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regional exponent for progress

outstanding local newspaper

For Five Consecutive Years
St. Peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards

vol. XXII, NO. 48

Bicol, the philippines

aug. 30-sept. 5, 2015 P5.00

( 473-8888

From Bicol Business Week

to Bicol Business Month
By Jason B. Neola

NAGA CITY The Bicol Business Week,

which has been originally scheduled for August 28-September 4 as it enters its 11th season this year, has been re-scheduled for the
month of November 2015 even as it is now
upgraded to be conducted as Bicol Business
Month, with a promise of more activities,
seminars, and other trade events to showcase Bicol products, ingenuities, and opportunities for business and employment.


Members of the Board of the Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry led by President Gilbert Abero (2nd from left)
face the local media to announce the upscaling of the annual Bicol Business Week into Bicol Business Month which has been
set for November 5-30, 2015. Others in photo (from left to right) are Dir. Remelisa Peachy Moraleda, VP for Special Projects
Jorge Palma, and VP for Chamber Management Joe Perez.

Salceda shares DRR expertise

with UNDP, Nepalese group
By Connie B. Destura
LEGAZPI CITY Albay Governor Joey Sarte
Salceda shared with an
eight-man United Nations
Development Programme
(UNDP) officials and Nepalese delegation his experience and expertise on
post-earthquake rehabilitation strategy, disaster
risk reduction and climate
change adaptation in a
dinner-meeting Wednesday at the Paparazzi
Room of EDSA Shangrila

in Mandaluyong City.
The group was led by
former UNDP Country Representative to Nepal Renaud

Meyer and composed of

Joint Secretary Pandey,
Nepalese Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local
Development; Undersecretaries Paudel and Shivakoti, Nepalese Ministry of
Federal Affairs and Local
Development; Tom Wingfield, UK Department for
International Development
(DfID); Manju Lama, Embassy of Denmark to Nepal
programme officer; Yam
Nath Sharma, UNDP Nepal
Governance head; and Anil

The business and trade

event is a joint undertaking
by the Metro Naga Chamber
of Commerce and Industry
(MNCCI) and the Naga City
Government, with strong col-

laboration by concerned
government agencies, such
as the Department of Trade
and Industry, Department of
Agriculture, Bureau of Fish(Turn to page 6)

P1.2M shabu seized in CNorte

City -Anti-narcotics authorities seized close to
250 grams of shabu with
an estimated value of over
PHP1.2 million during a
buy-bust operation in Sta.
Elena town, Camarines
Joint operatives from the
Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)-Camarines Norte, Sta. Elena
Municipal Police Station

(MPS) and the Camarines

Norte Provincial Intelligence
Battalion were able to confiscate the shabua in a buy-bust
operation at Sitio Pookan,
Barangay Tabugon at the said
town on Tuesday night.
The law enforcers confiscated the two knot-tied clean
plastic bags containing the illegal drugs with an estimated
value of PHP1.25 million.
During the operation, the
operatives captured Mamao
G. Misug, a resident of Ba-

rangay Baclaran, Calauag,

companion, Batotoy Regala, was able to evade arrest.
Recovered from Misugs
possession were one genuine PHP1,000 bill used as
marked money, three bundles of PHP1,000 boodle
money with cut newspaper
inserted and one white plastic bag used as the boodle
money's container.
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INSPECTION OF THE DREDGING ACTIVITIES on Naga River and the ongoing revetment
projects, with Naga City Mayor John Bongat, City Admin Jun Tam Mongoso, City Engr. Chito
Palmiano, Engr. Joel Martin, DPWH DE Roces, ADE Ricky Ragrario and their engineers.

3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY TELEFAX: (054) 475-62-62 CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766


bikol reporter

All about crime
There is an old joke about a lake town
mayor whose reply to a question by
a radio reporter about the peace and
order situation in his municipality was:
Plenty of fish, but no order.
The recent spate of criminal activities
in Naga City is not a joke anymore,
Top officials of the Metro Naga
Chamber of Commerce (MNCC) say that
these activities while not yet alarming,
should be addressed by the city and
police officials. On the other hand,
Dante Jimenez of the VACC fame, says
otherwise; he wants the death sentence
be restored.
Whatever or however one views this
issue, the fact is, a crime, whether
everywhere or anywhere.
So it will be the height of naivete if
one will dismiss it as just ho-hum. It
will also be the height of hyperbole and
exaggeration if we shoot a fly with a
The president of the MNCC is right
in calling for a communal response to
the rising record of crime incidents in
the city, that is, criminality is not just a
government or police matter. It is our
job to scare them off, like what that
detective said in an old Charles Bronson
The government should also look at
the sociological causes of crimes. For
instance, Nagas fast urbanizing status,
is serving as a magnet not only for
those looking for job opportunities but
also for those who would like to take
the opportunity of snatching someone
elses bag.
We say that this spill-over effect,
should be addressed at its root, the
lack of economic opportunities in the
peripheral towns of Naga. This is a call
for the people and government officials
of those towns as this is a call for Naga
city to make its vaunted development spill
over in reverse to its neighbors. -- fpj


Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

ed g. yu


Lee G. Dullesco II

Head, Advertising Associates


aug. 30-sept. 5, 2015

Bigger OFW Remittances

(Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co.,
CPAs-DFK International is past chair of
ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA past
president and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP
Lifetime Achievement Awardee).
Remittances from
Filipinos living and working abroad grew
by 5.6% in the first half of the year. The
June 2015 inflow zoomed to its highest
level so far this year on the back of
sustained demand for skilled Filipino
manpower overseas. The BSP reported
that cash remittances from overseas
Filipinos amounted to $12.08 billion in the
first six months of the year, $637 million
higher compared to $11.45 billion in the
same period last year.
Major sources of cash remittances
were from USA, Saudi Arabia, United
Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and
Canada. Remittances remained robust
partly due to stable demand for skilled
Filipinos abroad, according to BSP. POEA
statistics showed job orders reaching
454,263 and more than a third were
intended for service, production as well
as for professional, technical and related
workers in the Middle East and Taiwan.
The countrys
Balance of Payments registered a surplus
reaching $2.04B in the last seven months,
exceeding the full-year target of $2 billion.
The surplus was a complete reversal of
the $3.64 billion deficit in the same period
last year. The BOP shows a summary
of our countrys transactions with the
rest of the world. BOP components
include trade, foreign direct and portfolio
investments, and even remittances from
Filipinos abroad.

