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List of 50 Important Science (Physics) Questions and Answers Download in PDF:
1).Heat from the sun reaches the earth from which among the following modes of
a) Conduction
b) Radiation
c) Convention
d) Temperature exchange
2).The universal law of gravitation was propounded by________.
a) Kepler
b) Galileo
c) Newton
d) Copernicus
3).The Gravitational force with which the sun attracts the earth__________.
a) Is less than the force with which the earth attracts the sun
b) Is the same as the force with which earth attracts the sun
c) Is more than the force with which the earth attracts the sun
d) Is constant throughout the year
4).When the velocity of a body is doubled, its ______.
a) Acceleration is doubled
b) Momentum is doubled
c) Kinetic energy is doubled
d) Potential energy is doubled
5).When a Ship enters a sea from a river________.
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a) It rises a little
b) It sink a little
c) It remains at the same level
d) It rises or sinks depending on the material it is made of
6).Artificial satellites are used for_______.
a) TV transmission
b) Detecting minerals
c) Space research
d) All the above
7).The unit of work and energy is ________.
a) Joule
b) Newton
c) Coulomb
d) Dioptre
8).An example of semi-conductor is_________.
a) German silver
b) Germanium
c) Phosphorus
d) Arsenic
9).Unit of charge is __________.
a) Coulumb
b) faraday
c) newton
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d) volt
10).The weather map telecast in T.V. is photographed by the satellite orbiting at a
height of ___________.
a) 36000 km
b) 3600 km
c) 3600 miles
d) 360 km
1). b) 2). c) 3). b) 4). b) 5). a) 6). d) 7). a) 8). b) 9). a) 10). a)
11).Decibel is unit of__________.
a) Sound intensity
b) Light
c) Heat
d) Electricity
12).The lowest level of energy band in a solid is called________.
a) Valence band
b) Conduction band
c) Fermi level
d) Equal level
13).Which one of the following is correctly matched?
a) Viscosity - kg/m
b) Surface tension - Newton/m

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c) Youngs modulus Kg/m2
d) Rigidity modulus Newton2/m
14).Pure silicon is used in__________.
a) Electronics industry
b) Textile industry
c) Paint industry
d) Pharmaceuticals
15).Bar is the unit of__________.
a) Speed of a supersonic jet plane
b) Atmospheric temperature
c) Atmospheric pressure
d) Volume of wine
16).Which among the following bombs affects only living beings and not the buildings?
a) Normal bomb
b) Atom bomb
c) Hydrogen bomb
d) Neutron bomb
17).If a refrigerator in working condition is kept in a room then the temperature of the
room will ________.
a) Increase
b) Decrease
c) Remain the same
d) Decrease appreciably
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18).Which among the following is used as a fuel in a breeder reactor?
a) Thorium
b) Plutonium
c) Deuterium
d) Uranium - 235
19).What is the molecular weight of heavy water?
a) 16
b) 18
c) 22
d) 20
20).What among the following possesses the characteristics of light?
a) X-rays
b) Cathode rays
c) Alpha rays
d) None of these
11). a) 12). a) 13). b) 14). a) 15). c) 16). d) 17). a) 18). a) 19). d) 20). a)
21).An element is formed with such atoms which have same__________.
a) Atomic Weight
b) Number of Nucleons
c) Number of neutrons
d) Number of protons

