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Course Number


Course Title

Open MSS 15 - Operation and Maintenance Delta

Course Duration

3 Days

Brief Description
Target Group

Learning Target

Personnel who operate and maintain

Personnel who commission and integrate
Personnel responsible for troubleshooting
The participant is able to:
describe the main concepts of the ATCA Hardware Platform
discuss the main concepts of the Delta from operation and
maintenance point of view between DX200 MSS and Open
explain the ATCA Platform
operate the Shelfmanager
explain the Architecture of Open MSS
handle the IP Connectivity - AHUB configuration
describe Firmware
explain HW change in ATCA MSS
In detail the participant is able to:
Introduction to MSS ATCA platform
describe Nokia COTS ATCA concept
list ATCA HW main features
explain building blocks (cabinets, shelves, blades etc.)
explain connectivity
explain power and cooling
explain HW management
Open MSS architecture
identify Open MSS Functional Architecture
identify functional units
identify blades
perform configuration

describe virtualization
apply Service Terminal
Shelf manager
describe and operate Shelf Manager
IP Connectivity
identify the use and interconnection of Internal Fabric and Base
Interfaces (Internal LAN Management)
list external IP Connectivity (External LAN Management)
describe Control Plane and Load Balancer options
describe O&M LAN
describe Billing LAN
describe OLCM LAN
BIOS Settings
identify the need of BIOS setting
apply BIOS Setting in CPU Blade
Embedded SW Update
identify identify the need to update embedded SW
update embedded SW with MML commands
OMU and WDU Replacement
identify the need to update embedded describe the steps of
OMU CPU Blade replacement
describe the steps of WDU replacement


E-learning CN6090 + CN6091 + CN6092 DX 200 SW structure



Introduction to MSS ATCA platform

Open MSS architecture
Shelf manager
IP Connectivity
BIOS Settings
Embedded SW Update
OMU and WDU Replacement

Course Type

PTB - Practical and theoretical course with testbed

Skill Level