The recorded surplus means more
money went into our economy as
contrasted when a deficit is incurred
which means more foreign exchange
were paid out as against the volume
which were received.
A surplus in
the BOP augurs well for our gross
international reserves translating into a
more powerful Philippine currency, as
the Philippines becomes able to settle
its foreign obligations from its available
international reserve funds.
has donated 482 additional classrooms to
public schools in five provinces, for use by
over 24,000 public school students from
Davao Oriental, Pangasinan, Cavite, Iloilo
and Negros Occidental. The donations
were through PAGCORs Matuwid na
Daan sa Silid-Aralan School building
project which is being carried out in
partnership with the Dept. of Education
(DepEd) and the Dept. of Public Works &
Highways (DPWH).
Said donations enabled the public
schools to somehow respond to the

ever-continuing need for classrooms

all over the country. Provincial and
city executives should coordinate with
PAGCOR for possible donations of
classrooms for use by their respective
student population. We were told that
the benevolent program of the gaming
agency is its special way of paying back
the local governments permission for
them to operate in their jurisdictions.
MEDAL OF HONOR: The Province
of Quezon has a long standing program
of honoring its outstanding citizens with
the awarding being done in time for
the birthday anniversary of its favorite
son Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon. The
recognition is symbolized by way of
the Quezon Medalya ng Karangalan
given to persons recommended by the
Selection Committee and approved
by the Sangguniang Panglalawigan.
A maximum of ten awardees are
recognized per year. (A similar award
system may be adopted by Bicol
A higher award of distinction is the
Gintong Medalya ng Karangalan
bestowed on more elite individuals
or organizations. In the last quarter
century, there are just ten (10) Ginto
recipients including Claro M. Recto,
Lorenzo Tanada, Horacio dela Costa,
Cardinal Ricardo Vidal, Gen. Guillermo
Nakar and Bishop Alfredo Ma. Obviar.
We organized in 2002 the Quezon
Medalya ng Karangalan Foundation
wherein all past awardees are being
enrolled as members.
He who pursues
righteousness and love, finds life,
prosperity and distinctive honor.

Oops, graft buster is busted

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, one of the three
anti-Binay senators in the Senates Blue
Ribbon Committee and a declared candidate
for Vice President in 2016, is the subject of
the following column of NinezCacho Olivares
in the Daily Tribune dated Aug. 25, 2015. This
is for information and study of the people of
the candidates in the coming election.
Well, well, well. Karma has set in.
The self-proclaimed moral crusader and
graft buster Sen. Antonio Trillanes has finally
been unmasked for what he truly is.
Manila Standards Christine Herrera came
up with well researched report on Trillanes 63
and probably counting, so-called consultants,
using Senate records.
More than half of Trillanes office funds,
with a monthly allocation of P2.93, million
for his office goes into paying his houseboy,
some newsmen, family drivers, his campaign
donors, his ex-mutineer pals, and of course a
brother who gets paid P71,200 monthly.
And thats not just a baseless allegation,
which style of inquisition is so well known,
as he and his two sparring partners, Koko
Pimentel and Alan Cayetano are into
demolishing Vice President JojoBinay on
baseless allegations, to bring down his

nenita fuentebella-peones
ratings and for him to quit the presidential
Trillanes has been evading this issue of his
63 consultants, to the point of even berating
media hosts for asking him questions on
this issue. Yet he has the gall to say that
the VP refuses to face the Senate for him
to defend himself against their baseless
allegations and even the trio in the Senate
refused to read aloud, the sworn affidavit
of Binay submitted to the Senate in which
his answers to these baseless allegations

aired by Trillanes and Cayetano through

their self-confessed crooks who are given
immunity, were replied to, pointby point.
Now it is Trillanes who should explain
why even his drivers and houseboy are
being paid from his monthly office funds.
One should ask Sonny boy, just what
kind of consultancy at which his houseboy
and driver are experts that they deserve to
be named as consultants to the senator.
And isnt that a crooked way for a senator
to use office funds, coming from taxpayers
money? Hmmm.Just a thought. Who is the
crook now, especially since the records
from the Senate states this crooked
And to think, Senate President and the
Liberal Party chairman, who claims, along
with Trillanes, Cayetano and Pimentel,
that they all walk the straight path, even
claiming that there is nothing wrong in
senators having many consultants, and
even defending Trillanes for his highly
unethical use of public funds. Maybe
Drilon is into the same practice with his
office funds?
But then again, Trillanes is an ally of
(Turn to page 4)

Thoughts of an aging journalist

JOURNALISTS and soldiers have one
thing in common. They do not die but fade
away. Which is the most romantic way of
vanishing from an exciting but dangerous
life.They leave quietly, without fanfare,
without much noise, with nary a gun
But it is not riding into the sunset as
what is usually seen in tragic western
movies when the hero departs for world
unknown.There is much life, however, at
the end of a long career. Retirement is the
start of a new life. Who knows,you may
find a new passion.
Quite a number , for lack of
opportunities, are forced to stay home
, waiting for the sun to rise, waiting for
another day.The golden color of the
western skies at dusk,this they do not
even notice.Which is unfortunate.
To them, life which they once knew as
full with color and adventures, is almost
over.This attitude brings them no farther
from the grave.When the zest for life
recedes, what is left is emptiness and
the longing to cross over to the great


