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08/2015 SHERIDAN COLLEGE, Canada. Computer Animation

+1 647 832 4771

12/2010 NASKA, Colombia. 3D modeling, rigging, fur and hair courses

Toronto, Canada


DESIGN. 5 year Bachelors Program on Graphic Design

La Hacienda El Hato de Subia (Hato de Subia Country State) Investigation and transcription on
documental studies about Country States in areas surrounding Bogot. I participated in the
investigation and editorial design of the publication (General pages, Index and Covers).
10/2014 HM Films. Graphic and Multimedia Designer. I designed ads for print and web
use mostly for PracoDidacol, one of the biggest vehicle distributors in Colombia that were
part of a successful campaign to increase sales.

Adobe Creative Suite

09/2013 Acuamotion. I used 3Ds Max to create architectural visualizations for high-end
condominium development and the Adobe Suite to design print advertisements.

Autodesk Maya

06/2012 ZeroFractal Studio Toronto.I designed textures to support the Toronto team
using the Adobe Suite and 3Ds Max for high definition renders with the use of unwrapping
and did some Low poly modeling 3D art for use in mobile devices. I also helped as a Project
Manager Telecommunting with Colombian suppliers and the Toronto headquarters.

Autodesk 3Ds Max

Autodesk Mudbox

02/2012 KRToon Snacks. (Televideo partners) I developed the KRToon Snacks branding
manual as well as character design, development, animation, and each of their branding
manuals for a children oriented web channel campaign.


09/2011 Televideo. Communications Assistant. I did the Corporate identity and branding
design, including branding manual , Web Master and Social Media Manager with an
emphasis in Graphic Design, Handling internal communications, developing graphic
pieces and updates on the website.

Microsoft Suite

11/2010 Televideo SA Graphic Design of Branding Manual

12/2010 Just in Time Graphic Design of Branding Manual
12/2008 Buenos y Creativos Design Assistant

Chaos Vray


I develop communication strategies: original solutions,

brands and ideas that use graphics to transmit your
messages in an engaging way. I love working with 3D
elements but my main area of interest is working with
shaders and textures, using them to communicate the
history of objects and characters to help tell a story.


I love working with others and sharing knowledge- I am

eager to learn from those around me, and to help my
colleagues in turn. I am very organized: I excel at problem
solving, creating pipelines and meeting deadlines. The
Maria Susana Sierra Uribe
world seen through the screen is an open-ended story, told
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647 832
4771 and I am
to inspire new ideas and
new realities,
passionate about being
a part of it.