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Bel Air,



o m MiNKsnr:
Assistance in Establishment of New Congregations Publishing of
Christian Literature and Song Books in Polish Language Spiritual
Material and Moral Support of Preachers in Poland ReliefMinistry
to Poland Training Foreign Students New Testaments and Bibles
to Poland and Russia Radio Ministry in Polish, Russian and
Ukranian Languages Follow-up Work of Radio Listeners by
Correspondence # Preaching in Camps, Churches and at Rallies
WorkAmongForeignSpeaking People in the United States of America

Paul Bajko, Director

January, 1967,

' .Si

Dear Friends in Christ:

The Year 1966 is behind us. It is history already. But a history of many
victories for the Lord which were achieved by the Department of Missions
with your prayers and financial support.
Thanks to you, we experienced the greatest blessings in our ministry.
The Gospel of Christ was preached every day. Every Lord's Day,in Poland,

20 preachers proclaimed the Gospel of Christ winning many souls for Him.
Many of those preachers made quite extensive evangelistic tours in other
parts of Poland preaching the Gospel and baptizing people into Christ.
The youth camp, under the leadership of Bro. Winnik, Kostek Jakoniuk and
George Bajenski, resulted not only in 14 conversions but new areas were
opened for preaching the Gospel.
Every Monday we were broadcasting the Gospel of Christ to thousands of
people in Poland, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, France and other Eu
ropean countries.

Every month a Polish magazine was published carrying the Good News to
hundreds of people in 25 different countries.

Every week at least 5 packages with Christian literature. Bibles

song books were sent to those who requested them.


Almost every day letters of comfort, exhortation, explanation, etc., we

re sent to Poland and other countries.

Many packages with medicine were sent to sick people and over 200 big
packages of used clothing were sent to Poland and Paraguay.

Thousands of dollars were sent through P.K.O. to preachers for relief,

rebuilding houses of worship, youth camp, bicycles and other equipment.

Work in Baltimore

among the Slavic people, under the leadership of Bro,

Adam Korenczuk, is growing. Every Lord's Day the Gospel is preached from
the pulpit and through radio. Many calls are made every week. The buil
ding has been remodeled completely, our youth are meeting regularly and
the prayer meetings are the source of our strength,
Dela, my wife, put




effort into the publishing of a new chorus

contains songs and choruses till this time unknown to Polish

people. This endevour brought the greatest reward in our ministry.

I was able to visit hundreds of churches, preach to thousands of people*
work in camps, lead Faith , Promise Rallies, and visit many Slavic spea
king people.

All this



which amounted to




done because of your prayers and contributions,


in 1966,

received by faith and used for the purposes mentioned

above, and won many souls for Christ.

We are looking forward to a yet greater year in 1967, We pray that you
will help us, as you were helping in 1966, with your prayers, finances
and encouragements,

I thank you, dear Friends, for

and bless you abundantly.


help, and may the good Lord reward

Yours in Christ,


"We sent you our greetings, and pray

daily that God may bless you.
We also thank you very much for your
gift, which I received recently. May
God repay you for all you do that
people may come to the saving know
ledge of Christ. Thanks to you, God
did wonderful things for our churches
in vicinity of B,
Although you live so far away and the
ocean is between us, I still believe
that you can also feel all the blesings that we experience here. A.A."

Preachers of the Churches in Pol.



We received

hundreds of letters of appreciation, not only from ministers

and friends of the Church of Christ, but from ministers of denominational

churches. Here are some paragraphs taken from those letters:


"I would
the new


to thank you very, very much for your Polish magazine and
book, "Heavenly Sunshine". It is indeed a great occurance.

We are very happy and thank God for such chorus book. It will help us
greatly with our youth and children's work. God bless you. B.W."

In July I took a part in the service


Baptist youth in Sz., and there

for the first time I saw your beautiful chorus book. It was wonderful.The
beauty of those choruses, their harmony and simplicity are touching
the hearts and minds of listeners, and it helps in spreading good news in
Poland. Songs from this chorus book have great influence on our youth

which was low spiritually. Please send me a few copies.



"For a long time I had the desire to write to you and express my appre ciation for what you do for the Lord. I do not know how to thank you for
the translated songs which you put in your Polish magazine. It is hard for
you to grasp how your songs are appreciated everywhere. I would like to
tell you that not only Protestant churches are using your song book, but

I personally

know a case

songs in her services.


the Roman Catholic church is using your



"We greet you in the name of Jesus. Peace be unto you!