salvador d. flor

A close friend retired after a colorful
career.Instead of sulking within the four
corners of his home,and living a hermits
life, he joined the academe. Now he
finds life as exciting with the presence of
friends crowding his days.
His great advantage is that he has
a PhD. Higher institutions bolster their
prestige by hiring professionals with
PhDs as faculty.
A group of elderly businessmen, the

citys well-off, have found an antidote to late lifes monotony.They meet

regularly and talk.They exchange ideas,
laugh, feed their minds with positive
energy.When someone suggested that
they formally organize, they said that is
for the much younger men who are full
with dreams.
Themselves?They come to enjoy
what remaining days they still have.
When I left my government job
after l6 years in the service, I thought
I would spend my days listening to the
slow ticking of the clock at home.But
something intervened. My PhD has
launched me into a teaching career.
In my early years, my dream was to
become a barrister, not a teacher.
From a newspaper editor to a
human rights advocate to a college
dean, an odyssey that spanned almost
40 years. Not bad.I wake up daily at
the crack of dawn to prepare myself for
the job ahead. The sight of my students
pursuing their dreams with diligence is
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aug. 30-sept. 5, 2015

bikol reporter

Free medical services for Davaoeos


SM once again invites its shoppers to provide less fortunate communities with
disaster ready tools through its Gamot Para sa Kapwa campaign.
A joint project of the SM Store and Watsons in partnership with the Department of
Health, the Department of Social Welfare and Development, and SM Foundation, Gamot
Para sa Kapwa aims to provide quality health and emergency assistance to indigent
communities in the country.
This is especially meaningful and timely during the typhoon season and earthquake risk, when quick aid is essential during emergency situations such as accidents
and natural disasters.
Shoppers do their share by visiting Gamot Para sa Kapwa booths at all SM Stores
until September 30, 2015. They can purchase a Sureaid Disaster Kit worth P99 for donation or personal use or buy 2 kits for only P190 exclusively distributed by Watsons.
Each kit contains items needed for quick survival during calamities like Sureaid
Emergency blanket, 300 ml bottled water, flashlight, whistle and masks.
All donors are also entitled to a P50 coupon to be redeemed with minimum single
receipt purchase of any Watsons brand worth P350 valid until September 30, 2016.
Proceeds will go to DOH accredited beneficiaries nationwide.
Help build disaster ready communities and join SMs Gamot Para sa Kapwa campaign.

More than five hundred pregnant, lactating

and childbearing women in
Davao City availed of free
medical services during the
Kalinga Kay Inay (KKI)
health fair on July 24-25,
2015 in Bankerohan and
Matina, respectively.
KKI is a tripartite effort of
CARD Mutually Reinforcing
Institutions (CARD MRI), a
social development organization based in San Pablo, Laguna and US-based organizations Freedom From Hunger
(FFH) and Microcredit Summit Campaign (MCS).
KKI health fairs are open
to all microfinance clients of
CARD MRI and partner microfinance institutions as well
as non-microfinance clients in
the local community, shared

Tria Marie Torres, CARD

MRI health coordinator.
The project aims to contribute in improving health
knowledge and promoting
behavior change to more than
600,000 women by the end of
2015 and help decrease the
high maternal mortality rate in
the Philippines, thus helping
to address the countrys poor
performance on Millennium
Development Goal (MDG) 5.
The Local Government
Unit of Davao City, Philippine
Health Insurance Corporation
(PhilHealth) XI and Department of Health XI gave their
full support to the project.
PhilHealth XI agreed to set
up a booth in the venue to invite beneficiaries of the health
fair to enroll in PhilHealth.
They also accepted payment

of contributions, printed
MDRs and responded to other queries and requests. The
Social Insurance Officer II
of PhilHealth XI representative, Ms. Kleah Gayle Dublin, thanked CARD for having them in the said event.
PhilHealth and CARD had
been a partner in community
empowerment since 2005.
The extensiveness of
awareness of mothers on maternal health varies on many
aspects, but the root cause
of it is the lack of education
on contraception and access to facilities, said Dr.
Grethel Vasquez, OB-GYN,
when asked about the level
of awareness of women on
maternal health. Dr. Vasquez
also shared that some of their
pregnant patients in the health

fair were as young as 13 years

The weak foundation on
the application of contraception leads to the short birth
intervals, Dr. Vasquez added.
Educating mothers to have
prenatal check-up during the
first trimester and informing
them the many programs of
LGUs [and CARD] will be a
good help.
At least 12 OB-GYNs,
three general physicians, one
pediatrician, eight nurses, five
Barangay Health Workers
(BHW), one Nurse Phlebotomist and one Medical Technologist (MedTech) rendered
the free services to beneficiaries.
The health fair included
urinalysis, medical consulta(Turn to page 7)


