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“Dissertation Topic:- Marketing Strategies of Chocolate Industries in India.”

Under Guidance of:- Submitted by:-

Mr. Partho Bose Haseeb Fatmi


Roll no: 21

Batch: 2008-10

G. L. Bajaj Institute of Management and Research, Gr. Noida

Introduction of Chocolate Industry:
The chocolate industry in India has a production volume of 30,800 tones. This segment is
characterized by high volumes, huge expenses on advertising, low margins, and price sensitivity.
The size of the chocolate market in India is about 4000 tones and is valued about at Rs. 6500
million (US $130 million). Cadbury India has the biggest market share at 70% while Nestle is
the second largest at 20%. Cadbury reaches 0.6 million retail outlets.

Objective of Study:
 Understand the overall chocolate industry in India.

 Understand the marketing strategy of chocolate industry in India.

 Analyze various factors affecting the growth and success of chocolate industry in India.

 Study the challenges and opportunities which the market offers and the changing trends
in the Indian chocolate industry.

 Understand the strategies for growth and success in India.

 Data Collection (Secondary)

 Data Analysis

 Hypothesis Test

 Result of the Methodology

Table of Content:
 Introduction

 History of the Chocolate Industry

 Objective of the Study

 Scope of the Study

 Research Methodology

 Strategies of the different Chocolate Company’s (Nestle, Cadbury, Amul)

 Comparative Analysis

 SWOT Analysis

 Limitations of the Study

 Suggestion

 Recommendation

 Bibliography