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1-5 (soalnya ada di bank soal, yg jawabannya idea of reference, ilusi, magical thinking.

Yg 2 lagi lupa temen2 maaf yaaa L )

6. Doctors help patients continue in the interview by providing and encourage patients to
keep talking. Nodding ones head, saying yes and then? That are examples of:
a. Clarification
b. Interpretation
c. Reflection
d. Facilitation
e. Explanation
7. Which of the following neurotransmitter in delirium
a. Acetylcholine
b. Dopamine
c. Norepinephrine
d. Serotonin
8. Which of the following features most distinguish .
a. Altered level of consciousness
b. Behavioral disturbances
c. Cognitive deficits
d. Disorientation
e. Hallucination
9. Which of the following is the most important treatment of delirium
a. Detection and correction of underlying diseases
b. Environmental strategies to help with or.
c. Pharmacotherapy for behavioral problem and hallucination
d. Physical exercise
e. .
10. Pelupa karna degenerative ?
c. Creudzfeldt-Jakob diseases
d. Alzheimer diseases
e. Wilsons diseases
11. Delusion is part of process of thinking, which part of...
a. Coe.. of thought

b. Stream of thought
c. Form of Thought
d. Bur.. type of Thought
e. Odd type of thought
12. How long the diagnosis of schizo is made
a. 3 months
b. 1 month
c. 2 weeks
d. 2 months
e. < 2 weeks
13. How long is the diagnosis of acute psychotic is made
a. 3 months
b. 1 month
c. 2 weeks
d. 2 months
e. < 2 weeks.
14. A 24 year old man brought by his family.... rampage for no reason, since 2 months
ago... and not wanted to socialized. Patient often had... there were enemies will chase
and kill him. ..... often did things outside of his control. Which one....
a. acute psychotic
b. schizophernia
c. persistent delusional disorder
d. schizoaffective disorder
e. acute stress disorder
15. what is thought insertion
a. abnormalities form of thought
b. abnormalities stream of thought
c. take idea from his family
d. take sentences from his family
e. abnormalities content of thought
16. halusinasi pd org psikotik
a. gatau
b. gustatory
c. auditory
d. taktil
e. olfaktori

17. man, 23 years old merasa tangannya kotor terus dan selalu mencuci tangan
berulang kali, diagnosis:
a. Obsesif kompulsif
b. anxiety
c. phobia
d. panic
e. somatoform
18. man, 15 yo, malu untuk berdiri di depan kelas karena takut teman2nya akan
menganggap dia aneh. Diagnosis
a. obsesif kompulsif
b. anxiety
c. social phobi
d. spesific phobi
e. agora phobia
19. female, 17 th, ada seizure, bedwettin. Kejang terjadi selalu di tempat yang ramai.
a. uncontrolled epilepsi temporal
b. epilepsi
c. motorik dissosiative
d. dissosiative convulsion
e. dissosiative stupor
20. man 35 yo, anxiety after heard news on televisiom motorcycle accident that resulted
in death of the passenger beberapa jam yg lalu. DIAGNOSIS
a. adjustment resction emotion and behavior
b. adjustmenr reaction dgn depressive brief reaction
c. adjustment reaction denan prolonged depressive
e. Acute stress reaction
25 which of the following statements about ADHD is false ..
1. Children wih adhd can have inattention with no hyperactivity or
2. Children wih adhd may have symptoms of hyperactivity but not
3. The disturbance in behavior must occur in atleast 2 settings

4. Children can meet the criteria for adhd with impulsive symptoms or .
5. Many children with adhdh have many symptoms of inattention hyperactivity and
26. retts disorder
a. is in only girls
b. shows no loss of social skills
c. does not involve motor abnormality
d. is associated with normal intelligent
e. is not one of diagnosis within the pervasive developmental disorders
27. patient female 24 yo admit to the hospital 3 days ago with . Schizophrenia. As a
doctor you are planning mental rehab program what would u do in the early phase
a. wait until the patient is completely calm for another 1 or 2 weeks
b. immediately involve her in the rehab program
c. there is no need for mental rehab if there wee no complaints
d. evaluate her psychiatric symptoms to ensure she is no longer agitated
e. leave the decision to be involved in the rehab prog for the family
28. patient mr b 56 yo mild dementia has been involved in mental prog in 2 weeks what
kind of prog id your preference for him ?
a. cognitive stimulation
b art theraphy
c. occupational theraphy
d. music theraphy
e. relaxation
29. 72 yo retired English prof with a long history with HTN and DM having difficulties with
tasks he used to find easy and enjoyable puzzles at letter writing , because he cannot
remember the .hand writing has deteriorated he also been having difficulties events
of previous days and he moves and thinks at a slower develops slurred speech which
of the following diagnosis is patient
a. multi infarct dementia
b. german strusher syndrome
c. retts disorder
d. wernicke korshackoff syndrome
e. alzhaimers disease
30.which of the following symptoms signifies vascular dementia
a. no change b. gradual worsening

