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Hillary's Email trail

Regardless of what is said now, I am going to keep hammering the fact that it was over
18,000 classified documents fed directly to Hillary via plants in the NSA, documents Hillary
was never cleared for. Now it is figured out how Hillary ran the scam - she left the
server open to foreign governments, where they could go and get the classified
FOUNDATIONS" which laundered it all! Ugh, enough to give me gas. And Obama renamed Mount Mckinley Denali! WTF over??!!??

World War 3 has probably

(and mum is the word)
There was a major explosion in Dongying China. This
would be the third explosion. This one was as bad as
the huge one at Tianjin and was felt 50 KM away. Of
extreme interest here: The Tianjin blast happened
at 11:30 PM. This blast happened at 11:28 PM.
These blasts happened within two minutes of
each other on the clock. So I am calling it, once is
an accident, twice is coincidence and three times is
enemy action, and with the subtle message being
delivered which is: same time of night so you over
there in China know this was US, and no accident. I
have no doubt this is aggression against China.
There has been some confusion about this blast and another chemical factory blast
that happened earlier. This confusion has been caused by media outlets using
stock footage of the other factory blast to show this blast. This blast was a separate
incident, and within 10 minutes of it happening, the Chinese government got a lid
on it and NOTHING at all is making it out now, just the initial images that hit social
media. This is why media outlets are using footage of earlier blasts for this one.

And as this happens in China, Russia is now helping Assad

with airstrikes
Yep, Russia is now using Russian fighter jets with Russian pilots from a Russian base in
Syria to attack ISIS, while Israel is now openly conducting air strikes in Syria. Russia also
warned Israel and the U.S. that if nuclear reactors in Syria are targeted, the ONLY
response will be nuclear war. Now it is litmus test time, Russia knows damn well ISIS is
American/European/Israeli and knows damn well it is attacking an American scarecrow

and that there will be American casualties. The big question then is: Will the U.S. accept
losses to maintain the ruse?
So I am now confident things are picking up, whatever jokes you might have about Russia
are irrelevant when they have nukes and excellent submarines. It won't be child's play.
One nuclear weapon would wipe out an entire carrier fleet, and if I was Russia, that is all I
would do - send things skyward with a nuclear torpedo. All the Navy in the world will not
work against that.

Ok, HERE IT IS: The reason why I'd NEVER vote for Trump.
The only man I would vote for would be David Duke, PERIOD, end of discussion. Absent
a real choice why vote at all? The game of "lesser of evils" is long over due for a board
flipping via armed rebellion.
The picture worth a thousand
words. This took my entire
morning to post because every
time I tried it was prevented and
required a full reboot, at least 30
reboots. And you can clearly see
why: This picture states fairly
clearly just who the
"elite" including Trump are
aligned with. This was pulled
from, from the full
report embedded below.
I have a question: Where did
they get the demon guy? He is
much much smaller than a normal human. I know the elite circles have these types of
people at their disposal, but WOW, is that really a summoned fire demon or WHAT??
I could not copy anything from before this LINUX LIVE machine had an
apparent remote desktop load, which was not fully compatible and locked
everything up. This is a capture of the page that was done after I pulled the modem
out as soon as the page loaded on try # (random number) 17. Someone is THAT
pissed off about this getting posted.
Below here is the full article, THE ENTIRE ARTICLE IS A LINK, CLICK IT TO GO TO
BOLLYN'S WEB SITE, I had no problem with Bollyn's web site yesterday and think that
now that I am home the hacks were happening via my own personal local stinger.

HA HA HA! A CHALLENGE: Find a Youtube newscast with either our precious

Alison or the shooter, I bet they never existed with any substance at channel 7
before the shooting.


Extreme summary: Someone who sees the real Trump directly doubts it is him
running for pres, and the real trump is a total prick.
August 30 2015

Is Trump aware enough?

After posting this, I got confirmation that Trump is totally insultingly against 911
truth. 911 is the litmus test, fail that and you are GONE.
I am starting to wonder if Trump will kick off a civil war, which is clearly wanted by the
ziopress, but Trump might cause it prematurely. The Jews have obviously set up Western
civilization for a fall via immigration policies clearly intended for dilution and subversion of
Western societies and obviously want it to end with civil wars. Consider a few immigration
related variables around the world First of all, the Arabs and Muslims, outside of the American caused war zones do not have
it bad, the people of India do not have it bad and the Chinese do not have it all that bad,
despite what we are told in the ziopress. And I can confirm that Mexicans do not have it
bad at all. It is actually a great place to live. What is really happening? The answer is a
little bit complex, but I am certain I have the answer.
First of all, the CIA is running psy ops in the above mentioned countries, to convince all of
these people if they can just get to America and Europe, they will live in a fantasy land.
Those who are the biggest losers in their respective countries will be strongly enticed to
leave, and infest Europe and America. Once there, because they are predominantly losers
who had nothing to leave behind in their homeland, they HAVE TO be given tons of free
hand outs and welfare or they won't make it, they will starve. WHY CAUSE A FLOOD OF

MANIPULATED AND TOTALLY DEPENDENT. In the past, immigration from the
above groups was done by the winners, who would never arrive and go on welfare.
They were the cream of the crop. This is not what is arriving in Europe and America
So what happens when the new breed arrives? Once they get to Europe and America,
they go on welfare all the while tons of additional psy ops are run telling them how bad
they have it in the fantasy land. They had it bad in their homeland because they made it
bad, but they won't realize that because the CIA brainwashing there made them into
victims in their homelands that just had to become "refugees" all the while neighbor Jose
and brother Abdul did just fine in the same place, and therefore opted to stay. The
refugees are losers that can't add 2+2 and see they caused their own losing situation
where they were to begin with. And as a result, they cannot add 2+2 as refugees, and can
again, where they sought "refuge" be manipulated into thinking they are victims all the
while they are given handout after handout, handouts which in fact drain the life blood out
of their hosts. And this is a cold hard reality, over 70 percent of illegal Mexicans in
America, AND I AM TALKING ILLEGALS suck welfare from the American people, and I'd
like to know how that is possible if they are any sort of "victims". The situation is even
worse with the Muslims in Europe.
Keep in mind, we are talking TOTAL LOSERS, who are easily tricked into a "victim"
mentality. These people exist in all societies - people who cannot see the light of
day with anything. These people, because they can't see the light of day are easy to
manipulate into hating the host they went to, and can be manipulated into acting violently
against that host with ease. All they need is to be filled with rage with lie after lie about
how they are "victims" during what I'll call the cooking phase, and then be set off with the
right trigger with what I will call the explosion phase. The explosion phase is being set up
right now in Europe and America, and it is being set up by the Jews, who have infiltrated
Western governments to set the precedent for it all happening.
Since the Jews have a choke hold on the world's media and all Western governments,
there is little stopping this from happening.The Jews, which apparently but not
probably "lost" in Russia still hate the West, which they sought to destroy via
Russia. Dead or alive in Russia, the Bolsheviks failed in that effort and have fallen
back to plan B, which is to destroy the West via infiltration and subversion. When
did the world see this huge immigration problem take serious root? About 12 years after
the supposed fall of Russia. 12 years for the Jews who left Russia to get into all the key
positions in Western governments and set up the policies that caused all the immigration
problems to begin with. Sure, there were illegals prior to 15 years ago, but the huge huge
problems are more recent than that, and I see this as a clear consequence of total
Bolshevik infiltration, part of their plan B for destroying the West after they failed to get
Russia to accomplish that for them.
Here is where Trump (may) enter the picture:

Keep in mind that the end goal is to destroy the white populations of Europe and America,
because it is the white population that totally out-did the Jewish community, which caused
the Jewish community to see the white population as a threat (the Jews have to be #1 with
everything, or they feel threatened and insulted, because you know, they are "superior" by
birthright.) Anyway . . . . . . .
What is Trump calling for, and what will it actually cause? Trump is calling for a wall to be
built that is the exact same type of wall as the Berlin wall. The exact same type of wall as
the apartheid wall in Israel. The type of wall that has only ever been built (in modern
times) by the world's great tyrannies. And what purpose is that wall likely to really
serve? It is likely to only serve the purpose of keeping whites trapped in America, for
extermination, even if that is not the purpose Trump intended. It is probably too late to get
rid of the Mexicans without the "explosion phase" I mentioned above, and with the current
hostility towards patriots that is government policy now, it really leaves one to think about
just how secure Americans are.
And the same explosion phase has also been set up in Europe, where there are now
so many totally brainless immigrants, the total losers, that these losers can easily
badly threaten the now predominantly disarmed white populations of Europe. The
Jews have set up both America and Europe for total defeat in a war fought by
people the Jews imported for what I believe is that explicit purpose and Trump
appears to be totally oblivious to the fact that this was intentional.
Now, it would be easy to just call Trump stupid about all of this, but is he really that
stupid? Let's consider his take on Snowden - he says Snowden should be executed. BY
SURVEILLANCE AND A HUGE POLICE STATE. Is Trump really that stupid? Does he
really think the NSA stands for the American people? Possibly, but he would have to be
really out of it . . . . . Hell, Trump still thinks Arabs are going to get him! That does not bode
well for common sense.
Who would I vote for? Probably Trump. Because despite the two glaring holes
(which could possibly be chalked up to ignorance) - wanting to basically build a
Berlin wall, and supporting the NSA, Trump is by far the best candidate going. The
establishment obviously hates him. But Trump needs to wake the hell up on several
fronts, if he does not he is likely to simply act as the lesser of three evils. Any way
you cut it, the race war is real, we have been set up for annihilation by the Jewish
community, and hopefully stupidity is the only reason Trump panders to that
community, a pandering which amounts to a third huge hole . . . . . .
My conclusion on Trump? It all depends upon timing. If Trump is too late to the scene of
the crime (God only knows) he will be a huge accelerant to the destruction of America. If
he is in fact on time, he could save it all, and GOD ONLY KNOWS. He sure needs to
wisen up a bit, no matter what the case. How far would Trump need to go to call Snowden
the rightful hero he is? GOD ONLY KNOWS. Is Trump a real American, or just another
zionist? God only knows . . . . . . but the media hostility toward him at least indicates he'd

be a lot better than Hillary or Bush. And if he stopped their setting up of race wars and
solved the immigration problem, well, if that is the Jewish agenda and he is oblivious to
who is causing it, they would obviously hate him, pandering or not.


Go back over the tweets our "shooter" tweeted after the shooting: Alison was hired to
replace him, and he was only fired a short time ago! He tweets about being all mad at
them for hiring Alison after she made racist comments. How would he know she made
those comments if he was not around to see them? AND IF she did not work there, how
did her illustrious boyfriend meet her 9 months ago and how did she become the
light of channel 7, as he states, in the short time our shooter inadvertantly
confirmed she was at the station? Folks, this is a sucking chest wound of a hole in
the official story!



Clarification: His twitter, before it got deleted,

confirmed he hired on at the station less than two
months ago. Everything he is tweeting about is, when
put in context, immediately recent. The newness of
the twitter account could mean that it was set up just
for this event!
August 29 2015

New York magazine used to

break the truth about "MH370" flaperon
And as it turns out, I was totally syntactically correct
on every single point I made!
New York Magazine's article only differs from my
report in ONE WAY: They have the statement from
BOEING saying their analysis proved it is not from
flight 370! It is proven that this aircraft part was
pulled from a scrap yard, exactly as I said!
Below this embedded report is my report on proof
blanks were used, do not miss it!
Scroll this window to read my FULL VINDICATION
issued by the MSM without mentioning my name.


The MSM gets paid handsomely to bring you lies. This web
site has the education, experience and guts to shred the lies
and bring you the truth. If you were around when I reported on
this flaperon and saw the ridicule I got for saying what I did,
even as I stood my ground on the topic while the Malaysian
Prime Minister lied, consider this New York magazine report.
Because this web site stands its ground and nails the truth, I
cannot get high paying ads here, and need reader support.
Donations will be needed for September, thanks!

I am now going to dig in and state with clarity

blanks were used
James wrote:
I watched the alison parker video ... take it from someone (me) who knows about guns ...
the shooter had used the gun before with real bullets ... watch as the gun learches
FORWARD with each round ... these are blanks ... the shooter is bracing for the inevitable
backwards impulse as the gun would release a real bullet ... BUT there is no real bullet so
the gun lurches forward with each round because the shooter is reacting to what his
instinct would say would be a real round ... but since there is no real round the gun thrusts
forward ... watch the video again ... jim
My response: Ok, now I will say this: There is too much smoke and too much fire at
the end of the barrel, which proves blanks. To the left here is the frame that proves this
is blanks being fired, there is simply TOO MUCH FIRE at the end of the barrel and the
color of the flame is totally wrong for real bullets, that is the color of flame from blanks,
which is similar to the flame from black powder:
No camera shake also proves blanks.
NOWADAYS. However, muzzle flash from blanks shows up
clearly, and this is what we see here to the left. OOOH,
excessive smoke which I have NEVER seen from any real
round I have fired and I have shot thousands and
thousands and thousands of rounds and I mean freaking
THOUSANDS with hand guns, shot guns, rifles, you name it
I have owned it, I have never seen smoke with modern (and

I am talking past 50 years) bullets and always see it with blanks which I have also
This is the difference between blanks, which have to use black powder or something
similar because it will explode with no back pressure provided by a bullet. Modern
smokeless powder will not go off properly or at all without a bullet providing back pressure
to cause it to explode. Black powder will explode without any back pressure, but modern
smokeless powder will not. That is why smoky black powder is used in blanks And the gun
lurching forward is from vacuum pressure from the gases leaving the barrel and making a
forward pulling pressure which a bullet would normally cancel out with a kick. Blanks get
weapons dirty quick. It is not the same quality material with blanks. Blanks smoke a lot.
A little correction to the above, when I said "you name it, I have owned it" I mean
rifles/shotgun/handgun semi/auto bolt, pump, etc. not every gun made. Never had a single
shot, everything I ever bought was intended for more than casual use. Assortment of
scopes . . . . believe it or not, I did not like Leupold, my favorite was a cheap Bushnell. It
ended up being real bright, real clear, and very accurate. Never had a tritium scope or
laser scope (gimmicks). From what I have seen, what makes a good scope is a great
stable mount and a huge front objective.

I'd bet the artificial intelligence systems are good enough to

know when it is safe to steal:
Hi Jim, Just needed to drop you a line as I think you will be one of the few people who
would believe me. I am a middle aged woman and this is the age where we're apparently
start putting the car keys in the fridge and such like. Anyhow, I ordered some books off
Amazon - a set for my daughter - which duly arrived at our UK address, and a second set
for the daughter of an Italian friend. I received email confirmation of my Italian order confirming the recipient's address etc - later I saw on my amazon account details that it
had been delivered. I didn't hear from the friend, but they were away over the summer so I
wasn't surprised.
Today I got a message saying the books hadn't arrived. I was pretty annoyed as I had
seen that they had arrived - so somebody must have signed for them and not told my
friend. I went into my account to get all my facts straight and guess what? No record on
my amazon account that I ever made this order. No emails about it in my outlook in box.
No record on my credit card statement that I used it to place this order. So either I've gone
crazy, or my internet activities are being edited (incidently the info on the UK order now
specifies in capital letters that the books can only be delivered in the UK). Either way, time
to limit what I do on line.
Just a small glimpse of what your world must be like but it totally freaks me out. I'm
tempted to tick the "crazy" box.
My comment: Not sure what the real story is, but I am certain the AI total awareness
system is advanced enough to mess with people this way, especially if the books were of

a political or scientific nature. I am certain the total awareness system would have known
your friends would not be home, and would have been able to not deliver those books at
all under this disguise. Then do a cleanup of records and post a ruse. One way to back
check this is to really check all finances and what went in and what went out, and from
there you could extrapolate what really happened. However, I am CERTAIN beyond a
doubt that current AI tracking of people could mess with them this way NO PROBLEM.

It looks like the message censorship has abated now that they are having some luck burying
Hillary's crimes . . . .
A while ago, I posted a comment about drivers being back doors for the NSA.
Anonymous wrote:
Hi Jim, someone mentioned that we no longer have easy access to the information needed to write drivers.
Well, I'd like to add that the usual excuse from the manufacturers is that by releasing it they could give away
'trade secrets' to competitors, and that is ridiculous because one does not need to know the inner workings of the
device to write a driver, only how it interfaces with the external world, and that info could be released with
almost zero cost. That would greatly benefit the quality of Linux drivers, that more often than not have to be
developed through reverse-engineering. Obviously it's really a deliberate attempt to force us into using NSA's
backdoored drivers.
My response: It was at one time the responsibility of all hardware manufacturers to provide drivers for all
operating sytems AND THEY DID. This is not hard to do, if they sell a product, it needs to work with
everything it might be used for and Linux is so mainstream now that it is incomprehensible for it to not be
unilaterally supported, especially when back in the 90s, it was supported when it was only fringe. What
changed? you guess!


