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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

79 / Wednesday, April 25, 2007 / Notices 20505

experiments include electrophysiology, (1 kHz optical linewidth) CW laser is effect. Lab studies will include intensity
molecular biology, pharmacology, and needed to sweep the carrier frequency distribution, Gaussian beam,
behavioral tests to learn how brain and beat it with a conventional mode- polarization, divergence, coherence
structure is altered as a function of locked laser based optical frequency monochromatism and other properties
associated changes with each of these comb. The CW laser also provides a 60 of light. Application accepted by
manipulations. Application accepted by pm fast piezo tuning range and 700 pm Commissioner of Customs: January 17,
Commissioner of Customs: April 11, thermal tuning with 100 mW output 2007.
2007. power. Application accepted by Docket Number: 07–007. Applicant:
Docket Number: 07–022. Applicant: Commissioner of Customs: September 1, Illinois Institute of Technology, 10 W.
Duke University, Box 90271, Durham, 2006. 33rd St., Room 224, Chicago, IL 60616.
NC 27708–0271. Instrument: Electron Docket Number: 06–059. Applicant: Instrument: High Temperature Nano
Microscope. Manufacturer: FEI Rutgers University, 3 Rutgers Plaza, Test System. Manufacturer: Micro
Company, The Netherlands. Intended Brunswick, NJ 08901–8559. Instrument: Materials, Ltd., UK. Intended Use: The
Use: The instrument is intended to be Micro-dissecting Microscope. instrument is intended to be used to
used to discover and quantify the Manufacturer: Singer Instruments, UK. assess the mechanical properties of Ni-
structure and dimension of materials Intended Use: The instrument is base alloys at elevated temperatures.
and biological samples, and then gain intended to be used to identify and Nano indentation tests will be
an understanding of how this structure categorize genes that control DNA conducted on the specimens at a range
determines or influences the properties replication and repair using a simple of temperatures from room temperature
or behaviors of the material or biological model organism known as baker’s yeast. to 750 C to assess the hardness and
entity. Application accepted by Strains of yeast-bearing mutations in modulus of the Ni-base alloys. These
Commissioner of Customs: April 6, genes that control the repair of damage tests will permit evaluation of the
2007. in DNA and their genetic pathway will characteristic mechanical properties of
Faye Robinson, be studied. The instrument is a the constituent phases present in
Director, Statutory Import Programs Staff. motorized micromanipulator experimental Ni-base alloys and
[FR Doc. E7–7926 Filed 4–24–07; 8:45 am]
specifically designed to separate single contribute to the development of new
aspo-spores of yeast. It will also be used high temperature materials. The
for student instruction in these areas. instrument requires a unique,
Application accepted by Commissioner horizontally-designed pendulum
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE of Customs: October 19, 2006. indenter to allow testing of specimens at
Docket Number: 06–067. Applicant: temperatures in excess of 750 C.
International Trade Administration The University of Illinois, 212 Tech Application accepted by Commissioner