You brought us so much joy by sending us that medicine for our sickness.
Thank you very, very much for it and may God repay you. We are so happy
that there are such children of God who in the name of God pass a cup of
cold water. They will get their rewards in heaven.
Thank you very much for telling us about your radio-broadcast. We never
heard such beautiful singing on radio. Your singing touches our hearts
and messages bring us closer to Christ. When we listen to you all our so
rrows vanish and joy enters our hearts. We are sure that there will be ma
ny souls who listen to your messages and hear your singing, who will say
in heaven that it was because of your radio broadcasts that they are
heaven. We thank you once more and may Lord bless you richly, H."


Dear Brethren in Christ:

December, 1966

Greetings from Poland.

I will never forget the precious moments I spent there with many of you,
and the time I spent the Word of God. Since then I am sure many
changes have taken place there and also here. Many moments of joy and
maybe also of sorrow have been present in our lives. But one thing hasn*t
been changed and that is the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. His saving
grace is still available to those who are willing to accept it. I am gra
teful that to this great ministry, to preach Him and His grace. He has
called also me. There is much work and few workers available, but the
Lord is blessing us.

This year



in activities in our churches: the spring revivals,

youth camp, D.V.B.S. rallies, fall revivals, Bible courses. Thanksgiving

services, etc.

At the camp we had in oi;^r area,fourteen souls gave their hearts to the
Lord. We thank God for them.



people like to sing and we were

very happy to receive the song books from Bro. Bajko with the
which Mrs. Bajko translated from English. Two-thirds of them we learned
at the camp. They were loved by our young people, and at the end of the

camp, each



received a song

book as a present. You can imagine

their joy. Now those choriises are sung in all of the churches. We thank
God and those who made this available.

My father


church there.



sell his farm and move to the town to start a new

found a place which has a good location and has a room

for the church. We feel that it is God's will and we hope that there soon

we will have the New Testam^t Church. The price of the place is higher
then we can get

for our farm, so

we will need additional $2000.00, so by

this letter 1 appeal to you to help

start the services there iri


to buy that place that we


a very short time.

We wish to all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and God's bles
sings be upon you in your work in the coming New Year, 1967. Kostek."

We received also a letter fiom the Warsaw Church of Christ, where George
Bajeriski is labouring together with other preachers requesting $5000.00

for rebuilding and enlarging the chapel in Warsaw. The work in Warsaw is

progressing nicely and we are happy with the brethren there that there

is a need to enlarge the present facilities.

These two appeals are urgent^ and we ask you to help brethren in Poland.
You can send your money through the Department of Missions with the in
dication to which project you designate your money and we will be very

happy to forward them to Pol^and immediately.


Paul Bajko


Bel Air,



o m MIMISnY:
Assistance in Establishment of New Congregations Publishing of

Christian Literature and Song Books in Polish Language Spiritual

Material and Moral Support of Preachers in Poland Relief Ministry
to Poland Training Foreign Students New Testaments and Bibles
to Poland and Russia Radio Ministry in Polish, Russian and
Ukranian Languages Follow-up Work of Radio Listeners by
Correspondence Preaching in Camps, Churches and at Rallies
Work Among Foreign Speaking People in the United States of America

Paul Bajko, Director


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d/vi^ pioyyu 6sexl0 a- sii^poi^ oj- i ^00 ^ joOA. yyvovCtti .
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to UA Osma>\^^ lAn-U Ot/^/uiAA^ (A viiii un'M



Adam J. Korenczuk,"min.

By the grace of God we continue


among the Slavic people. Continually we experience the Lord's ble"

ssings as we move forward in our wit

ness for


Since many of our members are

I WjV"

loyed evenings during the week,

r; ' >



conduct our prayer services on Satur


HV ' . S i m u l t a n e o u s l y , the young people haprayer meeting, Bible study

open discussion, conducted by L. Bon
dar, on the
we have orchestra rehersal.

On the Lord's Day, we have our worship services which consist of; worship
in song, Scripture reading and prayer, after which I bring a message
the English language. This is followed by tithes and offerings and the
Lord's Supper. In conclusion, I deliver a sermon in Russian language, af
ter which we have the Invitation hymn and prayer.
At 11:15 A.M. we begin our Sunday School. Ve have four classes for
Congregation: one adult class, which I


teach in Russian; a class for teen

agers, taught by Bro. Bondar; a Junior and a Primary class taught by stu
dents from the Eastern Christian College.
We also have two special /Beginner/ classes for children from the neigh borhood who have never attended Church services and have no knowledge of
our Lord, therefore they require special attention which is given by the
students from E.C.C.

