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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

109 / Thursday, June 7, 2007 / Notices 31569

Creek estuary/lagoon, and numerous ACTION:Notice of Plenary resolutions were debated and adopted
ponds in the vicinity of Manchester, Teleconference Meeting for the by the TGDC. The resolutions define
California (including Davis Lake, Davis Technical Guidelines Development technical work tasks for NIST that assist
Pond, Hunter’s Lagoon, and numerous Committee. the TGDC in developing
unnamed water bodies in the lower recommendations for voluntary voting
Garcia River flood plain) in Mendocino DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, July 3, 2007, system guidelines. The Development
County; Gualala River, Salmon Creek 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EDT. Committee approved initial
estuary/lagoon, and Estero Americano PLACE: National Institute of Standards recommendations for voluntary voting
in Sonoma County; Estero de San and Technology, 100 Bureau Drive, system guidelines at the April 20th &
Antonio, Walker Creek, Lagunitas Creek, Building 101, Gaithersburg, Maryland 21st, 2005 meeting. The
and Rodeo Lagoon in Marin County; San 20899–8900. recommendation were formally
Gregorio Creek estuary/lagoon, STATUS: This teleconference meeting delivered to the EAC in May 2005 for
Pescadero Lagoon (Pescadero Creek/ will be Web cast to the public. their review. In September of 2005, the
Butano Creek estuary/lagoon), and Additional meeting information and Development Committee began review
Arroyo de los Frijoles estuary/lagoon in URL Web link for the event will be of preliminary technical reports for the
San Mateo County; Laguna Creek available at by June next iteration of voluntary voting system
estuary/lagoon, Baldwin Creek estuary/ 19, 2007. guidelines. The Committee will review,
lagoon, Corcoran Lagoon, Aptos Creek SUMMARY: The Technical Guidelines debate and approve a final draft of
estuary/lagoon, and Pajaro River Development Committee (the recommendations of the next iteration
estuary/lagoon in Santa Cruz County; ‘‘Development Committee’’) has of voluntary voting system guidelines at
Bennett Slough in Monterey County; scheduled a plenary teleconference the July 3, 2007 teleconference meeting.
Santa Paula Creek in Ventura County; meeting for July 3, 2007. The FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
Cow Creek in Shasta County; Battle Development Committee was Allan Eustis 301–975–5099. If a member
Creek in Shasta and Tehama counties; established in 2004 to act in the public of the public would like to submit
Butte Creek in Glenn and Butte interest to assist the Executive Director comments concerning the Committee’s
counties; Mokelumne River in of the U.S. Election Assistance affairs at any time before or after the
Sacramento and San Joaquin counties; Comission (EAC) in the development of meeting, written comments should be
Sherman Island in Sacramento County; voluntary voting system guidelines. The addressed to the contact person
Napa River in Napa County; Tuolumne Development Committee has held nine indicated above, c/o NIST, 100 Bureau
River in Stanislaus County; and Merced previous plenary meetings. The Drive, Mail Stop 8970, Gaithersburg,
River in Merced County. proceedings of these plenary sessions MD 20899 or to
Permit 1282 authorizes average are available at The
purpose of the tenth meeting of the Thomas R. Wilkey,
unintentional lethal take of juvenile Executive Director, U.S. Election Assistance
ESA-listed salmonids of approximately Development Committee will be to
2 percent of ESA-listed salmonids review and approve a final draft of
recommendations for future voluntary [FR Doc. 07–2839 Filed 6–4–07; 4:15 pm]
captured. Permit 1282 does not
authorize lethal take of adult ESA-listed voting system guidelines to the EAC. BILLING CODE 6820–KF–M

salmonids or intentional lethal take of The draft recommendations respond to

ESA-listed salmonids. The purpose of tasks defined in resolutions passed at
the previous Development Committee DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
the research is to provide ESA-listed
salmonid population, distribution, and meetings as well as a review of a [OE Docket No. PP–305]
habitat assessment data which will: (1) complete draft of recommendations
contribute to the general body of presented at the May 2007 plenary Notice of Intent To Prepare an
scientific knowledge pertaining to ESA- meeting. Environmental Impact Statement and
listed salmonids; (2) inform resource SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Conduct Scoping; Montana Alberta
managers to further the conservation Technical Guidelines Development Tie, Ltd.
and recovery of ESA-listed salmonids; Committee (the ‘‘Development AGENCY:Department of Energy (DOE).
and (3) evaluate the effectiveness of past Committee’’) has scheduled a plenary ACTION:Notice of intent to prepare an
habitat restoration projects and guide teleconference meeting for July 3, 2007. Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
future habitat restoration projects to best The Committee was established
benefit ESA-listed salmonids. Permit pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 15361, to act in SUMMARY: The Department of Energy
1282 expires on December 31, 2012. the public interest to assist the (DOE) announces its intention to
Dated: May 30, 2007. Executive Director of the Election prepare an EIS and to conduct scoping
Angela Somma
Assistance Commission in the on the proposed Federal action of
development of the voluntary voting granting a Presidential permit to
Chief, Endangered Species Division, Office
of Protected Resources, National Marine
system guidelines. The Technical construct a new electric transmission
Fisheries Service. Guidelines Development Committee line across the U.S.-Canada border in
[FR Doc. E7–10948 Filed 6–6–07; 8:45 am]
held their first plenary meeting on July northwestern Montana. DOE has
9, 2004. At this meeting, the determined that issuance of a
Development Committee agreed to a Presidential permit for the proposed
resolution forming three working project would constitute a major Federal
groups: (1) Human Factors & Privacy; (2) action that may have a significant effect
Security & Transparency; and (3) Care upon the environment within the
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES


Requirements & Testing to gather meaning of the National Environmental
Sunshine Act Notice information and review preliminary Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA). For this
reports on issues pertinent to voluntary reason, DOE intends to prepare an EIS
AGENCY: United States Election voting standard recommendations. At entitled ‘‘The Montana Alberta Tie, Ltd.
Assistance Commission. subsequent plenary sessions, additional (MATL) 230-kV Transmission Line

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