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The official magazine of the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers


Major changes to
FPS Depot
Certification Scheme
Oil price super-spike
Boat campaign wins
Govt backing
Evesons settle into
new HQ
Oil in Sarahs blood
Oil spill round table
Tank coupling
Top Oil poised to be
Irish top dogs



Manx overhaul
FPS issues funding
challenge to majors
FPS 2006
Members back FPS
driver training
Buncefield blast
Product Focus
Environment special
Regional Roundup
FPS launches new
Forecourt Training
Everythings coming
up roses...

Downstream - the Oil Distributors Publication ISSN 1473-5539

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FPS are working on an exclusive members

deal for acceptance of credit and debit card
payments through EuroConex and hope to
launch this at Harrogate on 5 & 6 April.
EuroConex are one of Europes largest credit
card acquirers, processing for Alliance &
Leicester, Citibank and Bank of Ireland
amongst others.

Our cover picture shows Matthew

Brown (left), Health, Environment and
Safety Coordinator for Texaco, handing
an FPS Driver Training Pack to
Graham Heathcote, driver with Bates &
Hunt Petroleum.

Depot certification:

Major changes and

improvements for 2006
2006 sees major changes to the FPS
Depot Certification Scheme, including
a new face, a new price, a new
incentive and an even better annual
The new face is that of Peter Emery, FPS
Technical Manager, who has taken over
from Terry Furlong as inspector. Terry has
decided to hang up his hard hat and
take retirement. Terry developed and
managed the scheme for the FPS and in
the process improved operating
standards at many depots in the UK and
Said Peter: My task now is to help more
distributors take advantage of the
scheme to make themselves safer and
more efficient.
The revised price for an inspection will
be 450 the first time the scheme has
had a price rise in four years. However
there is also a new incentive to soften
that rise: if you act fast, you can take
advantage of a 50% discount, bringing
the inspection price down to just 225.
FPS is running the discount deal on a
first-come, first-served basis. The
discount is confined to depots being
inspected for the very first time, or
those that pass on re-inspection after
failing a previous audit. The maximum
discount available to any one company,
no matter how many depots they enter
for inspection, will be 900.
The Depot Certification Scheme carries
the enthusiastic backing of OAMPS and
their insurers QBE, who financially
support the discount deal to reduce the
cost of an inspection.

Keeping a close eye on things - FPSs Peter Emery.

The improved annual award comes

because QBE and OAMPS are also putting
up a cash prize to be awarded to the
best depot in the scheme.
David Barratt, Managing Director of
OAMPS (UK) Ltd said: OAMPS and our
non-motor insurers, QBE Insurance, are
proud to sponsor and promote the FPS
Depot Certification Scheme and the new
annual award for best depot.
Any incentive that improves the quality
of the industry and specific depots is an
advantage to all parties. There is a clear

Tesco fuels rally championship

Supermarket chain Tesco is the MSA British Rally
Championship title sponsor in 2006, with its new
high octane petrol containing bio-ethanol, Tesco 99
Octane, produced by Greenergy. The Championships
use of a more environmentally friendly control fuel is
a first for any British motor sport championship.


Spring 2006

correlation that companies who have

scored well in the FPS Depot
Certification Scheme have reduced
operational costs and have enjoyed a
lower claims and incidence record
resulting in well deserved reduced
premiums. We encourage everyone in the
industry to seriously consider applying
for full certification and to let us know
if they have been successful.
The winner and two runners up of the
Depot of the Year Award will each
receive 500 and 200 respectively from
the insurers. so if you have your depot
inspected you could save 225 and win
up to 500 at the awards. The cash
incentives and cash prizes have been
secured for the next three years through
OAMPS and QBEs contributions.

For more details contact Peter

Emery at the FPS office or on his
mobile, 07979 070803.

Super spike scenario

alarmist, says RBS
Crude oil hit record highs in September 2005,
topping $70 per barrel. In the New Year, they
climbed back to above $60 but, says a senior
economic adviser with Royal Bank of Scotland,
warnings of oil at $105 a barrel seem alarmist and
ignore economic forces.
Thorsten Fischer, who works with the RBSs Group
Economics, says that investment bankers Goldman
Sachs attracted attention by indulging a super
spike scenario, under which oil prices could go as
high as $105 per barrel. The bankers, he says, cited
past under-investment, a rising quality premium,
sharply higher production costs and strong demand
as justification for the theory.
This prompted
some analysts
to declare a
new paradigm
of permanently
higher oil
prices, said
Fischer in the
RBS report The
Case for
Cheaper Oil.
For this to
exist, economic
forces would
have to be suspended. There would need to be
elevated prices without any increase in investment
or a decrease in consumption.
As the factors underlying the recent price spikes
unwind, we see crude oil reverting to its long-term
average price of $40-45 in nominal terms. This
assumes that demand growth is roughly offset by
advances in productivity, resulting in a constant
long-term marginal cost of production of around
$20. There is then an additional premium of $20
built in to reflect geopolitical uncertainty and OPEC
control of reservesThus, calls for a new paradigm
or a super-spike scenario seem alarmist.
However, the report also says that oil markets will
remain highly volatile, as they are influenced by
economic and political factors, a lagging investment
cycle and information asymmetries between
producers and consumers.
Whilst the oil majors may be willing to live with
these risks, as they can operate profitably at prices
around $25 per barrel, businesses dependent on
affordable energy or refined products will need to
insure against higher prices by hedging or
planning, says Fischer.

Europe gives oil

independents a
rough ride
While gas and electricity
are being scrutinised for
their marketing, mineral oil
seems to have become the
EUs favourite target in
competitive trading issues.
This was the conclusion of a
recent colloquium in Vienna,
arranged by UPEI (Union
Ptrolire Europenne
Indpendante), the body
representing independent
small and medium oil
companies in Europe.
The meeting heard that, while
people complained about
barriers to entry and limited
consumer choices in the gas
and electricity markets,
independent oil companies
were left out of leading
UPEI says that independent
oil SMEs are an increasingly
important counterweight in
Europe as the dwindling
number of big operators
takes a global perspective.
UPEI says that, in the
interests of maintaining
competitive trading
conditions, it is vital for its
voice to be heard. Its
members point out severe
market malfunctioning in the
oil sector. This is particularly
true in the emerging markets,
where dominant players are
given undue advantage, says
UPEI. In Croatia, it alleges
that import quality fuel is
forced to meet Euro IV
standards while the local
champion continues to
market inferior products. In
Hungary, bio-components
may only be added at
refineries, not commercial

tank installations. Legislation

means that blending for
export can only be done in
refineries, too.
The high prices of crude
mean that SME oil firms in
EU Member States have had
to cope with tripled credit
lines, causing serious
hardship to the majority of
firms because they have to
operate with a relatively small
equity base.
Nearly all Member States give
preferential terms to gas over
oil, although the favouritism
can no longer be justified on
reasons of ecological policy
or security of supply. This
again has hit SMEs, since
most operate solely in oil,
while the majors span both
forms of fuel.
UPEI says there are
compelling reasons that the
market position of
independents warrants
special attention. Their
diverse market supply
structure increases the
security of supply by
providing more options.
Independents also offer wide
employment opportunities
and challenging jobs in the
regions. Most of all, says
UPEI, a healthy independent
oil supply sector benefits
customers because it
signifies functioning, healthy
The UPEI memorandum, The
Oil Market in the European
Union: Competition in the
Internal Market The
Perspective of
Independents/SMEs, can be
ordered at
Spring 2006


Boat campaign wins Govt backing

A joint campaign by the FPS, the
British Marine Federation, the
Royal Yachting Association and the
Inland Waterways Federation,
highlighted in Downstream last
year, has persuaded the
Government to seek an extension
to the UKs derogation from an EU
directive on the use of red diesel
in private pleasure craft. The
derogation is due to expire at the
end of 2006.
FPS and the other trade bodies,
together with Customs, have just
completed the UKs case which is
being put forward to the EC. The case
includes a regulatory impact
assessment on the effects of ending
the derogation.
Howard Pridding, Executive Director
of the British Marine Federation
(BMF) said: It is great news for
users and for the marine industry

that the Government has decided to

apply to keep the derogation that
allows private pleasure craft to use
red diesel. The Government has
listened carefully to all of us who
have campaigned to keep the
derogation over the last eighteen
months and has realised the potential
damage to participation and to the
marine industry if the derogation
were to lapse.
Neil Northmore, Government Relations
Adviser at the RYA added: The RYA
and BMF warmly welcome the
Governments statement but we are
conscious that this battle is not over
yet. The next step is to persuade the
EU Commission to accept the UKs
application to renew the derogation
and that is a significant challenge.
We will continue to work together
with the UK Government to put
forward the strongest possible case
to win the argument in Europe.

Oil storage experts stage conference

The Tank Storage Association, TSA,
stages its seventh annual conference
and exhibition on 17 May at the Hilton
Hotel, Coventry.
This one day event, sponsored by
TankBank, will comprise a conference
with five papers from key regulatory and
industry figures and an exhibition
showcasing products and services to the
UK terminal industry from up to 29
companies. Speakers are lined up to talk
about topics including process safety
performance indicators for bulk liquid
storage installations; environmental
guidelines for petroleum distribution
facilities; tank and pipeline integrity
issues; and an overview of biofuels.
TSA members are dedicated to the
professional provision of bulk liquid
storage in the UK. TSA's role is to
champion the needs of its membership
in safety, health, environmental and
technical matters. It represents its
industry on a number of forums with
Government bodies and regulatory
authorities that discuss both HSE issues
and proposed legislative amendments.
TSA is also a member of the Federation
of European Tank Storage Associations,


Spring 2006

over half a million road tankers.

Inventories stored include oil products
and chemicals, as well as potable
liquids, edible oils and fats. Receipt and
delivery of these products takes place by
sea transport, inland barge, road, rail
and cross country pipeline. Often,
although not exclusively, products are
stored for third parties.
FETSA, which monitors EU issues that
have an impact on the bulk liquid
storage industry.
TSA represents the majority of the major
independent tank storage companies in
the UK. Members companies manage
some 3.7 million m3 of storage at 34
terminals in more than 2,400 stock
tanks. During 2005, TSA members
handled almost 16 million tonnes of
product, received over 8,000 ships and

The industry also supplies additional

services, such as heating and blending
of products so that the diverse
requirements of customers can be
efficiently met in a safe and cost
effective way.
More details from
uk/conference.htm or from TSAs
conference office, 01244 335627 or by

Titans screen dream

Titan Environmental are running a special promotion to
oil tank installers who choose to fit a model from their
EcoSafe or Fuelmaster lines. Doing so puts installers in
with the chance to win of one five 42-inch plasma
screen TVs. An entry postcard inside the tanks explains
the entry details. The promotion runs until the end of
July and further entry forms can be obtained from Titan.

A snowy welcome to Evesons new premises (above). Right, the day the storage tanks were installed.

Evesons win their

calculated Gamble...
New HQ is up and running
It took 20 years for Evesons Fuels to
find and move to a new Midlands
home that offered the requisite
qualities of location, size and
affordability and now theyre in to
their 500,000 premises, theyre
Weve battled through all the planning
restrictions, the site remediation work,
the construction and the teething
problems on issues like electricity,
phones and toilets. It was never going
to be easy, but I feel we are now
settling in to the new depot and really
beginning to benefit from it, said MD
John Eveson, who masterminded the
The company started in Stourbridge,
Worcestershire. In 1895 the company
moved to the centre of Birmingham and
later to Dorridge, Solihull, where it
occupied various premises. Most
recently, it was based in a converted gas
works that was fine for storing the coal
that Evesons once distributed, but which
was far too large for the oil-only
distribution operation that the company
has since progressed to. The old gas
works also had daunting Health and
Safety issues, so when a former petrol
filling station went up for sale seven
miles away at Balsall Common, John had
no hesitation in going for it.

The site was perfect in size and it had

the potential to house a modern fuel
distribution business like ours, he

To speed the loading of tankers pumps

now fill them at 1800 litres a minute,
saving valuable time under the Working
Time Directive.

After almost 18 years of searching for a

home, the two-and-a-half years it took
to complete the design and planning of
the threequarter-acre site seemed a mere
moment in time.

Prior to construction work, Evesons had

to tackle some major remediation of the
ground contaminated by use as a petrol
filling station and car repair workshop.
Even the ground floor of what is now
the main administration building had to
undergo remediation work and the roof
and first floor were ripped out as part of
the process. Evesons turned to Celtic
Technology, who fed anaerobic bugs into
the ground to rectify the pollution
situation. The neutralised soil was then
removed as landfill.

There were, however, some frustrations

when Evesons became caught in a
wrangle over canopies and tanks
between Solihull Council and the
Environment Agency.
Once the public sector representatives
had agreed among themselves, they
allowed a single canopy and a 15-metresquare bund which now holds the
maximum permitted storage. Three
144,000 litre tanks and two 104,000
litre tanks are housed in the bund.
The tanks were factory built and then
transported to us by road. Their arrival
was quite something, because the
dimensions four by four by nine metres
were the largest transportable by
truck, and they were all installed in a
day, said John. The site also houses a
large open-plan office, a kitchen and
rest room for the dozen staff, a meeting
room and hard standing for the fleet of
six delivery tankers.

Business has continued uninterrupted,

though Evesons did spend money on a
very widely-circulated mailshot to ensure
their customers knew they were moving.
Rumour was put around that we were
shutting down, so we had to counter
that in the most effective way we
could, said John. We now have a
modern site which is ideally located for
access to our customer base and which
has good all-round communications and
conditions for a modern business, he
What was once Gambles Corner has been
re-named Eveson House. Its tempting to
say that the Gambles paid off
Spring 2006


Outside business hours, Shire horses are a passion for Sarah.

Oil in the blood...

Sarah Miller is following in
illustrious family footsteps
at Millers Oils. Here, she
tells us how.
I have been in the company for 23
years. I started off by filling grease
cartridges and sewing machine oil tins
in the works, then progressed to
receptionist on the old pull-plugs
telephone exchange, dealing with over
250 calls a day. Now, every department
is on direct dial.
Then I went out on the road as fuel oil
representative, covering a 20-mile radius
of our Brighouse depot. Farmers were my
forte I spoke their language and I
always found interest in milking herds
and suckler herds. They particularly liked
it when you recalled points of interest
from your last visit. I was also labelled
the best debt collector in West Yorkshire
and on many occasions I was offered
further employment doing just that! I
had a variety of names when I walked
into customers yards Tax Woman, Tank


Spring 2006

Lady, or just Oil Girl, all pleasant of

As I am the fourth generation to work in
the Miller family business, and I am
following my father Robert Miller, who
was Chairman and Managing Director
with some 60 years experience in the oil
industry, I realise that this is a record
that will take some living up to. Thats
why I decided that I had better get back
off the road and return to base, to soak
up some knowledge about the company
and learn about the overall business. I

am currently Fuel Oil Director, with

Personnel tagged on the end. I find the
oil business is very exciting no two
days are the same. There are some
interesting customers out there, all of
whom have something that runs on oil,
diesel or kerosene.
My aim is to continue in the family
business successfully. Perhaps one day,
one of my three children (Harry, 8,
Louise, 7, or Jack, 4) may be thinking
along the same lines

Delivery spill round table

A ground-breaking round table
meeting hosted by FPS has started indepth discussions on the tricky
subject of spillages during oil
The meeting, at the FPS office in
Knutsford, drew some 25 representatives
from the major tank and equipment
manufacturers, fuel distributors, FPS
insurer OAMPS, OFTEC and the
Environment Agency.
The meeting and others that will now
follow it is part of the industrys
commitment to reduce the number of oil
pollution incidents. It follows
publication of the Oakdene Hollins
Report, An Analysis of Inland Oil and
Fuel Incidents in England and Wales,
commissioned by the Environment
Agencys Oil Care Campaign.
FPS was keen to open a dialogue with
tank manufacturers and other interested
parties and to discuss the problems FPS
members encounter when making fuel
deliveries. Discussions centred around
three main subjects:
Sight tubes
Delivery guns falling out of tanks
Overfill prevention devices.
The meeting produced lively debate
which led to a better understanding of
the systems promoted by the tank and
equipment manufacturers, the problems
encountered by the distributors and also
saw the start of useful dialogue to
reduce the number of incidents.

The Oakdene Hollins report shows that
sight tubes are a contributory factor in
oil spills. The Environment Agency wants
to see sight tubes removed from all
tanks and OAMPS are advising
distributors to instruct drivers to close
sight tubes following a delivery and to
advise the customer of their actions.
The introduction of bunded tanks will, in
time, overcome the problem, since
bunded tanks do not have sight tubes
fitted, but instead rely on a variety of
electronic gauging systems. However,
because different tank manufacturers fit
their own systems, delivery drivers are
confronted with an array of electronic

systems, each with its own way of

operating. This is causing problems for
the drivers who would need to have a
working knowledge of every type of
gauging system. FPS members are also
reporting poor confidence in the
accuracy of the electronic systems.
To remedy these problems, FPS is calling
for all new tanks to be designed and
fitted with an integral dipstick. The
dipstick could be calibrated to the tank
size/model, thus enabling the driver to
accurately calculate the ullage or
contents of a tank and to monitor the
level of product being delivered into the


Evidence from OAMPS on oil spill
incidents shows that the main reason
nozzles fall out of tanks is because
drivers fail to follow correct operating
procedures. Common mistakes include
not making an oil-tight connection
using the 2 BSP connection available
on most tanks, and leaving the open
gun unattended. Both of these are
contrary to the standard industry
procedures given in the FPS Driver
Training Scheme. To address this
problem, FPS has been working with Fort
Vale Engineering to develop a new,
reliable, cheap-to-fit and simple-to-use
delivery gun connection system.

Snappy potential
solution to gun
accident spillages
There are three main types of overfill
prevention devices:
Mechanical devices fitted to oil
storage tanks;
Electronic devices fitted to oil storage
Electronic devices fitted to both the
oil storage tank and the road tanker.
FPSs Peter Emery said: Overfill
prevention devices of any type have a

role to play in the safe filling of oil

storage tanks. They are usually seen as
the last line of defence and this should
not be the case. Overfill prevention
devices, gauging systems and driver
training should all be promoted and
encouraged to provide a safe delivery
At the round table meeting, the merits
and drawbacks of the various systems
currently on the market were discussed.

The meeting also discussed some other
points of current concern:
TANK CHECKS: there are opportunities
for tanks to be checked - when the
boiler is serviced, the drivers predelivery check and a check by the
customer. The meeting agreed that
education of customers had to play a
part in maintaining tanks in an
acceptable condition. Compulsory tank
inspections, either via legislation or
as a condition of insurance, might be
the only way to get customers to take
responsibility for their own tanks.
issue for distributors and the meeting
agreed that it was desirable for fill
points to be sited low enough for the
driver not to have to work at height.
For situations where this was
unavoidable, lugs built into the tank
would help in securing a ladder.
out that distributors encountered a
variety of difficulties in delivering to
tanks, and felt it would be useful if
tank manufacturers could directly
involve distributors at prototype
stage. This would ensure that new
tank designs coming into the
marketplace could be filled safely.

The forum proved extremely

useful and it was decided that
it should continue, with
meetings once or twice a year.
However, to ensure its
maximum usefulness to FPS
members, it is essential that
distributors take part to make
their views known. Please
contact Peter Emery on 01565
631313 or pe@fpsonline if you
want to come to the next
Spring 2006


Tank coupling rev

A new snap-lock tanker coupling,
developed by Fort Vale
Engineering in close co-operation
with FPS, has been purposedesigned to form a failsafe gun-totank connection and to reduce the
number of spills occurring in
domestic deliveries.

FPS and Fort Vale link up to produce a snap-lock

prototype that could make a huge contribution
to cutting delivery spillages. The product will be
on show at FPS 2006.

Last years Oakdene Hollins Report

on Inland Spills, commissioned by
the Environment Agency, highlighted
spillages during delivery as one of
the top four contributors to inland oil
pollution incidents. In discussions
with members, FPS found that their
drivers experienced problems
making oil-tight connections onto
tanks, in particular the bunded tanks
which are becoming more prevalent
in the market.
Manual handling difficulties in
connecting the delivery gun to the
screw connection have meant that
secure connections onto tanks are
not always guaranteed. The new Fort
Vale Adaptoplast System should put
an end to this.
Said FPS Technical Manager, Peter
Emery: This is a revolutionary but
cost-effective product that the
industry should adopt for two
reasons. First, it will make great
strides in helping us all live up to our
environmental responsibilities by
reducing spills. Secondly, and just as
importantly, it will improve the health
and safety situation for drivers who
have a difficult task in making the
present connection system effective.
The Adaptoplast is not only a secure
connection, it is also quick in
operation. It is an all-round winner.
The Adaptoplast system comprises
an adaptor that fits directly onto the
standard 2 screw coupling of most
oil storage tanks, and a gun that
locks onto the adaptor. The adaptor
needs to be fitted quickly and
easily just once, and remains
permanently in place on the screw
thread. It will be supplied with a
push-on plastic cap and will be
priced at a level which enables


Spring 2006

distributors to buy in bulk and fit one

to each customers oil tank, leaving it
ready for repeat deliveries.
When a distributor arrives to make a
delivery, the driver simply removes
the adaptors weather-proof cap and
clips the snap-on gun from his hose
to the adaptor. The secure, oil-tight
seal is held in place by eight steel
ball bearings and springs and will not
break loose during pumping to the
tank. When the delivery is complete,
the driver simply slides a sleeve back
to release the spring-locked bearings
and the delivery gun is uncoupled
from the tank. It eliminates the need
to screw the delivery gun onto
threads which, with time, can
become damaged and difficult to
The FPS looked at ways of making
the connection of the delivery gun to
the oil tank as easy as possible

whilst still maintaining an oil-tight

Peter Emery explained that the
existing design for delivery guns has
remained practically unchanged for
over 30 years. Our initial thoughts
were to produce a small 2 lock-on
system similar to the type of device
used on bottom loading systems, so
that making a secure, leak-proof
connection was as easy as
possible. The FPS gave its thoughts
to Graham Johnson, Product
Development Manager, and David
Bailey, Chief Engineer at Fort Vale
Developing the new connection was
only one part of the project. Peter
told Downstream: We also needed
to involve tank manufacturers so
that, at some point in the future,
tanks are designed and
manufactured with the new coupling

volution on cards

Far left, a cutaway of the delivery gun

attachment locked on to the oil tank fitting.
Above, the delivery gun before being connected to
oil tank and, left, the gun connected to the tank

as opposed to
the 2 thread. We also
needed to consider how we
addressed the retrofitting of the tank
coupling to a possible 2-3 million
existing oil tanks. The first step was
to get a prototype coupling

produced and
then to involve
as many
interested parties
in consultation. We
have done this by
showing the prototype
to members at regional
meetings and to tank
manufacturers; in all discussion
we have received positive feed-back
on the project. The future looks very
He added: In developing this
system, we have managed to

address not only an environmental

problem of deliveries being made
without the correct procedure of
making an oil-tight connection being
followed, but we have also
addressed a health and safety
problem of drivers having to
manually handle the delivery gun and
hose to make the connection.
A working model of the
Adaptoplast System will be
available on both the FPS stand
and the Fort Vale stand at the FPS
Exhibition and is sure to be a
talking point at the event.
Spring 2006



Top Oil poised with Irish e

As the major oil companies review
their position in the Irish market,
Top Oil believes it is in a good
position to capitalise on any
opportunities that arise so says
Gerard Boylan, General Manager of
Tedcastles Oil Products (TOP Oil) and
newly appointed to the board of
Tedcastle Holdings.
We are a 100 per cent Irish owned,
Irish-managed oil distribution company
that is firmly focused on the Irish
market, says Gerard Boylan.
The company has recently completed a
e20 million five-year capital
expenditure programme, upgrading its
55,000 tonne capacity Dublin terminal,
nationwide network of depots and
installing an ERP IT system.
We feel we are now well placed to take
advantage of the changes going on in
the market, adds Gerard Boylan. We
are interested in working with
distributors and customers as strategic

Ray Carroll (pictured right) and Gerard Boylan have been appointed to the board of one of
Irelands biggest fuel importers and distributors.

