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| | sepa sera, aaa (ia) 0. Mb. 7. 85. 25 To be coneili ourabl ds Mlk. AGAT a. Not raisoil or clovateds not lifted w Comp. AA «. level (neither raised nor lowered )- SAT «. liaving limbs not stout or prominent. AGPHIT, -ATATT «. Not mad or franties sobers calm, sane. GT = 9 qs MAUR v1 Not obliging, smgeatefuly not making # rolwen for Danofits roccived. 2 Worthloss, nse. argatira pp. Not injured or destroyod (rave), aah a aPoAgNEET Rey. 3.18.73 Av. 6.78. 2. argdira «. Not praisod. ~AAf int. So that no other person aevompanies in singing, AFTAA Abwonco of dams; obtained without any dotrim stato )- ag TaAAel u. Not violding or granting livelihoods haying no Livelihood. YI LV. o say after, ropoats GUE p- p. Rood rough, ropeated in imitation of the toachet’s instruction. arg TBA a. Who has read through, proficient. BTA LP. 1 lo tly to oF towards. 2 To fy ot un aftory follow (fig. also )s puraie, chases TECHae Gre ade: S17; aaa oF H aa: ean: Si 7 a7 ReaETGIAAT A at eae (Ae) Mal. 9.8 ‘Joos not run after cherish )» hope or leave its Wet para: FeraTITGATAL My. 1s Stavele Tae glee Gj. 11.40. -2 "fo fall upoa, attacks sRArIaI Mal. $5.9. -Caus- 4 To fly to. -2 To throw another down ‘slong with oneself. cor detriment; °sf nt (to the agIaAL, TA 4 Kalling upon, alighting upon fn suooossion. , 2 Following, going after, pursuits ByqnaaaraUTe Si. 7.27. -8 Going or proceading in ‘5 «consequence. ~§ [ aaea: Yetta: ] order oF Proportion. ~B Rule of three. 5 A dogroo of latitudes praia to one give: “TAL ind Crogan a ending op from %) Following in sucousion, going. aftr; ferme THAT BK, 2.1L (at SATA. goin to creopor after ereeper, oF after bending the ereopers-) _ A follower s a. Following as a result. rae ora Dk. 168. aaa agra « [ FAT ] Following the road. — 4.4 road; favourable roads Sraeway sigur: Ry. 5. 52. BEE Ban attendants sg 3H TET AUPE Bhag. 4.25.97. -AA atk. Along the road AAI 4 A. (P. in opie poctey) 1 To go afters follow, attend. ~2 ‘To be fond of, be attached to (as a wife); Samaea adiaita aHATAFATEG Mb. -3 To enters 4 to oF into. ~§ To fall downs equie down (to the orth); Agua argue ZA AT. —8 To enter upon, betake onewlé fos FAA aTRePPTATATTS, SaeiaraE Ram.; Gat eat geaear aa FTI Mb. did not do anything else. -6 To find, discover» 00, notice; 24 Te, fae SATE Bhag, —T To loco (vith abl.) mteararaaiam M1), -8 To handle. -8 To fall to the share of (Ved. ) | BIE a. [ VBL] Ved. Com (got every day) (araftmeeaciag ). AATF a. [ FATT: ] 4 Following the fect closely. =2 Following ovory words °@7F a commentary (of Brshmana ) explaining the text word for word. —E N. of a man or tribe. “ZH A chorus, burden of 0 pass. f+ Food soug oF words mg again at rogular intervals: ind (saat vn] 1 Along the fect, near the fect? 43% al_ gellar Sk. —2 Stop hy stop) af every steP eateries ser: amangaftanmeaiahe: Si. 9. 78 8 Word for word. -§ On the heels of, close Debind or after, immediately after (of, time or spaco); a9 agwa Sk. gat TT AAT steseagentna CaS, 5 T shall bo dose behind you just follow yous eBa/@r ma. 26, 204 oft. with gem or iv op. this spss can errgvene HAE KE 12 543 (at) sniermaays ane oiftat BR. 11. 813 ATT siaeratecharemfire: 1.46. 14.815 AERA Si. M48. oy a. (saree neqha, 51] Following» gone after. agnta «. [sarah P. Vv. 2.90] Following: seeking after or for a searcher, inquirer: TITRA MAG SE Sk; SaAH: Kae Si. 9. 70; GMAIL suit sm safes Ble 5. bo. seaaatan [ snaraif org, vcearareegentann:, 4 St TA shoo ( boot, buskiny or slippers) of the Iength of the foot (sqm wat siqudion SHAT P. V. 2.9. Sk) ARITA A way, road. ART: ‘ Having no ZT or peuultimate ’, « letter or syllable not preceded by another. i BAIA a. [ 5. 2. ] Guiles, without frauds 724 angi fe faa V2. 2. ABTA 1 Not mentioning: ~2 Unoortainty, doubt, failure of proct. non-statemont agaate f. 1 Failure, failing to bos am 77 decamarvtraraitt Bhagh. P82 (a? poing failure of tho meaning aimed at, or of any connected meoning). ~2 Inapplicability, not boing applicable. 3 Tncouclusivo reisoning; absence of reasonable grounds (G72); -¥ Penury, adversity. 1H a. Improper, impossible, imapplicsble, impracticable, inconclusive, irrelevant. wit 220 Fear Aaah 29 feaisens: deed PTAC FAIITAT, see saTaF also. AGTH: ‘Having no material parent’. N. of a eloss of Buddhas, called Dhyanibuddhas. gq a. [5.5] Incomparable, matchless, peor Jess, bests most excollont. -HfAt: N. of x contemporary of S8kya muni. AT The femalo olophant of the south- west (mate of FH). wrqudta,-firet «. Matchless, inoomparable. aAAIaIAT, Non-rofutation of a charge. BATT «1 Not used (as food). 2 Uncuited, unfit, improper, useless, unsorvieouble: aerate cegsnfraraara SHH S. 7. PART a. Useless. 1: Usclessness, not being used (as food )- BATA a. 1 Not deud.—2 Not stopped uninterrupted. AISA a. Unobserved, unperceived. af. Nonrecognition, nuon-pereeption (aaa); Tet VISITE (ihe laowledge of wzrara is possible because the 3/4 or counter-entity fe not found with the non-entity or M1, that is, there being no 37124 or knowledge of the 72); ono Sf tho instruments of laowledge according to the Sismarisakns, but mot according to the Naiyayikas. = Comp. AH? 2 fallacy, trying to establish a fuot (say, the eternity of sound ) from the impossibility of oom the non-perception of it. AAIGHT Want of apprehension; non-percoption. fife m. One who does not wear the sored thread (belonging to his caste )- - aAgqTe: Any thing oF circumstance that ayyrae ‘yates a malady- . reat a. 4 Following with his looks, keoping tes his who ovsns Pataijela Yegatarte™ 221. p. ILE. 1. 137- : qeetfta m. A kind of B04 or fallacy i I ubaivsion of the PTT, Ses NyZqeaerel that is, that which uoludos every enw ‘he 1 and thus prevents the corroboration at J role of causation by illustrations, positive fas 84 (ree BAL AHA ce ey Rees gre aPe1 eA a ZBI, thing in at ticle 4a.) that 2 nob agra 1A word (pa has not the foree of, an U pasurga. ~2 That which hag no Upasarga. ~8 That which neods no additions (aq 2 divine being ) AGITIA «An independent word, i © 2 vora which is not relegated to subordinate. position (hy utering into 2 compound formation ) B. TV. 1. M4 AGIAAT «. Having no FAT i o. some condi mont, sauce, curds Ge. to moisten food with AYTEA a. 1 Unpolished (as silver), -2 Genuine, Mamelew 8 Not cocked o: rowed (as food’ “5 Not requiring any evident object. -8 Without any doubt in mind: ARETE ger: saat | ara ait al AT AaagIeRA | Mb. 12. 11. 35, <6 Selfless without greed or motives ZeanlisareRT Ms. 10. 62. ABIERIT «. Not clliption earereavaefa) Ki 11.38 AGIATAA Absence, not being at hand. AgIENTTH Not plow offering or prod not baving ready or at Ind: argaemfa uw. Not resdy or at hand, not offered or produced AMTEATAA «. Not prosent, alsont, distant. agafeaa «. Not present, ubsont, not at hand or near} not current. “LA word that is not Safad q.y. agafeafe: f. 1 Absences Ra OF aera ave your’ honour will bo pleased to excuse my absoe 2 Inability to remember. sgaea v1 Not injured, unimpaired, snitiatode x AAU A drink taken with or after medicine (oxy See 8 eT, FATT MeL); a dll Sehiclo in medicine. 2 A drink close at hast eager eae 7H Maes Baty Ch. Up. 1. 10.8 agra a. Serving as aliquid vehicle of medicine gt 2 P.-WF 10 P. 4 To guard, watch vet? preea atends meme Red SraTOaS ae 8 27 keep in custody. —2 To conform to: obey, obsert®? eercraegOT K, 21; WsaUIMNAM, TL. f, O93 80 afer, FA AR 8c: keep, preseryes starsat Segafet, Ki. 2.10 watehing, ‘ ' y AYIA, Presorving, keeping up» obeying. AYUA w. Not rendored sit for or consecrated for sgevificial purposes. Comp. ~AFTA, flesh af an animal not propared for sacrifice. ATCT a. What is not directly poresivedy hence something which is only inforable (= 1a Kadika ): P. VI. 8.80. aga, FF soo under HHL. AWA, inl. In rogular succossion. agaran [wr aaah aagry] A heinous crime such as theft, murder, adultory &e- 85 such sins in Vighusmyiti: Manu mentions 80 Inds; Soo 1. 54-58: ABUT 1 Not to violato a tu =2 To do something by turn. —8 Tum, succession. seameaeatearaiseareat:, Weal Kadi. on. P.TIT.3. 38. AGMA 0, Shovless Katy, $e agBWS: A Kooper (ol horses Ke.) FIA cant | attr of 5, arg ( AeA. ) Frum Indicum. (Mar. 214 7%), erga «. Lateral, along or by tho sido. ~( ple) N. of @ people. AEWA «. Vo. Westorn.—(pl) N-of a pooplos Mb. arqget [I 54 GE] A follower. argget [aM Wi afBITA] A Kind of rood (TEE). gga o. [99 i Rat =H ar] 4 Rogular, having a suitable measure, regularly shaped, sym Rovrical: GT FA UAE Ku. Laps aatcaea grag: Ki. 17. 50. Cigeerart Mall); 9@8 sage ‘Die Tak aIwIeTA Iga ahid.s PRAT who has rogelar hairs ART having regularly shaped limbs; so 2%) Soy, CAN, ~2 Orderly, suecossives in due order ot saovessfon coming i order, following. —3 ‘Tho Towest (PREEHUM): staTA Ee Katy. —Comp. —F Maended in 8 reyular Iino. BAT a gow that calves rogulaely. AA TAT:, ~TOT ate. Tn regular ordor, ono by ones sucrenively> from above, downwards; from_ the hoginming oF Hitets PUAITETER: Ma 8. 1425 8. 99, 7. cagqett « Regular, orderly, saacssive, at = 3 tty on (19a aR, stage] (A rope, cord Ge.) Fastonod along the back, ted lengthvivo. aa. A Not ondoyed with. —2 Not invested with tho snered thread (SIEHa), 4 yawrag Tea BAL hag: 1.2.2 ‘AIA a. Not sown (as seed ); °H€4 fallow, meadow, (ground &e. ). ‘arg fem 0. (8 FFA AT) Grown without being sown. aagaatet a. Fully covered; dew dercricastrs Bi 7.2. AIAMAT Tracing, track ‘AMITAH A A sift, donation. -2 A sort of exter nal effort of the vocal orgens giving rise to particular Toiters (easara ); 08 aTeraaerar SaaTe FITA Ske SANTA , FAL ind, Going in succession + WE > aay rer He He sARIEG-aAL P. TIL. 4. 56 Ske SANTA: Cyolo of births and deaths. AGATA 7 A. To employ apply» employ in addition. ‘ABMAT Additional use, repetitions P. 1.8. 685 TEL. 4-5. aanthagentin: gate. ‘ABMATA Repetition or roproduotion of what bas ‘bocn said by the teachers °3tf% a class of words given in PV. 1. AGTAT a. Agrocablo, pleasant; see BI went | aagatdsan eh seats Hil Mb: 12.97.8. sagmarg: Rumour. Mb. EAA 6 P. 1 To enter into, joi aferear’ (aren sufrarasfe: M. 5: (fig. also); Fa™t aera dearamgaitais My. I enter into familiar talk oF convorsation. —2 Lo accommodate or adapt oneself to aren ee fe a araeren ea fe ae: | sega Ht Raoratend Pe. 1. 683 BR are RAN TIPS Bf@8TSFE_A.R.1_ you too share in his opinion, oF think swith him, 8 To follow in entering; sleep with. 4 To attacks AGAR 4 Entrance into: wy ae efeeadlwICS- sania Berea: KR. 8. 993 10. Adapting onesell to the will of; seaarfngaes Part age ar aa De. 1s 45 PRerafatea Rraeragataranay GAIe Si. 9. 48. 8 Imitation. ABTA: A subsequent question (ha to what the toncher has previously said ) ABTaR /. 1 Very closo attachment. —2 Very close logical connection (of words )- MYATT Cous. To propitiate, conciliates Werte rarer oeige sndgangaarea V AAATAH Propitiation, conciliations GU FM ALY. 8. ppreadth 9° GHET o. Latitutinsl, following the latitude. agate o. Fixed; Maitonguiza: (A Ki 17. 83 2 P. To breathe after. -Cans. To animate, support, feod, help; mostly used in the statement of ‘Alankaras in x sentence: Baraat FaaraRK: Ge. AGMA, Broathing alter, animation AMG 5 P. 1 To got, obtain. 2 To reach, yo tor overtake s STMRSTAT MD. ~3 To imitate; senate maracas (AHR. 4.22. -& To arrive, come Goirans); aa aI Kage Vo, 6 To get back. HAMA yp. p- Reached, got, obtained. argo: f. Getting tor reaching, arriving &o. rea: [age caragT wBeM avin anal. gaat gaan 1] Alliteration, repetition of similar Jotters, syllables or sounds; WHaEaMaTA: K.P. 9 (araerast agreed aad Tage aps, ear (Goren arated TUSHAR FES.) a8.) saa is of 5 kinds: (a) 2° or single alliteration; agra. Seingia, weinikeare: a; AAlgegMamacoMeT Kc EP.7. (0) 8° ot harmonious. Jae seeream: Eaetg te Ea TeRe ATA rRereesoaTT L sear ae Seema ATTA RATA ToT eTe TTT A nae ) ba rai sealant faa For dofnitims snd examples seo 8. D) 083-38 ind K. P-9 th UIltsa. LA. To run alter, follows gram arwrad onane arenenetan ame AL TL ggg Alollowor servant Wa nae meyers meg agen i afer MI 9B. 1.To biad or fasten Ba ined (AMARA etree G's, yy forming, commen; SHUN Te Ska (semper) gerendgiecraTst FI Dk. TH eommocednan a Cd ReMjay he tain Cia lio) epee phe ing about, cause, lead to, ree ees ay ‘ » result iny ee as a consoqtiences mst Bao a, PY ves Ska aah ame Mos urge FEGUENLS SE WeTyaaey Pot 983. —H (a) To attend or follow closely, at the heels of follows #1 eames sel rataereeeat A S. 75 riegege ee x rer an Ee Re wb 318 Ber; Be . 5: 28. () To chase, puna Bic Hear, K. 1205 HAN GENRE gh Tipo oF sick tos cling to; "ai Pesteen aeraueny ie ace 221, (0) To continue takeups ease pst cca Ia AIAERAPS Uy eto ae 822: 1 peqrarTaMIATeIMAT A K. 262.(0)'To follow, en ne close tspons TASH SAR AAA aE "Be to, attach, tie, . ~8To foster, Breast sera Not to burst oF break loose, hold or keep together; witch fe amaratagant=t TALI. 9L--pene-To he related to or eonnveted withe ABA p. yA Bound, attached, tied to. ~2 Follow ing in the train, coming a8 a consequence: AB¥alaiae pyaar (4574 Dk. 41. -3 Connected with, related tos | minting or bolocgiug to, “A Gaatandly, sich Being in continued, continuous; rBSEPAT: Vo} Sgeaareetteraar, U.83 TITER K. 065 aa er BAH. 195 constantly flowing. ~8 Fixed upon, directed towards? aada Cea: Die 33. ray 71ST 8A Ks. 49. 47. attachment, tie (lit, & fig. ); a€at_ Weenie gaenenea cen a1 Guega SH gah. wearer A miata U. 8 state of feeling; K. 2 Uninterrupted jon, unbroken sequence, continuous flow, conti series, chain: 8% ge feataar Acarawmy Ss. 153 H@P K. 296 following up death, desire for dying srgararfgeat KK. 2805 721 atewlearaaeT 999° ( por sistence in ) following: me, 9173 32°, RAT, Dik, 63, 101 grat 24 SHIA: IC. 63 continuous sorrow: gaa ofa? Rat. 15 (0m fata 38 Ga aATERAR 4. 1G; ae wea 647 OH MOTE TL 1 ot continuo uninterrupted: WETIMAT ITT. 9. 69 continuot® Gnjoymonts 34 Sisaiswatawe: dae V5 giving ri toa chain of evils: ~8 Doscondants, posterity ; stg gar aia Ram. relation, 4A: Bat AleaTIsysa Vike Guna. 475. —¥ Consequence, result (ood or bad)! SHHaITaeAA K. 319 im consoquence of} at sagark dag Bag. 18.89) 255 apenas: eae [Ram 9.51. 26; Talat ABR APA ISMATA Mb. 4. 49. oP Tatontion’ design, motive, cause; aaa gE arag afd Mb. 5.34.8. ae afeara Rass} = aeadi | reer STE OF AG TAT Ms. 8. 