At 12:15 P.M. we have our Radio Program, alternating in Russian and Ukra
inian langxiages, which I prepare during the week.

On Saturday, at 2:30 P.M., students from E.C.C. and our young people


gin calling around the area and bring children, from non-Christian homes,
to the "Story Hour", where they are taught how to pray and sing, and have
the story about Jesus. We are grateful to Miss Carolyn Warfield for
devotion and leadership in this project.

Friday nights our young people meet in different homes for an evening
fellowship, singspiration, Bible Study and discussion.


During the week, I also visit people in their homes and one day a week I
teach music and conduct the College Choir at Eastern Christian College.
I am happy to conclude my report with the statement that our labor has not
been in vain, for the Lord has added to His Church - two souls, through
Christian baptism, in the month of January.



"Dear Bro. Bajko. I want to inform you that I received both of your letters, and the picture of yo u and your family as well. Thank you very much.

I thank you, also, from my whole heart, for the help that you sent me.
You are the Good Samaritan, and I don't have enough words to tell you,how
very thankful I am to you for what you did and still do for me, my family
and people in Poland. Our prayer is that the Lord may bless you and your

family even more for all yoii do to help to spread His Gospel and help fellowmen.

And now. Brother Bajko, I would like to inform you that God's work in our
church is continuing. We already have a place of worship in Sz., and the
Church is growing from year to year. We thank God for that.

Fam. K.Z."


"Greetings to you and to all who work for our Lord.

Your monthly magazine makes me so happy. It is such a good and worthy

work for the glory of our Lord. I am so happy that all means are used to
spread the Gospel of Christ to the uttermost parts of the earth, so that
nobody will have an exuse for not hearing the Word of God.
Dear Brother, I would be so thankful if you would send me your magazine
regularly, and any other Christian literature that is available. I want

to ask, also, for a Bible in a small and large size. I shall be very gra
teful if you could send the^e to me.
Once more, thank you for everything in advance, and may our Lord bless
you in your work that you may always lift up your heart to our Savior.
May God be with you all. K.L."



"Dear Bro. Bajko and family:

We greet you with the love of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Since my father is sick, I, his older son and Boguslaw's

brother, am

writing this letter. I am v<iry happy to write to you these few words.

A few days ago we received , package of used clothing from you for which
we all thank you very much, and even more for remembering us.
Thank you, also, for the letiter which we received in January.
Not long ago my mother-in-law from Kijew came to us and she told us how

the people listen to your Pcdish radio broadcasts,and how they like them
and thank God and you for them. They can hear them in Russia very well,
and so ca^n we, here in Poland. The believers from Wolyn /former Polish
state, now in Russia/ say the same, so your work is not in vain, but ve
ry worthy and much appreciated. Yours in Christ, Fam. Sz."

Bel Air,



o m MiMisnrs
Assistance in Establishment of New Congregations Publishing of
Christian Literature and Song Books in Polish Language Spiritual
Material and Moral Support of Preachers in Poland Relief Ministry
to Poland Training Foreign Students New Testaments and Bibles
to Poland and Russia Radio Ministry in Polish, Russian and

Ukranian Languages

Follow-up Work of Radio Listeners by

Correspondence # Preaching in Camps, Churches and at Rallies

Work Among Foreign Speaking People in the United States of America



Paul Bajko, Director

June, 1967.
Dear Friends in Christ:


summer is approaching and we plan our summer activities in the service

of the Lord.

Beginning June 17 th,I will be on the road to visit many churches and to work
in Youth Camps. This year we have a long trip before us because we are enga
ged for 3 weeks of camp ministry in California. Due to my heavy schedule I
shall have to miss the North American Christian Convention this year.
Since our last report in March, I would like to inform our friends that with
the help of the Lord I was able to lead 3 very succesful Faith Promise Ra
llies. I took part in 2 missionary Rallies, one Youth Rally, a Youth Revival,
and preached in 14 churches.
I prepared and sent to Monte Carlo station our Polish programs through the
month of July. Over 100 parcels with literature. Bibles and song books
were sent out to our radio listeners and readers of our Polish magazine. I an
swered, as usualy, hundreds of letters, taught regularly at Eastern Chri
stian College and helped Bro, Korenczuk in the Slavic work by visitation and
substituting him for 2 Sundays, when he was on tour with the choir of Eas
tern Christian College.
Also, I would like to inform you that with the Lord's help, in addition to
our regular financial help, given to Polish preachers and friends, I was able