Tedcastle Holdings, one of Ireland's

largest fuel importers and distributors,
also welcomed Ray Carroll to its board.
Ray Carroll is Chief Financial Officer of
Tedcastle Holdings and Gerard Boylan is
General Manager of Tedcastles Oil
Products (TOP Oil).

Financial Officer since November 2001.

Before this, he worked in a number of
senior positions for organisations
including Davy Corporate Finance, the
state venture capital investment vehicle
- NADCORP, and KPMG. Ray is a
Chartered Accountant.

Ray Carroll joined Tedcastle Holdings in

2000 and has held the position of Chief

Gerard Boylan joined Top Oil, a group

company of Tedcastle Holdings, in 1999.

Harlequin launches space savers

Harlequin has launched an all-new 1300
litre slimline bunded tank for tightsqueeze domestic settings, and a new
addition to its Fuel Station range.
Less than a metre wide and holding
1,335 litres, Harlequin say the new 1300
litre Slimline bunded tank is ideal for
the safe, secure and environmentally
responsible storage of heating oil at
domestic installations, where space is
often at a premium.
The tank has been engineered to exceed
technical, environmental and regulatory
requirements and standard extras
include factory fitted vent, fill and
inspection points; remote ultrasonic
tank measurement gauge; lockable
manhole access; tank fitting kit;
electronic bund warning alarm; and
failsafe overfill prevention capability. A
choice of both top and bottom outlet is
The 5000 litre 5000FS Fuel Station
replaces the 5400FS and combines the
environmental benefits of integral


Spring 2006

bunding with the latest diesel storage

and transfer technology, all within a
footprint-saving vertical design.
Standard features include a choice of
12v, 24v, 110v and 240v pumps, 6 metre
delivery hose, trigger nozzle with
automatic fuel shut off, 10 micron
filtration, digital flow meter with
resetable batch totaliser; overfill
warning alarm, bund warning alarm,
electronic tank contents gauge and
failsafe overfill prevention. Mains
powered versions incorporate a bulkhead
light for safer refuelling during darkness.
Everything is lockable.
Of the domestic tank, Harlequins John
Switzer said: It has been developed in
response to the results of research
undertaken amongst resellers and
installers. As bunding increasingly
becomes the norm at most domestic
installations, the 1300 litre Slimline
Bundeds compact base dimensions will
prove a real boon for installers, resulting
in a tank that is easier to handle and
both easier and cheaper to install.

yes only
He was appointed Finance Director of
TOP Oil in 2002 and became General
Manager in April 2005. Before joining
TOP Oil, Gerard worked at
PricewaterhouseCoopers for six years,
culminating in his post as a senior
manager in the Transactions Services
Group. Gerard is also a Chartered
Commenting on the appointments,
Raymond Reihill, Chief Executive of
Tedcastle Holdings, said: "We are
delighted that Ray and Gerard have
joined the board. Both have strong
track records within the organisation
and the industry, and their experience
and insights will be invaluable as we
look to develop the organisation
Tedcastle Holdings is an Irish family
business dating back over 50 years
within its current ownership of the
Reihill family. The company provides
fuel retailing and distribution services
and supply throughout Ireland through
its two principal subsidiaries, TOP Oil in
the Republic of Ireland and Kelly's Fuels
in Northern Ireland.
The business owns and manages one of
the country's largest oil terminals with
a storage capacity of more than 55,000
tonnes and has an annual turnover in
excess of e800 million.

Silvey appointment
Bristol-based Thomas
Silvey has appointed
Mark Woodward ACMA
as Financial
Controller and
Commercial Director
Designate. He was
formerly Financial
Controller for a company with retail and
wholesale outlets across the west of
England and Wales. His initial focus will
be upgrading the computer systems,
implementing new accountancy software
and improving management information
systems. Mark, aged 43, from Yate, will
also be involved with all Silvey
commercial operations.
Family owned Thomas Silvey delivers
domestic heating oil and commercial
fuel throughout the South West and
South Wales.

New world
order at
Manx Petroleum has overhauled its
road tanker loading systems,
replacing all top loading arms with
new Emco Wheaton World Style
arms. The bays were enhanced using
Emco Wheatons three metre wide
folding stairs with four metre cages.
This has allowed Manx to extend the
life of their gantries and meet all
the prevailing obligations of the
2005 Working at Height legislation.
Manx has also installed its first
bottom loading skid with 3 x liquid
and 1x vapour arm all built by Emco
Wheaton. The skid, provided by
Loadtec, was engineered in
conjunction with In-Control
Projects. It utilises 3 x 4 Alma
meters with Contrec batch controller
and additive injection for all three
lines. Two new liquid feed pumps
were also included.
The projects provide modern,
efficient and durable equipment for
Manx operatives to work in a clean
and safe manner. Manx have long
used Emco Wheaton equipment and
Loadtecs Managing Director, Alec
Keeler, said: The evolution of skid
systems has enabled loading arm
manufacturers to develop value
added systems that solve customer
problems. The proliferation of
bottom loading skids, especially to
Authorised Distributors, reflects the
need for customers to have a plug
and play solution. Skids provide
minimum downtime during
installation and allow the customer
to pick and choose the components,
with support from the skid
manufacturer, to customise the
package to their exact needs.

were originally built. Combining the

wide folding stairs with new arms
allowed them to retain access to all
the manholes without risking
negative drain angles into the
manholes. The bottom loading skid
had to provide a stand alone system
with pumps and additive injection.
Manx had the foresight to recognise
that by using 4 meters and control
valves, throughput at 2100 litres
per minute would be higher and
truck turnaround enhanced. It costs
slightly more, but understanding
the economics of stationary trucks
is increasingly important.
Manx Petroleums Group HSE
Manager, Peter Quirk, is delighted
with the system. Feedback from
our operators and drivers has been
very positive. The new skid is
extremely user friendly and has
halved the loading time of its top
loading predecessor, he said.

He goes on to say: Manx were very

clear about their objectives and
what they saw as a minimum
standard to achieve. The top loading
systems have allowed the operators
to access the tanker tops without
resorting to harnesses. The design
also factored in the increased
height of trailers since the gantries
Spring 2006



FPS issues Oil Care challenge to majors

A cash boost of 2,500 from the FPS for the
Environment Agencys Oil Care Campaign is on the
cards, providing the big oil companies also agree to
make donations.
The FPS Council agreed to make the one-off payment
from a surplus in last years accounts, on the condition
that the six major supply companies in the UK also
committed to at least 2,500 each.
FPS Council members felt strongly that the majors
should also be pro-active in educating the oilconsuming public in the care necessary to prevent
harmful spillages, so they have promised the donation
as long as those companies commit finances to the
cause as well, said FPS Chief Executive Susan
Richard Martin, Oil Care Campaign Manager for the

Environment Agency, is now planning to contact the

companies. I cant make any guarantees, but I will do
my best to encourage them to contribute, he said.
The money would be used to help fund website
development, attendance at shows, the 0800 Oil Bank
Line and publications.
The Oil Care Campaign was set up by the Environment
Agency to reduce oil pollution by providing guidance on,
and facilities for, the safe disposal and management of
oil. Although the Government funds Richard Martins
post, operating costs have to come from the oil industry
The FPS is committed to helping its members fulfil their
environmental responsibilities and backing the Oil Care
Campaign is a way we can actively demonstrate this.
We are pleased to continue supporting the Campaign
and the excellent work it does, said Susan Hancock.

New national Tanker Driver

Standard set to boost skills
A new set of nationally-agreed
operating standards for tanker
drivers will be formally launched at
FPS 2006 before being rolled out
across the industry.
The new guidance and standard is
aimed at staff responsible for
transporting petroleum products,
including motor spirit, diesel, gas oil,
kerosene, aviation turbine kerosene
(ATK), heavy fuels (black oils), bitumens
and lubricants.
Cogent Sector Skills Council has worked
in partnership with Skills For Logistics
to develop the Road Tanker Driver
Common Induction Process Guidelines and
Standard (CRTDiS).
The skills framework is fully supported
by the UK Downstream Oil Distribution
Forum (UKDODF), which includes the
Transport and General Workers Union, oil
companies, haulage contractors, trade
associations including the FPS and
sector skills councils. The Secretary of
State for Trade and Industry, Alan
Johnson MP has given his full backing.
Cogent says the new framework can be
adapted to suit large and small hauliers.


Spring 2006

Driver Common Induction Guidelines

and Standard, and will continue its
work developing strategies relating to
health and safety and training issues
within the sector. It will also lobby
Government to promote health and
safety across the petroleum industry,
and work to share best practice.

It is made up of three directly linked

stages: loading operations; transporting;
and offloading operations.
The emphasis is on safety awareness and
the need for personal responsibility for
the safety of both the driver and other
people working alongside him/her.
Supervisor commitment is key and the
training is based on practical and formal
assessment. Managers are responsible for
training members of their team.
Tanker drivers will receive a certificate
which will be transferable and can form
part of their CV to highlight
achievement of this safety-critical
standard. A record of all companies
participating in the standard will be
placed on the Skills for Logistics
UKDODF will oversee the Road Tanker

A Cogent spokesman said that

petroleum transporters had traditionally
relied on in-house training from
downstream employers. While this
reflected employers highly responsible
approach to health and safety, it was
not based upon any national standards
and was not consistent across the
industry. The new scheme will provide
uniform standards and recommended
procedures, and eliminate inefficient
duplication and, in some cases, a lack of
focus on some safety-critical issues.
Information on the scheme will
be available on the FPS stand,
C45/46, at FPS 2006.


BP is installing over 120 specially
designed blast resistant accommodation
units at its Coryton refinery in Essex as
part of a maintenance shutdown
programme worth over 500,000.

FPS 2006

Official Guide

Harrogate International Centre

5 & 6 April 2006


FPS 2006
2. Welcome

3. Our sponsors
4. General


FPS 2006 Official Guide


FPS 2006 Golf Competition
1st tee 9.30am Pannal Golf
Club, Harrogate
FPS 2006 Exhibition
FPS 2006 Exhibition
9.45am, Queens Suite
Distributor06 Conference
Queens Suite
10.45am, Keeping One Step
Ahead of the Bad Guys
Peter Camilletti, Security
Advisor, Total UK
11.45am, Do You Love Me?
One view of the Oil Major Distributor Relationship
Steve Park, Cluster Credit
Manager, Shell UK
2.15pm, Launch of the
Common Road Tanker Driver
Induction Standard
Chris Hunt, Chairman, UK
Downstream Oil Distribution
2.45pm, Factors Affecting
the Oil Price - Speculation and
Neil Atkinson, Consultant,
Petroleum Economics
FPS 2006 Awards Dinner
Harrogate International Centre
7pm for 8pm

Welcome to FPS 2006 the largest FPS event yet. The show is, without
doubt, the definitive event for the oil distribution industry. We return to
the Harrogate International Centre, which always proves popular with
delegates and exhibitors alike.
The FPS event continues to grow in both size and popularity. This year
we have taken a fourth exhibition hall to meet demand from exhibitors,
and our FPS 2006 Awards Dinner is entirely sold out, with an amazing
740 tickets selling in just under 12 weeks!
This year we are launching our new-look Distributor06 Conference and
are pleased to welcome on board first-time conference sponsors John
Reynolds Insurance Brokers.
As ever, FPS 2006 provides the opportunity to look at innovations within
the industry at a time of increased legislation and rapid change and it
is an indispensible platform for that all-important networking!
FPS 2006 is organised by the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers, the
trade association for the oil distribution industry in the UK and Republic
of Ireland, so it is truly by the industry, for the industry.
I would like to say a big thank you to all of those who have given freely
of their time and expertise to help make this the most important event in
the industrys calendar.
I hope that you enjoy the exhibition, conference
and social events, and those chance meetings that
are so much a part of the FPS experience.
I look forward to seeing you in Harrogate.
FPS 2006 Event Manager

Important information...
Canvassing for orders or any other purpose
by any unauthorised person is strictly
prohibited and in any such case the right to
expulsion will at once be exercised. The
distribution or display of printed or other
placards, handbills or circulars or other
articles, except by exhibitors at their own
stand is prohibited.
The organisers reserve the right to refuse or
grant admission to the show without first
assigning any reason, also to expel any

person or persons whose conduct, in the

opinion of the organisers, makes this step
The organisers and their contractors accept
no responsibility for the statements made in
this event guide, nor any errors or
omissions that may have occurred. The
profiles are supplied solely by the
exhibitors. They may have been edited for
space considerations.They do not reflect
the opinions of the Publishers or FPS.

FPS 2006

How the Sponsors see it

As always, Collins Youldon is delighted to sponsor the FPS Golf
Competition and present the golf prizes at the annual dinner.
This year we are back at Pannal Golf Club and we are expecting
the usual friendly rivalry and full field of players! In addition, we
will, of course, have a stand at the exhibition. As always, we
value this opportunity to meet with so many customers and

colleagues and catch up on the latest industry news and

developments. The FPS exhibition is a major event in our
calendar and goes from strength to strength every year. FPS do
a great job in bringing everyone together in one place and, as
part of our long term commitment to the industry and our
customers, we are pleased to be involved.

FPS 2006 sees Harlequin celebrating its 25th birthday. It is

therefore entirely fitting that Harlequin will once again be
demonstrating its commitment to the downstream oil industry by
sponsoring delegate badges and press office facilities at

At a time of ever-increasing environmental awareness,

Harlequin is committed to working in close partnership with
stakeholders throughout the industry. We are proud of our
association with the FPS and privileged to be supporting one of
the biggest events of its kind to be held anywhere in Europe,
says Harlequins John Switzer.

For the sixth consecutive year, Jet is proud to sponsor the caf
bar. It has become something of a tradition (and a challenge!) to
base the caf bar dcor on a theme local to the venue. This
year, you can find yourself relaxing in the beer garden of your
local Jet Tavern admiring the views of the Yorkshire
countryside. The perfect location to eat, drink and relax with

friends and colleagues. Each year the FPS event grows bigger
and better. As one of the largest fuel brands, supplying to both
the UK and Ireland, Jet fully recognises the importance of this
event and wishes to show its continued commitment and
support to FPS by once again being an official sponsor.

The John Reynolds Group have enjoyed a long relationship with

the FPS and place great value on the work that they undertake;
in particular their organisation of what we believe is an unrivalled
annual event.

demonstrate product developments and for those in attendance

to learn the views of the guest speakers and to enjoy the frank
and open discussion that always takes place. We are proud to
sponsor the Distributor06 Conference and we look forward to
meeting up with our many friends from within the oil industry at
this years event.

Golf competition

Delegate badges,
Press office

A ConocoPhillips Brand

Caf bar, delegate bags,

event staff

Distributor06 conference

FPS 2006 presents an excellent platform for exhibitors to

We are delighted to sponsor the FPS Driver of the Year Award

once again. This is now the sixth year of the award and we
extend our thanks to the FPS staff and the judges who, year on
year, seem to have a harder job to choose between outstanding

It is in everyones interest to promote a lower claims environment

and all the drivers nominated and the management of each
company serves as role models to others. As the insurance
manager to FPS, OAMPS encourages every Oil Distributor to
promote a culture of low incidents and create drivers who are
capable of winning this award.

Membership of the FPS and active involvement in FPS activities

are extremely important to Sensor Systems. Our business puts
intelligence in tanks and in doing so we strive to make our
industry significantly more efficient, more environmentally
friendly and more attractive to the consumer. At a time of
unprecedented pressures on the oil industry, it is vital that our

representative body receives the full backing of its membership.

This year, Sensor are delighted to be sponsoring the FPS
Presidents Reception, a precursor to one of the highlights of the
FPS event the FPS 2006 Awards Dinner. We would like to
thank Bob Armsworth, our outgoing President, and extend our
very best wishes to David Meekin, our incoming President.

Texaco is delighted to support the FPS in this key event in the

fuel distributor's diary. As one of the leading fuel suppliers, this
is an important opportunity for us to meet with our customers,
industry partners and suppliers. The last couple of years have
seen a great many changes within Texaco meaning that we are
now much more focussed on the distributor business.

We believe in doing all we can to help our distributors which is

why we have sponsored the guides and signs here to make
things easier.

Total are once again delighted to be an official sponsor of the

annual FPS event in 2006. Total remains fully committed to
supporting the downstream marketplace with its many
challenges in todays volatile market. Once again we are pleased
to be hosting our Distributor lunch for our many customers from
across the UK. This valuable forum gives us the opportunity to

discuss business and renew acquaintances in a more informal

atmosphere. As with previous years I am sure FPS 2006 will be a
great success.

FPS Driver of the Year

FPS Presidents

Delegates Show Guides

& In-show Guide Signage

Charity prize
- deluxe hamper

We hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to meeting as

many of you as possible during the two days and at the dinner.

David Williams, Manager Distributor Sales, Total UK Limited.

FPS 2006
Distributor06 CONFERENCE

sponsored by John Reynolds Insurance Brokers

Strong line-up of speakers

Speakers on a host of topical
issues are lined up for the
Distributor06 conference sessions
which are this year sponsored by
John Reynolds Insurance Brokers.
Keeping One Step
Ahead of the Bad Guys
is the intriguing title of
the talk from Peter
Camilletti, Security
Advisor to Total UK
for the past five years.
Peter is an ex Detective
Superintendent who served 32 years
with the Metropolitan Police, latterly
heading a squad investigating murders
and armed drugs dealers. He holds
three commissioners commendations
for detective work and a law degree
from Trinity College, Cambridge. He is
a qualified barrister. He has chaired the
UKPIA Security Committee for three

years and holds an MA in Security

Steve Park, Cluster
Credit Manager,
Shell UK will be
taking a view of the oil
relationship with a talk
called Do You Love
Me?. Steve is responsible for Shells
credit management in the UK and 11
other European countries. Steve is
acutely aware of the need for both
Majors and Distributors to balance the
traditional credit management
approach of risk aversion with the
need to do profitable business.
He believes that the low margin high
exposure environment of the fuel
industry presents a particular challenge
and that considerable benefits can
accrue from discussion of best

practices within the industry.

The afternoon session kicks off with
the Launch of the Common Road
Tanker Driver Induction Standard by
Chris Hunt, Chairman, UK
Downstream Oil Distribution
Forum. Details of the CRTDiS are in
Downstream, page 14.
Factors Affecting the
Oil Price - Speculation
and Fundamentals is
the talk from Neil
Petroleum Economics. Among many
former posts, Neil has been Director,
Europe, Africa & Middle East for Platts
Analysis & Consulting, Secretary of the
British Institute of Energy Economics
and Head of Special Reports for the
Energy Intelligence Group..

General Information
A cash point facility is situated
outside the main entrance to Hall
M. All major banks and building
societies can be found in Harrogate
town centre, a few minutes walk
Fax and photocopying available
from the FPS Reception in the main
entrance area.
The Jet Tavern bar and caf area,
sponsored by Jet, is in Hall B.

In Hall M, open daily until 15 mins
after the close of the show.
Contact FPS Reception in the main
entrance area, a member of the FPS
or Harrogate International Centre
Contact FPS Reception in the main
entrance area.
Harrogate International Centre
operates a pay and display car park
below the centre. The charges are:
Up to 3 hours = 3.50
Up to 6 hours = 5.50
Up to 12 hours = 7.50
Up to 24 hours = 10.00
Please note that there is no access
to vehicles left overnight.


Manned throughout the open days,
the press & sales offices are just
inside Hall M on the right hand side.
Harrogate town centre has a good
variety of shops a few minutes
walk from the International Centre.
Taxis can be ordered by FPS
Reception in the main entrance
Public telephones are in the Link
area between Halls A and B.
The Tourist Information Office is
opposite the entrance to Hall M.
Details on accommodation, travel
and restaurants can be found at
FPS Reception.

FPS 2006
Exhibitor profiles
Stand C15
Absoft is a specialist provider of
business software solutions for the UK
oil and gas sector based on industryleading technology from software
vendors SAP and Implico.
Absofts solutions provide oil and gas
distribution companies with complete,
integrated functionality for all their
critical trading processes; from sales,
customer service, supply chain and
terminal automation, through to finance
and reporting.
Developed using industry best practices
gained from over 650 oil and gas clients,
Absofts solutions are quick, costeffective and deliver maximum benefits
automating business processes,
reducing transportation costs and
supporting future business growth
without additional administration
At FPS 2006, Absoft will showcase two
leading software solutions.

SAP Oil and Gas Secondary Distribution

(OGSD) enables companies to
seamlessly integrate all of their critical
back office, supply chain and customer
service operations. OGSD improves
inventory management, reduces
transportation expenses, increases day
sales outstanding (DSO), improves
customer service and cuts operating

Absoft Ltd
T: 01224 707088
F: 01224 707099
Contact: Matthew Gordon

Open Terminal Administration System

(OpenTAS) is a proven, modular dispatch
automation system addressing the
distribution needs of the entire
downstream supply chain, including
refineries, terminals and depots.
OpenTAS caters for incoming and
outgoing goods, stock management,
reconciliation and exchange and
contract and quota management. It is
designed to integrate seamlessly with
other industry systems, field peripherals,
SAP and other ERP solutions.

Stand M19

AE Business Solutions Ltd is a wellestablished and a leading supplier of

innovative software solutions to the oil
distribution industry in Ireland. With 16
years experience in the computer
industry, we have a reliable record of
achievement and provide an excellent
support service, with out-of-hours
response to hardware and software
Our Integrated Accounting & Business
Management Software Solution is being
extensively used by a wide variety of
companies, ranging from individual
users through to SMEs and large
corporations. This fully featured, multicurrency, multi-location capability
software is simple to use and extremely
cost effective. The package is Windows
based, requires only standard PCs and
has currently been installed in more than

2,000 sites throughout Ireland and the

UK. The software has been modified to
cover the unique needs of the oil
distribution industry.
The provision of structured staff training
and professional project management
are considered essential components of
success. Vast improvements in
operating efficiency and profitability have
been generated when companies make
use of our consultancy services, using
developments in technology and the
latest in management techniques.

A E Business Solutions Ltd

T: 02892 639047
F: 02892 639056
Contact: Alan Edwards

The company's primary objective is built

around delivering complete solutions,
with customer service all day in the
primary areas of advice, support, and
on-line help.