126; ua? of gvil designs. -6 An adjunct of «thingy a secondary fro ber (ATI, SIT), (ear) geeky argarat Ram. 5-1-6. a seoondary” symptom, sympiqnntie Rfootion, attendant on the principal disease (am Seamsonataa)s AeiaeA MMASA Suér. ~7 Connecting ink or adjunct of subject or topics theme, matter of TReonesions introductory reasons; (Pep sseaye Garr. ae: ) Con indispensable clement, of the alinis). -6(Gmm.) An indintory evilenieted otter intended to denote some peculiarity in the in- fleotion, accent &c. of the word to which itis attached as the % in TF, Tin aq; fears aeaata ay ape Beara: Ki. 13.19. -9 Oftence, fault. 19 AD obstacle, impediment; also the clog or encumbrance of ft family ; domesti ties or attachment. fA ehild ot pupil who follows the example set hy his parent ot t gre! 1 Balog on htaing a conn agar teachor (3@2garét fa: ). ~12 Boginning, commenco- ‘ment. -18 Repeated application or devotion ( sHfafaa: ). —15 Course, pursuit. ~48 A small bit or part, a trifle. -46 The junction of a fraction (with an intogor ), as WMNIEaTTI. —17 Taso, stem (58), ef. saa: sepcanat Dienst | ereeneatata feet semearaate | saeAsht feral seraae weit | Nun “ht [organs sarts eanieiy sive] 4 Thirst. —2 Hickap. sant 3 frat georaaty AifalaALeaint. ABAPAF o. Comected, related. AGAAITA Connoetion, sueoe agafaat /. Pain in the joints tereraaaena: Heh. 5. sigafeay a. (ott. at the ond of comp.) 1 (a) Connected with, attached oF related tos Rr AeA argaiearty arse Mal. 1 having for its contents or are sitvalgedt Dk. 101 continuing. (o) Mixed or blended with; ateormaamtargabarn a gage ag ‘2 Followed by, accompanied withs having in_its train, rosulting in having. a consequence; aeaarieanraaisaateats wilsatasest 67; ened aaracraste 1563 3 V. 4 one misfortune closely follows another, or fortunes never como singles K. 3193 Héleere feara- afoul: Ki. 1.205 wigs aay By. 15.2; IM gorgaPyarnet ATTA TFN. 1.22 boing associated with, 8 Tasting thrivhgypregperouy, roving pac, continuous | uninlorrupted sift ercrafimranieetad saree Steugat Moare Ku 5-34; oad eh wey rmeee B. 6.77 continuows uninterrupted or all. pervading: Ie. 26, 203. - AGA a. Principal, chiot, primary (which may. roveive an adjunct, a8 a root, « disease ae, ).~2 [aad jon, series &e. seu: SGEM: TAH OL] To hye Killod (asa. bull), one of the threo principal sserificinl animals at the S481 sscrifions WEIR K. Be 2, srgaer [9g rarfert FR] A rearguard, an auxiliary atmy following another, 4 A. To awake, to rooollects Toarn, obtain information of, know, be aware of; = aeaqget K. 4 doos not perecive or recognise. ~Caus. 4 To remind, put in mind of 91 TATA, 1 well reminded. Pe To advise, inform ; 29 Farce farsa R. 8. 75. ‘AGaAA 1 An afterthought, recollection. 2 Roviv- ing the scont of faded perfumes, replacing thom when removed by bathing. AAVIAA Recollection, reminding, SrqRTEIOTe, 1 A work resembling Brahmans (arenes 2%: P. IV. 2. 62 Sk). -2 ind, According to the Brahmana, EAA argoreafee, a a. [tae ate efter] One who learns or knows an SAT. AYAAAIA Ge. Seo under FH. srgfsa a. Worshipped Tata cera safe Bhag. 10.47.41 AAT 1. Repotition of an assertion to refute its 2 Repoating what has boon said. —8 Conversations dislogue (FE e aT), staan a, Sposking in replys SN sArETI rater ( Birry_) R. 16. 86. ‘AGATA: A kind of crow. AGAR, 7 A. To enjoy, experience (good or bad things), suffer (as the due consequences of one's deeds); Hregaiaet @ aRawIe, AIR RK. 19.90 a HeRIaEMETTYEN Ku. 7.5, AGAVE 4 Enjoyment. porpetuity for servies done. APT 1 P. 1 To enjoy; taste, experience, feely have experionse or knowledge of, notice, perceive (iy the senses &e. ); to suffer, bear, undergo (35 misery fe.) SETH HyRT a auTieMeTATAGTAT Di 121; HaW FIPHT RB. 1. 21s resis ea afgpiat Ku. 2.45: R.7.28; meieorat fe Sarena wired Tomas K. 1215 SgHare fe TAT TTETATTL, Ku 441; daaeart Seraap M9 undergoing the state of « servant: WAAR WK. 77 Doing in the sixth year, six years old. ~2 To Team hear, understand 5 ®IaZAaw Ch. Up. ~3 To try, testy put to the tosts % a aarenanf@er steasnia eaareat | ‘Saga Ha are A pHaqea || Bk. 5.35. —% To com prise, include, grasp; X mHa% sgzrefe Ch. Up. 8 To come up with, arrive at, get, obtain (mostly Ved. it these senses ). 6 To turn or incline to: 7% et 4A aizal 8 Ry. 19. 147.1. -7'To act favourably: 4 enawatt SF saguraly pri Bri Up. 1. 3-18. Gaus. 1 To cause to enjoy, feel, or experiences Samar He aan Gale a fA Mu. 6. 155 C FepmeraRaisiew Dk. 125, sna fe Hea TRATION By. 1. 120. ~2 'To reflect on, meditate, think of: Tl AnrWaMATT K. 176, 279. -B To infer, knows Semerterartat we: safaeTes HL. 4. LOL AYA: 4 Diccot perveption or cognition, knowledge derived from personal observation or_experimenty notion, apprehension, the impression on the mind not derived from memory, one_of the kinds of knowledge? wheaaerregalt afte | ar fata eaeegaes | HENCE sed ard eal: | afd aPHaMT: which agein 2 TT Might & saad wrong: Seo T. 8. 34. (The Naive Tecognize HG, AIHA, SHAT and Wee as the a sources of knowledge; the Vedantins and Mamams® 2 A grant of a Innd in 102 AGATA add two more Si4% and stae24: tho Vaibesikas and Bauddhas admit the first two only, the Sankhyas exclude 244M, while tho Charvakas admit 7% only. Other sections of philosophical schools add three more to the six sources of Knowledge recognised by the Mimarisakas; #44 ‘oquivalence’s %# “fallible testimony ’, and 31 ‘ gesture’. )-2 Experiences #494 Fea HAGAN. 4.105. -3 Understending. ~B Result, consequence. —Comp. fs a. established by experience. ‘AGATA: 1 Dignity, consequnce or dignity of persons majestic lusre, splendour, might, power, authority (seaageat!) sramatirarg seater Re Sarina sen $7; aMatnaaaea qacat: U. 1,5; 6. 20, 41, 4.22, K. 108, 240; Y. 1 aageratsaate HT Ki. 1.63 Dk. 9, 1183 Peete rai afer ASAIN | aft Gore S.8 of great’ might or powers eRMRTAIATATATEIH TR. 10. 38) 2.75 gresine (dignity ) €o., valour; 3 aia “Maeparagme Ki. 6. 28 nergerrsett et a TAH Mal. 1 very noblo oF dignified. -2 (Tn Rhet.) An external manifestation or indioation of a feeling (44) by appropriate symptoms, such a by look, gesture &¢., valled by some enavant (ASTRA); ak elidel eaTT sraafes 4) ASaTa A earar; aan yg: Aves BAR: gage red Oh eed sera | ae a ake: als: gaa: FeTTAT |S, D. 162, 163. &e. it RTA Mal. 9.35. —3 Firm opinion or resolution, determination, beliefs Hawatar STAT anon a a Mb. 8. 24. 8. aqaraaar TAIT, Ki. 13, 15. of. ATA aia =H AT HAPTA AN. sls Ni. «. Causing to understand, making ono apprehend, indicative; "I understanding, knowledge? Ber Feat ease aT That, Pek argent, gestures Ke. AGA 0. 1 Exporinced; weeenaMee hag. 3.9443. —2 greatly ompowored; Mammeaagetaee Bag: 11-16.5. —B protected; ww Fi maargenPers Bhag. 10. 63. PA a. ie Pereciving, knowing, of fooling. —2 An eyewitness; Samra ga atrepal Saved Pail Ms. 8. 00-~8 Being or coming after aaa o. [ART] Porociving, understanding, ~ags/, Fapelenoe) dst knowledge cv poropton went, gaged: Bri. Up- 2-5. 19. fer: f. 1 Porcoption, apprehension, experience. _g (in Ny8¥%) Knovled ge derived from four tourece diroct perception, inference, comparison, eg knowledge; see BhRsR. P. 51, 52, —8 Dignity, Tndieation of feelings hy signs showing signs namely verbal consequence. ~Comp. -SHTE: N. of the motrivgy gloss or paraphrase of the principal Upanisads hy Madhavachtrys. EAR N. of tho author ofthe sammar Sirasvata-prakriy. AGP 1.9. P. 1 To priize conformably + 10. throye or commit into. —2 To insert, onter: 3 Saar Ry. 10. 61.5. BEAT mn 1 Praising conformably, imitating, =2 Supporting, strengthening. ~8 Penetrating, tat ear ay easel wie Thal TA A ATT Tey. 1.8 AAT w. A younger brother (47a We ), agAz 1 P. Ved. ‘to AGA p. p- Tutoxicated with jo AGATE pot. y To bo praise in successions 10 by granted with praise ABAT4 A. 1 To agree oF consent to» comply with, = sewt to permits allows a Here rani a aA Ran. 5. 24. 2. TATRA TRR Gori ower AIARR. 11. 99; sear, eae R487; wormage soAPTIT Lt. 29; aT fafeairatet Ku. 1.59, 5.683 BaiPaanbaareram gra S, ‘oo; at eae SIA A FRAT AUER ater Te Jo. 85 be pleased not to roject oF refuse; =HaaanT Brak gaara Bh. 9, 22-2 To follow, have recourse to; wiratataarcasa aH AGAAT Mb. Cong. 4 To ask for Teave or permission asic the consent of; agar aera: V. 2 ask fer ea Le oped with? Sicha aed aamgarataean S, 3. ~2 To avle for, roquest i begs SAAT? Ta eA AE Taree a (FART) YI. QUI, 28 To honour. —# To put 10 xesont. ANA p. y-4 Approved, wwented to, ageood ta, ae allowed granted fe. 6M Mangement Pe ae ARUTATATIAT, Ku. 8 Go, BT ee aL Me yenaem Vo. 3245 OFS. 4.10 allowed to Jopart: TERA GAT. 5.105 SRP TTY. 2. 72 Geviitted by both parties ke. ~2 Liked, beloved, sdiant, loved, agreeable, desired bys dear to; a 3 Ugacargaat SP Bri. 8. 5. 72-—8 Being of one opinion rosy of cmewrting withs =A A Lover, ene Sergnat, (RT: Si. 6. 65. ~ZH Consent, approval aon sant eeargets feaareaan em yk 1. af& /- 1 Permission, cousent, approval, assent <9 Tho 16th day of the moon’s ago on which sho ines one digit less than full, when the gods and mane? vo oblations with favour; personified as god receive . : pei a dies or worshipped in the Rajasiya sactifies (amd Seat aeaaigaainints: ); aR efacgramt qased AGT Sot. Drs Ms. 8.86-87. —Comp. aa Pjcod oxpressing assont. AIGAAAH, 1 Assont; sufforonee, 2 Trdependonsis sjoice over, yladden. approve, sinetion AYA «. Consenting to, permit sulforing (opp. to active agent); SIRES = att AST HEAT Dg. 18.225 Ms. 5. 51 adviser. SAPS lo A. stered hymns or eonseerate or accompany with gical formulas; to dismiss with sacred and auspicious words, dismiss with a blessing Frowe anbeaatisa: 0.2. (v- 1 for states); eanier gore 33 aisgaiea: Mb. AGAR A favourable speech; TIEFATIET Bhay. 4.97. 3. ABHEAM, Couseeration hy hymns and prayers: Aga «. Conseorated. AGATA Soo under 8G. SAB! A country next to s desort GATS A. 2D. f MLo infer, (as from some signss premises Se.) Sint aE cag@aeatemae Mh, conclude, guess, conjectures YNAMRHaALa 'T. S. 41: arigecareatal aMASTAT Ku, 3 seaiad dala ae a4 TR. 19.77, 17. 11s ARF A 68: 5.12; se mealdcadian geen ad gees: AY, ~2 Yo reconcile, equal. Cans. (RIVA ) To load_one to infor or guess, hospeak, indicates HIATT, K, 132, 20 AGATA] Taforence, vone premises’ seo fat, GAG o. One who inforws 7 A MM eB shar ae HHRASTATATT, AGATA Determination wesolutions Wregenarh ser fanfare | Harataredioar aie: we agit Tan 77.18. AGATA 1 Tnforring as tho instrament of an siafai, conclusion from given premises an inference, conclusion, one of the four means of obtaining mow. Tedge averoding to the Nyaya systems (arginierrcamrEtt ayer wan aBoUT ei canna. Te is of two kinds A & erage): eet aga are (FATAL aa aftted a4 inf ML Ms, 12. 105.—2 A. guess, conjecture, sign to lnow ; efadeainer sar Bar wlaeatth ‘Ram. -8 Anslogy, similarity 5 arene “gaara Mae & 5 you judge (of others) by the “analogy of your oon hearts EAaMMATeIReaC PIT KC-905. —§CIn Rhet) ‘8 figure which consists ina notion, expressed in peculiarly striking manner, of a thing established bs Proof 8. D701 3% eraser fee: walt a eT Prete NORTE ge ewe | SIT AST manasa: K.P. 10. Comp. -SfF /. reasoning logical inference. eAgATTE «. (FAHY) Causing an inference as an offect, boing the ground of am inference. pf. Tuferonce from given premises the Imowledge obteined by means of sigart; feRTTAasTa wion from given MTA the Inowlodge that arises from deiuction or spllogistc reasoning. ‘S@AACET Desire of inferring. AGA por. p. Inferablo, to be inferred: FGI oe - Along the way, according to dar) ways on or in the wa at K. 100 come by this way ABUT au. Liko a kidney ean or iu 9 kidney beat srgHra: [ ga) AT: ] The following month, SL ind. Eyery month» month after month. ASHE 1 A. ( epic pootry) 4 To rejoioo with, Join in vejoicing or sympathizing with; S@armagTet hag. -2 To expross approval s Ha THRMAAATIAM AE U. 23 approve, seconds applauds PAgUMegHeS aT R. 1. 435 to allow with pleasure, pormits amr wravl K. 77 3 SETA AAT 160. —Cunse To wladden, delight, favours permit, sate: 1 hs toting of pleasure aris sympathy, subsequent pleasuve. ~2 =82247 sce below AGMLAT 4 Approval, assent, seoonsling> aovept ance, compliance. -2 Causing: pleasure ABA GA. To follow in death 3 Wa Fa GH A ITAA smgTMy week R.§. 95 followed in doath by yous siataemarecicar a aa AITEAT BEAT 5S (used atively )- SBATONG Following in death: eae gC aT anfa feta: HL. 8: posteremation, of a widow (SIAC adtarauitat eae qr); furaeat we ae seaigaraan | Fardieie agar Rae Ml This is allowed to Ksatriya, Vaiya and othor womens but not to Brahmana women; 97% (Wat gare a fas waHeh. Bina severely condemns this practicn; sec K- 173-4 ‘ATAT ade. Tn the grains of barley. cones 2 P 1 To follow, go after (fig. tse) Stared, Bh, 2.775 segment S. 1. 253 Gigante Aaa Ky. 4. 21. —2 To imitate, equals #1" Spas craw eitadar: B.1.2759.05 eames 16-7 bein: enffomraenfag: Si. 12. followed and imitated 8 To attend, accompany s £4 gaoMIa Tt EAE Mus Lets siquarsenedtet afta: U. 8.48. AGA a. ollowings 14 Wea Tat Hea Vj. 15-6 “At: Ved. Hood. AGAT m. A follower, companion. “ fa TEMA Retinucy trgins, ottndanes Sire clown S EM Ram, afefaParelt: wang | Ba. Che 5% dy. Tn or after a procession. eaethanes 3 a1 aa ate rat | hs agai: [ gars agnermecaes 2] A follower, attendant; sHeqaaratie MPT S, 1, 2. agAAA Following. argent o. [P. ILL. 2.78 ]4 Following; ing, consequent. 1 Farciér aa aeamrigata a Ram. FL. 21. aaa aan APA BAAN. 2.19. a Like, similar. -8 Following « principal personas a teacher (Bea SgWa fA) —m. A follower (lit. & fig. ); THIEME followers of the doctrines of R. it dopeadent or attendants 24 Saisraqeata: 1.2.4. axgarst: [48-83 FAIA: P. VIT. 9.62) A part of a saerficial ceremony (43184): secondary or sup: plementary sterificial rites usually written SFT q.v eGomp. “AA: permission to porform sm Anuy “att the formulae belonging to the Anuyaj AGTAT A. 1 Mo asky questions & aey faaratt sad an PARA AIIM R518; sea Bete Fae i102; eae ardemeazeT i 15.08. -2 To peamine (as an accused)» put on trial; arefaarsisqaa Fafraiaa Po Ms. 8.79, 259. ~3 ‘Lo impart or give, fas instruction. ~¥ To order, enjom. —8 "To select as B6 Jpand, 6 To requests hogs WOE tera ar wm. An exeminer, interrogator; inquirer s especinlly hited oF mereonary (att hers yaar) igeey shir sage wer wir icase 2 4 A question, inguir inti agar 1 A m> inquiry, examination eeeega Ha elea: ew Mp naa ant TeeeTHRTAT: $15 HURT Y. Vit oe TAA R13. 71. 2 Censure, ropceeh aap awe waPA Mb. 8. 192. 56 . . # Exertion, efforts sigh fen Seb i Pt. 2. 140. 