to send $3,000.00 to Kostek Jakoniuk in order to purchase a new place as the

House of Worship where the new work began, and over $3,000.00 to the Warsaw

Church.of Christ, where


George Bajenski


laboring, for relocation of the

I should say that thijs amount was avaiable because of some savings

and devertion from other funds which must be restored, so we solicit your
help toward that purpose.
Almost every month we receive different requests from Brethren in Poland for
help in their ministry, and because we have to redeem the favorable time we
have to help them. Work in Poland progresses nicely. There is unity, harmony,



evangelism and the Lord blesses them, but we have to stay


them prayerfully and financially.

In May we shipped 79 parcels of used clothing to Poland. The shipment cost

us $716.00 and 2 months of hard labor for my wife in sorting and packing. I
would like to mention that for the shipment of clothing we are not using
funds designated to other purposes. Usually we do not receive enough money
for that purpose but hate to make spacial appeals every time we send used
clothing out. In order to enable us to prolong this fruitful ministry, those
who send us used clothing, please send us money to cover shipping expenses.
The first two lbs. cost $1.10 and each following pound costs 35 ft. We can not
pack more than 36 lbs. in one box, so each 36 lbs. cost

us $13.00.

For the last 5 months I was sick with my stomach and many people expressed
their concern about my health. But I am happy to report that in the 2 X-rays
that I had,everything is clear, and the only cause of my sickness was - tention, nerves and exhosture due to many activities and overwork.

Maybe it is partly my fault, but it is hard to change your own nature. I like
to have everything done on the time and there is so much to be done.
On my oatmeal and toast diet I lost over 30 lbs. but did not quit working and
the Lord is my strength. I am now on my way to recovery and we ask your pray
ers in my behalf.

Your faithful




to work succesfully, and we ask you

to continue in this.

May the Lord bless you abundantly.

Yours in Christ,


Brother's Winnik salary and housing will be $400.00 per month. The Department
of Missions is serving as his forwarding agent, so we ask that all contribu
tions toward Bro. Winnik's salary be issued in the name of the Department of
Missions with the note: Designated for Bro. B.W.

By this publication we appeal to churches, groups and individuals to help us

to raise $400.00 per month for his support. For further information please
write to the Department of Missions. P.O. Box 229, Bel Air, Md. 21014,


For two years we prayed and waited

and finally Bro. Winnik and family
arrived to work with us.

One of the very responsible and time

consuming jobs,is the radio ministry,
which brings the Gospel of Christ in
the Polish language into the homes of
thousands of Polish, Russian and Czechoslovakian people every Monday. The




We receive hun--

dreds of letters from listeners


requests for Bibles and Literature.





it was

almost impossible for me to carry the

radio ministry further. But we thank



He sent us Bro. Winnik who

be in the charge of the Polish

broadcast and literature.



became a





Church of

Christ and minister of the Gospel.

He was a great

Youth leader in Poland and teacher

of music, preparing the

choir directors.He served,also,as a traveling evangelist.For the



years he worked in close cooperation with the Department of Missions

sponsored his ministry in Poland. His living-link church was West Hills Chri
stian Church, Bristol, Tenn. He is highly recomended by Brethren in Poland.
We received many laters which describe the great loss in Poland with the de
parture of Bro. Winnik. He is married and has one daughter. His whole family
is musically inclined and serve the Lord.
Here is the recommendation from Poland?

"The Church of Christ in Warsaw certifies that Bro. Winnik was baptized into

Christ Sept. 14,1924 and since that time is a faithful member of the


of Christ. From the time of his baptismal he was a very active minister


music, leading special courses. In 1947 he was ordained as a minister of the

Gospel and he ministered in Olsztyn and Warsaw. Also, since 1949 he was very
active in the literature department.

We present Bro. Winnik to all the Churches of Christ as a faithful follower

of Jesus Christ and a hard and dilligent worker in the Kingdom of the Lord."
Signed by: J. Sacewicz, minister and Church Boardt P. and
G. Bajenski, . Omeljanowicz, L.Lewczuk, Szczurek, Kobus.



"Peace be unto you!

Dear Bro. Bajko.

First of all I thank you for your letter and money designated toward my mi
nistry and toward the purchase of chairs for our House of Worship.
May the good Lord reward you abundantly, and please transmit our thanks to all

the brethren who helped us in this.

The Lord's work is progressing nicely. We have good services, and people are
listening to the Word of God. Your help in our ministry is appreciated very,
very much. Yours in Christ, P.B."