c. stepwise deterioration
d. rapid progression
e. no pattern
31. preoccupation with rules, regulation , neatness, attainment of perfection , is a
personality disorder :
a. paranoid
b. anankastik
c. histrionics
d. anxious
e. antisocial
32. always trying to be the center of attention , extrovert , followed by flamboyant aspect
is a personality disorder :
a. paranoid
b. anankastik
c. histrionics
d. anxious
e. antisocial
33. people with high risk of suicide attempt is
a. willing to do hemodialysis
b. depressive disorder
c. dreaming suicide
d. dissociative disorder
e. the family aren't in harmony
34. management for patient who experienced sexual abuse
a. pharmacotherapy
b. reassurance
c. supportive psychotherapy
d. multi disciplinary therapy
e. all of the above answer is correct
35. which is includes in the narcotics group 1:
a. morphine
b. codeine
c. heroine
d. amphetamine
e. ecstasy

36. what is ... by situational usage level is...

a. causing interference in social acitvity/work
b. for recreation, relax and hv fun
c. relieve stress
d. wanna continue to use
e. just wanna know
37. perbedaan anxiolytic dengan antipsikosis
a. anxiolytics drugs have antipsikosis properties
b. anxiolytics drugs less than antipsychosis in muscle relaxant effect
c. anxiolytics drugs hv lower side effectes in common than antipsikosis
d. anxiolytics drug can potentially addict
e. anxiolytics drugs more metabolic side effects than antipsikosis
38. in clinical practice anticonvulsant drugs can be effective as :
a. antipsychotic effects
b. anxiolytics
c. pain killer
d. anti inflammation
e. moodstabilizer
39. right statemenr for hollistic management of psychiatric disorders :
a. biologic factors is the most important factor
b psychological factor is the most difficult to manage
c. social factors cant be managed
d. the whole factors hv to be managed
e. the whole factors depend on the severity, the most severe hv to be managed
40.for the efficacy on psychotics symptoms, the site of action antipsikotik...
a.mesolimbic and mesocortex
d. negrostriatal and basal ganglia
e. tuberoinfundibuler
42. Which of the following statement refers to the principle of beneficence
a. prevent harm and promote well-being
b. do no harm
c. treat indigent patient without monetary compensation

d. provide universal health care

e. build patient-doctor relationship on trust
43. three of these elements are negligent performance of patient care: .. , .. and
damage or harm to the patient. Which of the following is the fourth element?
a. the patient tidak dikasi tau apa yg dokter kerjakan
b. the patient tidak dlm persetujuan in the treatment plan
c. medical record were not kept in orderly
e. there was intent to harm patient
for 44-46
1. total suffering
2. pengertian CLP
3. criminal
4. tentament suicide, depression, therapy
5. final outcome of CLP
44. CLP ?
45. pain are consisted of physical symptoms, cultural, spiritual etc
46. several examples of common CLP
for 47-49
1. Intrusion of illness object
2. Myths
3. Abuse maybe part of a cycle
4. Dating violence, bullying, trafficking
5. Stigma in psychotic patients
47. Women who are victims violence like being hurt
48. tension build up regret romance
49. creating the negative circle as discrimination and isolation from community

50. org mau bunuh diri stop in middle of conversation

Which of the following symptoms best
1. Inconqruent affect
2. Blocking
3. Preseveration
4. Tangentiality
5. Thought insertion
1. 49 yo woman, gait difficulties and difficult to make straight line at heel of the knee.
The common finding is
1. Cerebellar dysfunction
2. Frontal lobe damage
3. Temporal lobe damage
4. Parietal lobe damage
5. Brain stem damage

