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The challenges of disability.

| Albert Vilario Alonso | LinkedIn

4/9/15 14:52

Albert Vilario Alonso

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The challenges of disability.

Sep 4, 2015




NOTE: This article was first published in spanish and can be found here.
I have read in recent weeks several articles and studies on the integration of
people with disabilities in the labor and social field, that have led me to reflect on
some of the challenges facing this group of people and discuss them briefly in this
Next I will comment the five challenges that I have found most relevant:
Legislative (Non-)Compliance: The old spanish LISMI (Law on Social
Integration of the Disabled) of 1982 has never been fulfilled by most
companies with more than 50 workers, that are required to compose its
workforce of a minimum of 2% of people with disabilities or, failing that, to
comply with the so-called alternative measures. There is a lack of
inspection and sanctions by the Administration, but what can we expect

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The challenges of disability. | Albert Vilario Alonso | LinkedIn

4/9/15 14:52

when we see news like that 30% of work places reserved for disabled people
in the central government are not covered? They should lead by
Invisibility and prejudices in the media: Disability is not usually
treated in the media, and when it is instead of being treated from the
naturalness and closeness it is usually done from ignorance, prejudice
and condescension. We note what differentiates people with disabilities
rather than from what all the people have in common. Disability is hidden
in the TV series nor are professionals with disabilities in frontline programs.
Initiatives such as those developed by the ONCE Foundation work to make
the disable people and their families more socially visible through the media.
Overprotective Families: In its effort to the pursuit of the good and the
minimal suffering for their children with disabilities, parents and families
often exercise overprotection towards these children, just to get the
opposite from what families want, and prevent them to gradually achieve
their independence as individuals. According to the Disability and Family
4th Report of the Adecco Foundation and JYSK, only 3 out of 4 parents are
committed to providing their children with disabilities with resources and
tools to be autonomous. In an increasingly competitive and more difficult
access to employment for all people in the society, it is essential that
families no longer exercise that overprotection and prepare their children for
the challenges they will face both socially and occupationally. Meanwhile,
65% of young people with disabilities believe that this is an obstacle to find
employment, and university academics with disabilities represent
only 1.3%, leaving them in very clear disadvantage in opting to skilled jobs.
Universal accessibility: There are still misconceptions about accessibility
that make that not all areas are accessible to the disabled. Myths like thinking
that accessibility is only for people with disabilities and others do not
need it, that building accessible spaces is more expensive, that simply
complying with the existing accessibility law ensures getting spaces
accessible to all, or that a building is accessible merely by having a ramp. We
need to break these myths and promote and implement a real universal
accessibility at all levels and in both the public and private spheres,
and especially in the design and construction stages and not afterwards
as an addition or renovation.
The double discrimination woman with disabilities:
Unfortunately, gender inequality persists between men and women and
the fact disabled woman makes their situation even more unfavorable.

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The challenges of disability. | Albert Vilario Alonso | LinkedIn

4/9/15 14:52

Women with disabilities are deprived or have limited access to education

so that there is a higher rate of illiteracy among
women than men with

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disabilities, as is the case with the unemployment rate. In some cases,



women with disabilities manifest dependence towards their partner,

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physically and emotionally, and if that was not enough the group of

The challenges of disability.

women with disabilities is a group at high risk of suffering any type of

Albert Vilario Alonso

violence. Initiatives such as the CERMIs in its Second Comprehensive Plan

of Action for Women with Disabilities 2013-2016 to promote public policies

Understanding Online Search to

make better Digital investments
Sreeraman Thiagarajan

on gender and disability are absolutely necessary.

I consider it is essential to articulate and implement programs and public and
private initiatives that give value to people with disabilities, that lead by

Jim Rogers may have been

nasty, but he is, probably, bang
on target...
Harihar T S

example, and that help these challenges to become less important. In this sense
we can count the project carried out by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and
the ONCE Foundation for mainstreaming disability in the memories of
Corporate Social Responsibility of the organizations. Another interesting

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initiative is the one of BEQUAL Foundation that, through the certification

bearing the same name, wants to value the commitment and effort of
organizations that have incorporated corporate policies that favor the
inclusion of people with disabilities as well as workers and consumers or

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facilitate the social inclusion of this group of people. In previous posts of this
blog was mentioned that "we were all pedestrians" and to end this I think I'm
right when I say that
We are all or can become disabled at some point in our lives.

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Albert Vilario Alonso

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