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Made in New Zealand

with Jean Jones

Made in New Zealand

jea n jon es . co . n Z

bespoke designer wedding

gowns in exquisite
fa b r i c s a n d l a c e s.

Level 1, 242 Queen Street, Auckland

09 300 3047
v i n k a d e s i g n. c o. n z

New collection of Tilly and Big Sis has landed

online and at Auckland International Airport.

Elegant and stylish garments, footwear and accessories for the discerning woman,
suitable for all occasions - from everyday wear to Mother of the Bride/Groom and made-to-measure.
Featuring exclusive designer pieces from the Diane Burkhardt and Succhi Collection labels
and handmade knits, proudly designed and made in New Zealand.

the cupboard

Parnell Boutique 417 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland | 09 379 9870

Ponsonby Boutique 14 St Marys Road, Ponsonby, Auckland | 09 378 4770

I love it when I catch you

looking at me, then you
smile and look away. 

Flirtation is on

new revlon PhotoReady

Insta-Fix Makeup
Revlon creates the instant skin retoucher.
Formula with light-filtering technology gives skin an
instantly perfected, retouched look. Use all over the face,
to conceal flaws, or for touch-ups anytime, anywhere.
Emma Stone wears Vanilla.

2015 Revlon


167 Symonds St
Eden Terrace
+64 9 377 1313


Editors Letter
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Submerge Yourself in the Powerful

Anti-Ageing Concentrate of GSPE.
in the

The Paradoxe series provides you with

the powerful anti-ageing concentrate of
Chilean Grape Seed Procyanidin Extract
(GPSE) in a unique luxurious range to
treat your skin from top to toe.

NEW Softly Anti-Oxidating Corpus Paradoxe Body Oil will replace

natural Squalane lost due to sun damage & ageing.
Smooth fine lines, large pores & create a flawless base for make up
with the Submersive Serum Paradoxe.
Stimulate repair through the deeper layers of your skin every
morning with Crme Paradoxe.
Containing 3 types of Vitamin A & GSPE, visibly reduce the
appearance of scars, stretch marks & wrinkles with Scars & Stripes.

Each Beaut Pacifique product has a mission to heal, restore and improve skin conditions.
To find out more about these products please contact House of Aesthetics
09 534 2300 | 021 419 092 |


As the day draws to

a close, the skin awakens.
Enhance the restorative power of the night with new Dr Hauschka Night Serum.
The potent formulation with apple blossom extract and apple fruit hydrosol activates
and revitalises all skin conditions for a fresh, radiant complexion come morning.
Turn in with Dr Hauschka Night Serum and wake up to your best skin.



Eye Productions Ltd


Vanessa Green


Kate Voice

P R O D U C T I O N & E D I T O R I A L C O - O R D I N AT O R S

Cathy Kettell

Jill Larson
Cara Allan
A DV E R T I S I N G & M A R K E T I N G

Jacqueline McGearty

Lea Worth
Dot Pumipi

Richard Curtis


Lucy Han

Katie Wilson

Cathy Kettell, Elizabeth Canales-Ron - Face Me, Monica Guerra - Face Me,
Tania Samon - Face Me Makeup & Hair, Sophie Tucker - Face Me Makeup & Hair,
Miranda Likeman, Bintang Models, Andrea Bruce, Nikki Milina,
Vanity Walk Models, Cara Allan, JelenaBosh, Emily Draper, Andrea Bruce,
Grayson Coutts
D I S T R I B U T I O N C O - O R D I N AT O R

Cathy Kettell

Gordon & Gotch, Business Class Lounges, Hotels & Corporate Cabs

P.O. Box 90693, Auckland Mail Centre, 1142

Auckland, New Zealand
Tel: 09 3060921 Fax: 09 3060922
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photographic material.

Jean Jones Cover

Photographer: Katie Wilson
Stylist:: Miranda Likeman
Makeup & Hair: Grayson Coutts
Model: Angela Stone
Fashion: Jean Jones
Marriott Cover
Life Bloom Photography
Location: Marriott Gold Coast


30 Osbourne St, Newmarket

304 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby


Ne w Z e a l a nd cu i si n e wi t h a Fre n c h acce n t.
Intimate dinners, elegant coc ktail par ties,
wedding receptions or any special occ asion.
We v e been celebr ating in st y le since 1973.

t has been a particularly

cold winter this year, and
at the beginning of the
season I found myself
moaning every day, but I have
decided its better to embrace the positive instead. It is an
opportunity to wear beautiful coats, layer up different textures and
snuggle by the fire with wine. With that mindset, I made a choice
to enjoy it all!
With spring right around the corner its time to spring clean our
homes and overhaul our winter bodies. One of my favourite ways
to feel good for spring is to eat paleo; its clean and good for you.
Amy at Wilder and Hunt makes the most delicious paleo cuisine
and has just opened a second store in Ponsonby - try it and see
how marvellous you feel.
Working late nights on deadlines I have been living on baked beans
on toast - I was shocked to discover that most mainstream baked
beans have up to 8 teaspoons of sugar! I am pretty sure most of New
Zealand thinks its the most wonderful healthy canned product on their
shelf. But I have a fabulous replacement, Delmaine Fine Foods make a
delicious can of baked beans that is sweetened with apple juice, and I
think it might even be better than my old favourite.
This issue we have two new sections, The South showcasing
all that breathtaking Southland has on offer on page 106 to 124
and Its a mans world which features everything masculine thats
exciting and new! Check it out page 84 to 104
Our covers this issues are both different and stunning. On one
side the Iconic New Zealand label Jean Jones and the other one of my
favourite places to stay The Marriot Surfers Paradise, the perfect place
for a quick getaway or a wedding thats less than three hours away.
So as we go into spring make sure you smile every day and
remember how cold winter was!

L unc h ser v ed Wednesday to Fr iday.

Dinner & supper ser v ed Monday to S aturday.
Bookings essential.
W inner of the prestigious Fodor s
Choice Award since 2005.

An t oi n e s Re st au r an t
3 3 3 Par n e l l Road , Au c k lan d, NZ
0 9 3 7 9 8756 | an t oi n e s@ xt r z
a ntoi n e sre st au r an t .co.n z

Nothing is impossible; the word itself says

Im possibleAudrey Hepburn


La Praire
Delamine Baked Beans Wilder+Hunt Take Home Meals
Anti Aging Booster


L ife can be p e rf e c t



cash m ere.c o.n z


Six Millennia
in the Making
Christine the Artist Goldsmith

hich is the worlds

second oldest
profession! Those
answering Goldsmith,
take 10 points! Materials such as bone and
shell being long used as personal ornament,
it is no wonder that 6000 years ago (in
todays Bulgaria), Man started shaping fine
gold into wearable art.
Renderings of the goldsmiths workshop
from Renaissance European (ca. 1500AD)
records show an astounding similarity to
Christine Hafermalz-Wheelers magnificent
studio on Waiheke Island! The hearth for
melting; anvils for forging; a wooden bench
with collecting pouch to save the filings;
scales for accurate weighing, it is all still
there. Only her Hauraki Gulf views would
surely be the envy of multiple generations of
Christines is a world of one-of-a-kind
construction, addition and combination:
painting a picture around a stone. Having


selected a unique wonder-of-nature

gemstone such as a Mexican opal for
inspiration, complimentary gems are
considered for the piece. Preparing metal
for the setting - thickness, height, white or
yellow gold? - gives the stone its frame, it is
dressed. Then the surround develops; shapes,
textures, contours and, for a ring, the shank
profile are decisive. A ring needs to fit on
a finger, not sit in a display! Jewellery is an
extension of the self, it should mirror the
joyous feel of a well-fitting glove and belong
from that very first moment.
Christines signature Double Rings have
delighted clients for decades; I never
expected it to be SO comfortable is the
regular reaction of unsuspecting visitors at
her gallery, CHRISTINE in Waiheke Islands
Oneroa village. Having people try on a
work is the best introduction; then we can
look towards selection, says husband David,
who attends the shop. We no longer need
to travel with a collection, the World now

comes to Waiheke!
The Online reach, of course is unbounded;
The Artist Goldsmith page on Facebook is
rapidly gaining an international audience. On
Christines website,
The Movie button delivers a professional
documentary on her life: pour a glass of the
favourite and enjoy the wonders of 40 years
of artistry?
A visit to CHRISTINE or, by appointment,
to her Church Bay studio, will broaden your
experience of what jewellery can be. Find
yourself a wonderful new life-partner in
one of her pieces, or bring your pre-loved
items and have her re-fashion them into
spectacular new form.
A single glance confirms, however, that....
the jewellery of Christine HafermalzWheeler is like no other you will ever wear.
Welcome to the work of a consummate
ar tist.

106b Oceanview Road, Oneroa

Waiheke Island

Telephone: (+64) 9 372 7509



Smart Cabs are

Corporate Cabs

Last issue of Eye our cover

story was credited to Hilton
as the location. The correct
location is Penthouse 64.

Our customers are loving the

option of booking a cab via their
smartphone. We have thousands of
customers using this option every
week and many comment about
how simple it is to do. Have a look
at our website and see for yourself
how simple it is to book this way.

Buy One, Give One

Ma Eye
es. e

The menu is designed by owner and chef of the iconic Merediths

restaurant Michael Meredith and is scrumptious. Not only is this service
yummy and great value but for each lunch purchased a lunch is given to
a kiwi kid in need.

Penthouse 64 is a luxury Auckland

Penthouse apartment in the heart
of downtown Auckland. With 400 sq
meters of living area and 300 sq meters
of outside deck, Penthouse 64 offers
sweeping views of the Auckland
Harbour. This stunning apartment is
the premier location for your
accommodation in a sophisticated,
yet relaxed environment. Just outside
the door are over one hundred cafes,
bars and fine dining restaurants. Its
also just a short five minute walk to the central business district, shopping,
galleries, tourist attractions and the Britomart transport centre.

For more information contact:

JACQUI SPICE Lead Curator at Touch of Spice Ltd
0800 100 444 | +64 3 450 0855 | 021 755 887 |

Dai Henwood
Dispells Mens
Skincare Myths
with Loral Paris
Men Expert
Really, looking after your skin is easy as now Henwood says. Guys
dont muck around in the morning If I had to guess the average
guy takes 11 to 15 minutes to getting ready. The Men Expert All-In-1
Moisturisers answer the need for speed in the morning, giving your face a
cool drink of the best moisturiser, he says.

Design at its Finest

The Evoque table plays on elements of design, creating
an eclectic twist on the concept of an indoor / outdoor
dining table. The classic cabriole legs are contrasted with the
contemporary medium of acrylic and the oversized pattern
in the design on the table top, brings together the old and
new. The table can be under-lit at night, creating a moody
evocative ambience in any garden or interior space.
Made to order $POA |


we planted vines,
which grew
into a family tree.
Samuel Smith planted Yalumbas first vines in 1849 and wine has been
an integral part of his family ever since. Five generations of Samuels
descendants have lived and breathed the business, which is today the
oldest family-owned winery in Australia. A lot has changed in 165 years.
The winery has grown substantially and there are a lot more people
around. But one thing that will never change is the family atmosphere.
Whether they have Smith in their last name or not, every single person
who works at Yalumba is part of the family. Because everyone is here
for the same reason, for the love of wine.

Pharo Backing
Ceri all the Way

Ceri McVinnie


3/99 Parnell Road

Parnell, Auckland


he looks like the girl next door, beautiful, charming and soft spoken but
with a Kiwi zest for life Ceri McVinnie, is Miss Tourism NZ 2015. Ceri
will be competing for the Miss Tourism International title at the World
Finals in Vietnam in October this year and Brand Value Ltd, a New
Zealand manufacturer of premiere beauty products will be behind her all the way.
With her new title, a passion for beauty products and her newly appointed role as
brand ambassador for Brand Value and their award winning products, Ceri is already on
a winning streak.
A proud Kiwi, Ceri is enjoying the opportunity of using and promoting the range of
New Zealand made products that Brand Value develops, manufactures and distributes.
But preparing for a pageant is a lot of hard work and on that painful topic of hair
removal Ceri says Hair Removal has never been so easy, effective and pain free. Best of
all even in sensitive areas Pharo leaves no ingrown hair. I cant believe that I am saying this
- but I actually enjoy going to my beauty therapist for my Pharo sugaring !!
She goes on to say With my busy schedule I hated having to wax and then go back
the next day to tan. No more - With Pharo there is no redness or stickiness and the
gel washes off in water so l can get tanned immediately with the Radiessence tanning
mousse. Pharo really does make other methods of hair removal a thing of the past.


+64 (9) 377 8186

Paraben Free

Fragrance Free

Gluten Free


Cruelty Free

The Best of Bodyography

Essential Eyebrow Trio

Three matte brow powders

in one handy compact,
flattering for all hair colours
or occasions. Can also be
used as a matte eyeshadow
or liner! $45

Silk Crme Foundations

A new favourite foundation,

formulated for all skin types.
Impeccable coverage
that looks lightweight
and natural. $69.50

Skin Primer

One of the most popular

products in the range. This
lightweight oil free primer
fills in fine lines and wrinkles
and gives skin a silky smooth,
long lasting flawless base.


Electric Lip Slides

Nothing like this on

the market. A hybrid
of a lipstick, gloss
and stain. $40.50

Tinted Moisturiser
On Point
Liquid Liner Pen

Creates thin precise

lines to bold
dramatic stokes. A
precise marker like
tip evenly disperses
the perfect amount
of product with a
quick dry formula.


Sunsculpt Bronzing and Highlighting Duo

A contour duo for flawless and natural

highlighting and contouring. Achieve a golden
glow with an effortless sculpted effect. $69.50

Order online at

To find out more about these products please contact House of Aesthetics
t: 09 534 2300 m: 021 419 092 e:

Perfect for travelling or

woman on the go. Protect
your skin everyday with
SPF 12. Includes a handy
brush applicator for even
coverage everytime
available in 3 shades.


Radiance Boost Illuminator

Hydrating formula will give

a luminous glow to the skin
instantly. $52.00

Flo with Fashion

and Homewares

hen Chrissy and her

family travelled to some
of the worlds top
fashion destinations,
she became obsessed with international
fashion stores. While she was already a self
proclaimed fashion addict, Chrissys fashion
conscious daughters joined her on a trip to
London, Paris through to Florence and the
Amalfi Coast, Italy, where they completely
immersed themselves in the overwhelming
beauty of the countryside. They drew
inspiration from both local and global
brands and a chain of ideas began. Thus,
the concept of Flo & Frankie was born.
Simply put, Flo & Frankie is an exciting
place to visit; it oozes warmth, charm and
personality. Its one of the stores you dont
want to leave, and visit time and time
again. The store bridges the gap between
Aucklands less expensive chain stores and
the pricey up-market designer brands, by
offering a retail space that has affordable, yet
quality, fashion, accessories and homewares.
As a family business, Flo & Frankie are


proudly New Zealand owned and celebrate

this by supporting New Zealand designers
and clever local businesses. The team that
make up Flo & Frankie are all fashion loving,
like minded friends and family who have
rolled up their sleeves to help out. Their first
store opened on Broadway in Newmarket
in September 2013, and their little sister
store, Next Door, opened up a few weeks
later, followed by Flos Home a month later.
They each started as pop up stores with
short term leases, but they quickly learnt that
customers absolutely fell in love with the
concept! So they found a permanent location
which would house all three stores in June
2015. Flo and Frankie on Nuffield St became
their urban oasis. Just a year after they
opened their Broadway stores, they opened
up another store in Milford Mall and in
November 2014, opened their online store.
Customers of Flo & Frankie are lovers of
style and of all things beautiful. The store is a
concept destination for finding that special
something or even a present for that hard to
buy individual that we all have! The biggest

Flo & Fr an

kie girls at

the store


point of difference for Flo & Frankie is the

variety of new styles that arrive each week.
With over 150 brands you can be sure to
find a unique look that suits your style in both
interiors and fashion! The team behind Flo &
Frankie carefully source their products and
make sure each inspires simple, joyful living.
The aim at Flo & Frankie is to feel
welcome and relaxed. You can visit their
gorgeous lounge area where friends can
meet, partners can wait, or you can browse
their books while enjoying a complimentary
drink. Flo & Frankie stores are eclectic in
design and are inspired by the brasseries and
restaurants Chrissy and her family visited
in both Auckland and overseas. Because
the space at Flo & Frankie is so inviting
and captivating, customers tend to linger,
spending time in store browsing the beautiful
collections, and telling all their friends! Flo &
Frankie offers something truly unique to the
market, and have no plans of stopping any
time soon!

100s of brands
showcased in our

inspiring urban
oasis stores

New fashion and

lifestyle goodness

arriving weekly
in-store and online

15% OFF

your 1st online order

when you sign up at

Shop nationwide
- Nufeld St, Newmarket
- Milford Shopping Centre
- Online (free delivery over $60)

International Training
for the Palm Clinic team

Emma Lindley, Sarah Hart & Clare Gallie

alm Clinic is delighted to

announce Nurse Emma Lindley
is joining Dr John Barrett, Dr
Sarah Hart, Dr Sam Dunn
and Nurse Clare Gallie on the Palm Clinic
Cosmetic Medicine team. As their loyal
patients know, the teams popularity
has meant a growing wait list for
appointments for facial rejuvenation. To
meet this increased demand, Emma joins
the Palm Clinic team. Her prior experience
providing and teaching botulinum toxin,
dermal filler and laser treatments makes
her a valuable and talented addition.
One of Palm Clinics core values is
providing their team with the absolute
best training available. If that means going
international, then thats what we do.
Emma and Sarah recently enjoyed


attending the Australasian Society of

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Non-Surgical
Symposium (ASAPS NSS) in Melbourne.
Dr Hart performed on stage at the
conference and during the Anatomy and
Dissecting Workshop, injecting dermal filler
for acclaimed dermatologist Dr Hema
Sundaram, of Virginia, USA.
Says Emma of the workshop...
Initially the idea of the dissection
workshop made me feel excited & honoured
but also a little bit uneasy.
However having the opportunity to
be able to see what the face looks like in
layers (not a visual in a textbook) and then
comparing that to where my needle is
moving when Im performing a treatment is
such an invaluable skill.

My aim is for my clients to love the

balanced, subtle and age-appropriate results
I create for them.
Clare Gallie comments...
Attending the Cosmetic Medicine
Dissection at the Post-Graduate School
of Medicine in Sydney two years ago, was
a profound addition to my 12 years of
experience in Medical Aesthetics at Palm
Clinic. No two faces are the same, and it
is essential to have both a very thorough
knowledge of both facial anatomy and wide
range of treatment skills. Only then can one
provide safe, and natural looking results. My
aim is for my clients to look good, but still
relevant for their age, never overdone.


e sure to sparkle and shine

in this ultra-luxe piece.
Perfectly paired with
statement accessories will

ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Pieces pictured available from

BCBGMAXAZRIA Statement Earrings $129

BG Haute Krystal Gown $799
BCBGMAXAZRIA Dee Clutch $229



Soft block eyebrows

Upper/Lower eyeliner
Lip blend/full colour lips
Non-laser tattoo removal
Eyelash extensions
Hairstroke eyebrows
Fashion eyeliner

Go to our website for more information and bookings

Contact: Lisa M: 0275 388 948


How to make the most of your

winter skin...
Did you know that winter is the best time to have IPL?
Thats because the treatments work best when your skin is
pale. Plus theres 50% off at *rubywaxx* Grey Lynn!

What can IPL do for your skin?

IPL skin rejuvenation offers the most effective,

non-invasive way of improving:
Skin texture Age spots Pigmentation Facial veins
Redness Fine lines Enlarged pores Acne scarring.

Wondering if IPL is right for you?

Contact *rubywaxx* for a personalised skincare

assessment based on your exact needs.

Love aspect skincare products?

Get 10% off until 31 August 2015 (and no, you
dont have to have IPL to get the discount).


50% off
IPL skin

Conditions: Offers available at *rubywaxx* Grey Lynn salon only until 31 August 2015. Mention this ad to get the
discounts. Not available in conjunction with any other offers, discounts or promotions.

See for salon details and opening hours.


Dont stress, Modes has your dress.

1 6 0 B r o a d way, N e w m a r k e t, A u c k l a nd | 0 9 5 2 0 2 7 3 0 | m o d e s . c o . n z

Boh Runga
Jewellery designer Boh Runga has a new range
of solid gold and rose gold rings just out, her
first foray into the pink-hued metal. Each with its
own beautiful meaning or story.
$269.00 -$289.00 |

Halter Jumpsuit

Trousseau Evening
Wear Shoes $398.00

French Connection
Roll Neck Poncho
Wrap Jacket

Stripe Fine Knit
A Line Leather Skirt

Kathmandu Frisco
Womens Hooded
Jacket $449.98
Glamour Boutique
Breana Dress

The Tough Little
Blunt Stick Umbrella

Flo and Frankie

One Teaspoon Awesome Baggies Jeans $159.00, Angie Leather Boots $279.00
Tash Black and White Cowhide Bag $369.00, Kim Black Cowhide Coin Purse $49.90
Fate Halle Knit Jumper $149.00 |


Flo and Frankie

Finders Keepers Todays
Supernatural Dress

Tologa Bay
Oversized Block
Colour Sweater

Dramatic EyEs

with a CELEB
Alysha Brown

he Bachelorette from
Southland answers questions
from her social media followers

NICK: Why did you go on The Bachelor?

The truth is I had no idea the show was
even coming to New Zealand. November
2014 I had just returned to Invercargill
from Tokyo and a good friend of mine sent
me the application link. I was in a bit of a
YOLO (You Only Live Once) time during
those summer months, so I filled it in. As it
happens, every show needs its Southern girl,
and they got in touch.
JEN: Why are you still single?
I have had love in my life, it just so
happens I am still looking for the one.
Sometimes relationships dont work out,
and that can happen to any person at any
age. I am optimistic that I have an eventful
journey ahead of me, preferably with a
sidekick with decent banter.
DEL: How did the show affect your wellbeing?
In an extremely positive way actually, I was
forced to look at myself from a very different
angle and be very aware of the messages I
projected. I have become stronger, wiser and
more confident as a result.
CHARLOTTE: Do you regret anything you
did on the show?
I can honestly say there is not an action I
made or word I said that I regret. That was
the real me and I cant regret that.
KATE: What are you doing at present?
Currently I am trialling a whole bunch of
mostly organic and natural New Zealand
products testing for quality and affordability


and sharing my honest assessment on a

new blog. There will also be posts about
what I am up to, my opinions on heath and
body issues and the occasional insight to my
private life.
SHANNON: Will you move to Auckland?
Its a bit of the gypsy life for me at
present. My heart will always be in
Invercargill because of my family, but
Auckland is quite alluring because of my
friends. If there is a big enough pull I will
certainly look at moving.
MEL: Who inspires you the most in world?
My closest family and in particular the
strong women in my life; mum, aunty and
DANA: What foundation do you use?
I dont necessarily believe it is about the
foundation, more about keeping my skin
healthy and the tools you use. I have secret
weapon currently I will tell you about soon,
but lately I have been experimenting with
makeup, starting with lipstick, which I didnt
wear until I went on the show. Its fun, I am
learning a lot and am excited to branch out
and try other things soon.
LOU: What is your best beauty tip?
Stay hydrated and never go to bed with
makeup on, even when youre tired after a
night out.
RICHARD: What is your favourite flower?
Note to potential suitors, I never want
to lay eyes on one of those fateful flowers
again! No roses, lets stick to orchids or lilies
please. But Ive only ever been given flowers
once and I am a sucker for a surprise!

N at u r a l A lt e r n at i v e
To Botox
Saintsco is a range of natural anti-aging and skincare products
including the world renowned Bee Venom Mask made famous by
royals and celebrities, the products are formulated using 100%
pure bee venom from trusted, local New Zealand beekeepers. Bee
venom is being touted as a natural alternative to botox and royals
and celebrities like Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth
Paltrow, opting for safer and natural beauty solutions, are rumoured
to be privy to the bee venom secret.

s h o p o n l i n e at s a i n t s c o. c o m


Napoleon Perdis
Nude U - Eyes,
Cheeks and
Brows Palette



Bee Venom Lip Plumper $34.99
Bee Venom Mask $129.99
Bee Venom 24ct Gold Serum $119.99

Napoleon Perdis Rebirth

of Venus Skin Renewal
Cleansing Oil $44.00

Napoleon Perdis
Balm Voyage
Moisture Complex
Cleanser and
Makeup Remover
Eye Art Lid +
Line + Lash

Lash Princess

DQ & Co
Love Your Skin
Balm $12.99

Revlon Transforming Effects Top

Coats $16.50 each

Win with BoNdi



Dr. Hauschka
Night Serum $75.00

Kajal Matte
Eye Pencil

We have 10 prize packs to give away valued at

$80.00 each! Each pack contains... The Summer
Bronze, thisis an instant wash off product perfect
for last minute events and nights out a nd transfer
resistant! The Self-Tanning Foam, this is a number
one selling product. Gives a perfect golden tan. The
Gradual Tanning Milkwhichis hydrating and smells
incredible. Its great to use on its own to slowly build
a natural tan and also great to use in conjunction
with the tanning foam to layer and maintain your tan.
TO BE IN TO WIN: Send your name, email address and
phone number to Bondi Sands Giveaway, PO Box 90693,
Auckland Mail Centre 1142. Competition closes 10
October 2015. Terms and conditions apply.

The All in One Manicure
helps combat the
elements by combining
exfoliating Himalayan
Crystal Salt with supermoisturising essential oils
to help remove excess
dry skin on your hands,
revealing supple, younger
looking skin in less than
a minute. Available
exclusively at Farmers.

Nude by Nature Pressed

Mineral Powder $44.95

Flawless Nails Manicure
& Pedicure Kit $99.99
Keratin & Argan Oil Nourish
straightener $149.99
Perfect Curls 2-in-1

Models Whitney and Talia from Bintang Models

Hair & Makeup Elizabeth @Face Me Makeup
Photography Patric Seng

Face Me is a team of mobile and
freelance team of experienced
Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists.

Because they have experience in all aspects of the

industry, you can be assured they will book the best
person for the job, whether is an awards dinner, a
fashion show, photo-shoot or any other event. AND
to make things even better, they have their our own
range of exquisite professional makeup, which is
included in most of our packages.