Anonymous wrote:
I did test with the telemetry websites you listed (see below), I blocked them in my firewall, as an outgoing rule
for each one. I could not go online after that!! I unblocked them again, and tried blocking one by one, no matter
what, even with only one of them blocked, I could not connect to the internet!:
My response: You don't have to hit any address first to then hit a web site, The above is not possible absent a
sabotaged operating system.
Anonymous wrote
Not way. Would never happen! Three random explosions within two weeks. Sloppy munitions
experts worldwide, I suppose!
REMEMBER...Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, but three times is enemy action. Ian Flemming,
Creator of James Bond (EX S.A.S)
This is interesting, and I think it is worth considering Jim
You're not the only one:
I don't know what to think of this, but I know from private prophecy that God is shortening 'Time' and 30 m are
now less 'lengthy' than they used to be. I've been asking many people if they also have the perception that days
are shorter and time for doing things has diminished; at least I have that perception... Any way, this is how He is
fulfilling His promise (talking about the Anti-Christ reign of terror and wickedness in John's Book of
Revelation) that 'those days would be shortened, otherwise no one would be saved".
My response: Plausible scriptural precedent.
Hi Mr Stone, Love your site check it every day. Felt I had to write on the topic of people dying and coming
back to life. Another person who I definitely remember "died" at some point in the eighties and then was quietly
reintroduced as alive, is Michael Douglas's father Kirk. I could swear I read about his death and saw pictures of
his funeral at some point during that decade. But I don't think its a parallel timeline. I think Intelligence is
playing games with us. Carrying out mock funerals in the media and then disappearing people for a certain
length of time. Then removing old media information regarding their "death" and bringing them back again

before the public gaze. This experimentation is doubtless enjoyable for them. Seeing how far they can go and
what the public can remember without there being any outcry or backlash.
Another case in point where they really had a good laugh in people's oblivious faces was the BAFTAs (British
film awards) 2015. Stephen Fry, an intelligence agent if ever there was one, mocked Stephen Hawking's voice
which he definitely would not do if he was not aware that Mr Hawking is another intelligence agent. But
nobody in the audience got it apart from other agents - what they really enjoy is an in-joke. Not to mention Comic Relief sketch where Mr Hawking
plays the part which is usually played by someone who pretends to be ill and wheelchair bound but in actuality
is in good health. They love skating close to the truth's edge and mocking the audience in plain sight. Seeing if
anyone can catch on that Hawking is in fact a healthy actor and the real Hawking died years ago.
My response: I have no doubt Hawking died on schedule, over a decade ago. Just make sure you watch the
topic drift and do not accept it, Hawking was profoundly pro-God. The intelligence asset is using the Hawking
venue to erase this fact.
As for the Universe - we know how it happened, but we do not know why it happened, to know that would be to
know the mind of God - The real Stephen Hawking.
RWD wrote:
Jim , I have never given Dr. David Duke much thought . I did catch the rebroadcast of the Jones interview , And
find nothing wrong with being proud and wanting to preserve our Christian/European roots . And it shows how
well the jew propaganda is working , That Muslims are to be feared and jews are the harmless victims . When in
reality it is the opposite .
Muhammad specifically condemned as sinners anyone who failed to protect Christians , Or interfered with
Christians ability to practice their own faith . While the jew plan for universal enslavement of non-jews and
world domination can be found throughout the old testament.
As Duke pointed out - look at what the jew controls . The thing that steams my clams most ? September 11 .
From Urban Moving Systems Jersey City , NJ. To the van with 5 Israelis pulled over in East Rutherford , New
Jersey that day . At what point do the " White Hats " step up and take out all enemies foreign and domestic .
My response: Five dancing Israelis says it all.
More timeline inconsistencies, This one is legit, I remember this clearly: Remember the film "Interview
With A Vampire"? It's now "Interview With THE Vampire."
This link shows the original title:
My response: I really believe we are either seeing a glitch in the matrix, or the results of time line tampering
because the printed works end up getting back dated and fixed from day one even in hard print. But the public
conscience remembers going through it all differently. This does not bode well, I think we are seeing evidence
of tampering by time travelers or something else sinister.
This is a really spookily worded Christian perspective on abortion . . . . .

brother Jim, You do a fine thing with the intention to save lives by preventing another needless world war and
halting the blood thirsty abortionists. I wanted to share with you about how God sees the guilt of abortion, since
it includes those whom you have implicated as well as many others who do nothing to prevent it. It is not a light
thing to God, yet if the guilty turn from their sin, they may find mercy of another kind. As it stands, the only
mercy that the guilty have is the mercy of a swift and final death at the hands of Him whom they have hated.
Here is the quote:
"Destroy your own houses, and build them upon the sand as you will, yet you dare not destroy the light I have
given you! For it was sculpted delicately, in fragile flesh, and remains in the image of God... Alive in The Son,
before its very conception. For it is the fool who says in her heart, There is no God, believing she answers
only to herself. For she testifies aloud, saying, It is my body, my choice... YOU CHOOSE DEATH! Says The
Lord. For the child within you is Mine, even as you are Mine also; your body is not your own! All belongs to
The Lord!
Thus says The Lord: Murder of the innocent leads to the death of the guilty who carry the innocent within them;
take no part in their suicide. For all who do wear equally the guilt of the mother, all seek the penalty of death;
from the lawmakers to the voters, to the building owner, to the workers, to the suppliers, to the mother, and
finally to the father, if he does not take a stand to protect the helpless and the innocent who are without blame...
Behold, they have brought the wrath of God upon their nation, upon their state, and upon all their cities;
calamity upon calamity, until I have laid them waste!
My response: This wording is not in the bible, it is a preacher's perspective, and a good one I'd say.
This is a legitimate message (correct keywords and incidental data given) posted as a curiosity . . . .

Ruihai and an American military logistics firm

Re Provoking WWIII?
We know how the tribe has used incidents like Archduke Ferdinand , 911, sinking of Titanic, Bay of Pigs so
many over the millenia --- it easily could have been Israel that bombed China to provoke a WWIII?
Is there any way you can go via the Way Back Machine or ...?... to get that link I found with Ruihai and the
American Military company called Logistics International? I did read yesterday I think that the Chinese
government had erased all websites about Ruihai. Honestly, the two were totally connected, not just the same
names, although I did find other US companies with the same name (logisics international) which, however,
were not there the night the blast occurred.
Incidentally, wonderful citizens in my own neighborhood -- all of us trying to block annexation of woodlands to
the City -- were completely unaware and aghast when I told them the Pope will be meeting with Obama and
announcing Agenda 2030 in mid Sept. I told them this is happening all around the world in complete disguise.
Since I am the only (what might be called) conspiracy theorist in the whole group, it is nevertheless
heartwarming that they do see the process, just that they think it is local only, they DO see a conspiracy, back
alley end runs at midnight!
My response: I knew about the link between Logistics International and Ruihai, but since it got expunged from
the web (INSTANTLY, and I mean FREAKY FAST) I could not link it through. Yes, Ruihai was probably
holding an American nuke in storage, or some other fishy circumstance, and a threat was followed through on.
Rod of God is not proven, only that a nuclear scale blast happened, and mum is the word from Chinese
officialdom. I would not doubt for a minute that up in that NorthWest corner of the lot, Ruihai had a stored

American nuke. But it would have had to have been at least a small distance underground (basement depth) for
the blast characteristics. Totally plausible.
In response to your "Jewist" comment, a couple years ago I worked the passover at the prominent "Jewist"
country club in the san diego area. I ended up befriending the young rabbi-in-training who was the son of the
main rabbi in charge of watching everything and making sure there was no cross-contamination in the kitchen. I
asked him what kind of jews they were and when I said ashkenazi he said yes most were "ashkenaz". I
remember making a mental note that he did not say the word with the "i" at the end. I dont know if that means
anything or the advice you gave regarding giving birth in a hospital but fyi: they call themselves ashkenaz sect.
He said part of the group were sephardic and they came down from L.A. and the sephardics in LA are the ones
in charge of the music and hollywood. I asked him if he knew they were luciferian but just went through
the motions of reverence toward Yahweh God and he said yes. So even the young student rabbis know
that. They probably refer to lucifer when they speak of or to Yahweh. Your amigo with connections in
mx, not dead
My response: Count on some disinfo mixed in with what he was saying, I doubt the Sephardics run Hollywood.
I never picked up on overt luciferianism clearly stated when I was in the Jewish community, however, they had
some really curious beliefs that really made me wonder, the main ones:
1. A very clearly stated belief that there was no day of judgement and that this life was all there was,
2. The Kol Nidre prayer, which I thought was just an internet rumor until I saw for myself. You can't go into the
synagogue and get this prayer, it has to be on the high holidays, and it is in a special book that comes out at that
time. In the seats for idiot visitors to pick up there are fluff books that don't say what that prayer is, you have to
get the 50 year old hardcover book with the real services in it, and in that book the prayer states in well crafted
wording (to paraphrase here:)
"I never told you God, that I would tell the truth or honor my oaths last year, so I was not bound by any spoken
contract to be honest or live up to my word, and because I never agreed to tell the truth, I cannot be punished for
voiding all oaths and promises and am stating now, in this upcoming year, that I have made no promise to be
truthful or honor my oaths and promises . . . . It did not use that wording, the prayer was actually quite long, but
that is what it meant and it's extended length was for closing all possible loopholes that could hold you
accountable for lying and cheating. The Kol Nidre is exactly what you would expect to hear from the devil
himself . . . . . and it has to be repeated 3 times.
3. A pervasive prevailing attitude that if it feels good, do it, even cheating on your spouse is just a small affair to
be handled with a payment to a rabbi.
Microsoft comes out of the closet
"the end-user service agreement distributed with Windows 10 reads that the operating system (OS) will collect
and store users web history, access points, passwords and other personal data, including physical location,
emails and other messages and information about phone calls. Microsoft also reserves the right to share this data
with special services, use it in research, publish or use it in any other way it sees fit."
My comment: The only thing new here is that they are in your face telling you they are doing all of that now!
That started with Windows 95!
Call me kate
Re Katlyn J

I was just channel surfing, all trash. Something caught my eye -- yuk, "Katlyn." I clicked on by swiftly, then
said, no, I guess I gotta see this for myself. Switched to Katyln again, lingered for less than a minute: NOPE.
NOOOOOOOOO, it's not a she, it's Bruce in drag --- male hand gestures despite nail polish, voice still male and
Bruce's, body posture still male. I'm not saying he might not be a nice guy, I'm saying He IS a GUY! Must have
been paid or brain washed to go on this stupid trip??? Even THINKS like a guy! Definitely No Change except
the clothes and makeup!
My response: And in the bedroom Kate screws like a man, he never got anything cut down there . . . . . All just
a pony show for the aemoralistic NWO. Bruce either got blackmailed or paid off for this, it is a HOAX.
Do not use Chrome
Chrome browser will no longer allow me to edit this web site, and I'd bet the following reader uses Chrome,
because I added no new redirects during the time he sent this, and the site is running properly on a 4 year old
never updated Firefox. Google is the spook in the alley, don't expect anything good to come of that outfit
anymore, Anyway:
"You made a huge error with your redirect. I entered your IP and it redirected me to your /aa3index.html which
is a page from a long time ago." My response: No error there, DITCH CHROME, I don't even need to ask what
you are using if that happened.
My response: There is no "IST in the word Islam, yet the Jews put it there all the time because by making
Islam an "IST" such as "ISLAMIST MILITANT" the word becomes an action, a pathology. So since the Jews
use this methodology, and they don't want to be called "Jewish" I suggest upping the ante and start calling them
"Jewists" so we can more appropriately discuss just what a depraved cult they really are.
Destroyed education Remember when computer parts used to come with technical manuals so detailed you
could write a driver yourself? That time is gone since the mid 90's. And today's colleges do not create real
electrical engineers anymore, except perhaps in Israel. Did you ever notice the sheer amount of sites selling
Israeli-made spy equipment and other high tech electronics? Gee, I wonder why...
My response: They don't want people writing their own drivers because nowadays more often than not, the
approved driver comes with an embedded NSA hack on "line 5248" and if you can write your own you can
circumvent this with your own driver that has only 3 lines. And as for the Israelis making spy equipment,
that is just perfect because they can spy you while you spy then, and will know if you are going to
accomplish anything meaningful with it before you do. And I'd bet the libraries are GREAT in Israel!

The mail window has been cut here because site traffic is too high to load a large window.
Click here to continue.

Hi Jim i down loaded the shooting video of the reporter opened it in photoshop and made
the resolution much better then I could skip through the video .02 of a second each click at

around 18 seconds the reporter looks at the gun man to check that everything is in place.
Also at that time the man doing the video for the news channel is filming over the balcony
so it wouldn't show her looking at the gun man. I also noticed the gun man fires 2 shots
and the camera man doesn't even flinch just to make sure he has a good video shot
of the reporter being shot.This is defo a fake. keep up with the good work.
all the best from Greg in the UK.
My response: Good work. Definite fake. What can I say? HMM, PERHAPS THIS: True,
the news reporter might focus on the subject completely but what about the
subject? Sure you could not see the subject clearly in the shooter video, his phone
or whatever he used was blocked by the cameraman from getting her on video BUT
VISIBLE BY THE WOMAN BEING INTERVIEWED. You can't tell me she would not
have noticed, DING DING DING, another shovel of B.S. thrown down the manure
ANOTHER grand slam!
Two takes for Virgia reporter cameraman shooting. Broadcast version shown on has interviewee saying this up to shot
point (****):
"Were seeing tourism. We want the people that come here to stay, that would****".
Takes about 4.2 seconds and cameraman seems to go down first.
Gunman's footage records this, which is delivered in about 3.3 seconds and reporter is
being shot first:
"Were seeing tourism. We want people to come here to stay, what we would****
Even after Charlie Hebdo, people still don't bother to analyse the audio!
My response: SAVE THOSE VIDEOS AT KEEPVID.COM. That alone is proof this
never happened.
A good point:
Forgive me for sounding trite, but, this latest shooting seems like an easy one...
The "shooting" of reporters "live" on air, and then recorded AND uploaded to the web was
all scripted and done for one MAIN reason (other than the standard by now 'eww, guns
are evil' bullshit...)

To send a message to the Presstitutes that they have been getting a little lax at selling
THE AGENDA to the sheep and a few of them have actually dared questioning THE
AGENDA and to remind them how easily they can be replaced and to fall back in line with
After I watched around 20 different news story versions covering this story yesterday and
last night, you can just smell the fear thru the TV coming from these reporters. From Local
news to BBC/ABC/NBC level, they are ALL scared and have been successfully reminded
of who their masters are.
~ Kerr
news camera mans footage shows a dark
african american man with a beard. But if
you saw any pictures of Bryce Williams
he never fashioned a beard. I saw his
twitter account on the wayback
machine (which has now been updated
and only shows a suspended page).
and anyway he had no beard in any
recent photos.Hey Jim, What do you
think that "shot" reporter was wearing on
her left leg just bellow the knee? Fake
blood pack which was supposed to burst
but didn't?
This is an interesting one, I bought this movie 25 years ago:
I'll try again to get this through to you. It might have a Planet X connection/forewarning.
Does anyone remember the Star Trek movie 'the voyage home' which came out in 1984.
Spock did a Vulcan mind-meld and learned from the whale that the reason that the probe
was destroying the earth was that the probe had made an earlier trip past earth and had
learned from the whales that they were endangered due to mankind harpooning them.
The probe promised to return at a later time and avenge the whales deaths if they had
been hunted to extinction.
That explanation, related to Captain Kirk by Spock after he did the mind-meld with
the whale, has been deleted from every copy of the movie ever released on VHS or
DVD. What is the reason for that deletion? These days everyone who sees the film
wonders why the probe is destroying planet earth since the explanation scene has been
deleted. No one on the 'Trekkie" forums can answer the question and when the question
is posed it gets deleted swiftly. GOOGLE: why was the probe in Star Trek IV
destroying the earth and you will find that the correct answer doesn't come up at all,
even though Trekkies know more minutia about their hobby than do most other hobbyists.

My response: Never saw it anywhere other than the tape I bought, and yes, I did wonder
why the probe was doing so much damage. According to how it was going, the probe was
pumping so much energy into the earth that it was "ionizing the atmosphere" and I thought
that any civilization capable of building such a probe ought to know what the limits were,
thanks for the explanation - now it all fits!. And the probe broke off the attack as soon as
the whales they brought forward in time responded . . . . and I find it more than odd this
would be deleted from trekkie forums . . . . . Hmmmmmmm.

What is your take on this as you are hosted there.
"Unseen has been exposed as a CIA front for social media metadata acquisition ... it is not
to be trusted.... no encryption beats what the NSA have with their DARPA designed
quantum processor... EX nsa worker is part of the group"
My response: I am not hosted there. I tried. Here is my experience with Unseen mail
and hosting I paid for six months of a VPS server with dedicated IP there. It was a nightmare. It took
me 4 days just to get a log in, and once in, the server would kick me off within 45 seconds
most of the time. The longest time EVER on the server was 5 minutes. You cannot work
like that. Tech support usually took a day to respond. I could not do the web site there.
After three weeks of trying, I went to a different provider that has been completely flawless
and had this web site up and online WHERE IT IS NOW, within 45 minutes. This includes
time in their front door to purchase hosting, paying for it, going through the mails, getting
the password, logging in and putting the web site up. If I am not jacked with I am lightning
with this. ANYWAY
Perhaps Unseen hosting started working after a while, but I would not know because after
three weeks of trying I abandoned their service and never tried to log in again. Never
asked for a refund, just left in disgust. At least the site was still running at Hostmonster,
once it was up in Iceland I put in the re-directs from America and use Hostmonster as a
file cache to feed large files to the Iceland location and as a location for the old web site
which has many many pages that are still accessed a lot. I don't even know the log ins for
Unseen anymore.
I think my problems were intentionally caused at Unseen, NO ONE could run a service
that crappy, I had to have been targeted. Same with E-mail accounts, I set up a couple
and never had a mail make it to or from a single box EVER. So a spook location? who
knows, I have a hard time believing that BIN would do that, I think they have a few moles.
I'd say Hostmonster is the best provider I have ever seen if my new provider did not tie
them, it cannot be better than Hostmonster but they can be matched.

I am convinced - GcMAF is a bona fide cancer cure

This was someone elses work, and I have no further comment - this is an absolute doozie,
and a kick in the teeth to the cancer scam community. There are other cures for cancer as
well, but this one is by far the most well explained,
All the details you could hope for are HERE

Computer failure!
My trusty quad core that has been put through more than any other computer I have ever
had (over the past four and a half years) black screened and would not get through the
post tests or access the hard drive. I went through the obvious easies, (very gentle drop
test, re-seat ram, etc) to no avail. I am online with it now after putting it in the freezer!
working perfect but you know, it is probably time for a different machine. I am not
going to buy an NSA endorsed piece of crapware, I will instead comb the pawn shops for
an old Turion or something similar. Anyway, that will probably cost about $200 for one that
works perfect, and it will work fine because Linux is efficient and I code this site by hand.
Mimimal needs.
I have a backup windows machine with no CD drive (so Linux is useless for that one) and
if I can't run Linux live I won't do this web site unless it is with a clean cyber cafe computer
because ALL WINDOWS since 95 have been bugged out of box. The latest iteration is a
real doozie though . . . . . audaciously nasty . . . . anyway if I get an old machine from 2006
or so I will burn Knoppix live from an old old old and I mean OLD backup on an ancient
hard drive (I can't do my preferred version of Knoppix with this quad core because it won't
be supported,) it has to be something old.