8 Religious meditation qual union. ~6 Comment. “Comp. ~Bal 4 on inter spire 2 a tanchets spiritual preseptor (Sagat gat soar AT )- aftr, a. 1 What combines or unites; comected Fed in oF on ~2 Examining, questioning so, glia Maatvee GAOT hie ah aetspTOn wai ea 404 Sm A servants obedient and Inumble aveorty erga gets mat S. 7 GAVEL A question, inquiry sorvants AGUER, 4 U. 1 To bo red: EMERTERGUTAT $i. 9.7. (Checame red or sttachad). ~2 To bo delighted find pleasures, 74 ota SaetCeayTIA Tg. 11. 30. =8 'To be attached or devoted to, bo fond of, love, like vith nec. or yes): Rea famed erat a Ram.s sefagat TR ser CIA PL. 1 gos Tae auiai Aisqest HA: Ms. 8.173. ~Caus red, redden, dye, colour: Healaaargetat 5-17, 12.683 Dk. 1683 Ki. 4. 27, 12.23. ~2 Yo attach oneself toy please, yratify, eoneilito, keop contented Gor satisfigd | YL Re NTA ARATIAT Nem, 5 E See peer: U. 1. Lbs texan emmy Pe. 1 pleased, gratified. ABTA p. pA Reddoned, dyed, coloured s area saci a PEQPLATSTAMH Ram. 0. 111-88. BREACH ‘aezeqa: K. 170. -2 Pleased, contented ; loved, beloved? Toyally dovoteds 40m: TRE Ma 7, ob: AMET Ki. 1.31 having all means favour: able to him; -8 Glowing; Area sa gaarey Sam Nag. 8.10. HM beloved by people: attached or devoted to, fond of (with loc. or ace. )¥ Sait pacageT: Baa: ota Pee eee Mu. 1; 54 Feces AAATETMTTAT Mi 15 aay ar agers S, 6. 195 AHEAATTVAT, G4 FY eMEFErAL Nfu. Ge argefen: f. Love, attachments dovotion, affections De 2 AGCAT «. Gratifying, ploasing. agtaee, Concilinting, satisfying eatifying, pleat sng, Rowping eontentod 3 SAFI ea cargeae p-1- Ploasod,concilated, kept contented &e+ Age «. Become red, reddened. — 4. Redness _a Devotion, attachments contentment, loyalty (opp. ‘aart: ); love, affection, passion (with loc. or in omy 4 saprksiger: Mu. 4. 215 ERR eae meme ah $8 Hs Re 8 Jos RegUNGRREN RAE Frou, Si. 9.8, CRI a gesture or extornal sig expressive of love; TOTEEY TeX: KARAT: AK, eget, ABCA a. 1 Attached, onamoureds impassioned, inspired with loves @ Szeremeararerar, ey, ae aan aT ETT SOAR ibid. 2 Gaasing or inspiring love. ~8f Personification of a musical note: qGTMAA 1 Sounding conformably to; continuots tinkling echo produced by the sounds of ells, anjlet® cB The power of words callod S194 q. y.; the meaning suggested by what is actually stated ; aeaar raiaaryeore AT TE 8, 1, 4 arg /- Love, attachment. Hata, 408 SSE. AYCTA int. Behind the earviagos P. TE. 1-6. snare [ ema FIAT] A foot-pathy by-roads the margin of « street, (2 path along the margin of « ond )s Aareercored 5 eee | SraTeteAa ATT oan, adr: Ram. 2.6 18: Mb. 8. 15.20. geht 0. Sounding, echoing: 34siegeiares SoH M. 1-21 accompanied iu sound. ages, Ram Bato, refer tra angel @ Fane fiod by ocho; SRE eeMeTEABAA U2 Ll: this samo vosre occurs in). MIRL-9.63 My. 5. 41. gear | signdt TAR] 4 A scoondary fooling (in Rho}. 2 A soomary flavours 0? saltsh tnstos ryeraed wH Bamgee OY | atateg aye Kae BATT Fen, Suir. ATC u. [ABUT TE] Seorot, solitary, private. aL ade. Tn secrets apart, privately: SAEarRAy ana Si. 7. 50. AAT «. Following tho night. A ate. In the nights every night, night after night. AGT 1. Accomplished, obtained. Agee «. 1 Causing welfare; also written as FT sek aang CME Ay. —2 Bom under the asterism, agent P.TV.8.94. a: No of a Buddhist. a [ aamar erat PANEL] N. of tho 17th of tho 27 Iumar mansions or asterisms (so callod hooause it follows zit of FAT). Te consists of four stars. —Comp. =mrmti, ~T7AL tho ancient expital of Lanka ot Ceylon founded by FIT. Also callod GNI, desoribod hy Riajadoldara as full of curiosities. It is largo town in tho north of Coylon “with 1600 square. granite pillurs which supported the floor of an enormous Fronsstory called “The Great Brazon Palaoo? said to rave boon built in 161 B. C.” 2. P. To weop along with, eondole with, sympathizos TERAMAGH AT AL Ku. 4.153 gaECTA spar PTL Sie 4. A AaTTAA Condolence, sympathy. segeg_ 70: 4 To obvtet, sk ups faa anager Mb-s to surround, hem ins eargaed@t werd.. 140TT Bh. ~2 'Lo bind, fasten. ~8 To stick ar adhere to, follow closely, observe, practises STE qi 7401 Ms. 5,63 should observe impurity (he in mourning ); SHAE Stat gays P. LIT. 2.100 Sk. Fun immodiately afters male, ~£ To Lovo, bo. fond Gh, or dovoled to, stlach oneself to, WReTIEA fawmesd ara % Ram.; deghagearat waa Mv. 2 fellow or adopts EVAR seam Ki. LL 783 agave? aie Bk. 16.29 love, like. 8 To. conform aabey, follow, adept onotell to, aot up tos weave aged’ Ki, 2.19: Ga MEA ofeasAgErt VU. 9 remombor oF cherish (act up to it); AETRqOST FAK. 181, 209; aRReARGENA HUG: Mv. G_ foal the force of compassion; @nia Tah dehageg PARAS My. 5. 94 following ups a wears My. 3 regard with respect, obey: SyMaeT Haat aiaeMTeTA Us 45 aE U5. -6 To coax, gratify, flatter, soothos weathh: Paatieges Ba U. 8.263 Aaa GRATTAT K. 207 ploase by carefully attending to ke.» show rogard for: 248. ~7 To urge, press, entreat, requests SWNT HAWN K. Qs. Ta AMATO aie agoRe! eMAM| Mal, Ls At AeA ATT Dk. 122 courted, wooed. “8 To gsseut_ or agree to» approvo; liko, comply: with 8807 1H saetangeeart Dis. 106; 4% HAAAEAT My. 4 agroo with mo. ATER a. 1 Checked. -2 Opposed: —8 Pacified, soothed. ATT a. [4A] 1 One who obeys» conforms to &e. 2 Obeyed, observed, wanted (Hat ), written as CLs SHAT, qaHAIT SAT Ry 3. 55. Fe pATALA Compliance, gratifieution, fulfilling onc’s wishes &e, -2 Conformity, aecordsnve, obedioneas rogurd, consideration 5, 4d? K. 160, 180, 1923 2 ‘wigtd aI My. 7 pleasure or gratification; SUITE ‘WATT Mu. 1. 2 out of rogard for; waraTatarEl_ Ve. 1 in consideration of sR: Hea Ha ATTACK ATTA My. 9.28, 5. TeGUITACH accordingly» in aowordance with it; SefeateranengeaTa Pr. 1, 100 after great oom sideration; humourings sian zonveradigawes, T 2. 101; reference (of a rule.) —8 Pressing, urging, coax” ings cutroaty, solicitation, requests # SarMgda: K- 2095 Megetart 1955 Fangerneaneaesa S. 20. 81, —# Bearing of a rule. ABNT,—AF a. Compliant, complying with, obe; ing of conforming (0 having rogard to, ating for sieactet eng Ram. AB P. To ascend, mounts 18 TAR WATE, Rw. 10. 18.3, ABST a, [Scea wT: ei} aT] 4 Like, rosembling, corresponding to; seqgeta wera aaa Pt. 1s Worthy of; SWATge! aE S. 1; EMTET K. 192, 205 8 Suitable or fits adapted to, according tos with gon: ot in comp. 5 aged waa: K. 146, 1583 94 HSCETT Dieters: V. 5. 215 ammagewen agit AHH S. 15 RARMIOTIGEN: Bara: spid.s TAGE TAT ABI HALT ALT By. 7. 85 Re 1. 333 Mo. 15. “TA ABesomblamen» lker ness, conformity. ~2 Suitability, fitness 9% aT Sl Tengen, 0, = The antistropho, baying ‘the samo mette as the #4144 or strophes the sewnd of tho three verses ($4) recited together, the othe toro being eat ang vale, CaeeeeeS HRMS TE ASIST Abval. ageTt: BAeTE , Ao, TA adv. Conformably or agree” ably to. 4, Attached to, intent on, secking or pur- suing after; 8 afar: gfewar ghzeaear Ak. + intent- ly fixed. AGT: Repetition, toutology srgenfea 1. Eutertained Heregaaringeatearsat ageiaes a frarsh FaeTaRT Ram. 1.23. 2b. agora, a: [ 2-a5%-a4] A peacocks hence me taphorically ‘a corner’ as in WEOPPBAIPTR Kau. A. 2.4 AfSTG P. Lo anoint, besmear (with perfumes &e- after bathing); smoar, daub, cover overs 7Y7aF@R HE Si 9.51, 9. 155 FABOMANAA R, 10. 10 eoyercd with; Temgerser K. isl; eftfaefrcrar Aaa argf@l: S. 7.75 90 eatarafen: 5 fatercrater enveloped darkness; SWiSH Dk. 71 besmearcd with perfumes &c. awe, BIA 4 Unwin, anointing, amenring =2 Oimtments umguent such as sandal juiov, oil Set any emollient or oily application; "akazmat K. 28 rubbed with pastes SeMgaMuatgeania K. 324. argdae, -BAFT «. One who anointe (the body ) with unguents &e. agéia «. Hidden, clinging to, attached et ae 465 Heeqet Di 10s eoncealed from the people. agate «. (gre BAP. Ve 4.75.) 4‘ With the ain regular, iu natural order, sivcostivo.( }s hence favourable, agreeable; °gat aT¥- garcadia AME Ram.; PRomapPiMME Sat, Br. OBE aa aieert WI Sk. ploughed in the rogular direction: ~2 Mixed ass tribes “8A woman ofthe lover east fan that of the man’s whora she marries; Baty eect toe Ys oes ae ae ee gr metural order; SAGeRmeagarT Sule aE (pL) Mixed castes. —Comp, ~3% a. having forteno favourable. “4H «. speaking in favour of; seme. Sede ars: BAT ATE Si 2.25. eM the ah fourth of the Atharvaveda Paridistas. Ta. straight Fins eae ETT MERCH MH. 3, eR, SAA «. born in due gradation, offspring of a Tuther inferior in, exste. to the fathers wid of the migced tribes; Waa Ag AATEC: Ms, 10. 255 meas. “RRO a. married in regular gendation. Zraer 1 Regular gradation, sending or patting 0 ame divation. “2 Tn medicine) Carrhae of in fine regular chenncl, such a8 purging alleviation. » neqgreranfa Den. P.1 To stroke or rub with tho shot with the grain, go with the grain; 8 sieanye aga A@PAMAT Suér. —2 To eyacute, purge, carry off by the regular channels FAINT a. 4 Not excessive, neither more nor les (amfatess, sega )s amoothed, free from disturbing circumstances (1). -2 Not clear of manifest. eager: [ dagen art: ] 4A genealogical tables agian e204 4 fai AME My. 3. 114 Lo. wat aerar SZEAEAA WH M.—B Modem race oF sposioss now family. “OQ int. SARE om am Bere Mb. 3. 129.8. aagaer ou. (AFR FT] Relas logical table- am a. [AR FE] Vory crooked; some PP or obliques °™ moving somewhat oblé quoly or rotrogressively (said of planets), 1g lw a gona agag 22. 1 To say or sponk after or for ons cant feat anf AAT FAT Ms. UL. 191, -2 To repeat, revite, reiterates, TORGCAMAVATTET Ait. Brot Levene study $ TRE ART AT Sot. Brey RRA Sraienermganee Tait. Up. 1. lo, aetisqeaa pratense Say.» sae SANT below. —B To emeodo the point, assent 10» yield: ~B To namo, call. Cont ne to recite; to Toad to onoself ( before reading Toe aloud); oft. used in dramasy 39 a gerreragt ceca Ta ea S. 15 AYA TAT Hee, remit Vs Bs Mae 13 yaaa M1, AAAF w- Repeating, reciting (aeaaranicargeanstys replying &- ara 1 Repetition, recitstions teaching ET win age at AA a ae | eae intense AE: IY. 8. 190. RT mT faarara Brie Up. 44-22. -2 A chapter, sexton Tesson, division. —8 epetition of Mantras or texts Herfonformity with BY or injunction said by ofhet prints. aga: [see ah, Varo) 1 Repeating, reciting roading. Jb. 5. 182. 6- 22 A subdivision of tho Vedas, soot Jheptors a Sa es STENAIgATETT Mey. 9. oF Ohapter or section referring to a, compilation from. tho Rigveda or Yajurveda (-mraguamg ) A's statement in the AIT itlustrating the mantris! 4 aerratey PHASE AM. 12. 47. 26, -ComP sagFHOM N. of a tadlo of contents, referring to the Pigveds, attributed to Saunake, REA te four TAge eighteen Paridishas of tho Yajurveda. xqaratt [777-797] A yorso recited py the Hotel priest» in which the god is invoked. to. aoobt the offering prepred for him, or a sort of priest aa "FG P.1 .D SSAA areaeare AA SAAUFAM Si. 14. 20 ( TATETTIN TAA GANT: aca HR Mali). raara. /. [FETT] Repetition, revitation Soo HARV. ~in- A lecture. AFAUAMA 4 Recitation of passages of the Rigyede by the Hotri priost in obedience to the injunction (3%) of the P44 priest. -2 Causing to recite, tenching, instructing. ~8 Roading to oneself; see above AAR p. p. Repeated, rocited after} occurring in tno tnt waded, ta ed eager sce Brie Up.1. 4. 15.-HH1, fen: f. 4 Subsequent mention repetition by way of explanation or illustration. -2 Study of the Veds AaATA o. or A: [SEITEN Pte P. THT. 2.1005 eer SGT HINT ATTA: Sk] 1 One dovoted to sudy, learned; especially one wellversed in the Vedas with their Aigas so as to be able to repeat, read and tench them ; Asqare 8 a FEL Mb. 9. 51.503 Ms. 2.1545 5. 825 V8 2s CAAA Ku. 6. 15. qrareteaigare, ama od Bri. Up. 21.1. —2 Modest, unassuming’ humble, well-behaved ergaeee: [Sq weer enters] 4A yonr. 2 Tho Ath year in tho 5 year eyes ofthe She cycles of 12 yours in the Brihaspati eysle. Qa F- oanemminidin i HAT 1 P. 1 To imitate in speaking, mock (with sae aye aoa wae Fopoat, SHIRE Ske 5 CP. & A.) to resound, echo: ‘et P.T.8.49 Sk. Tyas sted ibid. TM, fasteeTAtiaeraaeT4s Si. 2.67 eohood and approved abo; WCarARET Fa TWA: WE Bk. 8. 29-2 To. pont or say again by way of explanation, illustration or corroboration; see Kull. on Ms. 1. 74; 2. 6. -8 To ropeat, toll, say (generally); Mawemteraqrerat Dk, 21. SP fo abute, rail at. ~Caus, ‘To cause to resound or echo. ABaAT 1 Repetition (im general); g4° K. 206. -2 Ropetition by way of explanation, illustration or eor- Pepration MAME ACHAT P, TT. 4.9 (Rewer ate Sk.) Ty Explanatory repetition or referonee to what is al- Foady mentioned, such as paraphrase or froo transla tion partioularly, any portion of the Brahmaues ‘hich comments ou, illustrates, or explains a Vidhi oF Jirestion previously Inid down and which does not it fat lay down any ditections; . supplementary repeti tion, opp: to FFE ‘authoritative or direct injunction’: fapaatacet ATMA | arpa: I THRE diaatt: Nyaya litres of. also Pexgargantatasaiart, 8 afdsnerartaia, SB. on MS. 10.6.3. It ig of 8 kinds: ae Cae aijetcas amet); eqn? (argh Bite Bact) and (afters gare ea TT Bey ghar gaia); raat 5 Corroboratiou, confirmation. 6 Slam” der, abuse; reviling. ~8 Advertisement, notice report, rumout. -7 Commencement of speech (a1 HHT7E). AZATS, ANT a. 1 Explanatory, corroborative, repeating with comment, explanation or illustrations onset aERTga Dk. 95 hespoaks. 2 Conformable toy in harmony with, like: Zavtergatfet Ram.s 72d aufgn: gawzT: R. 9. 33. m. N. of any one of the threo notes of the gamut. ATA pot. p. 4 To be explained or illustrated. -2 (In gram.) To be made the subject of an assertion Cin a sentence), opposed to 84 which afirms oF denies something about the subject. In s sentence the FETT or subjest which is supposed to be slready mown is repeatod to mark its connection with the f&2% or predicate and should be placed first a Paget: in Wee, P. T. 1-1 AWE should have Dean placed firsts though the construction is defended by Patarijali. AYAI, -ATA Go. seo HTL. aga m. A follower. ABAT «. [ FIAT: ] Subject to the will of another obediont, —8t! Subjectio, obedience (to the will of nother ). HtAraaaneaislY aIgMeaeait Te: Ram. 2-8: 2. SYA To clothe, cover; HEA TAT HAS FAL Ry. 6.75. 18. SSI 1 P. To dwell near to or along with (with ace. ). ATAAT a. One who dwells near; resident, agafiza «. [48% ] 1 Dressed, clothed, wrapped up. “2 Fastoned, oF boimd toy attached to. ‘ABA: One of the 7 tongues of fire. ae [oar ae] Tho windward diretion .e wind which blows from the pupil to the preceptor Sons MetaegaR ae HREM HE Ms. 2. 203 ‘ABA ind. Time after time, repeatedly. frequently ATAT 10 P. 4 To scont, perfume. —2 To use the cily enema (seo the next word); treat by wing such enema; 14e4 earpeiars aTgarea: FAFAA Snir. ABA, GAA 1 Perfwming or soonting Cn general) with incense &e. -2 Perfuming clothes by dipping tho ends.