Sabenette Country Club

I love you, but I chose croquet

or winter 2015, the team at Saben are taking a more

serious approach to their line. After a playful and fun
summer collection, Saben are trading in the teepees
for high tea. The Country Club collection is polished,
sophisticated and embodies the mood of its title.
Winter 2015 presents a highly edited range of elegant styles with
perfect execution in a concise colour palette. This line of handbags
is purposely designed with customers, both old and new, lifestyles in
mind. The silhouettes have evolved into considered shapes but with
traditional foundations and handcrafted techniques.
Sophisticated in style, yet naughty in nature, the subtle yet
quirky humour that Saben is known for comes alive through this
collection. Sabenette Country Club designs include Charlotte, Lotte,
Cara, Seeker and Briefcase. These handbag styles are personified
and converse with one another; while Ivy makes the best scones,
Charlotte loves her Pimms and Quinn perves on the gardener. Each
style encourages the wearer not to take themselves too seriously.
This new collection boasts innovative zip detailing, providing new
function whilst playing on structure and slouch in the buttery new


leathers. The colour palette nods to a collection of leather in lattes.

This is because of the neutral rich coffee tones that are used such
as taupe, tan and mocha. With highlights of uniform shades pine and
navy, perfectly partnered with high shine gold or pale gold hardware;
your winter 2015 wish list is bound to be a big one!
Director of Saben Roanne Jacobsen mentions that Sabenette
Country Club advances on the inclusive nature of the previous
collection, with the added elegance of a country club setting. Every
detail in the designs has been thought of with deliberate intent;
throughout the creation process the collection was edited and
refined, then considered, and edited again to create a concise offer.
The Country Clubs sophisticated appearance and humorous
undertones allow us to be playful in concept yet serious in
execution. It is the most concise range yet, in fact all the work is in
the parts you dont see, we are celebrating refinement, the elements
we have eliminated. New technique and rich textured leather
executes the new collection perfectly says Roanne.

Cigisii has recently released their own brand of gel polish colours, with more colours in their range than any other brand!

5 9 4 Re mue ra R d , Re m ue ra , Auc k l a nd 105 0
0 9 - 52 2 80 25 | c i g i s i . c o . nz
M a n ic u r e

ped icure

g el po li sh



s p ray tan

eye las h e xte nsion

Say hello to the world of
Karen Walker Eau de Parfum
Karen Walker launched her first fragrances, a trio: A, B and C. The
story takes Karens signature optimism, energy and chicmeets-eccentric
handwriting to the nose for the first time and each of the three sends us
into an optimistic, energetic world of its own.
A is the happiness potion. Its sparkly, bright, herbal and fresh. Its a
walk through a sunny garden bursting with flowers. For Karen, its the
feeling of pure happiness that only dappled sunshine through verdant
trees and a garden in bloom can create.
B is feminine and efflorescent. Its lush, ripe, and delicious. Its a warm,
balmy breeze after the heat of the day. For Karen, this fragrance is
brimming with possibilities.
C is addictive. Its compelling, opulent and generous. Its the most
sensuous of the three and contains all of Karens favourite flowers
condensed into a bottle. Every no becomes a yes when this scents in
the air.

Karen Walker A, B & C 50ml EDP $130.00 each

Elizabeth Arden
Green Tea Bamboo
EDT Spray 100ml

Elizabeth Arden
Always Red
Light Up The
Town 100ml

I Am Juicy Couture
EDP Spray 100ml $195.00


Karl Largerfeld
Paradise Bay
Womens 45ml
EDP $77.00

Fantasy Britney Spears

Intimate Edition
EDP Spray 100ml

Ingrid Starnes
Vetyver Bergamot 50ml

Valeur Absolue
Vitalit Parfum
Elixir 45ml

Taylor Swift Fragrance Miniactures

Incredible Things EDP Spray 15ml
Taylor by Taylor Swift EDP Spray 15ml
Wonderstruck Enchanted EDP Spray 15ml
$29.00 each

advanced medi-spa

Our team has over 50 years collective Advanced Medi-spa experience,

including the reputable Dr Ian Little. We offer:
Botox, Fillers, Dermapen, Epi Blading, Dermafrac, Cosmedix Peels, Lip Enhancements,
Facials, Waxing & more.
Making you look youthful with the latest technology, techniques and products.
Receive a FREE 20 minute skin consultation to tailor solutions to your skin.

2 2 1 - 5 H i n e m o a S t r e e t, B i r k e n h e a d

09 480 7563

t h e e l e m e n t ss pa . c o. n z

Moi Mooi

ounder and owner of Mooi,

Vashti Uys, knows a thing or
two about style. Noting a
classic leather jacket, cotton ts
and sunglasses as just some of her fashion
staples, Vashti is based in Australia with her
two young sons Kingsley and Kobi, husband
Darren and her dog Frankie.
Nelson born Vashti had always had a keen
interest in the fashion world. After creating
a single carry-everything tote for travelling,
Vashti was inundated with positive feedback.
This led to her building the single one-off
offering, into a full collection of unique and
hand crafted handbags, wallets and clutches.
Shes one of the lucky ones, able to turn her
hobby into a successful business.
But whats behind the name? Mooi,
pronounced moi, actually means beautiful
in Afrikaans, and that is precisely what her
products are. The meaning behind Mooi also
ties in well with Vashtis production ethos,
as her range of accessories is crafted from
premium luxe leather and cowhides which
are locally designed and handcrafted in Africa.
Most of us shop without thinking of the
origins of what were buying and global trade
often means highly unethical trade, particularly
when it comes to fashion! Thankfully Mooi
handbags are proving that style can be both
sustainable and fair trade. Vashtis creations
not only look beautiful, but are based on an
unwavering philosophy to create opportunity
for disadvantaged people in South Africa, using
sustainable resources. Mooi manufactures all
adhere to the principles of fair trade, where all
hides used for the bags are bi-products of the
food industry.
Vashtis designs are named after her family,
friends and those that have impacted her
with their style, energy and grace but her
brand also encompasses her easy going style
and a certain sense of effortless luxury. Chic,
functional and fuss free, each piece is timeless
and practical, uniquely making it the perfect


Healthy Lifestyle
Win with GO

Stratamark Stretch Mark Gel

Specially formulated for the
prevention and treatment of
stretch marks $89.50

Strataderm Gel
isnow available in New
Zealand, this easy to use
silicone scar therapy gel
has been proven to make a
significant difference to the
appearance of scars. $39.50

We have 10 bottles to giveaway valued at

$32.90 (60 Capsules) each! For the best nights
sleep ever - GO Healthy GO Magnesium Sleep
is formulated to help support a deep relaxed
sleep. Two forms of magnesium has been
included to help increase absorption and bioavailability, both of which help to relax muscles
and ease nervous tension. Tart cherry supports
those who not only have trouble getting
to sleep but also find it hard staying asleep.
MitoQ Heart supports heart and
circulatory health, healthy blood pressure
and heart rate. $84.95 |

Wilder + Hunts ready meals are nutrient dense and delicious. Being Grain
and Sugar free they are naturally gluten free. You can purchase them
from the Wilder and Hunt store at 65 Mackelvie Street, Ponsonby and
select boutique supermarkets across New Zealand.

TO BE IN TO WIN: Send your name, email address and

phone number to Go Healthy Giveaway, PO Box 90693,
Auckland Mail Centre 1142. Competition closes 10
October 2015. Terms and conditions apply.

65 Mackelvie Street
Ponsonby, Auckland

P o rk B e lly | Home Smo k e d Sa lmon | V egan C an el lon i

Or g a nic L a mb Sho ulde r | C hi cken Ti kka



Amy Gibson

Wilder + Hunt
The best version of you

he Wilder + Hunt store in

Ponsonby is a beacon of hope
for those wanting to lead a
healthier lifestyle. While you
rush from meeting to meeting, to school
drop off, hunger pangs, afternoon slump
and back to the next meeting. Wilder +
Hunt can be the rescue remedy you need;
not only to get you through the day but
really nourish your body and give you the
energy and sustenance to help you be the
best you.
Although Wilder + Hunts founder Amy
Gibson believes growing, gathering and
cooking your food is the ideal scenario for a
balanced diet, she is realistic about the hectic,
fast paced society we are living in and has
created a range of convenience focused real

food to fill this gap. While juggling running

a business and raising two children with her
just as busy husband she still wants it all, the
business, the body and most importantly the
balance whatever that is these days!
So what do you eat at Wilder + Hunt?
The store based at 65 Mackelvie Street
(behind Karen Walker) in Ponsonby is filled
to the brim with only the most desirable
of how the heck is this healthy treats,
meal in a cup Superfood Smoothies, and
keep you going all day salads, soups and
sandwiches. The stars of the show though
are the grocery products Wilder + Hunt is
creating and delivering around the country
to high-end grocery stores and health shops.
These include a range of grain and sugar free
breakfast cereals, coconut probiotic yogurts,

and a delicious array of ready to eat meals

you can stock your freezer up with to avoid
those last minute take-away binges.
Amys vision for Wilder + Hunt is to
see people becoming the best version of
themselves; not only by teaching them the
basis of a healthy lifestyle but also equipping
them with the tools (delicious tools) to
sustain their optimal diet even when they are
super busy.
Note: Wilder + Hunt food is all grain and
refined sugar free, therefore gluten free. All
food has been tested for deliciousness by her
two boys Asher (7yrs), Boaz (2yrs) and food
lover husband Abe (29yrs) they all give it
the thumbs up!


Core Exercises...
Why a stronger core?
Melissa-Anne Smit

ou know core exercises are

good for you. Heres why
you should include it in your
fitness routine.
While it may be good motivation, rocking
a beach-worthy bod isnt the only reason to
get your torso in shape. Your core is about
more than just your ab musclesits your
bodys powerhouse. It facilitate movement,
houses your inner organs and central
nervous system.

5 Reasons for a strong core:

Core exercises improve your balance and
stability: Core exercises train the muscles in
your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to
work in harmony. This leads to better balance
and stability. In fact, most physical activities
depend on stable core muscles.

cant do all the work by itself. Back and Core

muscles needs to be in balance to create a
strong core for your body.
Protect your inner organs and central
nervous system: Your core is not only where
your organs and central nervous system do
their busy-work, its also where your bodys
largest veins and arteries are based. Strong
core muscles will help ensure everything
stays protected.

Helps prevent injuries: Your overall fitness

will improve, making you less prone to
injuries. Even though its easy to presume
that when were moving, our extremities do
most of the work, the opposite it true: most
movement starts at the centre and moves
outward. A rock-solid centre ensures that
your movements are strong and pain-free.

It Delays the Aging Process: A strong core

keeps your body aligned, so that you can
function properly.
Strong core muscles make it easier to
do everything from swinging a golf club to
getting a glass from the top shelf or bending
down to tie your shoes. Weak core muscles
leave you susceptible to poor posture, lower
back pain and muscle injuries.

Banish back pain: Back pain is a common side

effect of a weak core. When our abdominals
are weak, its often because our back muscles

Melissa-Anne Smit is the owner of 101 Fitness,

who specialises in working with men and women
individually to achieve your fitness goals.

with our

Have no abs?

Feel your core

strength is gone?


2 x 25min personal training

session per week.
PLUS 3 x 30min massages
Intense proven results
Private training room


Eye readers get their
Intro to 101 session
for FREE
*T&Cs apply

Call now for a

strong core

09 940 7744


Where do you fit in

your list of important

s women, its only natural

for us to put our loved
ones first. We are mothers,
wives, flatmates and we are
consistently battling against the push and
pull of modern life.
In many households across New Zealand,
just getting out the door in the mornings can
be a busy and stressful time. With children,
husbands and even the family pets needing
your attention, it can be chaos and more
often than not, we put ourselves last in the
pecking order.
But what happens if we are unwell or
not able to care for our loved ones? What
happens when we put our own health last?
What would happen to your household if you
were unable to be the super-woman you are?
Heart disease is the biggest killer of
women in New Zealand. This statistic is
made even more shocking when you learn
that many of these deaths are premature
and preventable.
Take a piece of advice from the very
brave, Nikki Tod, who came face-to-face with


her own heart health nightmare and the

very real situation of not being able to look
after her beloved family.
We dont tend to think about these
things because were a bit stoic and staunch.
We women are afraid of looking like we
dont have it all together says Nikki, a wife
and mother of two preschool aged children.
Nikki has a rare heart condition called
atrial fibrillation which can send her heart
racing to more than 250 beats per minute.
She suffers terrifying and extremely
painful attacks which requires urgent
hospitalisation and cardioversion, a medical
procedure which restores a normal heart
rhythm, most often by sending electric
shocks to the heart.
Nikkis condition appeared for the first
time at work, whilst pregnant, in 2010. Since
then shes had four attacks, the worst of
which came six weeks before her wedding
day in 2013, when she was heavily pregnant
with daughter Alex.
Her attacks mean its simply too risky to
have the kids at home all the time, so they

spend most weekdays in childcare. Nikki also

limits the amount of time she spends driving
in case of an attack behind the wheel, and
family holidays are restricted to an hour or
so away from the nearest major hospital.
When the kids are home, Nikki just
wants to be able to jump on the trampoline
with them without feeling exhausted and
Some days are harder than others so we
embrace the days that Im able to function
properly and have as much fun as we can.
Nikki knows all too well the impact her
heart disease has had on her and her family.
She encourages women to reprioritise their
list of important people and put themselves
at the top.
Nikkis final piece of advice; Think of the
important people in your life, the ones who
need you and rely on you. What would they
do if you couldnt be there for them? Get
your heart checked regularly, you owe it to
yourself and your loved ones.

Heart Disease is the biggest

killer of women in New Zealand.
Each week more than 50 women lose their lives to heart disease, and many of these
deaths are premature and preventable. It is important to know that no two heart
attacks are the same, and women can experience different symptoms to men.
A common symptom for women is the feeling
of tightness, pressure or discomfort in the
chest. However, this discomfort may not
always be severe or even the most noticeable
symptom. Women appear more likely than
men to experience other symptoms, such as:

jaw, neck, shoulder, upper back,

abdominal discomfort or indigestion

shortness of breath

nausea or vomiting


light headedness or dizziness

unusual fatigue

When should a woman get a heart and

diabetes check to find out their risk of a
heart attack?
Women without known risk factors:
From 55 years
Maori, Pacific or Indo-Asian women:
From 45 years
Women with other known cardiovascular
risk factors or at high risk of developing
diabetes: From 45 years
Women with diabetes:
Yearly from time of diagnosis

An annual heart and diabetes check is just as important

as a mammogram. It could save your life.

Dogs of Desire
Ey zin...
g es

Dog goodies designed and made

by animal lovers in New Zealand. | @dogsofdesire

To help
your pets
live better,
Our dedicated team of caring vets
and nurses will take great care of
your precious pets.
We emphasise a holistic approach, and promote sound
preventative health measures to improve both your pets
longevity and quality of life.

VetCare Grey Lynn

408 Great North Rd | 0800 VETCARE
VetCare Unitec
Gate 3, Carrington Rd | 0800 UNIVET

Friskies Tasty Treasures $1.45

Stem Cell Therapy

at vetcare clinics

tem cells are present in all of us and all of our pets.

They are cells present from birth which have not yet
differentiated into specialised cells in the body. All the
cells in our bodies originally started life as stem cells.
Stem cells function to heal damaged tissue and grow new tissue.
If you sustain an injury or undergo surgery, stem cells are mobilised
from around the body to help the healing process.
Stem cells have been used in treatment for a long time. Bone
marrow transplants are a form of stem cell therapy. Stem cells need
to be activated in order for them to do their work. This activation
can be carried out by some special proteins in the body, or we can
do it by injecting activator substances. A suitable activator can be
sourced from the otherwise discarded placentae of sheep. This is
purified, and then injected intravenously into our patients, stimulating
the patients own stem cells into action.
Alternatively, a surgeon can remove the stem cells from the
body, from fat tissue or bone marrow, activate them externally,
and then inject them back into the site of injury. This involves an
anaesthetic and surgery.
Stem cell therapy can be used to help treat a wide variety of
conditions, though the most common use is for arthritis and kidney


disease in dogs and cats. Other uses include; Accelerating wound

and bone healing after surgery, helping with Spinal injury recovery,
Treating chronic non-healing infections, fighting severe Gingivitis
(gum disease) and fixing non healing Corneal (eye) ulcers.
At our clinics we use SGF 1000 treatment. This involves one or
more intravenous injections of stem cell activator into our patient.
Stem cells throughout the body are activated and migrate to sites
of tissue damage, increasing the rate of healing by improving blood
flow and providing new healing cells.
We have been using this on many cases already over the last 12
months and have seen some amazing results in our geriatrics, arthritic
pets, damaged eyes, and kidney cats, and have noticed an increased
healing rate. This is an area of therapy that is expanding rapidly as
more uses are found for it. Please contact us if you would like to find
out more about how this affordable therapy could assist us to keep
your pets living better, longer. Kindest regards, Dr Alex Melrose.

Hot Tips

for CATS & DOGS by


Cooler days are starting to make themselves felt as we move into

autumn after a great summer. Our four legged friends are certainly
appreciating lower temperatures. Nice long walks during the day and
cool evenings make for comfortable sleeps. Now as we start to think
about our winter holidays in the sun and browse the internet for the
hottest destinations I want you to plan your Pets holiday too. The best
boarding facilities book out fast and thinking ahead is the key. So come
the weekend its off to check out whats out there...

So do they allow you to just drop in or do you have to make an appointment

to inspect?
How long will it take me to get there and back home?
Can you inspect their rooms?
How long do they get to play?
Are they alone all day or do they interact with other dogs?
Are the staff confident and professional?
Did they explain vaccination requirements including Canine cough (KC)?
Will your toy dog be separated from the large dogs and vice versa?
Is it an outdoor facility, remember hot in summer wet and cold in winter?

New Zealands first city pet hotel and doggie day

care conveniently located close to Sylvia Park and the
Southern Motorway. Off for a weekend away or a
holiday in the sun? Pets In The City provide professional
Boarding for Cats & Dogs and an exciting social
experience for guests to play and stay.
+64 9 259 4666

Above all, is this where Im happy to leave my fur baby?

We urgently need an air-conditioned specialized vehicle for the animals. Our goal is $20,000.
Please go to our Give a Little site to help us achieve this!

Animal Re-homing is a registered charity

dedicated to the re-homing of animals
ranging from mice to horses.
We run a small animal shelter and provide education on de-sexing,
animal care and welfare issues. Animal Re-homing also assists
councils and other agencies to prevent animal suffering and
slaughter. We have re-homed thousands of animals as a result of
our comprehensive rescue, rehabilitation and interview processes.

Please donate at:
cause/animalrehomingcar |



Cats (felids) have been on earth for about 25 Million Years. The domestic cat evolved from

drink much water naturally, let alone to compensate for a high carb, dry diet. Many cat

Panthera Lineage (lions, jaguars, leopards, tigers) over 3 million years ago. Cats, including

owners are now concerned about the increase of diseases in cats such as Urinary Tract

domestic cats, are obligate carnivores. They must eat animal flesh and organs to survive.


Cuts of meat arent enough. In natural life cats would eat all of their prey (head to toe) to
obtain balanced nutrition. Cats bodies are designed to eat and process meat; they have a
powerful specialised jaw, teeth adapted for tearing and shredding meat, a short digestive

PF5 Premium Formulation For Cats addresses the issues surrounding commercial cat food
using proven technology. It has a meat content of 94%, by in-going ingredient weight, and a

tract and stomach acids to facilitate the digestion of meat only. They even obtain minerals

low carbohydrate level, less than 3%. It contains meat, organs and finely ground bone for

by digesting animal bones.

maximum natural nutrition. PF5 has added Taurine, Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Lysine and all

Modern day dry cat food is mostly grain. Many list a meat as the first ingredient but its the
following ingredients like Corn, Wheat, Gluten, Soy, Cereal and Barley that make up the
bulk of the food. Dry cat food is also extremely low in moisture, less than 10%. In natural

other vitamins and nutrients to provide the nutritional levels established by AAFCO. Its
complete and balanced for all life stages including Adult, Growth and Reproduction. PF5 is
designed to be fed as your cats sole diet, no supplementation required.

life cats would get the majority of their water ingestion from their prey (i.e. a mouse is

PF5 For Cats has No Gluten, No Wheat, No Corn, No Sugar, No BHA or BHT, No Ethoxyquin

over 70% moisture and less than 8% carbohydrate). Cats have a low thirst drive and do not

and No Propylene Glycol. You can find PF5 in the chilled pet food section and



Escape to the Islands

icture yourself lying on fine

white beaches, crystal clear
water just footsteps away,
cocktail in hand, you loose track
of time because now, youre on island time!
Island holidays are synonymous with sand,
sea and sun and are the perfect getaway
location for escaping New Zealands dreary
cold and wet winter! Eye Magazine has
the best locations for you to scope out
whether youre into adventure, relaxation
or pampering.

Tourism Fiji

Fiji Airways Becomes the

Only Airline to Fly Between Wellington
and Fiji All Year-Round
Fiji Airways Chairman, Nalin Patel says Fijis links with Wellingtonians and New Zealanders
from the surrounding region will be further strengthened by this new service. This is one of
the most significant new routes recently announced by Fiji Airways, and reflects the airlines
strong performance in New Zealand. For us, Wellington was a natural choice for a new
service, says Mr Patel. Numbers of Wellington region residents travelling to Fiji have increased
by 39% in the last two years, and numbers to the United States have grown by more than
25% over the same period. United States visitors using Wellington as their New Zealand point
of entry have increased by 29%, over the same period. Fiji Airways operates up to 13 weekly
services between Auckland and Fiji, and two weekly services between Christchurch and Nadi,
and Wellington and Nadi. Fiji Airways is the only airline to offer child discounted airfares as
well as a daily business class travel option directly from New Zealand to Fiji.

Pacific Cuisine
at its Best

ituated right on the white-sandy beach front of Muri

Beach, Sails Restaurant is well known (and rightly
so) as one of the best places to eat and drink in
Rarotonga. Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
youll find yourself wanting to come back for every meal. The
menu delivers something for everyone, including the kids, and
the delicious fresh seafood is a real favourite, especially their
famous Seafood Caesar Salad. Soak up the friendly service and
unparalleled views of the lagoon from the sheltered beach front
veranda, which is only a couple of steps to the crystal waters.
Enjoy lunch in the sun with a wine from the islands best wine
list, all whilst the kids entertain themselves in the lagoon. The
kitchen is open for all meals, 7 days a week so there is no excuse
to miss this delightful dining experience and if youre asking us
dining there by candlelight is a particular must!


Visit Sails Restaurant & Bar

Rarotonga for...
pacific cuisine, unparalleled
lagoon views and friendly
service on Muri Beach.
+682 27 349

World class luxury

Private pools in all villas

Absolute beachfront

Spa pools in beachfront villas

Waterfalls, courtyards & tropical gardens

VIP service & inclusions

THE Multi Award Winning


M A I N R O A D, M U R I B E A C H , R A R O T O N G A
+ 6 8 2 2 2 5 51
info@r umour s-r
w w w. r u m o u r s - r a r o t o n g a .co m

Your Luxury Island Escape

Secluded private sanctuary on the sands of
Muri Beach, Crystal Blue Lagoon has 4 luxurious
and spacious 2 bedroom villas, offering a
contemporary combination of island simplicity
and supreme style. | 00682 55720

Making every girl feel like a star...

Super soft, flowing and colourful
Katherine Kelly Lang kaftans are
beautifully made with love.

Shop online

24hr customer care 0800 101 301

We have three
$50.00 Gift Cards
to giveaway to
lucky readers!


To be in to win send your name, email address and

phone number to TVSN Giveaway, PO Box 90693,
Auckland Mail Centre 1142. Competition closes
10 October 2015. Terms and conditions apply.


Rarotonga, Cook Islands Ph: 24004


One Big Happy

Family in Fiji

ver the past 20 years

families and their holiday
needs and expectations
have completely evolved,
and now, so to have the resort options
families can expect to enjoy.
Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa is one of Fijis
newest international resorts, and also leads
the pack when it comes to catering to the
eclectic (and often opposing) interests of
modern families.
General Manager Alan Burrows says,
Sofitel Fiji is the kind of place where you
can enjoy me time, we time and of course
precious time spent with your family. After
all, everyone knows that the secret to a
successful family holiday is ensuring the kids
are happy, but now theres a chance for mum
and dad to enjoy themselves too.
Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa has turned
traditional room design concepts on their
head with the creation of its family rooms


with both the privacy of adults and comfort

of children as the number one priority.
Designed specifically to cater to the needs
of young families, Sofitels Luxury family rooms
offer a unique design that makes children feel
special by creating a private zone, complete
with Sony Playstation, separate from main
living room and devoted to fun.
Luxury Family rooms includes one queen
bed and one 2-tier bunk bed, ideal for
two children, portioned for privacy and
an ensuite bathroom with both bath and
shower facilities. Interconnecting Rooms are
also available for families with older children
who need a little more room to move.
Family Rooms at Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa
include one queen bed and two singles (in
bunk bed configuration).
Every room at the Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa
faces towards the ocean and features either
a balcony or terrace within easy distance to
childrens pool facilities.

The Turtle Club for kids is priced from

FJD$30 per day and FJD$10 per child for
2 hours (between 09.00am and 9.00pm).
The Club caters to children aged three to
twelve, and meals can be ordered in advance
by parents from the room service menu.
Babysitting can be booked through the kids
club and costs FJD$8 per hour (FJD$25 for
the first two hours, maximum of 2 children).
Should babysitting be required beyond
11.00pm then and additional fee of F$20 will
apply to cover for car transfer. There is no
restriction on the hours it is available.
Long stay guests of more than seven days
receive a complimentary Turtle Pack on
arrival at the resort. The cool kids only pack
is practical and a great souvenir, featuring the
Sofitel Fiji Turtle Club logo, and a white Turtle
Club T-Shirt (different sizes are available) and
a black Turtle Club cap.

Sofitel Fiji for kids

Childrens Club and playground The Sofitel Turtle Club for children is more
like Camp Fiji, providing kids with the freedom and flexibility to explore the
local culture within the safety of the resort, participating in activities such as
Fijian art and craft including weaving and pottery, outdoor adventures and
even a chance to join a Fijian choir or try their hand at Pacific dancing! The
new Sofitel resort features a stage by the beach for mini-entertainers to
present their new-found talents to an eager mum and dad audience.
The Pacifics largest free form lagoon pool- Sofitels lagoon pool stretches
the entire length of the resort and features a separate child friendly end for
younger kids. Older children can join the adults in the deep section for PADI
scuba training, the 25m-lap pool, or spa, while at the shallow end water
babes have a spectacular two-storey spiral slide to try over and over again.
Separate Childrens buffet Forget a kids menu. Sofitel Fijis Lagoon
Restaurant offers a complete childrens buffet designed to satisfy even the
fussiest eater on holiday.

