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14760 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

60 / Thursday, March 29, 2007 / Proposed Rules

DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR used in preparation of this proposed the public to comment on this complex
action, will be available for inspection proposal. Public hearings are the only
Fish and Wildlife Service following the close of the comment method for comments and data to be
period, by appointment, during normal presented verbally for entry into the
50 CFR Part 17 business hours, at our Helena office (see public record of this rulemaking and for
RIN 1018–AU53 ADDRESSES). our consideration during our final
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: decision. Comments and data also can
Endangered and Threatened Wildlife Edward E. Bangs, Western Gray Wolf be submitted in writing or
and Plants; Designating the Northern Recovery Coordinator, U.S. Fish and electronically, as described in our
Rocky Mountain Population of Gray Wildlife Service, at our Helena office February 8, 2007, proposal (71 FR 6106)
Wolf as a Distinct Population Segment (see ADDRESSES) or telephone (406) 449– and in the ADDRESSES section above.
and Removing This Distinct Population 5225, extension 204. Persons who use a
Segment From the Federal List of We intend that any final action
Telecommunications Device for the Deaf
Endangered and Threatened Wildlife may call the Federal Information Relay resulting from this proposed rule will be
Service at (800) 877–8339, 24 hours a as accurate and as effective as possible.
AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Therefore, we solicit comments or
day, 7 days a week.
Interior. suggestions from the public, other
ACTION: Proposed rule; extension of concerned governmental agencies, the
comment period; notice of a public Background scientific community, industry, or any
hearing. On February 8, 2007, we published a other interested party concerning this
proposal to establish a DPS of the wolf proposed rule. We solicit information,
SUMMARY: Under the Endangered data, comments or suggestions from the
Species Act (Act), we, the U.S. Fish and (Canis lupus) in the NRM of the United
States and to remove the NRM DPS from public, other concerned governmental
Wildlife Service (Service), announce an
the List (71 FR 6106). The comment agencies, the scientific community,
extension of the comment period for the
proposed rule to establish a distinct period on this proposal opened industry, or any other interested party
population segment (DPS) of the gray February 8, 2007, and extends to April concerning this proposal. Generally, we
wolf (Canis lupus) in the Northern 9, 2007. Due to the complexity of this seek information, data, and comments
Rocky Mountains (NRM) of the United proposed action, we are extending the concerning the boundaries of the
States and to remove the gray wolf in comment period for 30 days to allow the proposed NRM DPS and the status of
the NRM DPS from the List of public ample opportunity to comment gray wolf in the NRM. Specifically, we
Endangered and Threatened Wildlife on this complex proposal. seek documented, biological data on the
(List) under the Act. We also announce Public Hearing and Comments status and management of the NRM wolf
the location and time of one additional population and its habitat.
public hearing to receive public One additional open house, from 3
p.m. to 5 p.m. (brief presentations about Submit comments as indicated under
comments on this proposal. If you ADDRESSES. If you wish to submit
previously submitted comments, please the proposed rule will be given at both
3 p.m. and 4 p.m.), and one additional comments by e-mail, please include
do not resubmit them because we have your name and return address in your
already incorporated them into the public hearing, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.,
will be held on: e-mail message.
public record and will fully consider
them in our final decision and rule. April 19, 2007, Thursday, at the Cody Our practice is to make comments,
Auditorium Facility, 1240 Beck Avenue, including names and home addresses of
DATES: The public comment period is Cody, WY 82414.
extended until May 9, 2007. We may not respondents, available for public review
Anyone wishing to make an oral during regular business hours. Before
consider any comments we receive after statement for the record is encouraged
the closing date. We will hold a public including your address, phone number,
to provide a written copy of their e-mail address, or other personal
hearing on April 19, 2007. For more statement and present it to us at the
information, see ‘‘Public Hearing and identifying information in your
hearing. In the event there is a large comment, you should be aware that
Comments.’’ attendance, the time allotted for oral your entire comment—including your
ADDRESSES: If you wish to comment, statements may be limited. Speakers can
personal identifying information—may
you may submit comments and sign up only at the open houses and
be made publicly available at any time.
materials concerning this proposal, hearings. Oral and written statements
receive equal consideration. There are While you can ask us in your comment
identified by ‘‘RIN number 1018–
AU53,’’ by any one of the following no limits on the length of written to withhold your personal identifying
methods: comments submitted to us. If you have information from public review, we
1. Federal e-Rulemaking Portal— any questions concerning the public cannot guarantee that we will be able to Follow the hearing, please contact Sharon Rose do so. We will take into consideration
instructions for submitting comments. (303) 236–4580. If you need reasonable the comments and any additional
2. E-mail— accommodations in order to attend and information received during the
Include ‘‘RIN number 1018–AU53’’ in participate in the public hearing, please comment period on this proposed rule
the subject line of the message. contact Sharon Rose at (303) 236–4580 during our preparation of a final
3. Fax—(406) 449–5339. as soon as possible in order to allow rulemaking. Accordingly, our final
4. U.S. mail, hand delivery, or sufficient time to process requests. decision may differ from this proposal.
pwalker on PROD1PC71 with PROPOSALS