FPS 2006
Stand C14
Afriso Eurogauge Ltd
T: 01342 323641
F: 01342 315513
Contact: Daniel Matthews

Afriso Eurogauge has more than 40

years experience of meeting the tank
level monitoring needs of the fuel
industry worldwide. In addition to the
well-proven range of tank gauging
instrumentation, the company will be
exhibiting its Novaflo range of "fail-safe"
tank level alarms designed to meet the
latest health, safety and environmental
The Novaflo "fail-safe" overfill and bund
alarm system provides the ultimate
protection against overfilling and
features a "complete system test" facility
together with visual and audible alarms.
Housed in a weatherproof wall-mounting

case, the system employs a sensing

probe which contains an electronic
sensor protected against mechanical
damage with no moving parts. The unit
includes relays for remote alarms or
connection to a building management
Purpose built to meet the robust
demands of industrial and military users
and the relative specification/approvals,
the comprehensive range of liquid level
instrumentation also includes oil and
water separators and leak detection

Stand C44, C47

Alfons Haar Ltd
T: 0113 243 6565
F: 0113 243 6622
Contact: Howard King

At the FPS exhibition in Harrogate,

Alfons Haar will be showing its range of
pumping and metering equipment,
including the new low noise FPO
discharge pumps for bulk delivery. Low
noise, light weight and faster discharge
make this latest addition to our range
the right choice for bulk delivery.
From terminal to nozzle, with proven
terminal and roadtanker equipment you
can be sure that Alfons Haar has a cost
effective solution to meet your needs.
Roadtanker metering systems will also
be exhibited in various forms
PreciMA 500: metered deliveries through
the hosereel; simple and easy to
operate; PreciMA 500 will provide

maximum flow while ensuring the driver

has full control; available with Alfons
Haars own ELZ electronic counter or the
Veeder Root mechanical counter.
PreciMA 800: metered deliveries through
hosereel or bulk hose; tremendously
successful over the last seven years;
uses the most up to date air sensing to
enable fast, safe deliveries of up to 450
litres/minute on hosereel and 800
litres/minute on bulk.
PreciMIX: when used in combination
with PreciMA metering system, PreciMIX
provides precise additive injection which
is dispensed throughout the delivery
ensuring a fully mixed and accurate

Stand C42
Alpeco Ltd
T: 01844 342666
F: 01844 345286
Contact: Adrian Baskott

With its focus still firmly on the fuel

distribution market, Alpecos product
portfolio has been further strengthened
through the recent acquisition of Action
Technical Products. The takeover gives
Alpeco control over development and
manufacturing of the excellent Perrett
range of tanker fittings and Actiman
Bottom loading manifold, and has
opened up new export sales
opportunities throughout Europe.
Alpeco will be displaying its extensive
range of road tanker and depot fuel
handling equipment, including the latest
development of the successful

Lectrocount electronic meter system

with unique Cross over protection
facility and remote stop/start control. In
addition, a new Actiman manifold/API
casting with inbuilt Product return flange
will also be on show.
So whether your requirement is for
depot loading equipment, or a complete
tanker bottom loading and meter
system, you will find the right solution at
Alpeco. Come and discuss your
requirements on Stand C42.

FPS 2006
Stand B2
AmniTec, a world leading manufacturer
of flexible hose products, will be
exhibiting its composite and metal hose
range at FPS 2006.

versatile, lightweight yet robust hoses

compatible with driver control delivery,
bottom loading and vapour recovery
systems for road tanker filling.

AmniTec sustains its position as market

leader through continued investment in
people and technology. With associate
and partner companies, AmniTec offers
the responsiveness and worldwide
support only a global organisation can
provide. This ensures our customers
receive the highest possible standards.

For hydrocarbon applications, AmniTec

offers four hose ranges: Lightweight
Fuelmaster, Standard Duty Fuelmaster,
Standard Duty Oilmaster and Heavy
Duty Oilmaster. These products are
available in a range of diameters and are
suitable for temperature applications
from -20C to 80C.

AmniTec has set the standard for

composite hose technology with an
unrivalled reputation for design, quality,
innovation and supply.

For chemical applications, AmniTec has

a range of Chemiflex hoses covering
standard duty and heavy duty
applications. Chemical hoses are also
available with a P.T.F.E. lining for extreme
temperature applications from
-30C to 100C.

Having been a key supplier to the road

tanker industry for more than 60 years,
AmniTec is recognised for developing

Amni Tec Ltd

T: 01685 385 641
F: 01685 389 683
Contact: Alex Stephens

Stand C30, C59

Artegy provides a contract hire service
designed specifically for fleets of
specialist commercial vehicles.
Backed by BNP Paribas, one of
Europes leading banks, Artegy delivers
a reliable and trusted service for more
than 15,000 vehicles across the UK and
France. Independent of any
manufacturer, Artegy offers a unique
contract hire service by combining the
advantage of competitive funding with
knowledge and experience of specialist
commercial vehicles.
Artegy has been providing contract hire
services specifically for the ADR Tanker
market for more than 10 years. With a
fleet of more than 1,400 tankers, Artegy
has dedicated support teams to ensure

the specification, purchasing, funding

and management of these specialist
vehicles are handled professionally and
Artegy Contract Hire offers you the
benefits of a partnered solution with
specification, funding, maintenance and
fleet management combined into one
fixed monthly rental. Not only does this
eliminate the risk of residual values and
maintenance costs, it means you can
budget more effectively and benefit from
our support and experience of managing
fleets of complex specialist vehicles.

Artegy Ltd
T: 0870 419 6268
F: 0870 848 8825
Contact: Mike Taylor

For more information and the

opportunity to discuss your current fleet
management arrangements, please visit
us on our stand in Hall C.

FPS 2006
Stand C18, C19, C20
Atkinson Equipment Ltd
T: 01373 822220
Contact: Peter Carter

The FPS exhibition is always a great way

to announce new products or services to
the industry. At past FPS exhibitions,
Atkinson Equipment has announced new
products such as the first overfill
prevention valve to be designed for use
with plastic oil tanks. The Filstop is now
an established product within our
industry and is helping to stem the
problems of overfill pollution.
Once again Atkinson Equipment is
pleased to be exhibiting, and again will
be taking the opportunity to launch a
new revolutionary product for oil heating
tanks. So come along to stands C18,
C19 and C20, where the Atkinson sales
staff will be delighted to discuss the full

range of oil storage tank equipment,

including fuel transfer, fuel metering,
gauging and oil heating products.
Help Atkinson Equipment to help our
industry. Atkinson Equipment has a fully
equipped CNC workshop with
fabrication and assembly department
under one roof. They turn and mill
components, weld and powder coat
systems for a large range of pump
support equipment. If you have any
questions about equipment or systems
that would improve how tanks are filled,
monitored or emptied, please speak to
one of the Atkinson staff who are eager
to help.

Stand B51, B52, B53, B54, B55

Atlas Tanks
T: 02838 316677
F: 02838 316655
Contact: Richard Marsh

We at Atlas Tanks look forward to the

annual FPS exhibition, where we meet
our customers and old friends each year.

extensively throughout Great Britain and

also across Europe, where our 2,500 litre
and 5,000 litre models are very popular.

It will be an opportunity for our existing

and new customers to not only view
some of our new products, but also to
meet our new members of staff.

At the forefront of new design and

technology, and inline with the proposed
Oftec regulations, Atlas Tanks will be
introducing the Spillstop overfill
prevention device from Sensor Systems
onto our range of single skin tanks.
The Spillstop acts as a slam shut valve;
it has been fully tested, is reliable, and is
certified to EN133616.

This year Atlas will be displaying two

new single skin tanks, along with some
of our tried and tested Bunded range,
which are now being manufactured to
be more user friendly.
Our successful 1,350 litre Fuel Depot will
also be on display, fitted with the new
Cube 56 pump. The Atlas range of Fuel
Depots and Bunded Tanks is used

All this, a friendly chat, and the usual

drop of 'Irish' from Atlas Tanks - the
tanks you can trust.

Stand B22, B23, B36, B37

Balmoral Tanks
T: 01224 859100
F: 01224 859123
Contact: Steve Gibb

Having pioneered the fuel oil storage

market for many years with
technologically advanced products and
innovative, unmatched, levels of service,
Balmoral Tanks is pleased to bring its
latest range of tanks to FPS 2006.

unit, via our chosen charity Friends of

ANCHOR. We would be pleased to hear
your views on this and look forward to
meeting you on our stand, where you
are assured of a warm welcome.

Managing director Allan Joyce said: We

are delighted to attend FPS and take
this opportunity to update the industry
regarding the future of Balmoral Tanks
fuel oil products. We also look forward
to discussing industry issues in general
with our fellow professionals.
Following many years of sponsorship at
FPS we have opted this year to donate
these funds to Aberdeens cancer care

FPS 2006
Stand C67, C68, C69
Bell Flow Systems Limited specialises in
all aspects of flow control systems. Our
principal areas of expertise extend
throughout the whole spectrum of flow
control within the petrochemical
Environmental legislation becomes more
stringent each and every year. At Bell
Flow Systems, as leading industry
suppliers of fluid handling technology,
we are pleased to extend our experience
in these sensitive matters to all
customers who require guidance in
these increasingly important areas.
This year at FPS 2006, Bell Flow
Systems will be exhibiting our diverse
range of refuelling products, which
include the launch of our new range of

DIN70070 Adblue dispensing solutions.

The Adblue concept is the easy way to
use SCR technology and comply with
EU emissions legislation.
Alongside our specialist range of fuel
dispensers we will be exhibiting: bulk
loading systems; custody approved
transfer solutions; Adblue (DIN 70070)
NOx Reducing Systems; fuel transfer
intelligence; and tank inventory control.

Bell Flow Systems Ltd

T: 0800 0277786
F: 01296 658515
Contact: Mr Robin Futcher

Cost effective, innovative, simple,

reliable and environmentally friendly
solutions are available to suit almost
every application. Please drop by our
stand to discuss your requirements with
any of our experienced and friendly
personnel, who will be delighted to
discuss your applications in full.

Stand B8, B9
The new electronic meter register, the
EMR3, has been designed and
manufactured by the Veeder-Root
Company, which for generations has
provided the world industry with the
standard mechanical registers for fitting
to flow meters of various types and
The EMR3 comes in the familiar VeederRoot housing so retrospective fitting in
place of the old V-R mechanical register
is just a case of unbolting one unit and
bolting on the EMR3. Where
applications utilise the mechanical preset, the customer may choose to use
the existing mechanical valve/ linkage
arrangements or fit new electromagnetic
valves. The EMR3 also offers the option
of remote to the flow meter installation.
Its unique display provides the operator
with all information at a glance no

change of screens - and is back-lit to

allow easy vision in the dark or poor
light conditions. Other options offered
by the EMR3 are a rate of flow
indication, temperature compensation,
pre-setting in either litres or money, an
intelligent remote display and easy
setting-up and communications
software. Its comprehensive pricing,
discount and taxation menu facilitates
printouts to suit the various customers,
and maximises the users productivity
and revenue potential.

BMS Group
T: 01233 740134
F: 01233 740943
Contact: Carl Bigwood, John Crossland

Veeder-Root is supported by the BMS

group of companies based at Challock,
Kent. Bigwood Mechanical Services are
the European master distributors of
Veeder-Root petroleum products and are
specialists in the supply of mechanical
and electronic units together with their
spare parts.

Stand M31
Blackwater Engineering is exhibiting one
of its stainless steel ADR tankers for the
first time at the FPS show 2006.
Blackwaters ADR tankers range from
14,000L to 29,000L and are approved
for kerosene, diesel, petrol and lube oil.
The thickness requirements for stainless
steel under ADR 2003 regulations have
resulted in stainless proving efficient and
cost effective in upgrading to ADR.
Long recognised as a leading tank
supplier to the dairy industry in Ireland
and the UK, Blackwater extended its
range into ADR oil and petroleum
tankers in 2003, offering a competitively
priced tank in 100 per cent stainless
steel. Arguably stainless steel marks a

shift in direction for the petroleum

industry. Its advantages lies in its low
maintenance and durability.
Before concentrating exclusively on
stainless steel production in the mid 80s,
Blackwater was a supplier of aluminium
and mild steel tankers to the petroleum
industry in Ireland. You can be assured
that Blackwaters production and project
management experience will guarantee
you the best solution for your ADR
distribution requirements.

Blackwater Engineering
T: 00353 22 21795
F: 00353 22 42051
Contact: John Fitzgerald

We look forward to meeting you at the

FPS show and invite you to visit us at
stand M31 and find out for yourself what
Blackwater can offer you.

FPS 2006
Stand C75, C76, C77
Boydell & Jacks Ltd
T: 01282 456411

Boydell & Jacks returns to the FPS show

with many new products dedicated to
the fuel vehicle operator. One such
product is the revolutionary glove park, a
new idea for the removal and safe
keeping of industrial gloves. The device
holds the glove in an open manner to
help users put the gloves on without
touching their outer surfaces.
Also on show will be the companys new
aluminium products, which are already
proving popular with operators. These
include chequer plate mudguard and

toolboxes. Already long established for

its range of GRP/fibreglass mudguards
which comply to industry standard WFR
TP002, Boydell & Jacks has an everincreasing range of fire extinguisher and
spill kit cases, as well as a wide range of
the extinguishers themselves.
Other products too numerous to mention
will also be on the stand, as will staff
who are ready to answer any questions
you may have.

Stand B7
Brunel Promotions
T: 0117 300 2212
F: 0117 966 4235

Brunel Promotions range of 2007

calendars and diaries represents the
most cost-effective means of targeted
advertising in todays market-place.
Where else can you promote your
products or services to both customers
and prospects for an entire year - and
in many cases for less than 2p per
Our calendar range is designed to suit
every budget from the small six or 12leaf calendar, which is ideal for domestic
customers, to high-quality,
competitively-priced business to
business products.
Our diary portfolio combines innovative
cover designs with bright distinctive
colours in pocket and desk diary
formats. The choice is extensive with

more than 300 different interior and

cover colour combinations.
Brunel Promotions is long established in
the business calendar and diary market,
and first entered the promotional gift
market in 1979. The company rapidly
became one of the leading suppliers of
promotional gifts by offering the right
products at the right prices, with a fast,
efficient and friendly service.
Our FPS stand will display a range of
promotional items selected to suit your
requirements. Pens, calendars, mugs,
diaries, coasters, presentational folders,
mouse mats, calculators, fridge magnets
- you name it, Brunel can supply it!
Promoting your business 365 days a

Stand B31
Business Systems Services
(UK) Ltd
T: 08702 402777
Contact: Robert Jones

At the FPS show 2006, Business

Systems Services (UK) Ltd (BSS) will
reveal the new face of eM1, a software
application designed especially for the
fuel distribution industry. With several
implementations under its belt, eM1 has
undergone continuous improvements
and has evolved to grow with the
Boasting a range of features, including a
familiar Windows look and feel and well
structured menus, eM1 is guaranteed to
make your job easier.
In line with eM1, BSS is proud to
announce the arrival of its exciting new
mobile delivery management system.
The system has been designed to bring
together the office and vehicle, reducing
overheads by eliminating paperwork and
improving efficiency. Passing order and


delivery information between the office

and the vehicle ensures more time on
the road, improving customer
satisfaction and allowing you to offer
more flexible and faster response times.
Intrinsically safe hardware and the latest
Windows mobile technology ensures
you have total control.
Offering a complete solution for all the
administrative needs of todays busy fuel
distributor, BSS also provides an
experienced business continuity service
(as proved by the recent Buncefield
incident), server hosting, network
development, internet and e-mail
services, web design, mail fulfilment and
comprehensive support services.

FPS 2006
Stand B10, B11, B12, B13
Carbery Plastics has 29 years
experience in the research, development
and manufacture of a high quality and
popular range of oil storage tanks.
Based in Clonakilty, Ireland, Carbery
emphasised its commitment to the UK
market by moving the subsidiary,
Carbery (UK) to new premises in
Devizes, Wiltshire, in December 2004.
Both locations now have the machinery
available and the capacity to produce
tanks around- the- clock.
With a dedicated sales and support
team providing first-class customer
service, Carbery has a reputation for
quality and reliability. The design and
technical teams commitment to listening

to their customers, while ensuring that

the finished product meets or exceeds
all existing specifications, ensures that
Carbery constantly updates and
improves its range.
Carberys range of bunded tanks is
supplied to meet OFTEC standards and
they are ideal in domestic, agricultural,
commercial and industrial environments.
Tanks are manufactured with a high
quality recyclable polyethylene using the
most up to date rotational moulding

Carbery Plastics (UK) Ltd

Sales Team - Devizes
T: 01380 721600
F: 01380 724900
Sales Team - Clonakilty
T: +353 (0) 233 3531
F: +353 (0) 233 4368
Contact: Stewart McMillan


FPS 2006
Stand C36
CDS Computer Design
Systems Ltd
T: 0161 832 9251
Contact: Michael Craig

Continuous investment allows CODAS

to keep pace with the demands of the
oil distribution business, meeting
contemporary business needs with
contemporary technology and achieving
software design standards that keep
CODAS ahead.
CODAS provides a completely
integrated, comprehensive Windows
solution. This incorporates
complementary business services, such
as on-line credit card authorisation,
email and fax communication and
integration with telephone systems,
while extending beyond the office to

include tank monitoring and on-truck

system offerings
Another successful year of development
and deployment has produced
significant growth in the number of
CODAS users, as well as the many
enhancements that are on show in the
2006 version of CODAS. These include
the extended map-based routing
To discuss how your business can
benefit from CODAS, come along and
visit us at stand C36 in the exhibition.

Stand M3, M8
Central Welding Ltd
T: 028 796 50841

At Central Welding Ltd we are very much

looking forward to the FPS show in
Harrogate. On show this year will be two
vehicles. The first, which is courtesy of
Liffey Oil Dublin (special thanks to Gary
Powers), is a 13,000 litre four
compartment mild steel vessel, ADR
construction with bottom loading and
vapour recovery. It is fitted with
Drumflow 800 bulk metering system,
Drum product return system, Collins
Youldon hosereel, Goodyear Redwing
delivery hose and Scully high level cut
off system, mounted onto a 4 wheel
Scania P230 chassis.
The second vehicle, courtesy of Kelly
Fuels, Belfast (special thanks to Stewart
Rainey), is a 19,000 litre five

compartment mild steel vessel, ADR

construction with bottom loading and
vapour recovery. It is fitted with a
Drumflow 400 metering system, Drum
product return system, Collins Youldon
hosereel, Goodyear Redwing 200ft x
13/8 delivery hose, Scully high level cut
off system and Webster Drive clutch
type PTO, mounted onto a DAF FAN
CF75 6x2 rear steer chassis and finished
in their new livery.
Mark Doherty makes his first
appearance at the show in the Central
Welding colours, bringing 12 years
experience in the industry to support
Robert McNeill and Mark Skelton on our

Stand C43
Centre Tank Services
T: 0121 351 4445
F: 0121 351 4442
Contact: Emrys Whitehouse

Centre Tank Services is focusing on the

exciting Piusi range of fuel-handling
products. These include the second
generation OCIO, a low cost remote tank
level gauge with an optional pc link for
up to four tanks. Also highlighted is the
new range of Viscomat and Panther DC
pumps for oils and diesel.

designed for tank, ship and aircraft

The CTS distribution centre, which
includes extensive offices, a large
warehouse facility and a training school,
is based at Unit 41, Minworth Industrial
Park, Forge Lane, Minworth, Sutton
Coldfield, B76 1AH.

Completing the Piusi line up is the

comprehensive range of free-standing
fuel pumps. Available in both mechanical
and electronic fuel management models,
the range offers the scope to meet the
varied requirements of the refuelling
market at a competitive price.
Other products to be displayed include
the LRC, the ultimate radio controlled
filling and overflow prevention system


FPS 2006
Stand M4
Cisternas COBO UK Ltd, joint venture
partner of Talleres COBO Hnos SL, and
sister company Hydraulic Discharge
Equipment Ltd, has continued to grow,
both in size and reputation, in the UK
and Irish markets. After another
successful year in 2005, the company
will again exhibit jointly in Harrogate.
This year, courtesy of Fuel Oil Holdings
Ltd, COBO will show a 32,000 litre, five
compartment, 'urban artic' unit; behind a
DAF, FT CF85.380, 4 x 2 tractor unit,
with aluminium wheels and fuel tank and
automated 12 speed box c/w integral

tandem axle unit from COBO stands at

the forefront of tanker technology for the
oil distribution market.
COBO is very pleased to introduce this
range of vehicles to complement its
existing high reputation in the semitrailer market. Coupled with its
commitment to professional and
dedicated after sales services, it can
only further enhance the companys
standing in the industry in the UK and

Cisternas Cobo UK Ltd


01977 604402
F: 01977 604403
E: or
Contacts : Terry Morgan, Mark Blount

With hydraulic, fully steering rear axle,

and featuring the latest innovations in
manifold and metering systems
technology from Mechtronic Ltd, this


FPS 2006
Stand B24, B25, B26, B33, B34, B35
Clarehill Plastics Ltd
Harlequin Oil Tanks
T: ++44(0)28 9261 1077
F:++44(0)28 9261 2672
Contact: John Switzer

As Harlequin celebrates its 25th

Anniversary, it will again be reaffirming
its commitment to environmentally
responsible fuel storage.
The popular range of Harlequin Fuel
Station bunded diesel tanks continues to
grow, with the introduction of new 5,000
and 10,000 litre versions. Both tanks
feature a high specification as standard,
which now includes a digital flow meter
with resetable batch totaliser, together
with fuel management options.
The new fuel stations are complemented
by the introduction of new additions to
Harlequins range of standard bunded
tanks. Ideal for domestic installations,
the 1,300 litre Bunded Slimline will be
warmly received by distributors and
installers alike. For commercial oil

storage applications, the new 10,000

litre Bunded Vertical will prove a popular
addition to the range.
Harlequin will also be launching a new
range of waste oil tanks at FPS2006.
New additions include 1,000 litre and
2,000 litre models.
All Harlequin products are engineered to
exceed the most demanding technical
and environmental requirements. For
complete peace of mind and
reassurance, all Harlequin Bunded Tanks
and Fuel Stations are supplied complete
with failsafe overfill prevention capability
as standard.
For more information on Harlequin, visit
Hall B at FPS 2006 or visit Harlequin
Online at

Stand A16
Clayton Commercials Ltd
T: 01704 894244 / 894250
F: 01704 894226
Contact: Peter Norris

Claytons are displaying a 42,000 litre, six

compartment, aluminium bulk fueller,
that has been specifically developed
jointly with Ros Roca for the UK market
and features an ultra low centre of
gravity, providing improved handling and
stability characteristics. The vehicle is
fitted with Gardner Denver BLVR
equipment and an Alfons Haar, FastFlow cargo pump. It is also equipped
with Daimler Chrysler axles and
suspension featuring 590mm disc
brakes and the Haldex EBS system
incorporating roll stability programme.
The vessels discharge configuration has
been designed so that each
compartment allows complete drainage
without the need for sumps, ensuring

maximum efficiency for product delivery

and eliminating the risk of cross
contamination. In addition, the vapour
recovery system has been type tested
and approved with the Gardner Denver
discharge equipment.
The tank is available with a tare weight
of 5,150kgs. Further reductions can be
achieved to provide a vehicle with a tare
weight of c. 4,900kgs whilst maintaining
the structural integrity of the barrel and
the longevity of the complete vehicle.
The vehicle can be fitted with full
telemetry equipment to employ state of
the art management systems for
vehicle/driver performance and point of
sale invoicing.

Stand C17
Cleansing Service Group Ltd
T: 01622 717717

Cleansing Service Group Ltd offers a

nationwide fuel forecourt interceptor and
drain cleaning service, with the
convenience of one contact number:
01622 717717.

danger of not restraining a spill should it

occur. Not only is there likely to be a
prosecution by the authorities for
uncontained spills, but inoperative car
and jet washes cost money!

Most modern fuel filling stations have a

labyrinth of drains, channels and
catchment pits to catch spills; be it
caused by the customer, employee or
vandal. The catchment pits ultimately
culminate in a water separator, designed
to stop harmful liquids going off site.

Cleansing Service Group Ltd offer tailor

made cleaning packages to suit all
forecourts, budgets and frequencies. It
also our policy to provide each site with
a cleaning certificate to prove good
house keeping.

However, over a short period of time, the

drains and channels fill with detritus
preventing them from working efficiently.
The interceptors become polluted with
hydrocarbon materials and the site is in


For more information, call 01622 717717

or visit our website at

FPS 2006
Stand C37
Clear Spill Ltd
T:0116 2719436
Contact: Ed Exon

Spills can cost your company and the

environment. Accidents do happen,
which is why spill control is high on your
list of priorities. We can provide you
with cost effective solutions with our
range of absorbent products.
Clear Spill Ltd is a converter and
manufacturer of a comprehensive range
of absorbents for the oil and chemical
The company has a proven track record
in the manufacture of spill control
products. By recycling hundreds of tons
of materials back into every day use, we
dramatically reduce the amount of waste
going to landfill, while at the same time
creating a necessary product for todays
health and safety conscious

Our range offers cost effective spill

control solutions, from immediate
response spill kit bags for tankers, to
wheeled units for fuel depots and
forecourts, drain protection covers, and
spill pallets.
With our in-house converting facilities,
we are able to offer customised product
and own branding, which is tailored for
any clients needs.
In our continuing commitment to the
environment, 2005 started with the
installation of new equipment dedicated
to increasing our capacity for recycling.
To view our full range, please visit our
website at

Stand A21
Cogent SSC
T: 01925 515212
Contact: Mervin Dadd

Cogent recently worked in partnership

with Skills For Logistics to develop a
new Common Induction Standard for
tanker drivers responsible for the
transportation of petroleum products,
including unleaded petroleum, diesel,
gas oil, aviation turbine kerosene (ATK),
heavy fuels (black oils), bitumens and
This new framework can be adapted to
suit large and small hauliers and
includes three key stages: loading
operations; transportation of petroleum
products; offloading operations. Each
stage builds on the previous stage and
the emphasis is on safety awareness
and the need for personal responsibility
for the drivers own safety and that of
people working alongside him/her.

