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EE1259 Assignment 10

(Due on 9:30am November 27, 2007)


A square loop of side a recedes with a uniform velocity u0ay, from an infinitely long filament carrying current I
along az shown in below. Assuming that = o at time t=0, show that the emf induced in the loop at t>0 is

uo a 2




The conducting cylinder shown below rotates about its axis at 1200 rpm in a radial field given by


The cylinder, whose radius is 5 cm and height is 10 cm, has sliding contacts at its top and bottoms connected to a
voltage meter, determine the induced voltage.


The parallel plate capacitor shown above is filled with a lossy dielectric material of relative permittivity r and
conductivity . The separation between the plates is d and each plate is of area A. The capacitor is connected to a
time-varying voltage source V(t).
a. Obtain an expression for Ic, the conduction current flowing between the plates inside the capacitor, in
terms of the given quantities.
b. Obtain an expression for Id, the displacement current flowing inside the capacitor
c. Based on your expression for parts (a) and (b) , give an equivalent-circuit representation for the capacitor.
d. Evaluate the values of the circuit elements for A=2 cm2, d=0.5 cm, r=4, =2.5 (S/m), and
V(t)=10cos(3 x103 t) (V).

EE1259: Electromagnetic assignment

Es ( x, y , z )e j t , H ( x, y , z , t )

4. If E ( x, y , z , t )

H s ( x, y, z )e j t simplify Maxwells Equation in phasor forms,

where Es ( x, y , z ) and H s ( x, y, z ) are the spatial distributions of electrical and magnetic fields.
Show that H s ( x, y, z ) in a homogeneous, isotropic media (permeability , permittivity , conductivity ) with
free charge density



and determine


(Hint: you need a vector identity

5. Suppose in fre space, H x, t

100 cos 2

107 t



a z mA / m


, find E(x,t)

6. In a lossless, nonmagnetic material with r=16, H=100 cos( t-10y) az (mA/m), determine the propagation velocity,
the angular frequency , and the instantaneous expression for the E-field.
7. For nickel ( =1.45x107,
1 MHz, and 1 GHz.


make a table of , , , up (propagation velocity), and skin depth for 1 Hz, 1 kHz,

8. A 50-MHz plane wave with E-field amplitude 30 V/m is normally incident in air onto a semi-infinite, perfect
dielectric medium with r=36, determine
(a). Reflection coefficient
(b). The average power densities of the incident and reflected waves
(c). The distance in the air medium from the boundary to the nearest minimum of the E-field intensity

(d), What is the maximum amplitude of the total electric field in the air medium, and at what nearest distance from the
boundary does it occur?
9. The three regions shown below contact perfect dielectrics, for a wave in medium 1, incident normally upon the
boundary at z=-d, what combination of r2 and d produces no reflection? Express your answers in terms of r1, r3, and
the oscillation frequency of the wave, f.

Figure For Problem 9

EE1259: Electromagnetic assignment


EE1259: Electromagnetic assignment

EE1259: Electromagnetic assignment

EE1259: Electromagnetic assignment

EE1259: Electromagnetic assignment

EE1259: Electromagnetic assignment