearer Filing. households.
obligations are not U.S. persons (other Form: 8453–EO. Estimated Total Burden Hours: 322
than those permitted to hold obligations Description: Form 8453–EO is used to hours.
under section 165(j) and to ensure that authenticate an electronic Forms 990, OMB Number: 1545–2052.
U.S. persons holding bearer obligations 990–EZ, 1120–POL, or 8868 authorize Type of Review: Extension.
properly report income and gain on the electronic return originator, and/or Title: U.S. Income Tax Return for
such obligations. intermediate service provider, if any, to Cooperative Associations.
Respondents: Businesses or other for- transmit via a third-party transmitter; Form: 1120–C.
profit institutions. and provide the organization’s consent Description: IRS Code section 1381
Estimated Total Burden Hours: 852 to directly deposit any refund and/or requires subchapter T cooperatives to
hours. authorize an electronic funds file returns. Previously, farmers’
OMB Number: 1545–1138. withdrawal for payment of Federal taxes cooperatives filed Form 990–C and
Type of Review: Extension. owed. other subchapter T coopeatives filed
Title: INTL–955–86 (Final) Respondents: Not-for-profit Form 1120. If the subchapter T
Requirements for Investments to Qualify institutions. cooperative does not meet certain
under Section 936(d)(4) as Investments Estimated Total Burden Hours: 1,046 requirements, the due date of their
in Qualified Caribbean Basin Countries. hours. return is two and one-half months after
Description: The collection of OMB Number: 1545–1861. the end of their tax year which is the
information is required by the Internal Type of Review: Extension. same as the due date for all other
Revenue Service to verify that an Title: Review Procedure 2004–19, corporations. The due date for income
investment qualifies under IRC section Probable or Prospective Reserves Safe tax returns filed by subchapter T
pwalker on PROD1PC71 with NOTICES

936(d)(4). The recordkeepers will be Harbor. cooperatives who meet certain

possession corporations, certain Description: This revenue procedure requirements is eight and one-half
financial institutions located in Puerto requires a taxpayer to file an election months after the end of their tax year.
Rico, and borrowers of funds covered by statement with the Service if the Cooperatives who filed their income tax
this regulation. taxpayer wants to use the safe harbor to returns on Form 1120 were considered

VerDate Aug<31>2005 19:26 Jun 07, 2007 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00104 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\08JNN1.SGM 08JNN1
Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 110 / Friday, June 8, 2007 / Notices 31899

