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Student name
Log number 12
Session number
The session was conducted in a
professional and ethical manner. I
informed the client that all thing
discussed in the session were
confidential and private and kept
accurate records of the session.
Where appropriate I informed the
client that I could refer then to
another therapist if needed.

Date of session 1/3/2014

Duration of session 1.5

Presenting issues

The client male 25year old, presenting a lack of self-confidence. Reporting a

common situation in life were whenever he offered an opinion or commented
on something being discussed, someone would disagree with him he would
take this as a personal rejection. Thus he stopped offered opinions .desired
outcome was to be able to let any disagreement be OK and be able to agree,
disagree and discuss the issues, without feeling bad or have this feeling of
As part of the counselling I asked about his parents, they had separated when
he was 15. He got on well with both parents and his two brothers. The client
was married, now divorced (very young for this I thought) It was eighteen
months since the end of his marriage, he said that his wife was consistently
patronising him. He also related since the divorce he was now happier.


CBT, hypnosis and self-hypnosis learning.

CBT handout the relaxation response practice. Also gave the CBT
questionnaire on emotions, asking about the frequency and intensity of anger,
fear/anxiety, sadness/depression/hurt, guilt/shame, and happiness. He
reported relatively frequent and intense feelings of guilt or shame; I talked to
the client about the practice of "letting go" of feelings, letting them go past
like watching traffic go by on the street,
Used my version of the Elman induction, client responded well with a good
level of relaxation. Script was a mixture of NLP modelling and ego state.
Creating a scene in which the client was watching another person, who he
saw as self-confident. I suggested that he was getting closer and closer from
behind until he found himself looking out through the person's eyes at their
reflection in a shop window, inhabiting their body, feeling their confident
bearing, I then had him imagine walking off, hearing and feeling his firm
steps, seeing and feeling his confident walk. Then suggested two brief
encounters. In the first he met someone, giving an opinion the person
disagreed, but this was fine and they were able to discuss the issue openly
and easily. Next, he encountered someone (similar to his X wife) who
attempted to belittle him, only this time he was fine and they were not able to
make him feel bad; he walked away still feeling confident and positive.
session recorded given it to the client on CD,

Session report

Evaluation and

I saw this client for two more sessions each was to teach self-hypnosis
techniques. On the fourth week I called the client asking him to review. He


reported that in the weeks following the sessions he noticed more and more
parts of his life changing. Increased social interaction, clearer thinking and
decision making, quote, I feel like I am growing again, I wish I had done this
a long time ago.