Plaza, 616 East Green St., Champaign, IL of Customs: January 23, 2007.
Applications for Duty-Free Entry of 61820. Instrument: Ti: Sapphire Lasers Docket Number: 07–0011. Applicant:
Scientific Instruments (2), Model TIS–SF–077s. Manufacturer: State University of New York, Stony
Pursuant to Section 6(c) of the Tekhnoscan, Russia. Intended Use: The Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
Educational, Scientific and Cultural lasers are intended to be used to study 11794. Instrument: Low-level Beta
Materials Importation Act of 1966 (Pub. the application of ultra-cold atom gases Multicounter System. Manufacturer:
L. 89–651; 80 Stat. 897; 15 CFR part to quantum simulation. They will be Riso National Laboratory, Denmark.
301), we invite comments on the used to create an optical lattice, and part Intended Use: The instrument is
question of whether instruments of of a system for driving stimulated intended to be used to measure
equivalent scientific value, for the Raman transitions which will be emissions from very small quantities of
purposes for which the instruments integrated into a complex experimental naturally occurring, dissolved
shown below are intended to be used, apparatus requiring a CW, single- radioactive isotopes of thorium and lead
are being manufactured in the United frequency, tunable Ti: sapphire ring in seawater which are attached to
States. laser with linewidth < 100 kHz, drift particulate matter in very small
Comments must comply with 15 CFR rate < 50 MHz/hour, locked to an quantities. Samples of the isotopes are
301.5(a)(3) and (4) of the regulations and external reference cavity, and taken at various depths and serve as
be filed within 20 days with the completely reconfigurable for phase- tracers of the movement of carbon to the
Statutory Import Programs Staff, U.S. locking optics and electronics with low deep, an important process that affects
Department of Commerce, Washington, drift rates since they will not be locked the biological cycle of the ocean as well
DC 20230. Applications may be to a spectroscopic reference. as the carbon content of the atmosphere
examined between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Application accepted by Commissioner and is important for understanding
at the U.S. Department of Commerce, of Customs: November 20, 2006. climate change. The instrument will
Room 2104, 14th and Constitution Ave., Docket Number: 07–005. Applicant: also be used for graduate education.
NW., Washington, DC. Millersville University, Physics This is the only beta detector that meets
Docket Number: 06–054. Applicant: Department, P.O. Box 1002, Millersville the requirements of five simultaneous
Purdue University, 465 Northwestern PA 17551. Instrument: HeNe Laser measurements with extremely low
Ave., West Lafayette, IN 47907–2035. Cavity Educational Kit, Model CA–1200. background count rates of 0.2 cpm. It is
Instrument: DBF Fiber Laser System. Manufacturer: MICOS GmbH, Germany. also capable of field use in harsh
Manufacturer: Koheras A/S, Denmark. Intended Use: The instrument is environments. Application accepted by
Intended Use: The instrument is intended to be used in the lab portion Commissioner of Customs: February 23,
cprice-sewell on PRODPC61 with NOTICES