Sofitel Fiji for grown-ups

Waitui Beach Club- is the newest addition to the facilities at Sofitel Fiji Resort &
Spa. With a daytime focus on personalised butler service, healthy eating, fitness
and wellness. At sunset the mood and lighting will change to a more vibrant,
party atmosphere where guests can enjoy a range of food and beverage offerings,
sharing platters, tapas, sundowner cocktails and regular live entertainment.
Indulgent Spa facility - So SPA at Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa infuses French with
a touch of Fiji in your spa journey. Guests will experience, impeccable service,
exotic touches and attention to detail. The dcor, reflecting traditional Fijian

Playing happy families

Adrenalin Fiji Sofitel Fiji has teamed with Adrenalin Fiji to help families have
a more balanced resort holiday that involves getting active and seeing a little
more of the sites in Fiji. Adrenalin Fiji offer a range of motorised and non
motorised water sports plus a comprehensive choice of fitness and leisure
activities never before offered by a Fiji resort.
Sofitel Fiji offers 296 rooms including 9 Luxury family rooms. Six prestige
suites are also available, ideal for older families. All guest rooms face the ocean
and overlook Nadi Bay, and family rooms are all conveniently located close to
the childrens pool facilities.
Sofitel Fiji can tailor holiday and activity programs for whole families or solo
thrill seekers that include skydiving, helicopter tours, jet skiing, sailing, mountain
bike riding, beach volleyball, sea kayaking, snorkelling and scuba diving courses.
They can also offer sunset cruises, picnic cruises to neighbouring islandsthe
only limit is your imagination!

origins, combine artfully with European touches that align with the Parisian origins
of the Sofitel brand. The So SPA bures are for individuals or couples to enjoy a
private treatment. Each treatment bure, includes a well appointed air-conditioned
massage pavilion, open-air outdoor shower, imported massage tables and beautiful
Fijian artwork. The deluxe spa bures include a private whirlpool spa bath. So SPA
is dedicated to restoring beauty and balance by delivering individual treatments
and Spa experiences, uniquely personalised for each guest by exceptionally skilled
therapists. Our commitment to wellbeing, focuses on holistic principles, combining
ancient wisdom with modern expertise Private Resort Beach Just want to relax
in the sun? Sofitel Fijis one kilometre white sand beach is ideal for guests to
stretch out and enjoy the tropics the old fashioned way.
Latitude 17 and V Restaurant Sofitel offers a range of restaurants and bars
to choose from, including Latitude 17 - Sofitels luscious cocktail bar- and the
sophisticated V signature restaurant. An ideal place for a romantic or civilised
dinner for two or more!
Retail outlets Sofitel features Fijis finest and International brands at a variety of
resort and retail outlets, all located within in the hotel.
Denarau Golf & Racquet Club Sofitel guests have access to the adjacent golf
and racquet club which offers an 18-hole championship golf course and ten
tennis courts.
Getting married or renewing your vows Sofitel Fiji provides its own beachside
wedding chapel and bridal choir for those bringing the family over for a combined
wedding and honeymoon or anniversary. Special tailored packages are available.
This is the perfect destination for couples renewing their vows or doing it in
reverse and bringing their children to their wedding with a kids club available and
integrated activities to keep the entire family satisfied.


Luxury, Serenity, Tranquillity, Indulgence

4 Nights accommodation packages starting from

*NZD$490 per person

4 Nights in a Luxurious Deluxe Sea View Villa

Full American Breakfast Daily
One 30 minute Back & Shoulder Massage per person
*Travel: 1 July 2015 to 31 October 2015.
Rates are subject to change & Resort availability.
*Rates quoted are calculated based on ROE 9/6/15. Actual Thai Baht rate is THB23,400. | | Tel: +66 (0) 76 363 600

Everything under the sun

Connect with family and friends and create memorable experiences with the new
Sheraton Samoa Aggie Greys Resort.
Find out more at, call (685) 45663 or

2012 Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Preferred Guest, SPG, Sheraton and their logos are the trademarks of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., or its affiliates.
For full terms and conditions, visit

The home of Rarotongas most beautiful
sunset beach weddings, the iconic familyfriendly Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa
and adjacent 4.5 star adults-only boutique
resort Sanctuary Rarotonga-on the beach,
now offer the new DREAMTIME ARURU
wedding package!


All-Inclusive Wedding only $5999!

Sunset Beach Wedding Ceremony ARURU Haven of Love

(includes choice of 4 beautiful wedding locations!) +
Lavish Wedding Reception Buffet Dinner for 30 Guests
(2 menus to choose from!) +
3-Hour Beverage Package for 30 Guests +

1-tier Wedding Cake +

FREE use of Latitude 21-30 private nightclub for into-the-night
after-party (no 10pm curfew!) +
5-nights Beachfront Suite accommodation @ Sanctuary Rarotongaon the beach for the Bride & Groom! +

Wedding Reception Venue Hire (either Blue Lagoon Marquee Return Airport-Resort Transfers on Rarotonga for the Bride & Groom!
or Treetops Verandah Room) +
All for an amazing $5999!

The Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa and Sanctuary Rarotonga-on the beach are both located on the stunning southwest
coast of Rarotonga ensuring that you are able to live your dream of a beautiful sunset beach wedding, right on the islands
best white sandy beach with the sun setting across our sparkling blue Aroa Lagoon, the Lagoon of Love. Pure bliss!


Aroa Beach + Lagoon Marine Reserve | Rarotonga | COOK ISLANDS | P (+682) 25800 | F 25799 | |

Nature created the worlds best lagoon view.

Aitutaki Lagoon Resort created the experience.
Dream Weddings. Heavenly Honeymoons
& Romantic Escapes.
Imagine saying I do on the
champagne sands of your
own private island, right on
the shores of the
Worlds Most Beautiful Lagoon,
Aitutaki Lagoon, as the sun sets
across this magnificent body
of water. A unique destination
to make your big day utterly
memorable and very very special!


All-Inclusive Wedding only $5999!

Sunset Beach Wedding Ceremony ARURU Haven of Love
Say I do with the champagne sands of Sunset Beach between
your toes and the golden glow of the setting sun ablaze upon
the lagoon +
Lavish Wedding Reception Buffet Dinner for 20 Guests
(2 menus to choose from!) +
3-Hour Beverage Package for 20 Guests +
1-tier Wedding Cake +

Wedding Reception Venue Hire (either Oneroa Pavilion or

Flying Boat Beach Bar & Grill) +
Private after-party venue (no 10pm curfew!) +
5-nights Premium Beachfront Bungalow accommodation @
Aitutaki Lagoon Private Island Resort & Spa for the Bride & Groom! +
Return Airport-Resort Transfers on Aitutaki for the Bride & Groom!
All for an amazing $5999!

Aitutaki Lagoon Private Island Resort & Spa is the best wedding location on Aitutaki. Imagine, a private island with
champagne sand beaches, right on the worlds most beautiful lagoon (not the other side of Aitutaki) with beautiful views
of the sunset. If youre an incurable romantic, this is the perfect destination for you! Heaven sent.

Akitua Island | Aitutaki Lagoon | COOK ISLANDS | P (+682) 31 200 | F 31 202 | |

Touch down in our

pacific paradise


Fiji Airways, has been connecting the world to Fiji and the South Pacific for over 60 years.
With a route network that spans 16 destinations in 10 countries, our airline provides
unequalled access to the Pacific through our hub in Nadi. Travellers from New Zealand
can fly to Fiji and beyond to Australia, Hong Kong and USA using Airbus A330 and Boeing
737 aircraft. From Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington to Fiji up to 18 flights a week
offering world-class service in both Business and Economy class. Fiji Airways is also a
partner in the Qantas Frequent Flyer programme and members can earn and redeem
points as well as credit flights towards tier status. Within Fiji, our domestic subsidiary,
Fiji Link, offer services that are reliable, comfortable and competitively priced, with a
comprehensive range of schedules to connect to and from international arrivals.

Visit FIJIAIRWAYS.COM or call 0800 800 178

Defining moments are better when shared

Share once in a lifetime memories with friends and family at your Samoan celebration.
At Sheraton Samoa Aggie Greys Resort youll experience a tropical paradise wedding from our
private pier overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a fairy tale dinner in our traditional Apolima Fale to a
casual gathering on the Lagoon Bay.
Find out more at, call (+685) 45611 or

Racing events
July - October 2015 Events
New Zealand Thoroughbred
Saturday 25 July
Levin Ryder Stakes, Otaki
Racecourse, Kapiti Coast
Saturday 1 August
Grand National Day 1 Estar
Online 118th Winter Cup,
Riccarton Park Racecourse,
Wednesday 5 August
Grand National Day 2
Hospitality New Zealand
Canterbury 126th NZ Grand
National Hurdles, Riccarton
Park Racecourse, Christchurch
Saturday 8 August
Grand National Day 3
Racecourse Hotel & Motor
Lodge 141st Grand National
Steeplechase, Riccarton Park
Racecourse, Christchurch
Saturday 15 August
Waikato Stud Foxbridge Plate,
Te Rapa Racecourse, Hamilton
Saturday 22 August
ITM Interprovincial Race Day,
Pukekura Raceway, New
Saturday 29 August
Makfi Challenge Stakes,
Hastings Racecourse, Hastings
Saturday 5 September
Goodman Fielder Great
Northern Hurdle, Ellerslie
Racecourse, Auckland
HS Dyke Wanganui Guineas
and The OLeary Fillies
Stakes, Wanganui Racecourse,


Saturday 12 September
Merial Ancare Metric Mile
Raceday, Awapuni Racecourse,
Palmerston North

Saturday 31 October
Ricoh Feilding Gold Cup,
Awapuni Racecourse,
Palmerston North

Saturday 19 September
Windsor Park Stakes, Hastings
Racecourse, Hastings

Tauranga Christmas at the

Races, Tauranga Racecourse,

Saturday 26 September
Life Education Trust Raceday,
Ellerslie Racecourse, Auckland

New Zealand Harness

Saturday 29 August
Memsie Stakes, Caulfield,
Melbourne, Victoria



Friday 9 October
Christian Cullen Canterbury
Classic, Addington, Canterbury

Saturday 5 September
Dato Tan Chin Stakes, Moonee
Valley, Victoria

Monday 26 October
The Trust Ashburton Flying
Stakes, Ashburton Racecourse,

Saturday 12 September
Golden Rose Stakes, Rosehill,
Sydney, New South Wales

Saturday 3 October
Sacred Falls Hawkes Bay
Guineas, Livamol Classic,
Linwood Park Spring Sprint,
Hastings Racecourse, Hastings
Saturday 10 October
Team Wealleans Matamata Cup,
Matamata Racecourse, Waikato
Saturday 17 October
2015 Rotorua Plate Day,
Rotorua Racecourse, Rotorua

Australian Thoroughbred
Saturday 15 August
P.B. Lawrence Stakes, Caulfield,
Melbourne, Victoria

Makybe Diva Stakes,

Flemington, Melbourne,

Saturday 19 September
George Main Stakes, Randwick,
Sydney, New South Wales

Friday 23 October
Manikato Stakes, Moonee
Valley, Melbourne, Victoria

Saturday 26 September
Underwood Stakes, Caulfield,
Melbourne, Victoria

Saturday 24 October
Cox Plate, Moonee Valley,
Melbourne, Victoria

Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes,

Caulfield, Melbourne, Victoria

Saturday 31 October
Victoria Derby, Flemington,


Racing Style

Friday 2 October
Moir Stakes, Moonee Valley,
Melbourne, Victoria
Saturday 3 October
Epsom Handicap, Randwick,
New South Wales
Sunday 4 October
Turnbull Stakes, Flemington,
Melbourne ,Victoria
Saturday 10 October
Caulfield Guineas, Caulfield,
Melbourne, Victoria

Australian Harness
Sunday 30 August
Breeders Crown Final, Tabcorp
Park, Victoria
Saturday 24 October
Queensland Pacing
Championship, Albion Park,

Spring Champ Stakes, Randwick,

Sydney, New South Wales
Saturday 17 October
Caulfield Cup, Caulfield,
Melbourne, Victoria
Tadashi Shoji Vanessa Dress $599
BCBGMAXAZRIA Portia Clutch $299

tay on trend and add a touch of glamour to the

upcoming racing season with key pieces from
international designers. Glamour Boutique share with
you the latest in this years race wear fashion forecasts.


Evoke feelings of romanticism and express your innermost

most emotions this race day with touches of anglaise,
brocade and ruffles. A palette of bone, eggshell, snow
and soft sorbets paired with elegant silhouettes will ensure
you stay ahead of the pack.


Update your racing style this season and opt for a fresh
print in bold floral or a timelessly chic navy and white
spot. This paired with low-key accessories and minimal
headwear is your fresh take on lady like.


A classic monochrome ensemble will signal elegance and

sophistication both on and off field this race season. Think
large accessories or a textured fascinator that will have you
standing out amongst a sea of colour and prints.
Pieces pictured available at
1 Kingdon Street, Newmarket, Auckland


Alexandra Parks
Lifestyle Village
gathers real momentum

lexandra Parks new urban development is gaining

significant momentum with people loving the lifestyle
village concept, the central and iconic address and
the fact that quality architecture and urban design
is paramount, says Alexandra Park chief executive Dominique
A majority of the stage one residential component is now sold,
with Ms Dowding describing the ambitious project as the most
significant and exciting transformational step for the Auckland Trotting
Club in its 125 year history of harness racing at Alexandra Park.
Earlier this year Alexandra Park launched 223 Green Lane West,
with over 230 beautifully-appointed apartments now selling fast on
freehold unit titles helped by their double grammar zone status.
Ms Dowding says the attractive and significant Epsom and
Greenlane residential catchment is also creating strong interest from
prospective boutique retailers and some of Aucklands most wellknown and respected hospitality operators.
We are confident this is going to be Aucklands next restaurant
and caf destination with plenty of opportunity for alfresco dining in
and around attractive promenades and public spaces. Many locals tell
us they cant wait for some great coffee baristas to move in and not
to mention more local restaurant and caf choice. Its going to be a
real lifestyle destination, she says.
For Alexandra Park this is all about creating a new heart for the
area - something Ms Dowding said she noticed was missing when she
took up the job of chief executive two years ago.
Whats more, Alexandra Parks decision to bring in Canadian urban
designer Joe Hruda, of Civitas Urban Design has been described as a
masterstroke, ensuring a world-class overall environment. Architects
RTA Studio in conjunction with Sydney-based firm Daryl Jackson
Robin Dyke have also designed some stunning buildings.
What we are offering people here is affordable luxury in a
21st century village. People tell us they love the urban design
and architecture, the beautifully-appointed and generously sized
apartments and the fact they all come with nice high studded ceilings,
great indoor-outdoor flow and plenty of storage. Its quality all the
way and were not compromising, says Ms Dowding.
Their stunning on-site fully furnished display apartment is proving
hugely popular, providing people with an ability to touch, feel and
experience a typical two bedroom apartment at 127m including the
balcony. And unlike other display apartments around Auckland, theres
ample free parking for visitors to Alexandra Park.

The display suite is open from 12pm to 4pm daily or by

appointment. 0800 275 484 |




Always an occasion with Nautilus Estate of Marlborough

breakfast with
The Aromatherapy
Odettes Eatery, Auckland

Sally & Jaime Ridge

Rosie Horton & Annie Dow

Carly Flynn & Belinda Henley

Megan Robinson, Karen Murrell

& Melissa Williams King

Gala FOR The
Teen Project
James, Parnell, Auckland

Giselle Trezevant-Miller
& Linda Pumipi

Helene Ravlich & Jooles Clements

Mitchell Ropati, Emma Warner, Zahria La Varis,

David Grr & Loic Quedec

Phil Cui, Alexandra Wheeler

& Tim Jennings

Michael Sisaengrath & Kham Jones

Alysha Brown, Craig Gibbon, Phoebe

Trezevant-Miller & Richard Brunton

Nelson Patchett
& Ricardo Simich

Dot Pumipi, Phoebe Trezevant-Miller,

Vanessa Green, Angela Stone & Kham Jones

Flo and

Sinead Corcoran
& Ruby Conyngham

Tina Emirali & Jenny Drury

Lea & John Worth

Flo & Frankie girls: Tegwen Atkinson,

Hannah Chamberlain & Courtney Macris

Kelly Langs
latest range
of kaftans
for TVSN

The Screening Room

Seafarers Building, Auckland
Dani Revell & Jacinta Galvin

Lea Worth, Kate Carter,

& Lulu Wilcox

Jenna Moore &

Caitlin Taylor

Katherine Kelly Lang

& Lea Worth

Tamara Martin &

Dominque Zoida

Street Store
Newmarket, Auckland

Josh Bloxham & Jaime Ridge


Katherine Lowe, Shona Wilson

& Maddy Budd

Michelle Dickinson
& Andrea Hammond

Olivia Kinley &

Wilhelmina Shrimpton

Stefanie Roberts
& Alex Leece

Grand National at Riccarton Park

Come out of hibernation this winter
Riccarton Parks Grand National Racing Carnival is
the perfect social event for winter.
Were fortunate at Riccarton Park that we can offer
both stunning views of the racing but also plenty
of warm rooms and sheltered areas to enjoy the
experience, says Marketing Manager Chris Rowe.
Mulled wine, a big infield screen and live music all
add to what is the countrys biggest racing event
of the winter season.
Chris says the racedays are part of a big week for
a lot of visitors Many people like to make a week
of it in Canterbury by visiting the ski fields as well.
We can even assist with accommodation through
our many local relationships, so Christchurch is
the place to be in August.



Take in every second of the racing action with outstanding racecourse views from the Grand National
Stand. Between races, enjoy the live music and the warmth of the inside bars.
If youre looking to entertain a group of friends or colleagues, you can enjoy a day at the races from one
of our winter warmer hospitality packages available all three days of the carnival.


Everything you need for a fabulous day at the races in one handy package. Package includes:
Gate entry and access into the Members Stand Buffet luncheon in the Balmerino Room
Drink on arrival Racebook

Talk to us about booking a Suite. We can tailor the package to suit your group, with
menus starting from just $30 per head. Be quick limited numbers remain.

r i c c a
For more information and bookings please contact Kym, (03) 336 0055 or

N Z $ 8 . 5 0 (inc. GST)
N Z & g lo b a l
b usiness c l a ss
lo unges

The House
that Eye Built


Its a Mans World

Stylish Living at Home Cuisine
Travel to the South

...Youll Want to Lick

Your Plate Clean!

Marriott Surfers

for your dream wedding

Surfers Paradise Marriott

Resort & Spa encompasses
the whole story... provides the opportunity for couples to find

that nostalgic place where they can continue to
celebrate that monumental occasion for years
to come. The resort provides full support to host
the whole experience. We create and tailor our
wedding packages to the couple. We build mood
boards, gather materials, colour palettes and
anything that we can to perfect the story, to help
us interpret who he/she is.

Life in Bloom Photography



#spmarriott #spmarriottwedding

Flowers are what can accessorize and make all

the difference, they are the ultimate accessory.
As a hotel, we are the variable, we understand
what can help enhance your personality, and
flowers have that expressive power.

Contact us about our 2016

custom wedding packages today:

Kouzina Appliances is the home of quality,

international home appliances. Visit
the showroom for exceptional service, expert
advice and the very best of kitchen design.

See more Gaggenau appliances at the Kouzina Appliances

showroom at 155 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland.
Phone 09 377 7822 Email

nd 1010
ue, Auck
So Spa at
ur Aven
ct Harbo
40 - so-s
09 354 74


Melt away winter weariness by indulging in an invigorating himalayan salt back exfoliation, followed by a decadent warm greenstone massage to pamper body & mind. After
your treatment, we invite you to relax in our heated pool, sauna & steam rooms.



So SPAs signature treatments are infused with the essence of Maori lore offering
century-old rituals and traditional therapies, many of which are available nowhere
else in the country, let alone the world. The So SPA menu features traditional Maori
rituals, including the Ataahua treatment and time honoured Pounamu greenstone
massage believed to possess intuitive healing powers.



Eye e

Tologa Bay
Baby Blanket

Blunt Umbrella
Metro $89.00


14 Weddings
22 Eye News
30 Stylish Living
36 The House that

Eye Built
64 Cuisine News
84 Its a Mans World
102 Mr Opinionator
106 Travel to the South

A Must Visit!

ome and be inspired by some of the countrys best garden designers at

this years Auckland Garden DesignFest. This special two-day festival on
November 14 and 15 will feature up to 20 private gardens across Auckland
that are not normally open to the public. Organised by the Garden Design
Society of New Zealand and the Rotary Club of Newmarket, the DesignFest
gives visitors the opportunity to chat to designers in the gardens they have
created. The event will raise funds for Ronald McDonald House, Garden to
Table and the Rotary Club of Newmarket Charitable Trust.
Photo by Sophie Leuschke: Inspired by the great classical gardens of
Europe, this stunning garden was designed by Robin Shafer.


Four Reasons
to Shop at Urban Flowers
Our flowers are modestly priced, in addition we have some great
specials every weekend.
To ensure a constant supply of fresh flowers in our store we buy at the
flower auction every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (if there were more
auctions wed be there) We will only use the freshest flowers for a your
orders (all our price tickets have the purchase date on them) .. so no dead
flowers after two or three days. We will replace flowers if their quality
does not meet your expectations.
Urban Flowers staff are all trained florists with a professional, friendly
attitude. We go the extra mile for our customers.
Selling your home, having a party? Bring your vases into Urban Flowers
well arrange the flowers into them... that way we know the flowers will
sit perfectly in your vase. This is a complimentary service.

OPEN 7 DAYS at 27 Sandringham Road, Kingsland, Auckland | +64 9 849 4036 |


St yle

D es ig n s a n d p at ter n s t h at
a re t im eless , d is cer n in g and
r ic h in t ra d it io n .

B e au t y

U s in g o n ly t h e f in est co t ton
a n d co lo u r s , w h ic h ref lec t
t h e M ed iter ra n ea n lifest y l e,
v ib ra n cy a n d h er it a g e.

Pract icalit y

O u r co llec t io n is s u st a in a bl e,
lig h t weig h t a n d f u n c t io n a l .
Th e b at h a n d b ea c h
co llec t io n s a re h ig h ly
a b s o r b en t , fa st d r y in g a nd
ea s ily t ra n s p o r t a b le fo r
fa m ilies o n t h e g o.

U s e a l i ttl e p i e c e o f
s ma rt Tu r ki s h tr a di tio n
to dry yo u a n d yo u rs.

koza .co.n z

Visit the Gold Coast

Xcat G

old Coa

ach Jazz


st Gran

d Prix


Xcat Gold Coast Grand Prix

Broadbeach Jazz Weekend

Best described as Formula One on the water,

this will be the sixth international race in the
World Professional Powerboating Association
XCAT World Series.

Jazz up your life to the rhythm and the beat

of the Broadbeach Jazz Weekend presented
by The Oasis. The reinvigorated Broadbeach
Jazz Weekend will incorporate a number of
exciting new elements including expanding the
entertainment offering to not only mainstream
Jazz, but to also include more of a fringe, and
family feel. The main stage will be in Broadbeach
Mall, and there will be a host of roving street
entertainment, eclectic street markets and
much more.

The race will run on The Broadwater and

Doug Jennings Park at The Spit will be home
to the innovative and exciting XCAT Central
comprising a Food Bazaar, VIP Experience,
Entertainment Quarter, Kids Zone and Pit Area.
Its anticipated to bring 10,000 spectator vessels
to the Broadwater to witness the action.
Visitors can also enjoy outstanding evening
entertainment from nightclubs, restaurants,
clubs, hotels and Jupiters Casino to art galleries,
Broadway musicals and theatre.
City of Gold Coast is fast becoming the
sporting and events capital of Australia and
looks forward to welcoming the fourth round
of the UIM XCAT World Series- the greatest
motorsport on water.



Its brand of silly, sexy, ghoulish madness still attracts

the crowds and its not hard to see why.
The Herald Sun.


This completely free event will feature

an incredible array of entertainment
including, Wilbur Wildes Blowout, George
Washingmachine, Caxton St Jazz Band,
Galapagos Duck, and, in a festival first, the
ABC kids favourite - Lah Lahs Big Live Band
performing all on outdoor stages and in venues,
along with an array activities for people of all
ages throughout Broadbeach.

ubmerge your senses and

dive in for an evening of
sensuous burlesque, slick jazz
and sizzling comedy, thatll
have you gasping for air! Bloodbath, the
latest vaudevillian spectacle to splash onto
Draculas stage, presents a fast-paced
evening of shock-rock, vampire variety. Its
an insane bouillabaisse of aerial acrobatics,
suicide circus, mind-warping optical
illusions and gender-bending, tummy
clutching comedy.
Experience the zombie puppet lap dancer,
the human syringe experiment, breathing
marble statues, stilted cyborg robots and
a skeleton that strips down to the bone.
Featuring a talented cast of multi-skilled
vampires, set to hypnotic live music, amazing
stage effects and presented in the elegant
cabaret showroom know as Draculas.
A truly unique, must see dining and
entertainment experience. Splash out and
book now while theres still room in the bath!

Th e Trend Setter
W hen you re wea r i n g a n OOZ OO t i mepi ece, you re about fas hi on ; about bei n g d i f feren t ,
a b out a p p rec i a t i n g som et hi n g t ha t s elegan t an d t i meles s . Sport i n g an OOZ OO wat ch, be
p rep a red t o b e st op p ed ever y where w i t h con s t an t compli men t on your s t at emen t t i mepi ece.

Wear your personality on your wr ist. Wear an OOZOO watc h.