"Dear Bro. Bajko:


you very much for your letter, and most of all for the song books and
for the "Guidepost" your Polish magazine. The song books were gone at once,
everybody wanted one. We usp the song books all the time. They serve God's



The songs

the fullest, strengthening our hearts and drawing us closer to God.


us to praise our God more and more. So do your magazines.

Reading them our hearts are filled with thanks to God who is the same every

where, and unites us into one family of brothers and sisters. Praise be to
His name for that! We wish you God's blessing, J.Cz."

"Beloved Brethren and Sisters in Christ!

Peace and love of God to you!

Best greetings and wishes

to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ, who came


this earth to save us from our sins and give us eternal life.
We thank you for your love and spiritual gifts which we and our
received from you. They help us to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
May God reward you for that.

We thank you very much for your radio broadcasts, which are a great blessing
to us. May God bless you as you work for Him, that the seeds of His Word may
fall upon good soil of the human hearts and that they may grow and bring many
spiritual fruits for His glory. This is our prayer. Please, remember us
in your prayers also. With love, your brother in Christ, A.S."

"Beloved in Christ Bro. and Sister Bajko:

I want


tell you that your broadcasts from Monte Carlo are now very

and we listen



When we h^r your voice it seems that we


see you in a minute also, just like few years ago in Siemiatycze. How wonder
ful! Oh, how we wish that you would come to Poland again and visit us and
our congregations.

Greetings from our whole church. May God be with you! Yours, St. W.."


Bel Air,



Assistance in Establishment of New Congregations Publishing of
Christian Literature and Song Books in Polish Language Spiritual
Material and Moral Support of Preachers in Poland ReliefMinistry
to Poland Training Foreign Students New Testaments and Bibles
to Poland and Russia Radio Ministry in Polish, Russian and
Ukranian Languages Follow-up Work of Radio Listeners by
Correspondence Preaching in Camps, Churches and at Rallies
Work Among Foreign Speaking People in the UnitedStates of America

Paul Bajko, Director

September, 1967.

PEP 21

Dear Friendss

We started summer activities with a very busy schedule. After two weeks of
travel with Bro. Winnik in the Middle West, and a very succesful camp at Han
ging Rock Assembly, we started on our trip to the West Coast to serve as a
missionary and evangelistic speaker at the Featherstone Christian Service
Camp in Lakeside, Calif.

On our way we stopped in Columbus, 0., Commerce City, Colo., Bakersfield,

West Covina,and Los Angeles, Calif., where I preached in different Churches .

Then we arrived in the San Diego

ched in 7 different churches and
result of the service 29 souls
dicated their lives to Jesus and

area, where during the three Sundays I prea

on week days I preached in the camp. As the
responded to the Gospel invitation, 18 rede4 dedicated themselves for specialized ser

Those three weeks were glorious weeks in our lives and in the lives of

all who were in the camp. Dela, my wife, was also taking

an active part


the services those three weeks.





the close of the camp our daughter,Yvonne,had an emergency

so I had

to return home with boys and my wife stayed in


fornia till Yvonne fully recovered and they flew back home Aug. 31st.
The hospitality, friendship, and fellowship with Christians on our way to and
in California was one of the greatest, and we thank God for such a great and
wonderful family of God's Children.

In Poland this summer God gave us another victory through our radio, publi
cation and support ministry.





all there was a wonderful camp organized by our churches under the
George B, and Kostek J. Over 150 young people were


our chorus book

with 14 confessions.


Again and again they sang choruses' from

God for this ministry. We receive letters con

stantly for more song booljcs, and we will have to repeat the publication.
Also,we receive many letters with petitions for the Life of Christ, vis., our

Polish magazine, and other Christian literature and

for young people. Again we have to repeat, already for the third time, the pu
blication of the Life of Christ, visualized.

Our preachers whom we support reported many baptismal services in Poland

and mostly of young people what fills our hearts with joy.
The property in B.P.

with our financial

was purchased in order to start a new church. In Warsaw

help, the

brethren moved into a beautiful new sanctuary.

Kostek Jakoniuk got married Aiig. 27th.

We also received good reports about the visit of Bro. Dulin who spent 3 weeks
in Poland on his way back from Russia, preaching the Gospel. Brethren in Po
land ask for more American visitors in order to strenghten them in their faith

and to achieve closer fellowsjiip with Christians in America.

Here in Baltimore, the Lord is blessing the ministry of Bro. Korenczuk.