bikol reporter

tip of an
homar murillo


Mendicancy is defined as the condition of being a beggar and it is actually illegal under Presidential Decree No.
1563 that was promulgated by Ferdinand Marcos in 1978.
Although there are some reasonable justifications, penalizing mendicancy does not solve the problem of poverty
but merely diverts the issue. It does not help empower the
poorest of the poor to and help them rise above their conditions. It may all seem futile to help one or a few of the beggars in the street.
However, one could recall the classic parable of the starfish wherein there are thousands of starfish stranded on the
shore, the task of saving all the starfish may seem impossible but by just tossing one starfish back into the ocean at
a time the simple act would make all the difference on that
particular starfish.
At the local level here in Naga, the problem of mendicancy is a humanitarian issue that cannot easily be addressed
by merely apprehending and detaining mendicants. There is
a seemingly counter-intuitive but simple and possibly more
effective solution to the problem, which is a regular soup
kitchen. Establishing a regular soup kitchen may seem insignificant and may not even cause any immediately noticeable dent on the large social problems but it does make a
difference on the individual. If there are at least 31 organizations that will sponsor a one-day soup kitchen per month
at the Plaza Rizal or Plaza Quezon, a daily soup kitchen is
feasible if properly scheduled. What is mainly needed is a
permanent place for the said project. The support from the
local government of Naga is needed in this matter in terms
of providing a permanent place for a daily soup kitchen.
Of course, there would be critics that would argue that
it could only encourage mendicancy. However, it should be
pointed out that a regular soup kitchen will not only alleviate the problem of extreme hunger but may also actually
help reduce the problem of mendicancy and the nuisances
it brings to the general public and the business owners in
downtown Naga.
It may seem counter-intuitive but there are logical justifications for a daily soup kitchen at the plaza. A daily soup
kitchen is actually a three-pronged approach. The soup
kitchen will only serve as 'bait.'
1. The first prong will address the issue of livelihood.
Those adults who are capable of working and who will be
attracted to the soup kitchen will be trained and referred
to livelihood programs and opportunities. NGOs and social
workers can be invited to sponsor and facilitate one of the
soup kitchen activities that will integrate informal livelihood
2. The second prong will address the issue of vagabonds and street children. Instead of merely apprehending
them and relocating/detaining them somewhere. We could
invite social case workers to counsel and interview them
and have a more humane approach. We first need to understand the specific circumstances before we can provide
specific solutions. Some of these children are also school
children. Some volunteers may provide tutorial services. A
much deeper investigation about their family background
can also be conducted to determine the exact type of intervention they need.
3. The third prong will address the issue of nuisances
that are caused by street children and vagabonds. If there
is a regular soup kitchen (probably at the Plaza Quezon),
these individuals do not anymore need to harass or bother
the stall owners and customers asking money for food. The
soup kitchen will not become a competition to the existing
stall holders because its target clienteles are those who do
not have the capacity to pay for their food.

a question of privilege . . .
very encouraging.
The days rolled by with haste. I did not notice the passing
years, too engrossed to look at the ticking clock. It is only lately
that I know I am no longer in the prime of youth.
Sometime ago, I got a terse note from my English l4
student, Sir, salamat sa panahon nyo sa amin. Marami kaming
natutuhan. Salamat uli,Another two students from the College
of Arts and Sciences penned this note, Sir,thanks for being our
teacher. Still, another who was my student in English l7 said,
Sir, wala kang katulad as a teacher. May your tribe increase.
Many thanks.
Two years ago a policeman who was my student in
Philippine Constitution and Government dropped by my office
to shake my hands. I passed the board exams. I owe it to you,
sir.Another criminology graduate also came to say thank you.
The show of gratitude is touching.It has made my days in the
academe worthwhile. It has also taken away the gloom in my
aging years.I am not, however, ready to walk into the sunset.

aug. 30-sept. 5, 2015

Oragon na Katood
Pagluwas kan isyung ini, sigurado
nakaluwas na an libro kan sakong
amigo na si Danny Gerona manongod
ki Magellan na nagkaigwag soft
launch sa Manila ngonyan na semana.
Haros sabi ni Danny, sampulong
taon an inubos niya sa pagsaliksik
nganing maisurat an sasabihon tang
game changing na libro. Inot, ta sa
sinambit na libro maluwas na bako
talaga si Magellan an inot na nakabirik
sa intirong mundo (na sa tunay man
talaga, dai ta nagadan ngani siya sa
Mactan, alagad ipinapangaran ini
saiya huli sa saiyang ekspedisyon. An
onrang ini dapat ki Duarte Barbosa,
na nasusog ni Danny sa mga

frank peones jr.
lumang dokumento na nakasurat sa
Portuguese. Arog kayan kabusisi
man nanggad si pagsaliksik ni Danny
ta sa listahan lang kan saiyang mga

from my window . . .
the administration, who also
immediately absolves Drilon
on his alleged overpriced Iloilo
Convention Center.
Trillanes consultants were
being paid a total of P1.63
million a month, official Senate
documents showed, an amount
that tripled the allowed P506,262monthly budget allocation for
consultancy services, according
to the Commission on Audit
(CoA), citing Senate records, it
was reported.
From July to December
2014, or a period of five months,
according to the g CoA and
Senate records, Trillanes paid
his consultants some P9.77
million, which exceeded by more
than P6.74 million the allowable
amount for consultancy services
of only P3.03 million.
And can you believe this?
Trillanes also paid his campaign
Robert Fong and Fabian
Go, paid P80,000 monthly, are
his highest paid consultants.
Something really stinks in
Trillanes pay for two consultants

who were listed as his campaign

donors, with donations worth
P500,000 each, especially since
they had apparently money to
donate to Trillanes. Why then
make them consultants? Unless
of course, they werent donors
but hangers on of Trillanes,
who must then have committed
perjury a criminal offense
on Comelec documents on his
senatorial expenses during the
For six months last year,
Fong and Go were paid a
total of P480,000 each. Give
it another six months and a
full year, heck, they would
have gotten back more from
their claimed donations, that
is if the self proclaimed graft
buster of a senator didnt
pocket the millions himself.
The report also said that
Trillanes had at least 16 of
his 63 consultants who were
Trillanes former subordinates
in the military service that joined
him in mounting the Oakwood
and Manila Peninsula mutinies
in a failed coup attempt.

references sa libro, maaaraman

mong pinagpagalan niya talaga
ini. An saro pang surprisa sa libro
ni Danny iyo na si Lapu-lapu palan
bako nang joven kan magadan si
Magellan. Dai ngani malinaw kun
si Lapu-Lapu man an nakagadan ki
Magellan. Kaya sabi ko ki Danny,
pagluwas kan libro niya, magibo
akong cartoon. Sa sarong frame,
ipapahiling ko an istatuwa ni LapuLapu sa Mactan, na matipuno
asin makusog. Sa sarong frame,
si Lapu-Lapu na nakatukaw sa
wheel chair, arog kan mga politiko
ngonyan pagtapos kan saindang
mga termino.