courier—U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Please call no later than 1 week before
Western Gray Wolf Recovery the hearing date. Information regarding
Coordinator, 585 Shepard Way, Helena, the proposal is available in alternative The authority for this action is the
MT 59601. formats upon request. Endangered Species Act of 1973 (16
Comments and materials we receive, The purpose of the public hearing is U.S.C. 1531 et seq.).
as well as supporting documentation we to provide additional opportunity for

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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 60 / Thursday, March 29, 2007 / Proposed Rules 14761

Dated: March 23, 2007. of bigeye tuna Pacific-wide and WCPO which is used to determine if the stock
Kenneth Stansell, yellowfin tuna, focusing on fisheries is subject to ‘‘overfishing.’’ A stock is
Acting Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife with the greatest impact on Pacific considered to be overfished if its
Service. bigeye tuna and WCPO yellowfin tuna, biomass falls below the minimum stock
[FR Doc. E7–5744 Filed 3–28–07; 8:45 am] i.e., longline and purse seine fisheries. size threshold (MSST). Overfishing
BILLING CODE 4310–55–P DATES: Comments on the proposed rule means that fishing is occurring at a rate
must be received by May 14, 2007. or level that jeopardizes the capacity of
ADDRESSES: You may submit comments a stock or stock complex to produce
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE on the proposed rule, identified by maximum sustainable yield (MSY) on a
AT55Tuna, to any of the following continuing basis. When a stock is not in
National Oceanic and Atmospheric addresses: an overfished condition, the maximum
Administration • E-mail: fishing mortality threshold (MFMT) is
Include in the subject line the following equal to the fishing mortality associated
50 CFR Part 665 document identifier AT55Tuna. with MSY (FMSY). The latest stock
[Docket No. 070226045–7045–01; I.D. Comments sent via email, including all assessments for bigeye tuna in the
020107A] attachments, must not exceed a file size Pacific and WCPO yellowfin tuna have
of 10 megabytes. concluded that the biomass of neither
RIN 0648–AT55 • Federal e-Rulemaking portal: stock is below their respective MSST. Follow the However, the assessments used as a
Fisheries in the Western Pacific; basis for the overfishing determinations
instructions for submitting comments.
Western Pacific Pelagic Fisheries; • Mail or Hand Delivery: William L. (conducted in 2003 and 2004 for Pacific
Management Measures for Bigeye Robinson, Regional Administrator, bigeye tuna and 2005 and 2006 for
Tuna Pacific-wide and Yellowfin Tuna NMFS Pacific Islands Region (PIR), 1601 WCPO yellowfin tuna) indicated that
in the Western and Central Pacific Kapiolani Blvd, Suite 1110, Honolulu, the then-current level of fishing
Ocean HI 96814–4700. mortality did exceed the stocks’
AGENCY: National Marine Fisheries An Environmental Assessment (EA) respective MFMTs. Consequently,
Service (NMFS), National Oceanic and was prepared for this amendment. NMFS determined that overfishing was
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Copies of the Pelagics FMP and occurring on the Pacific-wide stock of
Commerce. Amendment 14 (containing the EA) may bigeye tuna and on the WCPO stock of
be obtained from Kitty M. Simonds, yellowfin tuna.
ACTION: Proposed rule; request for
comments. Western Pacific Fishery Management Bigeye and yellowfin tuna are highly
Council (Council), 1164 Bishop St., migratory species, and occur in the
SUMMARY: This proposed rule would Suite 1400, Honolulu, HI 96813. waters of multiple nations and the high
implement Amendment 14 to the Written comments regarding the seas. Consequently, they are targeted by