"You are smart enough to know m e x I c o is no safer nor more separated from the
controllers than the RWB nation. Or territory is not immune, innocent nor protected.
Please tell me you see this. You praise your area as tho you believe it is heavenly."
My response: You are completely wrong, after the Fuku report in America I got stalked
24/7 which has NEVER happened in Mexico (have been watched a few times AT FIRST)
but now nothing creepy happens, and now, where I am, security kicks @ss and NO ONE
is going to be there to stalk me, intelligence agency or not. Perhaps you don't know what it
is like to have real armed security with police enforcement powers actually work for you,
being from a "free" country and all, this level of private security for private people would
NEVER be allowed in America!
I just love to hear them putt putt by at night, several times an hour . . . . .
August 28 2015

A few things, and then I am going to (surprisingly) talk about planet X/Nibiru.
They had News anchor "Chris" on Mexican television last night. God, what a slime ball. He
just oozes it from every pore, and never showed an ounce of sadness. Instead, I saw cold
calculation of words for accomplishing an agenda. Why were the Brits forced to erase their
video of the arrest anyway? How do you run on high heels after getting shot multiple
times, with perfectly even footsteps indicating no injury at all? Anyway, what more can I
And then we have the answer to how they are going to save Hillary. They are going to
blame it all on one of her assistants, and subsequently sweep the biggest case of
espionage in America's history under the rug. Already they have dropped it from a proven
18,000 plus documents down to only a handful, and they will succeed, they know how to
handle this with polls and brainwashing.
I know, for certain, that Hillary should fry, but that she never would fry. Getting Hillary into
the pan for a good baking simply won't happen, she is Bolshevik communist, they are in
charge, will be in charge, and the only step needed is for them to drop the veil and tell
Americans to their face their country is lost. After all, do you really think Obama got
elected? FAT CHANCE.
And then we have Mexico saying relations won't be good with Texas if Texas does not
give anchor babies birth certificates! I am actually shocked by that one, quite a surprise
and quite audacious.

Planet X / Nibiru is probably real (I always

knew this but avoided the topic).
I have totally avoided the Nibiru topic because it has been turned into a playground
of kooks. However, there was a great report titled "Planet X 101" posted to
Intellihub by Shepard Ambellas and because such a good job was done there it will
make it easy for me to put things straight in a rational way and discuss a topic that
has a lot of people interested.

Planet X 101
"In November of 1983 NASA's IRAS infrared telescope discovered an unbelievably huge,
massive, what looked like a slowly burning star, a big object, headed right toward our solar
system from the region of Orion", stated Dr. Jaysen Rand, researcher and author of the
book Return of Planet X, in his opening remarks during the historical interview, pointing
out how openly and well announced the discovery was that day.
However, like clockwork, 24-hours later the media was completely silent on the matter and
you heard not even a peep as national security protocols were implemented in the highest

levels of the government and media. From then on, it would be almost a complete
informational blackout.
"The public didn't name Planet X, the government did that's the first rule of Planet X 101",
Rand pointed out passionately. Rand then made mention of a 1984 U.S. News and World
Report article which revealed yet another clue to what NASA found. "They named it a
brown dwarf star", said Rand.
My response: This is real. I remember it. What more can I say?
This next part here is a long read that sounds a little preachey but possibly with
some good info. if you can get past this, the next segment is better
"The were twelve original planets [in our solar system] just like Sitchin described it's also
confirmed in prophecies, cave paintings, in Vatican information, in a thousand sources
different sources we cited in our book there is evidence that every 3600-4000-years some
unbelievably huge catastrophic event strikes the earth that we've traced back 500,000years in time showing when each of these 3600-4000-years periods began and ended
And the very last one was in 1447 BCE, before the common era", Rand stated continuing
to talk about similarities between the Bibles exodus and the Book of Revelations, chapter
8, book 11. Rand said, "We believe that this is a real phenomenon event"
My comment: Yes, there were originally more planets.
Shepard Ambellas then interjected, pointing out how the Kolbrin Bible talks of "the
destroyer". In fact, Manuscripts 3:4 reads:
When blood drops upon the Earth, the Destroyer will appear, and mountains will open up
and belch forth fire and ashes. Trees will be destroyed and all living things engulfed.
Waters will be swallowed up by the land, and seas will boil.
And Manuscript 3:6 reads:
The people will scatter in madness. They will hear the trumpet and battle-cry of the
DESTROYER and will seek refuge within dens in the Earth. Terror will eat away their
hearts, and their courage will flow from them like water from a broken pitcher. They will be
eaten up in the flames of wrath and consumed by the breath of the DESTROYER.
So many texts throughout history document, what is coming.
MY COMMENT: I think it is a little bold to claim this "destroyer" is a dark planet when for
all anyone knows it could be a half horse half dragon with a snake head.
"What if the book of Revelations isn't a book of the past, but rather a document of what
has already happened, time and time again, every 3600-4000-years? What if the next
passing is soon? These are the type questions I'm asking.

"There are bones filled up into the back of caves at high elevations", Ambellas pointed out
in the broadcast, dovetailing with Lucas' theory of why dinosaur bones washed up into
large bone piles at the base of the Colorado mountains. Likely the close passing of a
massive celestial object, like a brown dwarf star, can create havoc for people on earth,
essentially swashing the waters about the face of the planet with nearly every pass as
documented in biblical tales such as the story of the "Great Flood".
My comment: Plausible, even probable, but probably not biblical. You can't pass a giant
planet many times the size of Jupiter through the solar system without messing up the
orbits of everything at least slightly, and later in this report, as it turns out, yes, things are a
little off
"All of this historically, may have been caused by the close passing of Planet X during
each cycle. Real events, with real science behind them.
My comment I'll give him that, because there is an obvious cycle. But I see this cycle
being much longer, more like 15,000 years. If any planet x has anything to do with
anything, it's gonna need a larger orbit than 3600 years.
"Zecharia Sitchin, renown researcher and author, has stated that Planet X flies through
space in a highly elliptical orbit, approaching earth from the south on an angular plain,
then slingshoting around the backside of the sun before exiting back out of our solar
system every 3600-years.
It has also been said that you can only see the brown dwarf star approaching low on the
horizon from a vantage point of the earths southern hemisphere, making spotting the
planet early on difficult for most of the world's population."
My comment: Half and half. Here is where we get into the nitty gritty details. First of all, if
it approaches from the south it is not an original part of the solar system and cannot be
one of the forementioned "12 original planets". It would be a new addition. All solar
systems evolve from a rotating disc of material that puts everything on the same plane.
Anything not on that plane to begin with will get pulled by gravity into the developing star
at the center. This means,
that because they are from
the same disc of material,
all planets will be viewable
east/west from the equator
with varying degrees of
"up". If this dark planet
approaches from the south,
it is not an original part of
this solar system.
Here is a big reason why
I ignored all of the planet
X scenario when maybe

there might actually be something to it: The earth is inclined by 22 degrees, plus
there are a full 90 degrees south of the equator. This would mean that if Nibiru
approached from the south, there are 112 possible viewing degrees available to see
the Tropic of Cancer? Well, I am, even just down here in Mexico. So is Hawaii. Think
the observatories at Mauna Kea in Hawaii would miss a south approaching Nibiru?
FAT CHANCE!!!! All the south pole photos and fakery just really irritated me. You
do not have to be anywhere near the South pole to see something approach from
the south!
A Wikipedia entry on Zecheria Sitchin reads:
"According to Sitchin's interpretation of Mesopotamian iconography and symbology,
outlined in his 1976 book The 12th Planet and its sequels, there is an undiscovered planet
beyond Neptune that follows a long, elliptical orbit, reaching the inner solar system roughly
every 3,600 years. This planet is called Nibiru (although Jupiter was the planet associated
with the god Marduk in Babylonian cosmology). According to Sitchin, Nibiru (whose name
was replaced with MARDUK in original legends by the Babylonian ruler of the same name
in an attempt to co-opt the creation for himself, leading to some confusion among readers)
collided catastrophically with Tiamat (a goddess in the Babylonian creation myth the
Enma Eli), which he considers to be another planet once located between Mars and
Jupiter. This collision supposedly formed the planet Earth, the asteroid belt, and the
comets. Sitchin states that when struck by one of planet Nibiru's moons, Tiamat split in
two, and then on a second pass Nibiru itself struck the broken fragments and one half of
Tiamat became the asteroid belt. The second half, struck again by one of Nibiru's moons,
was pushed into a new orbit and became today's planet Earth."
because if people are not thinking, they will think a southern approach equals a
SPOOKY SNEAK ATTACK and that works great in horror movies! The rest of
Sitchen's stuff (which does not claim a south Nibiru approach, so he is not part of
this puffery) is stuff I do not deal with.
"Over the last few years countless people including scientists, top scholars, and
universities, in conjunction with other peer-reviewed studies, have documented the fact
that the moon, sun and earth are not in their proper positions as things may seemingly be
unwinding in our solar system.
My comment: Yep.

There has been a change in weather, seasons, tides, volcanic activity, tectonic activity
and more as tornadoes are now even striking as early as June.
My comment: WHAT?
For years governments have been aware of an approaching celestial body (a brown dwarf
star) and it's 3600 year cycle of devastation as outlined in ancient Sumerian cylinder seals
and other ancient documents. My comment: YEP, fact.
An excerpt from the Washington Post article dated December 30, 1983, page A1
A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to
Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the
constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope aboard the U.S. infrared astronomical satellite.
So mysterious is the object that astronomers do not know if it is a planet, a giant comet, a
nearby "protostar" that never got hot enough to become a star, a distant galaxy so young
that it is still in the process of forming its first stars or a galaxy so shrouded in dust that
none of the light cast by its stars ever gets through.
"All I can tell you is that we don't know what it is," Dr. Gerry Neugebauer, IRAS chief
scientist for California's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and director of the Palomar Observatory
for the California Institute of Technology, said in an interview.
My comment: Yes, this is true. However, if it was, at the time, visible in the direction of
Orion, well, Orion is to the North. How then, if this is Nibiru, would it approach from the
south? I just love astronomy topics, and shredding where appropriate!
Moreover, in 2011 secretive and coded military drills were run in preparation for what's
coming. In fact, the ELENIN drill involved testing a massive worldwide network that would
connect and go live in realtime in the event a major worldly disaster were to take place. To
boot, agencies such as NASA have already prepped their on and off-world personnel for
such an event.
Not to mention that it has already been documented by astronomers that the orbital
patterns and tilt of the moon have changed, likely signifying the presence of a hidden
celestial object. An excerpt from a peer-reviewed paper by Lorenzo Lorio filed at Cornell
Universities library reads:
A recent analysis of a Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR) data record spanning 38.7 yr revealed
an anomalous increase of the eccentricity of the lunar orbit amounting to de/dt_meas = (9
+/- 3) 10^-12 yr^-1. The present-day models of the dissipative phenomena occurring in the
interiors of both the Earth and the Moon are not able to explain it.
On the other hand, the values for the physical and orbital parameters of such a
hypothetical body required to obtain the right order of magnitude for de/dt are completely

unrealistic. Moreover, they are in neat disagreement with both the most recent theoretical
scenarios envisaging the existence of a distant, planetary-sized body.
Ladies and gentlemen, a Cornell University astronomer has just admitted in the above
statement that they themselves are now looking into the possibility of Planet X type
scenarios being real, as they themselves are dumbfounded by the data.
So is it possible NASA is hiding something?
What about all of the newly discovered planets in our solar system which have been
quietly announced?
Ok, I am tired of this. I read the full report at Intellihub, and will say that there
probably really is a giant planet X, it probably really is what Nasa has already seen,
and it probably really does screw everything up when it passes by. Logic would
have it that way. And it is not in the direction of Orion anymore if this much time
has passed, it is closer and at a different angle of approach BUT STILL TO THE
NORTH, THAT WILL NOT CHANGE, and it proves it is not part of the original solar
system. HOWEVER:
As with anything like this, Kooks who don't know jack have hijacked the topic, and this
topic has probably also been hijacked by illustrious outfits such as the CIA, who spew
nothing but easily debunkable crap to get thinking minds to turn away. This would be done
if there was something to hide.
Consider this: Even in this report by Intellihub, which is actually quite well done, we
have Nibiru approaching from the North: ORION, the south pole, and from the
East/West and up (depending on the time of the night if it is "past the orbit of
Neptune") and if people can't get the nibiru topic straight enough to state where it is
coming from, and blunder it all so badly that in ONE REPORT it says NORTH,
SOUTH, EAST, WEST and STRAIGHT UP (if you understand astronomy)what am I to
think? What would a thinking mind do? TURN AWAY, and if that is what they want,
the plan worked PERFECT.
The intellihub report, which has a lot more in it is HERE and even though I partially
shredded it I must say, there is some good stuff in it, definitely worth a read.
August 27 2015

Mexican coverage of shooting gives me a few

They did a huge segment on this in the Mexican press, and used MY twitter captures off
this very page and probably the video I posted. :-)

The reporter, Alison, thought it was a real shooting, she was not told it was
blanks. So her reaction was real, but absolutely nothing happened. There is no way she
would not have been knocked off her high heels, there was no body shudder when the
bullets supposedly hit, no impact stutter in her voice as she screamed through two gun
shots, no camera jerk from gun kick as the shooter fires and she runs away on high
heels at full speed in perfect condition with no marks visible anywhere, on either side of
her body while the shooter supposedly turns on the camera man.
I NEED AN EXPLANATION: The Mexican press clearly showed from all angles the
type of camera the news reporter cameraman had. It was a modern high def 1080P
broadcast camera in the $12,000 USD price range. IF THIS BE THE CASE, I'D LIKE
320x240 VIDEO with poor contrast and no clarity whatsoever. I thought the horrible
resolution was from the web.
Now that I know that horrible resolution was intentional I don't buy any of it anymore, the
Mexican press would have had better if it was available, and I have the explanation for
why it is not available: Because the managers of this psy op have only provided horrible
video quality to obscure the truth. If they showed all of this in the true high def that great
camera no doubt captured it all with, it would be OBVIOUS no real bullets were fired.
After the segment on this shooting, they went into a huge extended segment on
gun control, saying America needs a full gun ban to stop this type of thing from
happening. THERE IS MOTIVE 1.
MOTIVE 2: To provide chaff in the press while Hillary's espionage of 18,000 plus top
secret documents gets run through the think tanks and polls to find out exactly how
the lies have to be spun to not only save her, but to not spark outrage when they
make her President. She's not finished, COUNT ON IT, they are going to psy op
whitewash her espionage and turn it into a napkin drop over tea and crumpets.
Usurpation of America's power structure by the one world elites will take care of
any legal actions against her.

Boyfriend news anchor does not wash for me.

Pretty boy
Chris says:
"she was
'our bright,
light' and it
was cruelly
d by yet
person with
a gun".
Umm dear
Chris, it
you have
an agenda.
If you feel
this way, why not fake all this to get a gun ban through?
Look at his face - he's faking it, trying not to laugh. None of the pictures show a heart
broken Chris! And OOH, he had a nice cute little photo album, A GIANT THICK PHOTO
ALBUM all ready to go, at the station, ALL THE WHILE HE CLAIMED THE
RELATIONSHIP WAS SECRET (thus necessitating a giant photo album at WORK??!!??
Why have it at work, if the relationship was never talked about and a surprise to everyone
at the station only revealed through his heartfelt tweets"? Obvious answer: so he could
flaunt the sad sad love story to the world media, ON CUE and dig the gun control agenda
a little deeper. Lovely.
And wouldent you know - the "shooter" is now dead, to simplify it all, and the day of
the shooting was Alison's last day as a reporter (scheduled ahead of time) so THAT
explains, FOR REAL, why she won't be on the air there anymore! All just TOO
Logic: Chris was not her boyfriend. If he was, that album would not have been at work if
the relationship, according to his tweets, was a secret there. The photo album and all cutie
shots were all faked and staged for this grand event, to be pulled out and flaunted at the
right time. Alison will go on to receive a huge payment of $600,000 dollars and cool off
with miss Batman Jessica Ghawi/Redfield enjoying "five swimming pools and a lake" for a
few years, and then emerge a whole new gal. Cutie boy Chris will probably stay on the air
after a huge 4 wheel drive romp in the back country in a brand new rig he bought with his
payoff, girls included.
I have little doubt that this event was FAKE FAKE FAKE, things don't fit realistic scenarios,

August 26 2015

Shooting on live news this morning in Virginia

UPDATE: I have watched the video from the shooter's perspective numerous times
and somewhat suspect he was shooting blanks and this was a setup. If it is not, the
odd lack of blood, body jerks and holes in clothing, which the video the shooter
took ought to be clear enough to show will need some explaining. I'd also like an
explanation for why there was no camera jerk in the video the shooter shot if he
was holding and shooting a handgun that was firing real bullets. This was Alison's
last day on the job, what better opportunity to do a B.S. shooter piece? During a
newscast about safe tourism? The only sticking point is the shooter's twitter, which
got expunged and is very convincing. If it was not true, why expunge it?
disgruntled news
reporter shot up a
news crew from his
own news room during
a live news feed during
the broadcast this
morning. You can bank
on this hitting think
tanks immediately and
getting spun to fulfill
agendas. With this
particular shooting, the
shooter made a video
of himself doing the
shooting (this is not the same video as the news posted)
This ended up being a grudge shooting done by an employee who was ticked off at the
reporter he shot.
UPDATE: This happened at a mall, AT 6:45 AM, before the mall opened. The shooter
was a disgruntled reporter who knew where the news crew would be. IF WE DO
NOT SEE THIS IN THE NEWS WELL, Who knows how they will spin it?
NOW THERE IS STORY DRIFT: Original story: Shooter was was a former reporter
who got fired. Was arrested. That fits perfect. Now they are drifting it towards . . . . .
a little foggy here, wait . . . . . nope, no arrest . . . . wait . . . .


he shooting blanks? Your guess. I find it odd that such a
frail girl on high heels was not knocked to kingdom come,
and the gun did not significantly kick. I'd like an explanation
for why there was absolutely no camera jerk during
shooting when the shooter was holding the camera while
shooting. This would indicate there were no bullets, only
blanks. I think this is suspicious, I'll just make this video
permanently available for the experts to dissect . . . . Hmm,
she screams right through what would be bullet impacts yet
there is absolutely no sound in her voice from getting hit, it
just stays smooth . . . . . anyway . . . maybe it was a surprise
for her so her reaction was real but a fake event staged with
blanks? No visible holes in clothing, even after turning
around? Should there not be an exit mess?
Because it shows clearly a black man doing a shooting (and having the audacity to
film it in progress)as well as the fact it shows it all clearly enough to possibly prove
it fake, this is getting expunged everywhere, so it is yet another video I have to
issue directly from this web site. This can be saved by right clicking and saving.
STORY LINE: Shooter is a former reporter, who was black, and was pissed at Alison
for making racist comments. He was posting to twitter on his account that existed
long before the shooting (this was not a bogus twitter account) and then TWITTER
MINUTES. If this is not real, I would wonder why they did that. TOO BAD FOR THEM,



Why would they delete his facebook and twitter within 8 minutes of him posting if
this was not real? Perhaps compartmentalization of information prevented twitter
and Facebook from knowing it was not real, if it was not real? Still sitting the fence,
but I'd have expected the first person shooting video to look different . . . .