Bay of Islands Flying Fish | Auck l a n d Gu s to & Gr ace, Ava-L ee, A rei as , N o . 5 D es i gn , Bi rd
M t. Mau nganu i The Gif t Lo cker | H ami lto n Ch i Ch i D elu xe | B u l l s I n tr i gu e | Wel l in g t o n Creati ve Qu een s gate
Chri stch u rch Avo nhead Pharm acy, Indu stria | P ict o n P o r tal | Arrow t ow n Ogle | Ha mn er S p rin g s Up th e Garden P ath
Ri verton Riverton Pharm acy | Tima ru Ch i lli s & Mo re | Wa n a ka Wo n der R o o m

For e n qui ri es con ta ct sa les@futurepresence. co . nz I +64 (0)9 4435070

Luxury Escape
among an exclusive
natural attitude

eppers Carrington Resort says,

the best way to look at luxury
tailored homes is through the
eye of a breathtaking, natural
and relaxing setting. Situated at the heart
of a 3000-acre estate on Karikari Peninsula,
this Northland region offers an abundance
of pristine, stunning and luxurious lifestyle.
Whether you are visiting for an event,
looking for an adventure or are simply in
need for a fun weekend/week away to rid
yourself of anything but a calm state of
mind, Peppers Carrington Resort has it.
Attraction towards this resort could not
be easier, with an abundance of fun activities
and an idyllic place for the ultimate retreat, the
hardest choice will be planning your day. From
horse trekking to walking, hiking, quad biking,
canoeing, clay target shooting, wine tasting and
the white sandy beaches, the list is endless. A


resort that strives for excellence in meeting

every residents demands. Its easy to see how
even the simplest of things included in the
package deal with Northland like the angelic
white beaches, will always ever bring a bright
smile to any mood or personality.
What could be more perfect than
delving into your weekend with the very
least awe-inspiring natural splendour
of a backdrop that is so unique to this
highly reputable retreat? Whether you are
looking to lounge at the pool or beach,
visit New Zealands nor thernmost winery,
or/and to simply just take a breath of fresh
air, you are welcome.
Once you step foot inside the gates of this
resort, an exuberance of charm, relaxation
not to mention a timeless appeal will be at
the forefront of the welcoming atmosphere.
With a Maori rich culture, a protective

environment for a number of different sea

bird species, and countless hours to spend
doing anything and everything, this is the
ultimate place to be. It is no surprise then,
that among the evolution of this stunning
resort, 12 new houses have been in
development since last year.
Located in Whatuwhiwhi, Karikari
Peninsula, these 12 new houses have
been anticipated with a complimentary
mindset for all guests. Motivations from
the eye catching natural beauty and a
pristine setting, Peppers Carrington Resor t
have engaged with an architect that has
emphasised the local culture for every
single house. Majority of the 12 houses
have 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 2
car parks inside and every house stands
on two storeys. This would be ideal from
a family, to a group of friends or even a

conference group that need an ideal space

for planning. With a floor area of over
300m, or more precisely ranging from 222
m to 368.9 m there is no model space
that cannot be met.
Some of the houses on the other hand
have 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 car
parks inside which again can be ideal for
either tourists, locals or any type of guests.
Small houses could be what you are looking
for. Or, ideally, you might prefer a more
spacious area, running free at your own pace.
It truly is a space that you can call home for
as long as your duration attains. No matter
what the reason or choice in size of the new
houses, you can be assured that excellence in
all things is what flows through the integrity
of Peppers Carrington Resort. Comfortable
accommodation conditions, enjoyable stay,
and a tranquil, fun, adventurous as well as

unique to Northland atmosphere are a few

simple examples.
Peppers Carrington Resort also believes
that a flexible approach behind their interior
design should be stylish, functional but at
the same time aesthetically pleasing and
fun. Selected appliances and furniture are
sourced from internationally reputable
brands but also inclusively local good quality
brand goods within New Zealand.
Among the multifaceted architecture
and interior design, we should not forget
the incredibly designed and constructed
landscape. A panoramic emphasis on
the natural elements added to enhance
everything local, includes different plant
flowers such as agapanthus, canna,
adenadnra uniflora, plumbago, lomandra
and so much more. Of course, it would not
be a harmonic achievement were it not

for the abundance of feature trees such

as callistemon, acacia baileyana, eucalyptus
ficifolia, cordyline australis, pohutukawa
etc. Whether you are looking to enjoy the
beautiful greenery and colourful flowers
during your retreat or are more interested
in studying the natural plantations around
one of the houses, its all here.
Every contribution made, aspires to leave
an incredible impression AND in offering
a front row at one of New Zealands most
impeccably striking regions Northland.
One things for sure, if you are interested
in discovering what makes this place so
luxuriously stunning, what are you waiting
for? Grab your place at Peppers Carrington
resort as wed hate for you to miss out!

+64 9 408 7222


Fairytale Weddings
Vinka Design
Custom Made
Gown $POA

Trousseau Bridal
Charlize Heels

Jessica Bridal Prive

Supernova Brooch $89.99

The Diamond Shop

Radiant and Step Cut Diamond
Engagement Ring in18K Yellow
and White Gold $27, 995.00

Jessica Bridal
Prive Majestic Pearl
Necklace $129.99
Vinka Design

Two Minutes with Jackie

from Cake & Co

ake & Co is the successful new

venture of Jackie King. We
caught up with Jackie to learn a
little about her and more about
her beautiful range of cakes which include
delicious creations for our ever increasing
dietary requirements, without forgetting
that indulgence is key gluten free, refined
sugar free, dairy free and egg free.
Describe Cake & Co in three words? I
know this is more than three words...Hand
crafted with love, indulgent, beautiful.
What is your favourite thing about baking?
Creating the vision in my head and having
others enjoy eating it.
Your cakes are delicious, and we love
how youve focused on the increasing
dietary requirements of society. Why was
this important to you? A few years ago, I
spent three long months on an elimination
diet, trying to find out what was causing
my body to be so unhappy (FODMAPS).
While I found out that I didnt have a major
intolerance to gluten or dairy, I did feel so
much better when I ate baked goods using


spelt flour or gluten-free flours and lower

levels of dairy and sugar. These things were
so hard to find, especially all together. I did
some research and lots of baking and then
had a stall at La Cigale French market for
eight months to test out my products and
got great feedback. So the aim was to create
a cakery that allowed people with all sorts
of different dietary issues to mix and match
their flavours to suit their needs.
You offer decorating classes at your
Ponsonby store.What is your number one
tip for decorating cakes? Organisation and
Can you share any baking secrets with us?
Read the recipe! You can still be creative
and deviate from the actual recipe, but you
should always keep the functional ingredients
the same. Also, know your oven - most ovens
have different temperatures to what is says
on the dial. Too hot or cold can easily ruin a
beautiful cake.
Famous last words? Cake & Co has all the
indulgence without all the guilt!

For more information on special orders,

wedding and birthday cakes and corporate
orders call, email or visit their Ponsonby
store. Whilst youre there try a treat from
their cabinet and see for yourself how
delicious everything is!

2/175 Ponsonby Road, Freemans Bay

+64 9 376 3479

Hire or Buy at New Zealands leading Suit Hire Shop

Specialists in the best fitting Black Tie, Wedding and School Ball suits. \ 0800 372 652

Wines, Vines
and Weddings

s a unique Waiheke treasure,

The Goldie Room is built on
30 plus years of rich history
in innovation and quality. The
brains behind The Goldie Room is chef
and general manager Leslie Posey-Storm.
Leslies romance with Goldie began back
in 2006 when she married her husband
Heinrich Storm, winemaker for Goldie
A true romance story, the pair arrived on
Waiheke Island in 2006 and fell in love with
Goldie, where they began their successful
careers and were married on the estate
shortly after. And what could be better for
your wedding venue? Rolling vineyards, a
private beach and the iconic Pohutakawa tree,
all contributing to an unforgettable wedding.
The style at The Goldie Room is elegant
and sophisticated. They specialise in offering
an intimate, friendly and flexible experience
for boutique weddings and offer a rare
combination: gourmet food, fine wines,
superior service and absolute romance in a
unique and truly spectacular setting.
They only hold a select number of
boutique weddings each year, and specialise
in all inclusive catering for up to 250 guests,
offering a down to earth, friendly and relaxed


atmosphere. You have a choice of ceremony

locations, ranging from a small rustic boatshed
on the private beach, or 360 degree views
from under their iconic hilltop Pohutakawa
Tree. Each setting at The Goldie Room is
unique and beautiful. Whats more is that
they also have a beautiful custom made wet
weather alternative for up to 100 guests.
When it comes to the reception, The
Goldie Room has a modern, spacious and
well lit room for dining and live entertainment.
The room opens out to a covered veranda
and garden area with outdoor tables and
sun umbrellas. Their food is always fresh and
house-made and when it comes to wine; they
use their very own Goldie wine from the
So when it comes to weddings at The
Goldie Room, what can you expect for your
special day? Fresh and abundant gourmet
cuisine? Check. A wonderful selection of
internationally renowned Goldie wines?
Check. A full consultative service and
professional, flexible and friendly staff? Check
and check! You can have all of this and more
at Goldie, just a thirty five minute ferry from
downtown Auckland.


The Goldie Room is situated in Waiheke Islands historic Goldie Vineyard

and not only boasts a gorgeous, acclaimed restaurant but also a tasting room,
conference rooms and makes a fantastic wedding venue.
18 Causeway Road, Putiki Bay, Waiheke Island, New Zealand
09 372 7493 |

Your Day, Your Way

Stephanie & Leon photographed by Alice Doig

Photography by Michelle Hepburn

our wedding is your day. A

day for celebration with your
loved one, family and friends.
One of the most important
things youll have to organize is the venue
it needs to be beautiful and practical,
charming and quaint. In New Zealand if
youre looking for a truly beautiful location,
you immediately think of Onetangi Beach
on Waiheke Island.
Picture it, miles of golden sands, lapped
by the azure waters of the Pacific Ocean,
under the warmth embrace of the summer
sun. Nestled right beside beautiful Onetangi
Beach, and less than 1 hour from downtown
Auckland, The Venue is a stylish and flexible
multi-purpose facility thats idea for anyone
looking to organize a memorable event in a
very special place. The Venue can be tailored
to suit all types of weddings, large or small,
elaborate or intimate. With indoor and
outdoor options, it is a place where you can
truly craft the ideal wedding and reception.
Fully licensed, with bespoke catering
or fixed menu options, The Venue will
host your event with panache and with
flawless efficiency. Owners Helen and Luke
Carter have a wealth of experience and
an outstanding track record in hospitality
and event management so your occasion
can be assured of their absolute attention.
Their team of professional and friendly staff
endeavour to look after your every need
and work with you before, during and after
your event to make sure every important
detail is taken care of. When it comes to
planning, The Venues team has meticulous
attention to detail, ensuring both The Venue
and occasion are how you always dreamed it
would be. The Venue can also help organize
bridal weddings cars and group transport,
wedding dj or bands, beauty therapists, the
list goes on!
The Venue will work to most budgets,
dietary requirements and meet any special
requests that you have on your special day.
Let the team at The Venue deliver your
dream with style and a minimum of fuss.

+64 9 372 3602


A boutique bakery with a

reputation proudly built on word
of mouth, providing edible works
of art that not only look incredible
but taste delicious.
Specialising in custom designed
cakes and offering a truly personal
service means we can create a
centrepiece which is totally unique
and suited to your special occasion
be it your wedding, birthday or
corporate event.

09 238 7007 | |


Elegant Winter High Tea

The Stamford Plaza combines the tradition of English afternoon tea

with a modern twist. Nibble on a selection of sandwiches, pastries,
dainty cakes, freshly-baked scones and a variety of speciality teas,
all prepared by our expert pastry chefs. Invite your friends for an
afternoon of swapping stories and nibbling on delicious treats. Sit
back and relax while we take care of the rest.

Experience of a Lifetime
with Blue Duck Vodka

Lodge for Women Opens

South of Auckland

Ararimu Lodge is a place of peace and tranquillity for women who

need an escape from lifes stressors and pressures. For women who
need a break to address their issues with alcohol or other drugs or the
by-products of stress such as anxiety and depression, the luxury-lodge
services will include one-to-one counselling and group therapy with
an experienced clinician. Other activities for residents will include
walking in the native bush, horse riding, therapeutic massage and other
specialist services if requested.

The lucky winner of the Blue Duck Vodka Rare Trip competition
was Aucklander Josh Whittle. He will be taking three friends on a
once in a lifetime experience to see the endangered Blue Duck in
the wild. The prize includes a self-drive round trip from Auckland in
a low-emission BMW X4, wild food catering and accommodation for
two nights at the Blue Duck Lodge in the Ruapehu District, a thrilling
jet boat ride to the magical Bridge to nowhere and a heli-picnic
accompanied by cocktails and a bit of rare ornithology with an

Eyes Must-Do Events


The Food Show Auckland

Baby Show Auckland

30 July 2 August 2015 at ASB

Showgrounds, Greenlane, Auckland
The biggest of our Food Shows occurs over
four, full-on days in Auckland, including a
specially ticketed Preview Day that lets
a happy few get in first and sample the
incredible selection of food, drink, and
gadgets without the crowd.

21 23 August 2015 at ASB Showgrounds,

Greenlane, Auckland
Every year people desperate for the right
products to help them navigate the journey
from pregnancy to pre-school find them
at the Baby Show. There will a wide range
of free parenting talks and free, all-day
entertainment for young and old .

The Food Show Wellington

4 6 September 2015 at Westpac Stadium,

Waterloo Quay, Wellington
The show that makes Wellington the capital
of cuisine for three days this year includes
Fathers Day, so Wellingtonian dads can
expect to be treated to a huge helping of
fantastic food, drink, and gadgets to sample
and buy.

Diversity in the
by Mary Haddock


s Caitlyn Jenner has been all over lately, I

thought we would use this opportunity to
discuss diversity in the workplace. Theres
obviously something about THIS Mary, and
as a result I have had to work hard to achieve a level of
credibility and overcome the challenges I face in being
who I am.
But if you look hard enough you will see that its likely that
you are in a group of people who were once considered to
be diverse. Consider your current workplace; what do the
staff look like? Which jobs are filled by men or women? Are
there people over 50 years old? Do you see Maori faces,
Indian, or Tongan? What about Asian? Any from the LGBIT
Now imagine your current workplace existing 30 years ago,
in 1985. Challenging if you work in a modern profession, but
you can do it - what do the staff look like now? Which jobs
are filled by men or women? Are there people with physical
or learning differences? Immigrants or children of immigrants?
Those without tertiary qualifications?
What challenges would you have faced being the person
you are today in 1985; or 50 years ago in 1965; would
anyone be hired with an anxiety disorder, unmarried parents
or raising kids alone? Have we gone far back enough for it
to be virtually impossible for you to be the person you are
today in the workplace?
Now consider 2035. With 20 years on the clock, who
will be doing the job you do right now, where will you be
and who will you be competing against, who will you be
Diversity is otherness or those human qualities that are
different from our own and outside the groups to which we
belong, yet present in other individuals and groups. Diversity
means different things to every individual, and is not just
about considering one factor or delving into what makes
us different rather what makes us the same. We are all
human beings.
The world has become a melting pot and in that pot are
a heap of people with the skills and personality to grow your
business; but because they are different in some way they
are usually not considered. Its important to understand how
these dimensions affect performance, motivation, success,
and interactions with others.
Does it matter what gender you are, or who you prefer
to go to bed with, or what you identify yourself as? Who you
pray to, where you are from or what food you eat - all that
should matter is, are you able to do the job?
Business can only grow through diversity, it is the only way
to increase productivity, employee engagement and profit.
What one thing could you do, right now, in your organisation
or practices to become more diverse? I encourage you to
do it tomorrow. You could be making a change that will
impact on that 2035 version of you.

Mary Haddock-Staniland

Mary wears:
Clothing by Annah Stretton
Shoes by Willow Shoes
Makeup by Phoenix Cosmetics
Hair by Dry & Tea
YOYO Furniture
in Ponsonby


Keep your EYE on...

On youre beside table?
Melatonin a good sleep is hugely
important to me, and my phone so I can
listen to my meditation track to shut
down my day and send me off to sleep.
The quality of my bed linen is also hugely
important for me to sleep well.

Fashionista Favourite?
Princess Diana. She would always
wear beautifully tailored suits and a lot
of pastels. I think Diana had a timeless
elegance about her!


Whats your personal style?

Thats a tough one! These days
I power shop. As soon as I get
time, I hit the shops to refresh my
wardrobe with the current in-style
items. I have my classic suits which
have been tailor made for me as they
never go out of fashion, but I like
to buy accessories and scarves that
are current and modern to bring my
look up to date. One of my favourite
shops is Decjuba, which is always
current and affordable. High quality
shoes and bags are also a must, as is
my favourite perfume flower bomb
by Victor & Rolf.


s the owner of Ray White

Epsom in Auckland NZ and with
more than 20 years of property
and legal experience, Heather
Walton has become know as Aucklands
Property Princess. Her knowledge, hard
work and personable demeanor make her an
obvious choice when selling your home.

Passionate about?
Property of course! Property and people
go hand in hand. I love getting a fantastic
result for my vendors and helping them
move on to the next phase of their life.
Im also a huge softy when it comes to
children and animals so wherever possible I
contribute financially or get involved with any
good causes to do my bit for humanity.

Whats on your bucket list?

I want to visit the Giant Crystal caves in
Fondest travel memories?
Probably when my fianc proposed to be
at Ice Bergs Dining Room in Bondi Beach.
It was just before Christmas, all the shops
were gorgeous and we had such an amazing
time shopping, dining and being in love!


Currently Coveting?
I was coveting the new Louis Vuitton
handbag as they go with everything
and anything! But my thoughtful Fiance
Mark got it for me for my birthday, its
perfect for my open homes as its just
big enough for keys, phone and pen.
Last words?
Live like there is no tomorrow,
because there may not be. Live and
conduct yourself on a daily basis as you
want to be remembered. Never sleep
or leave on an argument, remember

Jacqui Clarke
Property Manager

Heather Walton
Owner and licensee sales person

Doubling in Success

hen youre looking to

buy a first home or a
new home, you want
to be dealing with the
best of the best. At Ray White Real Estate
Epsom, this is exactly what youll find.
Operating from their centrally located
Manukau Road office, Ray White Epsom
services the sought after Epsom and
surrounding suburbs. With a team comprising
some of Aucklands most experienced
salespeople, Ray White Epsom know their
business, know their area and above all,
knows what is going to work for you.
As the owner of Ray White Epsom,
Heather Walton has more than 20 years
of property and legal experience under
her belt. Heather loves property and is
passionate about matching people with
their perfect home, its quite simply what I
love to do. The proof is in the pudding for
Ray White Epsom, as theyve doubled in
size in less than a year of having its doors

open which is no mean feat. Whats more

theyve just embarked on a new adventure.
They have added a Property Management
and a Loan Market Broker to their already
successful boutique office.
Jacqueline Clark is the new Property
Manager and her extensive career
background stands her in great stead as one
of the best managers in the Eastern suburbs.
On top of her Masters degree from Otago
University where she graduated with
distinction, Jacqueline has worked as a
legal executive in litigation, in sales and in
advertising. This is as well as spending 12
years running her own business. During
this time Jacqueline owned and developed
personal residential, rural and commercial
properties and for the last eight years she
has turned this love of property into her
profession. I get enormous satisfaction
from achieving the right fit between
landlord, tenant and property. I see my
primary role as a risk manager and careful

tenant placement is core. Requirements

on landlords are increasingly complex and
compliance increasingly important, with the
risks, poor tenancy outcomes and fines a
landlord can be exposed to. Ive always got
my landlords backs.
Jacqueline delivers truly professional
property management with her uniquely
broad skill set, knowledge and depth of
experience. From a full management service
through to just finding the perfect tenant,
Jacqueline loves to help.
The best predictor of the future is the
past and by the looks of Ray White Epsom,
theyre going to go far so keep an eye on this
dynamic duo!

Jacqueline Clark
021 902 654
Heather Walton
021 432 167


Make More Sales

M a rco

Mat tiuz


by Marco Mattiuzzi

o you want more sales for your

business in a hurry? The good
news is its actually quite easy
for most businesses to increase
their sales numbers fairly quickly. In
subsequent articles Ill outline some specific
techniques for making yours or your sales
peoples selling much more effective. But
for now, lets start with the foundation,
Articulating Value.
Your Value Propositions are absolutely
the most critical parts of your sales and
marketing machine and they need to be
developed from the buyers perspective,
not from the sellers, which is why so many
Value Propositions and USPs (Unique Selling
Points) fail.
Business owners and sales managers love
their VPs and USPs; however, prospective
clients dont really care about potential
suppliers points of differentiation unless they
spell out why whats being proposed makes
better sense for them.
And they need to be spelled out using
the same language that one of their own


directors would use if they wanted to

convince their board that what you have
is the best option for them. Unfortunately
most VPs and USPs are informative but not
Thats likely why youre not making as
many sales as you wish you were. Not
articulating value properly and persuasively
is the number one reason that your
prospective customer or client is just not
getting why the product or service being
offered will be of value to them.
The three key words there are value
to them.
When I work with clients we use several
different methodologies to develop specific
Value Propositions to achieve specific
objectives. From small ticket items to
proposals for multi-million dollar deals your
wording needs to be elegantly persuasive
Even for something as basic as setting an
appointment, the rule is; if they wont see
you its because you havent given them
enough reason to see you. And that has
nothing to do with what you want to sell to

them. It has everything to do with the value

they think theyre going to get from meeting
with you, two totally different things.
It does take effort to come up with Value
Propositions that work better than your
existing ones. But even a small increase in
your conversion rates, extrapolated out over
a year, can be pretty significant extra revenue
for your business. Its worth the effort.
One simple starting point for you is,
understanding why your clients went
with your products or services over your
competitors as well as why others did go
with your competitors. The next step is to
understand the language they would use to
validate their decisions.
Getting this wording right is the
foundation for adjusting or developing your
sales talk, proposals and marketing material
so that it will increase your sales and other
conversion rates in the real world.
Marco Mattiuzzi is director of Sales

021 120 9343

Sally Smith

Contemporary art
of Aotearoa
145 Oceanview
Waiheke Island,
p: 02 777 32975


Features perfect roasting and a perfect

baking sensor, 4D hot air system and TFT
touch-display control panel. State-ofthe-art Bosch technology means Perfect
results at your fingertips. PerfectBake and
PerfectRoast functions ensure nothing but
the best comes out of the Series 8 oven. The
4D hot air system evenly distributes heat no
matter where you place the tray. The Bosch
DishAssist takes the guess work out of
cooking. Just choose your dish and it instantly
selects the best temperature and cooking
Harrowset Hall
Voyage Maison Stag
Cushion $175.00

Harrowset Hall
Arcanum Date Palm
Velvet Cushion
From $115.00



Mackenzie Woollen Throw,

made with hand woven NZ
wool. $369.00

Flo and Frankie

Herb Wall Pods

Velvet Noir Diffuser
100ml $54.95 & Scented
Candle 200g $54.95

Mohair Rugs $90.00

Flo and Frankie

Espresso Nostalgia Cup
+ Saucer Set: $11.90

Harrowset Halls
Arcanum Pineapple
Print Pillowacases,
100% cotton
$125.00 pair

Shaggy Bag
Short Shag Bean Bag

3 Piece Tea Set

Designer Rugs
Huxley by Bleux

Furniture and large accessory items are not kept in stock in store, orders can be placed for such items and delivery or a handling fee will apply to these items.
Delivery times and fees will vary, ask a staff member for more details. Due to some of our stock being far too popular, they may become out of stock or limited.

Keep Warm this Winter

with The Sheepskin FACTORY

ocated in the vibrant shopping

and industrial area of Takapuna
and just a ten minute drive
from downtown Auckland is
The Sheepskin Factory; the one stop shop
for all your woolly needs.
Sheepskin Rugs? Check. Cow and Deer
Hides? Theyve got you covered. Warm
slippers and jumpers? Look no further. There
are a thousand and one reasons why you
should go to the Sheepskin Factory.
The Sheepskin Factory loves being New
Zealand made and so they pride themselves
on selling a great range of genuine New
Zealand made products. Their sheepskin


footwear and possum merino knitwear

are all made by established New Zealand
manufacturers. The Sheepskin Factory
understands that everyone is different,
and so are our feet! They understand the
frustrations of finding the most suitable
shape, size and style for indoor or outdoor
wear and do their best to offer a great
selection of Sheepskin footwear for
everyone, at every size, age and shape!
The same goes for their Possum-Merino
Knitwear. Customers can choose from
four luxurious brands; Koru, Lothlorian,
Possumdown or McDonald each with different
styles. Whats even better is that if they dont

have the stock that day they will deliver it to

you within a few days time in New Zealand, or
a few weeks time in other countries.
All of the products and brands at the
Sheepskin Factory are carefully handpicked.
They know their suppliers and deal directly
with manufacturers. Because of this, theyre
able to stand behind their products, knowing
that theyre of high quality. Their products
arent just made for comfort, warmth and
style; their Sheepskin, Possum and Merino
Wool have beneficial properties that are
actually good for your body and well being
in general.

34 Barrys Point Road, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand | +64 09 486 2679
Shop Online at

Gathered from
the Garden

arlier this month Eye Magazine caught up with Hansens Flowers and we
were quickly brought up to date with the latest tips & trends for flowers
in Twenty-Fifteen.
Like our food, flowers too have taken a more organic approach when it
comes to whats on trend. Locally-grown, seasonal, ephemeral and foraged flowers will
continue to be seen EVERYWHERE!
Flowers are moving away from the perfectly rounded and instead are seeking designs
that are more rustic and have that freshly-gathered-from-the-garden feel. Deeper, richer
color palettes have emerged. In one direction, well be seeing designs incorporating
moodier, heartier colors including deep raspberry, merlot, and earthy wine-browns and
in the other direction, well see variations on sherbet tones, including warmer, saturated
palettes of soft orange, peach, coral, and rust colors.
Also get reacquainted with plants! They last a long time and as winter gets harsher, its a
way of bringing the peace and tranquility of outdoors in.
And lastly, an important tip we must share with you; make sure you are properly
cleaning well used vases as they often contain microorganisms that will kill your flowers.
Fill the vase with hot water and mix in a tablespoon of baking soda and one of white
vinegar! Scrub the insides and wipe clean before placing flowers in.

Specialists in
Asian themed
furniture &

COAST Picnic Bag
77 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland.


82 Newton Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland

09 368 1075

Karlsson a world-renowned Dutch clock brand

synonymous with high quality, stunning graphics,
aesthetic shapes and innovative design.