1. 49 yo, woman with decrease of consciousness and nuchal rigidity positive. The
most common finding is
1. Brain tumor
2. Guilain Barre syndrome
3. Meningoencephalitis
4. Stroke embolic
5. Cervical root syndrome

1. Mrs Y, came to hospital with decrease of consciousness. PE: Eye response to

pain, no verbal response, motor response are flexion. GCS?
1. 2-1-4
2. 2-5-6
3. 4-4-6
4. 2-1-1
5. 3-1-4

1. Mr.X, weakness of the body. Pattern of UMN is

1. Normal reflexes
2. Fasciculation
3. Absent reflexes
4. Increased tone
5. Wasting

1. Mr.Y, weakness on his right face. To examine the frontalis muscle are
1. Wrinkle the skin on your neck
2. Close your eyes
3. Look up the ceiling
4. Smiling
5. Swallowing

1. 16 yo girl, sudden unconsciousness, having thunderclap headache and

meningeal sign is found, most probable diagnosis is

1. Stroke infarction
2. Embolic stroke
3. SAH
4. Intracerebral hemorrhage
5. Syncope
7. A girl , 20 years old with sudden unconsciousness and general seizure. Head CT
showed a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. The most frequent etiology of SAH is:
a. Arteriovenous Malformation
b. Aneurysm
c. Dural Fistula
d. Hypertension
e. Stenosis intracranial vessel
8. Male, 60 years old, sudden right hemiplegia and left facial palsy peripheral type. He
has history of hypertension. Where is the lesion?
a. Cortical Frontal Lobe
b. Pons
c. Subcortical left hemisphere
d. Medulla oblongata
e. Left Capsula Interna
9. Male, 70 years old, hospitalized 2 hours after onset with sudden left hemiplegia. GCS
345. He has history of uncontrolled hypertension. Head CT scan show an intracerebral
hemorrhage (ICH). Below is the management of ICH,except:
a. Stabilize airway, breathing, circulation
b. In case of increase intracranial pressure consider Mannitol 20% infusion
c. Administration of rTPA (recombinant tissue plasminogen activators) to stop the
d. Bladder evaluation and consider catheterization
e. Consider IV antihypertensive if blood pressure >185/110mmHg
10. Female, 50 years old came to the emergency department with chief complaint right
hemiparesis. Below is a part of the CNS which passed by the pyramidal tract, except:
a. Capsula Interna
b. Pedenculus cerebri of midbrain
c. Ventral Pons
d. Thalamus

e. Conu Anterior of medulla spinalis

11. A man, 20 years old came to the health center with complaints of dizziness
accompanied by nausea and vomiting, rotating, dizzy always come when the patient go
abroad with vehicle. Complain mainly arise when the patient sits in rear seat. What
causes the appearance of spinning dizziness complains in this patient:
a. Discrepancy visual system-proprioseptic-vestibular system
b. Discrepancy visual-vestibular system-motor
c. Discrepancy sensory-motor system-autonomous
d. Discrepancy vestibular system-motor-sensory
e. Discrepancy autonomous system-vestibular-sensory
12. Female, 15 years old was taken to the health center because of fainting during the
ceremony. After patient awake from syncope, the patient complained of head feels light
and views to be dark before syncope. What is the proper clinical diagnosis for this case?
a. Motion sickness
b. Presyncope
c. Dizziness psychophysiological
d. Dysequilibrium
e. Vertigo
13. Male 35 years old, dizziness spinning 2 days ago. Complaints of dizziness especially
when the patient moves his head to the right and complaints dissapeared when the
patient doesnt move his head and closes the yes. Complaints arose for 5-10 seconds
and dissapear on their own if the patient is silent. what is the diagnosis
a. neuritis vestibularis
b. meniere
c. labirinitis
d. bppv
e. vertebrobasiler insufisiensi
14. female 25 years old with complaints of spinning dizziness since this morning,
intermittent complaint and especially when the patient turned her head left. Complaints
arose for 6 seconds. Also with nausea and vomiting. What kind of neurological exam to
determine the diagnosis?
a. brandt darfoff
b. dix hallpike
c. epley
d. sermont
e. head thrust