Trillanes included in the

payroll his houseboy Eddie
Ybaez, who as a consultant
was getting P3,500 a month.
The senator s payroll
documents show family drivers
Bernard Allen Marzan and JayAr Caro were being paid as
consultants, at P11,500 and
P8,100 a month, respectively.
Marzan and Caro and
14 other consultants, are
members of the Magdalo.
Even Trillanes brother,
Juan Antonio Trillanes us one
of the highest paid consultants
in the Senate, part of what
the CoA said resulted in
overspending. The brother
raked in a total of P427,200
from July to December 2014
based on Senate documents.
No wonder Trillanesnever
gave either the Senate or the
CoA copies of his consultants
resums and the job that they
are supposed to do and why
there were no achievement
reports. They are all Trillanes
One recalls that Trillanes,
while a senator but in
detention, had the biggest

travel expenditure yearly, all

that time he was in jail.
Even then, he claimed it
was his consultants who did
the traveling.
No wonder he has so many
consultants and some more
budgets from his office funds,
which he can hardly explain.
The same report
stated that CoA said the
consultancies did not come
with accomplishment reports
because the services were
confidential in nature.
Naturally, Trillanes, so used
to lying, claimed that he diverts
some of his allocated budget
to pay consultants, which
senators are allowed to do, as
these consultants of his help
him know more about issues in
the different provinces.
Really? Just what do his
drivers and houseboys and
even his so-called subordinates
in the military give him by way
of confidential information?
The alleged bribery charge
he leveled against the Court
of Appeals justices, which is
a figment of his dirty political

Republic of the Philippines

Province: Camarines Sur
City/Municipality: Libmanan

Republic of the Philippines

Province: Camarines Sur
City/Municipality: Libmanan



CCE - CCE-0052-2015 R.A. 10172

In compliance with the publication requirement and pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1 Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative Order No.
1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice is hereby
served to the public that RASELLE ADAN has filed with
this Office, a Petition for correction of entry in Sex from
FEMALE to MALE in the certificate of live birth of RASELLE ADAN at Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose
Any person adversely affected by said petition may
file his written opposition with this office not later than
September 19, 2015.

CCE - CCE-0059-2015 R.A. 10172

In compliance with the publication requirement and
pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1
Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative
Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice is
hereby served to the public that NICOLE GALON ECHANO
has filed with this Office, a Petition for correction of entry in
Sex from FEMALE to MALE in the certificate of live birth
of NICOLE GALON ECHANO at Libmanan, Camarines
Sur and whose parents are SHERWIN ECHANO and
Any person adversely affected by said petition may
file his written opposition with this office not later than
September 19, 2015.


Municipal Civil Registrar

Published: August 30 and September 6, 2015


Municipal Civil Registrar
Published: August 30 and September 6, 2015

Republic of the Philippines

Province: Camarines Sur
City/Municipality: Libmanan

Republic of the Philippines

Province: Camarines Sur
City/Municipality: Libmanan


CCE - CCE-0055-2015 R.A. 10172
In compliance with the publication requirement and
pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1
Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative
Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice
is hereby served to the public that LEOVY GUERUELA
MOJENO has filed with this Office, a Petition for correction of entry in Sex from FEMALE to MALE in the
certificate of live birth of LEOVY GUERUELA MOJENO
at Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parents are REBLANDO MOJENO and GLORIA GUERUELA.
Any person adversely affected by said petition may
file his written opposition with this office not later than
September 19, 2015.


Municipal Civil Registrar
Published: August 30 and September 6, 2015


In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048, a
notice is hereby served to the public that MARCOS DELOS REYES BRONCANO JR. has filed with this Office,
a Petition for Change of First Name from JUNIOR MARCOS to MARCOS JR. in the birth certificate of JUNIOR
on OCTOBER 27, 1959 at Sigamot, Libmanan, Camarines
Sur and whose parents are MARCOS BRONCANO and
Any person adversely affected by said petition may
file his written opposition with this office not later than
September 19, 2015.


Municipal Civil Registrar

Published: August 30 and September 6, 2015

aug. 30-sept. 5, 2015

bikol reporter

aug. 30-sept. 5, 2015

bikol reporter

From Bicol Business Week . . .

Salceda shares DRR . . .

eries and Aquatic Resources,

Department of Agrarian Reform, and Department of Science and Technology, among
others, as well as those in the
private sector.
MNCCI President Gilbert Albero made the formal announcement even as
he assured that some of the
events originally conceived
for the Bicol Business Week
will be carried over for the
Bicol Business Month, with
more new events added.
This will include an entrepreneurial week and a forum on stock exchange and
other financial concerns,
he said. Also being mulled
is a week focused on Education and the prospects of
the K12 curriculum as far is
Tech-Voch and Asean integration are concerned.
Responding to a question by the newsmen present during yesterdays
(Wednesday) press conference, Jose B. Perez, MNCCI VP for Chamber Management said that during
its regular Board meeting
last Aug. 11, the chamber
decided to re-schedule the
business event for two main
reasons: 1) because the
trade event has completed
its tenth year and is about
to enter a new decade, it is
about time that the business
week be elevated into a Bicol Business Month on its

Chandrika, UNDP Nepal

project manager.
During the three-hour
meeting, the Nepalese delegation invited Albay to provide technical advice from
a practitioner perspective
on a DRR law being considered by the Nepal parliament.
"I also told them of our
friendship with Dr. Udip
Shrestra who is responsible
for bringing 70 Nepalese
medical students to Bicol
Christian College of Medicine every year. I told the
delegation that the family
headed by senior parliamentarian Maiya Devi Shrestha
has been inviting me, the
Bicol Regional Training

11th year, preferably in November as a prelude to the

merry season of December,
and ; 2) the change in longer time frame and bigger
scope in terms of exposure
will be timely and fitting as
the City of Naga has for this
year been recently hailed by
the National Competitiveness Council as the Most
City in the country.
Henceforth, the Bicol
Business Month in Naga
will be in the same league
as those held in Cebu and
Davao which have their
own respective Business
Month, Perez said.
VP for Special Projects
Jorge Palma added that with
the elevation of the trade
event, we expect more
participation from both
the public and private sectors who want to be part of
this significant event thatis
meant to contribute to the
growth and development
not only of Naga City but of
the Bicol Region as well.
He added that the MNCCI would feel honored if the
participation by the community-based organizations
like the different Municipal
Business Councils, which
the MNCCI has established
in Metro Naga municipalities, will be obtained.
The formation of various MBCs in Camarines