Gusto & Grace


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the House that

Eye Built

Palmers Planet Albany

ecisions, decisions, decisions! Building and renovating

a space is all about decisions. Lucky for you, Eye
Magazine have done the hard work for you and
found the best of the best. If youre in the market of
buying a new home, look no further than Michael Boulgaris and the
team at Boulgaris Realty. Theyve been in operation for the last 25
years throughout New Zealand and excel in marketing and selling
luxurious properties.
Now that youve snagged your dream home its time to get to work!
Eye recommends Hinuera Stone for natural New Zealand cladding,
landscaping and feature stone. Adding durability to your home, Hinuera
provides distinctive good looks and timeless elegance. When it comes
to outdoor furniture, choose Devon Outdoor Furniture because their
innovation and design speaks for itself! They use only the best raw
materials and have a passion like no other. To compliment your new
furniture, head to Real Fires. Since 1998, Real Fires have produced some
of the most technically advanced open gas fireplace designs. So if youre
after romance, tradition or cutting edge, Real Fires can help.
Palmers Planet is where you would head for a variety of reasons to
look through their huge range of garden and lifestyle products, or to
have a well deserved break and meet up with friends and family over
a coffee or a meal. Something for inside or outside the home, Palmers
Planet has got you covered.
Speaking of the inside of a home, Aspiring Walls is one of the
largest manufacturers and importers of wallpapers in the Southern


Hemisphere, we recommend heading there to choose something truly

beautiful from their unrivalled collection of designer wallpapers. For
a splash of luxury in the home, choose a beautiful rug from Designer
Rugs. With a huge collection youll be sure to find something perfect for
every and any room.
Now its time for the finishing touches. The Gaggenau and Bosch
brands have paved the way for new, innovative ideas. Their portfolio
spans the entire spectrum of household appliances from ovens,
through to your daily necessities. Blum is an international company
which specialises in the production of functional furniture fittings for
kitchens and other areas of the house. Their innovative range of kitchen
hardware and organizational accessories helps you to achieve a kitchen
with good work flows, maximised storage space and top quality motion.
Bath and tile is a proudly NZ owned company that has changed
the entire concept of bathrooms. Head to their showroom where
they dont just present attractive bathrooms, they allow you to really
experience bathrooms as they would appear and function inside your
home! For good quality, good service and affordable prices, they are
your go to! For a final touch, we suggest Hot Spring Spas. Why not treat
yourself to a spa? Theyre perfect for every occasion!
Remember that if youre really stuck you can call upon Designworx;
a team of dedicated interior designers who listen and interpret your
visions, helping to create a space that reflects who you are! Happy
renovating everyone!

Greg Natale Carpet - Christian

Well worth the wait, Designer Rugs foray into Axminster carpet enlisted Greg Natale to come up with the anticipated custom carpet
collection, showing a diverse range which can span from classic to modern interiors and made from a rich 80/20 NZ Wool blend.
The striking new carpet collection encapsulates Natales signature style with its repeated geometric patterns, chic monochromes and a
precise, tailored approach. The neutral palette adds longevity to each design and allows their patterns to take centre stage. For those
who want something a little dierent, custom colouring is also available for each design.
Visit our showroom for our ever changing designs.

73 The Strand
Auckland 1010
Ph: 09 300 6116


masters of creating functional pieces of art

ts that time of year where we find

ourselves spending most of our time
inside and consequently many find
ourselves dreaming about updating
our humble abodes. Having the eye for
finer detail and transforming a space into
a functional piece of art, is something
we are not all gifted with (unfortunately)
but thankfully the incredible team behind
Designworx are.
At the forefront of Designworx is
Interior Designer Amanda Neill. Amanda
is the founder and lead designer of the
Auckland-based company. Take a quick a look
at Amanda Neills interior design history
and before long youll quickly figure she
is, without a doubt, one of the best in the
business. Trained in London, Australia and
New Zealand, the award-winning designer
has a resume to be profoundly proud
of. Having used her wealth of extensive
knowledge to teach at The Auckland School
of Interior Design, present at Auckland
Home Show seminars and contribute to
Australasian colour forecasting it is no
wonder she has also been published on
several occasions. You may in fact recognise
Amanda and her creations from her work as
the Interior Designer on the Living Channel
series How Did You Do That?
Behind Amanda at Designworx, are
Alison, Ruth-Ann and Susannah. Alison
for lack of a better word is the backbone
of Designworx, keeping a handle on the
whole Designworx operation. As Retail and
Showroom manager she also oversees much
of the implementation. Ruth-Ann seamlessly
juggles the financial and organisation side
of things whilst Susannah supports in the
clever marketing of Designworx and as
Junior Designer helps to produce the
drool-worthy designs of their coveted
spaces. The small professional team at
Designworx offers a variety of services for
both residential and commercial clients.
You can enlist their services right from
the beginning of the design process at the
conceptual stage of new builds and extensive
refurbishments, or recruit them for simple
design recommendations such choosing
colour palettes. Their approachable and


energetic demeanours mean drawing upon

their knowledge is easy and makes working
with them a delight, which is important when
working in a personal space.
The outcome youll get from working
with Designworx is a space that brings you
excitement and harmony, and provides
functional solutions to your lifestyle. In order
to successfully create this they work to listen

and interpret the clients personality so the

space is a reflection of who they are, resulting
in a personal space every time. If we were to
put the Designworx style into three words
they would be. Fresh, Fun and Eclectic. So
often designers these days seem to be afraid
to inject colour into their minimalist palettes
but Amanda and her team successfully do so
whilst still maintaining a modern aspect.

Have you the chance to visit their studio in

Devonport, we highly recommend you do so.
Not only will you be able to meet the lovely
ladies of Designworx but they also stock a
range of great pieces which are available for
purchase. Launched this year, the Evoque
Collection is a new range of furniture and
home wares that Designworx has brought to
the market. The wonderful mixture of pieces
is best described by the ladies themselves,
Each piece is tailored to those who seek the
extraordinary out of the ordinary, playing on
design principles to create an eclectic twist
and elicit a response. The range features
designs by Designworx as well as other

brands and is ever evolving with new pieces

being added in store daily. The pieces are
created with a certain type of customer in
mind, one whom seeks to be different and
is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. If
this sort of design ignites your inner creator
then we suggest you head to their website
and sign up to their weekly newsletter. Being
a part of the Designworx club gives you an
exclusive first look at products and will help
you stay up to date with their ever evolving
range and the latest must knows of all things
interior design and decorating.
Overall if youre looking for some interior
design expertise or even for a guiding

hand look no further than the expertise

of Amanda and her team. Because simply
put Design provides a vehicle to create
beautiful spaces in the work place, home,
and the living environment. Beautiful spaces
enhance peoples lives by providing them with
environments that make them feel good, and
solutions to living that make life better and in
order to achieve this enlisting a professional,
friendly, knowledgeable team like Designworx
will get the job done to a standard that will
exceed your greatest expectations.

64 Vauxhall Road, Devonport, Auckland

+64 9 445 1098

Amanda Niell


Aucklands Premier Interior Designers

Whether you are building a new home or renovating your work or home environment, we cover all aspects of design to the smallest detail of the
project. We really believe that its all about how a space feels, and every decision on design and functionality should support that.

6 4 V a u x h a l l R o a d , D e v o n p o r t, A u c k l a n d
09 445 1098 /

One of the most successful innovations to come out of the Black Forest.
And a cuckoo clock.

The difference is Gaggenau.

In the Black Forest, some things never change others
have been evolving since 1683. Innovation has become a
tradition for us ever since our company was founded as a
hammer & nail works, along with unique design that is
highly regarded the world over. Such as the 400 series
shown here with oven, combi-steam oven and warming
drawer a combination that unites cutting-edge
technology and premium materials with superior design.
The only thing that stays the same is that they just keep
looking better and better.

We didnt reinvent the wheel.

But we taught it how to cook.
Introducing Bosch Series 8.

Everything you need at hand: our new, intuitive control ring makes cooking
easier than ever. With just a small turn of the stainless steel ring, you can
adjust any of your ovens settings. The TFT-touchdisplay, with its clear and
straightforward design, guides you through the various menu options, to give
you perfect results.
Customer Service: 0800 807 723


NOT the

eeping Kiwi homes warm for 35

years, Wagener Stoves are stoves
designed by Kiwis, for Kiwis.
Owners Barry and Ngaire couldnt
be more proud of their Wagener brand. Their
unique range of stoves reflects their utmost
commitment to design and quality
from the very popular Wagener Sparky,
to the flagship CookTop Wagener
model. Perfect for baches, horse
farms, rural farms, keeping warm
in the winter and for when the power
goes off, Wagener Stoves is a product
you can purchase with confidence. With
a unique style and tried and trusted
products to heat your home and your
hot water, these stoves will cut your
power bill too! So gather your family
and friends together and share in the
warmth of a Wagener.


With 40 years experience, Marbeck Plumbing will look
after your bathroom/kitchen alterations, hot water
services and domestic maintenance and repairs.

021 711 486

Cosy up for Winter

with lu xurious comforters and throws

Harrowset Hall

FREEPHONE 0800 444 522.



Blum showrooms
621 Rosebank Rd,
Avondale, Auckland
27 Dalziel Place,

Perfecting motion made in Austria

The high-quality solutions from Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum
can be enjoyed the entire lifetime of your kitchen and make many
tasks easier. Imagine being right in the middle of cooking and having
the utensil or oil you require right at your fingertips and easily located
in a matter of seconds. Blums ergonomic and intelligent solutions
make tasks like cooking a breeze.


Choose a Breath
of Fresh Air
with the faux effect


ver feel like you just cannot stop staring at all those
lack lustre walls? Well, with Aspiring Walls, one of
the largest wallpaper manufacturing companies in
the southern hemisphere, you wont even have to
tear your eyes away from the wall anymore. In fact, admiration
and perhaps even motivation might come to mind.
Boring? Not with Aspiring Walls. Predictable? No. Time consuming?
Not a chance. Beautifully unique and even personalised? Absolutely!
Whether you prefer the subtle effect, a bold one, looking for
something interesting with texture and character to everything in
between, the faux effect has it. Aspiring Walls has an extensive
range of collections, featuring the on-trend looks of wood, brick,
stone, concrete and even fabric.
No matter what you are looking for, Aspiring Walls has a
wallpaper to suit even the most discerning taste.
Along with so many endless choices, the faux effect enables
for a less permanent and and more cost-effective solution using
Paste-The-Wall technology. Rather than taking on a large scale
renovation project, you can simply apply your paste directly on the
wall and position your wallpaper. When youre ready for a change,
the wallpaper simply peels straight off, ready for you to update
your look.
No damage to your wall and no mess.
So, updating the look will only have one difficult factor
choosing the design that best suits you.


Beautiful Bathroom Ware & Tiles

Bath & Tile (NZ) Ltd is proudly a New Zealand owned and operated company that is changing the entire concept of
acquiring a bathroom. We dont just present attractive bathrooms, we also allow you to soak up the experience of a real
bathroom as it would appear and function inside your home. For this we have created two beautiful Mega Showrooms
comprising as many 35 bathrooms, where anyone can try out the latest products and envision how everything will go
together, from tiles, showers and vanities, right down to the mixers, slides and accessories.

+64 9 263 0145 | 132E Cavenish Dr, Manukau City, Auckland | 7B Douglas Alexander Parade, Albany |


Come and visit our display stand at Stand 17, Home Ideas Centre 165 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland


The Season is Changing

Winter is nearly over and summer will soon be upon us. The question is do you have
your outdoor space ready? Is your outdoor furniture up to scratch? Look no further than
Devon! Specialists in outdoor living, their pieces will transform your outdoor space into
a functional living area.

his season Devon has extended their range of outdoor

furniture with exciting new products that will add
style to any outdoor space. Additions to the 2015
/2016 range include sofas, high bar stools and tables,
round tables, new weave options and a selection of new specialist
outdoor materials.
We are really excited about the new collections that we have
developed this year - John Smith, Marketing Manager Devon NZ. We
listened to our retail partners and their customers to develop new
products to meet their needs. The outdoor space is evolving in both
the way we entertain and the expectation of individuals for transition
furnishings that blur the line between indoor and outdoor. Devons
new sofas, occasional seating and high tables are all on trend with great

design, comfort and a mix of quality specialist outdoor materials. The

extremely positive reaction that we have received from our partner
stores and their staff across New Zealand is excellent.
In addition to the new product developments Devon have also
increased their network of retail partners in Auckland and Mount
Maunganui. Starting in September and running through to December
they will be hosting Devon Days across New Zealand in partnership
with their retailers. Devon Days are offer a great opportunity to view
and try Devon furniture have a glass of wine, take advantage of special
offers and go in the draw to win spot prizes.
For details on Devon Days, Devon Retailers near you and more
info and photos of the 2015 Devon Outdoor Collection visit:

Devon welcomes 3 new retailers in Auckland

Dawson & Co are really excited by the new
DEVON teak collections for this coming season.
Owner Angus Dawson believes the mix of
materials, product range, attention to detail and
style of the DEVON collections presents great
value for customers. In particular the outdoor
occasional seating and sofa collections are on
trend. The palette of premium materials, A
grade teak and upholstered cushions comprising
Sunbrella Natte Fabric and Quick Dry Foam
inserts come together brilliantly on the Milford
Sofa collection. The fixed & modular elements
in this collection can be configured to suit any
outdoor space.


Janis Grindle, General Manager of Bradfords

(stockist of Devon) said it is Our desire at
Bradfords is to provide the very latest in
furniture and interior dcor covering a wide
range of styles. With this in mind we are
introducing the DEVON Outdoor Furniture
collection to our clients this coming season. We
believe that the DEVON teak collection presents
exceptional value for our customers with the
use of premium quality materials and attention
to detail we invite you to visit BRADFORDS
to inspect our on floor displays of the Devon
Outdoor Collections.

DEVON is an excellent Kiwi brand. It has a great

name due to the quality, comfort and durability
of the Kwila dining tables and chairs. Devon
Outdoor Furniture has been designed by Kiwis,
for Kiwis, for over 30 years the products have a
timeless appeal and the brand has built a strong
following says Anthony Chan - CEO Poynters.
We look forward to the coming season and
showcasing our Devon collections. At Poynters,
we stock an extensive collection of the Kwila
dining tables and chairs which have traditionally
been popular with Aucklands outdoor furniture
buyers whom are after quality and a brand that
they can trust.

Available from Devon Specialist Retailers throughout New Zealand



Transform Your Home

and Garden

hen Palmers Planet in

Albany opened its doors
in September of 2012,
Aucklanders said goodbye
to stressful weekends of lugging the entire
family around boring homeware and garden
stores. Set in an architecturally modern
building the new Palmers Planet offers
virtually everything a family might need for
their home and garden in one space. You
can enjoy everything Palmers Planet has
to offer (and now with three stores across
Auckland and Hamilton), somewhere you
can get all things home and garden, whilst
either sipping on a great coffee while the
children play or even over a long lunch with
friends and a glass of wine.
The store offers everything from plants
and flowers, lovely things for the home,
patio or deck, as well as delightful treats for


everyone in the family, right down to the

family pet! You can find everything from spa
pools, barbecues and outdoor furniture, to
home dcor, kitchen and serve ware, health
and beauty products and fashion accessories,
alongside traditional garden items at the
extensive garden centre.
Inside Planet Palmers is a dedicated and
professional florist, who offers fresh market
stems and bouquets to grab and go, or made
to order to suit any requirements. Whats
more is that if youre looking for a gift they
have a huge range of home dcor and gift
ideas, including a fabulous range of retro toys
and games, plus complimentary gift wrapping.
Situated inside Palmers Planet is the heart
of the store, Caf Botannix. The cafe serves
breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea with
seasonal menus. With homemade treats
baked in store daily, there is always something

to tempt you in the cabinets, or stay a bit

longer and pick something from the all day
breakfast menu or delicious lunch menu. Fully
licensed, Caf Botannix offers gluten free
options and the best organic coffee.You can
relax with free Wi-Fi whilst your children can
play in the nearby playground, making it the
ideal spot to relax, unwind and plan your
home or garden renovations all in picturesque
garden surroundings.
So for the perfect way to give your home
and garden that much needed attention,
without the stress of making sure the kids are
entertained and keeping yourself relaxed,
head to your nearest Palmers Planet. Situated
in Greville Road, Albany, in the new Westgate
development on Northside Drive, and in the
bustling Rototuna development in Hamilton.

Palmers Planet is more than a garden

centre; its a fresh living experience!
Offering a huge range of garden and
lifestyle products and providing a great
place to meet with family & friends.

Albany 65 Greville Road, Albany | 09 477 2750

Hamilton Cnr Thomas & Horsham Downs Road, Hamilton | 07 853 0600
Westgate Northside Drive, Westgate | 09 810 8385


Man About
the House

Michael Boulgaris

ichael Boulgaris is a
household name in real
estate, particularly when
selling luxury property in
Remuera and the Eastern Suburbs.
Michael is an encyclopedia of knowledge
for buyers and homeowners and prides
himself on his approachability and jovial
sense of humour. He always has a funny
story to share, not quite as hair-raising as
Agent Annie although he does enjoy the


show immensely!
Its no secret that Michaels core strength
is negotiation. He definitely loves his job and
stresses that theres no need to sweat the
small stuff in such a high profile and pressure
cooker job. The key, says Michael, is to always
listen, find a solution to meet your clients
needs, keep your cards close to your chest
and be sure to share a few laughs and jokes
with the staff during the day.
Michael says dealing with someones

biggest asset has to be taken seriously; the

average Kiwi relies entirely on their property
investment for future wealth and security and
generally takes enormous pride in owning
their own home, achieving a premium
price for them can make a truly enormous
difference in peoples lives- a responsibility
Michael doesnt ever take lightly.
Michael and his partner have 3 dogs which
takes up most of their spare time. Holidays
are difficult when you love your animals so

much. Michaels true passion is equestrian

and he plays Polo in the summer and rides
with the Pakuranga Hunt in winter. With
a passion for property, a hobby singer as
a baritone with weekly tuition, a manager,
mentor and with his love for animals, its
hard to imagine how Michael finds time
to make time for all of his passions and
commitments while managing to maintain
the level of success his name has become
synonymous with.
His office, located in the heart of Remuera
Village at 419 Remuera Road represents a
truly boutique offering where the staff are
always encouraged to ensure exceptional
service is delivered to each individual client.
Unlike some of the larger organisations,
Michael firmly believes that a smaller team is
able to deliver the one-on-one service that is
most sought after today.
Michael says hes up at 4.30am most
mornings, runs to the gym, completes a short
work out and runs home. By the evening he
is tired but manages to keep an eye on his
emails until lights are out. These days, he tries
to avoid social gatherings and avoids the socalled A-list wannabe crowd.
He says part of his success is definitely
having a hard working support team around
him, which helps Michael to maintain a
balance in his lifestyle that few in the industry
ever manage to achieve. Nonetheless, he
still finds himself working 7 days a week if
required to do so!
021 366 366


9 Omana Avenue, Epsom

rand homes that once graced Aucklands prominent

families are todays desired properties and tomorrows
hidden treasures. Seldom do such residences become
available on large land holdings in key residential locations.
To be the next-door neighbor of her Majesty the Queen, New
Zealand residence Government House offers no greater prestige
associated with the high profile location from Mountain Road.
Omana Avenue is also home to the gracious residence Florence
This turn of the century, sold masonry home is truly decadent. An
imposing tree lined driveway leads to the frontage of this double
bay Georgian style-home of magnificent proportions. Four full
height lanterns greet you to the main lobby entrance.

The flat land comprising 3,108 sqm (freehold) being

adjacent to the grounds of Government House creates
an absolute sanctuary amongst the meticulously
groomed and manicured gardens, creating a very safe
environment for young children.
The double entry doors present the welcoming foyer,
which is the centre stage of what unfolds before the
tour, of the beautifully proportioned rooms of the 865
sqm layout, including multiple living rooms and a grand
ballroom/entertainment room.
The 4 metre plus stud height allows maximum sunlight
from large double sash windows, including enormous

bi-folding doors throughout the modern extension.

Character and charm has been retained throughout
the home, ensuring all the service areas have been
completely and sympathetically modified.
This is a serious piece of real estate on a large scale;
discerning qualified buyers can contact the agent for a
private viewing.

Michael Boulgaris
ph 09 520 1192 m 021 366 366

Relaxation takes on innovative options.

The Highlife NXT collection of spas.
Unlike anything youve seen or experienced.
Designed by

With input from BMW Group DesignworksUSA,

the stunning new Highlife Collection NXT spas
represent the future of spa design.

Energy-saving Heat Pump

Reduce your heating costs by 30% or more.
This integrated heat pump works in tandem
with the spa heater and can also be used to
cool the spa for sports muscle therapy.

Remotely Monitor Your Spa

From anywhere in the world, you can set
your spas temperature, monitor filter activity
or control many other spa features using
your smart phone with Connextion.

Sound System with Bluetooth

Enjoy entertainment wirelessly as you wind
down in your spa, by streaming live music
or listening to your own music library from a
Bluetooth enabled device.

Low Water Maintenance with ACE

With ACE Salt Water Sanitising installed you can
cut water maintenance activities while reducing
chemical side-effects with water that is softer on
your skin and gentler on your eyes.

*Some spa pool innovations are available as extras and may not fit certain models.

0800 468 777 |


Suppliers Directory


Hot Spring Spas

0800 HOTSPRING (468 777)

Bath & Tile NZ Ltd

+64 9 263 0145

Devon Outdoor Living

+64 7 575 8280

North Island: +64 9 820 5051
South Island: +64 3 379 4984

Aspiring Walls
+64 4 237 8029

Boulgaris Realty
+64 9 520 1192

Palmers Planet

0800 807 723

Real Fires Ltd

+64 9 444 7331

+64 9 445 1098

0800 245 701

Designer Rugs
+64 9 300 6116

Hinuera Natural Stone

0800 HINUERA (446 8372)


Moa Apple Cider
Available from most
leading supermarkets
and selected liquor
outlets. From $21.99

Ma oves.

WMF Boston
60 Piece cutlery set
Normally $998.00 per set
Special $399.00 per set

Cherries & Pinot Noir Syrup
Apricot & Ginger Marmalade
Central Otago Apricot Jam
$10.00 each

The Honest
Coffee Company challenging New Zealanders to re-think the way they
drink their espresso with a biodegradable coffee capsule
thats just as good for the environment as it tastes. It is the
worlds only 100% biodegradable capsule.

Rare Spirit
New Zealands own Black Robin
Rare Gin was awarded a Double
Gold medal in the distinguished
Best Gin awards 2015! A panel
of expert judges randomly blind
tasted 57 gins and only awarded
medals to super-premium spirits
given top points across the board.

The capital serves up a

culinary festival
Visa Wellington on a Plate is
serving up something to suit
all appetites in 2015. From
discovering new favourite
dishes on a secret dining trail to
enjoying haute cuisine prepared
by prison inmates or foraging
for ingredients for a five course
feast, this years festival is set to
be bigger and more delicious
than ever. Visa Wellington On
a Plate: 14-30 August 2015.
General tickets on sale from 17


We love Naked Locals!

Known for using the best produce from
regions across New Zealand, Naked Locals is
launching two new winter warmers. Hawkes
Bay Cauliflower & Leek Soup with vintage
cheddar $6.49. Franklin Hearty Vegetable
Soup with barley and kale $6.49. Not only
do they provide a wholesome lunchtime fix
or quick evening meal, theyll keep you warm
and snug!

Christmas with

We have one 4.5 kg Croziers Free Range Turkey to give away, valued at
$75.00! Celebrate your Mid-Winter Christmas with Croziers Free Range
Turkeys. These birds are raised on the sunny Canterbury Plains where
they enjoy a varied diet that produces exceptional flavour and tenderness.
Croziers Free Range Turkeys are not available from supermarkets, but can
be ordered from butchers.
TO BE IN TO WIN: Send your name, email address and phone number to Croziers
Giveaway, PO Box 90693, Auckland Mail Centre 1142. Competition closes 10 October
2015. Terms and conditions apply.

Were Marveling
at Marvel Grill

hen you visit Marvel

Grill, albeit for a lunch,
dinner or after work
drink, you can be sure
of a couple of things. Firstly, that youll
be waited on by a team of friendly and
knowledgeable staff, and that youre going
to try some mouth watering cuisine.
Owned by Alisdair Gribben of Vivace
fame, and his partner Wendy Sutherland,
Marvell Grill North Warm is a warm, friendly
gathering place located in Wynyard Quarter.
The restaurant is based on old fundamental
dining values, with a menu that is both
honest and enduring. Essentially, Marvel is
the type of place you want to eat and drink
at least twice a week!
At the core of Marvel Grill is their products,
their story and how they are delivered, with
a real focus on all New Zealand has to offer,
by selecting only the best purveyors and
providing traceable responsible products.
While the spotlight is on meat and where it
derives from; showcasing farmers with passion

and devotion to their animals, Marvel also

showcases other fine products offered
around the country.
With Aucklands most spectacular
waterfront views on display, dining at
Marvel is all about the experience. Marvels
kitchen design is a significant part of the
establishment, and is a feature that conveys
the vibrant and meaningful concepts
created. Two char grill sections bring light,
theatre and wonderful smells to the diners
where they may casually observe at close
hand the chef s preparing their meals.
Customers are not only buying food and
service at Marvel; they are buying a sensory
As a gathering place where the food
and beverages constantly deliver, Marvel
Grills service is personalised, attentive and
knowledgeable. The restaurant is pure in
its delivery and will be a spot youll return
time and time again.