Emergency preparedness
I received many messages from people asking me what to do to prepare for an end of
world scenario. Well, I do not think the lights are going to go out, or that anything serious
is going to happen because in order to continue our destruction, the luciferian zio cult
needs a working internet and billions of tattle tale devices. They will do what it takes to
keep it all going, but in doing so they will seek to increase dependency of the population
on the government. Anyway, I am not saying the end is near, or that this list will be
needed, but here it is:
First of all, what would NEVER hit my list no matter HOW MUCH money I had:
There would be no hand crank flash lights or radios. Never in a million years would there
be pre packaged survival foods that cost $100 a box. There would be absolutely ZERO
foods that had any soy. Lots of so-called "survival" foods are loaded with it, and it is
garbage, PERIOD. To cut this list short, I would never have any item marketed for
"survival" because for the most part it is rip off trash.
Now onto the list:

If I knew the end was coming, I had to run for it and I only had $50 to prepare I would purchase three one gallon jugs of bleach for $1 each. As it turns out, bleach is the
cheapest way to get safe water. I just purchased a new brand of bleach here in Mexico,
and to my surprise it had some unique instructions, among these instructions was water
safety, and how much to use. This will surprise many I am sure: Bleach is the champion
of water purification. You can't do it cheaper. For guaranteed safe water, free of all
possible diseases, the instructions are 3 drops of bleach per quart (or litre) of
water, wait 15 minutes, drink. How many drops are there in a gallon of bleach? YOU
GUESS, one bottle of bleach would easily purify 3 years of drinking water. Perhaps
yuck, but yuck is a lot better than cholera. When it comes to acquiring safe water
cheaply, bleach is the undisputed champion.
So for $3, if used correctly and not wasted, I could have almost a decade of safe
water. Not to mention that if you can handle the sting, bleach is a great disinfectant
for wounds. Years of water and disinfectant taken care of for $3.
I'd find the cheapest short trenching shovel with a small but heavy head I could find, this
would cost about $8. Bugging out with a trenching shovel would make it possible to get
level ground to build a small house on, (from stone and mud or mud brick) and seriously, it
would not be too bad. For the roof you would simply use the straightest sticks you could
find (got all the time in the world to find them) propped up to an apex with a large log from
somewhere and to keep it waterproof, I'd tear up a bunch of grass, lay it over the sticks (to
cover up anything that could make holes in plastic) and I would buy two one mil (not less,
at least one mil) plastic sheets for $1 and lay those over the grass protected sticks (which
would be strong ones, laid very close, then I would throw a few inches of dirt on top, to
preserve the plastic. The floor would be carefully placed stones. If you knew how to do
this, a little house in the wilderness could be thrown together for a total cost of $10 but
without the shovel, you can forget it, not gonna happen. Shovel included in the $10.
So for $13 spent, if you were industrious, you could have permanent shelter built in a few
days and lots of water for years.
I'd spend another $3 on popcorn seed, it grows and is the cheapest seed for a decent food
crop there is, you could plant many acres for $3. Gotta be patient and disciplined to not
eat it . . . . and many areas have 25 pound bags of wheat that can be planted, and these
usually cost less than $5. If you had one of those for seed, it would be a great start. Wheat
seed, corn seed, drinkable water and home for $20, IF you are industrious . . . . .
I'd pick up a giant 300 yard spool of super cheap 5 pound monofilament fishing line for $3,
and maybe the cheapest 8 pound similar spool for a similar price. I'd buy a 100 pack of
cheap fishing hooks, and a dollar bag of small sinkers. $6 might seem like a lot to put into
cheap string on a budget of $50, but it would be a worthy purchase. So, figure $2 for the
hooks, $1 for the sinkers, and $6 for the string. What can you do with that? a lot
If you had 600 yards of monofilament line of even the lowest grade, as long as it was 5 lb
or better you could snare squirrels and small game. It works, it is not a joke. You could

probably find a place to fish, and any long stick will work fine, just tie the string to it. A little
goes a LONG WAY, two big spools of cheap stuff would last years and years if kept out of
the sun and not used carelessly.
I'd put $2 into matches. $2 will get you 1000 matches, be careful to preserve them and not
let them get wet! You already have a pot and pan. There is the fire. Preserve the matches
by always keeping a coal bed going, so you only need to use one once in a while (the
Indians would keep fires going for months or years) so one match could last that long, but
if I had a thousand I would not be very stressed about the fire going out once every couple
weeks, provided I could get it going again with a single match . . . . . I would not choose a
lighter because those always fail, used or not, the seals will eventually let the gas out.
Soap is valuable. If I had to bug out, I'd put a high priority on soap, and spend $10 of my
$50 there. I'd make sure it was the most obnoxious skin ripping garbage possible so a little
would go a long long way. That might net 40 bars of soap, enough to last years if used
very very carefully, and yes, soap is THAT IMPORTANT. You can make soap from oil and
ash, but . . . . whatever. I do not know the specifics for that.
So now $10 has gone to shelter, 3 has gone to disinfectant and water, $2 has gone to fire,
$8 has gone to seed, $10 has gone to soap, and $9 has gone to meat (the fishing line,
hooks and sinkers) that amount to having meat in your diet . . . . $42 Spent. I'd spend the
last $8 on a usable knife.
I said the above simply to send a message: There are TONS of survival lists out
there, most are stupid. THINKING and being willing to work is the most important
part of survival, and with that as a pretext, $50 will do a LOT.
Now, what could you do for $200? Coffee filters would be in the $200 budget to get the
ickyness out of the water. By the time you spend $500 you should be on easy street, with
electricity via at least a 10 watt solar panel and gel cell battery, lots of food (such as oats,
flour, rice, cooking oil,) all purchased in 50 pound bags and huge bottles because it is so
freaking cheap that way . . . . everything you need to sit back while the popcorn and wheat
grows . . . . and somewhere in that $500 there should be a couple dozen farm fresh eggs
and the will and way to incubate them so you will have a few chickens running around . . .
. . only the best minds will make it no matter what the budget.
Bottom line: If TSHTF for real, self sustenance will be the only way forward, no survival
package purchased at a boutique will give you self sustenance, the big three are plantable
potatoes, wheat and corn. This is do-able for practically nothing at your local co-op and in
some cases even stores like Wal Mart. If you managed the big three food crops along with
chickens and wild meat and never got stopped from doing it you would be the survival
community champ.
Hmmm . . . . fresh eggs, hash browns and corn on the cob (or popcorn) in a survival
setting . . . . . that could actually be done.
August 24 2015

This is an insight I missed, top posted, just

think about this:
Anonymous wrote:
Would you mind explaining communist moral superiority brainwashing/mind control? You
mentioned this a long time ago about cigarettes and smoking in America and how the
communists conceived the whole campaign to see how easily people can get turned
against each other. Is the same thing happening today with all this
transgender/androgynous acceptance campaigns and them labeling anyone who
disagrees with them a homophobe/bigot?
My response: Food for thought with that one!

I found my guns on a playground under a bush!

Need I say more? Anyway, the Koreas are having a family spat, the U.S. sent nuclear
force and the stock markets are in the tank. What more could anyone ask for? Well, one
could ask for cheap gas prices, with oil now in the $38 per barrel range. But you
won't see any low prices because via environmental regulation tyranny a Jewish
monopoly has been established on gas. Almost the entire difference between $38
for a 55 gallon barrel of oil - THAT WOULD BE 69 CENTS PER GALLON FOLKS, the
difference between THAT and what you pay at the pump is going straight into
Jewish pockets. These pockets then get emptied on projects and psy ops intended
to destroy you. And considering what happened with that Moroccan guy in Paris,
they don't use your money well.
Cute system. America's system of laws, as written by those so called "greedy Christian
capitalists" over 150 years ago would not allow the current high gas prices, there would
instead have been a crack down and break-up of the oil monopoly the Jews have
established. There are anti-monopoly and anti-trust laws out the wazoo, but they won't
finger a religion, they only finger direct personal relationships and financial alliances,
which means because the Jews are a religion, they fly under the radar and get away with
it. I guess our ancestors never foresaw the day when fluoride would make everyone stupid
enough and passive enough to let "them" get away with what is going on now . . . . .
Anyway, enjoy your salad, It is not worth much and in terms of value delivered is as
over priced as that gas you are paying so much for!
At least there was a little truth out there today . . . .
This is a pretty good Train attack summary/expose But quite frankly I don't care much
about this particular false flag because the entire meme is getting old and it happened in
France, which lies worse or as bad as America and I would think people who are smart
enough to find this site would know that . . . . . Cute trio anway.

People are still chattering about Jones and Duke.

All I can say is that if Alex had an agenda to hide (he obviously does now) it was incredibly
stupid for him to have Duke on. Nice payoff for Alex there . . . . . you know, if you plug the
end of a shotgun barrel the entire gun will blow up in your face, Duke sure plugged Alex.
Girl/boy combined spells Goy . . . . .
If they, in true Orwellian fashion, make it so that you cannot call a boy a Boy or a girl a Girl
(or a spade a Spade when it comes to that)... what shall they be called in the Zionists
Lexicon? Birl or Goy?
Sex in the City:
RE: Sex in the City. You are not Crazy-here you go: What in the world is going on. I know
what this show was called as do millions of women! Maybe it is an experiment? I noticed it
does not have "www."
August 23 2015

Land of "Charlie Hebdo" brings us a beauty!

Yep, Paris of all places.
Ok, so here is the story line, which this time involved no deaths because if you "kill"
someone in your drill or media hoax, it leaves a way to debunk because death records can
be checked, and when
people don't show up, . . . .
. . well . . . . . Anyway . . . .
The story goes like this: On
a train in Paris, home of
Germanwings suicide pilot,
Charlie Hebdo, and other
mysterious happenstance,
a Moroccan (odd one
there, no Moroccan is
going to do this but you
might as well peg the last
Islamic country that has
never been pegged just to
get it done,) A
MOROCCAN whipped out
an Ak-47, opened fire, got

charged by two Americans and was disarmed before he killed or even hurt anyone. Three
people were injured, one of them the Morrocan who was whipped half to death by the butt
of the AK and whoever else got scratches.

Moroccans are stupid I guess. YEP.
Cute one there. Our "heroes" are pictured to the left here, after they accomplished this
amazing feat, which went down as casualty free as ANY DRILL WOULD.
Look at those cute little baby faces. Need I say more?
The media coverage on this one is massive, with huge detailed reports and endless
pictures that go on and on and on and on and on . . . . . some perfectly time stamped play
by play, and I call B.S. on that alone!
UPDATING! . . . . . .
BUST: According
to the official
story, they have
been onto this
"terrorist" for a
gave him a class 3
designation, which
THREAT, as seen
here: AND YET,
(scroll down for
the punch line, it's
a good one:
Would one not think
that if intelligence
agencies had been
onto any Ayoub El-Khazzani, they would SURELY have more than just a blown up 50
PIXELthumnail pic (Yep, that's all it is folks) of the guy a FULL DAY after any thwarted
attack? The picture is so low res that it is nothing more than a blow-up of a 50 horizontal

pixel thumbnail image. And it is not a security cam image, it is a posed image, which
means they can't explain the low resolution away as badly pixelated security camera
footage either. The picture is so bad that it cannot, even with people doing the analysis, be
used to identify anyone.

Here is proof of a 50 pixel beauty folks!


August 21 2015
North Korea and South Korea are having a family dispute. Nothing will happen.

Oil cheap. Gas expensive?

The monopoly they always wanted is now established. Gas prices will do nothing but go
up until gasoline cars are a memory. The monopoly was established largely by
environmental regulation, which has made it impossible for new people to enter the
business. And the monopoly means Al Gore and others are going to get their way. The
only way out of this now is solar power, or other alternative that cannot be controlled by a
few goons with a choke hold on a hole in the ground.

Alex Jones got destroyed by David Duke

And the truth prevailed, people managed to save the videos so Alex cannot get rid of
them. Right in front of millions of viewers, Alex set countless traps and back stabs against
David Duke, with the obvious goal of permanently discrediting Duke on Duke's truth about
the Jews. And Jones ended up looking like a clown with a pea-shooter. Duke mopped the
floor with alex and totally blew the truth out into the open, Alex might not ever get over this
and for the first time wiped one of his shows off Youtube. Too late, it was already copied
and all it takes is one copy, alex will not be burying this.

I am now confident I am not living in my

original timeline.
And I got strong evidence that millions of people, if not all people, are not living in their
original timelines. I think something happened.
The very first thing I noticed was that 20 years or so ago, Nelson Mandela died in prison,
only to discover 20 years later he was still alive with no record of any prison. The second
thing I noticed a few years ago was that the Berenstein bears were suddenly the
Berenstain bears, which hit my gut odd, and I wondered why they changed it. As it turns
out, in this timeline it was never changed. All the books, going all the way back say
Berenstain. This was successfully talked down But there are now TWO NEW
Ok, now I have cold hard
proof of Sex in the City, in
the form of intrinsic
evidence which proves that
it is supposed to be "Sex in
the City". A simple google
search that does the
search in a way that denies
Google the ability to correct
the search results in a
unanimous public
consensus that YES, it
always was "sex in the
Note the locations of the
publications listed here:
We have publications in
America, airline blogs, and
publications in Israel that
say it was sex in the city,
pirate perfume company in
China that thought it was sex in the city. This proves that this phenomenon was global,
and not just a local glitch at the local station, where someone there titled it wrong. Yet
when you do an uncorrected search on Google, all Google will say is that it is and always
was "sex and the city" and when you do a google image search titled "SEX IN THE CITY"
it autocorrects and only puts up graphics of "Sex and the City" even if you try to force it to

only give results for "sex in

the city" because in
this timeline, only the public
conscience has it
remembered as "sex in the
city" which will show up in text
people have written, while the
hard physical reality has it as
"sex and the city".

How big was the Rio

Jesus anyway?
You know, that GIANT Jesus
statue they have down there
in Brazil, that in (at least my)
original timeline dwarfed the
entire town? I specifically
remember that particular
Jesus was over 300 feet tall,
and that there was another
giant Jesus in Peru that was
just under 400 feet tall. How
tall are they now? GET THIS:
Neither are as tall as a 10
story building now! They look
like ordinary large statues a
big church might put up! And
as it turns out, there is not a
single Jesus statue anywhere
in the world now that is over
120 feet tall when the base is
And I do not know what to make of this.
All I can do is guess either something happened in our original timeline and a new one
was created with errors in the details (which would pretty much prove we live in a
simulation and not a real universe) or someone gained the ability to mess with the timeline
and unwittingly change certain details in the recent past (which is as far back as they can
go without risking their own time travel technology messing up their prospects of return.) It
would make sense then that if they messed up the past, that would be our reality, but it did
not go that way, something is seriously messed up.
One thing is certain, my memory is not messed up, "Sex in the city" proves it!

I can only hope it is the white hats messing with the timeline to give us a chance, like in
the latest Terminator movie. I can only hope . . . . . because if it is the bad guys doing this,
they already won and if no one is messing with the timeline, we might be living as a
simulation in a CPU that had a crash, and merged us with a different but very similar
parallel database.

CBS investigator blows lid off Wikipedia

"Via payoffs of special interests, Wikipedia is 90 percent false and you cannot correct it
with the facts"
"Special interests astroturf the web with establishment agendas"
This is a major bust of the shill and troll tanks, which explains why so many truth
sites get so heavily shilled
This is the biggest bust of manipulation of public opinion there has ever been,
WATCH THIS. and she even busts the autism scam, stating that vaccines in fact
cause it (in a passing comment)
August 20 2015

They are trying to rescue Hillary and I bet she

WILL be "President"
Just watch the trends on Drudgereport. As the articles progress, what she did becomes
less and less . . . . . yet the 17,800 classified mails plus other odds and ends is actually
the same. Someone stepped in and started messing with the team that is doing the
analysis of her hard drive, the entire investigation has been usurped and those who
were initially on the project called the Michael Savage radio program to say what is
going on. They are calling Hillary's actions the same as I have called them - the
worst case of espionage in America's history BY FAR, nothing else even comes
The only difference between what they said and I have said is the method by which Hillary
got her booty, they are saying that it was smuggled by her goons out of the facility on flash
drives (claiming that there is no way to access the satellite unless it is speaking to specific
locations) despite not busting a single person with a flash drive (they are only guessing)
while I still say someone handed her the encryption algorythms, and everything got
beamed to her directly (after all, the satellite does not know where its signal is going, you
just have to point at it.) The details are irrelevant, Hillary sold America down the river
and sank the boat, there is no conceivable way she should not be in jail RIGHT
NOW other than massive protection from the dark side of the force, and if she

manages to shed being the worst spy in American history having done more
damage than any other by orders of magnitude, and then proceeds to "win" the
election, it will prove that the shadow government is far far more powerful than the
public government body.
And who does Hillary represent? She represents the lowest filth, and among that
filth are those who are in the baby part business - the latest canned Parenthood
video disturbed me deeply, where Planned Parenthood got busted on video
casually cutting up a living abortion on the operating table, playing with it,
(smacking it to get the heart beating) and then cutting right through the face to the
back of the skull to get the brain out while the heart was still beating and it was
moving its arms and legs. . . . . the people who did this bust did it the RIGHT WAY,
and there are more videos to come . . . .
When I spoke to the director of the Pregnancy Resource Center a couple decades ago,
she (an ex abortion doctor) told me that abortion clinics occasionally managed to get
almost full term babies out in one piece, and that they would cry while dying outside the
room (from a lack of care only, these would clearly be survivors in neo natal) while waiting
for the lab to come and take them, and she even told me about one that cried for hours in
the refrigerator. PREDICTION: I bet that the subsequent still to be released busts of
planned parenthood will have stuff like this in them, screaming thrashing full term
babies being cut up and sold for parts while fully conscious . . . . . they already
showed this in the latest bust of planned parenthood with an almost full term baby,
but I think the next videos will be far more graphic.
At any rate, this is the type Hillary promotes and speaks for. I cannot even begin to think
of what will happen if somehow her espionage racket gets flushed and she gets put in
power . . . . . not to say all other Presidents were not complicit in the crimes of Planned
Parenthood, ALL who did not seek to ban abortion are complicit . . . but Hillary is top
demon here.
Anyway I rambled a bit, I guess this is a side effect of being so upset about the attempted
burial of Hillary's espionage (which would get rid of her for good if handled properly) at the
same time someone finally got more truth about the abortion industry (Hillary so firmly
supports) out in the open for all to see, the truth cannot and will not ever be deniable again
. . . and those running the shadow government want this to proceed unabated.
I guess now that we have been shown clearly just how evil the power structure is
this would be a good time to re-post the following:

The time is NOW to stand your ground

The time is NOW to stand your ground. Root in deep and stand your ground. I believe we
are going into the hockey stick of evil, where things have finished going slowly and will
rapidly rise to unimaginable heights very quickly now, and it will be important for people to
be finished with questioning who they are.

