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Emtex Engineering Private Limited. Plot No. - 401, 402. Ghitorni Village, MG Road, Near Ghitorni Metro Station,New Delhi-110030

Contact No.:8882899999 Email- Website-

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Note:Need a copy of PAN/TIN/CST & Legal Status of the Firm along with certification, cancelled cheque and the visiting card.

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Terms & Conditions

Obligations of the Merchants

The Merchant shall agree, accept and be bound by IndustryBuying Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Policies and Rules, and all agreements, terms and conditions, terms of

use etc., that are duly communicated in writing to the Merchant or are displayed on the website from time to time and are
updated from time to time, which are incorporated herein by reference.

The Merchant shall be responsible for maintaining and publishing all information relating to products and pricing on their seller panel and shall
have non-exclusive right to display, advertise and offer for sale its products on the online platform. The product sold by the Merchant is genuine and
new and is not old/used one or a counterfeit product.

The Merchant shall ensure that the quality of the products is genuine, brand new, and they are legally allowed to be sold in India by the Merchant. The
Merchant acknowledges that any and all liabilities arising in connection with any defect, fault or shortcoming in the product(s) including but not limited to
infringement of intellectual property rights of any third party, shall be of the Merchant alone and IndustryBuying shall not be liable for the same in any manner
whatsoever. The Merchant agrees to keep IndustryBuying harmless and indemnified in this regard.

The Merchant shall regularly update IndustryBuying about any changes in their product offering, new models, product prices, discounts minimum order quantity (MOQ),
discontinued models or products and assumes any liability for the wrong price or product quantity/availability (in case product gets sold). IndustryBuying shall not be
liable for the same in any manner whatsoever and the Merchant agrees to keep IndustryBuying harmless and indemnified in this regard.

The Merchant shall deliver the sold products to IndustryBuying fulfilment team within 72 hours or ship it directly to the customer if the prior approval
has been obtained from the IndustryBuying within 72 hours after the order has been received.

The Merchant shall be responsible for after sales service for the product and to handle any customer complaint regarding product quality and warranties. IndustryBuy-ing shall not be
liable for the same in any manner whatsoever and the Merchant agrees to keep IndustryBuying harmless and indemnified in this regard.

All tax related liabilities and other liabilities including but not limited to sales tax, KYC etc. relating to the sale of the product shall be responsibility of the Merchant. IndustryBuying
shall not be liable for the same in any manner whatsoever and the Merchant agrees to keep IndustryBuying harmless and indemnified in this regard.

The Merchant shall ensure that the product pricing offered to will be the same or less than the prices offered to other customer
or as available on any other site on the internet including Merchants own site.

The Merchant acknowledges that all payments by IndustryBuying to the Merchant shall be after deduction of any money due from the Merchant to
IndustryBuying like return charges for previous orders.

Payment Policy

The Merchant and IndustryBuying mutually agree on a Selling Price and this pre-negotiated price will be paid to the The Merchant as payment against the shipped
product once the product is successfully delivered & accepted by the customer. IndustryBuying is free to choose the markup on this mutually agreed Selling Price at
which it lists that product on its portal. The Merchant must ensure that the Selling Price to IndustryBuying is lower or equal to the price offered to other sites or its own
customers. The Payment will be made to The Merchant within 15 days of the order booking by the customer.

Industrybuying will raise a PO on the seller at the pre-agreed price and the Merchant must do their best to honor the PO, in case this PO cannot be
honored the Mer-chant must inform IndustryBuying with 24 hours of receiving the PO.

The price offered to the industry buying will be exclusive of the taxes applicable in the particular state. The seller to add CST/VAT on the selling
price separately as applicable. IB has Sales Tax registrations in Delhi, UP, Haryana, Maharashtra & Karnataka. As we add more states the Merchant
will be informed about the applicable taxes.

Return Policy

The Merchant must accept the product back and bear the reverse logistics and marketing charges of 20% in case the product is returned due to
mistakes attributed to the Merchant (wrong specifications, defective or damaged product, old/used product shipped)

For cash-on-delivery (COD) orders in case the product remains undelivered due to no claim by the buyer the Merchant must take the material back.
In such cases the marketing fee, fulfillment fees, shipping fees, payment charges and any other charges etc. will be borne by IndustryBuying and
the Merchant does not have to pay anything extra.


The Merchant agrees to defend and hold IndustryBuying and its affiliated and related entities, and any of their shareholders, officers, directors, agents and
employees harmless from and indemnified against any claims, lawsuits, penalties and damages arising out of any breach by Merchant of this MOU or the
representations and warranties contained in this MOU or of any terms and conditions and/or policies of IndustryBuying as available on In
the event of any third party claim in relation to the products being traded by the Merchant on which is caused due to default of the
Merchant, the Merchant shall, on demand, pay liquidated damages of INR 500,000 or the total value of the claim made and legal expenses incurred by
IndustryBuying in defending such claim, which-ever is higher (Merchant LD). The Merchant LD shall be in addition to and not in derogation of any other
rights and remedies that IndustryBuying may have under law, this MOU or equity.

In the event of a third party claim, specifically in relation to infringement of intellectual property rights of such third party, IndustryBuying shall be
entitled to provide all details of the products, Merchant, sales completed or pending, deliveries made as may be required by such third party or
mandated by an order or judgment of any court or other judicial or quasi judicial authorities and Merchant shall be under an obligation to ensure that
IndustryBuying is not a made a party to any such third party claims as described herein and shall promptly and unilaterally take adequate steps to
absolve IndustryBuying from any liability of any nature whatsoever, either present or anticipated.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This MOU shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of India and the parties hereto submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the
courts at New Delhi, India.