D.V.B.S. was one of the greatest successes of the Church's ministry.

Glory be to the Lord for all the victories!

Also I would like to express my thanks and great appreciation to all faith ful supporters of our work who send us regularly or from time to time their


offerings and pledges that the Lord's work might go on. Without your su

pport it would be impossible Eor us to do the work.

As we are considering

repeating the publications of chorus book



of Christ, vis., we will need hundreds of dollars, so we ask you to pray that
Lord might supply the necessary funds.
May the Lord bless you and kesp you.

Yours in Christ,

w- i .^'0

I would like to inform our contributors that on Aug. 15, the mail which rea

ched our address in Bel Air, during the time Aug. 9-15, was forwarded to my
address in California. But I am sorry to report that that package never reached the destination. I ask y ou therefore to check your receipts. If by this
time you did not receive from me any receipt and acknowledgment it means that

your last contribution which was sent to us second week in August got lost,
so please cancel1 your previous unreceipted check and if possible issue a new
one. Thank you very much. P.B.


After a long ministry we departed from our homeland on Apr. 14, and arrived in
the US on Apr. 29th. In Baltimore, we were met by Bro. Bajko, who took us
Bel Air, where we spent 6 weeks. We called their home the "Paul Bajko Motel."
The next Lord's Day we were already in the services at the Slavic Church and we
placed our membership there. Here we feel like we are in our own church in Po
land because of the the wonderful spirit and Christian fellowship.
After a short rest, together with Bro. Bajko, I went on a preaching errand. We
visited churches in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Tennesse, Georga,Virginia
When I was in Poland I heard that in America most churches are modrnistic, J>ut
when I visited Churches of Christ - Christian Churches I found that it is


so. The churches I visited are very fundamental with a great spiritual athmo sphere, keeping the spirit of simplicity of the Church of the first
see that God's children live in love and great Christian fellowship without hu
man organization. Everywhere we went, we were met with open arms and hearts, so
I felt at home even without knowing the language. I served in all churches
word and song through my interpretor Bro. Bajko.
Also I would like to mention that it was privilege to be at the first Youth Ra
lly in Westville, 111.,and I would like to say that American Christian
are full of zeal and energy to serve the Lord and are dedicated to His cause.
It was my privilege also to be in the Christian Service Camp in Ind., and I was
amazed with what I saw - discipline, order, simplicity, spirituality and zeal
to serve the Lord.

I found that reading of the Word of God and prayer are widely



Christian homes.

As you already know that the purpose of our arrival was to serve the Lord
the Department of Mission with Bro. Bajko in radio ministry which is very succesful ministry, because through radio which is reaching Poland,Czechoslovakia,
Russia and other countries, many souls are won for Christ. Sometimes it is hard
for American Christians to realize the importance of radio ministry, but I can
testify as an eye wittness that thousands of people listen to Christian broad cast, and many of them accept Christ, they thank God for those who preached to
them. I am glad to report that I am already on the air every Monday preaching
to thousands. Also I help Bro. Bajko in publication ministry and sending
Christian literature, for which we have many requests, and I am helping
the work in Baltimore among Slavic people.
Beginning June 8th we settled in the city of Baltimore, 4754 Shamrock Ave. Our
neighbours are very friendly and although we do not know neither the language
nor the customs, we feel fine and thank Lord that we can serve Him.

Bro, Winnik still needs $250.00 per month toward his living-link support.
ministry is very important and it will be a great blessing to congregations to
have Bro. Winnik as living-link missionary. Please consider it prayerfully and
write us soon. All contributions to Bro. Winnik should be send through the De
partment of Mission as the forwarding agent. P.B.

D. V.



in Baltimore

by Adela Bajko


streets or sitting on the famous steps of Bal-

timore. There were so many of them, and we felt

vacation ru ning around on the dirty streets of

DVBS. It was a tremendous success and a wonder

ful chance
to tall
those "children from

streets" about Christ. So many of them had never heard about Christ, so many
of them never attended any church.
Once again this year we went out to bring the children from the streets to
hear the Gospel of Christ.
Our church does not have enough workers to do the job, we always need help
from the outside. This year the young people from the Havre de Grace church
in Md., came out to help us in this,tremendous work.
Every night we would come about 1/2 hr. earlier, go into the streets of Bal
timore, and bring the children to the Church. The first night we had 36, then
67 & the last night there were over 80 children in our small church building.
We could have brought more, but we could not seat any more. In some of the
classrooms the children and the teachers were sitting on the floor, because
there was no room for chairs, and there were not enough chairs available.
But that did not matter. The main thing was that the children heard the Good
News, that they learned about Jesus, that they found out He loved them and
died for