Supervisor commitment is key and the

training is based on practical and formal
assessment. Managers take on the
responsibility to train members of their
Tanker drivers will receive a certificate
which will be transferable and can form
part of their CV, so that when they
change jobs they can highlight
achievement of this safety critical
Alan Johnson Secretary of State for
Trade and Industry said: I am
particularly pleased that the industry has
come together to produce such an
important standard and I look forward to
this excellent cooperation continuing.

Stand C5
Collins Youldon Ltd
T: 0129 774330
Contact: Ian James

Following the introduction of the 20

Style 55 manhole cover, Collins Youldon
are delighted that it is now specified in
the new build programmes of several
major fleets.
The Style 55 will be displayed on the
stand, together with the PPV roll over
vent, high flow fuel oil delivery nozzle
and earth bonding reels. The HR32
Catherine Reel will be featured on many
of the display vehicles.

give to our customers and make every

endeavour to ensure that products are
available from stock in order that we
may respond to our customers needs.
We are delighted, as always, to sponsor
the FPS Golf Competition, and look
forward to seeing our customers at the

We pride ourselves on the service we


FPS 2006
Stand B49, B50
Compuserve is launching Pay As You Go
the revolutionary new way of
purchasing software. There is no need
for large upfront investment in software
and hardware. All software support, data
backups and disaster recovery plans are
rolled up into our monthly service,
leaving you more time to concentrate on
the oil business.
Compuserves Pay As You Go service is
very simple to implement and all you
need to do is install a broadband
connection and decide which monthly

tariff is suitable for your business.

Starting from as little as 90 per month,
this is the first time that specialised
software to cater for the needs of fuel
distributors and fuel card agents has
been made available at such a low entry
level cost.

Compuserve Ltd
T: 0121 622 5050

Integrated electronic RDCO returns,

order scheduling, stock control, financial
ledgers and the ability to e-mail invoices
are all available, so make sure you pay a
visit to the Compuserve stand to learn
more about the Pay As You Go service.

Stand B48
For over 11 years CCS has provided InCab mobile solutions to owner manager,
national and multi-national fuel
distributors. Our solutions focus on the
money, your money and how you can
reduce your cost to distribute. We
understand the pressures and
challenges you and the industry face
daily and have consistently brought
value to our customer.
To compete in this environment a
distributor that is looking to build a
sustainable business for the future must
focus on operational excellence, low
cost of sale with the highest customer
service. Looking at internal activities that
you can influence, business processes,
asset utilisation, pricing flexibility and
customer service can have a big impact
in a short time frame.

For example: Use electronic Proof of

Delivery; use installed electronic meters;
price for quantity delivered not ordered;
increase same day delivery levels and
eliminate any non-customer value

Computer Control Solutions Outtrak

T: 00353 1 4588 568

Typically a mobile project should begin

with an analysis to scope the project
and identify the financial objectives from
the start, followed by a pilot project to
get proof that the financial objectives are
achievable in a realistic timeframe.
Visit our stand to get a quick outline of
how this technology can be quickly
made available at a price that makes

Stand C50
Contrecs new easy to use loading
system frees up your time by helping to
deal with issues such as ADR, RDCO
and security.
Easily integrated into existing sites, it
provides secure control of site access,
day or night. Checking the validity of
vehicle and driver permits and
controlling, who, when and in which
truck, permitted quantities of fuels can
be loaded safely.
Minimising the risk of overfilling whilst
loading several compartments
simultaneously, the system automatically
prints a fully detailed ADR compliant bill
of lading on completion of each vehicle
full load, which means your truck is on
the road quicker. This more efficient use

of vehicles often allows a reduction in

fleet size.

Contrec Europe Ltd

A complete audit trail from tank stock to

consignee eases compliance with
R.D.C.O. and, with a payback of one to
two years, the system is surprisingly

T: 01422 829940
F: 01422 829941

So whether you are top or bottom

loading, metering deliveries into stock,
monitoring tank levels or blending bio
fuels - Contrec have the answer.

Contact: Lucy Bancroft

Stand C50, come and see for yourself!


FPS 2006
Stand C61
Cookson & Zin (PTL) - Petro
T: 01473 825200
F: 01473 824164
Contact: Brian Doggett

Cookson & Zinn (PTL) Limited (CZ), is a

market leader in designing double
skinned steel underground storage tanks
for fuel stations, storage depots,
marinas and other key fuel applications.
For above ground, CZ offers the
Fuelbank bunded unit, and for
underground, the Petrofast modular
system incorporating tanks, pipework,
associated equipment, which can also
include canopies and pump bases.

offer those customers interested in

underground storage the modular
Petrofast system. This system is based
on pre-engineered, pre-fabricated
modular components incorporating
storage tanks, pipework and associated
equipment and can include canopies
and pump bases. Each system is
factory assembled, enabling rapid onsite installation, saving valuable time and

Cookson and Zinn (PTL) Ltd is part of

PetroTechnik International, a world
leader in underground pipework and
storage systems for petroleum products
with an enviable worldwide reputation
for quality.

For above ground storage, from 5,000

litres to 80,000 litres in cylindrical or
rectangular form, CZ can offer a
specifically tailored bunded unit or a
totally standard system ready to be filled
with fuel. Options include single or
multi-compartment, fuel management
systems, overfill prevention valves,
gauges, switches and more.

By combining CZ tanks with

PetroTechnik pipework, CZ is able to

Stand 65
C T Documentation Ltd
T: 01977 55 60 55
F: 01977 55 10 30
Contact: Peter North

ChemResponse Ltd
T: 0870 626 0012
F: 0870 626 0012

CTD is a leading provider of documents,

labelling and vehicle furniture for the
hazardous goods industry.

ChemResponse is a fresh dynamic

company established to provide a
reliable and affordable 24hour chemical
emergency support.

We are the only official Tremcard printer

offering a 24/7, 365 days a year service.
Our product range covers packaging
labels, Warning Diamonds, DGNs,
ADR/Hazchem and Kemler Panels. We
also produce a wide range of stainless
steel panel holders including folding
ADR Panels all at competitive prices.

We can provide standard coverage

packages for the UK and Ireland, Europe
or worldwide that are affordable for all
companies. For organisations that
require more than what is provided on
our standard cover, we can provide a
cost-effective, bespoke solution.

CTD is launching its new multi display

Fuel Bowser Board at the show, which is
compliant to Hazchem and Kemler

Our unique and dedicated emergency

contact number can be displayed on
product labelling, documents and

Visit our stand or website for more

details on all our products!

For more information on the services

available why not visit our stand,
website or just give us a call!

Dantec, a recognised world-leader in

composite hose technology and
innovation, manufactures a
comprehensive range of high-quality
composite hoses including Firesafe.
Among other applications, it is the only
hose used for refuelling Formula One
racing cars.

inspection, repair and certification

service (HIRCS). HIRCS is a hose
management system that ensures
testing and inspection requirements are
not overlooked.

Contact: Kevin Miller

Stand M20
T: 0151 678 2222
F: 0151 606 0188
Contact: Jon Loach

Other products include TODO dry-break

couplings and valves; Aeroquip rubber
LPG hose; convoluted stainless steel
bitumen hose, and rubber reeling hose.

Dantec monitors and manages a

database independently on the
operators behalf, and reminds the
operator when the hoses are due for
inspection and re-test, thus allowing
them to concentrate on their core

Dantec offers a professional hose


Carbery Plastics
Specialists in Rotational Moulding

Moulding for the future

Tried and tested over the years -

Carberys reputation is the customers guarantee

Welcome to our Stand Nos B10 - B13

Carbery Plastics

Carbery Plastics Ltd

Clonakilty Enterprise Park
Clonakilty Co. Cork
T: +353 (0) 2333531
F: +353 (0) 2334368

Carbery Plastics (UK) Ltd

Unit 1 Folly Road
Devizes Wiltshire SN10 2HT
T: +44 (0) 1380 721600
F: +44 (0) 1380 724900

Visit our website:

FPS 2006
Stand C74
Darcy Products Ltd
T: 01732 843131
F: 01732 525500
Contact: Richard Proctor

Darcy Products is featuring the

Envirovalve, an innovative fast acting
shut-off valve designed to prevent
pollutant from flowing into the drainage
system by totally isolating at-risk areas.
Fitted into manhole chambers or access
points, the Envirovalve is available with a
variety of activation options enabling
drainage systems to be protected by
flick of a switch, push of a button,
telephone or radio signal, or fully
Also prominently featured are examples
from the companys range of emergency
spill kits, intended for carrying on board
tankers or for permanent location at
forecourts, loading and unloading bays,
storage areas and similar vulnerable
points. Tailored to individual needs, kits

are produced for absorbing or

containing spills from four to 1,500 litres.
Other exhibits include a wide range of
emergency drain seals; Dammit, a quickacting emergency sealant for leaking
tanks, drums etc.; and collapsible tanks
for emergency containment of spilled or
leaked pollutants.
Company staff are on hand to advise on
pollution prevention and control as well
as to provide information on the
additional services offered by the
company. These include training courses
in pollution prevention and control, with
courses structured specifically for tanker
drivers, risk assessment, environmental
audits, tanks surveys, bund relining and
a used absorbent disposal scheme.

Stand M23
Designed for Safety
T: 01442 875071
F: 01442 877379

Stand C70
Dew Remediation Ltd
T: 0114 2702770
Contact: Richard Rawet

Dew Remediation will be demonstrating

its land remediation service for the oil
Dew combines the in-house patented
specialist hydrocarbon remediation
capability with other robust and proven
specialist technologies to offer turnkey
remediation solutions. Dews patented
Response BioGel has been proven to
be particularly effective at the insitu
degradation of 28 second heating oil.
The benefits on an insitu technology are
well recognised by leading loss
adjustors, insurers and oil suppliers.
All the remediation strategies developed
by Dew utilise proven remediation
technologies and are carefully
engineered to provide a robust solution
that is unique to each location


The Dew Remediation service covers all

aspects of remediation, including:
feasibility and budgetary advice;
supplementary desk studies and site
investigation; remediation strategy
design; Environment Agency and local
authority negotiation and liaison; fixed
remediation costs. Remediation
(including monitoring & final validation)
utilises patented in-house specialist
bioremediation of hydrocarbons; inhouse specialist free product recovery;
in-house dual phase extraction; in-house
ground water treatment; other specialist
remediation techniques such as
stabilisation, cut off walls, and capping,
with overall project management as part
of a fully integrated and value
engineered remediation solution.

FPS 2006
Stand B5, B6
Dunraven Systems continues to expand
and increase its market share for tank
gauging and ancillary equipment being
used by all independent tank
The Apollo Ultrasonic Oil Level Monitor
is manufactured to the highest quality of
performance and reliability. The system
consists of a FM transmitter unit fitted to
the tank, which measures the level of
fuel inside and transmits to the LCD
display receiver in the house or office.
The Apollo carries a three year warranty
and transmitting distance of up to 200
metres, making it the right choice.
Dunraven also offers electronic overfill
prevention probes for use with the

failsafe LRC termistor system for filling

and overfill prevention systems.

Dunraven Systems Ltd

The Apollo is powered by a 10 year plus

lithium battery and can be retrofitted to
both integrally bunded and single skin
tanks. The system is OFTEC licensed,
meets all applicable British and
European requirements, and is suitable
for use with diesel, kerosene and gas oil.

T: 00353 42 9386505
F: 00353 42 9386580
Contact: Gerry Jones

Visit our stand and see the new remote

management system demonstration, a
must for all progressive oil distributors.
See how it can be used to monitor your
customers level of oil from your office
PC via your own security system and
password, with no involvement from a
third party.

Stand B32
Econoprint is recognised as the
industrys leading print provider,
supplying a complete range of items
from delivery tickets and tank labels to
marketing literature, direct mail and
outsourced document creation and

statements, through to marketing and

other personalised mailings. Many are
taking advantage of our ability to provide
this service and, in doing so, are
realising the overall cost savings, added
sales and marketing opportunities and
many other benefits available to them.

More than 10 years experience has

given us the reputation of a supplier that
understands the needs of the fuel
distribution industry in terms of both
operational and marketing print and
promotional requirements.

Some of our extensive range of

promotional products such as pens,
fridge magnets and mugs are being
shown on our stand. Stop on the stand
and collect your copy of our brochure,
covering all products a distributor needs

Econoprint (UK) Ltd

T: 01376 349955
F: 01376 346853
Contact: Neil Siebert

Distributors are now seeking cost

efficiencies through the outsourcing of
documents such as invoices and

Stand M14
Elaflex will be exhibiting their range of
lightweight, user-friendly reeling hoses
for use in the oil, chemical and LPG
Elaflex hoses have a reputation for long
service life with excellent resistance to
abrasion. Elaflex hoses meet EN12115,
DIN2893 and TrbF131, EN 1762 and
1761 for LPG and road tankers. All our
hoses are of conductive rubber for
enhanced safety. We also do special
coated fittings for handling aggressive
liquids. Take a look at these with our
new FEP smooth bore universal hose.
We also manufacture a corrugated
Teflon hose. This is ideal where
maximum flexibility is required.

and other types of couplings assembled

with Spannfix or Spannlock safety
Prominent on the stand will be our range
of ZVA high-flow automatic shut-off
nozzles. These nozzles come as
standard with swivel. All ZVA nozzles
can be repaired or rebuilt true cost
benefit. The unique design provides lowpressure drop and a soft shut.

Elafex Ltd
T: 01992 452950
F: 01992 452911
Contact: Anton Martiniussen

Featured on the stand will be Mann Tec

ball valve and dry break couplings.
These are very competitively prices and
interchangeable with other makes. They
are available in sizes up to 4 and also
with selectivity.

We are showing our range of TW Storz


FPS 2006
Stand B1
Endress + Hauser Ltd
T: 0161 286 5031
F: 0161 286 5094

Endress+Hauser is a global supplier of

process automation solutions,
developing sensors and systems for
process control and optimised logistical
For bulk storage in tank farms and
terminals, Endress+Hauser offers a full
range of inventory measurement control
and custody transfer solutions, including
radar, servo and mechanical tank

Endress+Hausers range of inventory

management software combines all
measurement instrumentation into one
efficient, easy-to-read system. Measured
and calculated variables such as level,
temperature, mass, water bottom,
vapour pressure, density and net
standard volume, are graphically
displayed at the local (or networked)
operator workstation.

Stand C49
T: +44 (0)1708 473473
F: +44 (0)1708 471042

Are you sure that your stocks are exactly

where they should be? Does the thought
of theft, vandalism or leakages keep you
awake at night? Do you ever feel that
your stock reconciliation could be
completed with less hassle and more
When it comes to detecting a leak,
wouldnt it be good if the second
anything unusual happened at site, you
were immediately alerted by a call to
your mobile whether the site is
manned or not.

AD operation with a couple of 30x9

tanks to a major terminal tank farm.
Our theft prevention systems have
already stopped organised gangs of
thieves stealing significant stocks in
2005 isnt it time you considered
similar insurance?
ENRAF: Peace of mind for a small

The oil industrys best selling and most

accurate tank gauges, combined with
easy to use software, now make this
possible at a price to suit every budget
and we mean every budget from an

Stand B27
ENRAF Fluid Technology Ltd
T: 01329 825823
F: 01329 825824
Contact: Tom Sadler

Enraf Fluid Technology (formerly Lubrizol

Performance Systems) is the global
leader in additive injection and
bio/ethanol blending systems.
Following EFTs recent integration into
the Delft Instruments group of
companies, we are keen to demonstrate
our vastly improved product portfolio
and engineering capabilities.
With the worldwide focus on the issue of
renewable fuels, this year we shall be
focusing on the solutions we are able to
provide for those seeking to implement a
bio-diesel or ethanol blending capability
into their operation. With more than 20
years experience in the facilitation of
accurately blended products, our team
will be available to discuss the


implications of directives such as EN590

and EN14214. Whether you are seeking
to blend into tank, into header, or at the
load rack, EFT will have the solution for
We shall also be demonstrating our
enhanced capabilities for the provision
of complete load rack systems. As the
UK distributor for FMC Smith Meter
equipment, we have been able to supply
extremely competitive, top tier solutions
for a range of requirements; from single
arm top loading gantries to six arm
bottom loading assemblies, complete
with pre-installed additive injection and
bio blending systems.
We look forward to seeing you on our

FPS 2006
Stand C6
We are the Environment Agency. It is our
job to look after your environment and
make it a better place - for you, and for
future generations.
We are here to give you advice and
guidance on how you can care for your
oil and waste oil to reduce your risk of
causing pollution.
Oil pollution is reported to us more than
any other pollution. We were told about
more than 4,300 incidents in 2004. The
number of incidents is slowly reducing,
but this is still almost 12 oil pollution
incidents every day of the year. We all
need to work together to stop oil

The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage)

(England) regulations 2001 are now in
full effect setting minimum storage
standards. But everyone needs to look
after their oil even if their oil isnt
covered by these regulations.

Environment Agency
T: 08708 506 506

For more oil care information, visit
or call our customer service line on
08708 506 506.


FPS 2006
Stand C82
Eurotank Environmental Ltd
T: 02380 710197 or 07966 006865

Eurotank Environmental Ltd is an

exclusive provider of endoscope
inspection solutions into the petroleum
and commercial industry. The
equipment is designed to operate in
Zone 0 atmospheres, which is the
dangerous part of a fuel tank, the ullage
space. The equipment is best described
as CCTV for explosive atmospheres.
Endoscope access into a tank can be
through a 50mm opening, directly into
fuel with minimum disruption and no degassing or pump shutdown required.
Water in tanks has a damaging effect
when in contact with bio and ethanol
blended fuels. With bio diesel and
ethanol blended fuel tank preparation,
Eurotank guarantees complete water
removal. A fibre optic camera confirms

both ends and the complete floor of tank

are free of water
This is in combination with our high tech
ultrasonic vacuum tank testing system,
which creates what we believe to be the
most comprehensive tank tightness test
Tanks can be tested from empty up to
97 per cent full - there is no costly filling
of tanks
Eurotank provides a tank doctor service,
with internal inspection, tightness
testing, water removal, microbiological
contamination removal and biocide
dosing of tanks. The endoscope
footage can be recorded to provide a
visual record and proof of the service

Stand A22
FAST Fuel Additives
T: 01952 608594
F: 01952 676646
Contact: Dr R L (Bob) Hall

We are fuel technology specialists who

design and manufacture fuel additives
which fuel distributors use to
differentiate their fuels from the
competition, or to produce a fuel that
addresses a customers particular
We have many years international
experience working for companies
including ICI, Ford, Zeneca, Esso,
Exxon, Ethyl, BASF and our own fuels
Example client applications include
lowering emissions (e.g. smoke) from an
ageing vehicle fleet, improving fuel
consumption, reducing maintenance
costs, extending component life,
increasing power, improving the
fuel/exhaust odour, improving fuel life
during storage (e.g. generators) and

lowering sludge/deposits/maintenance
costs associated with heating oil.
We combine individual additive
components for specific client
applications using our extensive additive
formulation experience, gained when we
worked for major global oil, additive and
chemical companies. This source
formulation provides a truly unique fuel
additive for the client and minimises the
cost by using only the components
needed to do the job at the optimum
dose level.
We have found customers value having
someone who can design a costeffective fuel additive for their specific
situation and can supply in smaller
quantities than others for low cost
market test purposes.

Stand B19, B20, B39, B40

Feldbinder (UK) Ltd
T: 01406 353500
F: 01406 353510
Contact: Gordon Brighty, Richard
Harrison, Ian Swann


Feldbinder UK Ltd is exhibiting two

vehicles including the latest generation
42,000 litre aluminium six compartment,
full ADR approved and tested petroleum
The cylindrical section of the tanker
provides a low overall height and
comparable centre of gravity to the more
conventional elliptical or maximum
sections. This results in a tare weight of
5250 kgs.

The second vehicle at the exhibition is a

32,000 litre single compartment tank for
the carriage of bitumen. It is constructed
in 304 grade stainless steel and fitted
with BPW air suspension and drum
brakes. The tank is designed to operate
at temperatures of up to 250 degrees C.

FPS 2006
Stand C45, C46
The Federation of Petroleum
Suppliers is the trade association
for the oil distribution industry in
the UK and Republic of Ireland,
working to support the industry and
its members.
FPSs sphere of interests is wide ranging
and includes road transport and the
carriage of dangerous goods, oil storage
and oil tank installations, environmental
protection, energy efficiency, fuel
poverty elimination, fuel quality,
Customs and Excise issues, health &
safety, industry standards and best
practice, civil contingencies planning
and security of supply.
A visit to the FPS stand will provide you
with all the information needed on:
Driver Training, Depot Certification and
Forecourt Staff Training.

Make some time available to visit the

stand to see for yourself how the FPS
can benefit you and your company.

Federation of Petroleum
Suppliers Ltd


T: 01565 631313
F: 01565 631314

The Downstream team will be situated

on the FPS Stand. If you have an
industry related story or news item, tell
our Newshound Seabury Salmon, or
negotiate a deal with our Advertising
Manager, Shirley Price.

Contact: Peter Emery, Margaret Thornley

The full range of FPS Publications will be
available to buy or order on the stand.
The FPS Team will be on hand to
discuss the benefits of membership and
help with any technical issues you may

Stand B4
FMA Systems DepotVisor II is our
second-generation depot control
system, which provides the tools to
achieve total product management. The
system can be tailored to suit individual
requirements and financial constraints.
For most bulk depot operations, the
basic information required is the
movement of personnel, vehicles and
product both on and off site.
The loading gantry may consist of
mechanical presets and valves, which
would need upgrading to electronic
controllers and associated equipment.
However, by fitting simple pulse
transmitters and solenoid valves,
together with an access terminal,
authorised and controlled product
loading can be achieved at a relatively
low cost. In the future controllers may be

added to provide further functionality.

The receipt of product is recorded either
by metering, or before-and-after tank
level readings. In either case an access
terminal is used to identify the driver and
vehicle. The DepotVisor II stocks module
allows the operator to compare receipts,
deliveries and tank contents. A daily
stock reconciliation report can be

FMA Systems Ltd

T: 01865 891682
F: 01865 891685
Contact: Barry Smith

FMA Systems understands that all

depots are not the same, therefore the
requirement to integrate current on-site
equipment with our DepotVisor II system
may necessitate a customised solution.
Our engineers will be available at the
show for further discussions or to
arrange a visit your site.

Stand C57
Fort Vale Engineering Ltd, leading valve
manufacturer for the chemical and
petroleum industries, will be showing its
new and improved range of nozzles. All
models have a new handle arrangement
that can be opened in either direction
for driver convenience. There is an
optional locking system that prevents
the nozzle from being opened
accidentally. All the locking parts are
made from stainless steel in order to
give both strength and corrosion
Changes to some internal nozzle
components bring commonality across
the range and new seal material gives
longer life and smoother operation. As a
result of these upgrades, the original

103/ nozzle's flow rate has increased by

a huge 50 per cent, yet it is still the
same lightweight, easy-to-handle size.
In Fort Vales pursuit of excellence, the
successful Safeload coupler has
received special attention from its
research and development engineers.
Changes to some internal component
materials, for added strength and
longevity; a new release handle, for ease
of use and maintenance; and a unique
trigger design make it the safest and
toughest coupler on the market. Both
this and the ergonomic Springlock
adaptor revealed at last years show can
be seen from a new angle by visiting
Fort Vale on stand C57.