+64 9 377 8828


Only Delmaine
Eye Undercover...
Our Eye Magazine food critic went undercover to find out a bit more about Delmaine
and its competitors when it comes down
to one of our favourite foods, Baked Beans.
Competing brand Watties has always been
at the forefront of kiwi culture, its been the
go to healthy option for kiwi families and
because of this, Watties has been a brand
that weve trusted and respected. But as we
looked a bit closer, we compared Watties
Baked Beans to Delmaine Baked Beans and
found that one can of Watties Baked Beans
had 8 teaspoons of sugar! Unbelievable! And
definitely not as healthy as we would assume!
Delmaine on the other hand doesnt sweeten their Baked Beans with sugar, they actually
use apple juice for this purpose and the re-

ith a continually
growing reputation as
one of New Zealands
leading food suppliers,
Delmaine is your best choice when it
comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The brand has a wide variety of products
which feature in over 35 food categories
and stands tall in all aspects of excellence.
Delmaine takes an interest in how people
dine, how they eat, what food choices they
make, and make sure their creations are as
perfect, healthy and tasty as possible.
For over twenty years, Delmaine food
products has been synonymous with
quality and authenticity. Its a widely
recognised name and you see the range
everywhere on supermarket shelves.
They are a wholly New Zealand owned
company and proud of it! Current owner
Rick Carlyon states that three quar ters
of Delmaine products are manufactured
in New Zealand, We manufacture more
than we impor t and we expor t nearly as
much as we impor t. Were incredibly proud
that a lot of what we make is created from
quality New Zealand produce.


sult is delicious and half the sugar! Our next

Because of Delmaine, kiwis food choices
have changed, they are now familiar with
so many different styles of food and cuisine,
everything ranging from fresh sauces, dips
and pesto, antipasto mixes, fresh pasta and
soups to syrups, toppings and even fresh
bread. Delmaine has every aspect of your
meal prep covered.
The company is under a constant process
of evolution; theyre always looking for new
product lines and exploring the possibilities
of new varieties and ways of doing things.
We spoke to Sales and Marketing Director
of Delmaine Nicky Morton, who explains
that their philosophy is simple: basically
our philosophy is that if we wouldnt feed
it to our kids or eat it ourselves, why would
we try and sell it to our customers? This
proves to kiwi customers; the brands
dedication to quality, commitment to their
customers and ensures they maintain the
integrity of their brand.
So next time were off to the supermarket,
we know which brand well be choosing. For
us, its only Delmaine.

experiment was the taste test. We made two

meals of a kiwi favourite, baked beans on
toast (one Watties, the other Delmaine) and
fed it to our Eye Magazine staff. We asked
our guinea pigs to describe the differences
and they concluded that Delmaine tasted
better; savory sweet, tasty sauce and rich in
texture, oh and healthier for you!

for Smart

ave you heard of Gifted

Cookies? Well if you
havent, you need to read
this. How many times have
you struggled to find an easy to order gift
that is sure to be received with absolute
delight? Well we have found the answer to
your prayers: Gifted Cookies.
Gifted Cookies are the perfect gift to send
and receive! Gifted is the brainchild of Auckland
based couple, Philip and Hannah Hutton. It
began with the idea of creating a product that
you, the customer, would feel immensely proud
to give, whether it was for your friends and
loved ones or for corporate gifting. It wasnt
long before the married duo were struck with
the idea of beautifully gift boxed artisan quality
Armed with the idea, the next step was
to create the perfect cookie.Their quest was
to create unique, new cookies that were so
mouth-wateringly good that theyd be unlike
anything people had experienced before. So,
after 3 years of recipe refinement, thats exactly
what Gifted came up with.Their flavors include
White Chocolate and Orange, Dark Chocolate


Mint, Choc-a-block, Anzac, Hot Chilli Choc,

and Salted Caramel and Peanuts and theyre
Made in New Zealand, and crafted by
people who care about what goes into their
food, these cookies include only the freshest,
finest and most amazing ingredients. And not
because this is what youre supposed to say, but
because its important to Gifted.
The six different cookies include only natural
ingredients. Gifted also believes cookies arent
meant to sit on shelves for months so no
nasty preservatives.They believe truly fine
cookies are always fresh, full of high quality
ingredients like premium chocolate and real
butter. Gifted cookies have complex textures
and natural flavours. So the result youll find
when you wrap your mouth around one of
their heavenly creations is truly fine cookies which make truly fine gifts.
Gifted takes care of all the components that
make a great gift; from the choice of 11 original
gift cards and pre-loaded message selections,
to the 5 designer gift box options, and the not
just a brown courier box -so your gift recipient
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arrives at their door. And Gifted delivers NZ

wide overnight!
Philip and Hannah have years of experience
in gifting - and it shows! Gifted really is the gift
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The price point also makes it easy to
justify even the smallest reason to send a gift
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although its super simple to order, youre still
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quality gift that has been made with love on
your behalf.
So dont be a silly cookie. Next time youre
gift hunting, take the stress out of finding the
perfect gift and visit to see for
yourself why Gifted is the place to turn to
when you want a gift that turns heads.
PS: the Salted Caramel and Peanuts really is
to die for!

The gift everybody loves!

The perfect way to say thank you.
Theyre instant pleasers, wonderfully gift
packaged, made from premium ingredients,
delivered fresh, with a designer gift card
including your own personal message.
No order is too small to get our personalised
attention, right down to your choice of 11
personalised designer gift cards in every gift box.

Troy Reid, Kate Williams, Carlos Atkinson & Philipo Christou

Flame Foodies

he team at Flame Tree

Catering pride themselves
on their ability to provide
innovative catering solutions
of exceptional quality, no matter the
size or nature of your function or event.
Flame Tree is led by the very experienced
Troy Reid, who has 12 years experience
under his belt. Working alongside Michelin
Star Chefs in some of Londons finest
restaurants, Troys expertise, innovation
and passion for cooking is a recurrent
theme throughout the senior team at
Flame Tree and is reflected in the catering
they deliver.
Staying true to their buy local philosophy,
Flame Tree source their ingredients from
local suppliers wherever possible. This
enables Flame Tree to show the very best
of what the region has to offer, whilst at the
same time, increases awareness, appreciation
and knowledge of good food among their
customers. Eye Magazine sat down with
Managing Director Troy Reid and Head Chef
Carlos Atkinson to find out more about
Flame Tree...


What do you love most about cooking?

Being able to be creative as well as
experimenting with new products and
flavour combinations

What is the most popular dish you create?

Would probably be the degustation
menus or sit down dinners...
Amuse Bouche
Medjool Date Cigars

What is your favourite type of food?

I love all food! However my favourite food
to work with is Asian cuisine as the flavour sets
are so subtle, fresh and bold at the same time.
What are your three tips when it comes to
catering an event/function?
Its all in the planning and the fine
details of a particular events. What is most
important is making sure that you connect
with your client and understand all of their
needs and requirements. It is vital that the
client feels at ease with your approach, they
must feel confident about your abilities.
What type of events or functions do you
cater for?
We cater for absolutely everything from
V8 Supercars, Weddings, Corporate Events,
Directors and Boardroom meetings. Private
birthdays and engagement parties, at home,
at the office, or at a particular venue.

Smoked beetroot, honey noodle, goats cheese mousse and


Salmon Ceviche

Radish, avocado, citrus segments, puffed rice and crme fraiche

Tuna & King Crab Involtini

Chili jam, kaffir whip, radish, puffed rice, soy and wasabi caviar

Palette Cleanser
Smoked Duck Breast

Cauliflower, pickled rhubarb, vanilla crumb and confit duck

Sous Vide Lamb Loin

Pea puree, Medjool dates, potato galette and mint jelly

Pre Dessert
Tiramisu Revisted

Coffee cream, mascarpone mousse, coffee whip and gel

Whats next for Flame Tree Catering?

We have a very big year ahead with
University Graduation Events, awards, dinners,
conferencing and televised sporting events.
But we are also looking to acquire new venues
and build our brand in collaboration with
other reputable and well known brands.

with parsnip puree, braised

shallots and pickled beetroot

Duck Confit
Ingredients: 6 cups of duck fat (melted),
1 sprig of thyme, 2 bay leaves & 3 cloves
of garlic.
Method: Place the duck legs in a deep
oven proof dish. Add the remaining ingredients to the duck dish and cover tightly with
foil. Confit in the oven set at 150c for 3
hours or until tender. Carefully remove the
duck legs and sear in a hot pan to get a golden colour. Keep warm until ready to serve.
Parsnip Puree
Ingredients:1kg of parsnip (peeled and
chopped),150g of butter, 1 onion (sliced),
400ml of milk, water to cover, salt and white
pepper to taste
Method: Melt the butter in a heavy based
pot and add the sliced onion. Saut until
soft then add the parsnip, milk and enough
water to cover. Simmer until soft then strain

Chef Carlo
s Atkinson

the parsnip reserving the liquid for blending.

While the parsnip is hot blend until smooth
adding the cooking liquor and some extra
butter as needed. Season and serve.
Braised Shallots
Ingredients: 500g of shallots, peeled and
sliced in half, 6 cloves of garlic (peeled), 2

sprigs of thyme, 2 tablespoons of brown

sugar, 50m of olive oil, salt and pepper
Method: Place all ingredients in a roasting
tray and mix to combine. Roast in the oven
pre-set to 180c for 20 minutes or until soft
and golden.

Catering : Venues : Events : Functions : Weddings

Besos Latinos

TEL: (09) 3030217
OPEN TUE TO FRI 12 - 2pm
SUNDAY 12 - 3pm & 5 - 9pm


In the Meadow

Welcome to Meadow, your new local

uckland is quickly becoming a hot spot for the foodie

culture, with new eateries, restaurants and cafes
opening its hard to keep up, let alone choose a spot
for brunch! But we have found Meadow, a hidden
treasure in Meadowbank, which is quickly becoming a home away
from home.
Located in what was formerly the Mint Caf and garden, right
amongst the Meadowbank shops is Meadow, the sister restaurant
to 46 & York from owners Dana Johnston and JP Schmidt. The
establishment boasts a friendly vibe where the community can gather
to share the days war stories over quality bistro fare and a decent
cocktail. Meadow is simply Dana and JP taking neighborhood dining
to the next level.
Welcoming and comfortable, Meadow has an elegant interior,
expansive courtyard and cozy outdoor fire. The courtyard provides
cozy pockets for small or large groups to gather underneath the
shade of trees and umbrellas or by the big lemon tree, whilst inside
the feeling is comforting and relaxing to customers planning on


staying for a while.

When it comes to food, Meadow has a farm to table approach.
Meadows newly appointed Head Chef; Stephen Smith has
supporting ideals, with recent background at rural restaurant in
Kumeu - The Tasting Shed, as well as a wealth of accumulated
experience abroad in Australia and France.
Meadow hosts its own farm out in Clevedon, growing fresh and
seasonal organic produce which forms the backbone of the Meadow
kitchen. Because of this, you know that whatever you choose of
the extensive menu, will be fresh and organic. The wine list is also
well chosen and almost everything is available by the glass. They
also have house brand beer on tap along with imports and ciders
accompanied by an imaginative cocktail list following the same Fresh
mantra, with a whole section fittingly dedicated to different variations
of Bloody Marys.
Meadow is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in
between, and promises to satiate your gastronomic leanings.

AVA I L A B L E S U N D AY S F RO M 1 2 T I L L 5 P M AT O S T RO B R A S S E R I E & B A R


Sunday afternoon roasts are

back at Ostro - all the classics,
with all the trimmings, all $38.
Or, pre-order 48 hours ahead
and well prepare a whole
Canterbury beef fillet Rossini,
min 4/ $48 p.p. Settle in for a long
lunch and relax with live jazz
from Ol Greenhorn. Make the
most of Britomart all day parking
for only $6 till 4pm.
To make a reservation:
+64 9 302 9888

Welcome to Dough Bros

local goodness, handmade in hamilton

n less than six months, Dough Bros is

already the talk of the town. Bringing a
tasty new lease of life to the former site
of Barzurk at 250 Victoria St, just next
door to Mexico, Dough Bros craft delicious
culinary creations by hand. Dough Bros is all about
wholesome food done properly. Bringing food
and friends together in a beautiful, relaxed setting.
With their declaration of being, Handmade in
Hamilton - they celebrate the foodie culture of
the local area, sourcing as many of their ingredients
from local markets and producers as they can. The
vibe at Dough Bros is modern, but its an eatery
with a warm welcome. With a casual, lively and
informal atmosphere, it makes for a great spot to
enjoy drinks and share plates after work, catch up
with friends over slow cooked deliciousness, host
corporate lunches or a spot to hire as a beautiful,
spacious location for events.
Their incredible menu (the pizzas are to die for)
is paired with a top notch drinks list that features
such goodies as house made mulled wine and
delicious Bootleggers craft sodas.
Reasonable prices, outstanding service and
friendly, knowledgeable staff all complete the Dough
Bros experience, making it an absolute stand out.


431 Airport Road, RD 2, Tamahere, Hamilton, 3282, New Zealand | +64 7 858 4001 |

Foodie Fandom

s a force to be reckoned with

within Aucklands foodie
scene, The CUT on Federal
within Rydges Auckland hotel
is a stylish competitor. Located on the
ground floor of the hotel, The CUT has a
proud and enviable reputation as one of
the finest restaurants in Auckland.
The restaurant has a particular focus on
the finest CUTs of beef, char grilled to your
liking. But its not just the beef we should be
raving out. The CUT specialises in producing
exquisite dishes crafted from the very best
of New Zealand produce. Whether coming
from the lush green pastures or the deep
blue ocean, the CUT ensures that each bite
is packed with natural flavour and texture
tailored to excite and satisfy the most
discerning in critics.
When people go to The CUT they
remember the Grill offering, where you
can select your preferred cut, accompanied
with your choice of condiments and sides
to create the perfect, mouth watering
combination. Meals are delivered on the
traditional butchers block, something thats
fabulous and sure to impress.
After 10am , The CUT serves New


Zealands finest wines and beers along

with an extensive selection of international
varietals and tapas to share. Or you can head
to the private dining room, which seats up to
18 guests. With a chic dcor of lanterns, gold
walls and turquoise silk cushions, the private
dining room has warmth and elegance;
perfect for an intimate experience for two
or for a more social engagement of up to 18,
with menu selections designed to suit.
Another option is The CUT Lounge Bar,
a place to sit back, slow down and relax, to
be coaxed into your happy place. Edgy and
full of style, yet relaxing at the same time, the
Lounge Bars charming hosts will give you
the individual attention you deserve. Their
impressive knowledge of the extensive food
and wine list ensures youre well taken care of,
so whether youre in the mood for a Mojito
or an ice cold Heineken, youll know that each
drink is prepared with passion and care.
So when it comes to impeccable
hospitality and service from a team of
professionals that live and breathe their
industry, then youve made The CUT on



+ 6 4 9 375 5966
the c u ton fed er a l. co . n z

W r a p y o u r sel f in l u x u r y. . . es c a p e t o D ela m o r e



ucked away in the secluded Owhanake Bay on the

picturesque Waiheke Island, the Delamore Lodge

offers one of the most stunning luxury accommodation

in the Auckland region. Moulded around the hillside

to resemble the shape of a Maori fish hook, Delamore

Lodge offers supreme cliff top views and unsurpassed

luxury service.

Far from the impersonal anonymity of an international

hotel chain, Delamore Lodge is a boutique hotel

offering the best luxury accommodation Auckland has

to offer. Whether you need a romantic weekend away,

or are planning a wedding, honeymoon, corporate

event, conference or launch, the Delamore Lodge will

ensure you have a memorable stay.

83 Delamore Drive, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

+64 9 372 7372 /

Serene, stylish,
sexy and just a
little bit posh.

Five star lakeside

boutique hotel.
Sophisticated, luxury
right on the edge of
Lake Rotorua with
a backdrop of
mature gardens.

171 Kawaha Point Road,

Kawaha Point,
+64 7 346 3602

S ta m f o r d P l a z a A u c k l a n d
e x c e p t i o n a l i n e v e ry s e n s e

a S e n s e o f L u x u ry



P erfec t for those who n eed a little lu x u ry,

or even a lot of lu x u ry.
D r i v e i n . . . u n wi n d

a S e n s e o f I N D U L G EN C E



T he co m ple te ro m ance expe rience, with tho ugh tf ul

and innovative to uche s that are sure to de light yo u a n d
enco urage yo u to snuggle up and get clo se.

D r i ve i n w i th comp limen ta ry va let p a rkin g . Un wind

i n yo u r ro o m w ith a ccess to ou r hea ted in d oor p oo l,
s a u na a nd s p a pool. B rea kfa st a n d a la te check ou t are
in clu ded.

With so f t m usic playing and ro se petals scattered

acro ss th e bed, e nte r a ro m antic candle lit ro o m th at h a s
be en set up to prov ide a stage fo r ro m ance.

Di n e i n . . . u n wi n d

Ch illed bo ttle o f Fre nch Cham pagne .

Se lectio n o f canape s and ch o co late-dippe d
strawbe rrie s.
Exo tic bath and to ile try pro ducts.
A boxed bo ttle o f wine with a perso nalise d m essage
labe l.
In ro o m bre ak fast.
Exte nded ch e cko ut.
Co m plim entary valet parking fo r o ne car.

D i ne i n w i th a two cou rse men u in ou r K n ig hts

res ta ur a nt. U nwin d in you r room with a ccess to our
h ea te d i nd o o r pool, sa u n a a n d sp a p ool. B rea kfa st and
a l a te check ou t a re in clu d ed.
I n d u l ge . . . u n wi n d

I nd u l g e w i th a two cou rse din n er in ou r K n ig hts

res ta u r a nt. U nwin d in you r su ite with a ccess to o ur
h ea te d i nd o o r pool, sa u n a a n d sp a p ool. B rea kfa st and
a l a te check ou t a re in clu d ed.

a S e n s e o f O C C A S I ON




S i t b a c k , re l a x a n d en j oy ou r wa rm hosp ita lity and

d e l i c i o u s va r i ety of su mmer a n d win ter fa vou rites with
o u r fa mou s Au ckla n d Hig h Tea .
S i p o n a cu p of the fin est tea s while sa vou rin g
d e l i c a te l y m a d e fin g er sa n dwiches, d electa b le sco ne s
a n d min i sweet trea ts.
T h e p e rfe c t ex cu se to ca tch u p with frien d s or to
c el eb r a te tha t sp ecia l occa sion with loved on es.


a S e n s e o f EN J OY M EN T
K n igh t s o n A l b e r t Res t a u r a n t

Featuring a de licio us buf fe t bre akfast, gre at lunch

and an exclusive a-la-carte evening m e nu.
K a b u k i Tepp a n y a k i Res t a u r a n t
E legan t an d th eatr i cal, co m b i n i n g th e b es t pro du ce
w i th th e plated elegan ce o f Japan es e cu i s i n e.
K n igh t s L o b b y B a r
A s ty li s h place to relax i n th e h ear t o f th e ci ty.
G r a ssh o ppe r Th a i Res t a u r a n t
I n fu s i n g tr adi ti o n al an d lo cal i n gredi en ts to fo r m a
b eau ti fu l fu s i o n o f tas te.

FOR RE S ERVAT I ON S P H ONE + 6 4 9 3 0 9 8 8 8 8 OR E M A I L RE S ERVAT I ON S @ S PA K . S TA M FOR D . C O M . AU

2 2 - 2 6 A L B ERT S T REE T, C EN T RA L AU C K L AN D , NE W Z E a L AN D W W W. S TA M FOR D . C O M . AU
Reservations are essential. Unwind packages available on weekends only. Accommodation and packages are subject to availability. Price is based on twin share, 2 adults per room.

E xecutive

Chef Kedar


Five-Star Twist

xecutive chef at Urban Turban Kedar Anthwall hails

from a town in India where 80% of the population
go into hospitality. He demonstrated such passion
and talent he was invited to work for the Taj chain,
including the 5 stars Taj Mahal Palace and Tower restaurant,
synonymous for grandeur and luxury, host to dignitaries and
eminent personalities. After over a decade honing his craft around
the world, he came to New Zealand and loves introducing Kiwis
to the fresh, authentic and unique flavours of Bombay tapas style,
perfect for sharing.
What inspired you to become a chef?
I always wanted to be a chef. The majority of my village went into
hospitality as a trade and something I felt destined to become.
How did you end up in Auckland, working as Executive Chef at
Urban Turban?
I was running a restaurant in Dunedin alongside my brother for
several years. Then I wanted to stretch my capabilities and cater to a
wider market. I joined Urban Turban in 2013.
How is Bombay street food different from typical Indian food?
Bombay (Mumbai) is the most populous city in India, made up of
people from all parts of South East Asia, each bringing their traditional
flavours and tastes. The mingling of so many different cultures created
a culinary style unique to the city. Our Pav Bhaji and Chicken 65 are
some of the signature dishes of Bombay.
Do you cook your main courses from scratch?
Absolutely - even the simplest ingredient like a garlic paste is made
by grinding fresh garlic.
Where do you source your ingredients?
Almost all the ingredients we use are local; we do have some
imported dry spices.
How do local ingredients change the dishes?
They do and sometimes vastly; so every new dish has to be tried
several times by the team, with collective feedback determining its
Whats the best tip you have after years of cooking at a 5 star level?
Enjoy the process right from the selection of your ingredients.
What is your signature dish and why?
Our Braised Lamb Shank. Its a long process to prepare and it
cooks for hours at low temperature but the thrill of uncovering it
makes it my favourite.
What is your secret to a great curry?
Balance is the secret to any dish, not just a curry - its all about
balancing the equipment, temperature and ingredients.


How does the Kiwi palette influence your dishes?

It took around six months for me to gauge the Kiwi palette and
understand the subtle flavours that New Zealanders like in their
Indian food.
Youre a vegetarian, how do you cook meat?
At the restaurant I am always going to be surrounded by and
cooking meat. As a chef I have to sample the dishes but for taste you
just need your tongue and your brain.
What do you miss about Mumbai?
The pace - Mumbai is life in fast forward!

+64 9 3099990

See you at the

3rd November

ow often have we said to ourselves, I wish I had more time for myself? Life
is becoming increasingly busy for men, so Eye has sought the best options for
men to take some time out; from hitting a few rounds of Golf at Formosa or
checking out the Lancer Industries boats. When it comes to retail therapy,
Eurostyle and Strangely Normal is your go-to. Jeffersons Whisky Bar on Fort Lane is the
place to be, where you can sample one of their 500 + whiskeys! Or indulge in the latest
craft beer trends at Home Brew West. You can bond with the lads at Driven Shooting
playing archery or visiting the air rifle range! Whatever it is, make sure you take the time
out, to enjoy the things you love and lead a balanced life.

its a


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Get Serious About Shooting

n 1990 Serious Shooters started

out as a small retail shop attached
to one of the owners professional
photographic studio. The owners
decided that there had to be a better way
to retail firearms in New Zealand; you
either had fishing and hunting shops who
were only partially interested in firearms,
or specialist gun shops, who were only
interested in lining their own pockets. The
service from the two options were patchy,
where only certain goods were available
and only the ones they decided for you.
Thus, Serious Shooters the Gunshop was
created in 1993.
The business has grown immensely since
its original days in Penrose and in late 2011
Richard Munt took over the shop. Richard
wanted to modernise and improve the
systems at Serious Shooters, while at the
same time, keep the shop well rooted in its
original concept of the best products, best


guns, best prices and best service. In mid

2014 they moved to just up the road at 726
Great South Road and the new location
boasted an even larger rifle and shotgun
room, dedicated handgun room, more
products and plenty of parking.
The new shop called for a gun room
like no other, they wanted it to be well laid
out so the firearms were easily accessible,
easily visible and shown to customers in
an aesthetic way. With a separate room
for restricted firearms, Serious Shooters
achieved what they believe to be the best
gun shop!
The staff at Serious Shooters are all keen
users of firearms, whether it be through
competitive shooting, small game hunting
or getting out there and really going for the
big stuff! Each is knowledgeable and boasts
a range of specialist talent. Because of this, it
allows them to provide hands on first-hand
product knowledge including competition

pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting, ammunition

reloading, big and small game hunting and
possum trapping; they really know their stuff!
Throughout the 22 years that Serious
Shooters has been in play, theyve proudly
served and supported New Zealand
shooters and hunters. Theyve sponsored
a range of shooting clubs and hunting/
outdoor events, in order to keep the sport
alive. Whats more is that theyre continually
seeking new and different products for the
shooter, developing business from all angles
to best serve their customers. They even
manufacturer, or have made for them, their
own case lubricant, tumbling media, tumblers,
cleaning accessories and gun cases. Open 7
days a week, Serious Shooters is your one
stop shop for all your firearm needs.

726 Great South Road, Penrose,

+64 9 579 3006

Outdoor Connection
Padded Super Sling



Ruger MK3
22LR Target
SS 5.5

A fantastic
shooter for
possum, rabbit
hunting, and
target shooting.
Available in
22lr 17HMR
& 22 Magnum.
Priced from

Choice FP-10


MC7 Extra
340g Aerosol

Samson AR-15 components

starting from $29.99

Samson Manufacturing USA is a premier

manufacturer of firearms parts and accessories,
specializing primarily in the AR-15 market. Samson
utilizes state of the art engineering and CNC
machining techniques to ensure that all of their
products not only exceed industry standards but
set them. We carry a full range of Samson Keymod
tactical rails, forends, and AR accessories.


Cleans, lubricates and protects your investment.

Out performs Teflon based products. Reduces
friction and wear. Protects against metal damage.
Eliminates most malfunctions. Minimizes lead and
copper buildup. Full range of solvents cleaner
and degreasers available.

Jaeger-10 Rifle

starting from $1499

Trijicon Optics
Utilised internationally by military, law enforcement,
hunters, and competitive target shooters alike.
Trijicons revolutionary aiming systems feature a
range of illuminated reticles, which allow for quick
target acquisition, and for low-light shots to be
taken with confidence. We stock a range of ACOG
(Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight), RMR
(Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) & AccuPoint rifle
scopes. Priced from $999.

Dillon Precision Reloaders

The Dillon XL650, RL550, and Square Deal B are simply

the best ammunition reloading machines ever. If you are
a novice reloader these machines are the best way for
you to get started. Reduce the cost of your ammunition
by about half. This will enable you to shoot more for
your budget. From $749.00

CZ SP-01
Pistol $1499


All Your



ome Brew West is a home

brew supply store for the
making of hand-crafted
alcohol and whose mission
is to provide a clean friendly atmosphere
at reasonable prices to the surrounding
Auckland area and New Zealand abroad.
Home Brew West boasts two convenient
locations: the original West Auckland store,
located at 1/4 Waipareira Ave, and the new
Central location, at 14 Mt Eden Road, Mt
Eden Terrace.
At both stores you will find all you need
to make beer, wine, spirits and cheese, at
a fraction of store-bought prices. Home
Brew West also supply all the necessary
equipment, associated hardware and general
supplies to ensure you produce the excellent
quality product you desire.
Managing Director Allister van Mil started
AVM Enterprises Ltd on his 21st birthday,

hoping to leave the rat race once and for all.

Home Brew West opened realising Allisters
dream of establishing a tidy shop and upper
class atmosphere with reasonable prices, to
best accompany the stores slogan - All Your
Brewing Needs. The business was a finalist
in the David Awards for Most Outstanding
Lifestyle Business, and quickly grew to become
one of the top stores in New Zealand.
By the fifth year of business, Allister
opened his second branch in Mt Eden, with
the goal of bringing home brewing supplies
into the 21st century. Home Brew West is
also currently looking at opening another
store in the North Shore later this year.
Home Brew West stocks all the premium
brands, including Still Spirits, Mangrove
Jacks or Williamswarn and Black Rock. All
products have been tried and tested so you
can brew with the confidence of knowing
youre making a premium quality product.

Staff members will go out of their way

to assist you in your product selection, or
educate you on the finer details of different
products and their upgrades. They also
offer in house demonstrations and sampling
sessions during normal store hours and also
during one late night per month.
Home Brew West is the place for all your
home brewing, winemaking and craft distilling
supplies. Whether its beer, wine, cider or top
shelf spirits and liqueurs, Home Brew West
will help you create high quality drinks for
incredibly low prices. Its an easy, fun and
affordable hobby saving you money on
all your alcoholic drinks. Hand Craft Hobby
Store for brewing at home supplies!

