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Activity: Football

Hours/ Week

Activity Supervisor: Payo Andrade, Jorge Cartajena

Activity: Gym

Hours/ Week
About 4

Activity Supervisor: Giovanni, roberto

Activity: Drums

Hours/ Week
About 4

Activity Supervisor: Daniel

Activity: CISP

Hours/ Week

Activity Supervisor: Abraham Angulo


Explain how your planned activities will contribute to your development in

the following areas.

Creativity (the arts and other experiences that involve creative

Drums will contribute to my creativity hours as I will be learning different
songs on the drums. Plus maybe create my own solo, this will require
much creativity.

Action (Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle)

Football and gym will contribute to my action hours, as I will be doing a lot
of physical activity. In football one my greatness goals is to become a
regular starter in Graf amateur team, while I keep my place in sub18. In
gym I want to earn 10kg of muscle, plus try and stay committed and
discipline to keep going.

Service (an unpaid and voluntary exchange that has a learning

CISP will contribute to my service hours. I will be the leader and organizing
the environmental group. I will be trying to raise aware of the local
environment, plus international issues. Furthermore one of the biggest
goals here is to plant and raise as much aware as possible. As well as

keeping the blog updated and creating a lot of creative ideas for ways to
raise money.
Do you foresee yourself being in a leadership role in any of the activities?
If so, explain in what way.
Football and CISP, I will be requiring a lot f leadership style. First of all in
football I will try to motivate, hide and help as much as possible for
younger players than me, and encourage them to give it all out in the
pitch. Furthermore in CISP I will be the leader of the environmental group.
Here I will be setting tasks for smaller students, plus keeping everything

What new skills do you plan to acquire while undertaking each activity?
New Skills or Increased Expertise
I want to acquire the skill of creativity for composing original solos in the
drums. Furthermore try to expand this creative way of thinking for problem
solving in everyway possible.
Will you be involved in initiating or planning any aspect of these activities? If
yes, explain in what way.
I will be planning lessons in CISP for each student in the group to have a
task. Furthermore more teach what, why, how, they will be helping the
Will you be working in collaboration with others? If yes, please explain.
Yes in football and CISP. Football is a team base sport so I will be
collaborating a lot with other to win games and championships. In CISP I
will be collaborating with yr13 and yr12 students, to get the goals
completed, plus helping to lead the group together.
During this activity will you encounter any issues of global importance?
CISP, I will encounter the issue of environmental destruction. For example
rainforest destruction in many countries like brazil, Malaysia, and the
exploitation of yasuni. Furthermore raise the importance of Cotopaxi
volcano in Quitos environment.