Fort Vale Engineering Ltd

T: 01282 440000
F: 01282 440044
Contact: Kathryn Ball



FPS 2006
Stand C16
Fozmula Ltd
T: +44 (0)1926 466700
F: +44 (0)1926 450473
Contact: David Cotton

With a wealth of experience in the motor

genset, diesel engine, marine,
commercial vehicle and off highway
vehicle industries, Fozmula Limited will
be displaying its range of liquid level
control and monitoring equipment for
the first time at FPS 2006.
We will also be launching a brand new
range of leakage detection devices,
designed specifically to warn of ingress
of fuel oil into the bund space of all
types of double skinned fuel oil storage
The Fozmula Bund Monitor range has
been designed specifically to be simple
and easy to install and operate, and to
be a low cost alternative to the range of

sophisticated electronic systems already

available on the market. The product
features simple yet innovative designs,
which allow the user to test the
condition of the bund on demand, or
just monitor it continuously.
Also on view will be a simple, low cost
solution to the problem of tank overfills
warning and prevention, again utilising
the vast experience we have
accumulated in more than twenty years
supply to industry.
Finally, we will be showing our
comprehensive range of liquid level float
switches, mechanical gauges, solid state
sensors, filler caps and access hatches.

Stand C1, C2
Freight Transport Association
T: 01892 526171
F: 01892 534989
Contact: David Wylie

FTAs tank certification service helps

ensure safety for your drivers and the
public. It significantly reduces downtime
and guarantees the safety of the tank
and associated equipment.
Since 1999, FTA has been undertaking
operators tank tests using the lowpressure method of testing in
accordance with the Health & Safety
Executive guidance. In 2004 FTA
invested in new leakproofness testing
equipment that was developed through
our team of certification engineers and a
specialist manufacturing company.
UKAS accredited FTAs Vehicle
Inspection Service for Leakproofness
testing in April 2004.

Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use

of Transportable Pressure Equipment
Regulations 2004.
Tanks and fittings, where applicable, are
examined in accordance with the Energy
Institutes Written Scheme for the
Examination, Testing and Certification of
Petroleum Road Tankers. One of the
conditions is the requirement for vapour
tightness testing to be carried out at
intervals not greater than 2 years.
The current competent person regime
will be phased out by 30th June 2006.
From July 1st, inspections will be carried
out by inspection bodies appointed by
the Secretary of State having been
accredited by UKAS.

Fully trained dedicated FTA engineers

are currently inspecting and certifying
operators tanks to a national standard
in accordance with Schedule 1 of the

Stand C71
Fuel Oil News & Oil
T: 01565 653283
F: 01565 755607

Fuel Oil News, the fuel distributor's

monthly magazine, has brought industry
news and views together with products
and services information to readers for
the last 28 years.
Oil Recruitment is a specialist recruiter
focusing on the downstream oil industry.
Whether you are an employer who
knows the value of attracting the best

staff or an employee looking at your

career options, we look forward to
speaking to you at the stand.
Fuel Oil News and Oil Recruitment are
part of a group whose involvement in the
energy industry goes back more than
100 years.

Contact: Jane Hughes or John Surtees


FPS 2006
Stand M17, M18
UK Sales of Gardner Denver bottom
loading, pumping and metering
equipment, reached a record high in
2005, despite the appearance of new
competitors in the market place. Further
acquisitions of compressor, vacuum
machine and valve manufacturers
throughout Europe, further enhanced the
Gardner Denver Groups position as a
world leader in the Petroleum Handling
With offices and workshops throughout
the world, Gardner Denver is able to
identify individual market requirements,
provide a customer focused facility and
support, for all our products, at a local
level. Our substantial spares and service
department can offer repair and
maintenance packages for all our

equipment, with an unrivalled repair and

break down service.

Gardner Denver UK Ltd

Gardner Denver products are designed,

manufactured and tested within our own
group of companies, under the strictest
quality control, to ISO9001:2000,
ensuring a full range of complimentary

T: 01274 683131
Contact: Kevan Clarkson

On our stand, you will see the Drumflow

400 and 800 electronic metering
systems, which utilise our own userfriendly keypad. This makes these units
the first choice for operators, who wish
to interchange drivers, between manual
and electronic discharge systems. A full
range of standard bottom loading
equipment and accessories will also be
on display.

Stand C78
The Petroleum Distributors Intelligence
Unit (PDIU) was launched in September
2002 as a joint venture between
Graydon UK Ltd and The John Reynolds
Group Ltd. Graydon UK is the leading
credit information specialist for the
petroleum sector and has been
providing its clients with risk assessment
solutions for the past six decades. The
John Reynolds Group is one of the
oldest independent insurance brokers in
the North West and is the leading credit
insurance broker for the petroleum
This closed user group is designed to
protect members against the risk of bad
debt by providing real time and accurate
trading information on potential new and
existing customers and therefore helping
its members make informed credit
decisions. All reporting is done

anonymously and members

confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Graydon UK Ltd

PDIU members benefit from a dedicated

team within Graydon who provide an
intelligence messaging service which
sends out daily credit alerts, covering:
returned or slow payment experiences;
petitions for winding up; meeting of
creditors notifications and director links
to Phoenix Companies.

T: 020 8515 1424 / 0773 920 1835

F: 020 8515 1499
Contact: Michaela Hilton

Members also benefit from free

insolvency advice from
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of
the largest firms of accountants and
business advisors in the UK.
Visit Graydon to discuss the service and
benefits that PDIU provides in more


FPS 2006
Stand M27. M28
Heil Trailer International Ltd
T: 01326 560403
F: 01326 560440
Contact: Joanne Clay

Leading road tanker manufacturer, Heil

Trailer International will be exhibiting a
42,800 litre, 6 compartment, Aluminium
Alloy, Tri-axle Petroleum spirit tank semi
trailer at this years FPS show on stand
M27 and M28 - one of over 100 tanks
manufactured by Heils Polish
production partner during the last twelve
Heil Trailer International has been
designing, developing, and
manufacturing transportation equipment
for over 100 years, to remain
competitive, continuously change and
improve to meet the needs and
demands of its customers.
The Heil company was founded in 1901
by Julius P Heil in the USA and today
has manufacturing facilities on four

continents serving all world markets.

Heil International is strategically based in
Kingsbury adjacent to a key BP terminal.
Heil offer a complete tanker range of
products serving several market
distribution sectors including petro
chemical and dry bulk.
All Heil products are built to the highest
standard and meet all legislative
requirements in the markets they
operate in and often exceed the basic
Heil Trailer International is committed to
giving each customer a superior product
backed by unparalleled service. The
company is steeped in history and
continues to be the world innovator in
tanker design and safety.

Stand M16
Herbst Software
T: 00353 ()404 67164
F: 00353 (0)404 67363
Contact: Orson Herbst

Herbst Insight is the next generation

software solution for the oil distribution
industry which will revolutionise your
A fully integrated management
orientated solution which empowers the
sales-force and management while
drastically reducing administration,
including telesales interface; proactive
marketing tools; account & sales
management; real time stock (wet)
control; integrated routing; margin &
drop-off profit analysis; hand held driver
devices (Live); real time profit and loss;
attendance & payroll ; VAT & all reports
(designer) and Orders / Purchasing.

It will also reduce or manage haulage

charges; fuel card integration; credit
control module; seasonal promotions;
SAP R3 interoperability; customer web
interface; bank reconciliation; standing
orders; direct debits; multi depot
solutions and historical pricing.

Stand C80, C81

Hytek (GB) Ltd
T: 01279 815600
F: 01279 812978
Contact Name: Andy Seal


Hytek Fuelling Equipment supplies a

wide range of products for handling
fuels and lubricants. Whenever you have
a need to store, transfer or dispense we
have the products in stock for fast
delivery from world-renowned
equipment manufacturers alongside our
own engineering products.
At the show this year we will be
exhibiting a range of new heating oil
products including BM oil lifters in 3 and
12 litre capacities and indoor Tiger Loop
de-aerator with fitting kit and priming
pump. There will also be flared oil line
fittings, as well as larger diameter Qual

oil pipe which is now available in 22 and

Hytek will also be running an on-stand
show offer for a 1 Engine Driven Pump
which is ideal for emptying the contents
of fuel storage tanks and transferring
diesel and gas oil no tank changeover
team should be without one. This 4
stroke air-cooled unleaded engine with
recoil start has a maximum pumping
speed of 150 litres per minute. The 1
Engine Driven Pump is just 99, plus
VAT and carriage of 9.50, if ordered at
the show.

FPS 2006
Stand C54
ICS Computing Ltd is one of the UK and
Irelands only suppliers to offer a fullscale business solution to incorporate
in-cab mobile, web-services access and
sophisticated accounts with fuel
distribution functionality.
We provide a single system that takes
customer orders, schedules them to
tankers, records details of delivery onsite, produces invoices and updates
accounts, whilst keeping full visibility of
stock, cash and profitability.
With over 25 years experience as a
leading supplier of software and systems

to the fuel industry and with installations

in sites from 2 to 50 tankers throughout
the UK and Ireland, ICS is the logical
choice for all your fuel distribution
The features and benefits include fuel
VAT handling; RDCO reporting; load
planning and processing; fully integrated
in-cab mobile solution; bunkering
facilities; volume handling right through
to nominal ledger; links to Microsoft
Office, fax and email systems and fully
integrated business generation

ICS Computing Ltd

T: 028 9056 7321
Contact: Clare Patterson

Stand C48
Industrial Flow Control (IFC), a member
of the Flowmax group of companies, will
again be exhibiting its successful range
of loading solutions. Their product
range has been developed over the last
18 years, and now represents the very
highest level of specification available.
IFC manufacture not only bottom
loading skids, but also a range of top
loading solutions, including top loading
arms, folding stairs, gantries, and their
well known mobile access platform the
Top Tank.

purchasing a UK manufactured loading

arm with a five man service team to
support it represents a sound
purchasing decision. The loading arm is
under constant review, with design
improvements made as a result of
listening to customers. It is often
purchased as part of a bottom-loading
skid, a solution that IFC leads the
industry in.

T: 01375 387155
Contact: Carl Lilley

IFC will be making important changes to

its product line this year and more
details will be available on their stand.

Their bottom loading arm, the Ranger, is

being purchased in higher volumes, as
customers increasingly realise that

Stand C7
Industrial Apparatus offers a range of
specialist products related to the
environmental industry in which it has
been active for some twenty years.
The range of products offered includes
Leakwise Oil on Water Monitoring and
Detection Equipment and the unique
Imbiber Bead range of oil spill clean up
and pollution prevention products.
Imbiber Beads are the only true
absorbent, specially engineered to work
with a wide range of organic liquids.
Imbiber Beads take large quantities of
organic liquids and will not release them
however hard they are squeezed. There
is a huge reduction in vapour emission,
practically eliminating explosion risk
where a spill has occurred in a confined

space and they are unaffected by water.

Leakwise oil on water detection systems
are very sensitive and can raise an alarm
with only 0.3 mm of oil present on water.
The system does not give false alarms
due to dirt and can be installed in a wide
variety of applications including sumps;
ponds; lakes and rivers, as well as a
wave rider version for offshore terminals.
Ro-Clean Desmi booms and skimmers
are well known around the world. IAC
can offer the full range of products but
specialises with small skimmers and
booms for industrial sites.

Industrial Apparatus
Consultants Ltd
T: 020 7486 6474
F: 020 7487 2757
Contact: Barrie Dannenberg

These products will be demonstrated on

the stand.


FPS 2006
Stand C8, C9
Integer Micro Systems Ltd
T: 01206 564600
F: 01206 369620

Contact: Alastair Moncrieff

FPS 2006 will see the new Tanker

Loading & Delivery Mapping and Yard
Sale Point Of Sale Sign-off technology
added to the range of specialist
distributor functions now available in the
Tankerbase Sapphire software suite.
Sapphires now-extensive range of
proven functionality results from IMSs
25-year policy of customer-led
Sapphires technology is also
impressive. Progresss Relational
Database and 4GL provide speed of
data access and data security, plus ease
of tailoring and integration with other
Technology also means Sapphire
outputs directly into Word, Excel,
Outlook and Adobe (pdf), and integration
with the award-winning Open Accounts

suite is outstanding identical look &

feel, with drill-down and reporting
generation across both suites.
Of course, such technology will satisfy
professional I.T. management, and larger
distributors will appreciate the
functionality and integration capabilities
that it has brought to Sapphire.
However, Sapphire is affordable by the
smaller distributor, thanks to its
integration with the widely used Sage
Line 50 Accounts suite, and IMSs highly
cost-effective ePOD On-Truck system.
Other Sapphire options include Prospex
sales management; telephone
integration (screen-popping); credit card
authorisation: fuel card sales invoicing;
boiler maintenance and website order

Stand C31
J W Suckling Transport Ltd
T: 01708 861234

Suckling Transport has specialised in the

distribution of fuel for 20 years, and it
works for more than 50 oil companies,
including Shell and ConocoPhillips on
both a term hire and spot hire basis.
The company operates a fleet of more
than 100 tanker vehicles, many in the
customers livery, at 18 different
terminals from Plymouth to Inverness.
At 11 of those locations a spot hire
service is offered through the companys
award-winning TankShare scheme. This
provides the option of both full and part
load deliveries at published pence per
litre rate. Placing an order is simple and
there is no need to enter into a contract.

Suckling Transport delivers 100 million

litres of fuel every week around the UK.
Bridging product to inland fuel
distribution terminals has become an
increasingly popular use of the
TankShare service, and a large number
of FPS members are TankShare
customers. Many enjoy special rates by
placing a regular delivery order every
Why not visit the Suckling Transport
stand and find out how you could
reduce your distribution costs?

Stand C79
John Reynolds Group Ltd
T: 0161 905 5500
F: 0161 905 5510

The John Reynolds Group Ltd is one of

the oldest independent specialist credit
insurance brokers, having offered this
form of cover since 1918. The Group
enjoys an extensive client portfolio
covering a wide range of industries and
is by far the largest provider of credit
insurance services to the oil industry.
Credit Insurance is designed to speedily
replace cash lost through the insolvency
or protracted default of an insured
customer. Recent high profile
insolvencies highlight the difficulties
involved in predicting company failures
and the value of insuring against such


Our clients benefit from insurers expert

knowledge of the customers with whom
they trade and are made aware, at a
very early stage, if other suppliers are
experiencing payment delays. Equally
important, credit insurance provides our
clients with the ability to develop their
business with the confidence that if a
customer fails the loss will be greatly
We look forward to greeting our many
existing clients and are happy to provide
a non-obligatory consultation if you do
not yet benefit from this valuable form of

FPS 2006
Stand B47
Jonesco, a leading manufacturer of
plastics for over 30 years, introduces
their new range of Environmental
Protection Products, providing ideal
solutions for the spill and safety market.

NO LIT 350
W RE &
AV MO 50
AI D 00

The newly enforced oil storage

regulations (Control of Pollution Oil
Storage England Regulations 2001.
PPG26) apply to anyone who stores any
type of oil (except waste oil), including
petrol, diesel, vegetable, synthetic and
mineral oils.

The legislation is mandatory and failure

to comply is a criminal offence and may
result in prosecution. Jonesco offers the
ideal solution with its new 2 and 4 drum
spill pallets. The pallets are made of 100
percent polyethylene, have removable
decks and sump capacities of 250 litres.
Jonesco also manufactures steel mud
wings for use on petreg vehicles, plastic
fire extinguisher boxes and Spill/ADR kit

Jonesco (Preston) Ltd

T : 01772 704488
F: 01772 702209
Contact: Phillip Walters

Fast fuelling on the spot from a 2500 litre bunded tank

complete with integral pump, automatic nozzle and flow meter

You get more for your money with the Atlas Fuel Depot

Ideal for Plant Hire Contractors and

Very competitively priced
Complies with Control of Pollution
Compact design
Top quality Cube Pump 56 with
4m hose as standard
Lockable, recessed door for easy access
Lifting points for flexibility of siting
Complete with Sensor Systems Spillstop
overfill device as standard

When you buy an Atlas tank

you buy the best
Atlas Tanks, Shaerf Drive, Lurgan,
Co.Armagh, BT66 8DD
Tel: 028 3831 6677
Fax: 028 3831 6655


FPS 2006
Stand A3
Kanto Instruments Ltd
T: 01642 897010
F: 01642 897040
Contact: Dimitri Papaioannou

Kan'to Instruments is continuing its

program of new product launches and
innovations in the field of bulk liquid
inventory management. The latest
additions include the ability to monitor
inventory and alarm data in real time
from remote/unmanned sites with a
built-in web-server capability. This
means that from anywhere in the world,
with the use of a web browser (such as
the freely-available Internet Explorer),
any number of sites can be monitored. In
addition, alarm conditions can trigger
email messages while every alarm
occurrence is logged. Deliveries and outof-hours product movement are also

Another addition to the product range is

a family of magnetostrictive probes
suitable for underground storage tanks
with an IP68 protection, high accuracy of
level and temperature measurement and
water detection.

Lakeland Tankers are one of the market

leaders in the supply of road tankers to
the petroleum and LPG industries.

aluminium spirit trailer in the UKAY Fuels

livery, further illustrates their wide
portfolio of products.

Once again the Lakeland exhibits

illustrate the wide choice in its extensive
range of products from 3.5 tonne to 44
tonne capacity.

Coupled to a DAF 85 LFP 6x2 tractor

unit, the innovator with a 42,800 litres
capacity offers a well-balanced kerb
weight/payload ratio.

The Pace Petroleum vehicle typifies the

current market trends, based on a
lightweight DAF LF55-210 chassis,
coupled with a 12,000 litres mild steel
vessel fitted with Gardner Denver
bottom loading/BLVR equipment and
discharged by way of the Drumflow 400
system, making it simple to operate and
user friendly.

With orders being placed by

independents, majors and contractors,
the Innovator is becoming the most
popular spirit trailer manufactured in the
UK, which proudly carries the Made in
Britain badge.

Remote sites can be monitored

continuously by GPRS or ADSL
(broadband) connections, providing real
time and historical data in conjunction
with PC-based software. A full demo of
these products can be seen on Stand
A3, Hall A.

Stand M11, M12

Lakeland Tankers Ltd
T: 01384 421199
F: 01384 894091
Contact: Roger Adams or Doug Watts

The increasingly popular Innovator

Lakeland products are supported by a

parts and service operation with years of
experience and with a commitment to
maintain the highest level of service.

Stand B46
Ledbury Welding &
Engineering Ltd
T: 01531 632222
Contact: Kevin Powell

Established for over thirty years,

Ledbury Welding & Engineering has tried
and tested product range of integrally
bunded diesel storage tanks and offers
an extensive capacity range with threedimensional versatility capable of
dealing with site restrictive footprints.
Security cabinets and pump and
equipment fit-outs to suit every
requirement complete the package.
Above ground storage for petrol has
been identified by Ledbury Welding &
Engineering as a major growth area.
In order to meet this demand the
company manufactures the Supervault
MH. With an unsurpassed performance
specification, which is unrivalled in the
market place, and being above ground,
environmental concerns regarding site
pollution risks are negated - unlike the


all too real ones associated with below

ground tank installations.
The Supervault MH needs no further
bunding; achieving true secondary
containment with two concentric skins
of steel with specially formulated
lightweight thermal concrete filling the
150mm interstice. The Supervault MH is
manufactured in rectangular and
horizontal cylindrical format (according
to capacity) and can be compartmented
for different fuels if required. With
minimal disruption and avoiding
expensive civil works the Supervault can
be re-located and be operational again
within hours. The Supervault MH
installations concept gathers momentum
as the benefits of above ground petrol
storage are recognised.

FPS 2006
Stand A10
Liquip UK Pty Limited supplies loading
arms, overspill monitors, API couplers,
swivels, vapour couplers and truck
plugs/cables. We are also approved
distributor of the Isoil range of positive
displacement flow meters which are
available from two inch truck up to 10
inch bulk meters. Liquip UK also offers
the Isoil range of preset control valves,
filters and electronic counters.
Liquip UK supplies a range of bottom
loading equipment and many bottom
loading skid builders are already taking
advantage of our good quality service
and products.
Major terminals are using the Liquip
velvet touch loading arm favoured for its
light and easy action, simple adjustment
and maintenance. The Liquip API 700
coupler is very well received in both the

larger terminals and the smaller depots

with hundreds already in use around the
This year we have installed 30-plus Isoil
Vega 11 electronic presets, mounted
direct to the Isoil meter or retro-fitted to
other manufacturers meters. The Vega
is a very driver-friendly unit. simple to
operate with highly visible screen but
also equipped with the power and
functions to control additive injection or
wild stream blending of biofuel. We will
have an example of Vega11 on the
stand, linked with Oilbands
Petrosupervisor software. Again, this has
been very well received by our
customers due to its low cost, high
performance, flexibility and the higher
level of security not found on
mechanical presets.

Liquip UK PTY Ltd

T: 01453 520467
M: 07733 325243
F: 01453 520467
Contact: Mike Green

Stand A2
Lubrizol K2M (Knowledge 2 Market) is a
new training services business from
Lubrizol, a leading global supplier of
lubricant technology. Using the latest
innovations in e-learning, Lubrizol K2M
delivers cost-effective lubricants training
aimed at boosting sales performance all online with no travel required.
Lubrizol K2M has been designed for
anyone who is seeking to deepen their
knowledge of lubricants, particularly
those in customer-facing roles where
having the confidence to discuss
performance features is central to
building sustainable customer
relationships. Lubrizol K2M courses
cover a broad spectrum of lubricants
topics, ranging from passenger car and

heavy duty engine oils to transmission

fluids, hydraulic oils, industrial gear oils,
metalworking fluids and greases. They
cater for a variety of backgrounds - from
new industry entrants to more
experienced professionals.
Account managers and distributors from
major companies like Total Lubricants
UK and Q8 Oils have already benefited
from Lubrizol K2M.

Lubrizol K2M
T: 0808 2348 061
F: 0208 939 2892
Contacts: Cindy Atinault,
Mike Attfield, Rene Monnier

If you are a fuel oil distributor who feels

that your lubricants business would
flourish with a fresh injection of product
knowledge, come and see us at Stand
A2 for an online demonstration of
Lubrizol K2M.

Stand M5, M6, M7

Magyar continues to make progress in
to the UK petroleum market, pushing
forward the quality aspect of the tank we
This year we will exhibit a 26T ERF
vehicle in Carlton Fuels livery fitted with
the Gardner Denver Drumflow 800
system, along with Goodyear redwing
hose and CY hose reel.
The tank is in aluminium and has 5
compartments. The truck has been
painted in Magyar's own painting
facilities with ICI paint and carries ICI 3
year Fleetwatch warranty.

tank is also on display, fitted with

Gardner Denver BLVR and LIBERTY
Outside, at the entrance, is a DAF 75
painted in Martindale Fuels livery, again
fitted with the Gardner Denver Drumflow
800 system and is an aluminium tank
with 5 compartments. The hose reel is
manufactured by Magyar in our own
factory and fitted with a Goodyear
redwing hose.