Fishery Management Plan for Pelagic burden-hour estimates or other aspects fishing fleets of several nations,
Fisheries of the Western Pacific Region of the collection-of-information including the United States of America
(Pelagics FMP). The amendment requirements contained in this proposed (U.S.A.). Until recently, the majority of
responds to the Secretary of Commerce’s rule may be submitted to William L. bigeye tuna in the Pacific Ocean was
determination that overfishing is Robinson (see ADDRESSES), or by e-mail caught by longliners, primarily for the
occurring on bigeye tuna (Thunnus to, or fax Japanese sashimi market. During the last
obesus) Pacific-wide, and on yellowfin to 202–395–7285. 10 years, however, catches of bigeye
tuna (Thunnus albacares) in the western FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Bob tuna by purse seiners have increased
and central Pacific Ocean (WCPO). The Harman, NMFS PIR, 808–944–2271. considerably. Purse seine-caught bigeye
measures in the amendment are SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On tuna are taken primarily when purse
designed to end overfishing of bigeye December 15, 2004, NMFS notified the seiners targeting skipjack and yellowfin
tuna Pacific-wide and yellowfin tuna in Western Pacific and Pacific Fishery tuna set their nets around fish
the WCPO, as required under the Management Councils that overfishing aggregating devices (FADs). Smaller
Magnuson-Stevens Fishery was occurring on bigeye tuna Pacific- amounts are also taken by handline and
Conservation and Management Act wide (69 FR 78397, December 30, 2004). troll vessels. Yellowfin tuna in the
(Magnuson-Stevens Act). Amendment On March 16, 2006, NMFS notified the WCPO are caught primarily by purse
14 would establish Federal permitting Western Pacific Council that overfishing seiners. WCPO longline, pole-and-line,
and reporting requirements for all U.S. was occurring on western and central handline and troll fisheries also catch
Hawaii-based small boat commercial Pacific Ocean (WCPO) yellowfin tuna substantial amounts of yellowfin tuna.
pelagic fishermen. Internationally, (71 FR 14837, March 24, 2006). As In 2004, estimated bigeye tuna catches
Amendment 14 would establish for the required by the Magnuson-Stevens Act, by U.S. commercial fisheries under the
Western Pacific Fishery Management the Councils were requested to take Council’s authority amounted to 5,163
Council (Council) an internal protocol appropriate action to end overfishing. mt, or 2.3 percent of the 2004 total
related to its role in making Pelagics FMP Amendment 14 contains Pacific-wide bigeye tuna catch. In 2004,
recommendations to the Secretary on the Western Pacific Council’s estimated yellowfin tuna catches by
the management of pelagic fish stocks recommended actions to end U.S. commercial fisheries under the
that are managed internationally, overfishing for both stocks. Council’s authority amounted to 2,383
including its participation in U.S. According to the guidelines for mt, or about 0.35 percent of the 2004
pwalker on PROD1PC71 with PROPOSALS

delegations to meetings of regional National Standard 1 of the Magnuson- total Pacific-wide yellowfin tuna catch,
fishery management organizations Stevens Act (50 CFR 600.310), fishery and 0.58 percent of the yellowfin tuna
(RFMOs). This amendment also stock status is assessed with respect to caught in the WCPO. These figures
recommends that NMFS and the two status determination criteria, one of indicate that the capacity for unilateral
Department of State work through the which is used to determine whether a action by the U.S.A. to prevent or end
RFMOs to immediately end overfishing stock is ‘‘overfished,’’ and the second of overfishing is limited, as is the capacity

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