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This chapter represents the results of the experimental procedures used in the

production of acid base indicator from the papaya leaf extract and the analysis and

interpretation of the data gathered. The pHs of the common household substances were

taken using a pH meter before testing the extract. Two trials were conducted using the

acid base indicator from the papaya leaf extract. Color change was then determined after

getting the pHs of the common household substances by adding a few drops of the

papaya leaf extract to the spotplate.

The color of the papaya leaf extract is green.

The test conducted on the acid base indicator from the papaya leaf yielded the

following results:

Table 1: pH and the Classification of the Different Household Substances Before

Adding the Extract.

PH Classification
Substances Acidic/ Basic
1st Trial 2nd Trial Average
Alcohol 7.66 7.67 7.67 Basic
Antacid Solution 8.21 8.20 8.21 Basic
Astringent 5.06 4.98 5.02 Acidic
Bathroom Cleaner 9.11 9.10 9.11 Basic
Chlorox 10.63 10.64 10.64 Basic
Cologne 3.40 3.29 3.35 Acidic
Conditioner 3.95 4.00 3.98 Acidic
Lemon-lime Extract 1.82 1.80 1.81 Acidic
Muriatic Acid Sol’n 0.17 0.16 0.17 Acidic
Shampoo 5.93 5.95 5.94 Acidic
Soap Solution 4.95 4.97 4.96 Acidic
Toothpaste 6.25 6.53 6.39 Acidic
Vinegar 2.39 2.13 2.26 Acidic
Wine 2.56 2.57 2.57 Acidic
NaOH 14.00 14.00 14.00 Basic
HCl 0.00 0.00 0.00 Acidic
Papaya Leaf Extract 5.06 5.11 5.09 Acidic

The common household substances’ pH was measured using a pH meter before

the extract was tested on them, and their classification is based on the pH. After

measuring the pH,

Table 2: Color Changes of the Papaya Leaf Extract when Used in Common

Household Substances.

Substances Original Color Color Change Classification

Alcohol Colorless Bluish-Green Basic
Antacid Solution Pinkish Green-Yellow Basic
Astringent Bluish Greenish Acidic
Bathroom Cleaner Light Yellow Light Yellow/Brown Basic
Chlorox Light Yellow White Basic
Cologne Yellowish Light Yellow Green Acidic
Conditioner Pink Light Yellow Green Acidic
Lemon-lime Extract Yellow Brownish Yellow Acidic
Muriatic Acid Sol’n Colorless Yellowish-Brown Acidic
Shampoo Pink-Violet Green Acidic
Soap Solution Greenish Blue Light Green Acidic
Toothpaste Blue Green Acidic
Vinegar Brownish-Yellow Greenish Yellow-Brown Acidic
Wine Brownish Red Brownish Red-Yellow Acidic
NaOH Colorless Yellow-Green Basic
HCl Colorless Yellowish-Brown Acidic