-3 (2: also) A syringe, elyster pipe (Mar. fart); an oily enema or the operation itselt: ener Rarer EaReaTIATEPTE, Sus. fA AeA APRA, Reeagmea | aaarifieg eat emia It (serata sigaiat ar dian srgaatt a gett wate et eA sige: ) AAA o. 4 Fumigatod, perfumed. —2 Adm stored as an enna} treated by this operation: 108 again 1 Co find, discover, son, obtain. -2 To r -8 To marry. ASAT «. Pound, obtained: wearafar: ga, rast aaa eH FAG: Bri, Up tt. 13. at wat wala: im: Ait. Br. agfahe f. Finding, obtaining. atafFa a. One who imitates, 2 dovoteo #4 24 geecagg A ASA Bhag. 10. 87. 17. ‘ABP See under 34274, STAPH 5 U. 1 To lay down n rule, rogulate. <2 To obey, act up to, follow, conform tos Seo =a fat; TEAGAT! 7 HEATH Bh. 2.98 the foot-stops of the great havo to bo trodden in. ~8 To resemble, imitate. “puss. To be trained to follow rules; obey. sxafraTAH 1 Obedience. to (orders &e PAPA «1 Obedient, submissive, compliants conforming to ordora; St wi atsafanniich HL, >. 1905 aferemrateTaenPzM V3. —2 Rosemblings oa feenateaiarr Si. 6.28, 15.96. i afAPEEA 0. Obedionts nearafieatsmet Bhay. 1.9.17. argfaA7 4 P. To disappear, vanish or porish after or slong with another. faaierea twitch fen maeata, mietaraferea Bri. A. 2.412, srg PaateT Porishing atter. ‘agfAT 6 P. To enter or ee catering after. & younger brother before the elder is married; (Saat sfemen Pare: ai marsala setters fe agtet «. (sain Hania, neighbour. srgfarm (pl) N. east. Bri. Se atgfarr: ‘Tastes Mb. 12. 287. 40. AGPTEA: Heine obstructed in eosequenco of MAL A. (sometimes P. also) ¢ Ctrescag oat) Co) fo go or rll ater flog, eramls to follow, conform to, act aocording’ ef shay’ SS) guesolf 0; be guided bys humours a¢ ameaeaee gama 5. 2: Melt Reema Ka Ree fad afe Fen TASH MATAT S. 8 approvactinn me Examen Fe TIA TRAN Ge Lhe cee hie fe sone; FORAGE KC. 101 tollow ne eee wat fat eanrgriart: Ku. 9.96 followea is drinking, drank sftar hors Cer) sean 2 Acting in conformity x0 after, follow 4] A next-door of a people’ in the north SASH Ba Renter mato in zeman Bh. 2. 110; at wala aca: ad Tia: Ry. 5.283 Dk 80,04, 1b: TATE Mu. following the yath of gratitude: Bafa fe ats 47 Si, 15.41; Mal. 3.2. (1) To imitote, resembles equals ASHE Fp Mh. (eo) To gratity, humour, ‘pleases, Dk. 3. (1) To serves svorships FART a Slaraals Ram. 7.10.8. 2 CTntransitively used) (a) To follow, come afters 8618 Haqait H. 3. (1) To continue, endure. (+) To act towards, behave. (@) (In gram. ) To be repeated or supplied trom a preceding rule, Sitra or assertion (said of a word or rulo which continnes to exercise influence om what follows); ¢. y- in WR PB. LV. 9.955, Ise occurring in Siitra 8 before) FARR Sk. Ca 4 To cause to revolves turn round s 9a = aTaaee ardig a: Bg. 3. 16. -2 To act up to; follows oboy ; Tah arearagaiat Mv. 73 9 Mat aaaragaten: Vo. 33 K. 67. -8'To favour, obliges comply with a's requests Re waa MPAA: K. 735 mana adie: Mal. 7. -§ To put in, carry out. 8 ‘To repost or supply from a preceding’ Sitras rg Famat sft Grau P. V. 213. Sk. ~6 To uso, cmploy. ~1 Tead one toy attach to. ~8 To sponkein favour of, spesk fors to approve. ~9 To imitate, do after ono: zat alt reagan Ae 208, agaaaa 1 Following (fig. also); , atiending: contd Shetionesgonrmitys MOURA: Ak enverdernay SrvteaeagTdews, My. 7.4; a? Di, Ile Ho Gratitying, obliging: ~8 Approval of, concurrence jn. 5 Continuance: result, consequence. ~8 Supplying from a preceding Satra. P «4 Following, obeying, conforming to» ea i Annet Hoc asa Tete areronmect: Eang TH SATA | Ram. 5. 51. 19. cee Bai aes fed Beara: Pt. 1. 695 RetPaT sr afi: 1. 388. -2 Gluided by, following the advieo off avpadient, faithful, compliant; Saale eB De. 1. 10h, SeararegalAe, 298. ~3 Like, resembling, worthy. agai «. [a7 wi) Following, attending. AGFA pp. 4 Obeying, following &. 4 Rangam: # gavfooftl WA Mb. 8. 163. 31. -2 Uninterrupted, conti nuously kept up, continued TEIMERA sca Hae 1.7. -8 Rounded off 5 taporingly round (arm: a4 ac); BERGEN OTT TERI Ram. 6. 90. 6 apiggntargt K. 179. —§ Supplied from q preced’ ing Falo &e. ~B Conforming to the charactor (ara). “xa Ohodionce, conformity, compliance; Aa GS gare (gear) Chan. 29. F-1 Aswenting to, approval; wargatt 44 coh He 5-05 2:Obndionce, mormiy, tallow tinuance in (opp. *raft); taking ups continuity? Borgghrszer RK, 13, 78 by following the example Ee 4108 agate agro serdar 1 wag afafaeeett: Prony fi contoquense of. ~9 Ad compliance, aequltceneos gratitying, plessing? SO Sagat fara set U5; Min. 9; Sir 908%, 2 M.2.9; fe am cispHPazes adtdemhirewad Mu. 3 who conforms to or is trao to tho duties of kings; Corovious) compliant or obedient spit, previous courte “$ Tomombranco sat APRS ager Ki. 18.18. 8 (Gram.) Boing supplied or epoatod in a fallowing rule} continued influence of a preceding on a following rale. ~B Tnitating, rosombling Root Repetition; totaraaartcapre. 100 seryiee: @ 3 5. AH af: GAAAIEA Ki. 16.9 ngg according o suitably to, of conducts U- HTP a. Ved. Incroasing in rogular ratio. esr iad: Kver and anon, constantly; Sf 1 semper Re .55 Se 87, argafsa « [Rw] Bont in conformity withs bent under. “7X Seonting with bandages, bandaging asort of bandage (AMNAEAH) one of the Lt-kinds | ‘mentioned by Suérata, srget «. [saat saneof 2a] Following | (sigere); Coaftiara: Katy. (arma sim 7). AGATA A socondary token, MYeTY AP. 1 To hit or pierce agains Mawar oar: Ms.9. 43. -2'To wound, piereos SETHE ko. =3 To fill or mix with, blend with, seo af below. 4 ‘Po impel pp. 1 Pioreod, bored; stztaieconte- ere ATI 8.D. “2 Ororprond, “orienets surrounded, full of } porvaded hy, replete or” illed swith, abounding in, mixed or blended with, intermixed ; aefemaite ATT TAR S.1, 29; sPRTATaRaaleR | aor aefeararar R13. 5t interwoven with | emeralds; 16. 48, 6.18; 40% stegrraitam Me. 673 Stoo? Mic 13 WUE Peat atzA Mu. 35 Ku 3.95: rgarattaa OF Die 1195 1973 Mal, 1. -8 Connect ed with, relating to: adher ‘eaatafgitat deat Siciy 12k TeaehcenssaPensareas St. 25 chased, ‘closely followed or pursued. ~$ Sct, inlaids variegateds eoregraenigaOTT (27: AISI wy eAEOMEMT: R663, HEE S449 agia:, -2109 1 Hurting, pioreing, perforating a fe aaratarell We] teh careatian: S. D. 1. =2 Contact, union; Faris weer genqea Iya §.2.20.-8 Blending, mixtures fusion. —§ Obstructing. segertent: ( Tn Nysya) Conscioumess of the porcoption (in Vodints Phil. ) perception of « sant ment or judgment: | agearearat [964 eareqe] That which | comments on and expleins Mantras, sutras &e. | SL (seater); especially, that portion of a Brahmans, which explains difficult Satras, texts &e. occurring in smother plave (H°ATeaeaeer eae eae). AGATE, -F4TETT: 4 Repetition, repeated utterance; mentioning, along with something dre. =2 A curse, improvation STAPAMETTa a. Cursing; exeerating. SBAT 1 P. 1 To follow, go afters of aaecergaarst K. 182, 210; attend espesially a doparting guest (as far as the bank of water, lake, Se.) as a mark of rospeats SAM AL GHAI Y, LUD: SaRgareE: Ku. 7. 98; aaeegraaed A aad ar Ram. 2.40, 50. -2 To visit in order, seek. =8 To go to or near; botake oneself tos 2m at: TaeaAaIeT Pt. 1. 282, deer herd or associate with deer. —§ To obey» to do homage to. ABYAMAY,-ACA Following, going after, especially 2 doparting” guest; aernaee | TeMAGASAT MTT Ms. 8. 107. AYA pot. p. To be followed as by the relatives: ‘of a dead person to the cemetery. BIAS «, [HAH AF Hi TET] 4 Devoted or faithful to, TST TAT TRIEHAAT: Mb. 8. 95. 90. attached to (with acc. or gen); THITeaReAa TAAATAT: Mb, 3. od. 97, Famer ar SaRAT Bh. 2. 109s Aas era: . “2 Duly performing tho yows or duties pre- scribed ( opp. 9747) Bhig. 8. 15. 85. ~T A glass of Taina ascotis, aT A devoted virtuous wite (Siar): 25 ae cogs afte afte Car ATTA TTAI FG seneia 379. AFAMF a. Accompanied with, or bought for; w hundreds sanaitgaters: sarateen arse | STU TaRTE ssa A Sura. 2.45. “a a lass of words or 7 mentioned in P. VII. 8. 20, where both members undergo Vriddhi. saufearéri =. ATA, APT &. Soe under AA. are: [i I sort of evil-spirit, RTS Lesa, garg] A sort piri agate [agua ae areal ages] Anything wed (tor the time being ) instead of regular instrument, such a8 a fingernails a secondary weapon or instra- ment. AFM An antechamber, a special kind of halls AEE yA a Sea ATW Mana. 26. 19. ~ AAMT 2 P. 1 (a) To adviso, persuade, prevail upon, address; it wAzawaaradt gat stave Fel a PIU Ku. 5.55 Talaraet Paar aoa R. 8 50. (0) To ditect, tell, order, enjoin, to tench, instruct (how to act); zacarwarghne: Re 13, 755 ah Sam gATST MAA ATT wife S, 43 reveneamgente Geis, Bk, 99. 17: ag wivaRaAT(eT V. A tells, directs: Hal IE Bae sArTTaTIET V. 5 tells, divuctss sre er fea Ske; Ms. 6. 86.2 To rule, govern, ~8 To chastise» punish, correct; $24 masranmgaretar Vo. 2; a1 Fegmaian, 93 evel earveargaieat swaegeeaht Ms. 11 99, 9, 288. -B To praise, extol. 8 ‘To aceomplish, perform, execute. agar, anf are or APA a. One who directs, instructs, governs or punishes; ‘4 geremra- mnfeerca Bg. 8.9 rulers eM Argh Tra wT gaat: V. 4. AGIMATT Advico, persuasion, direction, order. command; instruction, layingg down rules or precepts t iaw, rule, precepts treatment (of a subject), (with the object in comp. or with gen.» the agent, if expres sed, being put in the instr. or gon. ); (42 WaTTaAET Bey. 10.82. 7. GRYMAAL Tit. Up. 7.9. 7. area wagered Ki. 1.28 words of advives Amz Ms. 8. 19936. 503 2.150; Ale? KK. 146; aTaeR laying down rules on the gender of nouns, explanation of gender &o.5 ASIA Sk; Tea Teeae grap at B. TI.8.66 Sk. —Comp. 8x a. obedient. =ryd N. of the 15th book of the Mahabharata (30 called because it lays down precepts of adviee )- aganfed: /. Advice. agRTE of odnented: 4 Bafeerafre: Ry. 10. 7 Dig. 5.9.4; TH Gaaated SreTTE: Be Cp. Try 17. 2 questioned 2 Amngferveg art weewireat Fina. 6-904. 8 Directed: mH adigierd ay aarat FRPAIFAMAL Ms. 7.86, 9. 253. arate: J. Tustruction, teachings onder, command: srg hfe, «. Prsetsing, learning, age f- [AIT MEH] An oninal followed by its young one- argaft 2A. 1 To lie or sleep with, with: Tie upon, close or along: lay ones Nahere to oF follow closely, cling’ or again fe (aeamraioets | reat oa Subhtaita. —2 To repent, grieve fors 2 Be Si 14. 455 SUR OSE a KE, [¥-22] 4 Repentance, remorso songs Tea Mal 4: Haetegeee eee Should you be sorrys Wed goa farargerat way gy. 92% a retreat AT HARE VS averaging 2.14. -2 Tntonse enmity or angers Reqamhsqed SE amt Si 16. 25 WRMMMTTA wee TT aE, May eT 3 Hatred. 8 Close connection, an wath 8:15 fequonce lore attachment (to any” ohjit) para 7 + sleep slong lt downs to stick to: ad ‘tie acai sie atentre 8. Soacartat «ala | eparaae rope 110 agate Mb. 8. 261. 33, -6 (In Ved: Phil.) The result or eonsequence of bad deeds which very elovely clings to amd makes the soul enter other bodies after enjoying, temporary frecdom from recurring births Cemntesian sememea seers fare sae mst: Sree, aa fe Bea fatten aaa 3 flea est aeniia afer ReRMISATITA TaTATALSA ‘Ty. ). ~8 Tograt in the ease of purchases, tochnically called rescission Brat (asia a PareACIzTA TA. Ms, 8. 222; soo sarge geri BA VAAN ETT ond... agar Gazaa TTA: Nin. ~AY A diseaso of the feet, & sort of boil oF abscess om the upper part. GUAT « Regrotting Gee AOA variety of heroine (474taU/2ATEE); ane who is saa and dejected npprehensive of the loss of her lover (2HIR afigraaat) Agaey ov. 1 Devwtedly attached to, faithfule =2 Kopontant, penitent, regretlul, sorry. 8 Hating intensely. —§ Connected “as with a” consequences 7p Tinjosing the fruits of deeds; opithet of the soule a. Lying of extending alg. . Til aangaifal erie Trams Taz: hag. 2.822, Seo gai AAT in. Tn cot. argatrerat Intent or assiduous application, constant pursuit or exsreise» constant oF repented practice of Peay; FARIA Ki. 16.28. ergeftr «. Amiduousy practned, repeatedly done, arefully attended to or studied. 1 P. ‘To boyail, moum over, regrets TIT agiatea wera: Tyee 21. ee aa ta Migs ad gators araaraia Peat Pe aes aT K. 8385 FATT RSA 4 condole with weep with. -Canse for, rextet; aaa # 32 nok wan sho (hot aera 1.3835 3 aaeargaiaa, Veo. To mourn over» deplore, gre qa can wee U Fe) regretted. ASAT A ceremony enjoined by the Vedas (!)- waster, VST Sorrow, roponiance; regrett srqeat at JOPPA in the samo sense. jy “RTA a. 4 Regretful, ponitont 2 Qausing reste aga 6 P- 1. To hear (<4) araagH sre Me 9.1005 FBTR Pt. L heard, related. -2 To het? Popeatodly 98 from a sacred authority» hand down a8 bo Voie tradition. |” gagerar Vodlic or sacred tradition. | a Known from the Sastras; (Patarijle ) -Yogadaréana 1, 15) 44 STE “aaaatan [ ag9e0 At, Seg, sf aa] A Kind of Sama (alae: ewe: ) prsat, ( °H°%) 1 P. ‘To adhere or cling to, follow lout past (=M24R) 1'o sis ling adore toy Tie attacked to (fig. also); HH = aa aweta a ae, TSISTWAA Dk 13; sometimes occurring as TYTA Ctrom 3 also )3 220 Heeaig a oeATIEA Be. 8. 10, 2 Po be supplied from a precoding rule or statement. “Cans. 4 To fasten or attach (some thing ) to. -2 To supply (as an elliptical expression ) + gfe sana asetiany, AGTE-Z_ ule. after another Rp. A Comngetod with, closely rolated or ect ee My 9 emidany er jsing, ~2 Clinging or adhering to. (actively weed ): eae omnia Get HTN | SAI eT EM. ef feangater daria a4 U. 4. 2 constantly preying on the hearts HTNARGE My. 4. AATF 1 Clove adherence or gttendancos eonnee Seat csi nimrinsny ae cate tose gett Mb. 6.162. 5. ergtani sami. 7. good things elosely follow one. amother (como clove upon one another ). ~2 Coalition, vomuixture.~8 Conneation gt word with word. -8 A word or. words repented from the context to supply an ellipsis. ef. S9R2t remaanstaeat, SB. on. MS.G.1.5. 28 Newnes Comennee gevieble cout “0 Chane of oe ent with 2 Dfeviows ach —7 Tacidontal motion ee (UR 8 "Yoaraings ase % Comptssion, pits tondomness. 40 Cin Nyt Gomecting together tho 37% or application ana ma t eonclusion by the use of the pronoun €% (Seas. poe HAA TEA RATES sR). ~44 The nasals eepnocted with cortain roots ending in vonsonants; 2. PIL. 1. 59- Sk. “12 An clips. A modo of interpret- sgn incomplete sentence by supplying the required ing Mor words from tho immediate context. This mode PoTjmsble only if thoro is no break (24). his is adnionas (0 tho Principle Town av SUM Cin cormmmmar) on which a word of expression from a Sramag AA io read in tho suoceoding 89 or Wh. Fegan: WIA! FE | AAT! SB. on. MS. 4. 4. 