Extra-Judicial Settlement of Estate with Waiver of Rights

Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the
widow and legitimate children and the sole heirs of the
deceased OSCAR PAPARES y TORREDA, who died intestate without any Will or Testament and with no known
debts, on October 31, 1995 at Daet, Camarines Norte; left
a parcel of land, which is conjugal and owned in common
with his wife Norma Papares located at Magang, Daet,
Camarines Norte covered by TCT No. P-23770 and One
Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Six (1,876) Common
Shares of the Capital Stocks of PETRON CORPORATION; pursuant to Rule 74, Sec. 1 of the Revised Rules of
Court of the Phils. And being with full capacity to contract,
the heirs do hereby adjudicate unto themselves the parcel
of land and shares of stocks described, in equal shares;
said Heirs have agreed to CEDE, TRANSFER and CONVEY unto their co-heir NORMA PAPARES y YUZON the
full ownership and possession of the described properties; as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Melanie
L. Valencia, Doc. No. 154, Page No. 31, Book No. III, Series of 2015.
Published: August 30; Sept. 6 and 13, 2015

Sur towns is a partnership

undertaking by the MNCCI
and TRIAS Southeast, a
organization which extends
funding assistance to micro
and small entrepreneurs and
marginalized farmers and
fishers in poor communities
in Southeast Asia. Palma is
MNCCIs focal person to
TRIAS SE programs.
goal in pushing for some
innovations in the conduct
of this years Bicol Business Month is to come up
with more effective ways
and means to continuously
inspire, promote and grow
the businesses in the Bicol
Region, President Albero
Other than businessmatching and networking,
the gathering of industry
stakeholders in the areas of
Culinary and Tourism, ICT
& BPO, Entrepreneurship
and Creative Industries,
Real Estate and Construction, Agriculture and Aquaculture, Education, and
Finance will be among the
events interesting activities, Albero said.
We will have more time
to prepare and thus ensure its success, Director
Peachy Moraleda told the
members of the local media
referring to the upscaled
trade event.

and Teaching Hospital, and

BCCM to Nepal. I was surprised to be told that the
family matriarch is a billionaire, Salceda said in a
phone interview Thursday.
He said the Nepalese
will visit Albay to see for
themselves the work the Albayanos have done on DRR,
including the APSEMO,
Climate Change Academy,
In return, they also invited Albay, especially the
APSEMO, to provide technical advice on post-earthquake
rehabilitation and the formulation of the Nepal DRR law,
especially since RA 10121
was based on the Albay

P1.2M shabu. . .
Misug is now detained at
the Sta. Elena MPS while the
seized drugs and paraphernalia will be brought to the
Camarines Norte Provincial
Crime Laboratory Office for
examination. - PNA

CES VIPs and

CEO search on
Career Executive Service
Board (CESB) is calling
for nominations for the
3rd Quarter CES Very
Innovative Person (VIP)
and Cost Effective Officer
(CEO) awards.
CESB executive director
Maria Anthonette VelascoAllones said the new set of
recognition programs is part
of their continuing commitment to promote morale and
drive greater performance
among third level officials
It focuses on the significant innovations and cost
effective measures of CESOs and eligibles in areas
related to the improvement
of operation and stakeholders satisfaction in their respective agencies.
Allones said the CES VIP

seeks to recognize CESOs

and third level eligibles who
initiated a novel policy or
program that improved operational processes or methods
and have assisted in meeting
organizational sustainability
and/or wellness.
The CES CEO aims
to recognize the strategic leadership qualities of
CESOs and third level eligibles whose decisions or
actions create desired level
of performance that leads
to the maximum utilization
of resources resulting in increased agency savings.
The deadline for submission of nominations is
on August 31, 2015.
For more details, visit
the CESB website at www. or call
9514981 local 126. -PIA5

Calling all UNC Cross Swords

members and alumni, Annual
Gathering of members

September 12, 2015

K of C Bldg., City Hall Compound,

Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City.
Registration starts at 5:00PM
Contact: Johnny Jana
Cellphone No. 0915.237.4445

for july
Name of Deceased

Date of Interment


July 5, 2015
July 5, 2015
July 4, 2015
July 6, 2015
July 6, 2015
July 9, 2015
July 10, 2015
July 11, 2015
July 10, 2015
July 15, 2015
July 18, 2015
July 22, 2015
July 25, 2015
July 25, 2015
July 17, 2015
July 26, 2015
July 22, 2015
July 29, 2015
July 14, 2015
July 30, 2015
July 31, 2015

aug. 30-sept. 5, 2015

bikol reporter

Ateneo Alumni Association Canada

sets anniversary dinner-dance
The Chairman of the
Ateneo Alumni Association
Canada (AAAC), Ed Doroja, recently announced the
holding of the AAACs 20th
Dinner-Dance at the Madison Convention Centre at 17
Vinyl Court, Woodbridge, on
Saturday, October 24, 2015.
This year marks the milestone 20th year anniversary
of the founding of the Ateneo
Alumni Association Canada
which began after the visit of
the late Fr. Raul Bonoan, S.J.,
the President of the Ateneo
de Naga at that time, who informed the group of the plight
of deserving students in dire
need of financial support in order to pursue a college or university education in fulfillment
of their dreams and realization
of their potential.
From that first meeting, the
AAAC was born, composed
of alumni from various Ateneo
Universities in the Philippines,
banding together to raise funds
for deserving scholars. Since
1995, Ateneo Alumni have
utilized various fundraising activities, starting with the core
Annual Scholarship Fundraising Dinner-Dance, augmented
by the Winterlude Dance, the
Spring Dance, and for a time,
Golf Tournaments and Casino
Trips. Special voluntary con-