It will be very important to make direct decisions regarding who you are and begin to
operate logically rather than emotionally. I believe it will be necessary to become purely
logical because the elite are going to be using brain and hormone altering GMO's you cant
avoid, drugged water supplies you can't avoid for the most part and tainted food supplies
you can't avoid, let alone a mind altering shot you may not be able to avoid. And if put into
an emotionally impossible scenario you are going to need deeply rooted logic and
previous decisions to get through what I believe are the up and coming end times
spiritually intact.
I'll opt not to deny the existence of Satan and the fact that there is a God and as stated in
the various guide books the last days are here and those who have chosen to serve
darkness have indeed successfully usurped almost all good in the world's power structure
and that they fully intend to ram rod all the predicted satanic stuff down the world's throat. I
know for certain they destroyed the web around 3 months ago and that the voice of good
will be reaching very few new people. If you had already previously made certain
decisions the web will look normal, but anyone who was still totally caught in the web of
deception and going nowhere towards the truth will now remain hopelessly caught until
this game plays out, these people are now on their own.
Zero tolerance will be the only path forward. When they push the gay agenda, Answer
with zero tolerance, there is no middle ground here, homosexuality is a malfunction pure
and simple and accepting homosexuality as being something you can tolerate will only
create a slippery slope that will cast you into the abyss. Zero tolerance on the topic means
you won't suck up and say it is OK no matter what kind of bigot you are called, standing
your ground will, in this case, mean watching the world fall apart around you while opting
not to be a part of it. Dig in and STAND YOUR GROUND.
The lives of the unborn MUST BE PROTECTED.
And it is time to draw the line. All those in the baby part business must be boycotted, (they
should actually all be hung, but that cannot be accomplished with the current power
structure) and the most public face of this is Pepsico, which now owns Nestle, Lays,
Doritos, Taco Bell and others (obviously Pepsi products) and even though they have
publicly stated they have stopped after the canned parenthood bust, they are proven evil
by past action and should be driven out of business. The other big offenders are in the
women's cosmetic industry, much of which switched to using primarily aborted
babies as the base in their products because having a human origin to the base
materials obviously looks most natural on the face . . . . . well, that is a vanity item
that simply does not need to be bought, does it?
I am confident they are going to begin pushing animal sex and sex pets. They are already
pushing this very hard in Europe and when people take pets to the vet that have been
sexually injured by their owners the rules are already in place to not prosecute them,
because the "elite" want animal sex to become the new normal. This has not taken root in
America yet in a big way, but I am confident it is the goal of the "elite" to do this. And I
strongly suspect that this will be pushed hard on the normal population long before child

sex will, but child sex being pushed hard is definitely on the horizon. The order in which
this happens is irrelevant.
They will definitely push people into the corner with a cashless society. This is already the
most normal method in America and is about to become law in Europe. And once the
society is cashless, they will definitely push the mark of the beast, so no one can buy or
sell without the mark. Yet the various guide books say that there will be ways to gain
victory over this mark, and that you can get through it all without being killed but that you
are going to have to live completely without any sort of honor with the utmost humility to
succeed with this, and I mean going as far as to completely depend on garbage for food.
You won't have a home, you won't have medical, and you will have to hide like a rat to
avoid being killed for opting out of the system. Perhaps you will be raptured, but I can't tell
God what to do with everyone, that is up to Him.
If you succeed in avoiding it, the total time frame for the usefulness of the mark of the
beast will be less than 10 years, after this the system will collapse under its own
corruption. If you study the scriptures well enough, this is all in there. From what I can put
together, the "no one can buy or sell" period will be anywhere from 5-7 years. I am not
going to assemble a billion bible quotes for this, this is not the mission of this web site but I
will say I am not scripturally stupid and that this is a probable scenario. Obviously a
mandatory vaccine will be the most probable vector of delivery for the mark.
This message never expires.
I strongly suggest people to take this seriously, it takes only a half wit to see something is
seriously amiss now and that we are all swirling down the toilet bowl, just like the
scriptures say will happen. And I do not buy into the "evil people are using the bible as a
guide book" theory, because if any intelligence is applied to the situation at all, the
smartest thing for the good of everyone that would make the most money for the "elite"
would be to return morality to the 1950's and exploit that particular societal ethic to the
Instead, we are seeing something go totally awry that is totally counterproductive
for all of mankind, and there is only ONE THING, ONE WELL DOCUMENTED THING
that fits the scenario, and it is that the "elite" have indeed formed a pact with Satan,
complete with human sacrifices in synagogue basements and at the grove, in elite
living rooms and at huge gated community parties, where they form pacts with
Satan by proving they can be the most filthy heinous evil imaginable and in
exchange, Satan is indeed giving them power. They are to in exchange for receiving
this power do everything they can to make the people they rule as evil and
perverted as possible.
If you opt to not be a part of it all, there is a bumpy trail ahead. What will it be for you? The
path less traveled, with stones cutting your feet as you traverse cold craggy mountain
peaks, or cruising a ferrari down the silky smooth highway to hell?
August 19 2015

If you linked in here for the Tianjin blast or

Hillary report, SCROLL DOWN.
ENOUGH, because using them can land you in jail. THE NEW CONSULTEE IS
(PROBABLY) MICROSOFT, why have your goons infiltrate an old outdated
battleship like the NSA when that can backfire?
Why does Microsoft have a right to ALL text I type, the first 35 megabytes of video
from a web cam every time it is turned on, and everything that gets picked up by the
microphone? Ha, they don't BECAUSE I DO NOT USE THEIR PRODUCTS, if you
have not woken up yet and still do, here is what now happens:
All text typed on the keyboard is stored in temporary files, and sent (once per 30
mins) to:
This will allow Microsoft and the greater Jewish community to have a way to steal
every joke, every poem, every intellectual endeavor you ever create and have it
copyrighted before you even stop typing.
Telemetry is sent once per 5 minutes, to:
This allows them to track you very accurately.
Typing the name of any popular movie into your local file search starts a telemetry
process that indexes all media files on your computer and transmits them to:
This allows them to index any "unauthorized" content, and build a dossier on you
that can be used in conjunction with their tracking data to stuff almost anyone in
jail when needed.
When a webcam is first enabled, ~35mb
of data gets immediately transmitted
This allows them to get a good layout
of your home and surroundings, and a
good look at YOU PERSONALLY so they know exactly who to go get and how to
stage the attack when something you typed pissed them off.
Everything that is said into an enabled microphone is immediately transmitted to:
So even if you do not type anything, just talking in the room is gonna get you
nailed, and if you say anything they don't like they will already have had a good
look at you personally with your web cam, plus your surroundings, plus your exact
location with that telemetry data, so they can PEG YOU GOOD. Yeah, I guess
because using them can land you in jail. THE NEW CONSULTEE IS MICROSOFT,
why use an old outdated battleship like the NSA when that can backfire?
If this weren't bad enough, this behaviour still happens when Cortana (microsoft's
version of SIRI) is not installed is SO IT IS NOT ANY HELPFUL ASSISTANT DOING

Poisonous gases during rainstorms are a real possibility in

As far as poison falling from the sky goes, that will not happen. The wind already blew all
of the possible cyanide producing material out to sea. But what will be a problem is
cyanide producing materials on the ground and rooftops producing cyanide during a rain. I
doubt this will be a huge problem more than a few kilometers away from the blast scene,
but at the blast scene and in the immediate surrounding areas, there is a very good
chance of it becoming a major kill zone during a heavy rain. This problem will go away
after a few rains.
A renegade journalist got into the restricted area around the blast, but did not get in any
farther than the fringe areas. Even as far as he got, a nuclear type blast is easily proven,
with intact buildings that had everything blown out of them and scattered everywhere
outside. Unfortunately he did not get anywhere near the blast scene (which would be
difficult to do) because everything anywhere near the blast is completely gone and there is
nothing to hide in or behind. His report did, however, in my opinion show that the
Chinese government thinks it was a nuclear bomb.
Only a very limited number of specialized people were allowed in as far as the reporter
went, and they were allowed in only to keep tabs on the huge container pile and snuff any
fires. I would think that soon after such a huge blast that there would be large
numbers of ordinary paramedics going through all the blasted out buildings and
outside areas and debris looking for the injured so soon after the blast if it was "as
advertised". I would have expected an ongoing rescue operation yet there was
nothing going on AT ALL.
If this was the case, one good reason would be that they are waiting out the time it would
take for radiation to subside. Another possible reason might be cyanide producing dust,
but simple face protection would mitigate that threat and cyanide poisoning is super easy
to treat which to me means that any
rescue teams that entered could do so
with easily implemented full protection and
an easy to administer antidote for anyone
who happened to have troubles. Cyanide
is not a good enough reason, but radiation
sure would be. This would obviously be an
assumptive decision, if a Rod of God did
this there would not be any radiation.

Bangkok bomber an
As it turns out, the Bangkok bomber was
an American. Knowing that, NO MATTER

WHAT the story, my take will be: He was special forces or an MK mind wipe doing a job
for political purposes. And I would not be surprised if he did not know what was in the
back pack, he was simply told to put it there (possibly for another "agent") and will now fry,
the U.S. will trash him as an ISIS terrorist or some other politically useful title and be done
with it. Whatever they wanted to accomplish has already been done. My gut is telling me
this kid is innocent and was only delivering something he was clueless about. So when
you hear the MSM/CIA spin on this, consider what actually went on, and if this story dies
you now know why it did. OOPS!

Huge fires out west?

HUGE FIRES, raining ash and terror? Hmm, QUESTION: Howcome this never happens in
Mexico? ANSWER: Because everything is made out of concrete, so fires can just be
ignored. No one evacuates their home in Mexico just because a fire is coming . . . . . . they
might move the car if needed. If America's government was about protecting the
public, wood construction (which is super expensive compared to concrete) would
American construction is not safe in a fire
zone. That means it is not up to Mexican
standards out west, where fires happen.
This should be HUGE in the public
concience, but somehow it slipped
America's mind, and Americans are
totally blind to how bad wood
construction really is.American
construction is not safe in severe weather,
which means all of tornado alley is not up
to Mexican standards of safety, where
tornadoes happen. But just try telling an
American their home is crap quality
compared to what is south of the border . . . . .
Ok, you have all heard my rant, just had to vent a little more because FIRES ARE
AFRICAN BUSH. No fire will threaten any home in Latin America, the Arab world, or any
other country America calls "CRAP". Why is that? Did the government really brain wipe
Americans that bad? So bad no one lives in a home that cannot be burned out? The
way a tyranny would want, so they can just torch any resistance like they did
Waco? YEP.And Americans are too blind by "how great they have it" to see the obvious.
Any discussion outside the box in this area is usually met with rage, just like the tyrants
would want it.
I have friends all over the world, and none can even begin to think about how it would be
possible for fire to threaten a home. A "fire" to them means somehow the couch burned

and took the drapes with it, and darn, now they have to re-paint that ONE ROOM. A fire
never does more than the furniture in ONE ROOM.
And ahh yes, Americans have it SO GREAT.

"Fire rainbow" anomaly?

How about if I say this in what I think is a far more accurate way: Weather modification
anomaly causes "Fire rainbow"
I have never heard of a "fire rainbow" but it
is in fact a real weather phenomenon that
can happen at sunset when the sun hits
very high atmospheric ice crystals before
the "terminator line" (the true dark of night)
passes over an area after sunset. From
what I found in Google images, these
normally occur in cirrus clouds. Now, I
have no problem with the "fire
rainbow" part of the image, but LOOK
a natural cloud, and none of the other
fire rainbow pictures have anything
even remotely similar. Someone was playing around to cause this very rare
anomaly, BET ON IT.
August 18 2015

Hillary's Espionage far more grave than

anyone realizes
Early on (day one) I received insider information about Hillary's mail box. On day one they
knew there were well over 10,000 classified documents that were deleted off of Hillary's
hard drive, documents she was never supposed to have access to. And those E-mails
constituted a revelation well worth nuking/rodding China over. Many people believe that
China got the shaft because of financial decisions only, but I am going to explain just how
grave the damage Hillary did to America is, and perhaps people will begin to understand
why I think it had a lot to do with what happened in Tianjin.
First of all, they know the exact number of deletes Hillary did, because her "professional"
was not so pro. How do they know? EASY: On the inside edge of any hard drive platter,
there is a table which contains the location information for every file on the disk. When a

delete is done, the table entries are flagged as deleted, (but the files are still on the disk,
they are simply marked as writable space). Fine, her "pro" wrote and re-wrote that writable
space, to do a hard erase, but the entries in the file table were still there, marked as
writable space.
Normally you can't re-access these to see what the filenames were, unless . . . . . well,
American intelligence has (and even I have) software that will simply command a hard
drive to do a direct linear read of what is on it, and by doing this, they were able to dump
the entire table to a readable file. They then sat down and read it line by line, deleted
entries and all. And they found over 17,000 entries that had not been over written in
this table. These entries did not contain the actual file they referred to, they only
proved it existed, and when the files were wiped. This is how they knew, DAY ONE,
now) that Hillary had THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of classified documents in
her mail box.
Phase 2 in the Hillary bust - the death part.
Ok, so her "pro" wiped the files by writing over them with an application such as Norton
clean sweep. Great. BUT, that only works against hacker joe. The NSA and any other
respectable intelligence agency can still get a good idea of what was there before the
wipe. This cannot be done if the platters are left in the original hard drive. This is how this
next step (the death part) was done:
They took the platters out of the hard drive and loaded them into a special drive with
special heads that are far more sensitive than any commercially produced hard drive has.
They then looked for the sub modulations beneath the bits the wiping software put there,
and were able to assemble enough from the remaining stray magnetic information to
prove that the deleted files were in fact classified documents with all the details. As of this
writing, 330 are confirmed, 17,000 more to go!~
Phase 3 in the Hillary bust: Staff screwups
Initially, when I "stumbled across" the insider information, all the intelligence agencies did
was run the not deleted mails from a copy of her hard drive through a text string checker
(they made a copy first and then read the copy, to help preserve the written over sub-bits
in the original) and just from what Hillary presented straight up, they were able to use the
copy (which contains no sub bits) to match text strings with classified documents that did
not show up in what she presented as the "whole thing" and from that alone they totally
busted her. Her staff was able to wipe all the stuff marked classified, but it was not able to
find everything that was copied from classified documents and talked about. What you
are hearing about coming out now is the proven classified documents they
managed to extract from the written over portion of the original hard drive loaded
into the forensic chassis, not what they knew straight up on day one
From the initial bust they knew on day one, just from text string checking - the step that did
not even require a deep dredging of wiped data, they were able to conclude that Hillary

had many many moles inside the NSA, who gave her the encryption keys for the NSA's
own satellites, and they beamed her whatever she wanted on request. Now proven to be
over 17,000 documents in all. That most likely equals somewhere between 100,000 to a
million pages of classified documents, all at the highest possible level.How many
classified documents per day does that equal? Enough to solidly prove that Hillary
was far into the business of peddling classified data, and peg her as the #1 (known
about) espionage agent in American history.
Now consider who Hillary represents: The Bolshevik communist tip of the spear
luciferian Jewish "destroy and enslave the world" cult. She simply cannot get
busted for what she did, or the entire house of satan might bite the dust over it.
After all, if she did it, he did it, they did it, now the genie is out of the bottle and the
NSA knows it has been raped wholesale. If damage control cannot bury this, it is
the end of a lot more than just Hillary. Would that be worth rodding China for, just
for a simple topic diversion in the press? YES. Would that be worth waking up a
volcano in Japan? YES. And it would even be worth a world war for the depraved
death cult, BET ON IT.
QUESTION THEN: Was the attack financial only, not considering Hillary at all?
My guess: There was more than one motive, but Hillary was most likely part of it. Consider
this: The bankers want to own the world. China was pushing for a gold backed currency.
People cite China's currency devaluation as the reason for this blast, but at only 1.8
percent devaluation (which drives foreign sales by making Chinese products cheaper) I
don't think that would be enough to trigger anything. However, the gold backed
currency might, there were also other financial factors that might, and what better
way to send China a message to behave than to blow up an absolutely huge port,
when China needs functioning ports for exportation of anything at all?
They are saying the port was #10 in the world to downplay it's significance, but at
#4 in China, it was very important. China will no doubt survive the strike on that
port, (will be in business again within a month, the actual docks were not targeted)
but wow, what a way to send a message about who is really in charge of things . . . .
I guess in the end the reasons were irrelevant. The method? If it was a follow up on a
nuclear blackmail promise or a "rod from God" the details will not matter, China has been
attacked, China is a nuclear armed super power, and China has people to spare. And that
leads me to consider a suspect list.
The short list of nations that could and would do this: My first guess would be Israel,
second guess would be Britain (because that is the new base for the Bolsheviks), third
(close third) guess would be America. But in reality, when all cards are on the table, this
was a tribal affair, it all boils down to that one stinking trouble making tribe . . . . . . any way
you cut it, if Hillary needed a diversion for salvation or the bankers were upset about

Chinese finance, it all boils down to the same rotten tribe. AND CHINA IS NOT TOO
Hmmmm . . . . . things could get interesting . . . . .
August 17 2015


story a
(call it
for now).
over the
images, it
is now
that the
of the
near ANY
ALL, and
in fact
owned by
more than

company. Ruihai was supposed to be blamed for this, but it is obvious at this point that
they were not responsible for the blast. It is obvious that a kinetic (or nuclear) weapon did
this, because the big crater happened in the middle of nowhere at all, and targeting is
probably very difficult to get perfect with a kinetic weapon. One thing is certain, this surely
was NOT a warehouse blast, the closest warehouse was approximately 100 yards away.
The explosion was actually closest to their security gate and whatever other shipping
companies surrounded Ruihai. The explosion was so massive that many many buildings
have completely vanished, including all warehouses and storage areas owned by Ruihai
and surrounding shipping companies, with only a concrete office building remaining (1 of
2). All others are completely gone without a trace. Selective deletion of buildings (based
on what they are made of) is a hallmark indicator of a nuclear weapons type blast, and if
this was a kinetic weapon, results are similar. To say this is a 27 ton blast is laughable.
One thing is made obvious by the very up to date "before" image: there was
nothing at the epicenter that could have exploded, something other than chemicals
did this. And the scale of the devastation proves it was definitely a multiple kiloton
range blast, achievable ONLY BY A SUPER POWER NATION.
Now the only thing up to speculation is exactly why a superpower attacked China. Was it
the currency devaluation? Hillary's espionage story in need of burial? You guess, at this
point it is irrelevant, an attack is proven.
August 15 2015


The new lake in China proves a
5 kiloton blast, possibly nuclear or
possibly from a space based"rod
from God" (pictured to the left)
At first I doubted the "rod from God" because I have
no explanation for how one could drop out of orbit and actually fall, but evidently this
system is real and they solved that problem. That would make the rod from God the prime
candidate here, because the Chinese could easily trace down a nuclear blast.
UPDATE: ANOTHER BLOCKBUSTER: Blasts were NOT RELATED, blast 1, the small
blast, happened on the West side of the container lot, and was the crater everyone
first saw with containers laying in it, thinking that was from the big blast. It was not.
Blast 2, the lake making nuke type blast, happened on the East (central) side of the

container lot. The fire happened to the South East of both blasts, and was ONLY A
FIRE, there is no conceivable way it could produce blasts on both sides of a
container lot, separated by over 200 yards. The materials in question simply could
not do it. The warehouse that was supposedly holding whatever exploded was
erased by the large (rod from God or nuclear) blast, as was everything else around
that blast.
The crater
were from the
small blast,
not the big
one, a new
clearly shows
where the big
blast went off
just got
released by
China. After
through the
images of the
nuclear tests,
the new lake
in China
appears to have been made by a slightly sub surface burst of at least a 5 kiloton
nuclear bomb. There is no way the earthquake from this was in the 2's. Take a look
at the pond made by a test of a small nuclear weapon ground burst in Russia and
compare it to that new lake in China, which is many times as big as the pond made
by a nuclear test in Russia!
Now we have limited options for this blast, since nothing stored there could have possibly
done this.