Magyar SA
T: 02380 860203

Contact: Graham Baker

A 42,000 lt x 6-compartment aluminium


FPS 2006
Stand M29, M30
Maidment Tanker Services Ltd
T: 01903 717122
Contact: Eric Gillespie, Tony Parker, Paul
Mihell, Mark Mihell and Peter Holleyfield

Maidment Tanker Services Limited invite

all visitors to visit our stands M29 & M30
to view our two exhibits.
Both vehicles are based on DAF chassis,
the first by kind permission of Richard
Burton, Barton Petroleum is a 19,000
litre stainless steel ADR tank fitted with
Mechtronic BLVR system and Alpeco
LectroCount discharge equipment.

of Neil Donald and John Cantrell,

Southern Counties Fuels is a 19,500 litre
stainless steel ADR tank complete with
Alpeco BLVR and a Bulk LectroCount
discharge system.
Our stands will be staffed by Eric
Gillespie, Tony Parker, Paul Mihell, Mark
Mihell and Peter Holleyfield who are able
to provide technical advice and
information on your future requirements.

The second vehicle by kind permission

Stand C3, C4
T: 01793 448176
Contact: Martin Pickering

The ERF marquee continues its

dominance in the hazardous goods
market, with the majority of major oil and
petro-chemical companies looking
primarily to ERFs ECT tractor range for
its transport solutions.
Backed by the after sales might of MAN
ERF UK, ERF Pet Reg operators know
that the manufacturer has a 100%
commitment to keeping their trucks on
the road and earning money. The
UpTime Principle (UTP) means if an
operator with an R&M contract does not
have his truck back on the road within
24 hours, UTP will supply a replacement
truck or will compensate the operator.

trucks on the road at all costs and

especially if they are carrying hazardous
That is why MAN ERF has also
introduced 365 the companys
Network-wide parts availability and
delivery programme, designed to
maximise appeal with quick delivery and
price. With a dedicated phone line, 365
saves time through its fast-ordering
process with next-day deliveries almost
always met. A stringent pricewatch
policy also guarantees value for money
on genuine MAN parts.
If your ERF or MAN is VoR, MAN ERF
guarantees it wont be for long.

MAN ERF UK is serious about its

UpTime Principle, because it knows that
ERF and MAN operators need their

Stand B28
Mechtronic Ltd
T: 0113 054240
F: 0113 2587111
Contact: Tom Cunningham,
Martyn Wilkie, Trevor Poulter


MechTronic Ltd, the exciting new

company formed with over 60 years of
combined road tanker experience,
continues to extend its product range.

displays compartment product grade

information, within the control cabinet, to
assist the driver when a compartment
selection is being made.

MechTronics MaxFlow metering

package perfectly compliments the
Visiflow manifold to create the ultimate
one stop shop for fuel oil distributors.
MaxFlows unique integral gas separator
provides easy fitment and reduced
contamination. Veeder-Root mechanical
and electronic registers are added to the
proven oval gear meter to provide
reliability and performance for years to

MechTronics Visiflow manifold system

has become the industry benchmark, its
success highlighted by MechTronics
approach of keeping it simple which
can be repeatedly seen in the provision
of industry firsts such as; full flow
manifold sight glass, manifold
open/closed indicator, self draining
manifold, product return spout sight
glass/integrated controls and guard bar
incorporating magnetic locks.

The introduction of MechTronics SPGI

System continues to underpin driver
confidence, significantly reducing
product contaminations. The system

All three products will be displayed with

MechTronics brand new solution for
eliminating the loss of duty paid fuel
when undertaking a line change.

FPS 2006
Stand C28, C29
Meggitt Fuelling Products (MFP),
incorporating Avery Hardoll and
Whittaker Controls, are a world leader
specialising in the provision of products
and services for the storage, treatment,
handling and distribution of
hydrocarbons, chemicals and waste
Products include positive displacement
meters; electronic meter head Masterload; valves - pre-set, density and
flow control; self-sealing and Rail Car
couplings; filters and air eliminators;
level measurement and control and 4

API bottom loading couplings.

Meggitt Fuelling Products

MFP provides a full service and product

support capability with highly trained
service engineers strategically located
throughout the UK.

T: 01258 486600
F: 01258 486601

The companys understanding and

experience of its market, combined with
proven capability in quality metering and
coupling products, uniquely positions
MFP to supply the complete integrated
package for dispensing, metering and
recording fuelling transactions.

Contact: Stewart Slater, Geoff Easton or

Michelle Kilian

Stand M25, M26

Meller FlowTrans is certainly a company
on the way up. The extremely
successful launch of Diptronic GPS at
last years FPS has seen the product
installed not only in petroleum-based
products, but has also attracted
attention from both the milk collection
and whisky delivery industry.
The company was recently acquired by
the VADO Group and now offers a truly
European service capability with sales,
service and installation facilities in the
UK, Benelux (Holland/Belgium) and

Massive investment in the Bradford

facility has seen a growth in sales in
LPG, ADR/SLP conversions, general
purpose chemicals and the major oil
market. All the latest discharge
equipment systems will be exhibited.
Please feel free to visit us on our stand.

Mellor Flowtrans Ltd

T: 01274 687687
F: 01274 687744

Contact: Mike Conway


FPS 2006
Stand C23, C24, C25, C26, C27, C30a, C58a
Midas Tanks Ltd
T: 01905 621433
F: 01905 622829
Contact: Chris Golden

At the FPS Show this year, Midas will be

previewing their brand new 5000 bunded
model. Ideal for large rural installations
such as community centres, church
halls, nursing homes and village schools,
the 5000 litre bunded tank has been
designed to require a minimal footprint.
Safety and security are top priorities on
Midas bunded models, which are
designed to comply with the very latest
Control of Pollution regulations.
In addition to the new 5000 model,
Midas will also be showing a selection
from their range of bunded tanks and
fuel centres, with 6 models available
from 1200 to 5000 litres. Midas fuel

centres come in 2 sizes (1350 or 2400

litres, with the new 5000 litre version due
to be launched in May 2006) and have
the same safe and secure bunded
design as the storage tanks, with easy
access on-the-spot fuelling and a
lockable cabinet in a revolutionary
compact format.
Midas Tanks are one of the UKs major
tank manufacturers, leading the way in
environmentally friendly tank design.
They are the only company in the UK to
offer 45-degree front filling access on
their range of bunded tanks, which
minimises the risk of spillage on delivery.

Stand B30
T: 01372 467266
F: 01372 467734
Contact: David Barrett, Adam Shefras

OAMPS are the Insurance Managers to

the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers,
providing specialist insurance products
to the membership and others in the
Petrochemical Industry.
As market leaders in both the UK and
Ireland, we have designed products that
are tailor made for you and your
business and we also provide a level of
service, expertise and knowledge of
your industry that is second to none.
OAMPS has sole access to the highest
credit rated insurer in Europe. No other
broker can obtain quotes for this insurer
and as the underwriters and claims staff
from this insurer work in our office any
claim, quote or question can be dealt
with in a shorter time. We have settled

more than 30,000 claims for your

industry, so we doubt you will ever have
a claim that we have not experienced.
Our policy also includes cover for
spillage and contamination whilst
loading and unloading on and off the
public highway, crossover and a high
10 million UK commercial vehicle third
party property damage, including
spillage. We operate a 24hour
emergency spillage response line,
disaster recovery plans and a 24 Hour
Environmental Helpline.
Should you have any questions, please
feel free to contact David Barrett or
Adam Shefras at our stand.

Stand C66
T: 0845 65 85 080
F: 0845 65 85 181
Contact: Barry Edge

Staff from OFTEC will be able to advise

on the benefits of OFTEC membership
and registration for companies and
technicians. There will also be a chance
to buy technical books and pads, and
find out more about recent legislation
affecting the oil heating and cooking
industry, such as the Control of Pollution
Regulations for England and Wales and
proposals for Scotland and Northern

OFTEC Registered Technicians can also

nominate themselves for any of the
installation categories which include Oil
Tank Installer of the Year; Oil Stove or
Cooker Installer of the Year; Oil Boiler
Installer of the Year and Trainee of the
There are five regions East, West,
North, South and Ireland. National
winners in the installation and servicing
categories (including trainee) will receive
a trophy and a cheque for 1,000.

Entry forms will be available for the

OFTEC Awards for Excellence 2006,
which includes a category for Oil
Distribution Depots.


FPS 2006
Stand C64
OPW UK will be exhibiting its range of
tank gauging equipment together with
Petrovend Fleet Management systems.
The OPW Site Sentinel 1 is ideally suited
to those people requiring basic inventory
information. Complementing the Site
Sentinel 1 is the Galaxy gauge, which
has been expanded with the introduction
of both a 12-tank console and long
probes enabling the gauge to provide
high accurate gauging for tanks up to 14
meters high. This means that terminals
with a mixed combination of storage in
both horizontal, and Vertical Tanks can
have one cost effective system to
monitor their stock.
OPW will also demonstrate its remote
monitoring software SmartTalk, a
remote PC based software, which is

ideal for managing a network of stations

or terminals. Also on display will be the
FIT500 from Petrovends new ART range
of Fuel Island Terminals, Site Controllers
and Vehicle Identification systems. The
FIT500 has an Alpha numeric keypad
and 10 colour graphic display. The ART
systems are also compatible with older
Petrovend systems featuring the PetroNET communications protocol, making
upgrading of existing facilities easier and
less costly than buying completely new

T: 07785367113
F: 01858 463452
Paul Reyner

The OPW Fleetlink RFID identification

system will be demonstrated showing
how a completely cardless system
works for accurate fuel management of

Stand M24
As a supplier of Composite hose
assemblies, oil reeling hose, flexible
metallic, rubber and PVC hoses and
associated couplings and accessories
for 28 years, Parkland Engineering is
well equipped to service the
requirements of the hydrocarbon,
chemical and food industries.

well known and highly regarded,

throughout the UK. Damien will operate
out of our Leeds premises under the
day-to-day control of Brian Witham who
has 38 years experience in Industrial
Hose and in depth knowledge of the oil
and chemical industries requirements for

Parkland Engineering Ltd

Branch and sales facilities in Leeds,

Teeside, Newcastle, Glasgow and
Aberdeen are all manned by
experienced and knowledgeable hose
experts with assembly and test facilities
provided at most sites.

Until the start of 2006 Parkland activities

have largely been confined to the North
of England and Scotland. However
efforts to extend to the rest of England
and Wales have been surprisingly
successful, because we believe in the
quality of our product service & staff.

Contact: Brian Witham

On-site testing is provided by our fully

equipped National On-Site Test Vehicle,
manned by Damian Saxon, who is very

T: 07814 039840
F: 0191 276 2910

Parkland is an ISO 9001:2000 registered


Stand C72, C73

Petroplus is one of Europes leading
midstream oil companies. Its core
activities are refining, oil products sales
and marketing and logistics.
In the UK, Petroplus principal asset is
the 117,000bpd refinery located on
Teesside. This refines sweet Ekofisk
crude oil piped ashore direct from the
North Sea oil fields. Petroplus Marketing
Limited is the sales agency for the
refinerys products, selling almost all into
the UK commercial market using its
network of sea and rail-fed storage
terminals and its fleet of more than 100
liveried road tankers.

Petroplus major products are a high

specification ultra-low sulphur diesel
(ULSD) with a sulphur content of less
than 50 ppm, a high cetane number for
easy starting, and reduced white smoke
and low poly-aromatics, aiding the
reduction of particulate emissions.
New to the market is Bio-Plus, a 95:5
blend of ULSD with methyl ester derived
from renewable plant-based sources
such as palm, soya or rape seed. With
Bio-Plus, Petroplus is already the
leading refiner/marketer of bio-diesel in
the UK.

Petroplus Refining Teeside Ltd

T: 01642 736155
F: 01642 736004
Contact: Barry Stoker


FPS 2006
Stand C21, C22
Progressive Engineering
T: 0161 371 0440
Contact: John Williams, Paul Moss,
Clive Williams

Although Progressive Engineering has

designed and manufactured tanker
fittings for the mass distribution of
petroleum products since 1966, and
supplied many other tank transport
sectors, this is the first time the
company has attended an FPS event.
The company will exhibit its complete
range of equipment, including its vapour
recovery system, developed to comply
with VOC emissions directive. As
mentioned in paragraph 6, the UK is a
signatory to the 19991 UN/ECE
An environmentally conscious company,
Petrochemical Carless has been the first
to comply by installing the Progressive
system to 20 of its tankers, transporting

5,000 tons of gas condensate a week.

They have performed faultlessly since
2000 and due to the high value of the
recovered product, the cost of
installation is quickly recovered.
The current conceptions that people
should not climb on top of tanks to carry
out dip sample tests or to operate
internal Stage 1 plug sealing valves, has
prompted Progressive to develop a
ground level ADR and RID compliant
sampling valve unit, along with a
pneumatic plug valve that is
interchangeable with all the conventional
screw-down units developed by a
plethora of companies. As the
instigators of the Pneumatic Brake
Interlock System, Progressive will show
their latest developments.

Stand C58
Purfleet Commercials Ltd
Parts & service
T: 01708 863931
F: 01708 868226

Purfleet Commercials Ltd has been

established for over 20 years and is
proud to be the leading UK company
that specialises in and backs up the
road tanker replacement parts and repair
Operating from the main depot in Essex,
we offer a 24/7 tank truck repair and
break down service in our petroleum
regulated workshop and a national
tanker parts back up service from our
purpose built parts department.
Employing over 70 trained service,
administration and parts specialist, we
at PCL are confident that the back up
we offer to the petroleum industry is first
The PCL service department offer
commercial vehicle repair and

maintenance to MOT standards,

specialist tank and auxiliary equipment
maintenance and repair, Reg 11,
tightness testing and a 24-hour 7-day
breakdown service.
The Thurrock depot backs up the PCL
network of mobile sales vans that are
comprehensively stocked with tanker
replacement parts.
This fleet of sales vans operate
throughout the UK. We also service the
industry with emergency parts back up
through 24 and 48-hour carrier networks
procuring and supplying anything our
customers request.
Our policy is to supply genuine parts
only, guaranteeing reliability, lower life
costs and manufacturer back up.

Stand C41
Q8 Oils
T: 0113 236 5234
F: 0113 2485026
Contact: Tariq Shamim


Q8Oils with its unique, innovative and

progressive approach produces some of
the finest quality lubricants in the world.
Manufactured in its state of the art plant
in Leeds, Q8Oils represent the very best
and latest, in lubricant technology.
Q8Oils is the partner of choice through
world-class credentials, consistent
quality base oils from our own crude oil
source and refinery, plus a highly
regarded and recognisable brand.
Supporting this is strong technical and
on-site support; BSI registered ISO
9001:2000 service and quality standards;
high profile marketing activity and a
serious commitment to growing long
term relationships with our distributors.

Q8Oils is committed to the UK and Eire

lubricant distributor sector with a
comprehensive range of products to
meet market requirements. The highest
levels of service and uncompromising
product quality support this
Q8Oils recognise that a good distributor
will have in-depth knowledge of their
local market and customers
requirements. Our aim is to develop this
knowledge further as a mutually
beneficial partnership by providing
extensive sales, marketing and technical
support, a formidable brand image and a
product range that will benefit both
parties and the end user.

FPS 2006
Stand C10, C11, C12, C13
Quality Storage Solutions Ltd
T: 01299 253921
F: 01299 250061

Contact: Tony Strutton

QSS Tanks was established in 2002 and

has grown its business based on
providing quality products and the very
best in customer service.
Located just off the M5 near Worcester,
we regard ongoing product development
based on the needs of the marketplace
as key to our continued success.
We have therefore talked and most
importantly listened to our customers
thoughts and views on oil storage tanks,
including how they look, how they
function and how they are handled.
Using this invaluable information we

ensure that we have a range of tanks

which meet the needs of the
marketplace and offer our customers the
optimum choice whatever their
requirements are, either single skin
tanks, bunded tanks or bunded fuel
dispensing units.
The range boasts a list of features which
address the needs of suppliers, installers
and customers. Add to this excellent
styling, the highest of production
standards, our continued commitment to
the very best in customer service and
QSS is clearly the right choice.

Stand M9, M10

Road Tankers Northern Ltd
T: 01226 350650

On stands M9 and M10 Road Tankers

Northern will be exhibiting two 6 x 4
road tankers, one featuring a new 1,900litre 5 compartment ADR aluminium tank
vessel, with the latest bottom loading
and vapour recovery equipment. The
second tanker will be of mild steel ADR
construction with bottom loading and
vapour recovery. Both tankers will
feature up to date meter delivering
systems and product return.

customise our products and services.

Our flexibility is further mirrored in the
varied market sectors in which we
operate in, and the diverse size of
organisations that form our large
established client base.

We pride ourselves in our ability to

deliver bespoke solutions to companies
of any size, with the capacity to

We look forward to meeting customers

and friends new and old.

Road Tanker Spares International offer a

competitive and efficient service for
replacement parts to the tanker industry.
We specialise in fuel, dry bulk and
chemical hose, fittings, pumps, etc., and
we also have a research and
development team who can develop
your ideas and adapt parts to your
specific requirements.

evening, if necessary, for next day

delivery throughout Ireland, thereby
helping to limit the amount of expensive
downtime and keeping your fleet more

On hand to deal with enquiries will be

Frank Newell, John Newell, Brian
Edwards, Clive Felton, Alan Oldfield and
Geoff Edwards.

Stand A17
Road Tanker Spares
M: 07730360996
T: 02837507534

Delivery is available on a next day basis

throughout Ireland and the UK, with
orders also being despatched late in the


DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety

Advisor) consultancy is provided to give
advice on the hazards and legislation
regarding the transport of hazardous
goods (in all classes) by road.

FPS 2006
Stand C33
From 1st July 2006, the ADR approved
person scheme comes into force - do
you know what your legal responsibilities
At Royal & SunAlliance, we have
information to assist you in meeting your
legal requirements for the new ADR
regulations. Come and visit us on stand
C33 for a demonstration of our on-line
inspection database, which can help you
to plan your tankers' inspections. You'll
also be able to see examples of our
written schemes of examination for
tankers, pick up guidance on legislative
requirements and we can offer advice on
how much your inspections will cost.

Royal & SunAlliance has solutions for

businesses that require an inspection
service to ADR and the New Carriage
Regulations, tailored around their needs.
Through safety, excellence and delivery,
we have been delivering our engineering
services for more than 150 years. We
can help you comply with your legal
obligations while encouraging a safer,
more effective working environment.

Royal & Sun Alliance

T: 0161 235 3090
M: 07734 847906
Contact: Nigel Tijou

If your company transports dangerous

goods, it's important that you start to
consider your implementation plans


FPS 2006
Stand C34
T: 01457 866047
Contact: Jim Wylie

RTL will be exhibiting its products at

FPS 2006 following their first
appearance last year at Telford.
We have been suppliers of telematics
and vehicle information and safety
system to petroleum distributors for a
number of years and are keen to meet
and explain our products and services to
other businesses in this field.
Our equipment is used for all levels of
vehicle monitoring from basic tracking
and tracing functions to full monitoring
of driver performance and fuel use.
Operational information is available for
managers to assist in planning.

Vehicle manufacturers, third party

logistic providers and owner operators
all use and recommend our equipment
and services.
We are experienced in dealing with the
specific needs of vehicles which are
used on oil terminals and similar highrisk locations.
Creating long-term business
relationships is our objective and we
hope we can help your company to
meet its objectives.

Stand C62, C63

T: 01249 443055
F: 01249 657222
Contact: Brian Fish

RTWireless is an organisation that

specialises in asset location, vehicle
tracking and loneworker solutions.
RTWireless will be demonstrating two
major products at FPS 2006, certified to
be operated in hazardous environments
such as the fuel industry.
RTLA is a Satellite Only Solution
requiring no wiring with a battery life of
up to 7 years. It provides pinpoint
location updates of assets and vehicles.
Certified for use in high explosive
environments, this solution can be easily
installed by non-technical staff and
simply left to run in the background.
RTLoneworker GPS Exact Point
By combining two unique technologies,
that of RTLA with a Loneworker EX rated

Device (as used by Esso and Exxon

Mobile), Loneworkers can now be
located with pinpoint accuracy in the
event of an emergency. The solution
has no communication black spots,
even under foliage, or any terrain that
would normally inhibit other GPS
location systems. Its portability ensures
that should your Loneworkers
experience difficulties, you have peace
of mind knowing their coordinates will
be transmitted back to either an
Emergency Response Centre (ERC), or
your support staff.
RTWireless is the only telematic
company in the world to provide two
truly globally EX rated tracking solutions.

Stand M21, M22

Scully UK Ltd
T: 0208 391 2394 / 01606 553805
07774 423 220
Contact: George Aggelopoulos

In our industry, it is our name that sets

the standards.
Scully is a world market leader in overfill
prevention and have been manufacturing
liquid level detection and delivery
systems for more than 60 years, with a
firm commitment to safety, efficiency
and dependability. Its these principles,
supported by dedication to delivering
the highest quality products and service
that assures Scully customers maximum
security and reliability.
Scully will be exhibiting electronic overfill
prevention equipment. For a fail-safe,
self-checking system, we use the
ultimate Scully Dynamic Self-Test R
solution, to prevent overfills when
loading hazardous liquids into any tank.


Scully is the original supplier of quality

high level cut-off systems for tankers
and loading gantries worldwide. Hence
we will be exhibiting the very latest in
key-less, card-less electronic fuel
management and the latest vehicle data
capture systems for mobile refuelling.
The company is committed in
researching innovative leading edge
solutions for liquid detection, fuelling
and delivery applications. We pioneered
electronic liquid level detection safety
systems and through our manufacturing
experience, dedication and personal
commitment to our clients, we are able
to supply the ultimate in quality and

FPS 2006
Stand M13
The Austrian based Semperit AG is one
of the worlds leading companies in
developing, manufacturing and
marketing high quality rubber and plastic
products. and marketing high quality
rubber and plastic products. Founded in
1824, the company is one of Europes
oldest rubber manufacturers.
Our Sempermed, Semperflex,
Semptertrans and Semperform divisions
offer customers a comprehensive and
innovative assortment of high quality
products and solutions, from medical
and industrial gloves to hydraulic
industrial hoses and rubber sheet,
industrial mouldings and conveyor belts.

produced in our Semper-flex plants in

Austria, the Czech Republic and Italy,
based on knowledge gained by many
years of experience.

Semperit Industrial Products Ltd

T: 01189 868944

Significant on-going investments in R&D

provide us with continually improving
quality and products which are highly
suited to todays markets.
Businesses and industries of all sizes
have a wide range of hose requirements,
whether its in the chemical, building, or
food industry or in recycling, Semperflex
offers the right product for you for
almost every imaginable application.

Semperflex industrial hose division

develops, manufactures and markets
industrial hoses throughout the world.
These high quality products are

Stand C40, C51

Youll be sure of a warm welcome at the
Sensor Systems stand where Tim Clark
and his team will be delighted to show
you their range of Industry Standard
Nearly half a million tanks already have
Sensor intelligence fitted. The Watchman
has clearly established itself as the
choice when it comes to remote tank
level monitoring. Its clever universal
design means that it provides the basis
both for Sensor Systems FullStop
overfill protection and for Signalman
telemetry, whatever the tank.
New at this years show is Sensor
Systems internet based Telemetry
Service, offering a tailored solution for all

which is already in operation in many

parts of the world.

Sensor Systems Watchman Ltd

In addition to the comprehensive range

of Watchman models, Sensors new
GSM Signalman, Ultiman Precision and
their highly successful SpillStop overfill
prevention valve, will all be on display.

T: 02838 321111
07721 562121
F: 028 38 32 95 27
Contact: Tim Clark

Intelligence pays - with ever-increasing

transport costs, can you afford to miss
the opportunity to halve your transport
costs and double your profit?
Sensors traditional spirited welcome
means that this stand is surely one not
to be missed.