tributions by members and

supporters have also provided a welcome boost to the
AAACs scholarship funding
These scholarships have
been provided at all Ateneo
Universities, providing deserving youth throughout the Philippines a chance to undergo an
educational experience which
instills in them self-development, spiritual formation, and
social awareness, in addition to
preparing them to join the countrys very competitive work
force. The AAAC is now completing 20 years of organizing
fundraisers, funding twentytwo (22) scholars, to date, most
of whom have since graduated
and have successfully joined
the work force.
It is worthwhile to note that
this charitable activity has benefited not only the scholars but
also its benefactors, its members and supporters, as these

activities also serve as a corollary vehicle for Filipino-Canadians to enjoy good fellowship
among the local Filipino community, while enabling them
to participate in the AAACs
noble undertakings of helping
the less fortunate.
As its all-important 20th
anniversary celebration approaches, the AAAC and its
Chairman reiterate a call to all
alumni and long-standing and
new supporters to support this
milestone through participation
in the Dinner-Dance to be held
at the Madison Convention
Centre in Vaughan, Ontario,
and/or through the placement
of Ads in the 20th anniversary
souvenir program. In this connection, the following may be
contacted for tickets and souvenir program advertising: Ed
Doroja (416-876-3263), Bernie
Sychangco (416-857-7551),
and Toti Gutierrez (416-7519437).

Free medical services . . .

tions and ultrasound check in
the services rendered. Mothers kit for pregnant women,
free medicines and health
awareness lecture were also
given to beneficiaries. Inside
the mothers kit are liquid
mild soap for babies, cot-

ton balls and buds, newborn

diapers, baby oil, alcohol and
digital thermometer.
The Kalinga kay Inay was
launched in 2014 and already
had its community health fairs
in Palawan, Bicol and SamarLeyte-Biliran. This is the
fourth community health fair
conducted and the project is
planning to have its last community health fair in Northern
Luzon before 2015 ends. To
date, KKI already reached
5,524 pregnant, lactating and
childbearing women through
community health fair and
279,441 women through credit with education (CwE).
The CwE is part of the
projects aim to contribute to
the improvement of womens
maternal health knowledge
and promote behavior change.
The module is Healthy
Pregnancies Make Healthy
Communities. Further, the
said CwE has been delivered
in Bicol, Palawan, Leyte and
Panay Island. Over the next
six months, implementation of
the said module will take place
in four areas in Visayas, eight
in Luzon and five in Mindanao,
and is expected to reach more
than 860,431 women by end of

PNP nabs . . .
photo copy of hospital bill
or billing statement if hospitalized, doctors prescription, laboratory requests,
original and photo copy of
barangay certificate or residency/indigency, two photo
copies of any valid ID of
the client.
Under the Protective Services Unit, the E-AICS (Expanded Aid for Individuals
in Crisis Situation) provides
medical, educational, burial
and transportation assistance
to persons/families in crisis
situations, specifically those
belonging to the informal
sector and other poor, marginalized, vulnerable, and
disadvantaged individuals.

DepEd fy 2015 pei: exceeding financial

and operational performance targets
Administrative Officer V Finance
DepED, Division of Camarines Sur
The Department of Education (DepED) is one of the Departments that were granted a one
month basic salary PEI under Executive Order No. 181. The conditions laid down by the Order
so that an agency may be granted a one month basic salary PEI were:
1. achievement of at least 90% of the FY 2014 targets under at least two (2) performance
indicators (PIs) (quantity, quality, or timeliness) for at least one (1) Major Final Output (MFO)
under Operations;
2. compliance with the posting of the Transparency Seal as required under Section 91, General Provisions of the FY 2014 General Appropriations Act; and
3. compliance with the posting or publication of the Citizens Charter or its equivalent as required under the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007.
The DepED has three (3) MFOs under Operations in FY 2014 as shown below with the corresponding PIs:

2014 Targets
Number of plans & policies formulated, reviewed, issued and disseminated
% of stakeholders who rate the plans and policies as satisfactory or better
% of policies of updated over the last three (3) years
Kindergarten and Elementary Education
Number of learners ages 5-11 old enrolled in kindergarten and
12, 568,792
elementary education (in any learning system)
% of learners who scored average or better in the National
Achievement Test (NAT)
% of learners who completed the school year
Secondary Education
Number of learners ages 12-15 years old enrolled in secondary
education (in any learning system)
% of learners who scored average or better in the National
Achievement Test (NAT)
% of learners who completed the school year
Alternative Learning System
Number of learners above 15 years old served thru Alternative
Learning System (ALS) Program
% of ALS completers who passed the Accreditation and Equivalency Test
% of ALS completers to total number of ALS learners within 10 months
Number of grantees

% of increase in grantees who scored average or better in the
National Achievement Test (NAT)
Ration of completers to grantees
It can be clued from the receipt of PEI equivalent to one month salary for each employee and
personnel that the DepED were able to achieve the three (3) conditions stated in EO 181 but
what about for 2016, can we again be entitled to PEI equivalent to one month salary? In case
the same conditions enumerated in EO 181 will apply, the following MFOs and PIs for 2015 are
to be achieved:


2015 Targets
Number of plans & policies formulated, reviewed, issued and disseminated
% of stakeholders who rate the plans and policies as satisfactory or better
% of policies of updated over the last three (3) years
Kindergarten and Elementary Education
Number of learners ages 5-11 old enrolled in kindergarten and
15, 148,560
elementary education (in any learning system)
% of learners who scored average or better in the National
Achievement Test (NAT)
% of learners who completed the school year
Secondary Education
Number of learners ages 12-15 years old enrolled in secondary
education (in any learning system)
% of learners who scored average or better in the National
Achievement Test (NAT)
% of learners who completed the school year
Alternative Learning System
Number of learners above 15 years old served thru Alternative
Learning System (ALS) Program
% of ALS completers who passed the Accreditation and Equivalency Test
% of ALS completers to total number of ALS learners within 10 months
Number of grantees
% of increase in grantees who scored average or better in the
National Achievement Test (NAT)
Ration of completers to grantees
Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines | Executive Order No. 181, s. 2015
FY 2014 National Expenditure Program (NEP) | DepED Special Provisions
FY 2015 National Expenditure Program (NEP) | DepED Special Provisions

CBSUA writers TRY . . .