15. kasus kek nomer 13. What is the cause of complain in this patient
a. loose of kinocilia in canalis semicircularis
b. otolith debris in canalis semicircularis
c. hydrops endolymph
d. membrane reissner strain
e. inflammation of stereocilia
16. 4 year old boy, sudden weakness in the right leg, flaccid type, starting with
complaints of flu like syndrome, the following is correct, except
a. This virus attacts the anterior motor neuron
b. no specific treament
c. cant attack bulbar and respiratory muscle
d. caused by enterovirus
e. can be prevented by vaccination
19. MAN, 40 th weakness of both legs since 2 months ago, starting with low back pain
and numbness in both legs 6 months ago. PE : cachexia, lump on his back, increase
tone of lower limbs, muscle strength normal. Treatment :
a. Give OAT INH, rifampicin, etambutol, streptomycin
b. INH, Pirazinamid, Rif, Et
Cannot be corrected by surgery
d. INH,Et,pirazynamide,streptomycin
e. INH, rif, pyrazinamid, strep
20. Man, acute weakness both legs, simetris, ascending parasthesia of both legs. Ada
fever dan cough 2 mgg yang lalu, flaccid muscle tone. Diagnosis:
a. Multiple sclerosis
b. Hipokalemia periodic paralysis
c. GBS
d. Miastenia Gravis
e. Polyneuropathy
21. Soal sama kaya no 20 tapi ditanyainnya, MANAGEMENT:
a. High dose IV corticosteroid
b. IVIg
c. ACHe inhibitor
d. No supportive treatment
e. Azathioprine

22. 18 yo male tudent, severe headache and fever for 3 days. PE : fever, photophobia,
GCS 456, neck stiffness. Cough and congestive approximately 4 weeks earluer.
a. Bacterial meningitis
b. Viral meningitis
c. Encephaliti
d. Tb meningitis
e. Cryptococcus
23. 24 yo, headache for 10 days and fever 14 days. Meningeal sign (+), cough
congestion 4 weeks, result of lumbar puncture
a. protein naik, glukosa naik, sel >1000
b. prot. Naik, glu normal, sel>1000
c. prot normal, glu normal, cell normal
d. prot naik, glu normal, cell>10.000
e. Prot naik, glu dikit turun, sel especially mononuklear
24. 3weeks boy : high fever selama 24 jam, susah makan, iritability. Altered mental
status dan bulging fontanela. Diagnosis:
a. meningitis
b. brain tuberculoma
c. rabies
d. cerebral malaria
e. toxoplasma
30. male 45 yo came to the emergency room with decrease of consciousness since
three days ago he also suffer chronic head ache with scold vomiting weakness in the
right side of the body , loss of memory, and could not answer to the questions he was
performed head mri and revealed mass with heterogenous contrast enhancement with
necrotic area and perifocal edema. After the neurosergon had operated him and the
pathological examination disclose polimorphivc cell with pelicading necrosis. What is the
diagnosis of this patient?
a. ependymoma

b. glioblastoma multiform
c. meningioma
d. macroadenoma hypophise
e. meningoblastoma
31. male 45 yo came to the emergency room with decrease of consciousness since
three days ago he also suffer chronic head ache with scold vomiting weakness in the
right side of the body , loss of memory, and could not answer to the questions. According
to the story, where is the location of the lesion
a. temporal lobe
b. anterior frontal lobe
c. posterior frontal lobe
d. occipital lobe
e. limbic lobe
32there were general symptoms of brain tumor except .
A headache
b. seizure
c. loss of consciousness
d. hemianopia depending the side of lesion
e. blurred vision
33.modality of first treatment of benign brain tumor is .
a. chemotheraphy
b. radiotheraphy
c. excision
d. immunotheraphy
e. conservative
34. the most frequent symptoms of brain tumor in childhood is?
a. vertigo and loss of steadiness
b. aphasia
c. sensoric disturbance
d, memory loss
e. aphraxia
35. the correct statement according to meningioma .
a. Dominantly meant
b. comes from microglia cell
c. extra axial tumor
d. hypoostosis of the bone