FPS 2006
Stand A5
Tanker Loading Services &
In Control Projects
T: 01277 656486

The Tanker Loading Services installation

and service team offer you a
competitively priced and efficient depot
maintenance service covering all
aspects of your operations in the yard,
from pipework modifications to installing
complete loading systems. We
specialise in the supply and installation
of pipework, safe access steps for toploading, conversions and skids for
bottom loading and storage tank
gauging. We can supply and repair most
makes of flowmeter and loading arm.
Other services include pressure testing
pipework and hoses.
Visit us or telephone Julian Knapp at
TLS on 01277-633569.

distributor for Alma Flowmeters - a

turbine flowmeter specially designed for
use with petroleum products including
LPG, and for SVT Loading Systems. SVT
is a leading manufacturer of specialist
petrochemical road, rail and marine
loading arms. We supply other
economically priced loading arms for
fuel oil distributors. During 2005, we
worked closely with Loadtec to design,
manufacture and install an electronic
bottom loading skid for Manx Petroleum.
This included Emco loading arms,
Contrec controller and additive injection
system, and the Alma flowmeter
Visit us or contact Nick Dawson on
01724-762744 for additional information.

In Control Projects, sharing stand A5,

introduce themselves as the UK

Stand B21, B38

Tasca Tankers Ltd
T: 01924 369007
F: 01924 369069
Contacts: G. Hardcastle, D. Peart,
N. White

Tasca Tankers Limited continue to

maintain its position as one of the major
UK manufacturers of rigid and
articulated semi-trailers to the LPG,
petroleum and associated industries.
Attention to detail, from enquiry stage to
completion, is the key to our success
and has been instrumental in
establishing a large customer base,
including smaller independent operators
to the larger major oil companies.

It is with the kind permission of Mr.

George Shand and Mr. David Pollock of
Highland Fuels and GB Oils respectively
that we display our two exhibits this
year, both of which are 26-tonne G.V.W.
aluminium, ADR rigids fitted with
comprehensive BLVR and flowmeter
We look forward to seeing you on our
stands, where we will be happy to
discuss any enquiries you may have.

Stand C38, C39, C52, C53

Titan Environmental
T: 028 406 26260
F: 028 406 26259
Contact: Mark Brookes

Titan Environmental Ltd is at the

forefront of the development of safe and
efficient oil storage solutions. Titan
prides itself on its quality, innovation,
environmental awareness and customer
relations. With five manufacturing
facilities and an established sales
structure, Titan can service customers
throughout the UK and Ireland. Extensive
administration, customer service and
technical teams in Banbridge and
Rotherham ensure top quality service is
always available.
Product development is key to Titans
position as a leader in the fuel storage
market. Working with regulatory
authorities and industry groups ensures
that Titans range of products offers
specification that exceed current
regulations and safety standards. With


the opening of the new R&D centre in

2005, Titan continue to look to the future
with constant development of existing
and new fuel storage systems.
New products on display at the FPS will
include another addition to Titans stateof-the-art FuelMaster range (bunded fuel
storage dispensing system). Titan
provides a large range of storage
solutions for AdBlue. Highly professional
forecourt storage systems, steel tanks,
mini bulk containers and a range of easy
to handle above ground BlueMaster
solutions provide solutions for all
Titans stand at the FPS promises to
unveil a number of new and exciting
initiatives for 2006.

FPS 2006
Stand B14
Business thrives on information but only
the latest and most relevant will do.
TouchStar provides business with
effective, robust mobile computing
solutions that share information between
decision-makers, customers and
TouchStars FuelStar and GasStar
Delivery Systems, which bring together
our powerful software and TouchPC
hardware, are such solutions. Wireless
or conventional conduits carry delivery
data direct from the meter on the tanker
to the TouchPC system, which is housed
in a cradle in the drivers cabin.
The vehicles load and delivery history
are stored, ready to be sent to a central

distribution centre or dumped manually

in a docking station at the depot. This
way, the distribution centre can keep an
eye on an entire fleets activities and
ensure sufficiently loaded tankers and
minimum downtime.
The TouchPC application also takes care
of the drivers pre-shift safety checks
and allows for the presence of several
fuel types within a single trailer.
Transactions may be finalised with a
signature handwritten on the touch
screen, the final record being printed out
there and then. TouchStars file export
system allows each transaction record
to be saved as a file that includes both a
database item and a graphical image of
the original printout.

Touchstar Technologies Ltd

T: 0161 874 5050
F: 0161 874 5088
Contact: Chris Edwards

Stand C35, C56

Tuffa UK is not just a plastic tank
manufacturer, but also an innovator
within the oil storage industry, and will
be exhibiting its latest 1350-litre tank. It
has never been tried and a totally new
concept to the plastic tank industry.
The factory fitted Tuffa Firestop, the
bespoke fire protection fitted directly to
Tuffa tanks, will also be exhibited. The
fire protection for Tuffa tanks was
independently assessed by Warrington
Fire Research Centre and is a method of
fireproofing for oil tanks, which meets
industry requirements including OFTEC
for external oil storage tanks.

design concept of a compartmentalised

plastic tank suitable for dual usage, with
compartments for both diesel and gas
oil dispensing. These fuel stations will be
fully fitted with pumping units and
fuelling equipment, ready to fill, and
available in a variety of capacities.

Tuffa UK
T: 08707 567700
Contact: Jackie Shenton

After meetings with the FPS, tank

manufacturers were requested to
improve, simple and basic overfill
prevention solutions.
Tuffa UK has fitted sight gauges within
their bunded units and has
manufactured an inner tank to assist
tanker drivers in the safe filling of tanks.

Tuffa UK will also be exhibiting a new

Stand B3
In December 2003, Scottish oil
distributor Brogan Fuels teamed up with
Rupert Mills and UK Fueline was formed.
The idea behind the company was to
provide a national sales service to civil
engineering and construction companies
for the supply of fuel throughout the UK.
Andy Shutler was re-united with Rupert
in April 2004, an ex-work colleague at
three previous oil distributors. Together
they have 40 years experience of oil
distribution. This knowledge has aided
the successful operation of UK Fueline,
which has established itself as a very

useful ally to both oil distributors and

commercial business alike.

UK Fueline

We offer distributors work within their

areas, we can arrange deliveries out of
their areas and we can supply them fuel
(ex-rack or delivered) from most of the
major oil terminals.

T: 01452 312200
F: 01452 505525

For a friendly and professional service

when you require anything oil related, we
can deliver.

Contact: Rupert Mills or Andy Shutler


FPS 2006
Stand C55
Vbi Triscan
T: 01254 686048
Contact: Keven Emery

VBi Triscan offer innovative fuel

management systems for improved fuel
security and reliable fuel management
information. Our product portfolio
includes combined pump and fuel
management units, real time monitoring
and effective reporting packages.
For more information call 01254 686048,
email or visit

Stand C60
VTC (Vehicle Technology) Ltd
T: 0161 660 8840
F: 0161 660 8841
Contact: Justin Reyner

VTC Vehicle Technology is the sole UK

distributor for Orlaco manufacturer of
extremely high quality and ultra- reliable
reversing camera systems.
The European mirror directive
2003/97/EC states the areas around a
vehicle that should be visible to the
driver. These include areas, not only to
the rear, but also to the front and side of
the vehicle. Orlaco provide a range of
camera solutions to fulfil this directive.
Current ADR regulations state that a
reversing camera, by the nature of its
installed location and product category,
must be EEx rated. Orlaco produce the
only EEx certified camera system on the
market today.

the full range of Orlaco mobile CCTV

systems including the new wide angle
130-degree reversing camera, together
with a range of Siemens VDO satellite
navigation, tracking and fleet
management solutions.
The company will also be highlighting its
unique key-out security system which
is ideal for use on a tanker. The system
allows the driver to remove the keys
from the ignition without interrupting the
fuel delivery pump, therefore eliminating
the possibility of vehicle hijacking whilst
the driver is delivering fuel.
VTC will also be demonstrating their
products on a working vehicle on the
Magyar stand.

At FPS 2006, VTC will be demonstrating

Stand B29
Webster Drives Ltd
T: 01204 382121 or 07718 160183
F: 01204 382020

Contact: Keith Greenhalgh

Webster Drives is the UKs leading

Power Take Off manufacturer with an
extensive range of power transmission
products, including PTOs, Drivelines,
Axles, Final Drives, Step Up Boxes, for
commercial, military and fire and rescue
Websters have been fully accredited to
ISO9001 for many years and design
Specialist Transmission Equipment from
concept to full production, alongside our
conventional products.
Our product range is so extensive that
we are limited to how many we can


exhibit, so this year we have chosen to

feature a sample of our conventional
PTOs and Hydraulic Pumps, with the
stars of our show being our Layshaft
and Side Mount Clutch PTOs.
Already widely used in several other
industries our Clutch PTOs are rapidly
growing in popularity with the Fuel
Tanker Industry and can be seen on
several vehicles at this show.
Visit our stand and see for yourself the
benefits of using our Clutch PTOs on
your vehicles.

The Specialist
Credit Insurance
Bad debts are an unfortunate fact of life
in fuel distribution. Credit insurance
offers a cost-effective solution and, as




providing credit insurance to the oil

industry, we are pleased to make our
services available to FPS members.
For a free-of-charge, non-obligatory
consultation please contact PAUL MARTIN
on 0161 905 5514 or e-mail on

Authorised & regulated by the Financial Services Authority


FPS 2006
Stand A9
Williams Tanker Services
T: 01132 897990
F: 01132 897778

Williams Tanker Services are sole UK

distributors of leading Belgian
manufacturer LAG. Williams will this year
display a new concept replacement for
rigid vehicles, a positive mechanical
rear-steer tank with enclosed hosereel.
This tank offers greater flexibility than 4axle rigids, with greater utilisation. The
tank is built to full ADR and SLPS
Services offered by Williams are: new
and used tank/rigid sales, tank/trailer
repair, retrofit and refurbishment work,

ADR/petroleum regulation conversions

carried out to all makes, supply and
fitting of tractor and trailer discharge
We will also be offering our UKAS
approved tank and vapour testing
services in readiness for the impending
legislation changes. Please also ask
about our petroleum tanks for short and
long term hire. The rigid in the
photograph is part of a series for Total

Stand M15
Wolf Safety Lamp Co Ltd
T: 0114 255 1051
F: 0114 255 7988


The European ADR Directive 94/55/EC

became a UK Statutory Instrument on
10th May 2004 as the Carriage of
Dangerous Goods and Use of
Transportable Pressure Equipment
Regulations 2004. The Regulations
specify the provision of a pocket lamp
for each member of the vehicle crew as listed amongst other equipment
under Section ADR 8.5, repeated in
Chapter 8.3.4 as Portable Lighting
Apparatus not comprising a flame.
More specifically though, in 8.5 under
Class S2 Substances: flammable liquids
or gases portable lamps so designed
and constructed that they cannot ignite
any flammable vapours or gases which
may have penetrated into the interior of
the vehicle.

The Wolf ATEX torch is ideal for such

requirements and accepted by the
Hazardous Area market as one of the
most durable torches available. The T4
version, alkaline battery powered, offers
the ultimate in performance from a twocell flashlight, whereas the T6 model is
the ultimate in levels of safety.
Wolf has been in the safety lamp
business for nearly 100 years and must
be the first choice for ADR equipment
compliance. Now the company offers a
rechargeable version of the right angle
torch, the most powerful lightweight
product yet available with 4W halogen or
3W LED light sources. Visit our stand
and see for yourself.


Members take
up FPS driver
training scheme

Keeping the spotlight on

The definitive range of portable
ATEX safety lighting products,
for use in explosive atmospheres

FPS will be supplying the FPS Driver Training Scheme to

Texaco Equity Distributors O J Williams, Owen Fuels,
Bates & Hunt Petroleum and Team Flitwick.
Matthew Brown, Health, Environment and Safety
Coordinator for Texaco Equity Distributors said: We had
been looking at updating our driver training for some time
and have looked at various options. We were made aware
of the FPS Driver Training Scheme at last years FPS
Exhibition and after an initial presentation, we decided that
it was the right way forward for us and have committed to
putting our 150 drivers through the scheme.
As Downstream went to press, FPS staff were putting the
final touches to the packs so that Texacos Equity
Distributor drivers can start their training in the early spring.
Since its launch at last years Exhibition in Telford, the
uptake has been encouraging. Including the order from
Texaco, the total number of packs bought already exceed
The training course is delivered to drivers via a video or
DVD which participants can work through at their own
pace. The video/DVD provides all the information that
drivers need to be able to complete a Workbook
Assessment. When the Workbook is completed, it is
marked by an assessor and the driver undergoes a half day
vocational competency assessment which checks that the
driver is carrying out vehicle checks, loading operations,
driving and making deliveries to the correct procedures and
The 10 sections that make up the FPS workbook are:
Health & Safety Caring for the Environment Security
Loading Driving Deliveries Customer Care
Working Relations Deliveries to Marine Vessels
First Aid.
Upon successful completion, the driver receives a
certificate showing that he has passed a vocational training
course in Fuel Distribution.
The scheme will again be promoted at FPS 2006 on the
FPS stand, C45/46.

Pocket Lights
Visual Trackers
Hazard Warning Lights
Head Torches
Tel: +44 114 255 1051
Filming the training DVD.


It did affect us in the short-term
because supplies dropped and prices
jumped. As an independent, though, we
can buy our supplies anywhere and so
we had only two afternoons where we
had to cut people back on quantity.
Because of the publicity, there was a
massive increase in business as people
wanted to fill up. That pushed us to the
limit for a while.
- Mark Nolan, Nolan Fuel Oils, Bicester

Because were not an authorised

distributor, Texaco cut us off
immediately. They kept on running out
even before Christmas. Fortunately, the
other local terminal, run by Total, was
able to supply us, although there were
times when they had to restrict loads.
- Mike Bennett, Trent Oil, Nottingham

We sorted the problem out through our

own endeavours. Weve contracted to
take product out of Grays and West
London. They say it could be four years
before Buncefield is up and running
again. Well be here at the end of that
four years whether they are is another
question. Were going to be sticking with
the people who looked after us. We
think there could be major problems
next winter
- Philip Dawes, FC Dawes and Son,

We dont use Buncefield, but there were

knock-on effects on availability. Supplies
were at an all time low before the
explosion and places were running out
of product. Buncefield made the
situation worse.
- David Prince, Prince Petroleum,

We were very much affected by

Buncefield 35% of our supply came
from there but weve been able to
continue as normal because we can buy
On the Sunday after the explosion, we
had a strategy meeting at 7am and were
contacting customers. I was out driving
a tanker to get the supplies in.


Spring 2006

How did FPS members cope with the impacts of the

Buncefield explosion and Indian Queens power station
supply situation? This is what you told us.
Basically, its taken a supplier out of the
marketplace. It caused congestion at
other terminals. We used to have a clear
run at the racks at Grays, but were now
delayed by an hour or so.
There are opportunities as well
because of all the people who were
supplied by Buncefield. Were lining
ourselves up to exploit that market. One
mans misfortune is another mans gain.
- Keith Durrant, Shelford Energy,

We were getting 10 loads a day from

Buncefield, but we managed to find
supply for our needs. Supply was tight,
though, and its more expensive and this
is going to continue for some time to
The Government has cut down on
distribution arrangements. There used to
be a barge coming up the Thames, but it
now only goes as far as Grays. We have
126,000 tonnes coming in every year
and this could come by barge. Instead,
we have trucks hurtling round the M25.
I think this is a problem we can sort out
ourselves but at a price.
- Eric Reichberger, Linton Fuel Oils,

Our long distance trucking was an

advantage to us. We actually took two
loads from Hull and two from Grays. We
usually only go the 60 miles to
Plymouth. We had to employ agency
drivers too. We couldnt have sustained
The other aspect we were having to
manage was the media. The BBC was
hounding distributors for a news story
and we were trying to keep them off
creating a panic.
Once Christmas was over, things settled
down to a sort of normality. But we were
told that we were in one of the two
worst places hit. Now, though, I believe
some of the ships are being delayed

because the product isnt needed and

that there is a price war going on as
Total and Texaco have product to get rid
of that would normally have gone into
the pipeline.
- Robert Weedon, Mitchell and Webber,

After the Buncefield fire, we were put

on allocation by our major oil company
supplier. Of course, we accept the need
for such measures under the
circumstances. What is disappointing,
though, is that along with the
allocation, purchase prices were
increased above the level of the daily
fluctuation (premium pricing).
Even this could have been forgiven if it
had not been that, at the same time,
the major oil companies were subsidising
the retail pump price from upstream
profits. Being hit at both ends certainly
increases the challenge for
- Anonymous independent wholesaler/
retailer in southern England

Weve been very pleased with Texacos

performance down here. We only buy
from the Falmouth terminal and Texaco
ring-fenced product for us. The only time
we had virtually nothing was between
Christmas and New Year and we werent
busy then anyway.
We did have a couple of old peoples
homes run out of fuel, but we had just
enough to service them. We then had a
driver working late on New Years Eve to
get the fuel in ready for the morning.
Even better than this, though, is that
we were able to sell 1.15m litres to
Indian Queens power station and have
an order for the same amount again.
Even given that the margin is low, this
means a boost for our volumes and
- Kevin Bennetts, Consols Oils, Redruth

How the scientists kept an

eye on Buncefields effects
page 18

cope with
The blast that ripped through the
Buncefield oil terminal on 11
December caused the largest fire in
peacetime Europe. It raged for over
72 hours before it was finally
extinguished by fire brigades brought
in from all over the country.
Once the fires were out, the priority
was to uplift and dispose of product
and fire water from tank bunds and

transfer any remaining product to

other facilities. The task was given to
emergency response contractors,
Adler and Allan, who possessed the
unique skill set required, namely:
disaster recovery expertise, PETREG
tankers, low-flash pumping
equipment, jetting and pollution
control equipment, highly trained
staff and the ability to mobilise to
site immediately.

The project has required close liaison

with the fire service, the police, the
Health and Safety Executive, the
Environment Agency, the Health
Protection Agency and several
branches of local government. The
priority throughout has been the
need to make the site safe as quickly
as practically possible whilst
protecting the environment and the
Spring 2006



The Buncefield explosion

demonstrated the
environmental scientific
communitys ability to
mobilise at a moments
notice. OWEN GAFFNEY, of
the Natural Environment
Research Council, reports.

Action stations
Europes largest peacetime explosion,
at the Buncefield depot, registered
2.4 on the British Geological Surveys
seismogram at 6.01, 11 December. The
fire burnt out of control for many
hours creating a black plume of smoke
clearly visible from space. NERCs
Satellite Receiving Station at Dundee
University produced many of the most
useful images of the blast and
subsequent cloud.
Atmospheric conditions pushed the
plume high into the atmosphere
minimising health risks and
environmental damage in the area
immediately surrounding the depot. The
cold conditions and lack of wind meant
there was a low level inversion layer of
air lying fairly still near the ground,
protecting locals, explained Neil Cape
from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology,
in New Scientist magazine. The blaze
shot its smoke straight through this
layer and into the troposphere, where
particles were dispersed over hundreds
of miles, washing out in the rain, he
NERC scientists provided high-level
support to the emergency response team
who needed information on the chemical
composition of the plume to judge the
best way to tackle the blaze. The
NERC/Met Office BAe146 scientific
aircraft, based at NERCs Facility for
Airborne Atmospheric Measurements,


Spring 2006

monitored the dispersion of the cloud

and analysed its chemical composition.
The first flight tracked the limits of the
cloud along the south coast of England
and confirmed that at the extremities of
the plume, levels of carbon monoxide,
carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrous
oxides and ozone were relatively low,
and the bulk of the plume was composed
of soot particles (particulates). The
second flight penetrated the plume to
provide information for the forecasters
and emergency teams.

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology scientists

worked closely with the media, providing
hour-by-hour information on the hazards
posed by this accident, helping to
ensure reporting of the incident was for
the most part balanced and accurate.
Their initial assessment was that longterm damage to the environment may be
minimal as it was unlikely there was
anything in the cloud that was not
already present in the environment, and
the plume was too small to have any
direct effects on climate.
Dan Osborne said: The biggest potential
difficulty could be caused by attempts
to put the fire out. When a mass of
water goes into the ground, it can flush
older contaminants out. There is also
concern about the materials in firefighting foam. The emergency team
planned to contain the run-off mixture

Image processed by NERCs

Satellite Receiving Centre,
Dundee University

of foam, water and fuel within

temporary reservoirs to avoid water
supply contamination. Once
extinguished, another remote sensing
aircraft operated by the NERC Airborne
Research and Survey Facility was due to
map the surface and subsurface pollution
for the cleanup operation.
Scientists at Cambridge University
requested an instrument known as a
MicroTop from NERCs Field Spectroscopy
Facility in Edinburgh to help monitor
aerosols and pollution. Fran Taylor from
the facility said: Timescales were really
tight but we were able to turn around
the equipment for use in the field within
three hours.
Tamsin Mather from Cambridge
Universitys Earth Sciences Department
said: We asked for the instrument to
look at the distribution of particle sizes
in the plume. We use similar techniques
to monitor volcanic plumes, but we want
to see if they can be used to measure
man-made atmospheric pollution. They
can give us a great deal of information
on particle size, which tells us how long
particles will remain in the atmosphere.
NERCs British Atmospheric Data Centre
at Rutherford Appleton Laboratories will
hold all data gathered from NERC
instruments and aircraft.
Courtesy of Planet Earth magazine,

New style manhole cover

Collins Youldon has launched the new Style 55
20 manhole cover, designed and tested to
comply with EN13317: 2002 Tanks for the
transport of dangerous goods service equipment
manhole cover assembly.
This manhole cover is fitted with an Emergency Pressure
Relief Valve (EPRV) which complies with the current
requirements in Great Britain.
The aluminium PPV pressure and vacuum breather vent is
supplied separately and the Collins Youldon ATEX certified PPV
vent is suitable for fitting to the manhole cover. The PPV is
fitted with a flame arrester to EN 12874:2001, as
recommended in clause 5.4.5 of the draft standard prCEN/TR
15120:2004 (Tanks for the transport of dangerous goods
Guidance and recommendation for
loading, transport and unloading) and
is certified to the ATEX Directive
The Style 55 20 manhole cover is
an updated version of the Collins
Youldon Style 50 16 series which
has been tested and proved to be
reliable in service over many years.
This new design incorporates a simple-to-use
180 cam-operated lift nut which opens the 10 lid assembly
gradually, ensuring that any residual pressure is safely relieved
before the lid can be opened, thereby avoiding any risk of
kick back and eliminating the danger of operator injury.

Water-sensitive lone
worker alarm
SBES, the lone worker protection specialist, has
launched a new alarm unit that activates when
it comes into contact with water. Intended for
companies that have employees who work on or
around water, the alarm is launched alongside a new
satellite communication version of its
backpack-style Responder system.
The traditional SBES lone worker tilt
alarm is activated in two ways.
Firstly, assistance can be summoned
by pressing two orange side buttons
simultaneously. Secondly, should the
unit be tilted at an angle of more
than 45 degrees for 15 seconds the
unit will emit an audible tone or
vibrate violently for 10 seconds. If
the unit is not returned to upright, an emergency signal will
be sent. A delay switch fitted to the top of the unit can
disable the tilt function for seven minutes at a time to allow
for workers who need to operate off vertical.
Now, as a result of research and development conducted by
SBES on behalf of a customer, the lone worker alarm is
activated automatically if the unit comes into contact with

For further information contact Ian James on 01279

774332 or email

Get your products noticed call Shirley Price on 01584 877442

BPT Automation Ltd has launched two new electro-hydraulic
rising bollards, Coral and Vigilo. They are a cost-effective
and a convenient means to restrict vehicle access and their
size and flexibility means that they can be used where space
is limited.
Coral and Vigilo are operated via the BPT Elpro
10 electronic control unit, which allows the
bollards to be operated in either automatic or
semi automatic mode; with an operation time
of just four seconds! The control unit is easily
integrated with access control and safety
equipment such as traffic lights, photocells
and ground loops. There is the option of an
electro-valve and coupling, which automatically lowers the bollards in the event of
an emergency or power failure. Installation is
extremely easy due to the self-contained
hydraulic pump and piston assembly; no
special adjusting or calibration. Coral is the
smaller, with a diameter of 100mm, whereas
Vigilo has a 200mm diameter, both have
choice of two heights 510mm and 810mm.
Contact: Sales BPT Tel: 01442 235355

ADR drivers
available nationwide
Dont drop that load ...


and get the right man for the job

We can supply drivers for:

Petrol or chemical
Spot hire
Holiday cover
Long-term sick cover

Contact us now tel:

0845 3313487 / 0117 3305601

Offices at Bristol . Birmingham . Gloucester . Hereford . Warrington

Spring 2006




Oil spill bills

as new laws take

Landfill sites for hazardous waste

have been cut from 180 to just eight
leaving Scotland with no sites at all,
and the rest of the country with
potentially huge transport costs and
environmental problems. So says
Stewart Owers, Director of Oil &
Hazardous Environmental Services Ltd.