7- agitye « Following asa necessary result, conmaquont concomitant, adhering to, connected ith. af. a. 1 Comested with, adhering o sticking eg a erat Ty ord Polowing eo 1 vosneguences argaee 3% aft wre aeraeglaaia Subhiss follow, obey. -6 To ‘imitate, tread in; 9% Regiasiea Gar Ga: HoH, Bhag- 1 (Tntrans. ) (a) To place or put oneself on» be in 4 Position, prosent oneself. (j,) To remain, continue: (¢) To be engaged in religious ceremonies ( muttering, prayers &e, )s gies aTamnenay M. 5. ABE o. [S1-F-weTAE] Standing after or in succession TFB" a. Standing after, in guenesions sa! Garon (een feat aque: say FA Rey. 1. G4. 10+ FAB, WPI «. Doings performing, exocr! Kes one who undertakes or begins. ‘ABBA 1 Doing, performance, practice, exeoutions secon plishment &¢.; obeying, aoting in contort tos ATSTBPA S, 4. practive of religious austerites > ASM vnnaterchy ego pe 1; TAA grammatical connection oF a faa £4 Pi HL. 1. 995 SAG AT Kaw. A. 1. 6. ~2 Commoncinys idertaking, engeging ins ale aga ag Faqart 414m, Pi 1. 8 Commencement or course of cond procedures conrse of actions 4 PARA area: rag U. 5.21. —$ Practice of religious rites or eore: monies, any religious rite ar ceremony ; Peaguattat emaeomareit U. 1.8; Mv. 4. 38. ~t Performance, doing &e. “Comp. — “the body of actions Caccording to the Saikhya doctrine) the intermediate Jody betweon the W% or subtle and the 4% or gross body. AMBIT «. Causing to perform. AABTTA, Causing to do an act. AGBIPA «. Doing, performing. srafee p. ». Done, performed, acoomplished & practised, followed, Qo. 5 cre ratte cremate Ram. 1.7.12. faPmara a reves daar: agit: Ku. 6.29 rought abouts TUGU that being done, thereupon Josun, undertaken; 1 3 fe rah wale Tam. Cused actively ) following, practising; Ms. 10. 127. aafs: ABN GH ind. Having entered or gone into im succession s Wi Remgeeay Sk. P. ILL 4 o RERIEMA Strowing or spreading round. —ahr Ls" "B14 A coven, CABIRM such as Teather); ITM aurgieaa Rertiger sega Adval. -2 A cows (@H * Reel AoaTe_RNElRacaT=AIgAEMT AY SA; one the cow sacrificed at the funeral th which enables the departed spirit to gafely cross the river of Hell called Safer (sight afte 8h FT ‘YO eae gtt-gE Ty. ). ABSA Praising afters N. of a work relating © the Stmaveda. ror suecestion- Practising, observing, habitually AGATA ind. Alter adding oil AETE a. Plain, obvious. ATE To touch, extend to; oq eget ave Aya: By. 4.4.2. AGEHT a. Ved. Whizzing (as an arrow ). SBT "To whis towards; 21g 4% mee EBLATHAL Ry. 6.67. 11. SBAATE! Continuing, following. mast To remember, think of, call to mind, recollect (with aes. or gon..); seateinaeya S15 ata sigur 74S. 7. cemraty weg Agere ga Bg & 7) TATTURTEMTTEMT we Ki. 4. 98. =Gaus. To remind ( painfully ), causo to remember with regret; SERIA FTCHREMNUTA AT Ki. 5. 1 AGATA Recollection, remembering.~2 Repeated recollection. ff. 4 Cherished recollection; thinking of agape: $. B. 1. 2.30. -2 Thinking of one thing to ‘the exclusion of others. @- [REEFS] 1 Woven together regu larly and wiinterruptedly. 2 Sewn on, fastencd to. 8 Closely attached or linked to, #4 Sounding conformably to. 2 An after-sound; echo3 seo AAW and K. P. 4 (96). agent [ES at; eon ea, age KATE Ty. ] The nasal sound which is marked by a dot above the line (’) and which always belongs to a preced- fase vowels SEMMISAETE: DP. VITT. §. 4. “2A Separation between two sounds cused hy an SAeaIe. ‘ageA: Inviting, stirring up. HATES 8 VU. To roar in imitation of, reply to; eggeget Frat a (e Aiaryec eT Gi 16, Oo SASEEHE Resting in imitation. ASE 1P. 1 To imiteto, resemble; eeacia eter aq eeTROgERAY U. 45 afer oft gach eheay Se aficga® Ki. 9. 67, sometimes with gen. of persons MGTHEA Sk-5 see below. -2 To tako after ¢ ones rae) to, alwnye imitate dain neue (Ge Beraence) CRAG); pwrat gece mage a Dra a1 Varts (mit ere, Regan set oe we Byartea Sk. ) ‘AYCIL, “IT Imitation, roubles, saat. argert pot p- To bo imitat spans ot the Bards ot now exon cgeym A cart (1) ess [ G-Pen ana 1 the, backbone, spine (aaerare:. saat Bakes OE TEEN GU AL Be (hee red. ~& Monthly m day Cot. eae, ei Siy. remarks gh aaa ear TERR aes a), =2 A kind of sacrificial vessels according to somoy the hack part of the altars SMM. 3 omer Birth of stato of existence. —FA 4 Family, =2 Disposition, temporament character, peculiarity of racos earaeiagerge: afeat fe art: Cam: Sur. ef. SRI fat a a wiseH Nm. WH /.N. of an Apsarass Hariv. AGFTA Backbone; arenes sPlmerea sree sega Re. 10.163. 2 rar: [staan arate iam] 4 Retetion (of light ). -2 Regard, reference, illustration. aafes, AAATA Go. Soo under 4473, aq «. [3H] Ved. Coming attor, successives cageti ean araTea: Ry. 4. 54. 2. PH day alter day, on the following day °4( 4) born in suocesive order. ASA The plank or hoard on the sido of a bod i i (abeanecaret aaah ae Sankara): Sree ainomraeearh Ait. Br. (sta = aaeal te wee S5y.) ‘AaRTH Ved. To be victorious after smttnade at maga, Vaj. 2. 15. a.4 Not bore or carried. ~2 Unmurviedi afeaergatsge O88 areas, Ak. ST An unmarried oman. ~Comp. HT a. bashful, modest, ~A7 (22°) Porication. “231 m. (°°) 1 tho brother of an unmarried woman ~2 the brother of the eoneubite of a king. amare 7. [RRWL, 3. 7.] Not coming or aid Tce) Seah FHL: GAT Rv. 6.99.6. AGHA, Want of waters drought, aridity 4 afaqes Ram. Desoribing, mentioning secording to of conformably with. SD. X. 79. aaleecangee afta Sire aL. D. 752. AAT, AAR Go. Seo undor a4. ‘AAT a. 1 Not inferior, not less ( with abl. expressed or umlgzotood); not wanting or lnoking in Cwith pated Far AACE R. 6. 605 signe Meera 16.15 Supranaieersraeget eae M1 of yo infotth stuf’; SARS STE R. 2. 545 ateqmm 6, i faPreagtt: R. 10.1. —2 Full, whole, entire; large? HeRTNPTON Ki. 14, 495 greats Si de Mh Ciofore adjectives) very; °uRfiara: $. D. excessively hig or heavy. ~8 Having full power. age «- [IAL SRY PVT, 8,98, sige: at afar | Situated near water, watery, rich or abound ing in waters wet, marshy, aramgt eareifa aoe: 4 ( ) aT 115 aR fat: Amar. ~, WH 4 A watery placo or countrys aren: at QTR MAT Ms, 7. 1925 Y. 3.425 m 12. 44. Tg aTATAERCATAATT | areata 2° N. of 9 particular country (OT pl. 3 TwRa: sraTeTAET ATA_R. 6. 87. = A marsh, bog. —$ A pond or tank of water.-8 Bank or aide (of « river, mountain )3 SiTeeRtaTgaN Ram.5 Rei AgaH aA ibid. BA buffalo, -7 A frog. 8 A kind of partridge. -9. An clophant. —Comp. ZEAL moist gingor. APT a. marshy, boggy. steer a, [9G AA HT, WL] Boing in «pond or bog. agar a, Ved. To bo fastened as a snerifcial animals TARRIAOTATON Sot, Be, 5 TYR AMT Abad. HAT, AANA = FYI, GTI, AAS o. [7.8] Thighloss, srgniestaetitereqecas wa, Bm. 1. 101. “Bt Aruna, the charioteor ot the sun (who is ropresontod as having no thighs); the dawn 3 seo 7, Comp. ~BT the sun (having GG for hia charioteor ); 4 facettraqaere $i, 1. 2 a, 4 Not atroug, weak, powerless. —2 Free from pride. aelt«, Nothigh, lows a Vod, whoso splendour dom Bit rho) ho lighta no ( oseed ) Bre sah «1 Not waviig, unruffled by waves: iuctating, -2 Tavilable Bono: agg N. of a river in Kashmir, qa, m. Ved. A part of the hody near the ribs, aqTE «. 4 Saline, the sama as SACs of, SHH and exqam, -2 Not soline, a, Tuoughtless, carcless, ai aTARsAmaTT: phag. 3: 5. 48. AGA 0. Seo AE below. a. Vel. age HAT ITT Chornless (as a path or couch )e eR. 10. 85-23. gaa «(4.5.14 Without a hymn, not oon taining a verse from the Rigveda s 92% 4m P.V. FA Sie, 2 [TT HR STeAeTT ea ory aa: J Not conversant with, not studying tho Rigveda, one not Giveated with the sacred thread and henoo not yet entitled to study the Vedas (as a boy ); Rag eaars- Gayaen wa Mb, 9. 149. 98, sear ass at er ARS eaters: Me. 2.1585 SER HERR Mugdha, (In_ this ago the form should properly be 3%; sigaaETAT SH lcs hut sometimes FZ also im the same senses of. Tata CAT ATC BHT | Ms, g. 1425 HER agarmagat 4 YT 131); Aw also in the sume sense. WAY «. Not straight, crooked; ( fig.) unfair, wicked, dishonest; 7 WerTgayar 4 A7aIISTy Mae 4.1773 B. V. 2.75 Sk. STEM a. Free trom debt» who has paid off the debt (due to another) with gen. of pergon or things wre Fei S. 15 TTT W753 sere (Caan) R. 12. 543 Mv. 6.585 figemaat: Ms. 9.1085 6.94, Bvary ono that is horn has three debts to pay off -—to Sages, Gods, and the Manos; ef STAT mamfatrita aria mints, ae Se, ATT AGHA; hey therefore, who Iearns the Vedsa, offers sncrifices to Gods, and begets a sony becomes 312% (treo form debt )3 UW sige: a gt wat aaareiarey cf, also cermerangat errant: TP | Sa Pieaneast often Hea: MR. 8. 90. ALMA, -AVTTAH, Freedom from debts caret wwart item Pt. 5, do harm by way of retaliation or injury; we PRNaeagirl: ML 5.115 ibrsareer sigma TH: Pt. 1 repay ot requite the fayour of our lord. rafts o. = 1a; GREE ag Te PH FT| een en ag aoe ag an set ARTI Wa a. [7] 4 Not true; talse (words): Ft ‘WAH Ms. 4. 170 wrongly gots 4 + aad BAA, 4. 188. n. Falsehood, lying, cheating; deception» fraud: BENG STATHAM Ry. 7.49.95 TET Sac RGARSH Mb. 7. 190. 475 1. 74. 10558. 09-65. , 70S" Ms. 1.29; mRRSGE a7 8. 07; oft in comps TI, ARs y?, ge? wriving falso evidence in tho matter of Ses Ms. 9.713 of. also: ou range eba we ee TATE | sewrardit aie age somTgel Pe. 3. 108. 12 personified is the son of S04 and fat, husband and brother of felt, father of 4, ACs, FIAT and WAI. Visnw P. 2 Agriculture * Rareraferesd ates? ef Hares et bbs a usd 3 we aaa) aga ae og At Ram. 7. 74. 16. (opp. #4); Occupation of Vaidya (afsa) 5 gearat (oon oe be San eat Mo.4.5.-Gomp. 2a a. whote gods are not tie i D5 af ors aia Ty. 710d. 143 not laying fairly (2), agar, ATI, TEI lying, falschood. aa aE a. aie afat aa SeittreRta: Ram. 2. 109. 12. Aa a. falso to one’s ‘vows or promises. srga(PA a, aA o. Lying, a Line, Bat a2 MGS Bu. ch. 2.11. FAG [A a] 4 Uns season, improper ot inature times sigs eZ Ms. 4, 104. —2 Tame before menstruation, —Gomp.-FFAT a. girl before menstruation ‘ARH a. 4 Not one; more than one, many j re Reperat g fagat amet Y. 2. 120, ca Ki. 1.165 several, various; aaravanseanet ¥- 8 1 pre a 2 Separated divided; oft. in comp.; TT having many shapes or forms; diverse, multiform; °#I@ a7 several times, many a time and oft; ml having ‘more wives than one. ~Comp. ~32T,—2 a. havints more than one vowel or syllable: polyayllabic, 342 4 engaged in several, pursuits, -2 not concentrated ated. porplexed: # 4 SR, Ram. 2.41. 94. —ateet a, 4 [# %] not alone 50 28 to exclude all others, uncertain, doubifal, variable; ealfgesassrmcca a2 = Tr q. ) 4 unsettled condition, absence of permanence. —2 uncertainty, doubittulness <8 anunessontial part, as the soveral amubandhan, Save: scepticism. °F m..a sceptic, a Jaina or an Arhat of the Jainas.-# «. 1 having many (inore than one ) meanings, homonymous; as the words il, aa, FH &e.5 "AH Capacity to ‘express more senses than ones stare Shon MS. 7. gee agaried T7207 K. P.2. ~2 having the sense of the word si. -8 having many objects or purposes, (242) multiplicity of objects, topics &e. 8% a. having more than one % (letter) PT. 1.55. aera a. (in Vaié. Phil. ) dwelling or abiding in aiore than one (such. as 821, armas eh Set ee Bhiss. Ps dopmdence upon more thin one. - "doing much’, N. of Siva. -30 «. of ‘many lends, manifold, diverse: Pm 34 Ki. 6. 87. yea: N. of a king: afearg; “TT a. belonging fo two families (such as a boy when edopted ie. that of his own, and that of his adoptive father. —AT a. gregarious. “PAT «. not of one mind ficklominded:, #e7aRtafintat Hyi osama Te 6. 24, 26. °AH: not following the counsela of mes H 4, 31-8 « bom more than once. (eat) a» bird (sieeeat SIT). — an clephant (so valled Decause ho drinle with his trun and niouth Jeet face 12.75. “2-95 a. Yor R. 5, 47.5 in. 85, multimumbored s hsving many component mambo (ug sexracamn SB. on MS. 10.6.4. ane ps more wives than one: “RR a. (GL) a4 gene faces, many-faced. 2 scaiterod, distort ing in various ditectionsy taking ty varie reer Eeentn) sete Somer tin Thea, 5g, “eg MOI qoany forms’, N. of Visnn who assumed yee ge fo, deliver the earth from cxlamitin, “gating Spar ter a. votorious in many battles; Deeg nee Tag a. 1 of various forms, multiform.~2 of various tings ZB flde, changeable, of 8 varying natares eoif AVERT Pt. 1.425. (—) co s syeing, BIS N. of Siva; Spies of the Supreme Bolng, ho bing maid toy ea the plural numbers dual aie jolying more than one (unknown ) quantity many Smee art eee oe ear & df a. inv 116 FART (the unknown quantities 2.9. 2. &e. Ding represent in Sanskrit by colours A, 1% ke, )3 CRATE. gi taneous equations “mm, Corwen, 7 multi cation, subtraction oF division of unknown quanti FAA «various, different. ~—H a. cloveawhoofag, RIFF «. synonymous. —RUATEOT «. comiuon to many, the common property of many persons Dik. 8 BAKA ind. Tn various ways, variously s aR fase By. 11. 19. ARM ind. [APH aK TE] 4 Sovoral or times, frequently; stat farreraaeenel We. 2. 3y 2 In various ways or manners. ~3 In largo numberg or quantitios; $31 Rai 3A ZiT TL. 1. AMET a. Not alone, accompanied by arate, a. [1970] Not moving, immovable; of the same form, epithet of Brahman or the Supreme Soul (sa2net am) rset ae sa: Ts. Up. AARNE or # To or be ‘or be divided into. AAS: A foolish or stupid person, dolt, fool. —Comp. THF «. 1 deat and dumb; °qaaiter az Weare K P. 7. -2 blind. of. 4S7V=|e: BI, Nm. -3 dishonest, fraudulent, wicked, porverse ae a. Ved. 4 Not to be blamed; praiseworthy, chict (#381, THT). ~2 Not near; infinite AAT a. Sinless, faultless (Ssy.)i without a varie gated sot (of horses ); 259 Sr are ars ete Ter. 6.06.7. ARAT «. Sinless, blameless; not liable to error. aaa: One who has no sup paramount lord BRA «. Ved. Pruisoworthy, RG ind. Otherwise; CARMA SIAC Av. 16-To4s wae a. [7 eR, CoH, Ta: cee: a eT 4 Up. 4-228] (lit. ) Not killed or destroyed or obstruct ea; Ved. without a rival, incomparable, unatia Shlo» inaceessibles unobstructed, not liable to be inutt ot aA WA A EA Ry. T. 40. 6, 45 6, 50, 5 ma" Caaneit de.) Tino (not being Hable. to de destroyed). of HGH Fiemtteer aE Siva Br 9.18 also 5.11, 59. Bawendi geet fatten 4 mamaeat Rim. Oh. 4. 11. warqtra Variable, uncertain, unsteady océasional, casual (as a cause not invariably attended dy the same effects. ), aattanham a. (AF) 1 Unsteady, uncertain s nob to the pointy not very importants ZnSe gy cael Pu, 1. -2 Cin Logic) Name of one of the five main divisions of FATT ( fallacios, ) otherwise called wanifolds to divide *, a sovercign ot injured PHT. Th is of three kinds:— (w) AAR, where tho 2 is found both in the B42 and 4, the argument ‘boing therefore too general, (>) STAI where the isin the % alone, the argument being not general enough. (¢) #84 which embraces every Town thing im the 9, the argument being nom conclusive. HAFTA 1 Existence plurality. “2 Want of anareh ata, Variable 7 Aa Absence of traditional sanction or authority, or that which is without such sanctions seaacetd 64 ARUPRAERIA Mb, 12. 