The first day the children came as they were? dirty, uncombed and barefooted,
but the next days many of them were getting neater and neater, and for
closing program, all came clean and dressed, and some of them brought their
mothers with them. We told them the DVBS was over, but we want them to come
back again in fall, when with the help of the ECC students we will be able
to have the Bible Story Hour for them every Saturday afternoon. All want to
come, and many parents want to send them to hear about Christ. "They get to
hear many stories to-day" - commented one mother, "but what they really need
are the Bible stories, and we are glad you want our children to teach them".
Oh, how we hated to see them go for the next few weeks without hearing about
Christ! But there was nobody, who could take care of them during the summer
months. We have to wait till ECC will be in session, to endevour help from
the students. The words from the Scripture Mt. 9:37-38 were ringing in my
ears constantly!
"The harvest truly is plenteus, but the laborers are few.



therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers

into his harvest."



^a^teiK ^At44tictM
BEL Air,



Assistance in Establishment of New Congregations Publishing of
Christian Literature and Song Books in Polish Language Spiritual
Material and Moral Support of Preachers in Poland Relief Ministry
to Poland Training Foreign Students New Testaments and Bibles
to Poland and Russia Radio Ministry in Polish, Russian and
Ukranian Languages Follow-up Work of Radio Listeners by
Correspondence # Preaching in Camps, Churches and at Rallies
WorkAinong ForeignSpeakingPeople in the United States of America

Paul Bajko, Director

November, 1967.
Dear Friends!

It was in 1950 in the middle of Atlantic ocean on the SS Ballou, an

American ship that for the first time in my life I observed the Ame
rican Thanksgiving Day. Several days later I was welcomed to the

U.S. by the Statue

of Liberty, to the country of freedom, prosperi

ty and opportunity.

I never ceased to thank God for wonderful Ame

rica but especially for the opportunity which I have with my family
to preach the Gospel.
The Lord was very good to all of us in these past years, and through
us to many Christians around the world, especially to those
found Christ as personal Savior through our ministry from this coun

The ministry which we perform in the name of the Lord has been very
succesful because of many wonderful American Christians who pray and
support our work faithfully.
But now I would like to mention that every year there is a greater
need than before, and we have to do more, to sacrifice more, to sha


We are approaching the season of Thanksgiving and sharing,and I

would like to ask you to share your blessings with others who do
not have what we have.

There are definite plans in our work now which we have to fullfil
in order wo win many souls for Christ, so we are presenting them to
you for your prayer, consideration and help:

1. The Lord opened for us the door to send many Bibles and New
Testaments to Russia, Cze choslovakia and other countries, and we

have many requests for it

2. Our song book "Heave nly Sunshine" became the greatest blessing
for Christians in Europe- The first 1000 copies are gone but more
and more requests are pou ring in, and we were forced to repeat the
Here we quote to you just from one letter what people write about it:
"Beloved, I can't even deiscribe whar part your h3nnnbook plays in
our camp. The songs from your hymnbook accompanied us during all
our activities from morning till night. This year we learned all the
new ones that we did not inanage to learn last year. Of the 92 songs
already about 60-65. The rest we will
leam next year. Whole Poland sings from the "Heavenly Sunshine",
not only our churches, but the Baptists and other denominations as
Many young people asked for at least one hymn book for their
whole church group.
Dear Sister Dela, how wonderful God accepted your work! Your hymn
book went also to the Polish Churches in Czechoslovakia and Russia.

We are waiting for the second edition as well as for the II. part
of the hymn book."

3. We have great demand for our Polish magazine and the Life of
Christ visualized. We published the Life of Christ twice already,
and all copies are gone, so we decided to repeat the publication
for the third time, but this time we translate the Book of Acts.
So there will be published 3 books Life of Christ and 2 books The
Acts of the Apostles, visualized.

4. We just sent out 83 parcels of used clothing to Poland.

As you know all these projects involve hundreds of dollars. To
send Bibles by register mail we need $200.00, for the song book
$250.00 /just printing/, for Life of Christ and Book of Acts
$1500.00, and shipping of clothing $735.00.