The new Hazardous Waste Regulations

were introduced in July 2005 to
minimise the quantity of hazardous
waste being generated and disposed of
to landfill.
It is well understood why the
legislation has been implemented and
its aims are broadly supported, says
Stewart. But, oil spills dont generate
waste as a result of planned processes or
industrial activities that can be
controlled, or through the planned
remediation of a contaminated site for
redevelopment. They are normally
unforeseen accidents in uncontrolled
environments and they require urgent
action if human health, the environment
and property are to be protected and
costs controlled.
An example of the adverse effects of the

massive reduction in hazardous waste

landfill sites was demonstrated at a
recent oil spill incident in Cornwall. The
Environment Agency wanted the
contaminated soil to be transported to
Swindon as the nearest site for disposal.
Fortunately, says Stewart, after much
debate and delay, we were able to
overturn their ruling, which would have
cost over 10 times as much to dispose
of the soil.
Not all oils are the same and the
thresholds for whether contaminated soil
is classified as hazardous vary
significantly. The tolerance for gas oil is
set at only 0.1% of the load of spoil
while kerosene has a much more
generous threshold - 25%. Stewart
maintains that this fact is not well
understood by local Environment Agency
officers, skip suppliers and landfill
operators, who may still insist that soil
contaminated with low levels of
kerosene is still hazardous.
One of OHES clean-up contractors was
also prevented from taking used oil
absorbent materials, generated during
incidents, to his local incinerator
because of conditions imposed by the

Waste Incineration Directive in

December 2005.
Homes registered as hazardous sites
Even in the worst cases, where oil
contaminated soil is hazardous,
extensive analysis is required by landfill
operators before the soil can be
accepted for disposal. In reality, this
means that contamination either stays
in the ground, increasing the risk to the
environment and property, or sits in
skips on domestic driveways for up to
three weeks, waiting for analysis results.
In one case, OHES was asked for help in
disposing of a bag of sand contaminated
with engine oil from a road traffic
accident. The bag had sat for four weeks
at a fire station because nobody could
agree a way of handling the waste.
Domestic premises where oil spills occur
either during delivery or because of a
leak from the storage tank now need to
be registered as sites generating
hazardous waste too, adds Stewart.
OHES has raised the specific problems
and the lack of understanding amongst
Environment Agency officers. If they

Major insurers take steps to mitigate spill damage

Fosse Liquitrol has been appointed
preferred supplier for spill risk
assessment services and spill control
solutions by Allianz Cornhill.
Allianz is now recommending that its
business customers who use or store
significant quantities of fuel, oil
and/or chemicals on site, should
engage the services of an appointed
supplier to conduct a spill risk site
survey in line with current legislation.

required to meet. As an ISO 9001:2000

registered company and a leading
member of the Sorbent Manufacturers
Group of the British Safety Industry
Federation, Fosse Liquitrol is integrally
involved in promoting industry best
practice in spill prevention and control.
We were very impressed with the level
of professionalism that Fosse
demonstrated, and feedback from their
previous customers was all extremely

Roger Hales, Chief Casualty Technical

Surveyor at Alllianz Cornhill, explains:
In order for us to recommend suitable
spill risk assessors and solutions
providers to our customers, we had a
list of criteria that companies were

Fosse Liquitrol has a team of

specialists who carry out free site
surveys and produce recommendations
on liquid storage and handling,
management practices, spill equipment
and training to bring a site up to



Spring 2006

compliance with current and future

legislative requirements and best
practice. The company offers bulk tank
and bund replacement, repair or
relining, bund drainage and pumping,
IBC and drum handling and storage
equipment, spill kits and absorbents
and accredited spill risk training
Miles Hillmann, Director of Fosse
Liquitrol commented: Through proper
spill risk management and control,
environmental damage, product loss
and potential litigation can all be
avoided. We are delighted to be
working with Allianz Cornhill in this
positive step towards the minimisation
of environmental pollution.


cannot understand their own

complicated waste legislation, then who
can? And we have asked for clarification
at the highest level within the
Environment Agency and consideration
to be given to the practicalities of
dealing with waste arising from an
emergency pollution incident.
To date, and despite several reminders
over the past three months, the
Environment Agency has failed to even
acknowledge our enquiry, which we
made with the support of the UKSpill
Association. We suspect we have hit
upon a thorny issue and the complex,
prescriptive and blinkered nature of
waste legislation does not permit them
to take a pragmatic approach where
protecting the environment is
The industry is fully committed to
operating to the highest standard and
within legislative requirements, but
there is an urgent need for commonsense when dealing with emergency
situations, says Stewart. Legislative
provisions designed to protect the
environment are actually placing the
environment at risk.

Is your site right?

The Environment Agency estimates that about 95 per
cent of UK businesses are small to medium sized
enterprises, and many operate without the need for
some form of legal consent from the Agency for
environmental management standards. However, those
firms still have a legal duty to comply with good
management practices to make sure that their
environmental business risks are managed.
The Environment Agency has produced
a 10-point checklist called
Is your site right?, explaining what
essential environmental management
practices should be in place.
Is your site right? poses questions
which companies should be able to
answer yes to.
Storing and handling oils, chemicals
and other risky materials
1. Are storage containers fit for
purpose, regularly inspected and
2. Are storage areas and containers
sited away from watercourses,
drains and unsurfaced areas?
3. Do storage containers have
secondary containment, such as a
bund, to contain any leaks or
4. Do you have procedures and
training for safe delivery and
handling of materials?
Waste management
5. Is your storage and handling of
waste safe and does it comply with
the law?
6. Do you know where your waste
goes? Are you sure its disposed of

7. Are you reducing and recycling your

waste? Do it and save money.
Site drainage
8. Do you have an up to date
drainage plan of your site?
9. Is your site drained correctly?
- Only clean water, such as roof
drainage, should go to surface
water drains
- All contaminated water, such as
sewage and trade effluent, should
go to foul drains
Dealing with pollution emergencies
10. Do you have a plan, equipment
and training to deal with pollution
The Agency advises companies who
find themselves answering no to any
questions to use its Pollution
Prevention Pays getting your site
right guidance. Alternatively, it
advises firms to call 08708 506 506
for advice.
To download a copy of Pollution
Prevention Pays and Is your site
right? see:


Midas Tanks has launched two new guides to
help consumers comply with the
governments full regulations on oil storage.
Chris Golden, Managing Director of Midas
Tanks, said: We have produced these new
guides one for commercial premises and
one for domestic to ensure people are
fully informed on the new rules for storing
oil. The regulations are now in full effect
and it is important they are adhered to
otherwise there is a risk of prosecution.
The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England)
Regulations 2001 have been introduced by the
government in phases and are designed to help
minimise the environmental risks from oil

pollution. The third and final phase, activated

last autumn, means that any new or existing
above ground oil storage tank at commercial,
industrial, institutional and some domestic
premises with over a 200 litre capacity must be
In England and Wales, domestic tanks up to
2,500 litre (500 gallons) capacity dont normally
need to be bunded and are covered by the
Building Regulations or in Scotland the Scottish
Building Standards. However there are occasions
where the risk of an oil spill is increased and
therefore a bunded tank is required.
The booklets are available from Midas,
tel: 01905 621 433.
Spring 2006




Oil spills move!

By Ralph Walker, Abzorboil

The problem with oil spills is that

they move! They rarely stay in the
same place and so what may seem to
be of little consequence can quickly
become a major incident.

Those fumes will be encouraged

by heat leakage from the living
space or even by the proximity
of hot water pipes for central

There are many environmental issues

with any spill, but the one thing that
causes untold misery is when homes are

What can be done? Unhappily,

the options are very limited. Bioremediation works, but takes its
time and time is the one thing you
dont have in these situations. Generally,
dig and chuck is the only option, but
this can involve serious disruption.

The health issues associated with

hydrocarbon fumes are well documented.
They may not be as devastating or lethal
as others, such as carbon monoxide, but
their presence will, at relatively low
levels, render a house uninhabitable. The
mere presence of detectable levels of
hydrocarbons will raise concerns over the
health implications for those in the
house, especially for children. As well as
the actual smell of the fumes, they often
give rise to secondary contamination of
soft furnishings and clothes or even
sensitisation of those in the house.
While the spill itself may be directly into
the house, it is more often in the
foundations, the wall cavity or under the
suspended or concrete floor. Pipe, drain
and cable runs channel both liquids and
gases and suddenly you will find
vapours in the most unexpected places.

One recent job taken on by Abzorboil

was a leak from the main feed pipe to
the oil boiler inside a garage. The oil
tracked back along the pipe under the
garage floor, followed a polythene water
pipe along the path to the back door,
went along the pipe trench into the hall,
where it was trapped by a water layer
and pushed by the water under the floor
of the house.
The garage floor and path were dug up.
The contaminated soil removed and floor
re-laid. The polythene pipes were
removed and replaced by hydrocarbon
resistant pipes. The hall floor had to be
excavated, a temporary floor inserted,
and water pumped out to bring the oil
with it. Finally the ground was made

Clean-up product is
six times more absorbent than clay
Designed to absorb small spills,
splashes and leaks before they
become a safety hazard, new oil and
chemical clean-up granules have
been launched by Darcy Products.
The company says that its Zorb
product is six times more absorbent
than clay granules and is suitable for
use on fuel oils, engine oils, cutting
oils, lubricants, paraffin, anti-freeze,
paint and a wide variety of other
industrial liquids.
Zorb is an organic, biodegradable
granule, produced and harvested from
renewable resources and containing
trace amounts of natural resin. Because
of its unique structure, it retains oil
and other pollutants and remains


Spring 2006

effective under pressure or when wet.

It can be used on land or water, on
hard and porous surfaces, and is nonabrasive.
The product comes in 6kg plastic tubs
or bags. It can be dispensed manually
or from a lightweight dispensing trolley
that includes a waste bag for saturated
Darcy Products, based in Kent and
North Wales, manufactures a range of
products for pollution prevention,
clean-up and control. The company
also provides pollution control training,
a used absorbent disposal service, risk
assessment, environmental project
management, bund relining and a 24/7
emergency response service.

good, the surface reinstated and the

floor covering replaced. All of this took
some weeks until all the oil under the
house was recovered.
So, next time you have a spill or leak of
oil, dont be tempted to roll in the hose,
repair the leak and say nothing hoping
it might just go away.
Remember that it will move and over a
large distance leading to involvement
of the Environment Agency and a fine. It
may move and contaminate someones
home, with all the attached heartache
for your customer and the potential for
bad publicity and lost orders for you.
Remember the longer before its taken
care of, the bigger the impact on your
customer and the bigger any clean-up
bill. Its always hard to bite the bullet
and own up but it will probably be the
cheapest option in the end.

RAW Consulting now offers a greater
range of services with three divisions.
RAW Consulting, the geoenvironmental and spill response
consultancy has formed two new
divisions, RAW Remediation and RAW
Ecology. Remediation builds on the its
existing spill accreditation rapid
response teams and a growing R&D
programme. Ecology has been
established to provide a thorough
check of potential problems and
delays for clients who want to ensure
planning developments and other
projects proceed as smoothly as
possible. RAW employs over 40 staff
in six offices in the UK and Ireland.
Last year its turnover was in excess of
3million, up 65% on the previous
year. Its work is in accordance with
ISO 9001 and the company holds the
Investors in People Award.

C&W Commercials Ltd

The Independent Specialists


20,000 litre tank, 5 compartments, hose-reel,

bottom load, tested 26 tons GVW

12,500 litre tank, 4 compartments, hosereel,

bottom load, tested 18 tons GVW

6x2 Fuel

6x4 Fuel
20,000 litre tank, 5 compartments, hosereel
and meters, bottom load, tested 26 tons GVW

Rear steer axle, 18,500 litre tank, 4 compartments, bottom load, tested 26 tons GVW

Specialist Commercial Vehicle

Contract Hire

12,500 litre tank, 4 compartments, hosereel,
bottom load, tested 18 tons GVW

Rear steer axle, 18,500 litre tank, 4 compartments, bottom load, tested 26 tons GVW


19,000 litre tank, 4 compartments, bottom
load, hosereel, tested 26 tons GVW

Tel: 0121 559 0019

Rear steer axle, 18,500 litre tank, 4 compartments, bottom load, tested 26 tons GVW

Fax: 0121 559 4229

Penncricket Lane, Rowley Regis, West Midlands B65 ORE

Regional Representative
Malcolm Hunt, Advance Fuels
Tel: 0208 689 5500


You are, I am sure, aware of the new ADR

security requirements for depots involved
in carriage of dangerous goods. Indeed, it
is possible that you have already had the
pleasure of a VOSA visit to examine your
security plan. I would, however, like to
comment on the two visits that I have
There has been quite a lot of advice as to
what is required, but it is becoming
apparent that this varies considerably from
area to area. Unfortunately for those of us
in this area, it would appear that VOSA are
taking the possibility of terrorist action in
or near London rather more seriously than
in other parts of the country. The
questionnaire that has to be completed
has turned out to be quite lengthy.
If you do not carry petrol, this reduces the
attention, but there is still a requirement
to have a security plan. I have found that
the VOSA officers will work with you, but
it makes the process a lot easier if you can
use the VOSA template. I would suggest
that anyone facing an inspection asks for
this before they visit. It will contain
significant amounts that are not
applicable, but it does mean that the plan
will be in a format that the officials can

Regional Representative
David Meekin, Meekin Fuels
Tel: 02894 432417

Although we have significantly progressed

on cross-contamination, a satisfactory
conclusion still evades us. HMRC officers
have been briefed on how to accommodate
a situation where a trace of contamination
is found (we understand HMRC will not
accept a tolerance level of contamination)
and we are optimistic that officers will
deal with each case sympathetically,
especially with a distributor who is
operating within the FPS Code of Practice.
The problem still remains that the
customer is being told by HMRC officers
that the product in his tank is
contaminated (albeit unavoidably via the
wet line system). The risk of suspicion
that the supplier has behaved illegally may
jeopardise relations between supplier and
customer. The difficulty also remains of
having to uplift and dispose of
contaminated product, with no facility


Spring 2006

from HMRC for the reclamation of duty

when appropriate.
These points are being discussed between
FPS and HMRC and hopefully a satisfactory
outcome can be achieved.
The progress of natural gas in Northern
Ireland has taken a setback with price
increases already in place and the prospect
of more to follow. Phoenix Gas wrote to
the Belfast Telegraph claiming that,
although natural gas prices have increased
significantly in recent months, it remains
the most cost effective means of energy in
a market where oil prices are extremely
volatile. David Blevings of NIOF responded
explaining that, although oil prices have
increased, they may also decrease and that
a number of substantial industrial users in
Belfast have reverted to gas oil as a direct
result of the now high costs of natural
gas. Also, some local councils, having
welcomed the natural gas in the Province,
are now reconsidering their position in the
light of the current situation.
With the higher cost of heating oil, it is
evident that some domestic consumers are
experiencing hardship and as a result
ordering lesser quantities. The average
delivery size has fallen considerably.
Distributors must realise that their costs
will increase as a direct effect of this and
surely must price the product accordingly.
All of these topics will be considered at
our next regional meeting on 18 May. It
will be in the interests of all members to

Regional Representative
Robert Armsworth, Johnston Oils
Tel: 01506 656535

On 25 January, members in Scotland

celebrated the immortal memory of the
nation's bard, with Andrew Gray
brandishing his dirk and spilling the

entrails of the chieftain of the pudding

race. All of this witnessed by our biggest
turnout yet for our Regional meetings long may this fervent support continue.
Apart from the continuing confrontations
with HMRC, there is little of news from
this celtic fringe. We have generally
escaped the angst of product stock-outs
and, most unusually, everyone appears to
have achieved good profit over NovemberJanuary. What are the odds on a reversal
of this feelgood factor, to something more
akin to our usual harrowing tales of
adversity and allegedly lunatic pricing ?
Thanks to all of those who lent support
during my years as Regional Rep for
Scotland and best wishes to David Todd as
he picks up the baton.

Regional Representative
Andrew Wells, Total Butler
Tel: 01977 603363

A very informative presentation by Stewart

Ripley, of VOSA, on the new security
legislation, was followed by a lengthy
question and answer session. The
assembled distributors discussions turned
to the subject of health and safety and, in
particular, the dangers of our drivers
working at height, with emphasis on the
actual delivery process. Members agreed
that the industry must work together and
do all that is reasonably practicable to
prevent anyone falling - either our own
employees or the customer. It is accepted
that our driver is the professional and, as
such, the distributor will always be in the
firing line should something go wrong.
Most companies had delivery defect
systems in place for their drivers to report
dangerous/high delivery points. It was felt
that distributors should start to use the
FPS Hazardgram to report delivery points
where the customer disregarded the safety
of the driver or the environment and
would not carry out site improvements.
BAD DEBTS: Following years where we
have not suffered from significant bad
debts, we are entering uncertain times,
with all sectors starting to suffer from the
long term effects of higher oil prices.
Road haulage: Some hauliers operate very
professionally and have fuel escalators to
combat rising fuel prices, but there are
those who have tried to absorb the costs
and are now beginning to fall over.
Manufacturing: This sector is starting to
feel the full effects of the rising costs of
not just oil, but electricity and gas,

FPS launches forecourt training

FPS has launched its fully certificated
training programme for employees working
on petrol stations.
The programme will add to the expanding
range of staff training and development
initiatives introduced by FPS recently and
extends its established training expertise and
influence into the retail sector for the first time.
The programme is designed to meet the need
to work safely and within the requirements of
current legislation and covers all aspects of the
forecourt operation, including food safety and
personal safety within forecourt shops.
It comprises five easy-to-follow workbooks
that employees complete on site, one stage at a Photo courtesy of David Gates, Betchton Motors, Sandbach
time, eliminating the need for them to be away
their staff and we hope to start work on a computerfrom the workplace to attend training courses.
based version of the programme in the near future.
Subjects covered in the programme include employee
induction (their first week at work), Health & Safety at
work, safe dispensing of motor fuel, site security and
personal safety, as well as food safety for those
businesses selling and/or preparing food for sale.
FPS is working in partnership with IOSH (Institution of
Occupational Safety and Health) to ensure that
employees who successfully complete the training have
their achievement nationally recognised. IOSH is
Europes leading professional body for Health & Safety
practitioners, and will be awarding an IOSH certificate
Working Safely on Petrol Stations - to endorse the
standards attained by employees in helping to keep sites
safe and legal for everyone that visits or works on them.

FPS will work with the Petrol Retailers Association and

Garage Watch to market the scheme to forecourt owners
and operators. Both organisations have endorsed it, and
it will build on the successful scheme previously
operated in conjunction with the Petrol Retailers
You can see the copies of the full programme and
further details of the scheme at the FPS 2006
Exhibition on the FPS stand No. C45/46.

Peter Emery, FPS Technical Manager, said: This scheme

fits in well with the FPS Driver Training Scheme,
operating on a similar, workplace-based competency
basis. We are delighted that it has been endorsed by
IOSH and expect it to prove just the right format for
forecourt owners and managers who are not in a
position to send staff for offsite training. It will also work
well for larger operators who organise group training for

Regional Roundup - 2
forcing companies to hold back payments and in many cases lapse
into administration/receivership.
Domestics: The doubling of the average annual heating bill over the
last 12 months is obviously causing problems to a fairly significant
percentage of domestic oil users, with leased properties and public
houses a particular area of concern.
The Yorkshire credit register, which meets quarterly, is an important
tool in minimising the potential of picking up new problem
accounts. If anyone would like any further details, please contact me
on 01977 603555.
Spring 2006



Distributor dodges death by burglar-van

An FPS member narrowly escaped with his life when
burglars at his Redruth depot drove their getaway van
straight at him.
Kevin Bennetts disturbed the burglars when he returned to
the Consols Oils depot at 7pm to pick up a batch of
calendars. They had broken into five lorries and were just
about to get the diesel theyd taken over the fence, says
Kevin. I had only finished work a short while before and
they had obviously been waiting for me to leave.
The gang had stolen phones out of the lorries, ransacked

two caravans and collected 100 gallons of diesel by the

time Kevin arrived on the scene.
Im sure they would have killed me if I hadnt been able
to get out of their way. I picked up the weight we use to
keep the gate shut and threw it at the van to try to stop
them, but I only managed to dent the side, says Kevin.
The positive side is that it exposed a weak link in our
security and we immediately put that right.
Police say their enquiries into the incident are continuing.

Customers love romantic gesture

Everything came up smelling of
roses on St Valentines Day for
Hingley & Callow Oils, whose
drivers gave out 250 of the
traditional love tokens to
customers as a thanks from the
Not only was the gesture very
popular with the recipients, it paid
further dividends for the company
with good coverage in the local
press around Stourport-on-Severn,
Worcestershire. The Hingley & Callow
depots in Hereford and Moreton-inMarsh also took part.
Said Louisa Haden at the Stourport
depot: It went down really well with
the customers and we took a lot of
phone calls saying thanks, mainly
from older ladies who said they
hadnt received a Valentines gift in
years. One woman even told us her
husband had presented her with the
rose, pretending it was from him!
We shall do it again, maybe with
something else on another date. The
drivers were a bit concerned that
customers husbands might get a bit
jealous if they saw them giving roses
to their wives, but everyone took it in
just the right spirit. It was a great
success. One of the directors has a
connection with a nursery, so the
supply of roses was no problem.

Tanker driver Nick Perkins takes a practice run at playing cupid by presenting a rose to
sales administrator Sarah Fanner.

Rix joins BlueCat network

Hull-based fuel distributor, Rix
Petroleum, has teamed up with BlueCat
Solutions to offer AdBlue as Rix BlueCat
in the North of England, East Anglia and

Renewable title for merged trade bodies

The Renewable Power Association has been relaunched as the Renewable
Energy Association, following its merger with British Biogen and the
British Association of Biofuels and Oils. The new organisation creates a
single voice for Britain's biomass energy producers. Its Chief Executive,
Philip Wolfe, said: "The Renewable Energy Association will work to
increase the contribution of renewable electricity, heat and transport fuels.


Spring 2006

From 1 October this year, all new diesel

vehicles must comply with the new Euro
IV Exhaust Emission Standard. Of the
two technologies available to achieve
Euro IV compliance one, Selective
Catalytic Reduction, SCR, requires the
urea catalyst AdBlue.
Graham Williamson, Rixs Lubricants
Manager said: BlueCat, part of J & H
Bunn Ltd, and Rix have traded with each
other for nearly 40 years so a
partnership in AdBlue was a natural
extension of an existing relationship.

Sensor puts the

intelligence in tanks
Relay of tank levels to your
desk by GSM or landline

Remote integrated tank

level and bund monitor
(as required)

Delivery monitor and

overfill alarm

Automatic delivery
shutoff valve



Not Active
No Signal
Power Off

Economic tank level monitoring, locally or remotely from

the simplest residential to the most complex commercial.
Intelligence pays why not get your tanks connected?
Sensor Systems Watchman Ltd
Shaerf Drive, Lurgan,
County Armagh,
Northern Ireland BT66 8DD
Telephone: +44 (0)2838 321111
Fax: +44 (0)2838 324444