This was NOT

an accident
and the
around the
crater proves
a sub ground
burst. If it was
a sub ground
burst,then a
small nuclear
weapon is a
because once
a nuke has to
push dirt, the
blinding flash will not happen. A slightly subsurface detonation would explain why camera
sensors did not get strange artifacts. And if it was not a nuke, it was something else
incredibly huge, the fracture patterns around the crater (now a lake) also support a meteor
type impact, (rod from God) but not a fuel air bomb because fuel air bombs will not leave
A little bit more of a detailed explanation: If the blast happened at ground level,
almost all of
the energy
would go
upwards and
the blast would
not have made
a largedeep
especially one
large enough
and deep
enough to
make that lake.
If you look to
the right hand
side of the lake, you can see fracture patterns in the earth, which were caused by
the earth being compressed sideways and not downwards. This would only be done
with a sub surface blast. After the blast, the earth bounced back towards the center
of the lake, which opened up the cracks.
Look closely at the ground around the lake. Those who claimed it was not a nuke cited the
fact that if it was, everything around the crater would be vaporized and wiped clean. Now

that we have the real crater pic from the big blast, YEP, it matches that perfectly. Take a
look at the containers laying in the lower left corner of this picture - they have no paint or
color, which means they had the surfaces incinerated by intense heat only a nuke or other
super weapon would reach. If this was a carbide blast, they would be black or have their
original colors to some degree, complete color change to only gray proves this explosion
That type and size of blast crater will only happen if a massive bomb goes off a few feet
underground, such as a tactical nuke in a drain pipe which leaves scant few alternative
options (see Rod from God), No chemical blast did that, PERIOD. The building that is still
standing in the upper right hand side of the frame is a typical example of what is left after
a nuclear test, concrete buildings seldom get leveled, but they do get gutted by nuclear
blasts. Just look through pictures of the soviet nuclear tests and you will see this. Bottom
line? The aftermath is completely consistent with a nuclear blast.
I think a glue fire was started as an excuse for this huge blast, which came considerably
later. And who knows what made the first big blast, or smaller blasts that led up to it, but I
am confident it was a show and not an accident. They wanted this filmed from all angles
and set up the show to make sure people would be recording when the big one went off. If
there were lots of little blasts before that, why was there not a single small blast after the
big one? That is when I would think the small blasts should have started if this entire
scenario was not contrived from the start.
What would be the motive for this attack? I don't buy the currency devaluation, but
something else very tasty was going on that a distraction was needed for, SUCH

You cannot "professionally wipe" a server and then hand it to

ANY American intelligence agency, Hillary is BUSTED
The only way you can secure a hard drive that is actually in the hands of the NSA is to
either incinerate it or shred it down to dust. It won't matter if you use Norton Clean Sweep
or some other app to purge it, even if a full write was done to the entire drive several
times, enough stray magnetic data remains from past writes for the NSA to do a deep
analysis of and extract - with errors, but they will at least know what is there, and THIS IS


just a diversion from this core fact!
The tribe controlled MSM is trying to pawn off the worst proven case of espionage
in America's history as a "mishandled mail box!" The fact the NSA never found that

mail box before Hillary gutted the nation also proves that spooks inside that
organization covered it all up!

Hillary's NSA spooks really are the story of the

Let me say this in a very simple way:
The NSA has been able to prove that Hillary had many many moles inside the NSA that
used the great surveillance power of the NSA to steal America's secrets and hand them to
the Chinese, the Israelis, and the Russians. These moles were so well entrenched and at
such high level that they were able to use the NSA's own satellite uplink to send the
classified data to Hillary.And if Hillary was able to get this done, who else was able to
use the NSA as their own treasure trove of information? Having this happen clearly
explains why almost ALL American companies are now Jewish owned, the Jews
their final takeover and destruction of America. Nothing could be bigger or worse
than that. It is GAME OVER.
And then we had the impossible Chinese blasts, right at the perfect time to take
Hillary out of the news, people love fireworks and now that is all anyone cares
about, and the story of the decade - the end of America for Americans goes down
the toilet bowl in a great big swirling glurp.
They keep changing the story on what blew up to circumvent analysis. What I have
here is what was really claimed to have blown up, and the correct answer for it.
I am not stupid at chemistry. The list of things that were given to cause the blasts does not
add up, not even close. Carbide is practically an inert dust that is left laying around openly
at steel mills, where melted blobs of metal often fly everywhere. The actual material being
blamed for the blast is butanone. Butanone is airplane modeling glue. You know, that stuff
they banned 20 years ago because "kids sniffed it". Believe me, if it could blow up THAT
BADLY modeling glue would have leveled many bedrooms. And then we have a
compound of arsenic, which had practically no potential for anything other than creating a
nasty gas or burning on the ground, if that, with no boom potential at all.
So let me put it all together here, the story goes like this, if those were the only 3
items in question:
Someone managed to get a bunch of modeling glue burning. And it sat there and burned
for 45 minutes (nasty fire there, tough job putting that out, but no boom potential in the
context of how it was stored or to even one percent of that magnitude.)
After it burned for a good long time, enough to ensure everyone was watching, somehow
some small explosions were touched off to get people to start filming. Then the MOAB or

some other huge explosive device comes in, and blows the whole place to smithereens.
Bam-o, perfect show for burying the biggest known act of treason in American history Hillary's Wal-Mart of American secrets, open to the highest bidder. If the story is
modeling glue, it does not wash for that type of explosion, it just does not work that
What would I believe for the Chinese blast?
I'd believe that blast if someone said five thousand gallons of acetone dissolved acetylene
went off. I'd believe that blast if someone said an entire semi load of tetra hydrazine went
off. But modeling glue? Whoever drew that connection should be sentenced to wearing an
underwear hat at the stockade, to be buried under a mountain of rotten eggs and
tomatoes. And that is why China sent nothing but weapons experts to the blast
scene, 218 in total, because they are not stupid about this.
And WHY would this be done? Because a media diversion was needed to bury the
fact that the NSA finally got into Hillary's hard drive, and found text strings that
identify THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of classified documents that were ripped
right out of the NSA's underground bases and from those bases Hillary's spooks
sent them straight up to a satellite that Hillary had been handed the encryption keys
for. Hillary had no clearance or authorization for that, this is a massive case of
espionage blown wide open. And these text strings were found AFTER all the actual
documents they came from were wiped from the hard drive during Hillary's cleanup,
and were found as quotes and snips in discussion e-mails her staff overlooked
during the cleanup. If Hillary does not fry for this over the next few days, you can
bet on America being finished. This is the litmus test.
The latest joke is that ammonium and potassium nitrate blew up. And that IS a joke,
because if it is not mixed with fuel in the correct ratios it has no explosive potential
at all. Stabbing at the common core with that one I guess . . . .

Common core
Hi JimAs I am reading your posts and others about technical books disappearing from the
shelves of libraries, I started to tie in what I learned about Common Core.
I am sending you a link to a short movie is entitled "Building The Machine".
Dr. Sandra Stotsky is interviewed in the film. Dr. Stotsky was asked to serve on the
validation committee of CCSS. Out of 30 members on the committee, 5 refused to sign off
on it. She was one of those 5 along with Dr. Milgram, professor of Mathematics at ,who is
also interviewed in the film. Here is an article written on September 1, 2014 about Dr.
Subsequently Dr. Stotsky, Dr. Milgram and 3 others who refused to endorse the standards
were expunged from the committee so that it appeared that the validation committee of
CCSS was unanimous in its support. I attended a symposium in Vineland, last September,
"No More Common Core". Speakers flew in from around the country to address a
gathering of several hundred concerned citizens of New Jersey. They came free of
charge. Dr. Sandra Stotsky was one of the speakers that day.
And there is NO calculus in the common core mathematics and the standards for
science are being implemented now and there will be NO physics.
And they will be indoctrinating on climate change and promoting atheism.

Federal government takes in $17,955 Per worker in ONLY 10

Americans are the most taxed people on earth (when you consider they get zero in return,
Europeans at least get a huge amount returned to them in the form of homes and other
huge value items which make their high taxes irrelevant). Let me work this out to reality
IF the Federal Government took $17,955 in only 10 months (10 month figure given to
avoid the real truth - it is over $20,000 per year) the actual number per working American
in federal income tax alone is $21,546. But it only starts there, because:
After that amount is taken, there is Social Security taken in addition to this. And after
social security, there is in almost all cases state tax taken. The exact average mean
income in the U.S. is approximately $69,000 dollars annually. This is mixing the super rich
with the poor. It does not mean most Americans make this much. Even at that, if you take
$21,546 from that number, it means the Federal government alone is taking as an
average, 31.2 percent of America's income in FEDERAL TAX ALONE.
Now here is where things get spooky: After taking 31.2 percent, social security takes 6.2
percent from the employee, and asks the employer to match it with another 6.2 percent.
That is 12.4 percent. Add 12.4 percent to 31.2 percent and wow, now the Federal take is
43.6 percent, flat average.
But it is a LOT worse than that, because after that, you are forced to buy Obamacare.
That ought to push the total up to over 50 percent, (I am going to apply common sense in
that case, because things vary too much). BUT IT GETS EVEN WORSE THAN
THAT. After Federal, Social security, and Obamacare, you have to pay state income tax in
practically all cases. State income tax in America averages right around 6 percent,
averaging population out between high, low and zero tax states. That puts America's total

tax burden at close to 56 percent. But it gets a lot lot worse than that. Because there are
local taxes. Property taxes, Vehicle registration taxes, and sales taxes. These combined
will easily push America's median tax rates to over 65 percent, yep, you really can make it
with a parasitic drain in excess of 60 percent but you will be in debt up to your eyeballs
and life will be a stress farm . . . . . .
Remember when I talked about how we never got to see the benefits of the increased
efficiency made possible by having mechanical processes do such a huge portion of the
world's work? Robots and PLC controlled systems do a LOT, why are we not living any
better? The tax burden says it all.
Obviously, many Europeans pay a similar amount in taxes. However, when they do, they
typically get housing, food, and medical subsidized to such an extent that it is all
practically free. If they have 30 percent left over after taxes, they are not actually expected
to live off that, that is FREAKING VACATION AND FUN MONEY, and that is why, despite
getting "taxed" out the wazoo, Europeans can at least travel. In Europe, the taxes actually
do something for the people. In America, taxes go straight into the sewer and not a dime
comes back to the people, it is just pure theft plain and simple. With the exception of the
interstate highway system, WHAT do your taxes do for you? That was built 50 years ago,
where is the huge expense for that? How can America's outrageously high taxes be
justified? Answer: They can't, with what Americans get in return, a total of 10 percent
across all taxes is not justified.
America was first set up for import and export taxes alone to pay all expenses, these are
still in place, and I did not even mention them or add them to the total above. How did we
get such a convoluted tax scenario? Thanks to Hillary's ilk, where corruption and theft runs
amok and unchecked, America is getting slammed into debt while over 60 percent is taken
from the people up front. If you add the deficits to the total, the real chunk being taken
away from America is close to or over 100 percent of GDP because despite getting over
60 percent, the corruption in power wants and spends more than even that. The rape is
beyond extreme, it is in fact total.


just a diversion from this core fact!
The tribe controlled MSM is trying to pawn off the worst case of espionage in
America's history as a "mishandled mail box!"
August 13 2015
I have doubts that the Chinese blasts were anything other than a military attack,
they do not make sense to me in any other light. Looking into this for
answers.Answers: The chemicals the company that got blamed for this actually

stored could not have created the explosions. They might burn, but the explosions
were from something else entirely.
Hmmmm . . . . why would China send nuclear weapons experts to the blast site? Chemical
weapons experts also? Hmmmmm . . . . . anyway, HILLARY.
Update: Butanone cannot explode like that, I double checked, and yes my chemistry
is good enough for this. The chemicals at the site would only burn, there would be
no blasts and that means there is probably a reason why China is sending weapons
experts to the blast scene. Can you say B-2 Moab Hillary in the same sentence?
Many are saying this was a threat over the Yuan, but I find this far too well timed
with a much bigger issue - Hillary. Read the full report on Hillary, it is damning.

Make sure you read my Hillary E-mail report, down the page a
ways now and:
Bolshevik Clintons
Dear Jim, re "The Clintons are Bolshevik communists," oh yes indeed. I have a trusted
friend who spent a few years in Russia as an entrepreneur shortly after "the wall came
down." The effort to do legitimate business required gulping vodka with KGB or Russian
Mafia, period. My friend actually sat for hours in such a situation with two KGB generals.
The Russians themselves brought up the subject of Clinton. They wished to express their
extreme contempt for Bill Clinton as a traitor to his country. They said he had come over to
them way back during his days at Oxford. Clinton had aided their cause, but their scorn for
him was withering. Clinton: communist, yes, but traitor above all.
Grateful for your years of brilliant and courageous work, Jeff
My response: I have always known they were bolshevik communists and have stated this
from time to time, and the fact Hillary used well placed people in the NSA to funnel her
thousands upon thousands of classified documents, which were used to destroy the
nation certainly goes along with this quite well. Read the main Hillary E-mail report, it nails

This mail regarding Jade Helm is serious.

Greetings from Holland!
Recently I came across something on touching upon the subject of the Jade
Helm operatioin recently/currently going in the US. After doing some research on this, this
seems to be a test run of an artifical intelligence controlled military operation.
Conincidingly, the friend/foe map for this mission seem to correlate to a Veterans densities
map pulled from "Pete Thiel's Palantir, a spy machine that is used to predict outcomes

based on variable input.". This site is what that comes from.
If altogether bits of this appears to be a tangible truth, dearest Jade is going to need
input to make its decisions. What could contribute to that input? The former NSA's
PRISM program and related monitoring? Or perhaps even more elaborate:
Microsoft's Windows 10 datamining client? There is more interesting stuff surrounding
Windows 10: And this is another interesting bit: One thing that could possibly be done is to throw sand in the
eyes of Jade to disrupt it. But that's beyond my turf, no more than throwing around ideas.
You seem to be handy in IT.
Ha ha ha, Israeli security and "Unhackable" are bipolar statements, just ask Magna BSP.
After this, Microsoft is a dead company, if anyone is foolish enough to allow an Israeli
security firm do anything for them they deserve the doom that progresses in a perfectly
sequential fashion afterwards.
Never let a Jew store your records. They will be copied and used to rape you. Never let a
Jew provide "security". Never let a Jew destroy your documents either, they will go in a
storage bin while fake sawdust is dropped past a window to "prove" they destroyed them,
and NEVER EVER in a MILLION YEARS let a Jew claim they have made anything at all
"unhackable" because all this means is that you yourself will never find their back door,
that leads straight to a comfy pad that allows them to eat, poop and take a nap inside your
Yes, Windows 10 feeding a Jade Helm type system, PERFECT and obviously BANG
Trollage has ensued over my post about Hillary's E-mails below.
This proves I hit a bullseye.
The trolling method? To say I am saying Hillary is a better hacker than Snowden. This
trollage will bite the dust for anyone who reads more than the first few lines, Hillary hacked
nothing, she and her organizations simply had disloyal people inside the NSA hand her
everything on a silver platter, and you don't need to know how to hack to accomplish that,
you just need a huge budget (which she had) and huge exposure (which she had) and a
huge following, (which she has). How many Jews are in the NSA anyway? Every last one

of them would have helped Hillary out because they have the same goal - to destroy
UPDATE: As I go through the messages, the trollage against me saying the
explosion in China was to divert the news away from Hillary has such a shrill
desperate tone that I am taking it as confirmation that I NAILED THIS, READ IT AND
"Many people are going to make the mistake of thinking that Hillary simply got access to a
"spy satellite" but this is not the case, the satellite in question does no spying, it is simply a
top secret NSA data hub and what was sent through it straight to Hillary was far far worse
than any "spy satellite" could accomplish."