Henderson: +64 9 837 7177

Mt Eden: +64 9 377 1544


What Are You

Waiting For?

ust a hop and a skip away from

central Auckland is Formosa, a
little piece of paradise. As one
of Aucklands best kept secrets,
the grounds are situated on the beautiful
Pohutukawa coast and has panoramic sea
views over the Hauraki Gulf. Formosa has
extensive private grounds along with an
experienced team of staff to ensure all
your needs are met.
If youre after a few rounds of golf, what
would be better than heading to one of the
Finest Golf Clubs in the world? Formosa
Golf Resort is surrounded by lush farmland
and stunning views, covering an area of 440
acres. The course caters for golfers of every
ability and the practice facilities include
an all weather under-cover driving range.
Designed by renowned golfing professional,
Bob Charles, Formosa Golf Course features
18 holes of sensational golf. The course
demands enough for the skilled golfer but it
also suitable for a relaxed, friendly challenge.
Its one of the longest courses in New
Zealand and right now they are running a
membership special of $995 valid until the
31st December 2015.
Formosa Resort also has 50 villas set
amongst tropical gardens with courtyard


views. Each villa has a super king bed, twin

showers and a parking space outside. If
youre feeling lush you can stay at one of the
22 executive villas.
You can also celebrate your special day
at Formosa resort in their sophisticated
and elegant atmosphere. They can cater
for groups from 5 to 250 guests internally
but they also have the option of erecting a
marquee on the grounds. Formosa aims to
provide tailor made and flexible weddings
to suit each individuals personal taste and
style. They have 5 private function rooms
to choose from and are a fully catered
conference facility.
When it comes to dining, you dont have
to leave the grounds, you can just head to
Formosas Cascade Restaurant where youll
have an experience of a lifetime. Offering
seasonal menus all year round, Cascade has
a highly experienced chef and professional
waiters to serve large groups, small groups
and walk in bookings. You can also hire out
the restaurant for private functions.
So when it comes to dining, weddings,
accommodation or golf what are you waiting
for? The answer is obvious, Formosa.

In Search of
Natures Bounty
Quest for the perfect catch
Masters in Freshwater and Saltwater, the Auckland
based team at Rod and Reel prides itself on not only their
knowledge within the freshwater and saltwater fields,


but also the fact that they are regularly out in the field
trialling, testing and hopefully catching themselves!
Stocking an extensive range of fly tying materials, tackle
and accessories including brands such as; Sage, Hardy,
Patagonia and Rio (to name but a few) you will certainly find
the tools you need to achieve your ultimate fishing goals!

FIND US AT 480d Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland 09 520 0307

Your New Favourite

Bar and Eatery

ucked away in Imperial Lane, this place

exudes elegance and exclusivity yet is
nothing but welcoming upon entrance. With
the opening of this new inner-city hotspot
in late June, The Jefferson is set to enhance your whiskey
and dining needs.
Aucklands new specialty whisky and bourbon bar, offers
an impressive library of over 500 varietals.They only stopped
adding to the collection once they ran out of bar space,
which at 13 metres long and 60 metres of shelves, is one of
Aucklands longest bars. From your well-known suspects such
as Jack Daniels, to hard-to-find indie labels such as Twenty
One year-old Ardbeg Scotch Whisky, the Jefferson is certain to
impress even the most affluent whisky drinkers. Important to
The Jefferson and its owner, Ofir Yudilevich, are the concepts
behind it.The way this place is managed, how their guests are
treated and the systems they use are in itself top-shelf .
Making sure the capacity is never too full to ensure all guests
are well looked after, set yourself up at the bar and be ready
to be taken on a whisky journey.The sophisticated bar staff
will set you up with a drink of your choice and from there
will pleasantly educate you with recommendations according
to your palette. Leaving you with the bottle to look, feel and
touch it, its the small touches like this that will add to your
Having worked as an Executive Chef in 5 star restaurants
globally, Ofir has the menu concept on point to; believing food
is the perfect partner to a well crafted drink.The changing
selection of seasonal mains and deserts means you will never
be short on choice, and always equipped with a reason to
return (as if a well crafted drink wasnt enough).
Wanting to create a space that was both appealing to male
and female,Yudilevich enlisted the masterminds of Paul Izzard
Design to transform the basement area of Imperial Lane and
the result speaks for itself, best described as a scene out of
a James Bond classic. Izzard and his team have deliberately
strayed from the typical form of a gentlemans club and taken
a more contemporary, sophisticated direction. Royal blue
lounges, details of gold and unpolished concrete bars work
to create a space that compliments its residence within the
historical establishment and sets it apart from anything else in
Aucklands flourishing bar and dining scene.
Fun for date night, perfect for a late lunch business meeting
The Jefferson is a must-do experience and trust us, youll walk
away thinking it is truly exceptional as well!







Italian Shoes


R i a lt o C e n t r e
1 6 3 B r o a d w a y, N e w m a r k e t , A u c k l a n d
(09) 520 1460 /


Italian Shoes

Italian Sh

Shoes 1460 Email.

Rialto Centre | 163 Broadway Newmarket
| Ph. Italian
09 520
Italian Auckland
Rialto Centre | 163 Broadway Newmarket Auckland | Ph. 09 520 1460 Email.

Italian Shoes

Rialto Centre | 163 Broadway Newmarket Auckland | Ph. 09 520 1460 Email. info@eurostyle

Rialto Centre | 163 Broadway Newmarket Auckland | Ph. 09 520 1460 Email. | www.

Rialto Centre | 163 Broadway Newmarket Auckland | Ph. 09 520 1460 Email. |

Rialto Centre | 163 Broadway Newmarket Auckland | Ph. 09 520 1460 Email. |

L uciano M arconi

Making Outdoor
Adventures a
Whole Lot Easier

scaping to the great outdoors? Take

advantage of the environment that
surrounds you with Vantage Solar Fridges.
Compact, efficient and lightweight, these
fridges and freezers by Vantage are mans new best
friend when it comes to combining convenience with
outdoor adventures. Designed for the great outdoors,
you can take these robust appliances camping, boating,
hunting, off-roading or simply use it as an outdoor
beer fridge for your next party.
The box fridge/ freezers shown in the photos allow
you to set the temperature so you can use them as a
fridge or a freezer. Either way they are powered by solar
energy. Making them a must have for anyone working
or playing off-grid in Summer or Winter. Packing food
that will keep for the duration of a stay in remote
locations can be an issue when you do not have access
to a fridge and/or freezer. If there is no power outlet
and no ready gas supply it can mean living out of tins
and off preserved food. Vantage Solar Fridges save you
from worrying about how to keep your BBQ supplies
and beers cold during the next boys trip and supply you
with a hassle-free solution.
Fridges are the ideal appliance for solar power,
because demand and supply work hand in hand. Fridges
use the most energy in the summer, which coincides
with when we have longer days and brighter sunshine
with loads of solar energy. In winter the ambient
temperature is only marginally higher than a fridge/
freezer, so minimal energy is required. A solar generator
(solar panel + controller + batteries) is used to run the
fridge during the day and stores up reserves of energy
in the battery at the same time. The charged battery
will keep the fridge going through the night, maintaining
the temperature inside the fridge or freezer. Vantage
RV supply good quality, maintenance free batteries with
enough capacity to store the energy required on a daily
basis, the fridges have turbo mode for fast cooling and
digital controls for monitoring. Vantage Solar Fridges are
user-friendly for even the most technically challenged
(making the perfect Fathers Day gift to yourself or for
the lucky man in your life).
We are offering two compact models, both ideal for
the outdoors and fast free delivery.
Vantage Solar Fridges have you covered for your next


Auckland Engineering Supplies

retail and trade store located at Westhaven on Aucklands waterfront, which is easily

accessible from both the Viaduct and Westhaven Marina. The store
has an extensive range of quality power tools, hand tools, abrasives,
hose & hose fittings, fastenings and general engineering equipment.

AES are proud sponsors of

Team Nz, Erc Racing Series, Performance Car Datsun Coupe,
Kiwi Gold Paralympics Team & Nz Equestrian

auckland engineering supplies 154 Beaumont Street, Westhaven, auckland

open Mon Fri: 7:30am 5pm, Sat: 8:301pm | 09 358 0910 |
Find us on Facebook: Auckland Engineering Supplies (ME) |

Seakindly Boating
with Seablade
Better seakeeping, seakindliness
and seaworthiness

t may come as a surprise to learn

that Lancer Industries Ltd is the
Southern Hemispheres oldest
inflatable boat manufacturer. This
remarkable family owned New Zealand
business is responsible for the crafting of
many prominent boating brands. Theyre
well known for their construction of
inflatable boats and have more recently
moved into the arena of hard sided
boats. Lancer Industries Ltd is a hard
core Original Equipment Manufacturer
otherwise known as an OEM within the
industry. Based in Henderson, they boast
the largest factory in Australia and New
Eye Magazine caught up recently with
Charles Winstone, General Manager of
Lancer Industries to learn about the exciting
new Seablade boat recently launched.


Charles explains that with the global financial

crisis now behind us, the marine industry is
starting to benefit.
The Seablade is an exciting new product
with patented hull technology. It features
a unique hull with fins on each side giving
the boat greater stability than a run-of-themill hull. Seablade is owned by a Hawaiian
company called Navatek, a world leader in
marine technology which supplies technology
to the US defence force and US navy.
Navatek is well known for focusing on the
tech stretch in future technologies and for
having said Our graveyard of past projects is
the future of marine technology.
Seablade boats are licensed to Lancer and
their advanced hull technology sets them
apart which defines everything about them
below the waterline. These boats were born
out of navy requirements, and ensuring that

crewmen were not injured while travelling

on the water. A Seablade boat can operate
in higher sea states at relatively high speeds
with reduced shock on passengers and crew.
Benefits of a Seablade Hull:

Reduced slamming, pounding and

Better seakeeping and seakindliness in
rough seas
Better comfort
Wide beam, roomy cockpit and large
Better efficiencies in rough seas
Less fatigue on driver and passengers

Seablades are available in a number

of different layouts including the Open
Centre Console, Side by Side Consoles and
Cuddy Cabin. Using Lancers expertise each
model can be done with a range of tubing
including d-tubes, full tubes and foam tubes.

Interestingly enough, Lancer Industries have

recently completed foam tubes on the new
Auckland Coastguard 14m Patrol catamaran.
The Seablade has a number of notable
features for the serious or relaxed boater.
Attention has been paid to create a modern
clean and uncluttered boating experience.
By zoning the boat this has allowed for
some great highlights. The front section has
generous seating or put in an infill and a
huge sun lounger opens up, or remove the
upholstery and have 270 degree fishing deck.
The ample hard top stows the infill and has
room to hide 6-8 fishing rods. Moving below
decks is a surprise with a toilet under the
console in a spacious area. The underfloor
storage is more than on normal boats as
not only does the central hull have a large
fish bin locker but by using the space of the
fins large lockers can hold several water-

skis and other equipment. Perhaps one of

the most practical features is an extra large
swim platform specifically designed for the
NZ market, with its generous dimensions
and hidden ladder no water activity will be a
What really sets the Sea Blade apart is
the handling, it is all about how it performs in
different sea states. It has been designed to
give a greater level of comfort in higher sea
states and excels in New Zealand conditions..
Less force is applied to the hull (40% less)
which equates to less of the boat slamming
down on waves. No more complaints of a
rough ride and sore back. It steers more like
a car and tracks straight as a result of having
fins in the water and wants you to run a true
course, meaning you can maintain a more
consistent speed. It doesnt lean into corners,
but instead stays flat. The hull also features

a number of clever tricks you would expect

from technology leaders Navatek including
a fixed component interceptor on the
boat which pushes the back of the boat up
allowing the boat to stay more level.
The best thing about a Seablade is that
your boating options are opened. Your
passengers have greater comfort than ever
and weather has less impact on your decision
to head out for a days family fun or fish
that spot just beyond your old boats reach.
Theres no question that you and your family
deserve the safest and most comfortable
boat on the water. The Seablade is gulfs, seas
and oceans ahead of the competition.

+64 9 837 1206


Sea Blade is the future of hull technology with unmatched luxurious comfort and
Sea Kindliness. Whether it is the safe family run about or the more adventurous
waterman your search for perfection has arrived.
40% lower slamming entry forces
= comfort and a smoother ride
Kinetic energy capture
= hull stabillisation and control
Supporting blades
= reduced motion and improved
directional tracking
Increased planing surface
= efficient lift and performance

LANCER INDUSTRIES LIMITED 99 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland,

New Zealand | +64 09 837 1206 | |

Embrace the Cold

ont be disheartened about

the temperature dropping
embrace it! Winter may
bring a jolting chill to the air,
but it also brings plenty of opportunities to
take in some of the most picturesque and
magic moments whether that be a crisp
morning run, hiking to catch a sunrise vista
or paddling down a still river. Kathmandus
team of gear-testers travelled to Oregon
for 2015s winter photoshoot and the
captivating imagery from that trip shows all
the fun that can be had when you embrace
the cold and get amongst the elements.
On the snowy mountains, they donned
snowshoes and explored the mountains and
breath-taking scenery. They cycled around
Portland, then tried fat biking in Bend (dont
worry, we hadnt heard of fat biking either
its all the rage in the States and will no
doubt hit down under soon). Kathmandus
Tim Loftus, Brand Marketing Manager, says
that the wintery Cascade Mountains in
Oregon served as a perfect backdrop for

testing the newest winter innovations from

Kathmandu. Overnight winter camping on
the rim of Crater Lake was outstanding, with
epic starry nights and spectacular sunrises.
Winter is the perfect time for exploration of
new places and unexpected adventures.
For all the Summit Club members out
there dont hesitate to put yourself

forward as a gear tester. Our Summit

Club members are provided an awesome
opportunity to test the gear in rugged
environments, and they provide us with
great gear feedback.

Josh Scott
the Master Behind
Moa Beer

hen Josh Scott laid down

his first commercial
brew on 13 June 2003,
Moa Brewing Co. was
born. Back then you could count the
number of craft breweries in New Zealand
on one hand. Now there are over 100 and
growing by the week.
Today Josh is at the forefront of the craft
scene, and is the only qualified Certified
Cicerone (the beer accreditation that
separates those who know what theyre
talking about from those who only think they
do) in New Zealand.
For those of you who dont know, The
Cicerone program is a way to recognise the
complexities and extent of the beer market.
With three levels a Certified Beer Server,
Certified Cicerone and a Master Cicerone
the mix of theory, tasting and education

hones in on what makes a good beer good,

then uses that knowledge to improve all
facets of the beer-drinking experience. Only
30 per cent of those who sit it achieve the
Certified Cicerone status Scott sat in January,
where he gained a 99 per cent score in the
tasting section.
The international multi-award winning
range of Moa beers and ciders are proudly
brewed using what they call traditional, costly,
inefficient and labour intensive techniques
with a focus on local ingredients, including

internationally renowned New Zealand hops.

Their latest Limited Release; the Moa
Limited Release White Lager. is an easy
drinking, silky smooth, crystal wheat beer with
hints of spice. Available in leading craft beer
outlets nationwide we suggest you hurry and
judge for yourself how truly great Josh Scotts
beer making skills are (while stocks last).
NB: Josh will sit the final Cicerone Master
test in February.


Heli-fishing trips

...that can get you onto the big ones!

Helisika Helicopters offer heli fishing trips and can get you around
the Great Barrier Island and the northern tip of the Coromandel.
We can carter for groups of up to 5 fishermen enabling you to
land base remote on inaccessible spots. Trips start early and
finish between 2 and 3pm. Lunch hampers can be pre-arranged
and rods, reels and tackle can be hired from us.
Private Charter
Helisika Helicopters are available for charter from passenger
transfer to your favourite lodge or town throughout New Zealand
to land survey. This is the only way to see NZ and the land below!


738-750 Corsair Lane, Ardmore Airport

0508435424 (0508HELIAG)

Men dressing with personality

ST RANGELY NO RMAL 1 9 OConnell Street, Auckland CBD

H ours M onday-Friday 10-6
Sat urday 10-5 & Sunday 11-4

Phone 0 9 3 0 9 0 600 Web



s I get older and closer to

checking out, I am becoming
more aware of what gets lost
on death. All of my memories;
all of the moments, things, feelings which I
thought were important in and to my life
are lost forever. Take moments: the birth
of my children, for example, currently
in chemical form but there for me to
stimulate and enjoy as and when I wish.
Things: the pleasure from a poem, a play
or a piece of music. Feelings: the profound
contentment derived from the scent of my
wifes hair.
Serious readers of Mr Opinionator will
recall previous references to The Culture
envisaged by Iain M Banks, in which the
mind-set of individuals could be backed up
in case of an unexpected death. Well, we
cant do that but I can share some important
things with you in the hope that either of
you will take a similar pleasure and, accordingly, I will have preserved, in some small way,
my pleasures through you, my back up.
Naturally, I am not passing on my mind set
in respect of the truly personal things such
as my bride and family but I can try to share
less intimate, while still deeply emotional, aspects of a life well-lived. A perfect
candidate is poetry; I think it suffers from the
seemingly headlong rush to do things quickly
in our lives. Emails and text-speak save
me. We have a language with an enormous
range; for every concept, we can have twenty
words covering the concepts bandwidth
from very light to very dark. If we are aware,
we can express ourselves with the utmost
detail yet, I fear, most of our citizens will live
a life in which they express themselves inside
a range of a 2,000 3,000 words, when
the (unabridged) Oxford English Dictionary
contains about 4 million.
That is why, I suspect, poetry, truly beautiful
and haunting poetry, is not read by and large
because there are too many words the
reader does not understand. As well, I offer, if
a reader cannot read a word (or read a word
at a decent speed), it does not bode well for
hearing the rhyme or rhythm of a poem.
In a proselytizing sort of way, I start by
offering part of a poem, which is light and
airy and musical and onomatopoeic: The


Forsaken Merman by Matthew Arnold. It

is about a merman, whose wife has been
lured to the land and she is going to stay
there. All I ask is that you read it aloud and
let yourself crash, ebb and flow with the
waves and the words:
Come, dear children, let us away;
Down and away below!
Now my brothers call from the bay,
Now the great winds shoreward blow,
Now the salt tides seaward flow;
Now the wild white horses play,
Champ and chafe and toss in the spray.
Children dear, let us away!
This way, this way!
Call her once before you go
Call once yet!
In a voice that she will know:
Margaret! Margaret!
Childrens voices should be dear
(Call once more) to a mothers ear;
Childrens voices, wild with pain
Surely she will come again!
Call her once and come away;
This way, this way!
Mother dear, we cannot stay!
The wild white horses foam and fret.
Margaret! Margaret!
Come, dear children, come away down;
Call no more!
One last look at the white-walld town
And the little grey church on the windy shore,
Then come down!
She will not come though you call all day;
Come away, come away!

If we are looking for substance couched

within the beauty of our language, it is hard
to go past Tennysons Ulysses. Read it aloud,
dear listener, and take the last two lines of this
extract to heart and make it your battle cry:
It little profits that an idle king,
By this still hearth, among these barren crags,
Matchd with an aged wife, I mete and dole
Unequal laws unto a savage race,
That hoard, and sleep, and feed, and know not me.
I cannot rest from travel: I will drink
Life to the lees: All times I have enjoyd
Greatly, have sufferd greatly, both with those
That loved me, and alone, on shore, and when
Thro scudding drifts the rainy Hyades
Vext the dim sea: I am become a name;
For always roaming with a hungry heart
Much have I seen and known; cities of men
And manners, climates, councils, governments,
Myself not least, but honourd of them all;
And drunk delight of battle with my peers,
Far on the ringing plains of windy Troy.
I am a part of all that I have met;
Yet all experience is an arch wherethro
Gleams that untravelld world whose margin fades
For ever and forever when I move.
How dull it is to pause, to make an end,
To rust unburnishd, not to shine in use!
I derive enormous joy from poetry; my life
is richer for it. I have mentioned only two
poems and not even the complete poems;
I hope you have a stirring of enthusiasm.
Read the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, read
Audens Funeral Blues (Stop all the clocks,
cut off the telephone. Prevent the dog from
barking with a juicy bone, ). Enjoy the
moment, my friends.

What will you be

using next season?
Your new gun, made to your choice
of specification - at no extra cost 021 469 637

This is Not
a Clickbait

by Rachel

Whiskey Lovers
Ladies and Gents, something exciting has arrived on Imperial Lane.
We introduce to you; The Jefferson. Aucklands new premium whisky
and bourbon bar offers over 500 varieties of exceptional Whiskeys,
with everything from old favourites to hard-to-find indie labels. The
knowledgeable staff, exceptional food and drinks and alluring Paul
Izzard fit-out makes it hard to leave.

Win with
We have two of Kathmandus Blaine Hooded Pullovers (one
mens, one womens) to give away, valued at $199.98 each.
No need to feel the chill just add another layer. Kathmandus
Blaine hooded pullover is a wardrobe essential, and should be
within reach at all times this season. Its lightweight but warm,
stylish but also practical. This jacket is compatible with your
connected life, with an internal port for headphone cords to
avoid tangling and keep the beats pumping. The fabric wicks
away moisture, dries quickly and is highly wind resistant to help
you embrace (rather than hide from) the cold this winter..
TO BE IN TO WIN: Send your name, email address and phone number
to Kathmandu Giveaway, PO Box 90693, Auckland Mail Centre 1142.
Competition closes 10 October 2015. Terms and conditions apply.


ack in the late

nineties, I was
contracted to
write a pile of
SEO articles for a range
of companies. No one
particularly cared if they
were well written it
was all about creating
SEO dense pieces that
would help get people to their website.
So I created a group of writers from developing countries and
created a (fair trade) article writing mill.
I might have ended up with a great business model, but all I really
did was help contribute to the deluge of poorly written articles that
did nothing to add full value to the reader. (Im sorry)
Today, if youve got a business selling goods or services, there is
increasing pressure to deliver quality content marketing.You need
to engage and relate. People dont just want an exciting title
(clickbait) they want meaning.
As a business owner myself, I know how hard this is to do. The
ROI can feel a little vague and indirect. However content marketing
makes a great deal of sense.
Provide good content and you add value, create trust. Help
the prospect to see what you can do for them, and show them
you care. With society becoming more fragmented, the sense of
connection with a brand or product has become all the more
Here are some simple ways to connect better with your
prospective clients:
Remember its not about you, its about them.Yes, you are
amazing, but no one likes a narcissist. Look at your content
from a user perspective.
Choose platforms that fit your brand. Visual platforms need
visual platforms, service brands need blogs, Linkedin and
more written content options.
Keep it beautiful and worthwhile.Your brand deserves that.
Rachel Goodchild is managing director of Identify. We help
businesses tell their story.

to the South
Win with Provisions
homemade Jams
and Chutneys!
We have 10 jars to give away valued at $10.00 each!
The idea for Provisions began at a family picnic on the shores of Lake
Wakatipu in 2003, with the idea to make the tastiest chutneys and jams
using only Central Otago fruits. We make everything by hand using the
best local fruit. Provisions won a Cuisine Artisan award for the Roasted
Cherry Chutney and is recognised as one of New Zealands best artisan
food manufacturers supplying stores throughout New Zealand. We also
offer a Foodservice range for supply to restaurants and cafes in both 1l
and 2l buckets.
TO BE IN TO WIN: Send your name, email address and phone number to Provisions
Giveaway, PO Box 90693, Auckland Mail Centre 1142. Competition closes 10
October 2015. Terms and conditions apply.

Located in the heart of central

Dunedin, The Victoria Hotel
makes the perfect base for the
family getaway, the shopping
spree or the corporate traveler.
The Victoria Hotel Dunedin
137 St Andrew Street
Dunedin, New Zealand
0800 266 336
+64 3 477 0572

5 STAR LUXURY 1, 2 & 3

Your luxurious, yet affordable holiday haven
is set apart from all others on the waters
edge of the magnificent Lake Wakitipu, and
only 4 minutes drive from both Queenstown
central and the Airport or Remarkables Park
shopping centre.

FREE WiFi throughout the property

875 Frankton Road, Queenstown
New Zealand 9300
+64 (0)3 450 9096










O N Ly 4 5 M I N S F R O M Q U E E N S T O w N

& INFO At...

The Ultimate,
Activity Hub

wo years ago Tony Quinns

dream became a reality
and two years on Highlands
Motorsport Park is a
growing success. The one stop adventure
destination is home to New Zealands
largest international standard race track
(4.1km to be exact), which subsequently
also doubles as the best in Australasia.
Not only is Highlands Motorsport Park an
international standard motor racing circuit,
but the multifaceted complex also offers
an amazing selection of activities for the
entire family, including high-end go karts, 6
different ways to experience the track at
speed, a Jurassic Safari Park, the National
Motorsport Museum and Restaurant with
wine adventure. The site is all set in a lush,
landscaped area, complete with lake &
forest and complemented by snow-capped
mountains in winter.
This five star tourist destination situated a
scenic 45 minutes from the hustle and bustle
of Queenstown, is the ultimate adventure
venue year round. Perfect for adrenaline
junkies when the mountain is closed, ideal
for families and enticing for car enthusiasts,


Highlands has something for everyone.

Selecting which action-fuelled experience
you think youll enjoy the most will be your
only tough choice during your time at the
park as all of the action experiences are
sure to impress. Activities to choose from
include the Famous Highlands Taxi a
Porsche Cayenne Turbo, that promises a taxi
ride like never before, FASTLaps get an
accurate idea of what it is really like to be in
the passenger seat of a racing car, and the
Safari Buggy Adventure - perfect for families,
this is an off road, self-driven adventure on a
course that is all about skill not speed.
Should action not be your forte theres
always The National Motorsport Museum,
the Sculpture Park and the extensive
grounds. The museum is home to over
40 historically significant rare cars and the
history of motorsport in New Zealand. An
entry to the Museum also gains you free use
of the Bathurst Shaped mini-golf course, and
who doesnt love a little mini-golf! Should
you need some more photos to fill the
holiday album, head to the Sculpture Park for
some truly distinctive car sculptures (the kids
will love them too).