e. frequently in the frontal lobe

36. the correct statement of ependimoma
a. pathology pattern cytoplasmic hallow
b. pathologic pattern has pseudorosette
c. frequent at the spinal cord in child
d. the most location is in the extra ventricle
e. chemotheraphy is the first choice treatment
37. Difference between primary & metastatic tumor are:
a. Metastatic tumor usually has local lesion
b. Primary tumor has tentakel edema rather than perifocal edema
c. metastatic tumor comes from any cell in the brain
d. the first choice of metastatic tumor as chemotherapy
e. the diagnostic procedure to disclose is head MRI with contrast
38. Wanita 27th, dengan nyeri kepala berulang,di bagian sebelah kepala dan terjadi
stiap selesai mengkonsumsi es krim & coklat. Sifat nyeri tajam,berdenyut dan meningkat
apabila terpapar sinar dan suara yg keras. Diagnosisnya?
a. episodic tension type headache
b. common migrain
c. classic migrain
d. cluster headache
e. chronic tension type headache
39. Bagaimanakah fase-fase serangan secara lengkap?
a. prodrome, headache,aura and postdrome
b. postdrome,aura,headache and prodorme
c. prodorme,aura, headache, postdrome
d. prodorm, headache postdrome, aura
e. postdrome,prodorm,aura, headache
40. Laki2 35thn mengeluh nyeri kepala seperti terikat selama 2 minggu terakhir. Nyeri
pada seluruh bagian kepala dan menyebarke tengkuk. Serta otot2 leher terasa kaku.
Pada pemeriksaan didapatkan TD 130/80,nadi 84x/menit. Pemeriksaan neurologi dalam
batas normal. Apakah diagnosis kasus tsb?
a. cluster headache
b.common migrain
c. episodic frequent tension type headache
d. episodic in frequent tension type headache
e. chronic tension type

41. Wanita 50thn mengeluh nyeri pd wajah sebelah kanan,sperti tertusuk dan sakit
sekali. Nyeri meningkat saat sikat gigi, makan dan disentuh wajahnya. Pemeriksaan
umum TD 135/80, N 92x/mnt. Diagnosisnya?
a. post-herpetic neuralgia
b. trigeminal neuralgia
c. temporalis arthritis
d. toths abses
e. temporal mandibular joint pain
42. laki2 32thn mengeluh nyeri kepala yg hebat di daerah kepala sebelah kiri terutama
pd daerah mata kadang menjalar ke bagian pelipis. Nyeri berlangsung skitar 20mnt dan
terjadi 2-3x per hari. Saat serangan nyeri kepala disertai lakrimasi, beringus serta
berkeringat di daerah wajah dan mata tampak merah. Terapinya?
a. nsaid
c. triptan
43. mana dibawah ini yang bukan karakteristik TTH
a. nyeri kepala bilateral
b. nyeri kepala tidak disertai nausea vommiting
c. nyeri kepala disebabkan spasme muskulus paracervical
d. termasuk nyeri kepala primer
e. intrensitas nyeri sedang sampai dg berat
44. yang bukan trigger migrain :
a. anxiety
b. gangguan tidur
c. minum air putih
d. makan coklat
e. cuaca
45. laki2 26 th, datang dg kelugan kelemahan tubuh sebelah kiri sejak 1 minggu
sebelum MRS. juga mengeluh sakit kepala dan panas sjk 10 hari yg lalu. GCS 345 dg
hemiparese dekstra. pd pemeriksaan status lokalis ada otitis media kiri. diagnosis?
a. tumor otak primer
b. toxoplasma cerebri
c. abses cerebri

e. tuberkuloma
46. penderita HIV laki2 25 tahun, kesadaran menurun pelan2 sejak 3 hari yg lalu. pasien
didiagnosis menderita toksoplasmosis serebri. pernyataan yg benar...
a. IgM toxoplasma + dapat menegakkan diagnosis
b. asam folinic sebagai terapi kausal
c. kambing sapi sebagai host definit t.gondii
d. predileksi toxoplasma serebri adalah basal ganglia
e. terapi maintenance toxoplasma adalah seumur hidup
47.penderita HIV dibawa ke poli neurobehaviour oleh krn keluhan sering lupa.
pernyataan yg tdk tepat
a. HAND mrpkn manifestasi HIV fase akut
b. tupe gangguan kognitif HAND adalah demensia kortikal
c. ART dpt memperbaiki gangg kognitif HAND
d. terapi gangg kognitif pd HIV dg Ach esterase inhibitor
e. aktivasi sel neuron penyebab terjadinya HAND
48. yang benar ttg manifestasi HIV dlm bid.neurologis
a. GBS manifestasi HIV stad lanjut
b. mononeuritis multipleks merupakan manifestasi infeksi primer HIV
c. PCNSL tjd pd penderita HIV dg CD4+ > 200/mm3
d. vacuolar myelopathy adalah manifestasi AIDS
e. sindroma serokonversi tjd pd HIV stad lanjut
49. berikut adalah penyataan yang benar tentang encephalitis cmv adalah
a. virus cmv adalah keluarga flavi virus
b. memiliki respon yang baik terhadap asiklovir
c. infeksi pda penderita HIV terjadi pad atahap serokonversi
d. hasil LP didapatkan pleocytosis dgn dominon mononuclear, kadar glukosa turun, dan
peningkatan kadar protein
e. pada MRI didapatkan gambran hiperintense di sekitar ventrikel
50. manifestasi neurologis pada infeksi HIV fase awal dan pertengahan yang tidak
benar adalah
a. criptokokus meningitis terjadi pada fase AIDS
b. PNCSL disebabkan oleh kerana infeksi HIV
c. AIDP terjadi pada fase AIDS
d. virus JC dapat menyebabkan progressive multifocal leucoencephalopathy
e. PNCSL memiliki predileksi pada periventrikel