are Bolshevik communists that used
unauthorized NSA access to sell America down
the river and then sank the boat.
I was holding my breath on Hillary's E-mails. Now the truth is out and from what has been
gleaned from the wreckage after thousands and thousands of careful deletes it took her
staff months to sift through and do in a convincing way, it is obvious, even from the
wreckage that the Clintons had many many spies inside the NSA. These spies used the
great power of the NSA to steal America's secrets, from everything from private
individuals, to the military, to corporations and private companies,and then handed all the
NSA raped data straight to the Chinese, the Russians, the Israelis, and anyone else who
had a good shot at destroying America.
Brazen claim you say? Well, I don't think so when you consider the following:
Even after thousands upon thousands of known deletes, which took Hillary's staff months
to accomplish in a way that left enough to look like a real E-mail account without having
anything incriminating in it, the NSA was able to find word strings in various mails her staff
missed that proved beyond a doubt Hillary had MANY MANY MANY mails that had top
secret SCI level (and on top of that) specifically labeled "For American Eyes only"
documents in them, even though the top secret warnings were nowhere to be seen. This
can only happen if the real documents existed in previous mails, were copied from and
quoted in other mails, sans the top secret labeling, and her staff was unable to fish it all
out of what they decided should stay in the account to make it look like there was no
Additionally, due to the content and traits of the text strings found, the NSA has concluded
that via plants at the NSA, Hillary (and probably Bill as well) had the documents beamed

straight out of the NSA up to the NSA's own satellite, which Hillary then received the
information from via unauthorized admittance to a classified channel.
The NSA has concluded that at one time there were thousands upon thousands of clearly
labeled classified documents in her mail box, which was wide open to the Chinese and
Russians. They have so far proven she raped classified information wholesale, but cannot
confirm the full extent of what was raped (in its entirety) because it is only rational to
conclude such a massive cleanup effort would at least be able to hide the final details.
The classified information found includes transcripts from NSA intercepted phone calls,
(obviously) and from the way it looks, Hillary simply made requests to spooks in the NSA
to get whatever she wanted to accomplish various objectives and receive various payoffs
from foreign powers and additionally, for the purpose of gutting America. This type of
information could (for example) include company secrets, technology secrets, political
secrets, intelligence secrets, military secrets, THE WHOLE 9 YARDS, with thousands
upon thousands of deletes verified by text strings that can't be matched with the original
deleted documents but prove the documents existed.
The rape was extreme, and in my opinion explains clearly why America has lost at
baseball in every game since the Clintons took office. It is my guess that this particular
mail box was only one repository of classified information stolen by the Clintons,
Bill probably has several, Al Dork probably has an entire vault, and even Chelsea
probably has her own boquet of classified data rapes, Hillary just proved that the
Clinton family is ENEMY NUMBER ONE against the American people, (as if the
sensible would miss that) and if Kikedom can put this detonated nuke back
together it will prove that whatever the Clintons accomplished was enough to
irrevocably destroy the nation.
No wonder why things went to hell in a hand basket.
And I'd like to add here my salient comments to the NSA:
What made you think it would be a good idea to start recording and saving all America's
phone calls, all of America's corporate secrets, all of America's life blood to begin with?
What was your problem? WHO GAVE THE ORDER? Why did you not arrest the
President that gave that order? AAh yes you were fighting "terror" but when you defiled
yourself all you did was make it possible for a rapist like Hillary to run amok in your
playground. How could you not see that?
You killed the nation. And you killed the nation simply because your clearance process
does not work, you hired countless spooks who then took your inward looking eyes and
used them to make people like Hillary possible. She is not the only one, BET ON IT.AND

Absolutely NO security clearance will make the grade when those clearances have
It won't be much of a problem for most people to find the details in what I put above for
themselves, this one is out in the open, but if you are having trouble here is one of
several reports I used to reach my conclusions above, as well as my own background
there, I know exactly how they screwed up, every NSA facility has satellite uplink and has
had a link since the first satellites, I know precisely how Hillary received her loot.
Many people are going to make the mistake of thinking that Hillary simply got
access to a "spy satellite" but this is not the case, the satellite in question does no
spying, it is simply a top secret data hub and what was sent through it was far far
worse than any "spy satellite" could accomplish.
If Hillary had the encryption keys for that particular satellite, it means the Russians
and everyone else has them, this is a BIG ONE, Hillary makes Snowden look like a
single flake in a blizzard.
Hi Jim
I'm just letting you know, I had to set my settings in Firefox to private browsing before your
web page would load with the most recent pages, it's not just chrome. Palemoon browser,
the same, but strangely maxthon cloud browser worked fine for me. I thought the Jewist
reference was interesting. I wonder how the Jewist community would appreciate being
referred in the same way they like to characterize Islam. What's good for the goose is
good for the gander and all that.
You are right, I was using Chrome and it kept "redirecting" to /aa3index.html. FireFox
brings me to the correct page. Using your recommended proxy on Chrome brings me to
the correct page, but your email responses window get a "The requested resource could
not be loaded" error. Not sure if that's caused by the proxy or not.
I read about your claims of censorship a lot... But to actually see it for myself...

After the Jews destroyed the libraries, they are now attempting
to make it illegal to post anything technical online without a
permit, even talk about car engines!

This is obviously an effort to enforce the destruction of the libraries and make it so
no technical information is available at all, and if you post anything technical
online, such as that tinnitus sound file, you can be convicted of aiding and abetting
terrorists with "technical information" they can turn into weapons!
The following is a report from the Daily Caller:
Few Americans would expect posting online about car engines, fertilizer, or general
engineering principles to land them in prison. But if the aspiring censors at the State
Department get their way, such innocent discussion would be prohibited as "exports" of
military technology.
The Obama administration announced last month that it intends to require anyone
discussing broad categories of "technical data" to ask for government permission before
posting the information online. Ostensibly it is an effort to keep weapons out of the hands
of foreign militaries under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). But
"technical data" is defined so broadly as to outlaw much of the Internet.
The rule defines "technical data" as anything that would be "required" to "manufacture" or
"develop" items on a long list of weapons including almost all firearms as well as tanks,
bombs, and battleships. The problem caused by the over breadth of this definition is the
tremendous amount of non-military information required to develop or manufacture military
Imagine for a moment the non-military knowledge required to produce even a simple
weapon, like a hunting rifle. One must know the diameter of the barrel, how to make a
spring for the trigger, and of course basic physics. The knowledge required to make a
battleship or tank quickly encompasses a great deal of civilian technology: how to make
an engine more efficient, how to make steel stronger, or even the best design for a boat's
propeller. "Bomb" is also on the munitions list, so discussing fertilizer advancements
would be prohibited since the resulting fertilizer could be used to make a bomb.
Unfortunately, ITAR's overbreadth is not the result of sloppy drafting. Realizing the broad
scope of its definition of "technical data," the government saw fit to exclude basic
"scientific, mathematical or engineering principles" so long as they are "commonly taught"
in academic institutions. That's right: many basic engineering principles not commonly
taught in academic institutions will be illegal to discuss online without government
The proposed rule also removes the exclusion for basic advertising information, giving the
State Department power to prosecute those who provide too many details about their
products. That will not help American competitiveness or consumers, and it is likely to be
used to target companies unpopular with the administration.
Granted, an exception exists for information already in the "public domain." But, in an
Orwellian twist, the new rule redefines "public domain" to include only information
approved for publication by a federal agency. So, the public domain exclusion does

nothing to allow individuals to speak without government permission even if

they are saying something that can already be found on the Internet.
Because the administration's chosen censorship tool is a statute aimed at international
spies, the penalties are quite severe. One ITAR violation may result in up to 20 years
incarceration and a $1 million fine. So before you discuss anything technical online, you
better either make sure it's "commonly taught" at an academic institution or get a permit
from the State Department.
Original report is here
Here is the tinnitus sound file. If your "tinnitus" sounds like this, you do not have
tinnitus, you are being beamed because that is the only way so many people can end up
with perfectly identical tinnitus. A few people do not have good enough ears to hear this.
Do not turn your volume up or you might blow your tweeters, a low volume will work fine
for this if your ears can hear to at least 10 KHZ.


In a letter to the editor of a local paper, a retired veteran Geologist nailed EPA mine
disaster a week before it happened, while stating all the EPA wanted was huge
funding for a clean up project!
I crossed checked this due to differences in terminology and area description in MSM
releases and MSM error related differences in methodologies stated, and as it turns out,
this really does prove the EPA did the mine accident on purpose, when carefully matched
up with events from multiple mainstream media reports all this geologist did was state in
greater detail what the EPA did than what the press said, and the devil is in the details, the
EPA did this one on purpose, and the photograph of a page from a colorado newspaper
proves this geologist warned about what was going to happen a week before it happened!

YEP, as it turns out, all the EPA did was set up a way to suck cash from the
taxpayer by attempting to create a superfund cleanup site!
When this happened, I wondered how on earth the released water could possibly be so
dirty (if it was in a settling pond for decades the way the EPA implied) and as it turns out, it
was not from a settling pond. To sum it up in a sentence, what happened that the
illustrious lying protect the establishment at all costs MSM never said:
The EPA plugged a hole in a low part of the mine where water was coming out, (and it
was quite a bit of water, 500 gallons per minute). Their plug held until all that water backed
up into the mine, and filled it to thousands of feet above the hole (up inside the mountain).
Then their plug blew out, and all the pressure from an approximate 2,400 foot tall column
of water (which would be a lot, enough to crush a nuclear submarine, that is a deep ocean
type depth) then flushed all the muck from inside the mine out of the mine in one big blast.
THAT is why the mess was so freaking HUGE.
The only way this would not be a deliberate attack by the EPA would be if the old school
geologist, who got a real 1st world education was ignored by a bunch of common core
educated 3rd world class idiots. And if that is the case, all I have to say is What will
happen when a bunch of zero knowledge common core educated fools start
running America's nuclear power plants, with all that nuclear waste just sitting in
the fuel pools waiting for the right fool to casually do something the old school
would stain it's pants over?

New way of circumventing censorship

I moved the mail window to the top, because for a reason I will not state I know the
message in the top window will go out to everyone. Anyway, this web site is updated and
newly redirected daily. Google Chrome adapted and now censors this site even with
this precaution, so to slap back again, Click here for a list of all recent updates. If
you use Chrome and it won't let you access even if you type these direct file names, what
can I say? THEY EXIST, BUSTED and I urge everyone to consider what Google is doing
with their browser as a censorship tool and for all foreign intelligence agencies and
nations to take note of this and AVOID CHROME LIKE THE PLAGUE, as well as any
other browser that starts censoring web sites by saying pages do not exist, or by loading
pages from cache rather than the latest page, even when the page name changes daily.
It is not possible for 100 percent temporary redirects to jam and for a browser to refuse to
load the new temporary redirect unless the browser is specifically jacked with to censor a
specific web site, MSM web sites use tons of redirects when articles expire and NONE of
them are getting screwed up.
August 11 2015

FORUM DATABASE RECOVERED but not back online yet, read

August 9 update for details
August 10 2015

The mail window appears to be heavily wiped out, along with

the forum. Working on fixing this also.
My comment on the river contamination in Colorado
It is probably going to end up being (for the most part) harmless, but it does show just how
incompetent and pathetic the government is when compared to the private sector, which
never messed up this river that badly even when they were actively mining long before
any EPA regulations existed. They cared about the mess they had and kept it contained,
and it would have stayed that way long after they left the mine if the EPA did not show up
like a bunch of thoughtless bumbling fools. All this did was prove who was really better
at protecting the environment!
And no, the EPA will not be paying a fine.

Trump totally shreds establishment credibility during debate

If you donate to politicians, you get what you want.
BAIER: You've also donated to several Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton included,
and Nancy Pelosi. You explained away those donations saying you did that to get
business-related favors. And you said recently, quote, "When you give, they do whatever
the hell you want them to do."
TRUMP: You'd better believe it.
BAIER: - they do?
TRUMP: If I ask them, if I need them, you know, most of the people on this stage I've
given to, just so you understand, a lot of money. I will tell you that our system is broken. I
gave to many people, before this, before two months ago, I was a businessman. I give to
everybody. When they call, I give. And do you know what? When I need something
from them two years later, three years later, I call them, they are there for me. And
that's a broken system.

New virus/malware written in Israel hacks air

gapped computers

"GSMem takes the air out of the gap and will force the world to rethink air-gap security,"
says Dudu Mimran, chief technology officer of BGU's Cyber Security Research Center.
"Our GSMem malicious software on Windows and Linux has a tiny computational
footprint, which makes it very hard to detect. Furthermore, with a dedicated receiver, we
were successful exfiltrating data as far as 90 ft. (30 meters) in distance from the
computer. The Israelis have written a new type of malware that can tell your computer to
transmit it's data out regardless of what processor it has, and even if it has no wifi,
bluetooth, or any other wireless hardware. The Israelis wrote this malware to enable them
to access secure computers that are behind closed doors, totally off the web in secure
locked rooms.
Since practically all processors made since around 2004 have clock frequencies that are
close to cell phone frequencies or higher, the cpu clock alone can be hacked into being a
cell phone transmitter, even though it was never intended to be one. And with the new
mandated energy efficiency requirements, most processors in use now have dynamic
clock frequencies, that increase or decrease depending upon usage demands to keep
power use at a minimum while delivering perceivably perfect performance. These
processors are especially vulnerable to this new Israeli hack, which can instruct the
processor to simply run at exactly the same frequency a cell phone uses rather than at the
most efficient frequency.
This is not the same as Intel Corevpro, which has a built in cell transmitter, or anything
based on Centrino or Sandy Bridge, which also has an intentionally built in transmitter.
The new hack, which will work with any operating system actually instructs the processor
itself to run at precisely the correct frequencies needed for cell communication, and then
while keeping the processor running at precisely the correct frequency then hijacks
enough transistors away from software processes and instead switches them on and off
with cell phone protocols, so they behave exactly like a cell phone transmitter. The hacker
can then instruct the computer to send out whatever the hacker wants.
This new Israeli malware/virus makes it completely impossible to secure any computer
system, and works with ALL operating systems, windows and Unix based systems (which
means android, mac, linux). So if you have air gapped computers, flash drives HAVE TO
be banned, they can't (as far as I know) force this into a secure computer system via the
air, but once their bug is on the machine, it is game over.
My guess is that this bug is very bad for the hardware and probably burns it out over time,
but if the tribe gets what it wants before failures are induced, who cares, right?

Interesting Peanut Butter

Back in the day, I loved Austin peanut butter crackers that were sold at Sam's Club. The
peanut butter on those crackers was VERY GOOD, and very unique, it did not taste like
any store bought brand. AND THEN, the salmonella outbreak of 2009 . . . . .

As it turns out, Kraft, (which owned Austin) bought all the peanut butter for those crackers
from Peanut Corporation of America. And that company went bankrupt after huge recalls
were issued because of peanut butter with salmonella . . . . . I had my doubts, but that is
not what this is about . . . . .
I am certain that Peanut Corporation of America sold their equipment and recipes to
China as part of their bankruptcy settlement, just like Geneva Steel was sold to
China (after which Chinese steel got great and their tools were not junk anymore
because they got all those great American formulas as part of the deal, and Bush
made it happen) . . . . .
Anyway, peanut butter is expensive here in Mexico. Too expensive for me anyway. Until I
found some cheap stuff 3 days ago . . . .
I was at a super cheap store that sold discount items, and they had peanut butter for $1
US a jar. So I bought two jars. And when I tasted it, I immediately knew that taste - it was
the exact same peanut butter that was on those austin crackers, now being marketed as
Hartley's peanut butter. I searched the jar for where it was made and IT WAS MADE IN
I am confident that China got all the peanut butter formulas, equipment and
manufacturing methods from Peanut Corporation of America when they were put
under by the salmonella crisis, set up shop and followed the recipe to perfection
because let's face it, China does not know peanut butter and there is ZERO chance
they hit the exact formulation Peanut Corporation of America had, right down to the
exact color, texture, and flavor.
So why am I talking about peanut butter? Actually, I am not. I am talking about how
all of America's great stuff was handed to China via bankruptcies, buyouts, and
direct corporate transfers. Yep, China can make peanut butter, AMERICAN PEANUT
BUTTER, Thank you Jewish Community for infiltrating all the American corporations and
shipping all the manufacturing there, with OUR TECHNOLOGIES AND FORMULAS WE
DEVELOPED, and Bush, Clinton, Obama and all the other traitorous pricks that let it all
happen. There is no way even a bankrupt peanut butter company should have been sent
there, THANK YOU.
August 9 2015


Heads up, this attack coincided with a direct attack from the Jewish community ON
THE GROUND HERE, with identifiable known Jewish people doing it. BAD MOVE,
BAD BAD IDIOTIC MOVE on their part.

This was an obvious attack on one leg of this web site to coincide with action on the
ground here, because the server is back up, minus the forum database. The attack was
on the entire server, administration was not possible, and when the attack was over, all
files were intact except for ONE FILE, the database! HA HA HA figure the odds! Anyway, I
checked the hosting plan, as it turns out I fortunately did not go cheap and I bought the
plan where they back up the entire site daily, and weekly. It appears the Friday night
database copy is intact and I have it on a flash drive. It is important to note: This attack
happened at the exact same time a direct physical attack from the Jewish
community happened against this family. They are waging war on all fronts, including
on the ground here in Mexico and the goal is to discredit/dishearten and destroy. The
attack against the family came from identified members of the Jewish community here in
Leon, and it was severe.
Due to the simultaneous timing of the destruction of the forum with massive destruction
from the Jewish community directly by direct members of the Jewish community here
(they did not have someone else do this, they did it themselves and the people who did it
are identified), it is stone cold obvious the forum was destroyed by the same tribe that did
the other damage. I am not going into further details because there is a good chance I can
issue serious backlash.
The forum database has been recovered but it was too large to upload via normal
methods and I have to get in contact with the host tomorrow live and have them do
it because Mysql admin can't transfer a database that big and it will have to be done
manually by the host. And I know darn well these stupid kikes thought I went cheap
and would just die . . . . . against all odds I was not cheap when I set up the forum, (I
got the max hosting package) and unexpectedly in with the goodies when I checked
after this disaster site backup was part of the package and set to auto there and
that is the only reason why it will come back. I never even checked for that. Talk
about luck!
August 8 2015


The forum server has been down for a considerable time. I have confirmed that it is an
actual server outage of the exact server the forum is on. The hosting package was top
notch, so let's hope the database comes back . . . . . . nothing but errors, the server is
totally unaccessible but the hosting account is there. I have confirmed there were no
errors on my side of things, it appears to be a hardware failure.
Most servers run raid level 5. If it was a disk error it should rebuild. If it was a processor
error, it will come back up on its own when that gets fixed. It is a single server/server bank
problem, this particular web site has portions of it served from servers owned by the same
company the forum runs on, and this site is running normally which does not bode well for
this particular situation, I'd much rather not see the mail window or images because that
would mean a power failure and not a hardware failure . . . . . fingers crossed.

The forum cannot be re-directed however, it was totally American based.