intended to be used to study and of a course on optics for instruction on 2007.

formulate the physical description of the physical principles and the Docket Number: 07–012. Applicant:
the fundamental noise properties of components of a laser. Students will use University of Wisconsin, 750 University
optical frequency combs and their the kit to build a He-Ne Laser Ave., Madison, WI 53706–1490.
application to Optical Arbitrary themselves and study the role of Instrument: Real-time 3D Motion
Waveform Generation. An ultra-narrow different optical elements in the lasing Capture System. Manufacturer: Phoenix

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20506 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 79 / Wednesday, April 25, 2007 / Notices

Technologies, Inc., Canada. Intended Additional information can be found at approval of that collection of
Use: The instrument is intended to be information.
used to measure limb movements of index.asp. The Commission received two
monkey subjects performing reach-to- SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: U.S. comments. Both commenters, Safe Kids
grasp tasks. Electrical signals derived Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez Worldwide (Safe Kids) and Carol
from individual brain cells will be will host the inaugural Americas Pollack-Nelson, supported the
correlated with parameters of movement Competitiveness Forum on June 11–12, collection of information because it
in order to determine how information 2007, in Atlanta. would inform the Commission’s plans
is encoded in the signals that the brain The Americas Competitiveness Forum in the areas of public education, recall
uses to communicate with the muscles. (ACF) will provide a venue for effectiveness, product research and
This research is relevant to neuro- government ministers from the Western voluntary standards development. Safe
prosthetics, spinal chord injury, stroke Hemisphere to come together with Kids requested that a special emphasis
and motor rehabilitation. The leaders from the private sector, be placed on children’s products. Safe
dimensions of the testing chamber academia, and non-governmental Kids also requested that the focus
require that the infra red position organizations, to explore cutting edge groups and any subsequent reports
markers can operate at a minimum ideas and best practices in several key resulting from the focus groups be made
distance of 0.6 m. Application accepted areas of competitiveness. available to the public. Staff is currently
by Commissioner of Customs: March 5, The ACF’s main tracks are: developing the format for specific focus
2007. • Sparking and sustaining innovation; groups and will evaluate whether
Faye Robinson, • Creating solutions in education and making such focus groups and any
workforce development; resulting reports public may be useful
Director, Statutory Import Programs Staff,
Import Administration. • Designing successful global supply after the program is fully operational.
chain strategies; and The information collected from the
[FR Doc. E7–7928 Filed 4–24–07; 8:45 am]
• Fostering small business Consumer Focus Groups will help
development and growth. inform the Commission’s evaluation of
The ACF intends to serve as an on- consumer products and product use by
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE going vehicle for governments, the providing insight and information into
private sector, academia, and non- consumer perceptions and usage
Notice Announcing the Americas governmental organizations to explore patterns. Such information may also
Competitiveness Forum and best practices and case studies on the assist the Commission in its efforts to
Opportunities for Sponsorship and issue of competitiveness in the Western support voluntary standards activities,
Media Partnership Hemisphere. By highlighting practical and help the staff identify areas
examples, the ACF intends to provide regarding consumer safety issues that
AGENCY: International Trade information for decision makers to take need additional research. In addition,
Administration, Department of steps to strengthen competitiveness in based on the information obtained, the
Commerce. each country and in the region, in staff may be able to provide safety
ACTION: Notice. general. information to the public that is easier
Dated: April 12, 2007. to read and is more easily understood by
SUMMARY: U.S. Secretary of Commerce
a wider range of consumers. The
Carlos Gutierrez will host the inaugural Alysia Wilson,
Consumer Focus Groups also may be
Americas Competitiveness Forum on Director of Programs, Western Hemisphere.
used to solicit consumer opinions and
June 11–12, 2007, in Atlanta. This [FR Doc. E7–7925 Filed 4–24–07; 8:45 am] feedback regarding the effectiveness of
notice announces the Americas BILLING CODE 3510–DA–P product recall communications and in
Competitiveness Forum and
determining what action is being taken
opportunities for sponsorship and
by consumers in response to such
media partnership. CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY communications and why. This may aid
DATES: The Americas Competitiveness COMMISSION in tailoring future recall activities to
Forum will be held on June 11–12, increase the success of those activities.
2007. Applications for sponsorship and Submission for OMB Review; If this information is not collected, the
media partnership should be received Comment Request—Consumer Focus Commission may not have available
no later than May 4, 2007. Groups certain useful information regarding
ADDRESSES: For sponsorship consumer experiences, opinions, and
AGENCY: Consumer Product Safety
opportunities please contact Alex perceptions related to specific product
Feldman, International Trade use, which the Commission uses, in
ACTION: Notice.
Administration at 202–482–2867 or part, in its ongoing efforts to improve For media SUMMARY: On January 18, 2007, the the safety of consumer products on
partnership opportunities please contact Consumer Product Safety Commission behalf of consumers.
Charles Skuba, Director of Public (CPSC or Commission) published a
Affairs, International Trade Additional Information About the
notice in accordance with provisions of Request for Approval of a Collection of
Administration at 202–482–3809. the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995
Registration for the Forum can be found Information
(44 U.S.C. Chapter 35) (PRA), to
at announce the agency’s intention to seek Agency address: Consumer Product
cprice-sewell on PRODPC61 with NOTICES

registration.asp. approval for a collection of information Safety Commission, 4330 East West
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: The to be conducted through Consumer Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814.
Americas Competitiveness Forum at Focus Groups. 72 FR 2264. The Title of information collection: or call the Commission now announces that it is Consumer Focus Groups.
International Trade Administration at submitting to the Office of Management Type of request: Approval of
1–800–USA–Trade or 202–482–0543. and Budget (OMB) a request for collection of information.

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