51. the following statement is correct about PKU

a. inherited autosomal dominon
b. inherited autosomal recessive
c. abnormalities in the development of structures derived from the neural tube
d. diuretic is one of the treatment
e. early pregnancy folic acid supplementation
52. risk factor for spina befida include the following except
a. epilepsy taking antepileptic drug mainly Carbamazepine or Valproat
b. pesticide, disinfectan, radiation
c. family history of tb
d. folate deficiency
e. previous pregnant with neural tube defect
53. the diet for PKU consists of a phenylalanine free medical formula except
a. vegetable
b bread
c pasta
d human milk
e cereal
54. seorang laki 45 tahun kerja sopir taksi mengeluh nyeri pinggang sejak 2
minggu yg lalu. Nyeri menjalar sampai kearah lutut kaki kanan. Nyeri meningkat
pada waktu mengejan. Pada pemeriksaan fisik didapatkan peningkatan reflex
fisiologis ARP sisi kanan. Refleks patologis Babinski + sisi kanan. Diagnose
pasien tersebut.
a. myelopati L4 kanan
b. myelopati S1 kanan
c. radikulopati L4 kanan
d. radikulopati L5 kanan
e. radikulopati S1 kanan
55. wanita 30thn, nyeri punggung sejak 3 bln yg lalu semakin memberat. Kesemutan
pada kedua kaki. Pemeriksaan fisik: kelemahan kedua tungkai and hypoesthesia
setinggi umbilicus. Foto xray akan difokuskan pada:
a. vertebrae thorakal 8
b. ------------------------ 9
c.------------------------ 10
d.------------------------ 11
e.------------------------- 12

56. Wanita 49thn, nyeri and kesemutan pd ibu jari kanan sejak 1 thn yg lalu and makin
memberat 2 bln terakhir. Pemeriksaan fisik: atropi otot thenar kanan and phallen test
tangan kanan +. Otot yg mengalami kelemahan?
a. add pollicis brevis
b. abd -----------------c. dorsal interossei I
d. extensor pollicis brevis
e. fleksor -----------------57. Laki2 25th mengeluh nyeri pd telapak kaki kanan akibat terkilir 2 hari sebelumnya.
Tinnel test: distal malleolus medialis kanan terdapat perjalaran nyeri sampai ke jari 2 and
3. Saraf yg terkena?
a. n. tibialis posterior
b. n. tarsalis mdialis
c. n. tarsalis lateralis
d. n. calcaneus
e. n. plantaris medialis
58. Laki2 50thn, DM sejak 5 thn yg, sejak 2 hari yg lalu mengeluh kaki kiri lumpuh.
Pemeriksaan fisik: kekuatan rectus femoris m. kiri +5, tibialis ant. kiri +3, gastroc kiri +5.
Reflex biceps, triceps, patella, ankle normal. Patologis reflek -. Diagnose?
a. radikulopati L5 kiri
b. lesi n. ischiadicus kiri
c. lesi plexus lumbo sacral
d. lesi n. peroneus kiri
e. lesi n. tibialis kiri
59. risk factor of stroke infarction, except:
a. smoker
b. DM
c. female
d. HTN
e. dyslipidemia
60. etiology of stroke hemorrhagic, except:
a. AVM
b. aneurysm
c. dural fistula
d. HTN
e. thrombositosis