Car hack blooper proves master key exists
Sometimes they screw up, and let us all know our pants are down!
Here is a link to an online report of strange goings on in a small Welsh town in the UK. Owners of various cars in two car parks in the town were left perplexed
when they returned to their cars to find them unlocked. Mobile phones and electronic
systems in the immediate area were remote reset. These events were reported in a small
provincial newspaper yet failed to make the UK or even Welsh news (Wales has its own
news programme). What are your thoughts? Of course it goes without saying that the PTB
do not want the sheeple to know how incredibly vulnerable we all are. Carmarthen is a
farming community but has links to military bases within West Wales. Could this be the
work of a pedestrian hacker or is it more sophisticated? Could it have been a test run of a
bigger more catastrophic event?
Many thanks for your insightful intelligent and inspiring quest for truth. Nat UK
My response: No pedestrian hacker is walking around with the master key that hits
everything at once. This proves a master key exists, and that one day they could simply
shut all cars off simultaneously. And obviously this does not bode well for driving safety
either if you do not "get with the program" and walk down the cattle chute.

Gender bending
Target removed almost all boys/girls labeling from their stores after they got pressured to
do so, the gender war continues on, all the while "Katlyn" has his balls (never got 'em cut)
and his television ratings are dropping rapidly, after all, other than a curiosity freak show
why would anyone want to watch that? It would get boring quick, I'd say a show by a two
headed carnival freak would fare much better, and if there was no substance even that
would wear out.
Aurora: A hung jury means Holmes won't get the death penalty but will spend life in
prison. If his mom is right, other people should get life, including the judge, his surrogates,
and many more at the FBI.
Gold confiscation strategy

I'm sure you are aware of all the places buying gold over the past decade or more (checkcashing joints, small loans centers, etc) Did you know that these places, at least all of the
ones I've talked to, won't buy gold coins or bars, supposedly to prevent them from buying
phony ones. My guess is that it is because THEY (you-know-who) plan to simply outlaw
and confiscate all gold bullion in the future so "why pay for it now"? But it is much more
difficult to get people to hand over their late parents wedding rings and other family
heirlooms by force so they set out to tempt people to willingly part with it ahead of time for
chump-change. These places that are buying the gold aren't doing anything with it
themselves, they just sell it onwards to large refiners in New York.
My response: Pawn shops are one thing, gold buying outfits entirely another, and I have
never seen how they could ever stay in business because with the countless number of
those places I have seen and the number of times I have seen them, I have NEVER
EVER, NOT EVEN ONCE seen ANYONE sell anything to them. That market would be a
very small market totally unable to support all the locations, (at least according to my own
logic) and it would make much more sense that they are exactly as you say - an attempt to
get ALL gold out of the hands of the people, even if running the buyback outfits is done at
a substantial loss.
Someone wanted me to mention morgellons; quickly, here is the skinny:
Morgellons is a biological warfare agent that was tested in the 1990's. The tests were run
via the workplaces at various employers in the South Western United States.
During these tests, various workplace surfaces were contaminated. The most common
surfaces were toilet seats, chairs, and break room counter tops. In all cases, company
provided medical which ensured a controlled pool of doctors outside the place of
employment, and an on site workplace doctor existed. It was the job of these
doctors to log results and give a unanimous diagnosis of "delusional parasitosis".
The diagnosis of "delusional parasitosis" was unilaterally given on the first doctor visit in
all cases without any tests being run EVER to see if any infection existed. This is a breach
of medical protocol, doctors are always supposed to run tests and do cultures before
saying anyone is "delusional" about any type of rash or skin infection and the fact this
never happened with Morgellons speaks volumes, and is defacto proof that morgellons is
indeed a government sponsored experiment.
Morgellons appears to be a test of a biological warfare agent that is a combination of
spider/insect DNA and a social amoeba, which can reproduce sexually, aesexually, and
communally. Morgellons has very flexible parameters which enables it to adapt to almost
any treatment, it survives bleach, aromatic oils, and antibiotics, though ALL will provide
temporary relief of symptoms the disease quickly adapts to whatever is killing it and within
a short time period any treatment is rendered irrelevant. The communal reproductive
aspect of morgellons ensures that if the disease ever does get damaged seriously, ALL
collective DNA can be brought together for a massive comparison and correction, from
which the disease starts a whole new beginning, as close to "good as new" as possible.

Unfortunately, morgellons is contageous, though extended direct contact with people and
the surfaces they touch in their homes is usually needed for it to spread, person to person
in public (such as at Wal Mart) infections are not likely to ever happen. When subsequent
infections do happen, and the original victim says LOOK: It spread to him / her also, that
proves I can't be nuts, the doctor simply diagnoses both with "delusional parasitosis".
The typical psychological abuse patterns from the establishment prevail with morgellons,
where the victims are simply labeled "crazy" and the show goes on unabated because the
broader public cannot believe the government would actually be that evil.
That is basically all I know about morgellons that could possibly contribute anything new.

Orgone rip
Lots of stuff in my inbox is crap like this that never makes it to the mail window or
front page, here is a free sample:
"The new "debunk" arguments saying orgone has power are now stating that "orgone" is
made with crystals embedded in epoxy, and then they cite quartz and other pyroelectric
crystals being in the epoxy as what has the power. And that is all bunk, a manipulation
back flip, your stereo, cell phone, Ipod, computer, and any other electronic device you
might have has THE EXACT SAME CRYSTALS IN IT, why not tie a string to your cell
phone and wear it as a good luck charm?"
Orgonite is Metal Shavings + Resin
This will have the orgone effect if you dare to make your own experiments instead of just
bashing your own prejudices. I bet you can do that if you really care.
The addition of one broken finger nail sized piece of ordinary quartz mineral will improve
the material efficiency by channelling the generated etheric energy through it, keeping it
organized in one direction more or less.
THIS IS NOT A PIEZOelectric CONVENTIONAL EFFECT. There is a whole bunch of NSA
fakers and New Age potheads that claim things they don't really know about orgonite. The
truth is, no one really know how it works, just like gravity. The disinformation is done so
that people might have exactly your kind of reaction.
My salient response:
In your own words, Orgone is metal shavings plus resin, something I have stated
numerous times, with the new orgone scam line being "oh, a crystal does it". That makes
me correct there. No specification for exactly what metal shavings should be used is
given, thus proving it is all a load of B.S. The resin is a clear epoxy, as I stated and if there

was anything legitimate involved there would be a description that would go something
like this:
Orgone consists of a precise mixture of cobalt metal fragments 3mm in size, at a
percentage of 3 percent cobalt epoxy ratio combined with aluminum shavings 300
micrometers in size, at a ratio of 5 percent, and sintered barium titanate fragments
measuring 5 mm in size at a ratio of 6 percent (all percentages by weight). Into this mix a
quartz (or name whatever other crystal) is placed.
When these two metals and the barium titanate ceramic are put in close approximation to
each other in the presence of a quartz crystal, the extremely high dielectric constant of the
barium titanate interacts with the electron spins in the quartz crystal. This creates a
frequency of *.*, which when reflected back at the crystal by the cobalt and aluminum
fragments causes the outer valence shells of all atoms in the crystal to become aligned
and channel energy as . . . . . blah blah blah blah blah.
Ahh yes, Charlie's magic machine shop, where an epoxy resin was spilled in a small
amount of quartz gravel just under the lathe and remained stuck to the floor forever . . . . .
. so much energy there!
But dreams can do a lot . . . . and imagination can affect perception in a huge way.
Bottom line? You can't just take a random "resin" and a random "metal" and put it together
with a random crystal and have it do anything at all. If orgone was real, the exact
chemistry of the resin, and exact types of metal in the exact needed shaving sizes would
be stated. Absent that, it is all just children throwing drill shavings and sparkly rocks in goo
in daddy's garage and admiring how it all sparkles when the goo dries.
August 7 2015

The high priced egg scam

Several people have written saying that the real reason for the egg scam is to get eggs
out of the American diet, and I could not agree more. Of all food animals out there, the
chicken is #1, followed by the cow. You cannot possibly get cheaper meat of a higher
quality, and then follow up with something as useful and good for you as eggs from the
same animal. If the overall goal is to destroy America and the american people, the
chicken would be a prime target.
Need to get over antidepressant damage? Eggs are probably the best food there is, when
fried in real butter. Need to study well for college, and be in overall good health? You
cannot beat the egg. Need to get over being sick and want a food source that is high
quality to heal yourself? You cannot beat real home made boiled chicken soup, and the

Jews know this, which is why their "chicken soup for the soul" and other irritating (for me,
because I know the source) "self help" books are often titled with chicken soup in one way
or another . . . . they know the chicken is the champion of healing foods and I believe this
is precisely why all this hoaxing regarding chicken is going on.
There really is no chicken crisis in America. There is no bird flu going on. If there
was, America, which takes products from everywhere, would just import the eggs,
eggs last practically forever and can handle being shipped, especially from
Mexico. If the egg crisis was real, eggs would be at record high prices in Mexico, where
growers would blast them up to America to take advantage of the higher profits there.
How can prices in Mexico be at an all time low? From having America's eggs
shipped south. That's how. I said this yesterday, but want to repeat it from a different
perspective - that the egg and chicken crisis in America is nothing but a war on good
health and clear thinking, eggs are one of the foods that significantly un-do the damage
from all the poisonous brain stifling foods in the American market and someone in
America wants the benefit of eggs removed from the American diet. With prices at 69
cents per dozen large grade A eggs in Mexico, this is the only possibility, rule of
economics would invert that in a legitimate bird flu scenario.
The Kosher store probably has eggs cheap as hell, TRY THERE.

Tinnitus sound file

My "tinnitus" sounds exactly like your sound file. This would explain alot. How can we
shield ourselves from being beamed?
My response: First of all, I want to make something clear: It is impossible for even two
people to have the same tinnitus unless it is externally caused. Real tinnitus is caused by
damage to the inner ear, where there are millions of tiny hairs in the cochlea that pick up
the sound. When these get damaged by loud noises or something else, they begin to
make noise on the frequency they were supposed to represent, and that is heard as
tinnitus. If you have millions of these little hairs it is impossible for the exact same hairs to
get damaged in multiple people, which would require exact same genetics and exposure
to the exact same sounds at the exact same levels.
If multiple people are saying their tinnitus sounds exactly like what I have posted
here, and most people who have written said even the sub modulations are the
same, it can only mean that something outside the body, an external source is
doing this. Since properly modulated microwave frequencies can be heard when beamed
into the head, the obvious external source is electronically caused. This is the only way
multiple people could hear the exact same thing.

I have tried blocking this, but have only been able to either mute it slightly or make it
worse. Yes, the "tinfoil hat" would work against a few frequencies if you knew the direction
the beaming was coming from and sat still 24/7 and set it all up right and made a perfect
reflector. But an aluminum reflector won't block AM, VLF, or even mid band, and if your
"tin foil hat" was not made perfectly it could actually, in some positions, end up making the
problem worse. And if you were getting beamed by much lower frequencies, it would have
zero chance of working at all.
If you were getting beamed by low frequencies, only a faraday cage would work. But that
won't stop high frequencies. And no, the Tesla movie did not show Tesla produce high
frequencies, back then "high" was Khz, which by today's standards would be very low
frequency. So there is a problem with trying to protect yourself, I have tried and it is
practically impossible. That is why I do not post diagrams for ways to protect yourself,
"they" (the people doing the beaming) know more than even I know, and have produced
systems that will penetrate absolutely anything. Your best chance would be to sleep
underground, under a swimming pool and THEN, in your little room down there, put in a
faraday cage. Good luck doing that!
Good luck building something that will block all 3, and I mean GOOD LUCK!!!

Orgone is a hoax. That is all there is to it. A couple years ago, the description for making
orgone was to put metal shavings of any type in clear epoxy and then let the epoxy set.
Once it set, you had orgone.
The new "debunk" arguments saying orgone has power are now stating that
"orgone" is made with crystals embedded in epoxy, and then they cite quartz and
other pyroelectric crystals being in the epoxy as what has the power. And that is all
bunk, a manipulation back flip, your stereo, cell phone, Ipod, computer, and any
other electronic device you might have has THE EXACT SAME CRYSTALS IN IT,
why not tie a string to your cell phone and wear it as a good luck charm?
Some people out there really need to wake up to the snake oil hoaxers out there, you walk
on these crystals in the ground every day, they are super common everywhere, your
electronic devices all have them (if you see a part made of all metal on a circuit board and
it has numbers printed directly on the metal, that is your "orgone" crystal), you cannot just
take that, embed it in epoxy and have it do ANYTHING AT ALL, yes, some crystals do
emit electric charges but so does an AA battery, there is no magic there, and I am sick
and tired of all the hoaxing and B.S. with regard to this.

You cannot go from metal shavings off a shop lathe having magical powers to then saying
oh, it is crystals that do it, I guess the orgone hoaxers have adapted to my debunks by
saying IT IS CRYSTALS, oh, no, we never said metal shavings, there is a sucker born
every minute and yes, Doctor Pepper works!
august 6 2015

Huge bribe paid to make sure the wing flap was from MH370!
How does $500 million sound to shut your mouth? This excellent report lays it all out
Iran missile strike?
Considering the meteor was viewable from a resort area and landed in nowhereville (I
have really paid attention to the layout of Iran) and did no significant damage on the
ground, I do not think so!

Are Robots going to take our future? Probably, but it did not
have to be that way . . . .
There is no question machines have made production of products more efficient. But up
until recently, they really did not compete with people because they could not think. This
has changed recently, within the last year privately owned computer systems have been
programmed efficiently enough to think like people do, and to outperform people in many
cases. And with the new super smart machines, many jobs only people can do really are,
this time around, on the chopping block.
I saw the first example of this type of technology six years ago, it was a machine that
could assemble circuits intelligently, which was able to see and make corrections
(sometimes) when an error was made. But even that is not the same as assembling a
hamburger, with a circuit that has instructions printed right on the board that the computer
could read, precise locations to go to, and completely consistent materials to work with, it
is fairly easy to set up a rigid machine like system for assembly. Even still, that particular
robot was amazing. And that robot destroyed several jobs while making it possible for a
lone entrepreneur to afford to run his business because there were no employee related
We would be perfectly fine with machines taking over work if that future had not
been robbed from us
When machines took over a lot of the work in the 80's and 90's we never saw the benefits,
and instead had to work harder and harder to make ends meet, despite the fact that
machines made production of everything cheaper. This totally defies logic, but as it turns
out, we were not dealing with logic. We were instead dealing with tyranny and a parasite
"elite". We saw no improvement in quality of life for one reason - when machines made

things more efficient, the government took the gains away from the people by taxing them
more, and the elite took the gains and expanded their own lives far beyond any
imaginable need. With machines helping out, we should all be flying to work and going
home to 10,000 square foot mansions in the mountains, away from the city because
machines have made this possible, if we were allowed to reap the benefits.
Only the upper class/government has reaped the benefits, and they have done this in a
parasitic destructive way. Even if they allowed us to live 10x as well it would not affect
them at all, other than that we would not look like chattle they could just harvest at will.
IF they were not taking so much that average people have to work their butts off to
get anything, and they actually allowed people to keep a fair portion of the value
they generate, machines would not be a threat to our future because there would be
so much expendable income in the system that new markets would open up and
allow the creation of new things no one ever dreamed of, thus driving the economy
down a totally different path.
You can't make the case that we would consume all the resources by having 10,000
square foot homes, because when it comes to things like building homes, resources are
unlimited, all it takes is limestone, gravel and sand to build a beautiful home, it really does
boil down to those three items because that is the basis for concrete and glass. But they
won't allow Americans to build with concrete will they? If they truly cared about the
environment, wood homes would not be built because compared to concrete, a tiny
wooden shed in the back yard would use more living resources than a concrete home in
front of it.
All the environmental impact you need for concrete is a hole in the ground to dig the
gravel out of and a giant cave in the ground the limestone came from. Basically no actual
butterfly killing impact. It would all be zero impact construction from concrete. All steps to
getting concrete are easily accomplished, there is no mystery or huge "depletable"
resource need there. The fact Americans have been scammed into wooden construction,
all the while they are guilt tripped about raping the forest with their wooden homes is just
an elite mind trip scam, they made it that way and they are not stupid about concrete. But
you can't burn a concrete city to the ground with a few matches and then claim
nothing was ever there . . . . . and mark my words, they will do that when machines
replace us and we are eliminated.
Right now we live in a subsistence economy. Back in the 70's, before the Jews took over
the economy and government and basically started robbing the public, Americans did not
live in a subsistence economy. Second properties were common, almost everyone had a
cabin or other place to go to, NOT NOW, who could ever afford it? Machines should have
made it far easier to have it all, what happened? We were screwed out of it all via
regulations, taxes, and outrageous "corporate profits" and if this does not change yes,
machines absolutely will screw us rather than help us because all the benefit will go to the
elite few who are far too selfish to spare even a banana peel. They won't care if a machine
effortlessly makes what you need to survive and hands it to them for free, if you can't pay

the full price they once paid to have labor make it you will do without, and they will rejoice,
because after all, the dirt in the ground is worth more than you, and they would rather see
it undisturbed than see you live. That is how nasty they are, you can bet on it.

I am confident there is no bird flu and they are shipping

America's eggs abroad
Eggs have never been cheaper than they are now in Mexico. They cost approximately 69
cents a dozen. Only a year ago they cost about $2 a dozen. There was no egg revolution
in Mexico, no new huge facilities, NOTHING, and I'd be willing to bet the tribe wants eggs
out of the American diet or at least they want to rake in the big bucks. I think they are
scamming it all with a phoney "bird flu" outbreak and that they are shipping the eggs out of
the country.
Additionally, chicken has never been cheaper here, and this cannot be explained by
"America shipping diseased birds down to Mexico" because you need birds to make eggs,
and the fact that both are cheap proves that 1. There is a huge surplus of birds, and 2.
there is a huge surplus of eggs. You need birds to lay eggs. What could cause a surplus
of both like this? Perhaps a scam taking place in America, to rob Americans of as much
money as possible? After all, if you charge $4 for eggs, they will probably still get bought,
you sell a percentage fewer for more overall profit and the remaining percentage just goes
overseas and south of the border . . . . .
I find it hard to believe eggs would go to incredibly low prices in Mexico if there was
a real crisis in America, after all if eggs were even $1.50 a dozen in America
Mexican producers could pay to fly them up on airplanes with that much more
profit. And there are rail lines that would get them up there in a day or two for
practically free . . . . . egg hoax, bird flu hoax, that is ALL there is to it.
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