We are celebrating the
30th year of upholding its
Karapatan, Katungkulan, Kalayaan, The STATEANS remains steadfast that through
this, the publication will be
able to fulfill its vision of advocating social consciousness
and promoting holistic development among students, Cariaga stated.
CBSUA Professor and
Over-All Consultant of Imprenta Tres said that they have
invited tertiary and secondary student writers from the
four campuses of CBSUA in
Calabanga, Pasacao, Pili, and
Sipocot; Ragay National Agricultural and Fisheries School;
Universidad de Sta. Isabel
Pili Campus; Blessed Name of
Mary Learning School; Cama-

rines Science Oriented High

School; Pili National High
School; Rodriguez National
High School; and AltamarinoClacio High School.
On the first day of the confab, lined up topics for discussion include News Writing,
Copy Reading and Headline
Writing by Jhetro Arthur M.
Cledera of DOST-Camarines
Sur and former Editor-in-Chief
of The Stateans; Developmental Communication Writing
by Ana Liza S. Macatangay
of the Philippine Information
Agency (PIA)-Camarines Sur
Provincial Office ; and Feature
Writing by Frank V. Peones
of the Committee on Literary
Arts, NCCA.
Also invited to share her
thoughts on Field Reporting

and Journalism Ethics is former ABS CBN television reporter Sheila D. Herras. Campus Paper Management was
given by Kristiana Michaela P.
Embate, of San Jose Pili National High School. She is also
the former Editor-in-Chief of
The PILLARS, the official student publication of the Ateneo
de Naga University.
Carlos Arejola representing the Speakers Bureau of
the National Commission for
Culture and the Arts will also
discuss Poetry and Creative
Non-fiction Writing.
The STATEANS is the official student publication of the
Central Bicol State University
of Agriculture (CBSUA). The
confab was also in collaboration with the National Commission for Culture and the
Arts (NCCA).

regional exponent for progress

CBSUA writers try

the Pen's Night
By Ana-Liza S. Macatangay

outstanding local newspaper

For Five Consecutive Years by the St. Peter
Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards


Aug. 30-sept. 5, 2015

SUR --- As it celebrate its
30th year of existence as an
icon of campus press freedom, Central Bicol State
University of Agricultures
gathered campus writers
from various school in the
province for a 3-day journalism confab, starting off
yesterday until Aug 29,
Saturday at the Alvaro R.
Rabina Hall (CBSUA Auditorium), here.
Dubbed IMPRENTA Tres:
Campus Journalism and Creative Writing Convention, the
activity endeavors to raise the
students societal awareness,
enhance their critical thinking, cultivate their writing

prowess and make information as a significant tool to

improve the lives of others.
Bryan A. Cariaga, The
STATEANS Editor-in-Chief

and Over-All Chairman of

Imprenta Tres said that the
confab also aims to enjoin
various campus writers in the
Write-shop activity to have

an opportunity to listen to top

caliber resource speakers and
share their advocacy to his
fellow campus journalists.

ed to the client.
The field office releases 60
intake sheets for medical and
burial clients every day. This
is to ensure the fast, smooth,
and organized processing of
the assistance needed by the
The clients will then be
pre-screened by Crisis Inter-

vention Section staff to check

whether they brought the
complete supporting documents for the assistance being requested.
Accordingly, the amount
of financial assistance to be
given to the clients shall be
based on the assessment of
the social worker.

Meanwhile, the requirements for medical /burial assistance include original and
photo copy of medical abstract/medical Certificate with
signature and license number
of attending physician issued within three months,
death certificate, original and

PNP nabs suspected DSWD fixer

Philippine National Police
(PNP) Legazpi City Station
arrested a suspected fixer
right at the Department of
Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) field office
here during an entrapment
DSWD Bicol information
officer Connie R. Barrameda
said the operation emanate
from DSWDs request for


police assistance because of

the alleged illegal activities
of fixers in the department.
An entrapment operation
was immediately hatched
with the help of concerned
DSWD client who reported
the said irregularities which
resulted to the arrest of the
suspect Leuilyn Flores, 34
years old and a resident of
Tagongtong, Legazpi City,
Barrameda said.

The SM launch was a beauty-full event hosted by Miss

Philippines Water 2012, Samantha Purvor and graced by
three other beauty queens Shamcey Supsup, Ariella Arida
and Bicols pride Ms. Venus Raj. They shared their different
lip tips and personal stories to encourage ladies to feel more
confident in exploring the world of lipstick.

According to the DSWDs

client from Homapon, Malinao, Albay she accompanied
her niece to ask for burial
assistance of the latters husband on August 17, 2015.
She said Flores approached
her to give an intake sheet
but asked for P500.00 in exchange upon receiving the
cash assistance and allegedly
threatened her if she refused
to give the money.
The entrapment was
planned on that same day
upon release of the burial assistance as both parties agreed
to meet and proceed with the
transaction leading to the arrest of the culprit.
The five hundred bill
marked money, which the
client handed to Flores was
recovered and will be used as
Barrameda thus warns the
public to be vigilant in dealing with fixers who charge
certain fees for getting queue
numbers on the medical and
burial assistance of the department.
The said assistance is
intended to help persons in
need and not the ruthless
people who take advantage
to these vulnerable clients.
The agency would not tolerate any kind of irregularity
and hope this also serves as a
lesson to the public not to engage or transact with fixers,
she said.
The General Intake Sheet
(GIS) is used in gathering
information/data. The GIS
serves as one of the basis
for the assessment as to how
much assistance to be extend-

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