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22).Hookes law is related with which among the following?
a) Fluid pressure
b) Elasticity
c) Radioactivity
d) None of These
23).Anemometer measures______________.
a) Humidity of air
b) Speed of air
c) Height above sea level
d) Depth of Sea
24).Ignition is produced in diesel engine by______________.
a) Spark plug
b) Automatic starter
c) Compression
d) Friction
25).Which among the following rays have no change?
a) Cathode rays
b) Alpha rays
c) X-rays
d) Beta rays
26).The Headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is in________.
a) Tokyo
b) Moscow
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c) Paris
d) Vienna
27).The maximum current flowing through an A.C. circuit is 14.14 amperes. What will be
the r.m.s value of this current?
a) 1.414 ampere
b) 3.76 ampere
c) 10 ampere
d) 1.96 ampere
28).A pressure cooker cooks food rapidly because ____________.
a) All the heat remains inside
b) It increase the temperature of the food material
c) Due to steam
d) The boiling point of water is increased
29).What should be the angle between the two plane mirrors so that three images of an
object are formed____________.
a) 0o
b) 60o
c) 90o
d) 45o
30).A radioactive isotope dissociates at such a rate that after 96 minutes 1/8 portion of
its original amount is left. What will be its half life period?
a) 12 minutes
b) 24 minutes
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c) 32 minutes
d) 48 minutes
21). d) 22). b) 23). b) 24). c) 25). c) 26). d) 27). c) 28). c) 29). c) 30). c)
31).A clock goes slow in summer because the length of the pendulum__________.
a) Increases therefore time period increases
b) Increases therefore time period decreases
c) Decreases therefore time period increases
d) Decreases therefore time period decreases
32).The escape velocity from the earths surface is ___________.
a) 7.92 km/sec
b) 2.38 km/sec
c) 11.2 m/sec
d) 11.2 km/sec
33).The normal boiling point of a liquid is the temperature at which__________.
a) The vapour pressure of the liquid is zero
b) The vapour pressure of the liquid is standard pressure
c) The density of the liquid is unity
d) The vapour pressure of the liquid is equal to the atmospheric pressure
34).The shining particles in the path of beam from a projector in cinema hall is due to
a) Shining particles emanating from projector

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b) Scattering of light by dust particles in the path of the light
c) Brownian movement of the dust
d) Electrical properties of dust particles
35).The normal temperature of human body on the Kelvin scale is ___________.
a) 280
b) 290
c) 310
d) 340
36).If you walk towards a plane mirror at a speed of 10 cm/s at what speed does your
image approach you?
a) 5 cm/s
b) 10 cm/s
c) 20 m/s
d) Information inadequate
37).Hydrogen bomb involves the principle of __________.
a) Nuclear fission
b) Nuclear fusion
c) Newtons law
d) Coulombs law
38).Which planet completes one revolution around sun in 88 days?
a) Jupiter
b) Mars
c) Venus
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d) Mercury
39).Moon is in earths shadow during a __________.
a) Lunar eclipse
b) Partial Solar eclipse
c) Complete Solar eclipse
d) None of these
40).Fluorescent tube is more in use in comparison to an Electric bulb,
a) Its light emitting surface area is large.
b) There is no effect of change in voltage on it.
c) Electrical energy is almost completely converted into light energy in it.
d) The light emitted from it is not harmful for the eyes.
31). a) 32). d) 33). a) 34). b) 35). c) 36). b) 37). b) 38).d ) 39). a) 40). c)
41).The relation between the energy of a photon (E) its momentum (P) and its velocity
(C) is __________.
a) P = EC2
b) P = E x C
c) P = C / E
d) P = E / C
42).If a person is unable to see clearly the far off objects then he is suffering from which
a) Hypermetropia
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b) Myopia
c) Astigmatism
d) None of these
43).A ball is thrown horizontally from a tower top and at the same instant another ball is
dropped down vertically from the same place. Neglecting the resistance offered by air,
state which of the following statements will be correct?
a) The velocities of both the balls will be same on collision with the ground.
b) They will possess equal energies when in air.
c) Both of them will fall together on the ground.
d) The ball that is vertically dropped down will reach the ground earlier.
44).Which among the following statement is incorrect regarding the rainbow?
a) A rainbow is visible only in rainy season
b) Sometimes two rainbows are simultaneously visible
c) It always takes place in direction opposite to sun
d) All the three are correct
45).Which part of the camera acts as the eye retina?
a) Optical slit
b) Shutter
c) Lens
d) Film
46).A magnet with M magnetic intensity is divided into two parts. The magnetic
moment of any one part will be ___________.
a) M
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b) 2M
c) M / 2
d) 0
47).What is a thermostat?
a) Modern thermos flask
b) An instrument that keeps the temperature of a system constant.
c) An instrument used to estimate the efficient working of a thermometer
d) None of these
48).Newton Second is the unit of which among the following?
a) Energy
b) Power
c) Force
d) Momentum
49).Which one of the following is not correctly matched?
a) Kilowatt hour

- Energy

b) Celsius

- Name of a king

c) Balance wheel in watch

- Invar

d) Newton

- Force

50).Which of the following is correctly matched?

a) Hydraulic press

- Archimedes principle

b) Lift of aeroplane

- Bernoullis principle

c) Electron gun

- Newtons third law

d) Electron microscope- Refraction of electron waves

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41). d) 42). b) 43). c) 44). d) 45). d) 46). a) 47). b) 48). d) 49). b) 50). b)

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