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Distinctness of the new subject.


Erects/casts Natal and Moon horoscope even without name, date of birth,
etc. by means of photograph, Vaastu etc.
When the fate appears to be doubtful, recommends Simple remedies,
Differentiates between the inevitable and probability and alters the course of

1. The foundation of this subject is the all encompassing oceanic (Samudrik)

knowledge which helps in rectifying the horoscope prepared by the
prevalent method of astrology.
When as per the traditional astrology malefic results of Saturn’s 2&1/2 years
(dhayiya’s) three circles (2&1/2 x 3 = 7&1/2 years) are considered then with
the subject base of Lalkitab, Saturn’s malefic results are observed e.g.
occurrences like snakebites, damaging, selling of house, problem in
eyesight, trouble to younger paternal uncle or damage to machinery are
observed to verify Saturn’s malefic nature in Sun’s antardasha or Saturn’s
Sadhesati emphasizing thereby that instead of guesswork the solid and
permanent impacts in the native’s life are to be given preference. Apart from
rectifying the horoscope by palmistry a list has been provided in this subject
to erect Annual transit charts of planets of every native up to 120 years of
age in some minutes only.

2. Very simple and inexpensive remedies are recommended whenever the

result reflected through horoscope appears doubtful, which are usually found
to be corrective and effective.

3. Owing to the vastness of the subject only that transpirations have been
mentioned that are of immensely serious nature; rather fall in the category of
being capable to be written in the ink of blood. Tuberculosis, Epilepsy,
Paralysis, Life and Death of native are considered in place of ordinary fever.
Thereby implying that an attempt has been made to find some solutions for
doubtful results in drastic or desperate situations.

4. According to traditional astrology Rahu and Ketu are always at 1-7 house
position. Mercury is also always close to Sun but the planets are free from
such bondage in this subject, when annual transit as per this book or
palmistry is applied to a horoscope.
5. Important consideration is that to observe the manifestation of results
from a horoscope.

Signs, Nakshatras and ephemeris are ignored.

Ascendant is fixed as Aries and henceforth all 12 houses.
According to this subject ascendant is always considered as Aries and the
other houses follow the sequence.

6. The planets that are occupying same house in natal horoscope remain
together as such in the transits also.

7. Whenever the manifestation of results of the planets is established through

some article, business, relative attributed to different planets, it proves
greatly beneficial at the time of need.