299. 2 BAT ind, Nop nots TH 7 BA AT AK, aarRTAy mn, (AT) Not sleeping in house, a Dogger. aatrne «. (FAT) Not leaving the house. ma [am TET te HFA xg, Gz] A troos HAIREE afeacgerIeh R. 2.135 5. 60. _ mANEET «4 Not tend with th sped sylable Shag, a: ord EalereTAAA wer ea TE AEA FaeMGFA UI Ms. 2. 74. ~2 Not accepted. ATTA a. Without food (as a 7). AAA « To be varried in a carvingo (aa ae: ). aatPACT, Undtness, impropriety 5 aeiPaeare area. cones wm KP :propricty 5 SiPRATEA aTea- aatAET Want of vigour, engrgys or strength: §. D. thus deGnes it; SMeamachad So nae waltee7 1 Froedom from pride, modesty, humility. +2 Tranquility, plocidity, calmness 5 #eteerTEsT alih Ki. 4. 22. ATA «. Not legitimate, not one’s own, adopted (as son). ara P. ( S40) To bind. aed co [TET Un. 8.86] 1 Near -2 Last 3 Handsome: lovely 5 Mo. 23; writeomeng fant aareats Sis 40; wheres however the ordinary sense of ‘ border ’ ot ‘skirt’ may-do as well, though Mallis renders 2 by Fs quoting the authority of Sait ggraatt CF OTETART EIA”). | Toowests worst Tp Youngest. ~ (n. in some senses) 4 (a) Buds nit, boundary Cu Sine oF apnea), alli ast or extrome points & aercrat aft watt H. 4. 50 Fogaded by the ocean» wt far as the sou ; OOTY 3a- erat Ak. 5 Sg fart 1H. 3. 114 goes to the endofymasters complotelys gare ararzanccasnecr Tat aha af oUF: (whore FT also moans ond or destruction); ‘of many + absence of ones union, confusion; disorders statrsgaried ait 1K. 59 enjoyed all worldly: pleasures: Sea: ig Gattaraart: K. 12 end furthest extremity ; GF WHA By. 1. 2 2 Skict> border, cdge, precinets a place or ground in generals 4 © Sara: U- 2. 25 forest ground, skirts of the forest; SHeearaie OT ASSAPAM: S. 4; SAAMI Rg. a for as the borders or skivts 5 ame 8a Sear BR. 2. 58) 2. 19 Mo. 25. Uppor part (FATT) 5 Hele goraltne(arra Ram. 5. 4. 90.8 End of a texture, celgo,skietfringo or hem ofa garment 345947 BEE K. 9 (by itsolt in Veda ). ~§ Vicinity, proximity neighbourhood, presence; ata earare Te Ms. 4.1163 Y. 2.1625 53a oxat Faigart af Lg; amTMarattesTem (aL) R. 2. 205 SR award wae P. 2 115 going into the vieinity ot presence of Yama; 9eat-area SEATAAT TIAATTA, S.D.i ab g grey araRMTIMTERT HE Sats Be. (Those four senses are allio’). ~8 End, conclusion, termination (opp. AFA or HR); Bait Re 151s foe FER. 5 IEA, BAA, TATA Gow; TFA Beer a7 mags wemeag orefaaiaey Pt. 2.1753 sae geanlt Me. 7. 453 BaPaAaaA NR, 12.1 going to the end of the period of lite (ena of the wiok)# saat wade seared atfiersals Pi. 2.1805 oft, im comp in this sonse, and meaning ‘ending in or with’, ‘ceasing to exist with ’s “reaching to the end” Tet sa sf HT. 91 ends in its ere goat garvared SST auseari cain genial sett gen Pe. 5. 76s Pata He Beer eae Trae | sg: a SR APTA U Subha, werearrar TAMMY Ky. 5.6 endings with lasting till) tho attainment of fruit s Meare #2 aA Rubel) R, 11.62, 14413 Fageem wraeiaene: Ki. 2S2s greieated are gereag: Ms. 1.78 at the end of 1000 ‘Yugass SIH GH Ms. $. 359 capital punishment Couch as would put an end to life ). 8 Death, destruc: Si eu a ln of ite) St Tarr ER down to destruction; MAMA ATT R. 1.85 UH Seema eet 9 deta, 753 aE SO; el Bord a gamed ately Cabs a Ms. 1. 463 34 a1 To he destroyed, perish» be ruined 1 (Im gram.) A final syllable or letter of sword? SFT onding ina vowels 50 Et, Ga, Meet Ko. ~8 The last word in-a compound. ~9 Ascertainmenty or settlement (ot a question ); definite or final sete” ments pause, final determination asin REITs ay wameaar eet safe Ram. 6. Lo7. 58 Sah iraratirmefaie: Bg, 2. 16 (eee zeit). “10 Tho last portion or the remainder (w. al60)5 c, Mee: Qo, aeheea TANT, weenie Ter EAE | seh am: gh watisaia disqi Brihadyos™ yAjiavalkya Smyiti 12, 94. 1, Undernently wide, immer part; awed 3 set TEA ae in water, underneath waters g3gwa FE Banat a aeait Pk, 1, 202 does nob penstrate oF $1? wa 118 TR, into, sound, fathom; sraftreari nea M. 9. shall dive deep into, fully satisfy, my doubts, 12 Total amount, whole number or quantity. 13 A large number. 15 Nature, condition sort, spouies 5 HH are aise 9 rma TA MD, 12, 989, 99, uaeraTeT Ta Agia: FATE: Ms. 1. 50. $8. Disposition 3 estonce 5 Bart: 18 Division (fam); asear weneeaised scarfs Bri, Up. 2.4.1. Let. Goth, andeis, and; Gorm, ende and ent: also Gr. enti; Li. ante]. of. 474] WiMS- ae Coat ee a Fa EN aaa aed a BUH a GANS AAR: | Nin, ~Comp. —aaT- Pram. [2% Vaz AT} a chandale. wa [ aeteenrad aang 2g sRewe2, B10] 1 a barber. =2.a chindala, low-caste. -8 N, of a sage, soo 47a14- ity ( 9a ofa Bale aTTeaTa ad faPerAtA ). are a. having the acute accent on the last syllable. ( —=% ) the acute accent on the last syllable; P. VI. 1.199, 8itB: The lowor lip (89); exe a altmerecarceR at Y%: Mb. 11. 15. 16. Kt, —HEM, FLA a. causing death or destruction, fatal, mortal, destructive; 4ff ze@sisl? (FH R11. 75 causing the destruction of arsareracoieah St ArH aPC Ms, 9, 221 5 ateaTERT ae omrataa Raret Bk, AA n, death, destruction: orar@ Dhtapsths. BE, AEH tine or hour of death; Recast enarararast® aataaing=et By. 2.72. wel mn, death ; WaeaEH AA SAC Ram, peat, of the eighth of the twelve sacred Afga texts of the Jainas (containing ten chapters ). TT a. having gone to the end of, thoroughly conversant or familiar with, Cin comp. )s Brerearnranade, Ms. 3.145, —a1Pe, a. perishing, MMs atragfa: Ram. 6, 59, 94 “aaa 1 going to the ond, finishing, completin arcewen TEA GRATE 2 death, porihing, dying aaa Reading of omens and augury; Kaw. A. az a.4 walking about, going to tho horders or frontiers. -2 completing or finishing (as a business © figure of spocch FEE a covers covering tens in esteamet Reamer Tain, LIE 1a frontier-guard, guarding the frontiors; fadiacraaiver fdr geet Ram. 5.6.9. St M1; een Sqaetra WNT! ibid. —2 a door-keeper (rare). 8H arora PVT Mb, 12. 95.29. arm, SGTEL a. heing at the end, last. «. hidden, eon coaled. ~@NT dropping of the final of a word. (78°) CARAT a, dovelling near the frontiers, dwelling close by. -m. Core goat wed Ms se7] 4 9 pupil Crwho always dwells near his master to riccive ion); P. LV.8 104; VI. 2. 96.3 Ms. 4.38. ~2 a, ‘Cowho dwells at the extremity of a village), fq. v. SaNGFe: /- change of the final as in 44 from rq Nie. -STEAT 1 a bed on the “9 the last bed, death-beds hence death itself, for burial or burning. ~§ a bier or fyneral instructi eyandaly syllable» ground. = 3 a place pile. -G42: union (#4), joints aagvaradaay (AB FE) Mb. M45. 5. —eWfewaT Inst rites, funeral voremonies, obsequies. 8% m. a pupil; AQUA yehlae Ki. 6. Bb. RARER the searita accent on the ara o. [ aerat, 9% FIN, MR] Causing deaths making an_end of, destroying; Waar £4 ATSEraR: R121; ararrere ae eaalte sera Ve. fet apetarmarsantaeiea, Mb. 10. 15. 17. ~2 Death porsonifed, the destroyer ; Yanna, rare apa AHR Pt. 1. ITS arash 34: 245 R, 2.62. -B'A border, boundary, Compe ZR. Ver. provoking death at Tre ara Herat TPT BTR Ry. 10. 182. 4. ara ind. [ 9-47] A From the ond. -2 At last finally ; at length, lastly. 38 ae we alpaeac: Mb 8. 71. 33. -8 In part, partly. ~§ Inside, within, -8 In the lowest way 5 (opp. B44, WIT); (steer may hae all the senses of 31), —B In facts &1 Gatereaas gE avi org on] AA Vis, Guna 220, aeaaa a, [ora seer #aq] 4 Having an ends limited; perishable; Waa 8 2ar feeder: woh 218, 8 Rareaa sams: gq Sareaty 2 The god of the spaco or atmosphere )3 98 FIG TA, Mb. 3. 197. 5, AEA ind. (loc. of F453 oft. used adverbially ) 4 In ‘the end, at last, at length, lastly, finally, -2 Inside. =8 In tho presence of, near, elose by.—Com} i aah o Chandala (9%) Wilsaad Sh ante eal: | mr: Aaa ae TATA ACAI Bhag. He 17. 203.7. 11, 20, ANE 1 a neighbour; companions ma Gusraretae AMEN Ale Bre Mp a aay itt. Up. 1. 9. ears ogra monsafeamd eFEAAATE S55. Vo. g 7 ane ind. in a state of pupilages (in statu pupitavi )» “Sir Sea g. v. above. ‘GraA a. Ved. Nearest, next; fre seaqeq Ry. 1 27. 5s WYN BTA HIG. AG. 105 intimate, ory. eloes or familiar, BEAT, jad. [ALATA Un. 5, 60, sitege a] 4 (Used asa prefix to verbs and vogurded a8 @ proposition or Mt) Ca) In tho middle, between; iny into, inside; °€ “at, °K, HE, x, PF go. (1), Under. -2( Used adverbially ) (a) Between, be twixt, amongst, within in the middle or interior inside (opp. 9); RAT OR. 2. 32 but within himself, at hearts Fa faera feanfaery R. 19.6 in the palace, in the harem ; so °Pi maf geamt. fale 5. 293 arama Dk. 13; Feaeta fern Pt. 4. 885 Sead guia V. 1. 1 internally, in the mind, (2) By way of seizing or holdings weaker wa: (ei atta). 8 (As a separable proposition ) (a) Tn, into, between, in the middle, inside, within, ( with loc. )s Fermmraciey each aa Pi. 1. 81s ATIRA Oh. Ups Aaa ‘Ms. 7. 293; Y. 3 901; weeacaAg Ry. 1. 23. 19. 8H aiswtierag Peat Fe iid. (0) Between (with aco.) Ved. SHE gear AAT Rv. 7.8.23 eae wie 8.2.4; Rene EatCTS afte S14 Sat. Br. (c) In, into, inside, inthe interior, in the midst (with gon. )5 SfaMERERARAATT Ve, 3.75 SURG PETIT Rain. 2. 33 AIT ATT Bg. 18.153 Aa atyarmerare eA Y. 2. 10k; agate Pict me aftcraer aves ws KG. 2. 55; seat wEIAHRMETEA Ak; oft. in comp. at the ends TIT ‘fire: Pe, 53 SAPH: SIRI STAT Ms, 8. 795. SATS fGaq Ms. 5.141 between the teoth; semis: Si. 8, 773 also in compound with a following word: aig wet Seema Wace Ks, dL. Th is trex quently used a8 the first mombor of compounds in. the sense of ‘ internally ’; ‘inside’, ‘ within ’, ‘ in the inte~ rior’, ‘ having in the interior ’, ‘ filled with ’, ‘ having concealed within’, or in the sonso of ‘ inward ’s “internal, “socret’, ‘hidden’? &.s forming Aaverbial, Bahuvrthi or Tatpurusa compounds; FASTA, (Bair comp. ) S. 5.19 filled with dow; °C (Bab comp.) Me. 663 SFAfffe (Ady. comp.) Ki 1, 34 cet Tee (Tat. comp. ) 8. 213 a0 at ate, ‘c- 8 Tt is also supposed to be a particle of aownt (CAAT). (Voces In'eomp. the Cat Se js changed to a visarga before hard consonants, as SFT: ema, FUE &e. ). Lol. 1, ‘ Bigs Pere. andar, Gro axeest, the breast (= SFT-3a q. y.). —a ; fat: inward fires the firo which stimulates digestion; earereinareareie: Sait. TR a. 4 inward, internal, comprehended, included (with abl); Fara GT Pat. Sutra. =2 proximate, related to, essential to or referring to tho esiontial part of the 3F or base of a word Copp. 82H )s tava: BeaeaTHA P. VILL. 8. 74 Sk. ‘Gracar, most beloved ( siaraiia); efit gafier aaeaen: BH S. 4. v. 1. (StL) 1 the inmost limb or organ, the heart, minds @YSrar: Dk. 113 “at O15 the interior. ~2 an intimate friend, near or eon dential person (forming, as it were, part of oneself )s sreeaereAAeE Dk 81, 99, 101 5 RIRETERATT 195 5 STENT qaaart &4 159. —8 an essential or indispensable put, as ARM, & Pa in roslaing Brahman. =H Whatis intimately comected or related ; IRATE areaee 48r: SB. on MS. 12. 2, 29, ~srqaa an inner parts P, V. 4.62 —STHTRE the ether or Brahman {hat resides in the heart of man (a term often occurring. in tho Upenisads ). = secret or hidden intention. STH an additional augment: between two otters, “AUTRE the interior of a houses MATHAT- ameaferageatedat Y, 2. 81. sree m, (#1) 4 the ‘inmost spirit or soul, the soul or mind s also the internal, feclings, the heart, AIzHIATHUATAT Syot.s AA ITE RAM ETAT Det. 6, 108, 8. AREA Mes, 6, 733 SaeteaereAra: WE: WENT 12, 18; AL aa Bg. 6. 47 with the heart fixed on mes ‘Saat wat faa: sare . HTT S. 4. 22, . 8. 88, sr: Bal aig weTahtrCAITTAT Mo, 2 (In phil.) the inherent supreme spirit or soul (residing in tho inc terior of man); Satranls eet Ku. 6. QL, — Seo a market in the heart ( inside) of a town, -3T4, BTS; Soo s. v. SETA a, rojoicing in oneself, finding ploasure in his soul or hearts aisra:e Meera Tea fata e: Bg. 5.24. —Efe{aAL an internal organ oF sense. “SEAR Ved. a sooret abode. ACU the intermel organ. the heart, sou; the seat of thought and fecling, thinking faculty, mind, consciences SA “ET: $. 1. 22 Fate Co: sie V. 4 the soul in all its senges external and internal the inner end outer men3 wakarerearraaciferet: R. 2. 11. According to the Veinta 87a:40 is of four kinds Se ene veecrersercay | Sera Pech de eae FATA GH | STILT PRIA SeAlehya 98, io. FARCRY; THTTTT STE 85s ise. ERAT. NT: « certain number of years with Buddhists) gfe a. inwardly crooked (fg. also); fraudulent. (-@!) conchshell. BC PR) s Aisease of worms in the body. — =a ‘Mech, FT A internal disturbance; H.3.—Binward wrath, sooret anger. the interior of a store: room. —3T§T the secret or hidden Ganges ( supposed 1 cnnatais sities 2 8 Mysore). 7g a. [ seh 1g jess, unprofitable, unnenessarysuunavailing feaeraeaeigat Sar. S. (ATT sue meonfentoven areiat Ragseed ce). TL ATE &c. See under sig. = a. 1 bearing young progmant. ~2 having a 74 or insides vo ste, ATE ind. in mountains. ANEPAAE Fa, PIAA HLT, Bk. 5.87--JSAST the sphincter musole.—#TE a. conseal- gd inside, being mward; CWT: U. 3.15 R. 19.573 vt: with poison concealed in the heart. TEA: » Waa [waei TEA &e.] 1 the inner apartment of a house, the interior of a house. —2N- of a holy placo in Benaress TRRat BA WU Fematt. au: —ory [orate ardraacafen, fata) a open space before Serie between, see entrance-door and the houso (= porch or court )5 Te GEIL ATM ATTRIB. 7. 62 RITA a aretaste: aiserim), a) N. of & countey of Behika (or Balhtka) (P. TT. & 78 ardieenm@mer dia, Gk.). ATA striking in the vwiddle Kasi, on P. TLL 3.78 -At a. pervading ‘the body; internally situated, internal inwart saat meat rear Ku. 3.483 U. 7. —St tena or bred in the interior (as 1 worm Se. ). the stomach. (énd.) in the stomach, —##¥F the 420 inner part of the jaws (reteI ra:, avez Tare), “AA “uw. inborn, innate “ST ind. between the kneos. —SMBWH One sleoping with hands between the knees: SFasigaat aq yaa BAA Mb. 9: 200-75. RL inward or secret knowledge. S444. enlightened inwardly, with in enlightened soul. Aseagetseazreimensarasaita a Bg. 5.24. (-Bn.) the inward light, light of Brahman —Sa@AH inflammation. (—A) inward heat or fire mental anxiety. —ATT a. burning inwardly (—a: internal fever or heat $. 8.18. —qaeray [ saber artraa area | distillation of spirituous liquor, or a substance used to produce fermentation. ~Z2M term in astrology, the time when a particular_play ‘exercises its influence oyer man’s destiny ( safer: reneadicn aint earfaasiee: ). ZEAL on interval of 10 days; “#4 before 10 days. Ms. 8 222 °S 5.79. ~TEAA ZTE! A inward heats FAAP fe 3. 