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TS, 2009-2010

Department of Language Teaching Methodology

Observation and Analytic Protocol


Trainee teacher: Tanja Ivanovska

Observation Date: 23 October 2009
Time: Start: 13:30 End: 14:10
School: SOU Professor Vasil Zlatarski
Mentor Teacher: Svetlana Petkova
Section A: Basic descriptive information <include details about teacher, grade level, details about
This is 4th grade and this is their first English lesson for today. When the teacher enters to the
classroom they have to stand up and say Hello.
The teacher is very relaxed; although the students are young and energetic there is no need to raise her
voice to any of them. The students as a whole are very enthusiastic to take part in the activities and
each one of them wants to stand out of the others, the noise in the classroom came from their
eagerness to participate and state their ideas.
All of them are happy and excited because the observers are present in their class and they want to
improve in front of us. The teacher is trying to be active in the class. Some of them have good
knowledge and speak fluently English for their age. Todays unit is Who is the winner.
Section B: Teaching and learning procedures
Procedure (contents and participation
structure, instructional time, etc.)
Teacher asks the students to open their books
and read the given text.
Teaching and learning activities
Students are reading the text and they should
find unfamiliar words in the dictionary that is
shown in the last pages in the book. They are
reading one by one and are trying to get the
idea of the text.
After reading they are listen the same text
on tape and repeating.
Next exercise is choosing between True
and False.
They will finish with the last exercise after
the brake and will continue with the next

Analysis, Evaluation, Recommendation

Students are active and motivated and this is

good start.

This reading comprehension is good for

students because they are practicing their
pronunciation and teacher is correcting them
if they have some mistakes.
Also the teacher is repeating some words that
are harder for pronunciation.

Teacher creates a relaxed atmosphere which

helps the students to learn and remember
things that are important for that class.

TS, 2009-2010

Section C: Overall ratings of the lesson <include summaries of the objectives and contents of the
The teacher enters in the classroom; student stands up and says Hello to the teacher. First task
for today is to read several times the text called Who is the winner?. Teacher ask students about the
text, what meant some words and if they find unfamiliar words in the text they should check in the
dictionaries that are on the last pages from the book. Also the teacher is repeating some words that are
harder for pronunciation.
The teacher is writing words from the book on the blackboard and she is translating the words
from English to Bulgarian. Now the students should read the text loud one bye one, sentence by
sentence and then they are translating the sentence into Bulgarian. When the students dont know the
answer to the asked question or reply incorrectly the teacher corrects them by repeating the right
answer. Sometimes if the mistake is more common she needs to repeat a phrase or a word several
times and get the pupils to repeat it themselves. I can see on their faces enjoinment when they are
The last exercise is choosing between True or False, in this way they get the main idea of the text
and all of them understand what it is about.
Section D: Overall assessment of the quality of the lesson <is this a good lesson, why?>
I believe that this lesson can be said to be very good because all of the students were active,
mostly due to their wish to show off in front of us, observers. So, it can be said that our presence in
class contributed to their willingness to listen carefully to the teacher and take parts in all of the
activities done in class.
Section E: Recommendation <how can the efficacy of the lesson be improved?>
The efficacy of the lesson was on a very high level. Mrs. Petkova is a very experienced
teacher, her lessons are very organized and I learn lots of new things and
teaching techniques that I can use in my practice with my classes.