to be late and penalties were assessed designated pursuant to the Foreign Kingpin Act; (2) owned, controlled, or
since they had not filed by the normal Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act. directed by, or acting for or on behalf of,
due date for Form 1120. Due to the DATES: The designation by the Secretary a person designated pursuant to the
assessment of the penalties, burden was of the Treasury of the twelve Kingpin Act; or (3) playing a significant
placed on the taxpayer and on the IRS individuals and six entities identified in role in international narcotics
employees to resolve the issue. this notice pursuant to section 805(b) of trafficking.
Regulations (Reg–149436–04) published the Kingpin Act is effective on May 17, On May 17, 2007, OFAC designated
in the Federal Register (71 FR 43811), 2007. In addition, the change to the six additional entities and twelve
require that all subchapter T listing of one individual previously additional individuals whose property
cooperatives will file Form 1120–C, U.S. designated pursuant to section 804(b) of and interests in property are blocked
Income Tax Return for Cooperative the Kingpin Act is effective on May 17, pursuant to section 805(b) of the Foreign
Associations. 2007. Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act.
Respondents: Businesses and other The list of additional designees
for-profit institutions. follows:
Assistant Director, Compliance Entities:
Estimated Total Burden Hours: Outreach & Implementation Office of
430,400 hours. 1. NUEVA INDUSTRIA DE
Foreign Assets Control, Department of GANADEROS DE CULIACAN S.A. DE
OMB Number: 1545–1613. the Treasury, Washington, DC 20220,
Type of Review: Extension. C.V. (d.b.a. LECHERIA SANTA
tel.: 202/622–2490. MONICA; a.k.a. DORA PASTEURIZA
Title: REG–209446–82 (Final)
Passthrough of Items of an S
Corporation to its Shareholders. INDUSTRIAS DE GANADEROS S.A. DE
Electronic and Facsimile Availability
Description: Section 1366 requires C.V.; a.k.a. SANTA MONICA DAIRY);
This document and additional Calle/Boulevard Doctor Mora 1230,
shareholders of an S corporation to take
information concerning OFAC are Colonia Las Quintas, Culiacan, Sinaloa
into account their pro rata share of
available on OFAC’s Web site (http:// 80060, Mexico; Carretera los Mochis
separately stated items of the S or via facsimile Topolobampo, KM. 5.2, Los Mochis,
corporation and non-separately
through a 24-hour fax-on demand Sinaloa, Mexico; Avenida Francisco
computed income or loss. The
service, tel.: (202) 622–0077. Villa Norte 135, Colonia Niños Heroes,
regulations provide guidance regarding
this regarding requirement. Background Salvador Alvarado, Sinaloa 81400,
Respondents: Busiensses or other for- Mexico; Carretera La Cruz KM 15 S/N,
The Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Colonia Arroyitos, La Cruz, Sinaloa
profit institutions.
Designation Act (‘‘Kingpin Act’’) 82700, Mexico; Chamizal S/N, La Cruz,
Estimated Total Burden Hours: 1
became law on December 3, 1999. The Sinaloa 82700, Mexico; Carretera
Clearance Officer: Glenn P. Kirkland Kingpin Act establishes a program Internacional al Norte KM 1.5, # 1207,
(202) 622–3428, Internal Revenue targeting the activities of significant Colonia Ejido Venadillo, Mazatlan,
Service, Room 6516, 1111 Constitution foreign narcotics traffickers and their Sinaloa 82129, Mexico; Plaza Azul S/N,
Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20224. organizations on a worldwide basis. It Colonia Las Brisas, Tecuala, Nayarit,
OMB Reviewer: Alexander T. Hunt provides a statutory framework for the Mexico; Calle Prolongacion Morelos y
(202) 395–7316, Office of Management President to impose sanctions against Matamoros S/N, Colonia Benito Juarez,
and Budget, Room 10235, New significant foreign narcotics traffickers Escuinapa, Sinaloa 82400, Mexico;
Executive Office Building, Washington, and their organizations on a worldwide Matamoros 5, Escuinapa, Sinaloa 82478,
DC 20503. basis, with the objective of denying their Mexico; Carretera Internacional 1845,
businesses and agents access to the U.S. Bodega 8 y 10, Colonia Zona Industrial
Robert Dahl, financial system and to the benefits of 2, Cuidad Obregon, Sonora 85065,
Treasury PRA Clearance Officer. trade and transactions involving U.S. Mexico; Calle Sauces 384, Colonia Del
[FR Doc. 07–2860 Filed 6–7–07; 8:45am] companies and individuals. Bosque, Guasave, Sinaloa 81020,
BILLING CODE 4830–01–M The Kingpin Act blocks all property Mexico; Calle Federalismo 2000,
and interests in property, subject to U.S. Colonia Recursos Hidraulicos, Culiacan,
jurisdiction, owned or controlled by Sinaloa 80060, Mexico; Carretera
DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY significant foreign narcotics traffickers Augstin Olachea Local 30, Colonia
as identified by the President. In Pericues, La Paz, Baja California Sur
Office of Foreign Assets Control addition, the Kingpin Act blocks the 23090, Mexico; Avenida Vallarta 2141,
property and interests in property, Colonia Centro, Culiacan, Sinaloa
Additional Designations, Foreign subject to U.S. jurisdiction, of foreign 80060, Mexico; Carretera A Navolato,
Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act persons designated by the Secretary of Colonia Bachigualato, Culiacan, Sinaloa
AGENCY: Office of Foreign Assets Treasury, in consultation with the 80060, Mexico; Calle Tomate 10 Bodega
Control, Treasury. Attorney General, the Director of Central 34Y5, Colonia Mercado Abastos,
ACTION: Notice. Intelligence, the Director of the Federal Culiacan, Sinaloa 83170, Mexico;
Bureau of Investigation, the Carretera A Topolobampo 5, Colonia
SUMMARY: The Treasury Department’s Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Niños Heroes, Ahome, Sinaloa 81290,
Office of Foreign Assets Control Administration, the Secretary of Mexico; Avenida Xicotencalth # 1795,
(‘‘OFAC’’) is publishing the names of Defense, the Secretary of State, and the Colonia Las Quintas, Culiacan, Sinaloa
additional persons whose property and Secretary of Homeland Security who are 80060, Mexico; Calle Central Local A10,
interests in property have been blocked found to be: (1) Materially assisting in, Colonia Mercado Abastos, Cajeme,
pwalker on PROD1PC71 with NOTICES

pursuant to the Foreign Narcotics or providing financial or technological Sonora 85000, Mexico; Calle Jose Diego
Kingpin Designation Act (21 U.S.C. support for or to, or providing goods or Abad 2923, Colonia Bachigualato,
1901–1908, 8 U.S.C. 1182). In addition, services in support of, the international Culiacan, Sinaloa 80140, Mexico; R.F.C.
OFAC is publishing a change to the narcotics trafficking activities of a # NIG–8802029–Y7 (Mexico); (ENTITY)
listing of one individual previously person designated pursuant to the [SDNTK].

VerDate Aug<31>2005 18:14 Jun 07, 2007 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00105 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\08JNN1.SGM 08JNN1