81; CRA em HTT TAH Ram. -2 SHG a. sad or afllioted at heart. Ze a. internally bad, wioked or base at heart. ~2f: 7. examining ono’s own soul, insight into oneselt. —£&T! am intermediate rogion of the compass. ETH. privato ar seoret door within the house C™Aea1e) at fa, fea &e, Soe 8. v. “AAT the palace of « Icing ( being inside the town ): of. QCA; wena each Ram fT aeTTA inner part of the house’ 71 Gitta et sear Ram, 6. 128. a. being concealed withins aigcaftfeaaat: are death: M. 2.8. fa w. engaged in internal meditation. ~¥2%, -Z¥.a scroen of cloth held botween two persons who are to be united (as a Pee@ega ekdegroom, or‘prpil and preceptor) ‘mntil the acetual time of union arrives. 7 q. Ved. being on the way. ~T24 inl. in the interior of an inflected ford Aa = GEMeKAK: ea: ARCATA the innermost garment. a. being between the ribs Cas flosh )- 182% the Soma when in tho. trainin yossel. “Taz [ Sashes Trt 77 ] the time when the cattle are in the village or stablos (from sunset to Stnrise ); saved sapere a4 ate: Kexty Car ay Sree OHeRAS MAT ATENEAEATY oom. ). UR, TEE 4 insortion of a letor (in Gram.) ~2 a post fixed in the middle of the saorifeial grouma (used im ritual aoe ys seagate eI SATA Katy, mortar alfa. 4 inserted. —2 inclnded or gomprined ins falling within; =ere2? fe sana K. 29, gras Ved. interior of a vessel. —WTe one who patches over tho inner apartments of a palace. ~3Ta [ore stewed SET, or REALE) 4 inner “vtmont of a palace (set apart for women ); female speromen's pavements, trea, harem’ (to called jog situated im the heart of the town, from their being a safety) MMT eT for dgtt faare, Mo. 7. 216» 221, 2045 wuraege afta Pt. 1. ~2 inmates of the female apartments, & queen ot queens, the Indice taken collectively? searqein uaifer rari ary Ram. 6. 11 Tye 4 7 KC. 98 aa Ta ae: eae Poly sateen? set Ber ee °aant: gossip of the harem Ms, 7.1453; CONTE $42 also in pl: Savermnlaiseaspt: BES. 2. RR aragraanracd st 721 S.6. 5. °54 women of the palgcg, cs of the female apartments °51, 0 PUT Tare uatdign or superintendent of the harcin chamber. ee ee er ‘sae fariaer 20271 (of these five sorts are mentioned aa, ae, GH, HI nd EM, sow Bri. 8.) “ae one belonging to, the harem Ghar [ eae Fa, 3) a chamberlain =°. (-72,—1) a woman in the harem; srevearsarna gira at ) et FAT Chand. Ke = [#.] the menstrual matter of women, before it re gularly begins to fow every month 5 94ares a8 afe Si fe siege wardia aegEaITea Kadyapa : Cm therefore the age between 12 and the menstruation period. J a. ulcorous. “WAH Ved. drinking ee ieee one ee =2 the ministey or body of ministers of u king. ~8 heart cor soul. °%%: intornal dissonsions or disaifeotion ; aincguaia fase: sgrmaErT Ki. 2. 51. wa FAT sowing internal dissonsions, —enusing internal revolie; rigs) Sida: PACT: HL. 8.08. So mowing oneself, with an enlightened soul. ~Sf@BTT, residence in the interior. —@TET a. 1 with suppressad tears; Srasiafatagatt Tas Tat Me. 3-9, with tears gushing up inside, bodimmed with tears Saat eacafe at aH TeV. 4. 15. (CT) suppressed tears, inward tears ; FPR, Bh. 3.65 Mal. 5. era, Te seo under #4 separately. ft a. split or broken inside, perforated, bored (said of a peatl) Pt. 4 (alo torn by dissensions). YU: f, interior of the earth WG aiscords internal dissonsions | °K CIA Ak4 torn by internal dissonsionss ratHags hg 4 Prafgarreap oo house divided against itself cannot stand log. ? = a. subterranean, underground. —F3TaET a. having the rutting state concealed within 5 Meeenfeerqerre = ‘craniaaed 4 (aR: RB. 2. 7. AAR. 1 sad, disoonse late, dejected, distracted. ~2 one who has concentrated and turned bis mind inward, lost in abstract meditation- AE a. ( f+) 1 going into the mouth, pointing oF turned inward s 3=4Fe(tiGeq: RafreaTreame: M~ 5.28. 2. having an inward entranse or opening (araregatteren searseeaeerar stain Pam). 3 an epithot of the soul ealled 518, when it is enjoying the woot bliss of sloop Comma Sitges ara ght =B Spiritual minded, ooking inwardly into the souls * arg: aan Were” “Vi. Guna. 19 (80) sort of surgical scissors (having ‘an opening inside ), one of the 20 instruments mentioned Dy Feat 424 i, Suérute in chapter Sof Sitrasthana, “HTT [ 9eet=H aaameat: agar: HarTfeaeit: ] 4 name given in the Tanteas for the letters of the alphabet assigned to the six lotuses (5) of the body: “a8 « term used in ‘Tantra Kitevature forthe mental assignment of tho sever ral lottors of the alphabet to the ailferent parts of the ody. “BF «. sealed insides N. of a form of devotion. HE a. sill-born. “APT mental seeritice oF worship, « node of worship referred to in the Tantrag. ~W 4 suppression of tho breath and voige. -2 SHAR, a saorfivial vessel (eet araneere aRAUIAR) 5 acoordé made during the suppression of breath and voive ; E41 eafareaalirag- HHA Ait. Dr. WAL a. 4 rogulating the soul or intornal fectings, soul ; Providence, Supreme Spirit as guiding and regulating mankind Brahman; (according fo the Bri. Ar. Up. sta ‘the internal check ” is the Supreme Being and not the individual souls * who standing in the earth is other than tho earth, whom tho earth knows net, whose body the earth is» who internally rostrains and governs the earth; the same is ty soul (and mine, the intornal checle SF, ho. ho )s STARR ATE A eres | rel Hae SATRWT Go. 2 winds PATIL N. of a Brahmaga included in the Bri. Ar. Up. —atm a sedans chnanien “Om a. speecgrl “a: )an acuto~ngled triangle (opp. aR") (the Brae, the triangle). iar a. 4 Intont, hidden, Sealed losidos Stem Gate 3,95 Ca inherent. 4. (P.V. 4.117) covered with patron the inside. (WHR) [ svatiqmregea de sa] the fiat te ee ovored. ~ART = fea. y.-MRT: [avai ame PES BE] a suporintmdent of the women’s apartments; Pt. 8, K. 98. Ak. 2.8.8. —30r (at) a. situated in a forest; t Ber D. WE. 2.179 Sk. (Careh) ind. within a forest P. VIII. 4.5. 3 a. Jing in the interiors having something in the inter aad (ait) Ved. [araceaeat wi] a pregnant vyoman: tA STAT, 15.18. —afeee [sear at ca saa AS, TET] indigestion, flatulence pelching- APA, ~AFAA a. Doing or dwelling inside, jneluded oF comprised in ~2RYi N. of a Soma sacrifice Cor oR and SINE), ARTEL, “ATE. am unde rmont; 3 AT Meme re a | See Sh araates: 24 II Ks. 4.52. an a, [ova ICRA sara at I TEBE fh, a-Fey, ] forming part ‘of oneself such a8 children, cattle &e. "aR a (38 aay wea #) having progeny, cattle do; seTtaed TT Rye 1-40-73 abounding with procious things inside. cade. inwardly. “RUT a, [ aeaeferer arerarrai awit 42 ] skilled or versed in scriptures, very Iearned Carataz,). PATE, “BART entoring within, penetra- EAE tion. FAB a. Ved. (FAR /.) knowing correctly or anedly Claowing tho (paths (baat ineeeetiana earth) Ry. 1.72.7, “3a: inward uneasiness oF anxiety, inward fever. —@f% u. pertaining to the inside of tho snerifical ground. —ade. within this ground. (fs fi y.) [ sit tia Bt] the tract of land (the Dosb) hotwem the rivers Gafgi and Yamuné, regarded as a suered region andthe principal soat of Arysm Brthmanass ef. 0a Aikamd Fears oeaeamcale Set A. RB. 7} it is suppored to havo extended from Prayaga to Haradvira and is also known by the names of TE and ABTA. -n. (pl-) inhabitants of this Ima. = ne the inner apartments, interior of « house. —&fT a chamberlain. SPT Officer in charge of the harem. SQegeocrarcagecenaIert sitatg: Kou. A. 1.21. SIG internal arrow oF disease. —F&ZA_ internal and spiritual part of man? the interior of the body. -RT@% «. haying in the interior an arrow, pin or any such extraneous ‘matters ranking inside. FAT N. of a siver rising from the Vindhya mountain. 78%, (ara Ved intemal support (seaffolding &e. ) Gait & ACRES: Souonis war SME Ait, Br. 8g. inwardly com scious (said of trees &e. )5 Sat ARAN geIgaaATAT: Me. 1. 49. “87 a. having inward strength &. (%&U) 4.8 prognant woman. ~2 the marking nut. —SeaTT internal pain, sorrow, regrot. “AT@ a. upright at heart, or having Sarela trees inside; K. 61. 4 a with water (flowing ) underground =eifrra:sle=t | sear R. 3. 9. RC o. having inward strength and vigour, fall of strong inside; powerful, strong hetvy or ponderous s °afaraisin cet geaeaiea afer Pt. Le 426; Carafe genet Die. 1535 2% we gata mH: EAT Sa Me. 20. (—Z:) internal treasure or store, inner store oF contents; RRA HL. 2+ 108 internal matter or essence (and pus ). — whose alight is in self, inwardly happy asagaisaret Be. | 5:24 Rete ina. into tho midst of armies. “ET a: | (also written 2%c:8%) being between or in the midat- | (2, aT) a torm applied to the semivowelss % UB, Tas standing between vowels and consonants and being’ formed by a slight oontact of the voot! | organs ( aad siaeaaI); or they are so called be ‘cause they stand betwoon &425 (#54 ) letters and 7% (3,4, 88). “8a da deity of the vital organ -2°N. of one of the Rigveda hymns. °g@t: the runllous of the ean, es (sets a) WeaETaA AEA} dephant (in mt). 80M, striking in the middle. SARA N. of « country WHF P, VIIL 4. 24 Se SETA find. in the hand, within reach of the hant EET. bing in the hod oF within revel af 8 hand. “RFE: Inughing inwardly (in, the sleeves 7 secret or suppressed laugh’ uy et Me. 118 ‘a gentle smile. -E274. swith a supprossed laugh» with erie of he eo] ning in th eae a. [94 TH zzMA, TF ] A Being in the inside, interior, inward, internal (opp- anal) area amar Sat, Br.5 °¢ STEHT Tait. Up.s Aree Seceranitieaer arene: eames, Keim. 7, O- 8 wg Near, proximate (21a); ear gaercaal Rev. 1- Jo. 9.8 Related, intimate, dear, closely, connected (enrata) Copp. )3 Mee: S40... MASA Renee Teme Sat. Bees ANAT HA Bharata. a Similar (alao A771) (of sounds and words): gation: P. I, 1, 503 areas THT: Sabdales Soler Gee eT TOATSATTCT TATE HAE: Ps VIII. 1. 1, Com. ~6 («) Different from» other than Cth abi); 2s fromeedtsrat Bri, Ar. Up. wet eiateeatigehn mee 5 arate: ARAM PHARMA, D.VL2. 166 Sk. TASTE en SAP a ETA Rm. 7. 62. 5. Q) The other} FCA WH Ram. ~6 Exterior, ‘situated outside, or to be worn outside (3 peter: P. 1.1.26) ( In this sense it is emt srfionally like 84 in nom. pl- and abl. and loc. sing. oP er MeN Gs (MOHAIR); ATT a roan: afearatan Zak Sk. 5 so sreTat afk, seacia ae, HaISAEH HAMA Vop- TH 4 («) The interior, inside Ferree arcacanftciet: Kin 4. 29, 5. 55 STATA AI Jie, 8. 192; Reereacofeacenor R, 19.253 Mk 8. 5» Ku. J oDs a aaa ATR VA. BL; are BHAT Ttatn. 796, Ki. 8. 583 AT from inside, from, out of; (Aide: Raum. ; 24 in, intos P,P, afagarat &o. (>) Henes the interior of any thing, wentonts; purports tenors MTaE aren fatten Svet Tp. (e) A hole, an opening; Tea arent, aE ya aroiamt 2 Soul, heurts minds eer era, Fei, 5. 18 tho inmost ot scoret nature (lit. middle space Te oeion 3 SeuaeBPde: YE Mu. 8.13 having eae or The hearts OTH Faerie eA V. 5. —3 ‘The Supreme Soul, 8 Tolerval interment tino or space, stances = Us FEHR Dk. G5 ote Aina Tg terete ae FO TL a the outer, saract ronve off SCE AAI Te 2. Hhs SER ott trans fated by between» betwixt s Pete intervals of singings A the io and deaths ARMY Ram.; waa TP greafaarsasearce Wied 1A Us 4 at intarvaly; seg, Te rane 7 ne ery onversation 5 wrorererateraaMret He 1. vy. 1, goo Serra eqcea engearareeA| Ms. 2.17, 225 Uraraherea- ae aed A Pgs 11. 25 AER ET" 5, 6. 18 betwoon tho breasts: Bi. 3. 273 se Se METER TART: TAKS, een coe ee EB 20512.29 (4) Tntervonti (easoara) oft- in the seme of § through ’: (iaenet Bi. 18-38 through the clonde s 3 422 nerve a ae. HE 8 ANAT P. VI. 2. 165 Sk rat; merce: R79 peoping throws window 5 freaden arate S, 1; aemaia faoraerattag, ger K. 906 to allow to come betweon or intervenos frafad a Bara aie zim. U. 3.8 Room, place, space in general; EMOMSPACHITRTA, Teac Leto a eal aaa AAT Ra: aw: BASE Y. 1, 1A7; BM: SAAT AG 4 finding or making room for iemlvons 7 38H eater, Tee hs ae a PATH. Sf. rooms a4 a ave aE ITEM Ram. dy not give way to sorrow: @eareat ania M1 it till it make ways mak way. ~B Access) entrance, admissions. footin t Srftt avizar 6. 65 found no admison into (was uot improwed on ) the minds 17. 753 areaey ayaemsta Me 16.7. ~T Period (of timo)» torms MIST ZAM Ak. 5 ai Here | £4 Saecke WATREPTITEATIATA Ms. 1. 63; 00 mea A At CAPA IL. 8. 56 tho torm oF period ot separution; amit —ZrL within the period of a moment portunity, ceasion, times eat PaetaR BEY ata Rowe eat se one aquiaz:; Pt. 1 on that ovcasion, at that times femme Die 16k; a Greate eniaehesnead. oataea Mal. Gs paper aeareT REAM Mu. 2. 22 gotting an sppertanity 93 ARMGERT Ref see war's. 7 find af oF opportune tino; arent wer See Agar aCe me, Pe, 3. 125 waiting for a suitablo opportunity or” times Grmeaené 228 YH WAIGAAL Ram. -B Dilkereney Chetween two things)» Cwith gon. or in comps) rdicen ote TCHAAETTA, H. 1G 5 SHAS TATA, Te 1. ob, areigertiananeat meee 2.995. 4 A Ga sperereiearaTT Mss By. 19, 9h; area agaorsaident, aalieried: pT femraca, B. &. 005 18. 155 rarely with inate po eager 1 FACET HL 2 aA IHEP... LOLs difference . — Fe FUCA. He SAA. Ke oAo CMath.) Difternce remainder also” subtraction, . Ce taragastieed Tel cea axa eactions F {als.-44 (a) Different, another, other, changed, altered Ginanners Kinds way &e.)5 CNoto:= that in this sem Spat always forms the lattor part of a compound uf the gender of the noun forming the firat parts FAFA (sqeat aA), THT, (TAN TM), TRH ATAL (HATE TEAL) fn most cases it may bo ronderod by the English word ‘another’. ): ZaHaEMETRTTMAT Ss. 3. changed conditions K. 1545 Mu. 53 Taqaxs war aaitargaeat Pe. 1. 12Ls SPINE S. 5.2 friendships of another (former ) existences 41 arcieré rate Hl. 3 shall fot do co again UANETE eMC By. 1.16 aera; META in the other easos BP, Ae, Gone de (a) Various, different, monifola Cused in ple); 3 fraear FAIA GS. 4.2; aiafeteaMemeac erat % } wR Dk. 118 various or different sta 1603 sometimes used pleonastically with 9 Qo.; SeaeNARAT TAT De. 1.42 Distanco (in spaco)s Sai andl: BCAA. SaraT Als FAITH WIM TARA Ke. 5. 80. 18 Absence; SHRP Veet wa Rams Fearay 5 afte jpjd. +18 Intermediate member, remove, step gradation (of a generation &e. ): THAT Ms. 10. 1: suapaTg STL 7; CRRATATARAM, P. VII. 1 aeagearre S. 7. 27 separated by one: remove, Seo WHAT also, ~16 Peculiarity, peculiar or characteristic possession or property a (peculiar ) sort» variety, or kind; MOAT: Vrikes AA THAR, AHIMA shi gia cf. also SHIRIETE ART Si. ‘ko. “16 Weakness, weak or vulnerable 2 failing, dofect, or defective pin point i seta RY, Sabdek, gH we area Ki. 2.52 arehaiaaaomreTeePE RE Ramm: Tee ibid = aoeteeat avant ord aT marae Mk. 9; star green i aaah FRC Nola. 7.25 EqRAT APH a CENA a mR T-TEST Rim. 47 Surety, guarantec, security 5 #1 4 FREGRA GCA TPL. Lhe has pledged his honour that he will not harm you SI aeatsficrart K. 2473 AR 9 anata: ema Y. 2. 2995 BA daracit: P. TIT. 2.179; wirenmaeldeede aaale fran’ @ fd: Sk. ~18 Regard, reference, accounts 7 Raia aren Y aeATTATTT Ram. with reference to mes aadta MAG. —19 Excellence, as in grat AAR farenamarg: M. 1-6 (oe mening may be deduced from 1). -20,A garment (HH). 21 Purposes objects Lead a ation ed) teh ee ee oar (gra on R, 16. 82). -22 Concealment, hiding: arraftat