When the Lord opens the door we act immediately and so we ask you
in the name of the Lord to help us by your special Thanksgiving
May the Lord bless you richly.
Yours in Christ,

"Casting all your care upon Him..."

by A.Bajko

What a wonderful summer we had this year! Paul was invited to preach
at the Featherstone Christian Camp in California, and our whole fami
ly decided to go along. My niece and nephew acompanied us also,and
had an unforgetable trip across the whole, big, beautiful country

America. The beauty and wonders of God's creation set our hearts to the

right tune, and in high spirits we arrived in California. The camp pro
ved to be a wonderful blessing from the very begining. Both our niece &

nephew accepted Christ while there, and we have been "on the top of the
mountain and have seen the majesty of God".
But then it happened!.. We were in the third week of the camp already,
just two days before our departure, when our daughter, Yvonne, became
very ill suddenly, and had to have an emergency appendectomy.Our first
thought wass "Why did it have to happen away from home? It would be so
much better if our own family doctor could attend to her, in a
by hospital, and we would all be at home. What are we going to do now?
Are we all going to stay? Where are we going to stay?..."
But within the next two hours our thoughts were changed already. When
we were told that the whole camp-over 100 persons,prayed for Yvonne while she was on the operating table, we thanked God that this happened
here and not at home. At home there would be a few people praying for
her also, but not over 100! And then, as the news spread around,so ma
ny surrounding churches that we visited while in camp, joined in this
prayer, and Yvonne was recovering marvelously.
At this time we also learned the wonders of belonging to God's family.
All the love and concern of our new Christian friends /we just met
them while in camp/ was overwhelming. We did not feel strangers away
from home. We were in the midst of a most wonderful family, united by
eternal Love. Several persons offered us their homes and again
thanked God that Yvonne got sick in the camp, and not somewhere on the
highways, in the middle of our trip across the country. We did
have to take a motel or a hotel - we stayed in a Christian home.
At the first shock of Yvonne's sickness, when all our plans had to be
changed and so many decisions made, we did not even think about the
money matter. But others did. In the camp they started
"Yvonne's fund", and then many individuals and churches joined in it.
We had not the slightest idea, what the expenses would be, but our
friends worried...

Back home, several weeks later, we went again on our knees,

God, that Yvonne got sick while in the camp, and not at home.
The bills proved to be fantastic, and our insurance, that sounded
wonderful, when we were taking it, did not cover even half of the
expenses. Over $500.00 we were to pay on our own! "Yvonne's fund" from

California amounted to $136.50.

It was a great help, but still

And then the wonderful thing happened: the camp insurance, that we did

not even think would coveij such sickness, covered the biggest part of
the doctor's and hospital's bills! Together with our own insurance, we

did not have to pay ever| one penny! Wasn't that God's work? Wasn't
that God's

perfect timing?

Wasn't that a sure proof

that God

everything best, and we ^hould leave everything up to Him? Oh,



ashamed we were of ourselves, that even for a short while we que

stioned God's plans, thinlfing it more convenient to have Yvonne sick
at home.God knew best and we found out over and over again,that


rything works for the best for those, who believe in Him.

We want




everyb(pdy once more, who contributed

However since our Lord

to "Yvonne's

provided in such a wonderful



want to tell you that we d|^d not think it would be right to use that
money for Yvonne, and we turned the whole amount


the missionary

fund. Yvonne is fine now,^nd the whole experience proved to be a won

derful blessing, showing


our brethren in Christ.



God's love and His care and the love



work in radio ministry is progressing nicely. We receive many le

tters from our regular listeners with great appreciation for this ser
vice. In addition to my radio ministry, at the present time, together
with Mrs. Bajko we prepare a Polish part to our regular song book in
the Slavic languages, and also I am engaged already in translation of

the Book of Acts visualizejd, which we will publish in the near future.
Because of great request for Christian literature and Bibles I sent
many packages of such behind the Iron Curtain.

Here is a portion of a

letter from one of my friesnd who visited his relatives in Russia:



leaving Poland I took with me a good number of important

things /New Testaments/.

wish I had more, but I took all I had. All
were distributed except one, which I presented to a young

But because I had to visijt another city where I planed to attend the
service,I borrowed the already presented New Testament with understan
ding that next day I will return it to that preacher. But in the next


unusual happened. The choir director saw the New Tes

tament in my hands and asl^ed me for it. I told him that it is not mine
anjnottore, but that man begged with tears in his eyes so long, that even

a stone would be moved] so I could not resist any more and gave him
that New Testament.You must see what happened. First he did not belie

ve himself that
the N.T.

it is r^lity,and then when he realized that he has

he fell to the ground and in loud voice, crying, thanked God

for this holy Book."