And if youre asking us, the best way to

end your time at the park, whether youve
visited for the action or the more sedate
activities, is to head to the vineyard. Take the
speed down a couple of notches and relax
with a wine tour. For $15.00 per person
indulge in The Wine Tasting Experience. This
heavenly package includes a short film about
Central Otago wine, which is viewed in their
fabulous purpose built theatre. Then let your
senses be delighted in the Aroma Room,
followed by tasting their very own Nose
wine The Nose Pinot Gris & the Nose
Pinot Noir, which is made from their onsite
grapes and is available on tap.
Conversely Highlands Motorsport Park
is not only the perfect venue for your
adventure/activity needs but also the
perfect venue for hire. Corporate functions,
special occasions or conferences, can all
be catered for at Highlands. The facilities
are of such a high standard that they really
need to be seen in order to be appreciated.
Highlands also plays host to its very own
events, including international category
race meetings and festivals, and have an
annual calendar that is well worth keeping

an eye on the best way to do this is to

head to their website and sign up to their
newsletter (
Highlands Motorsport Park are
committed to ensuring that the action both
on & off the circuit delivers an experience
that encapsulates speed, skill, courage,
determination and excitement. It is this
very statement which makes Highlands
Motorsport Park the resounding success
that it is. Not only are they committed to
ensuring this for all of their events, but this
also portrays their commitment to their
visitors, day in day out. Nothing is done in
half measure and everything is approached
with the aspiration to offer a unique,
memorable experience for each and every
individual that enters the park. So during
your next visit to beautiful Queenstown
take the picturesque ride out to Highlands
and see for yourself how many memorable
moments you can pack into one day, I am
nearly certain you will find you want to go
back for more!


at Gantleys

antleys has built a reputation

as one of the countrys
premier restaurants. But
what makes Gantleys so
spectacular? Could it be the romantic
setting? The mouth watering food? The
wine? Its all of this, and more.
As one of Queenstowns best known
pioneering landmarks, Gantleys is known as
one of the most romantic settings in New
Zealand. It was built in 1863 during the
Gold Rush and the historic stone building is
surrounded by 2 acres of landscaped gardens
amidst majestic mountain scenery; truly the
stuff memories are made of.
Exposed walls, soft lighting and a huge
open fire place create a romantic, elegant
and warm ambiance at Gantleys. The tables
are set with starched linen napery, glowing
candles and beautiful crystal stemware; and
this is before we even get to the food!
Owners, Sommelier Brent Rands and
Head Chef Craig Hendry, pride themselves
on their international reputation for
providing diners with the experience
of excellent food, superlative wines and
exemplary service. Guests can enjoy a
culinary and sensory journey at Gantleys,
choosing from their popular Degustation


menu or from the A La Carte menu.

Gantleys has a passion, flair and dedication
to matching their food with wine. This most
evidently shown in their degustation menu,
which has six courses. Each dish is carefully
matched with wine to enhance the intrinsic
flavours of the food, and in turn, balance the
characteristics of the wine.
Because of this, its no wonder that
Gantleys is renowned as having New
Zealands most awarded wine list. The
restaurant has won an Award of Excellence
from New York magazine Wine Spectator,
every year since 1996 and the highest
award of 5 Decanters (5 stars) one of
only 12 restaurants nationwide, in the New
Zealand Wine List of the Year Awards for
two years running.
Located a mere 10 minute drive from
Queenstown, Gantleys is close to local
accommodation but is also known as a
secluded and private country setting. They
take pride in presenting their unique setting
and unsurpassed quality as a venue for
conference and incentive group cocktail
parties, dinners, gala evenings, as well as
wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Leading Lake Wanaka


ake a step into Oakridge Resort Wanaka and youll

instantly start to feel relaxed. Accommodation with a
difference, the Mercure Oakridge Resort in Lake Wanaka
is a 4 star hotel set in a stunning mountain landscape
offering spectacular views of New Zealands Southern Alps.
Offering a range of hotel accommodation options to suit
everyone, choose from Standard Hotel Rooms to Two Bedroom
Their wide range of facilities will entertain you off the Mountain
and provide you with the ideal way to relax and rejuvenate after
a big day skiing. Our personal favourite are the outdoor hotpools,
which are even more enticing when surrounded my snow.
The Grand Mercure Oarkidge Resort is the only Wanaka hotel
with 10 outdoor heated pools; the pools are tastefully landscaped
in rock and alpine tussock. Take your pick from one of the many
different hidden spots throughout the pools and let the warmth of
the water work its magic (the kids will love them too)! The Oakridge
also has a 25m lap pool (unheated) for guests wanting to keep up
with their fitness, or work off their holiday indulgences.
If youre searching for more ways to unwind then look no further
than the Sanctuary Day Spa. Pop in for a relaxing massage, facial,
manicure, pedicure or choose from one of the many other luxurious
services. Sanctuary Day Spa has four incredibly luxurious treatment
rooms; the twin pedicure room is perfect for two people to enjoy a
soothing foot treatment. For the ultimate experience, plan ahead for
them to arrange wine and a fruit platter. They can also easily cater for

larger groups - just book in advance to ensure you dont miss out.
Then indulge in some tasty cuisine and a glass of wine at The
Poolhouse Bar or Jacobs Gril. The Poolhouse Bar offers the ultimate
place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the amazing surroundings of
Lake Wanaka. Choose from a selection of fine New Zealand and
International wines; sit by the open fireplace on a snowy winters
night or poolside during the summer. Or their in-house restaurant
Jacobs Grill offers a great range of cuisine to suit every taste.
Indulge the senses with excellent food, New Zealand wine and a
great atmosphere.
So If youre looking for relaxation, beautiful snowy mountains in
winter, glorious sun during summer and with world-class outdoor
pursuits, all surrounded by spectacular scenery, then set your sights
on Oakridge Resort in beautiful Wanaka.


New Zealands

Ultimate Alpine

estled amidst the rugged

snow capped peaks of
the Southern Alps is New
Zealands finest lodge, Blanket
Bay, which is truly, heaven on earth. With
majestic alpine scenery, Blanket Bay is just a
mere forty five minutes from Queenstown
and boasts intimate rooms, suites and
chalets. We sat down with Brent Hyde
from Blanket Bay to find out the ins and
outs of this ultimate alpine escape...
Why do you think Queenstown is the ideal
tourist hot spot?
The Queenstown area is full of activities for
tourists to do, anything from bungy jumping
to golf at incredible golf courses. With the
wine growing region very near by and a
wide variety of restaurants serving great
food, tourists are able to enjoy many differing
experiences. The international airport creates
a gateway to Queenstown and the wider
area. With stunning scenery, its an all year
destinations with so many places to explore
within a short drive. Because Queenstown
is a very diverse tourist destination, theres
something for everyone to enjoy.


Tell us a bit about your background Brent?

I have been very for tunate to have been in the hospitality
and tourism sector for 38 years and have seen many positive
changes and growth in the industry in that time. The last
25 years I have been able to work in the premium sector
of hospitality in some incredible proper ties from Alaska to
Bhutan. On the journey, there have been oppor tunities to
be mentored by some incredible business entrepreneurs
and tourism professionals which has helped me gain a broad
spectrum of views.
What makes Blanket Bay so luxurious?
There are so many things about Blanket Bay that combine
to create the ultimate luxury experience! Apart from being
extremely well appointed with a timeless and elegant timber and
stone construction, it is the heart of the team and their genuine,
professional hospitality that makes guests feel as though their
every wish during their stay can be taken care of.
What is the perfect holiday getaway for you?
Relaxing with my wife in a lovely location, enjoying whatever
the chosen area has to offer. I find that New Zealand has so
many quality destinations you do not have to go far from home
to have an amazing getaway!
What do you love most about your job?
I love the opportunity to work with amazing people and
meeting guests from all walks of life. It is such a thrill to be
part of a team that has a common goal to ensure every guest
experience is the best possible one for them.
What makes Blanket Bay different? What makes it stand out
from the rest?
Blanket Bay is an incredibly beautiful area with stunning views
in every direction you look. It has absolute lake frontage, on site
Heli pad, multiple activities to choose from and amazing food
and service. The building itself blends so naturally into the local
environment and has so many spaces for ultimate relaxation.


What kind of accommodation will you find

at Blanket Bay Lodge?
We have five intimate lakeside Lodge
Rooms, which feature their own balcony or
terrace, king size bed, armoire and ensuites
bathroom. We also have three generous
Lodge Suites which each have bedroom and
sitting areas, with their own stone fireplace,
spacious bathroom with steam shower and
separate tub. Outside, each suite has a 400
sq ft private terrace with magnificent, heartstopping views. The other option we have
is our four Chalet Suites, which comprises
two 700 sq ft suites with open stone
fireplaces and a central living room. Each
of our rooms at Blanket Bay are equipped
with complimentary high speed internet
connection, TVs and DVDs. Theres an option
to suit everyone.
What is the dining like at Blanket Bay?
Dinner at Blanket Bay is a special occasion
every single night and is served on individual
tables in the elegant Lake View Dining
Room. For a more intimate affair you can
reserve our Wine Cave a perfect venue
for private dining for up to six people. For
warmer nights you can sit out on the terrace
by the fire and the mountain and lake vistas
unfolding around you.


What makes the wine at Blanket Bay special?

At Blanket Bay we only stock the finest
wines and spirits. We feature the best of
New Zealands vineyards and are especially
proud to offer award winning Pinot Noirs,
Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blancs and Rieslings
grown and bottled right here in Central Otago.
What is so great about the location of
Blanket Bay?
Blanket Bay is rural, but not remote as
its only 40 minutes from Queenstown. The
drive to Blanket Bay has been voted one
of the top ten scenic drives in the world,
and guests are wowed by that alone! On
the edge of Lake Wakatipu overlooking
the Humbolt Range, Blanket Bay boasts
amazing vistas in every direction. There are
so many activities right from the front or
back door, everything from helicoptering
to Milford Sound, to fly fishing in some of
the local rivers, or heli skiing in the winter.
The town of Glenorchy is a few minutes
away and boasts cafes, gift shops and an
innovative and visionary general store.
Sitting on 59 acres, Blanket Bay offers the
ultimate private and exclusive destination.

+64 3 441 0115

A Picturesque Spot
for a break off the mountain

ituated on the waters of Lake

Wakatipu and with views of the
Remarkables mountain ranges,
The Boatshed Caf & Bistro
makes for a beautiful setting for breakfast
or lunch during time spent in Queenstown.
Perfectly located on the Queenstown cycle
trail, serving Allpress coffee, fresh, local
seasonal food and Central Otago wine
every day of the week it is the perfect spot
to unwind and relax in between stops or
take break from the mountain.
Opened in 2012 by Jane Shaw, who
set up the award-winning Central Otago
preserves and baking company Provisions of
Central Otago along with the Central Otago
Farmers market, it is no wonder you will
only hear raving reviews of their delectable
food. The locally sourced free range produce
used throughout the menu includes lots of
vegetarian and gluten free options. Their
great new winter menu is filled with delicious

choices to suit who ever you may be dining

with and the cosy wood burner and outdoor
fireplace, is an easy favourite for most.
Recently undergoing renovations the caf
& bistro that is set in a restored, historic
New Zealand Railways Shipping Office is
also available for private hire, for the likes of
evening functions and weddings.
Overall the relaxed and casual atmosphere

of the Boatshed is a must visit. It is definitely

one stop you should make when you want
to retire from the mountains and head to
the shores of Lake Wakiatipu away form the
hustle and bustle of Queenstown.

847 Frankton Road, Frankton,

Queenstown | +64 3 441 4146

Some of Arrowtowns Finest

ne of Arrowtowns muchloved cafs, Provisions, is

also home to award-winning
range of chutneys and jams
so it is no surprise their food comes highly
acclaimed. The cafs made from scratch
philosophy means you can expect fresh
out of the oven delectables all day long,
including sourdough and focaccia bread,
bagels, pies, cakes and also their much
talked about sticky buns.
Set in a historic miners cottage surrounded
by beautiful gardens, Provisions Caf is a
quintessential Arrowtown experience. Open

for breakfast, lunch and dinner the fully

licenced caf boasts a wine list full of stunning
Central Otago wines so makes for a perfect
place to relax and unwind.
Also available for private hire, Provisions
caf is the result of a dream turn reality, come
New Zealand success story. Beginning in 2003
with the idea of creating the tastiest chutneys
and jams, using only Central Otago produce,
Provisions now sells chutneys, jams, baking
and other condiments. And as a result of this
phenomenal success Provisions Caf was born.
So whether youre looking for a spot
to unwind, or want to give their delicious

products a taste (and most likely buy) visit the

friendly staff at Provisions Caf in Arrowtown
along Buckingham Street. However if youre
not planning on visiting Arrowton anytime
soon, rather than missing out on the critically
acclaimed Roasted Cherry Chutney head to
their website for a list of stockists throughout
New Zealand. Suggested serving: enjoy it
with a cheese board of your favourites and a
generous glass of red!

65 Buckingham Street, Arrowtown

+64 3 442 0714 |
C/o Freeway Orchard, SH 8b Cromwell
+64 3 4454048 |








Su P
nd E
ay N

Millbrook... a reason
for every season

2 Taramea Lane

Pioneer Terraces

Brand new must view

Single level, ready for you

Superbly elevated enclave of

15 splendid home sites


Contact the Property Team or visit us on The Avenue

Call Austin Bragg 021 340 020 or Julia Blanchard 021 244 7630
or our Property office 03 441 7062

Visit for more information.

Millbrook Realty Ltd. MREINZ. Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Stay at New Zealands

No.1 Hotel this winter
2 nights of luxury at Millbrook Resort in
Queenstown only $558 for two guests.
Plus you receive $100 resort credit.
This Winter Escape Package includes:
Luxurious accommodation in our Village Inn studio rooms
Buffet Breakfast at The Clubhouse
$100 credit which you can spend on the resort
With four restaurants, an award winning day spa, a 27 hole
championship golf course and much more to choose from;
it shouldnt be hard to spend this credit
Access to the Health & Fitness centre
Complimentary shuttle service to Arrowtown and Queenstown
Complimentary wi-fi
Terms and conditions apply.







Su E
nd N

Book your escape to this

winter wonderland today.

3 Rocky Gully Lane

Sensational sunny living spaces
and a spectacular lofted garage

Contact our Reservations team or go online to check availability:

NZ: 0800 800 689

International: +64 3 441 7000

Australia: 1 800 830 352

on Artful

endemeer is a high quality

residential lifestyle development
offering a limited number of
exceptional home sites, situated
within a spectacular landscape that truly
symbolises New Zealand.
Positioned on an elevated, sun filled plateau
of pastureland in Queenstowns Wakatipu
Basin and with private and well-appointed
sites offering breath-taking panoramic views,
Bendemeer offers those seeking solitude and
security the opportunity to be part of a small
and select group of owners.
With world class golf, fishing, pristine lakes,
a tennis court, skiing, international airport
nearby, rolling farmland, rich wildlife and so
much more, Bendemeer attracts both local
and out of town owners looking for semi-


permanent or a full time ownership in this

prestigious area.
Bendemeers principal objective for the
development is to preserve the size and
quality of its natural assets and makes them
available to a small group of land owners
to enjoy. Our countrys incredible landscape
deserves buildings that are true to the
owners vision but also fit effortlessly into our
breath-taking environment.
Therefore the Bendemeer Design
Committee ensure that the plans and
construction style are in keeping with the
broader development plan, homes are
of a high standard and design integrity
is sympathetic to the landscape and the
character of the properties are in keeping
with the spirit of the development.

Property owners at Bendemeer are

welcome to have unique and innovative
ideas for their lot and the Design
Committee exists to make sure the quality
of its environment is maintained. As such,
Bendemeer attracts a high standard of
designers and architects with a number of
different projects underway.
Ponting Fitzgerald are driven to create
timeless, world-class architecture, their homes
being highly crafted yet practical solutions that
celebrate the New Zealand lifestyle. Within
Bendemeer they have one home finished,
another well underway and a third project
ready for Design Committee review.
Through creating simple yet inspiring
forms their work reflects both the ideals
and expectations of their clients and the

natural beauty that surrounds them. This highly personal

approach is founded on listening, connecting with the
unique values each owner brings and optimising a
solution specific to the character of its environment.
Dravitski Brown currently has two distinctive
Bendemeer House projects in progress. Committed
to designing functional spaces within artful structures,
they follow a down to earth, personal approach. Their
energy efficient buildings suit the topography of the
area and always meet the needs of their clients. Based
in Queenstown, they have an instinctual yet developed
understanding of the regions unique climate.
Energy efficient, environmentally sustainable projects
by Mason & Wales Architects are and sensitive to
the location and culture of the user, clients, site and
community. They explore styles and materials to enhance
the clients brief while keeping an eye on construction
and building maintenance costs. Their contributions to
Bendemeer are visually interesting and functional forms
that strive to inspire, stimulate and satisfy.
The ladies of Bureaux Architects believe in
aesthetically strong designs that are purposeful, refined
and playful. The strong interior focus they bring to their
commissions results in fresh, cohesive homes inside and
out which they have beautifully demonstrated with their
latest Bendemer home- the Black Cottage.
With the growing development of Queenstown,
Bendemeer has experienced a period of rapid growth
over the past year and has become one of the regions
most esteemed residential developments dont be
too late to join the last lucky select group of owners
experiencing artful living.


Late 80s




eading New Zealand giftware

retailer, Acquisitions, had a
rather humble start to life
as a tiny adjunct within the
Dunedin Environment Centre. In 1979 two
of Acquisitions current directors, Richard
Thomson and Anita Cessford, were
instrumental in setting up a small shop in
the centre to fund the rent at a time it was
the headquarters of a major campaign to
stop an aluminium smelter being built in
Otago Harbour. Staffed with a volunteer
workforce, the trust sold a selection of
third world craft items and was christened,
appropriately enough, Third World Crafts.
When the campaign came to a successful
conclusion the volunteer workforce dried
up but the lease lived on and Richard and
Anita decided to continue it as a commercial
enterprise. They bought the assets from the
trust that owned the stock and proceeded
to max-out their credit cards buying what
new stock they could afford. By this time the
enterprise had moved into larger premises
and those meagre stock holdings were
spread out in an attempt to make the space
look interesting.
The early days provided many challenges


for the new retailers and Richard Thomson

recalls an incident that nearly cost him his
business partner; Anita had spotted a man
stealing an item of clothing. He left the store
and she took off after him. He ran down an
alleyway behind the store and Anita caught
up with him and confronted him. About the
same time the police arrived and proceeded
to search the offender. Anita was shocked to
see the officers pull a large butchers knife
from the mans trousers. The venture could
well have ended at that point he laughs.
By 1986 Third World Crafts was ready for
a change in direction. Director, Anita Cessford,
had overheard a passerby refer to the store
as the local Corso shop, which prompted
a rethink on the look and branding of the
store. A new name, Acquisitions, was settled
on, the store was given a face-lift, and more
contemporary stock lines were ordered.
Acquisitions was officially born.
1998 saw the popular Dunedin store
ready for a new lease of life in premises
closer to the Meridian Mall, which had
by then become the heart of Dunedins
central shopping precinct. The directors set
about planning a new design and fit out,
and also used the opportunity to re-brand

with the first incarnation of the current

Acquisitions logo, which featured the, as
yet un-popularised by email, @symbol
in place of the A. The directors and staff
also redeveloped their visual merchandising
practices in an effort to create a more
visually exciting shopping experience for
the customer. The Acquisitions store that
opened in Dunedin in 1998 was brand new
in almost every way and really was the first
pass at the contemporary Acquisitions stores
we have today. noted Richard Thomson.
In the year 2000, with the Acquisitions
concept firmly in hand, Richard & Anita
felt confident enough to open a second
Acquisitions store in the popular Riccarton
Mall in Christchurch. The store won the
Westfield award for Best New Store that
year and proved to the directors that their
giftware retail concept had real potential.
Jump forward to today and Acquisitions
now boasts 17 stores across New Zealand, as
well as an award winning ecommerce website.
Not bad for a company that started out selling
kaftans and knotted Rugs to Scarfies.


Bruce the Bull Cooler (91cm)

Balloon Planter 104cm


Bruce the Bull Cooler (76cm)


Balloon Planter

Billy the Goat Planter (81cm)


Ewe the Sheep (31cm)


And I Am Ram (33cm)


Danny the Dog (38cm)


Kitty the Cat (35cm)

Kombi Cooler (103cm)

Ringo the Rabbit (53cm)


Pick Up Truck Cooler (124cm)

Oil Barrel Cooler (76cm)

143cm Boo the Scarecrow
113cm Boo the Scarecrow
(stands available - sold separately)

the COW

s one of the liveliest spots in Queenstown, The Cow

is a must visit restaurant. But to truly appreciate the
wonder that is The Cow, we have to take a wee history
During the reign of Queen Victoria in the 1860s, Queenstown
became the transit centre of a major Goldrush. Cows were kept in
paddocks near the old Queenstown school stands and each day they
were herded and brought down Cow Lane to be milked, to provide
milk for the hotels and others on the neighboring Beach Street.
The doors to The Cow Restaurant opened in 1976 and to this day,
they serve the same menu of delicious hand rolled pizzas and spaghetti
dishes, hot soups, home made breads and salads. And as the old saying
goes, if it aint broke, dont fix it!
As an institution that serves food to visitors from around the world
and to their loyal local customers, The Cow has a winning combination
of delicious food and welcoming atmosphere which keeps the diners
coming back again and again.
As soon as you swing open the doors of The Cow Restaurant, you
immediately know youre entering a very special place. The polished
brass and copper antiques, stone walls, and of course the unforgettable
aroma of fresh garlic baking and pizzas cooking. Tucked away in the
appropriately named Cow Lane in Queenstown, The Cow has a roaring
fireplace inside perfect for those chilly Queenstown days and evenings.
If youre after classic Italian food then youre in for a treat at The
Cow. Specialising in spaghetti and hand rolled pizza; their winning
combination also features their renowned garlic bread. With locations
in both Queenstown and Wanaka, both restaurants have garnered
successful reputations serving locals and tourists alike for over 30 years.
With take-aways also available customers wont be disappointed! As a
Queenstown icon, The Cow is not a place to be missed!


Open 7 days Fully licensed BYO
Cow Lane, Queenstown - +64 3 442 8588 | Post Office Lane, Wanaka - +64 3 443 4269

Luxury, All Day,


deally located in the heart of

Queenstown is New Zealands
premier four season lake and alpine
resort, Hotel St Moritz. Queenstown
is known as a truly unique destination;
its truly breathtakingly picturesque and
culturally vibrant. The town ensures that no
two days need ever be the same.
St Moritz hotel is all about luxury. Its
architecture and interiors offer intriguing
works of art, bespoke furniture and
refreshing colours. The vibe screams
elegance and style but theres also a feeling
of calmness and serenity as soon as you
step foot inside. Whats more is that St
Moritz definitely has views to write home
about. Overlooking Lake Wakatipu and the
mountain ranges, the hotel has stunning
panoramic views from every room.
Offering a choice of rooms, suites and
apartments, each accommodation option at
St Moritz is handsomely appointed, cleverly
blending timeless classics with modern
essentials. The interior design and dcor
of the rooms, suites and apartments are
understatedly elegant and complemented
by wooden furnishings. They all feature king
size beds, ensuites bathrooms, bespoke
bathrobes, high speed internet access, a
dedicated work area, spacious dining and
living areas, iPod docks, a mini-bar and luxury
Aigner bathroom amenities. Guests are


encouraged to fully immerse themselves in

the natural alpine environment; they have
the option of enjoying lodge facilities such
as the outdoor hot tub garden, boutique
gymnasium and sauna.
When it comes to dining, the award
winning Lombardi Restaurant within St
Moritz attracts locals and guests alike with
a compelling offering. From the relaxed and
convivial bar, to the brassiere-style dining
room, Hotel St Moritz offers a choice of
dining style to suit whatever the mood and
moment. You can enjoy views of the lake and
mountains from Lombardi while enjoying
their carefully crafted wine list, which focuses
on the famous Pinot Noir variety thats
renowned in the Central Otago region.
St Moritz has reason to boast. It was
inducted into Tourism New Zealands Hall of
Fame in 2004, for winning Premium Hotel in
New Zealand for three consecutive years, no
easy feat! The hotel then won Best Hotel and
Resort and Best Visitor Accommodation at
the 2008 New Zealand Tourism Awards.
Whatever the occasion, whether it be
a trip away with friends, a business trip
or a romantic rendezvous for two, make
sure St Moritz is on your list, you wont be

Small Town,
Big Charm

Must-Dos in
Brunos Art and Sculpture Garden
A whimsical must-see at the edge of the village.

Steavenson Falls
One of Victorias highest waterfalls
and simply spectacular.

n Melbourne and looking for

somewhere to unwind, imbibe
and revive? Somewhere real?
Somewhere close?
Then head for Marysville, an easy 90
minute drive from Melbourne, just
beyond the stunning Yarra Valley and
nestled in the foothills of Melbournes
closest alpine resor t.
A popular tourist destination since
the 1920s, especially for honeymooners,
Marysville is now close enough for a
leisurely day trip yet offers as many
different attractions as you need for a
perfect weekend getaway, a corporate
retreat or a family holiday.
In 2009 Marysville was totally destroyed
by the worst bush fires in Australias
history. Seven years on, its tree lined
main street welcomes visitors into a
charming village, completely rebuilt and
once again a magnet for nature lovers,
foodies, families and corporates looking
for somewhere special.
With a population of just 250, the town
has a palpable sense of optimism and
community. The areas steady growth since
the fires shows the locals faith in the huge
appeal their town has for visitors.

Stay at the new Vibe Hotel Marysville,

right in the heart of town and just a coo-ee
from the areas best attractions. A popular
addition to the township, the Vibe boasts a
hundred and one rooms, spa, sauna, tennis
court, gym, pool and a conference and event
centre which can cater for up to 480 guests.
And catering is something the VHM
does extremely well. The hotels Radius Caf
and Radius Bar and Grill are overseen by
Executive Chef Leigh Colville, a local lad who
made his name in some of Australias top
dining spots, now loving being back where
his passion for food began. And its easy to
see why, the place is a gourmets delight and
a premium wine producing region. It also
houses a number of boutique breweries as
well as a long list of wineries .
The area is popular with cyclists and
whether youre a novice or a pro theres a trail
for you. The scenery is spectacular, and its a
great way work off the three course paddock
to plate delights from the night before. Or
you can always grab a couple of bikes from
the Vibe and quietly explore the township.
Marysvilles motto is as refreshing and
understated as the town itself. Marysville.
Real. Close.

Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm

Catch, cook and eat your own!

Lake Mountain Alpine Resort

Family friendly snowfield and year-round
outdoor playground.
Black Spur Inn
Pub food at its best! (the complimentary
shuttle back to the Vibe means you can
relax and sample the local wines!)
Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend
16 - 18 October 2015
Vibe Hotel Marysville
32 - 42 Murchison Street Marysville
+61 359 577 700