Pertninardtiag Dk. og; HR gaaitarneiaast: Ki, 7s 9.483 a at ageaTearEARe sta | ee sare weeoagaareaat: Il. AAT Betwoen, amidst, amongst Ge. see HAC (1). aa a. Interior, internal; being within, in the: nidale. AFATAA Den. P. 4 to cause to intervene, divert» put of Barrera K. 968 Sag ater Us 6 well, I shall change the topic, divert the course of conversation. ~2 To oppose, prevents AARC A 3 KK. 245. -8 To remove (to a distance )» push sfters BA SoeacareMUe Si, 12. 99; HalerarraTrTIT Ke 161s soraeia aeeiate: egerEracaTe Si. Bt drowned. 4 ‘AFIT ind (4r. 120 ) 4 (Used adverbially ) Ca) In the interior, inside, within, inwardly HET Reena BACH TI: Mu. 3 inwardly, secretly. (1) Tn the middle, betwen; Prgaftaray fig S. 2 stay etween the two or in the mid-airs SAWRTRI_ weet S6 do not intorrupt him (in tho middle} 324 S182 Barta fA Ms, 10. 71 thereins eae wera: | acy aay 4, 196; araTT THIET: R. 15. 203 mel F eeediesaredeaateaat §. D. 6295 °C ET to eppese, to sand to opps 0 amr aaa Bt fear | eareaten ata egret refrea M Ram, Co) On the ways en route, midway 3 fAerwat 5 AAT My. 7.285 eae arco areca eT CIEE eV, 14 aa gar Rel 6; SANS Dis K. 267, 204-53 gard manag aDATL z weed sea gees ML 1, aeE A (OH aRR mT GAEL Y. 2 Loy. (1) Im the neighbourhood, near at hand: spproaching,resomblings # ea: Sag AS SHEETS Ram. approaching or resembling Rama. (a) Nes a slimost. (f) Tn the mean times Pa Seeeet ME 83 Y. 3.90. (g) At intravals, here and theres 2" ‘nd then, for sometime, now-now (shen repenteo]+ arin 125 carat rare fagaara argaaarae sare gareTa KLIS aracrrat (AF hore and there, at intervals; 121, I margeieaeararcreatt Zi 22 $8, Dk. 49. ~2 (Used as 1 preposition with acc. P. 11.3.4.) (a) Betwoen Sao en. site ie See ne 865 Fea fat are I Bri. Ay. Up. % (amare) eer 94261 Ch. Up. S00 et 4 ai ame: Mls rarely with loo. 3 rE OA =HAIKea TAT Rams we Wed AECTITNYEICA Rem. () Through ; Meeatemmceet wid. Co) Durings au 4S. D. (4) Without, excepts #51 3atsaener Tas: eesF4 AA Mu. 3.—Comp. Ae: tho spaco between the shoulders, roasts 24 2% aiftezea S9lA Sat. Br. —°afetOeATA: « position simi- lar to the footus which resides in the womb of a females 4 topio within a topics an 7° within an sifeara (which is not a very desirable or acceptable situation in the explanation of a 5%); a9 camraeraftearat sari a4 Ga FT SB. on MS. 10.3.62;9.3.9+ aAaE! -MATETT the soul or embodied soul existing Dnatwoen the to singos of death and Birth (3 Reet seaneeat fear: iit MiseeTARER ). ABT sco see, 218: Ved. bringing into the mit or proguring aronferel HE AA SATA: Ry. 8. 32. 12, AEE Af, 4 veranda resting on columns, porch, 2 9 kind of wall Saalzaciaherrarcodnfeg, ‘potween the horns. qeACOT ind: A ( Used a8 a proposition with ace. P. TL. 8.4 Haare BH) (a) Excopt, without, leaving afte 4 JOH Sk. 5 % Ler Aware yaa gat at S83 Praraceacaeden suf zeae Mu. 3 without interfering with aly other duty ; # ctor) MANTA SIME: Siva, B. 18.155 gaat aA BATT: aameeacare| Rem. ch. 4, 96 428 eR, EH Soo under 927%, LB. 4 To go botweon, interpose, intervene ( to exclude}. 2 'Po be included or comprised in. ~3'To vanish, disn ppenr (mostly used in past part.only)- area p. p. ATA a. 1 Gono into or betweens crept into” Cas a bad word Se.). —2 Being or seated ins included in or bys existing in» belonging to; x4 51% Ms. 4.108; Sudan Segdiareviat Th a; feat a aga aecratai | -Ram. 3 Being in tho interior, hidden, congealed, internal, inward, sooret, suppressed s Hreeigaares HH TaeTS!a gE BRE Ku. 6. 60 inward: Miafirceriaarerers: KR. 14.58) with suppressed tears} K. 603 “at €2/&H 135 inwards said sronyat Az BA waa RK, 2.43. interna seated in the breast or heart; “RC: _ 10. 595 wear K. 1195 hm watson 19S; RAVER BRIASAHG AL inward or sooret, motives of the mind Pt 14d: meaoaaieaaiarerts a, Ms. 8.235 Saaains, §. 7. 2 inwardly longing (for the same). =H Slipped out of memory, forgotten. -8 Vanished: disappeaved. ~8 Destroyed. ~Gomp. ~STHT « concealed simile (the particle of comparison being omitted. “aA, av. area 5 U4 To placo or heap within, deposit: sqacararcniia safears Ait. Br. 2 To receipe within or into oneself, admit, take ing Tar PRET 3% araccriaadit Tt 15.813 contain, comprise, includes (araieet) seasieatt vendita: a4 aT Mb. —8 To indicate, exhibit, display. ~% To hide or conceal oncselt from, avoid the sight of, (with abl. and used in Atm. )s sananenasht P. Ld. 88. Com. seaikes TASTE Bk. 5.823 AA aatien: ARG. 15. seatarat THT 8.715 “8 To cover up» concen from views hidey obscure, enyelope, wrap up, veils wt Ga ah wisrerad at: Mb, 6, 118. 87. eclipse (fig: )s AAMT sevha Oh. Up; a4 (Rae) sree Shenae SP I Ram. enveloped, covered s META aid ser ram: Mb. obscured or eclipsed. —yass. 4 To be reocived within, be absorbed; to be covered up or concealed: be Obseured or rendered invisibly Beoome,inyaihles 5 vanish, disappear, eoaso to exists £9 Fees octizs Mp. tense oe ils eHPRATRAETTA Nir. disappears; aavaeade, TarATA AT ke. —Cans- (ara) To render invisible, conceal sarah [ar wit s@] Covering, concealment &e- sratiguageraaaiy Si. 8. 12. sarenatary [ 51-292 ] Being invisible, diseppentsnes> posing out of hghts Sarena errant Pe 105 “ME or € to become invisible, disappear ~COmP” THA a. disappeared, invisible. ~*IE a. moving invisibly: STATI a. Concealing, rendering invisibler arate. [af] Disappenrance, concealment: hiding oneself from (another );, raat Baresiatarata BLT 4. 285 rah Zaire adc: Si. 8, 49. arate p. p. 1 Placed hetween, separated, rendered invisible by interposition, hidden, concealed earaion: fear aeavafeatla = Mp. 3, 87. BETH FIC S. 4; covered (with something chee ) sraftarneh sor 24K. 293, aeaeaearat a wet Ram. uncovered or are ground: WHY zaheateay 3 sanfeed Koval; Safe sway V. 25 senfte af wear AFT Mk. 3.4 2 disguised malo, a femalo in male dross. —2 Disuppeared, vanished, hecome invisible; 274 FePRIM: CAAEA: S. 4 withdrew from sight, became invisible: raft state S. 4.9; aeareratiaarrars: R. 18. 40 dwelling in a palace hidden under (the waters ). Comp. —ATHA m. N. of Siva ‘AFA 1 P. Lo be contained, comprised or included ins be inherent or implied ins 21 saat garter Ro 7. 96.9. areennwag K.P. 8. gece arse. saat % 8. D.5 semis tecag Aacnfeat fe a_ Ks 84. 204: AAR wan a Ahead: pier eneaeatomant WM. 12. 67. 1.88. Sk. involving a causal sense. aa «. Inward, intemal, inwardly situated. saraatta: 1 heing included or comprised in, inclusions aut oreneiseerira: K.P. 8-2 Taherent or natural condition or disposition. ~8 Disappearance, becoming: Invisibles #4 sb eraht a Die, 96 aeaaTAA 4 Inclusion. -2 Inward meditation of anxioty. ~3 A technichl torm in arithmetic, rectifica- tion of numbers by the differences of the products. saeaa y- p-1 Included ox contained ing. arena eRanrntard?: | eoalRait abaayaria Hawi 2 Inward, internal, internally situated; tH We Faogertice eo, aeat « Inner. APART, Intestinos; Ait. Be. sear o. [51 MT] A cowherd; Sabda. ch. sume Badreegeeges wt: Dag doe Se, CR £3 elger gta (in drama) Som a ready with tp Pe ded aa ie nae Ceo oe vein nego ols been ee aoe cara fe sar aaeraifezaet Rev. 1. 180, 7. fae, AU, - FE. near oF at hand with help, wealth, o Kindness; AAT ET Re. 7. 77.4 (ase ), ‘aR 1 An elder sister--2 An. ovens tine-plaees 3 N. of a plant Carmrreias; Mar. FR py aa «. [9 mie meme mea oy aecording to Nir. from pales ERP, mt ARE afagzrart] 4 Near» proximate (with zen. or abl Be HPeaATATE a TAWA | aR (all Mb. 12. 159. 09. —2 Reaching to the end of, reaching 10; ET Ms. 2. 46. ~B Lasts ing till, until: as far os, up tos "2Grrnfexk aH Sees Ava Ms. 1 REMPERLY. 1. 96. —aeay New noss, proximity, veiniy» presences 8 ras wemiaay Fe 1.495 off. in compa: 77 R224; tae: fareenerrertem THVT, M1. 12 9 servant in atone, anco upon tho throne, “A claw ef two storepelll buildings: Mana. 20. 94. 26-27. — ade. (with abl or fen. or as last member of comp.) Near (toy in gH ieinity + ster I—AIE AT Sles into tho presence or proximity of TI IEA Ms. 2. 197; ae age fener Ream; so AAU, MOT; SHRP near (ith yen.) aawT ATT P. IL 3. 35; wre nears loscly, within the presence “of from tho proximity. of, from near, from (abl. or gon. or acte)s Seeqare P. VI. 2.49; tareaeteert sale Meng doar sontattaiesit Mee. 7h Renew Ba waft ponent: eae, Rams aes nary Closely, in the presonve of or proximity of; aed Sifede 40% Dy. 19. 155 Terareena fg: Nalae 1,225 °% PAT Ms. 2. 22. Comp. —2PAAE resorting to what is near> contiguous, support (tne given By 1 tree to a ereoper ). se afta ind. Ved. Near. Z afar o. ie a = fre) 1 Tecan folloging- ~2 Last, finaly ultimate; srmncagematet ar the he ig te umber nine. ser (SRB), teat An oven fireplace. em aL a alt WORE Ron, 238 fe past, final (as a letters word &c.); last (in tint Liat plun) ag a Co ee ge of asterisins Mina of the zodiacal signs. €y.; ei gale in old age R. 9 795 5 HM RL. TY act debts quae, 8. 71 Inst funeral decoration, Ku. 4. 99, 2 Tmmediately Following (in comp. )3 324° sinh, 3 perishable, trensitory s Berenimereantiraend (ft) Sing 12-8. 44. -BLowest Cin rank, degree or position > undermost, worst, inferior, aso, vile, wretched Saiaeat *4: Pt. 4.110 reduced tothe worst plight; aa sais Pt. 1. 888 at perilous Certieal ) times ‘plone ing to the Jowest castes were fae Ma. uu. a7Es SAAT: 12. 595 SPER ae ch Mice Gegeety TTR agra Gea gina: (ae FE) 8, 68, 9.95 4.79; Y. 1. 148, 2. 204. -Fe1 1 A man of the lowest castes seo above, ~2 N. of a plant (8a Mar. A> Arar) (jf also) (tho roots of which are proseribed for colic ), 3 The last syllable of 2 word. —$ The last Iunar month ie. Filguna, 8 A Mlocheha, ian. Sag a afar gar, agazhrarT in Vaidesika Phil. ) A name for tho ‘of number; 1000 billions (1000,000,000,000,000. ) -2 Tho 18th sign of the 20d Tho last member ‘or term of a progression (series), the last figures emareanil feat: Lila. Comp. —AYSTH sce dor TZ, TATA of Cat, PAT) a man or woman of the lowest easte, begotten by a chi on a Nisadi woman; Faget g arsrergqaearaat Prany| coerce aN TTA AAEAE I Ms. 10. 99: the following 7 aro rogarded «s belonging. to,this clgss$ spare: ae: aot aa ReeHNAT | AMT) qa rearaefi: ASeraaa — ereRtTETL Mb. 12. 41. 41. seo RETR, TARA. mone ‘who bolongg to the last or mendicant order. —BtT@fer See eee te cee ae on rites; ° 4 Ms. 1. 197, 5. 1683 omarght erat RFRA: Bk. ARNT the Inst of the threo debts which every one has to pay, is ©. bogetting children; seo #9. SGraaTaL intercourse by a Woman of the higher eastowith a minal tho lowest casto. at. «. 4 latest bors younger =a pelonging to the lowest castes SM: Ms, 4. 615 Oh 8 885, (—H) Aa Sidra (seas amy wa ey awe). -2 ono of the 7 inferior tribes; ehandala go5 mat Wal HE UA a) Sadia aT SIAM: FAA: It Yamas also Ms. §, 279; ¥, 1. 278. (-am) a woman of the lowest eastos Ms, 11. 59, 1715 Y. 8. 231. “HAA, 1, -STAPT w. 1 one belonging fo the lowest castes Smt Prat qarcactrT Ms. 10, U0, = 4 Sideas “Tear Ms. 12.0. 2 2 andala. “AA the last term of a progression or ceMNTaHL, MEAL the last or greatest rout (ina square) “MLA the last Imar aonsion Yad. ~2 16 last si the zodiao 5 Pisces.. —Q¥1A the Inst tae tay age, —ANA. «. of tho lowest origins. Sm (steam) Ms. 8.68. (ARE). the lowest source of origin ~@1 dropping of the last letter or Sollable of a word. ~39, ~AUH a man ce woman of ‘the lowest caste, ® Sidra male or fomale. AGB of a metre: axe: A man of tho lowost tribe, Soo 30%. ages [ST PARISH, Sera ZA; acoording to Un, $163 #447] An entrail, intestine; A¥FF fete My. 3 the vitels of the heart are rout wet (aif: 13: Sot so), FAN. of « plant (ased against colic or wind in the stomach (Mar. AHI )5 of, SAP, BA). —Comp. —AT? a worm in the intestines “A, the rumbling noise in the bowels; ERIE YS aa wee A Suse. =araa [ #94 24 grazid ] N. of a medicinal plant shynomene Grandiflora. (4. #8: Mar. TATE). TaieRL a kind of roosted flesh. —3Fa: f. inguinal hernia, ruptare, swelling of the serotum. FETE N. of a river rising from the Vindhye mountain, —@3L/ a garland of intestines (worn by 3 )- AeTaRR: J. Indigustion, inflammation of bowels; flatulence. SZ 1 P. To binds fasten BRR Binding. eS: gi foe aah sta, EE, THAT AAU Uy. 1 98] also 3FE%:, FTE: 1 A chain or fetter, 2 A chain for the clophant’s feet; Target AAS sere Si, 20. 515 Ae LL. 7, -8 A sort of ornament sworn round the ankles of $3 aAfPaait 4 An ovens five-placo: “2 An elder sister (of. si). ediaafe Dons B, To syving, agitate, rook to and fro, oscillate: Soe AIS, ” APAGATT Swinging, oscillating, waving} ME TAC ORL Ud. Soe AIT FLO UV. Ao make blind, blind ; HH ARATE: Si 11. 193 PARR wae FTAA 9. 21. -2 To bo or Decomo blind Io. 1 Blind (lit. and fig. )s ovoid of sights umablo to 00 (at particular cae acar: se ‘wAaaTHATTT; D.Bhay, made blind, blinded: @4M rears: fermi arteaftargar S. 7. Qh; wae: blinded by intoxiestions so REM: RmeHs; aia”, A’, ara; AT sae gE rere | ATH ATTEN ATA Als Cece 16.29 blind to his own wight acts. -2 Making blind, preventing the sights utters pithy completo, thick (darlene) ra SE TTI | sree awe MAN Nam 9.52. 9. Ms. §. 945 aigaet caf U. 8. 983 Mal._9. 8. 205 Seo °S4, “ate inn. —8 Affioted. 8 wHAd J I SEMA: gueaisaa} Vis. Guna. 101. —# Soiled, tarnished Fearaten cardigan Ta Ram. 3. 16. 18. FAA Darkness, sie: earzeeizarat aria WAAL Mb 1.140. 12. =2 Spiritnel ignorance; S781 or HA q-¥ 8 Water; also, turbid water. 41 A kind of mendicant (Rares) who has completely controlled his organss feat amar aif aea sere rem | geet ST BFE Vitae seit 2 An opithet of tho zodinan’ sy at particular periods; (sexoucramesaneiaget TPAC aPaRT co wir aa Pees caer wan | aaTkean Pat ftaifar: FAT (pl.) N. of a poople; see Comp. —sreraft a blind boil or abscess in tho oyes (one. thal docs not open or suppurate). (Ved. afm, fara faraea adante4 Tet: Av. 9.8.20.) afm, —afR ‘a blind serpent, i, e. one that is not poisonous, (Fé,