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Genre analysis

James genre analysis and the translator p 29-41

He claims that `the changes` randomly perform by inexperienced translator can
lead to the dislocation of the resulting text from its intended genre.
He suggested a way to avoid such situation by providing the translator the
genre base trening in which the focus is not so much on the words matching with
the source text, but on the larger discourses and genres conversion.
Bhatia translating legal genres - one of the most important aspects of
translations is the concess to maintain the generic identity of target text.
On in this way, the translator
Model of genre analysis text

Situational considerations of the genre texts

Selecting a corpus of texts
Structural analysis
Discoursal features
- linguistic features
Syntactic features
- linguistic features
Lexical semantic features
- linguistic features
1. Situational considerations EU texts communicative purpose of genre Eu
legislations is similar tot hat of all legal writing, to impose obligation
and to contern rights. As oposed to other genres, the fulfillment of
communic purpose in the case of legislation is not an easy task,
because legal text must meet different types of requirement.
The requirement of quality legal text is far llower, judge, especially
for citizen, acceptability (to be understood) intended to ordinary
They are even more difficult in EU legislation (addresses to people
with different culture backgrounds ) precise and umambiguous.
EU legislations is very used terms and cases a weight documents
Treats = primarily legislation
Case low decisions and opinions of E Court of Justice translated very
2. Selecting a corpus of text
It focuses on legislations in force (in viagoare) secondary legislation +
agreements, agrrements that result from external relations of community.
Discourse features

Lexical level
Formal words (general vocabulary)
Words of Latin origin

Terms- collocation interesting words

Standardize expressions pursuant to, approximation of laws
Common words with social meaning eg> actors
Many words abstract meaning eg: establishment entities, presumptions,
conformity, harmonized, exceeded
The words from the field of constructions administrative terminology
Military and law are 2 separate fields, economy, medicine
Standardized expressions without prejudice , regard to
Collocation carry out task, following the guidelines.

The length and complexity of sentences
The length and compl of nominal phrases
The use of passive voice
The use of modal verbs / auxiliary verbs
Syntactic discontinuities
Shall indicative present in limba romana
Will meet viitorul se pastreaza dar in trad present
Shall apply se aplica